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Kalidarnm, this looks like a good channel to hang about in, only just discovered it.08:59
dpmhi Kalidarn, welcome :)10:19
dpmhi mterry, quick question: I've noticed that after issuing the 'quickly submitubuntu' command the release version of my app went from 0.1 to 12.05 (setup.py got updated). Is there a way to have control over the version number instead of 'submitubuntu' just issuing e.g. 12.05?13:58
mterrydpm, yeah.  You can pass a version string to use.  See quickly help submitubuntu, but I believe the usage is just "quickly submitubuntu 0.2"13:59
dpmmterry, ah cool, thanks. Is there a reason why by default the command uses e.g. 12.05 instead of the version specified originally in setup.py?14:01
mterrydpm, the idea is that quickly manages the version in setup.py for you.  So the flow is to bump your version with the submitubuntu command, and quickly defaults to a year.month scheme14:02
dpmmterry, ah, gotcha, I'm reading the help for the command too. Thanks14:02
dpmmterry, when you've got a minute, do you think you could have a go at answering http://askubuntu.com/questions/138422/what-is-the-difference-between-the-release-share-and-submitubuntu-commands-in-q ? I know you explained me the difference between release and share a while ago, but since I could not remember, I thought I'd make it a question on AU for future reference14:24
jokerdinoerr is this alright? http://askubuntu.com/a/138460/2579815:40
dpmjokerdino, awesome, yeah, it looks like I'm going to take it as an answer :) - for the sake of completion, do you happen to know the main differences in terms of actions performed by each command? E.g. I know that something that makes 'submitubuntu' different is that it builds a package that installs in '/opt', as per the ARB requirements15:45
jokerdinonot accurate enough. i just happened to fiddle around quickly yesterday15:45
jokerdinowell, you could answer your own question with details.15:46
jokerdinoor if you are generous, you can edit my answer and add those relevant parts :)15:48
jokerdinothanks much. Jorge got your edit.15:50
dpmyeah, credit where credit is due. Thanks jokerdino!15:52
jokerdinowell, i could figure out the intention behind the question.15:53
jokerdinobuilding developer documentation it seems?15:53
jokerdinoand is there any thoughts on adding the rss feeds of application-development tag to this chat room perhaps?15:54
dpmjokerdino, oh, that'd be an excellent idea. Do you happen to know how we can actually do it? Is there any bot for that?15:54
jokerdinothere is a bot in juju room doing rss feed for juju tag.15:55
jokerdinoi think marco ceppi should know more about this15:55
dpmI've just asked Jorge, let me see if Marco is aroung15:56
jrgiffordjokerdino: you rang?15:57
jokerdinoi think jrgifford should help as well :))15:57
jrgiffordoh, so you're looking for how to add the rss feed.15:58
dpmyeah, that'd be awesome15:58
jrgiffordjokerdino: no clue, sorry i can't help. i wasn't involved with getting that set up originally. marco or jorge might know.15:59
jokerdinodarn. i was hoping you knew what happened.16:00
mterryjokerdino, oh whoops.  I had that askubuntu tab open all day and finally got to answering it.  Didn't notice you had already done so because I didn't refresh21:38
mterryjokerdino, thanks!21:38

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