negritoIs there a way to remove the painel 2 in Xubuntu?00:15
negritoOh, found it00:16
no-devHow do I format a pendrive in Xubuntu? Right clicking there is not the option...00:49
Unit193I used gparted, may be overkill but that's the best type of kill, right?00:54
warhellunetbootin is good for usb thumbdrives tho00:55
warhellgparted be better if ya just want to format it00:55
no-devXubuntu should have the option like Ubuntu, Windows...01:00
no-devTo format the drive01:01
vfwbug 95034001:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 950340 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "[HP Pavilion dv7 NoteBook PC, IDT 92HD75B3X5, Mic, Internal] Pulseaudio fails to detect card" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95034001:05
vfwsorry, wrong channel01:06
GridCubeno-dev, install gparted01:09
no-devjust did01:09
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hiawathainstalling xubuntu right now!02:33
hiawathaLooks like there's nobody home.  Oh well.02:34
EtheraelWill there be any issue upgrading 11.04 ubuntu to 12.04 xubuntu?03:00
Unit193I'd say so.03:02
Etheraelis it actually possible?03:05
Unit193You'd have to go to 11.10 first.03:08
EtheraelI hear it could be as simple as apt-get install xubuntu-desktop then just take the upgrades offered in system manager?03:09
Unit193You should just type  do-release-upgrade   in a terminal.03:10
EtheraelActually I just recalled the precise reason I didn't go to 11.1003:10
Etheraelit completely breaks compiz, the grid plugin no longer works.03:10
EtheraelDoes anyone have 12.04 and can confirm that's fixed?03:10
warhellnah just xubuntu03:11
Etheraelcompiz is not available in xubuntu?03:11
Etheraeljust the wm03:11
warhellyou  can download compiz  and install it03:12
Etheraelyeah that's what I meant03:12
Etheraelpost 11.04, the compiz packages in ubuntu core are completely stuffed.03:12
Etheraelnot sure on 12.0403:13
Etheraelbut definitely 11.1003:13
EtheraelI tried recompiling manually but that's a huge dog's breakfast for compiz and segfaults aplenty was the result.03:13
warhelli dont know much about compiz03:14
AyaneForeverHas anyone ever used lightdm to lock the screen? I've done a some research already to use it instead of xscreensaver but I haven't found much luck. I don't really want to have a screensaver, I just want the display to power off and it be locked afterwards, preferably with lightdm since xscreensaver is really ugly. I know it's not as secure as xscreensaver if i were to do this but still I would prefer lightdm. Any thoughts? Than03:36
AyaneForeverks :)03:36
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cythesDoes anyone else have dvd issues in xubuntu?12:44
cythesAlso brb in a few, need to reboot12:45
cousteauhmm, it looks like someone kicked his ethernet cable...13:18
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daniel2hi anyone around15:19
daniel2anyone around15:20
PiciDo you have a question?15:20
daniel2i'm downloading xubuntu 12.04 lts and would like to use it on an old pc as a media server! do you have any idea what i can install? i don't need to stream internet through it! but i do want it to stream music films to my ubuntu machine and at some point other machines i connect to it!15:22
magnusI take it your want it to be a dlna server?15:24
daniel2yeah although i don't know what dlna is! lol15:24
magnusits just a standard, which is getting used quite a bit. Allows other devices in the house to connect to it15:25
magnusie ps3 etc to connect to it15:25
magnusI use a WD Mybook, but you could do the same on Linux15:25
daniel2i just want to store all my music on it and then access it to watch films and listen to music through my ubuntu pc!15:25
magnusstreaming though yea15:26
daniel2yeah stream it to my other ubuntu machine to watch on there15:27
magnusI guess you still could do a dlna server, and setup serviio15:27
magnusyou could use a dlna player to connect to it15:27
daniel2i'll be using eth0 to connect both computers15:27
magnusI guess others may come up with other solutions, but that one would be setting it up for the future, esp if you purchase new media centres for the televisions in your house.15:27
magnusas they'll be able to use it too15:28
daniel2i'll google serviio15:28
magnusdaniel2: whatever network medium you use, does not matter15:28
magnusbest of luck ;)15:28
daniel2i have read about xbmc15:28
