bradzohi all05:09
benonsoftwareHiya bradzo 05:10
bradzohi benonsoftware !05:11
bradzoi thought i'd get in early so i didn't forget!05:11
bradzoi'm going to upgrade from 10.10 desktop to 11.04 desktop tonight - is it interactive? can I pre-answer some questions before I go to bed?06:14
head_victimAnyone here proficient with wubi?08:55
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Depends08:56
head_victimWell I have a drive with Ubuntu on it that was installed via wubi (which I was only told was done that way after removing it from a PC and rewriting an MBR) that when connected to another Ubuntu pc won't mount08:57
benonsoftwarehead_victim: so you wiped it then you found out it was wbubi?09:01
head_victimNah it was incorrectly updated and had piles of dependency errors as well as other problems.09:02
head_victimAnd I was told the new computer was ready anyway so after spending a day trying to resolve the upgrade issues I figured I'd just unplug it and plug it into the new pc and rsync /home09:03
head_victimThe problem is, when I plug it into the new PC it shows up as unallocated and won't mount09:03
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Eww, sounds kinda messy. I don't hink I would be of any help for that issue09:04
* benonsoftware may or may not be able to make the meeting tonight09:05
head_victimBummer, I see jaddi make a fb thingy for it09:09
head_victimI wonder if sagaci will be around09:09
Tiborhi all09:11
head_victimGday Tibor 09:11
benonsoftwareHiya Tibor 09:11
TiborI'm new to this, so I will try to follow along09:13
* md_5 hopes to be at the meeting09:15
benonsoftwareOops, sorry about that09:20
head_victimWell if anyone has anything interest to add to the agenda feel free09:23
head_victimI'm still scratching my head about what to do with a wubi install ;)09:23
benonsoftwareI actually have had a thought for anyone hosting release partys or anything like that09:25
benonsoftwarehead_victim sort of like your giveaway, I can get my hands on some O'Reilley ebook vouchers so if people want to give them away at a evetnt contact me09:26
head_victimAre they decent vouchers or just the ones you can get online?09:27
benonsoftwarehead_victim: I believe for free books but I can check09:27
* benonsoftware sends a email off to check now09:27
iktthere be a meeting tonight?09:38
benonsoftwareikt: Yes09:38
md_5Team Meeting: Sun 13/05/2012 @ 2000 AEST (GMT+10)09:38
head_victimSo who's around09:58
md_5me ;s09:58
md_5(not that I matter) :P09:58
head_victimmd_5: we all matter :)09:58
head_victimThe meetings are best when we have as much input from as many people as possible09:59
bradzohi head_victim ! I'm here09:59
head_victimGday bradzo 09:59
jaddi27I am here head_victim 09:59
head_victimEvening jaddi27 09:59
bradzomd_5: of course you matter09:59
benonsoftwarejaddi27: Wasn't there a membership meeting?09:59
head_victimbenonsoftware: quorum wasn't achieved.10:00
jaddi27apologies for not being around much recently - lots of uni work to do10:00
benonsoftwareOh :(10:00
head_victimjaddi27: no worries, we're all volunteers10:00
jaddi27Well there is no sagaci tonight, so I will be running the meeting10:00
jaddi27everyone ready?10:00
head_victimIndeed :)10:00
head_victimI wasn't sure where sagaci would be in his program10:01
* benonsoftware is ready10:01
meetingologyMeeting started Sun May 13 10:01:25 2012 UTC.  The chair is jaddi27. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.10:01
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jaddi27#meetingtopic Ubuntu-AU May 2012 Team Meeting10:01
md_5uh ok10:01
jaddi27#chair head_victim 10:01
meetingologyCurrent chairs: head_victim jaddi2710:01
jaddi27Welcome everyone to the May 2012 Team meeting10:02
bradzotnanks Joell10:02
jaddi27Please say something during the meeting to record your attendance10:02
bradzolet me try again - Thanks Joel.10:02
benonsoftwareo/ :P10:02
jaddi27See that page for the agenda10:03
benonsoftwareNot much on it10:03
jaddi27bradzo, Welcome to the meeting10:03
jaddi27benonsoftware, No, a fairly short one tonight10:03
* benonsoftware tries and remembers what happened in March10:03
jaddi27#topic Recap of April/March Meetings10:03
benonsoftwareNo April meeting10:03
benonsoftwareIt was supposed to be on Good Friday :)10:04
head_victimWell, where's a link to the team report, I saw it was updated10:04
jaddi27There did not end up being an April meeting due to it being on the Easter weekend (or very close to it)10:04
bradzoI missed the actual facetoface at Kedron Park Hotel much to my dismay.10:04
head_victimbradzo: that's ok, we'll be having another more techy meeting in a few months10:04
jaddi27April team report can be found at:10:05
jaddi27oops, wrong april10:05
* benonsoftware has too leave shortly10:05
jaddi27Yes, that is it10:06
head_victimEvening gorilla 10:06
gorillaHi head_victim 10:06
benonsoftwareHiya gorilla 10:06
jaddi27Going back to the March meeting10:06
md_5lets see10:07
