JamesMRHi, is there an SVG of the Quetzal logo anywhere?01:41
JamesMRinterweb searches have proven unsuccessful so far01:41
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BluesKajHi all11:19
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FernandoMiguel2$ sudo mount -t cifs //nas/homes /mnt/NAS/homes19:50
FernandoMigueldarn CIFS19:50
FernandoMiguelnot working :(19:50
ryeFernandoMiguel: in quetzal specifically? Do you have cifs-utils installed?20:45
FernandoMiguelrye: let me check20:45
FernandoMiguelnow apt is locked20:46
FernandoMiguelit failed to install the latest updates :\20:46
FernandoMiguelrye:  cifs-utils:   Installed: 2:5.1-1ubuntu120:46
FernandoMiguel sudo rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/lock20:47
FernandoMiguel$ sudo dpkg --configure -a20:47
ryeFernandoMiguel: you may want to check dmesg too20:47
FernandoMiguel[ 4970.737218] SGI XFS with ACLs, security attributes, realtime, large block/inode numbers, no debug enabled20:48
FernandoMiguel[ 4970.745213] JFS: nTxBlock = 8192, nTxLock = 6553620:48
FernandoMiguel[ 4970.761283] NTFS driver 2.1.30 [Flags: R/O MODULE].20:48
FernandoMiguel[ 4970.778022] QNX4 filesystem 0.2.3 registered.20:48
FernandoMiguelnothing I can spot there20:48
* rye is not yet on quantal20:48
FernandoMiguelI already had lots of problems with CIFS on 12.0420:48
FernandoMiguelcouldn't even use pass in fstab20:48
ryeFernandoMiguel: actually I have to say I have none of them20:48
ryebut i am not using passwords20:49
FernandoMigueland now I can't even pass it on cli20:49
FernandoMiguelError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.4.0-2-generic (x86_64)21:04
FernandoMigueloh I better not reboot21:04
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