daniel2but i don't need to stream from the internet15:29
daniel2thanks for the pointers15:29
craigbass1976daniel2, http://www.doopensource.com/applications/stream-audio-with-ubuntu/  That's a walkthrough I wrote recently.  I'm finding that Android is retarded about m3u files though.  I can listen fine on other computers and an iPad.15:30
daniel2ah thanks craigbass197615:32
craigbass1976daniel2, I also had an easier time with alsa faders and what not with a regular computer (the headless one that's going to do the full time streaming at church) than with the laptop.15:32
craigbass1976Now I'm trying to get icecast and darkice firing up from the get go; I think the network is starting afterward, and that's why it won't start at boot.15:33
craigbass1976Anyone else...  Is there a way to make the BOTTOM corners of a window easier to grab and resize with?15:34
oCeancraigbass1976: alt+rightclick and drag to resize15:51
aquixcraigbass1976  I was searching for that. Do you know a good guide to stream with icecast using mixxx?15:53
craigbass1976aquix, no idea.15:57
aquixok, no worries.15:58
craigbass1976oCean, alt_right click isn't doing anything15:58
craigbass1976aquix, what are the advantages of mixx?15:58
oCeancraigbass1976: alt+right_click15:58
aquixit's like virtual dj.   you should install it and check it out. It's become an awesome program15:59
craigbass1976oCean, what's supposed to happen?15:59
oCeancraigbass1976: alt+press_mouse_button makes it possible (in XFCE) to resize the selected window15:59
craigbass1976oCean, Ahhh, I get it.15:59
craigbass1976Can't be maximized first.  How do I get vertical resizing?16:00
craigbass1976forget it.  DOH!16:00
aquixcraigbass1976 hold the ALT key + middle mouse button -> then drag the window edge with your mouse16:00
aquixah, to late :)16:00
xubuntu914hello. I seem to have vanished the "envelope icon" on Xubuntu 12.04. notification-applet is running on the panel though16:00
craigbass1976alt and middle mouse (pressing scroll wheel) tabs between windows for me16:01
craigbass1976xubuntu914,  is it the indicator plugin you're looking for?16:02
aquixit doesn't work if the window is maximized16:02
aquixwhen pressing the scrollwheel + alt       do you see an arrow?16:03
xubuntu914craigbass: probably, how do I start it again?16:03
dysocoAnyone knows how to update to 4.109 ? I added "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/mrpouit/ppa/ubuntu precise main" to my /etc/apt/sources.list but I can't use that Repo because of the GPG keys... any ideas ?16:07
baizondysoco: open termial... then sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mrpouit/ppa16:08
baizonthen it will work16:09
dysocooh OK, the URL formatting was the problem :P16:09
craigbass1976xubuntu914, I think you right click on an empty spot on the panel (the pane runs the whole width of the screen) do Panel --> Preferences, then go to the items tab,  click the green plus button, and add the indicator icon16:12
craigbass1976You have to shuffle it around after with the up and down arrow buttons to get it where you want it.16:13
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xubuntu914craigbass1976, thank you very much16:39
xubuntu914and congrats to all for a very fine distro... I had checked it in an earlier version and the improvement is colossal16:40
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pimperleafter the upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04, X segfaults. I have a black screen but I can log into the device via ssh. What should i check first?19:00
pimperle(On a sidenote I wonder why every ubuntu release upgrade breaks at least one thing for me) :(19:01
pimperleit might be the fglrx driver i use19:01
pimperlei'll try without it19:01
pimperlewhy would it have 900+ upgradeable packages *after* the upgrade. I feel old. :(19:10
pimperleand it wants to uninstall 209 packages. Is there some "Debugging dpkg/apt problems" guide/howto available online?19:14
baizonpimperle: check the packages manually19:16
baizonthe boot problem comes from the graphics driver19:16
baizonit was in my case19:16
pimperleyes, i removed fglrx and will try to reenable it once the package problem is resolved19:16
pimperlewhat do i have to check with the packages?19:17
baizonin my case the upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 took 1200 packages19:17
baizonif you need them19:17