head_victimI had an action item and I failed10:07
jaddi27The only point of action was:10:07
jaddi27head_victim to email the ML about offering Ubuntu support to manufacturers10:07
jaddi27However, it was not something that was on a time limit, and can easily be done at any time10:07
md_5ML .... ?10:07
gorillaYep, not the end of the world.10:08
head_victim#action head_victim to attempt to remember to kick off a ML thread about offering support contact to manufacturers.10:08
meetingologyACTION: head_victim to attempt to remember to kick off a ML thread about offering support contact to manufacturers.10:08
benonsoftwaremd_5: Mailing Lists10:08
gorillamd_5: ML = Mailing list.10:08
head_victimIf anyone else starts it before me I won't be upset but I'll try to remember10:08
gorillahead_victim: We'll bring it up next month if not :-P10:08
head_victimmd_5: not at all, using shorthand that isn't familiar is a great way to ostracise newer members. If anything isn't making sense please ask.10:09
jaddi27We do seem to be picking up new members, which is certainly good to see10:09
* gorilla agrees wholeheartedly with head_victim 10:09
jaddi27Unless there is anything else for the recap, I think we shall move on to the next topic10:10
jaddi27#topic UDS Roundup10:10
jaddi27head_victim, I'll let you take this one10:11
jaddi27UDS: http://uds.ubuntu.com/10:11
head_victimDid anyone catch any of the remote sessions?10:11
benonsoftwareI did :P10:11
head_victimAnything to share?10:11
gorillafor those that are not aware... what's UDS?10:11
jaddi27The Ubuntu Developer Summit10:12
gorillajaddi27: thanks.10:12
benonsoftwareThe Ubuntu YOuth session in my mind was good (I believe sagaci was there in person) and heaps of progress will be made with it in the next few months10:12
head_victimgorilla: good point10:12
jaddi27Basically a week of sessions related to the development of Ubuntu, especially around planning for the next version10:12
head_victimThe UDS is held once a release (very early in the cycle) to set goals and plans for the next release.10:13
benonsoftwareAudio of it all is at http://audio.ubuntu.com10:13
jaddi27sagaci was at UDS this year, but would be on a plane at the moment from memory10:13
head_victimEvening dingus 10:13
bradzohi dingus 10:13
jaddi27Welcome to the meeting dingus 10:13
md_5sure thing head_victim 10:13
gorillaWould like to see a brief "report" from sagaci.. sounds interesting.10:14
md_5(was afk for a few min)10:14
jaddi27I think he should give a report at the next meeting - he was definitely very excited about it10:15
head_victimSounds like he had a bunch of fun10:15
jaddi27Due to one of the sessions sagaci attended, he will be running a session to work on the Ubuntu Manual project next weekend10:16
jaddi27Details are at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1772/detail/10:16
* benonsoftware was actually signed up to crew at the UDS10:16
* benonsoftware shall attend that10:17
head_victimI'd encourage anyone vaguely interested in contributing but don't konw where to start to come along to that and just see what it's about10:17
head_victimIt requires no special skills from what I understand.10:17
* benonsoftware is signed up to do Index and Glossary10:18
md_5im away that weekend10:18
jaddi27I think it will just be reading what is already there, and helping to improve the manual for Precise10:18
gorillamd_5: It'll happen again, one weekend will not be enough :-)10:18
jaddi27Something that some people would find interesting from UDS: EA gave a talk about gaming on Ubuntu10:20
bradzoi might be able to attend next sat 14:00 - 16:00 - how does it work?10:20
jaddi27bradzo, Come online here to #ubuntu-au, and sagaci will guide everyone in what he would like to do10:20
TiborSounds good10:21
bradzook - i'll add it to my diary :)10:21
jaddi27And a brief summary of development goals for the q-cycle (what will become Ubuntu 12.10) - http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/05/uds-q-summary-bye-bye-unity-2d-hello-gnome-shell-spin/10:22
md_5just reading a recap 12.10 looks like it will be sweet10:22
gorilla_sorry.. connection dropped out.10:22
head_victimWell feel free to write stories for ubuntu.org.au for these projects10:23
head_victimAs long as they're Ubuntu related and being carried out by Australians it's all good news.10:23
=== gorilla_ is now known as gorilla
jaddi27Anything else to add to the UDS discussion tonight?10:24
jaddi27Doesn't look like it, so moving on to the next topic10:24
bradzosorry Joel, no10:24
head_victimSounds good :)10:25
jaddi27#topic Release Party Catch Ups10:25
jaddi27head_victim, go ahead10:25
head_victimMainly just to point out how slack I am10:25
head_victimAgain, round ups of the events should be posted to ubuntu.org.au so I was going to call for volunteers from each event to write up a litte blurb10:26
head_victimNot too long and if you have photos attaching or linking them would be great.10:26
