bluefox84this is the channel for dev beginners right?01:05
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kleanhi, if i have a question, do i ask it here?05:54
kleanthanks! my wireless performance has been really slow on ubuntu compared to windows05:55
klean(http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1877120   -    i tried #17-19 here and it didn't work for me.)05:56
minorixhmm, I had a similar problem with mine05:56
minorixwhat brand/model is your wireless card05:58
kleanIntel N620005:59
minorixhmm mine is a realtek, have you tried seeing if there is an updated driver for Linux?05:59
minorixI was able to find another driver on realtek's website05:59
kleanlet me try that06:04
philipballewkloeri, with new drivers like that you have too install the nex driver each time you update the kernel06:33
philipballewmy bad klean06:33
nlsthznThunderbird 12.0.1 (Ubuntu 12.04) doesn't seem to be able to auto-resolve gmail account settings when setting up a new client any more? Anyone know of any issues?08:14
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kristian-T61phas anyone messed around with LaTex?21:11
Unit193Great for books, but not I.21:12
kristian-T61pyes, I hear that it's really, really cool21:13
kristian-T61pI might get to layout a fanzine and thought it would be where to test it21:14
kristian-T61pthe inside of the magazine in LaTex and the cover in Scribus21:14
tomkadHi, Gnome have a 'Gnome love' tag used to identify easy bugs for beginners to fix. Is there something like that for Ubuntu?22:06
ubot2A list of bugs that are considered easy to fix and good for beginners to attempt can be found at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize22:07
tomkadGreat, thanks!22:09

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