baizonbut in the most case there arent needed anymore19:17
pimperlemost of it is libs19:17
baizonbut check if there are programms that you need19:17
pimperlebut also virtualbox19:17
baizonpimperle: so its not a problem19:17
pimperleand I am afraid that 209 libraries missing will cause the system to fail19:17
baizonalsmost all of them are dependencies from other packages19:18
baizonpimperle: no they wont, dont worry ;)19:18
pimperlesome years ago aptitude removed a bunch of packages during update and left me with a mostly unusable problem19:18
baizonaptitude != apt-get19:18
baizonand ubuntu dropd aptitude cause its for debian :)19:18
baizonubuntu is using apt-get19:18
aquixaptitude have it's uses, but yeah, use apt-get19:19
pimperleoh, its dropped?19:20
aquixyeah, you have to install it19:20
pimperleapt-get upgrade will update 969 packages but leave the 209 untouched and not upgraded19:20
baizonpimperle: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/06/aptitude-removed-from-ubuntu-1010.html19:21
pimperleoh, I've used it ever since and only considered apt-get when I didn't want aptitude to think for me19:21
pimperleaquix: yes, it looks as those are the packages aptitude wanted to remove19:21
aquixaptitude is good for search version and show19:21
baizoni dont trust aptitude since it broke my system once19:21
aquixwell, never upgrade again. waste of time :)19:22
baizonaquix: there is a apt-show-version ;)19:22
baizonand the best way to upgrade is using update-manager19:22
astraljavapimperle: Quite possibly the rest of the packages require dist-upgrade.19:23
aquixupdate manager is just a gui frontend19:23
baizonaquix: yes, but it never broke my system :)19:23
pimperleI did do-release-upgrade which reported that an error had occured but wouldn't let me scroll up to see it19:24
aquixfair enough :)19:24
baizonfor servers i use do-release-upgrade :)19:24
pimperlethen i rebooted, uninstalled fglrx and now do-release-upgrade says theres nothing new, though aptitude reports 1200+ outdated packages19:24
pimperleso it looks like do-release-upgrade actually failed a lot19:24
baizonpimperle: apt-get upgrade?19:25
astraljavapimperle: What does `lsb_release -a` tell you?19:25
pimperleupgrade-manager fails with aptsources.distro.NoDistroTemplateException: Error: could not find a distribution template19:25
pimperleastraljava: precise19:25
aquixhave you done clean, autoremove and autoclean yet?19:25
astraljavapimperle: Okay, and if you do `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`?19:26
pimperleclean i did, the rest not yet19:26
pimperlewell, currently the flatmate wants to play online so i'll first have to figure how to limit apt-get's bandwidth usage. phew. but i'll find a way.19:26
pimperlenow dist-upgrade runs19:27
pimperleand it doesn't seem to want to uninstall the packages aptitude did19:28
pimperlewhich one should i trust?19:28
pimperlei'll wait for dist-upgrade to finish though. Thanks for the help so far19:28
aquixtrust apt-get19:28
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polskasphi there is a software similar to cheese but for xubuntu xfce  and without use gnome?20:32
polskasplubuntu had a software similar to cheese and without use gnome libs   but for xubuntu i dont know it20:38
baizonpolskasp: software center? :)20:40
baizonsearch there20:40
knomethere is no "xfce webcam software" if that is what you are after20:41
polskaspand i dont know which used lubuntu, ┬┐which is  the name of software for lubuntu?20:41
baizonpolskasp: http://wxcam.sourceforge.net/20:41
polskaspwxcam use software xfce ?20:42
baizonpolskasp: it doesnt have "gnome libs"20:43
baizonits just written in c20:43
baizonbut doesnt have x6420:44
baizononly x8620:44
baizonok im gone20:45
baizonsee you20:45
Mike-Linux-NLHello everyone. SInce pulseaudio is very buggy and crashes a lot, and also crashes the volumecontrol, is there a way to move to ALSA alone?21:39
Mike-Linux-NLhotkeys are crashing to change the volume. the on screen animation works, yet the underlying volume change crashes21:39
Mike-Linux-NLsometimes, sound crashes completely.21:40
acatieraso.. i got a problem.. im trying to instal xubuntu on a clean computer, and at the end of installation, it told me that it falied to install gnome, and asked for a different partition, wich i chose. when i started up again, the screen just went black with a single white space blinking for a long time... any idea whats wrong or how to fix it?22:06