* benonsoftware has to leave10:26
benonsoftwareNight all10:26
head_victimBut from what I understand there was one in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Did I miss any?10:26
head_victimNight benonsoftware 10:26
jaddi27bye benonsoftware 10:27
md_5yeah no melbourne10:27
* gorilla is no longer in Melbourne which doesn't help the situation.10:27
bradzoi'd like to put my hand up to bring Ubuntu to people in the Forest Lake QLD area. So if anyone is interested....10:28
head_victimWell for the next release I encourage you all you think about getting together, even if it's just 3 - 5 people and a coffee/beer it's still a good start.10:28
head_victimbradzo: great, in Brisbane we'll be holding a technical get together in a few months as well10:28
head_victimListen out for it on the mailing list10:28
TiborForest Lake sounds good nice and close10:29
head_victimWell when the polls go out for when/where make your voice heard and join in :)10:29
head_victimAs a team we're awesome at online events, less so at real world ones.10:29
jaddi27head_victim, bradzo - Was the next Brisbane technical meeting was going to be held in the city again, or somewhere like Garden City? I can't remember where was decided (or if it was properly set)10:29
head_victimSo was anyone at any of the release parties with anything to add?10:29
gorillahead_victim: outside is scary! :-P10:30
head_victimjaddi27: more suburban I believe, somewhere with parking10:30
jaddi27yes, I thought that was it10:30
bradzowe can do it at my place - big screen data projector, wifi access... big outdoor area, swimming pool. 10:30
bradzoeven if not members of public, would still like to invite bris bods over for an afternoon of pizza and beer... :)10:31
bradzohi Tibor  - you're most welcome.10:32
head_victim#action someone to start talking about tech get togethers in a few months on the mailing list10:32
meetingologyACTION: someone to start talking about tech get togethers in a few months on the mailing list10:32
bradzoprobably not in the next few weeks etc - too bloody cold for a swim, but there you go!10:33
head_victimI heard the Sydney release party went well , how was the Adelaide one?10:33
iktThat's what I'd like to know as well :P10:33
jaddi27head_victim, I second that way of writing an Action - nobody has to remember :)10:34
head_victimjaddi27: yeah, it's generally good to pin it down to an owner but in that case it was justified10:34
jaddi27yep, that is another good reason for the recap section, so we can remember to do it in a month's time10:35
head_victimSo no one here was present for the Adelaide release party?10:35
gorillahead_victim: Adelaide is still catching up to the rest of the country. :-P10:36
head_victimgorilla: they're only 30 minutes behind mate!10:36
jaddi27Who was organising the Adelaide party? It was only announced on the day it happened, so there might not have been many people at it10:36
head_victimjaddi27: yep10:36
head_victimWell either way, if anyone would like to write up any events they went to the ubuntu.org.au page is the place for it10:36
head_victimAll you need to do is write the article and ping a website admin to publish it for you.10:37
gorillahead_victim: Some argue add about 50 years.10:37
iktjaddi27, yeah that was the problem, I would've gone but didn't get the email till to late10:37
bradzohow does one do a release party? I'd be in for the next one! Or any one. :)10:37
md_5subscribed to mailing list10:37
jaddi27md_5, That is good to hear10:37
iktbradzo, which city you in?10:37
gorillabradzo: Pick a venue and announce it... no big organisation required.10:38
jaddi27Just make sure you make an event on http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au with all of the details. If it is up there, other people such as head_victim, sagaci and myself will promote it through the mailing list, Facebook, twitter, identi.ca, IRC, etc10:39
head_victimSpeaking of which, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/ContactUs could use some love10:40
jaddi27(and now that Facebook has fixed its event system again, I can make events that invite everyone in the group)10:40
head_victim#action Release party attendees to ensure events are reported through the website10:41
meetingologyACTION: Release party attendees to ensure events are reported through the website10:41
bradzooh cool then guys. I'm in Forest Lake, Brisbane. Would like to stay closer to home ... even at home (initially to meet other Ubuntu-ers) wifi access here, big screen etc - then we can organise something bigger?10:41
jaddi27head_victim, What would you like added to the contact page? I cleaned it up at the global jam, but can do more to it10:41
head_victimWell I think links to all the areas on the left hand side of the table would be good10:42
head_victimAlso I think the admins are a bit out of date, 10:42
head_victimFor example, yourself and sagaci should be listed in a few more places now10:43
