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chelzthis might be blasphemy but would it be possible to have an xfce panel the way people are able to get gnome-panel running alongside unity?01:00
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GeminiDominoThis may be a dumb question, but is there any "upgrade" path from 12.04 32-bit to 64-bit? It turns out this lappy has an Athlon64 X2, so I was hoping I could reinstall to the 64-bit packages without having to do a complete reinstall.01:40
john_rambo Is there a "users & groups"  gui ?01:52
Marzatajohn_rambo: in System01:52
john_ramboMarzata, Its not there01:53
Marzatajohn_rambo: it is there in Xubuntu 12.04 (11.10)01:54
john_ramboMarzata, Can you tell me the name of the package ?01:54
Unit193It's the command, not the name.01:55
Marzatajohn_rambo: the command is "users-admin"01:55
Marzatadunno the pkg01:56
kronomanhello, Im using a old pc (living in south america), should I use Ubuntu or Xubuntu? The PC is AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2100 mhz, 1,5 gb RAM, NVidia Geforce2 and 160 gb hard disk03:36
chelzkronoman: you could try both. i recommend xubuntu but that's my personal taste03:36
Unit193Asking in Xubuntu? You know I'm going to say Xubuntu... ;)   Try both and see what one you like better.03:36
kronomanthanks, currently Im using ubuntu 11.10 , but unity feels really slow, had to install classic gnome, Im going to upgrade to some 12.something version soon from scratch03:37
baizon!add http://videos.rofl.to/clip/muschi-saugen05:10
baizonsorry wrong channel :D05:11
LynHi guys, anyone around?  I'm wanting to install a version of Xubuntu on a computer that's about 8 years old and I've noticed that it's best with Ubuntu to use a version from somewhere around the time the machine was released because it's more likely to have suitable drivers.  Would that be the case with Xubuntu?06:59
chelzLyn: latest xubuntu or ubuntu technically has all previous drivers06:59
LynI want the installation to be as quick and painless as possible because I'm hoping to be done before my migraine hits...06:59
chelzthough newer distro releases like ubuntu generally require more system resources, i think xubuntu should work fine as long as there's enough ram07:00
MarzataLyn: Xubuntu is a good choice.07:00
LynHmm... I had heard that but I've run into trouble with Ubuntu 11 a few times.  :D  Is there a version of Xubuntu that I can just download, copy to a flash drive and then install straight from there?  Otherwise, I have to chase up a CD drive.07:00
chelzLyn: you can use a tool like unetbootin to but a standard xubuntu iso onto a flash drive07:01
LynI can throw in up to 3gb RAM, I'm quite sure.  There's at least 1 in there at the moment.07:01
chelzto put a*07:01
chelzLyn: that is fine then. requirement is 25607:01
MarzataLyn: yes, but the USB must be bootable.07:01
LynMmm... I'm in the stage of having trouble thinking so is it fairly straightforward and fool-proof?  Not kidding around when I say at this point in time it's best to view my abilities as those of an idiot.07:03
chelzLyn: unetbootin is pretty foolproof07:03
LynSounds good.  How big does the flash drive have to be?07:03
chelzLyn: size of the iso roughly, so more than 700MB07:03
Lyn(I'm sure these answers are around but my brain will struggle to find them.07:03
chelzLyn: make sure the computer you want to install on can boot from usb btw07:04
LynGood.  I have a spare 2gb handy.07:04
LynI don't know if it can yet but I'll get into BIOS when I finish assembling the bits we're cannibalising and make sure it does/can.07:04
chelzwell installing from a disc isn't too bad if you have to, i mean it works. it's just noisy.07:05
LynHard disk or CD/DVD disk is noisy?  I need a way to get the data onto the hard disk and all I have handy without ripping more computers apart is flash drive.  All of friends' computers are in trouble of one sort or another and I'm just trying to get them up and going so they can get access to their data again07:07
chelzLyn: they don't have disc drives?07:08
LynHard disk yes, but with hardware problems left right and centre and I've had 6 boxes apart in the last few days and on my last couple of hours before a migraine, I can't think well enough to find a spare CD or DVD drive to install to the hard drive.07:10
LynI know I have some somewhere....07:10
chelzLyn: alright. i mean i just forget when computers started being usb bootable and i'm guessing around 07, and 8 years ago would be about 0407:13
gordonjcpLyn: you can actually just dd the iso to a USB stick now07:42
gordonjcpsince about 11.1007:42
gordonjcp*finally* they fixed that ;-)07:42
chelzah i wasn't totally sure the xubuntu isos were hybrids07:46
chelzthat's good to know07:46
gordonjcpwell, I did that recently07:46
gordonjcpalthough if I can find a spare USB stick, I'm about to have to nuke xubuntu07:47
gordonjcpand stick something else on07:47
combusterhi, does anyone suffer from dropped packets in Xubuntu 12.04 ? I've changed two different NIC's and I see them again08:40
combusterit manifests sometime as a big pause in downloads etc...08:40
combusterRX packets:7934 errors:0 dropped:48 overruns:0 frame:008:40
