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mgzmorning all!07:15
lifelessmgz: morning07:25
lifelessmgz: btw, you might like to idle in #launchpad-dev too07:25
mgzmorning lifeless!07:33
mgz...dangerously close to my ten irc channels mental limit07:33
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lifelessmgz: :P08:35
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mgzis the MutableTree.post_transform hook called whenever we poke a file in a tree?10:56
jelmermgz: define "poke" :-)10:57
mgzbug 997933 is the context10:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 997933 in Bazaar "Bazaar revert fails to maintain file permissions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99793310:58
mgzso, poke=use fancy_rename to replace a file's contents10:58
mgzwhich is wrong on windows, because it doesn't preserve ACLS10:59
jelmermgz: the post_transform hook is called after transform operations - so revert, merge, etc10:59
mgzace, so should be fine then10:59
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mgzjust to check I'm not being a fool,13:24
mgzthere's nothing on the treetransform by the time it gets to the post_transform hook that tells you what it actually did?13:24
mgzso post_transform only knows what tree, the object of operation, and that something (may) have happened?13:25
jelmermgz: that sounds about right13:27
lduroshow can one remove the .~x files in a bzr local repo?16:18
ldurosI should say16:18
lduroswhere do these files come from, btw :-)16:18
mgzlduros: see `bzr help clean-tree`16:19
ldurosmgz: ah, thanks16:19
mgzthey come from situations like when you revert a file you've changed, bzr keeps a backup by default rather than throwing away the existing file16:20
ldurosyeh, i've been reverting a lot16:20
lduroswhen I do bzr clean-tree though it tells me nothing to delete16:21
mgztry the --ignored flag16:21
ldurosmgz: ah very cool. All Gone!16:22
ldurosI was trying --unknown16:22
ldurosbut that's not the same :-\16:22
ldurosmgz: thanks much16:23
mgzno sprobs16:24
GeorgeJetsonjust some feedback. the GUI gives two options after adding files - show diff or commit... I think some other good things to list are back out and undo the add on certain files18:15
GeorgeJetsonwhy cant you right-click on unversioned files to add them to the ignore list?18:25
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