jaddi27Yep, I can fix that up10:43
head_victimBut also, I'm thinking, if there is a self updating link to show admins that would be better than manually listing them.10:43
head_victimFor example the loco.u.c admins can all be listed with a launchpad link10:43
jaddi27md_5, bradzo, and other new people to the meetings and group - Have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Members/NewMembers if you have not already done so to join the mailing list and launchpad groups (and just find out more about Ubuntu-AU in general)10:44
md_5ikr if I joined the launchpad group10:45
jaddi27Is there anything else for the meeting tonight, or shall I close it? This other discussion can continue outside of the meeting10:45
md_5well I am now10:45
gorillaoh speaking of admin.. I'm a moderator of the Ubuntu Au facebook page but would like to pass the control to someone else... suggestions?10:45
md_5Your request to join Ubuntu Australian Team is awaiting approval.10:45
head_victimgorilla: there's already a few10:46
gorillajaddi27: Go for it.10:46
jaddi27md_5, You are now a member - I just approved it10:47
head_victimgorilla: you don't need to resign if you want a leave of absence unless you would like to.10:47
gorillahead_victim: I need to reduce the number of emails that I am getting from it.. 3G internet isn't fun.10:47
md_5ty jaddi27 10:47
jaddi27ok. Thanks everyone for attending. The next meeting will be on June 10, at 8pm AEST (UTC+10)10:47
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun May 13 10:48:00 2012 UTC.  10:48
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2012/ubuntu-au.2012-05-13-10.01.moin.txt10:48
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2012/ubuntu-au.2012-05-13-10.01.html10:48
head_victimgorilla: fair enough, if you want to step back up just sing out10:48
head_victimjaddi27: good call,10:48
gorillahead_victim: kk. I'll keep that in mind.10:48
head_victimIf people want to discuss general stuff feel free to do so10:48
gorillajaddi27: Well done.10:48
head_victimgorilla: thanks heaps for your efforts to date, they've been appreciated.10:48
jaddi27gorilla, You can disable notifications for groups - I am one of the admins at the moment of that group, and get no emails whatsoever10:49
md_5damn the ubuntu code of conduct should have ssh pubkeys10:49
jaddi27So if you did want to keep doing it, but not get the emails, it should be possible10:49
gorillajaddi27: Ahhh. that's an idea... not bad at all.10:49
jaddi27head_victim, I didn't realise you could get a list of the l.u.c admins. Do you know the link to do that, or the wiki code for it, or where to look?10:50
gorillajaddi27: I'm happy to be in the background but need to reduce the interuptions. IRC can be ignored easily enough.10:50
head_victimjaddi27: it's just run off the launchpad admins from memory10:50
jaddi27gorilla, Yep, I can easily understand that. It gets a bit much at times10:51
jaddi27head_victim, Ok. I will have a look to see if I can auto generate a list, but have a feeling that l.u.c can do that by linking in to the launchpad database10:52
head_victimjaddi27: might be wrong, thought I'd seen it elsewhere though10:55
bradzoi'm going to upgrade from 10.10 desktop to 11.04 desktop tonight - is it interactive? can I pre-answer some questions before I go to bed?10:59
head_victimbradzo: I'd suggest backing up and installing 12.0410:59
head_victim11.10 is still a little buggy10:59
head_victimWell in my experience the Unity design in 12.04 is much better11:00
bradzook - so download the alternive iso and go from there? from 10.10 to 12.04?11:00
head_victimNah you can't skip, so either backup and upgrade to 11.10 and then upgrade to 12.04 or just backup and fresh install 12.04 and retrieve the data from the backup11:01
=== md_5 is now known as md_5|away
bradzothat's what I thought about skipping. did an upgrade on another machine on Friday last - it asked me questions re some files I had edited. just wondered whether there were a way to tell the upgrader on the command line to accept my answers.. :)11:03
head_victimbradzo: either way, please, please please backup!11:04
head_victimI've spent the last 2 days trying to fix an update gone wrong without backups11:04
bradzothat's where it all falls down for me. I have one 500gb drive - what do I backup onto? :) I have an old 80gb USB drive, but... :)11:06
bradzono matter! what's better than living on the edge eh? :)11:07
gorillabradzo: At worst, back up the files that you change or make notes on what lines you changed... It's a good engineering practice.11:08
bradzoyes, true. 11:09
bradzooh well, here goes!11:09
gorillabradzo: If we don't hear from your computer again, we know what happened. :-)11:10
bradzoits cool gorilla  - my stuff *IS* backed up, so no great dramas this time. :)11:11
gorillabradzo: ok :-)11:11
=== md_5|away is now known as md_5

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