nicklas_hello, using sabayon and gentoo, but tired of all the work in those dists, so thinking of going back to easy to use dists, and ubuntu land is the choice for me22:06
nicklas_but, dont know how much you can change looks/panels in unity, and tired of kde. so thinking of xubuntu. but, does xubuntu come with same support for everything as ubuntu, just different apps and such. or are there less barebone packages in xubuntu than ubuntu?22:07
Unit193You can install what you want.  If you like LibreOffice better, you can just replace what's currently installed with it.22:08
nicklas_acatiera: you are trying to install xubuntu? then why does it say that it fails installing gnome? xubuntu uses xfce22:08
acatierai dont know, and yes, im trying to install xubuntu.22:08
nicklas_Unit193: that i understand, but like, ubuntu has open source ati and nvidia drivers with mesa and 3d support right? does xubuntu have that? and does xubuntu come with the packages to run native games like quake 4, doom 3 and etqw, like ubuntu does?22:10
nicklas_Unit193: do you know how much you can change looks in unity? get no answer in #ubuntu . too flooded in there22:11
Unit193They use the exact same repo, and basically the only difference is using Xfce rather than Unity, and a couple of the default programs.  And no, have no idea what you can and cannot change in Unity.22:11
nicklas_hm ok, tahnks22:12
nicklas_compiz and emerald still in repos? do they work with xubuntu?22:16
Unit193Not sure about emerald, but compiz is.  I *think* it works, but I haven't ever used it myself.22:18
_jayhey all, on a fresh boot I get this when trying to open a folder or cd on the desktop- it takes a bit to open, but once one does there are no problems for the rest of the session. http://imagebin.org/211888  xubuntu 12.04 64 bit22:19
nicklas_ok ty22:20
aquixld you have to compile22:20
aquixcompiz is in the repos22:20
aquixI see there is a new thing called     zukitwo-emerald-decorators     but I'm not sure what it is. Just saw it right now22:21
Unit193nicklas_: http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1110-oneiric/ that has how to use compiz, shouldn't have changed much from Oneiric.22:23
nicklas_does xubuntu like kubuntu have extra reposes for kde and kde apps updates?22:31
knomeyou can use the kubuntu repositories in xubuntu too.22:31
Unit193Only Xfce 4.10, but that's not supported.22:32
knomexfce != kde ;)22:32
nicklas_lol, i know that, but i meant if xubuntu has reposes for new versions of xfce and such22:32
knomein that case, Unit193's answer22:32
nicklas_Unit193: where do you find the xubuntu reposes then?22:32
knomenicklas_, https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/xfce-4.1022:33
knomeUnit193, gotcha!22:33
Unit193Jink, knome ?22:33
nicklas_is it stable? anyone using it?22:34
ochosiyou mean xfce4-10?22:34
pimperlethe control key (left) stopped working in keyboard shortcuts until I reassign them, which makes the key log as <Primary>. Is this a new, permanent behaviour and I have to change all keyboard mappings?22:35
ochosii'm using it and haven't encountered real problems so far22:35
ochosipimperle: yes, it's known, and not a bug22:35
Unit193pimperle: In the release notes.22:35
nicklas_but why didnt 12.04 ship with xfce 10? it has been out for quite a while now22:35
pimperlebut there is no conversion tool?22:36
knomepimperle, no.22:36
knomenicklas_, xubuntu 12.04 was released before xfce 4.10.22:36
nicklas_too bad22:36
knomenicklas_, also, to include a new xfce release in a xubuntu version, it needs to be ready quite a bit before the xubuntu release22:36
pimperlewhat is the difference between fglrx with and without post-release updates?23:07
ochosipimperle: well obviously one of the two gets further updates after the release23:10
ochosipimperle: this can be good or bad, depending on your current situation23:11
pimperleok, i'll try that one23:13
uglyoldbobim trying to install xubuntu on an epia 5000 with 256 mb ram. the live cd is slower than molasses in january. (the screen has not updated in the last 10 minutes) is this expected?23:51
Unit193500MHz and 245M ram? I'd think it'd move before 10 minutes, but that's awefully low spec for Xubuntu.23:54
uglyoldbobi had to even wait to move the mouse (until the display quit updating)23:56

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