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xannenhey is anyone around?08:52
head_victimI'm here for a bit, what can we do for you08:53
xanneni'm not sure if you can help me.  it's non ubuntu, but relates to irc.   i'm on windows and using miranda irc app.  i was wondering if i can join multiple different channels at the same time.  and if so, how do i do it?08:54
head_victimNot sure how miranda works but generally "/join #channelnamehere" without the " on either end works08:55
head_victimSo to get here generally you'd type "/join #ubuntuau" and it woudl open another window with this channel if you weren't already in it08:56
xannenwell, ubuntu-au is on freenode channel.  i want to join the brisbane room, but it is on the ausnet channel.  so how do i specify it?08:56
head_victimYou'd need another server window open.08:57
xannenokay...  thanks.  i'll try and look that up on miranda help page or google.08:59
head_victimxannen: http://wiki.miranda-im.org/IRC should help09:00
xannenyep, i'm on it :D09:01
sagacihead_victim: #ubuntuau is a pretty lonely channel09:01
head_victimI wonder how that channel is going these days, it must be years since I've been on austnet09:01
head_victimsagaci: heh whoops :/09:01
Kalidarnim here :)09:07
Kalidarnxannen: use pidgin09:07
Kalidarni use that on windows, it's more frequently updated.09:07
Kalidarnmore stable.09:07
head_victimXChat is my client of choice :)09:12
head_victimGot to love having options.09:12
* benonsoftware loves WeeChat :D09:14
Kalidarnyeah i use weechat for irc09:22
Kalidarndon't really use IM much these days09:22
head_victimI have gone to using default Ubuntu stuff for IM09:23
xannenKalidarn : does pidgin support multiple server connection?  apparently, there needs to be some tweak on miranda in order for it to be allowed.09:24
xannenXChat is not free on windows.09:24
benonsoftwarexannen: XChat-WDK09:24
xanneni could run VM ubuntu and use xchat?  LOL  but seems overdoing it just to get on irc.  LOL09:25
benonsoftwarexannen: XChat-WDK is free09:25
head_victimxannen: just install Ubuntu and run Windows in a VM ;)09:25
xannenoh is it?  i did not know that.09:25
xannenhead_victim : i play comp games, so it's better for it to be the other way around :P09:25
head_victimxannen: depends on the games, a lot run well on wine I'm told09:26
xannenwell high end graphics game like sc2 have "issues"  :P09:27
head_victimI'm told Diablo 3 works ok09:29
head_victimOh and they're gone09:29
xannenon xchat wdk :D09:32
benonsoftwareis there anyway for LO to remember to use en-AU when spell checking?09:34
head_victimbenonsoftware: should be able to set it to default09:35
head_victimbenonsoftware: also worth checking your system wide language settings to make sure they're enAU09:35
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Hmm, okies. Thanks09:36
elkyi believe you have to make sure the right dict file is available. it's either aspell or myspell, en_AU variant09:41
benonsoftwareis it me pr os Telstra slow now?09:50
benonsoftwareErr :(09:52
xannendoes anyone know of any good java irc channel besides the ubuntu-java?  and  free access?10:12
head_victimWhat about #java ?10:13
xannenit said through invite only.  so i guess it's private?10:14
head_victimTry ##java then , xchat auto forwarded to ##java when I went to #java10:14
xannennope  :( ## didn't work10:15
head_victimHmm, works for me10:16
head_victim* Now talking on ##java10:16
head_victim* Topic for ##java is: A channel for java development questions | Paste limit is 2 lines.  ~pastebin lists options | Read this first:  http://javachannel.net | Android in #android-dev | JavaScript is in ##javascript | No applets | This channel is logged10:16
head_victim* Topic for ##java set by tjsnell at Thu Nov 24 10:50:18 201110:16
xanneni tried: /join ##java    10:17
xannenand nothing happened10:17
head_victimHmm, odd :/10:21
jaddi27worked for me also10:22
xannenthat channel hates me :(10:23
benonsoftwarexannen: Are you sure you're not in the channel already?10:24
xannenit doesn't seem like it.  on freenode server, i'm only on #ubuntu-au, #ubuntu-java.   on austnet server, i'm on #brisbane10:26
elkyare you registered with nickserv?10:27
elkymany channels keep out unregistered nicks to avoid spambots10:28
xanneni think so.  how do i check that i am registered?  but i do remember i have.10:28
elkyyou need to also have identified to nickserv10:29
elkydo /msg nickserv help identify10:29
head_victimHm I would have expected a different message than a channel being invite only for that sort of issue. But that being said, I can't recall ever not being identified so probably never seen it.10:29
elkyoften it's the irc client showing the wrong message10:30
xannenumm...  this might be silly, how do i recover a password for my nick?  i haven't use irc for a sometime, let alone on this server.10:31
elkyYou might need to ask #freenode for that one10:32
elkyI can't find the help for that10:32
xannenok will do10:34
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xannenmorning guys21:05
xannenall sleeping in?21:05
head_victimNope, walking out the door on the way to work though21:25
head_victimFortunately, it's Friday.21:26
xannensee ya head_victim lol21:30

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