combuster02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 05)08:40
combusterhad the same problem with R816908:41
gordonjcpit's weird that xubuntu and ubuntu both won't suspend on my laptop, but lubuntu does08:54
ledredteryou have the 3 in a mochine?08:56
Fudgehi i am trying to enable accessibility in 4.10, orca starts but nothing else happens. i am using lightdm to log in09:02
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SandJWhat is the name of the PDF viewer in Xubuntu, please?  (Mine is defaulting to GIMP for some reason.)11:32
SandJFound it myself: the "Document Viewer" is 'evince'.11:34
craigbass1976what's the ebst app to get (without installing half of GNOME) that lets me extract audio from a cd to ogg?12:27
babbleYou may try this: http://transcoderae84.sourceforge.net/12:28
* joeythesaint still uses cdparanoia12:29
babbleI haven't used, but it's linked as a recommended app from Xfce.org here: http://wiki.xfce.org/recommendedapps12:30
craigbass1976babble, I was looking for something in the repos that someone here might have used. I'm giving RipperX a whirl.12:32
laitecraigbass1976: sound-juicer has worked well for me12:34
laitehavent tried with version that's in the ubuntu repos, though12:35
Picisound-juicer would likely pull less gnome stuff if you choose not to install reccomended packages.12:35
Marqeaux@craigbass1976: try Asunder. Integrates well in most desktop environments. Works like a charm!13:20
xuserrcan i install xfce 4.10 in xubuntu 12.04?14:23
xuserris xfce 4.10 available now?14:23
holsteinxuserr: i would check http://www.xfce.org/download ...nothing in xubuntu will prevent you from installing what you like14:24
xuserris xfce 4.10 better than 4,8?14:25
holsteini would personally look for a PPA... maybe https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/xfce-4.10 ...though i would read *all* documentation14:25
holsteinxuserr: i would read and see if there is anything you need/want from *.10 ...likely nothing major14:26
knomexuserr, unless you really need something from 4.10, don't install it.14:32
xuserri have xubuntu 12.0414:32
knomethe PPA is not officially supported14:32
knomewhatever xubuntu version you had14:32
holsteinbecause you can/will have breakage xuserr14:32
holsteinyou will be on your own, at best14:33
xuserri will not install it14:33
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jesusrmxhi, I'm trying to use gimp, after sudo apt-get install gimp, I get: (my translation) gimp is already installed in it's more update version, however when I run gim, I get: El programa «gimp» no está instalado.  Puede instalarlo escribiendo:17:40
jesusrmxsudo apt-get install gimp17:40
holsteinjesusrmx: how about when you run gimp ?17:40
jesusrmxit's gimp, not gim, my typo17:41
holsteinOK.. how about typing gimp and pressing the tab key17:41
jesusrmxnothing appears17:41
holsteincomplete it like... gimp-2.6.. or whatever you have listed17:42
holsteinjesusrmx: go to the package manger and see what the package name is now17:42
holsteinmaybe its changed... mabye you added a ppa... maybe you have the newer version somehow17:42
holsteinyou dont see it in the menu?17:42
Sysisudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install gimp17:43
jesusrmxI see it installed17:43
holsteinjesusrmx: it = gimp?17:43
holsteinjesusrmx: type G in the terminal and hit tab17:43
holsteintype gi... so on17:43
holsteinjesusrmx: you dont see it in the menu?17:44
jesusrmxwell the package manager dialogs don't allow copy&paste but it should be: gimp-2.6-11-2ubuntu417:44
jesusrmxG [TAB] on terminal gives:17:45
jesusrmxDisplay all 175 possibilities? (y or n)17:45
holsteinjesusrmx: you dont need to paste that17:45
jesusrmxof course :)17:45
jesusrmxgi TAB gives:17:45
jesusrmxginstall-info     gio-querymodules17:45
holsteinjesusrmx: you can hit tab and see if gimp is referenced17:45
holsteinjesusrmx: nothing else you are going to paste here will matter.. unless when you type it in, it starts the gimp17:46
jesusrmxaccording to package manager gimp should be installed in /usr/bin/gimp-2.617:46
holsteinjesusrmx: cool... try starting it..17:46
holsteinjesusrmx: you dont see it in the menu?17:46
jesusrmxboth /usr/bin/gimp-2.6 and /usr/bin/gimp gives: bash: /usr/bin/gimp-2.6: No existe el archivo o el directorio17:47
jesusrmxfile not exists17:47
holsteinjesusrmx: and you dont see it in the menu?17:47
holsteinjesusrmx: how about Sysi 's suggestion?17:47
holsteinsudo apt-get update and maybe sudo apt-get upgrade17:47
jesusrmxdoing Sysi suggestion, wait17:47
jesusrmxit seems to update links or something, after that, it say:17:52
jesusrmxsudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install gimp17:52
jesusrmxgimp ya está en su versión más reciente.17:52
jesusrmx0 actualizados, 0 se instalarán, 0 para eliminar y 1 no actualizados.17:52
jesusrmxgimp is already in it's more up to date version17:52
jesusrmx1 not updated17:52
jesusrmxyet it won't work17:52
knomesudo apt-get check?17:53
jesusrmxI will uninstall it17:53
jesusrmxcheck? will see17:53
knomethat should check if there is broken packages17:53
jesusrmxLeyendo listas de paquetes... Hecho17:53
jesusrmxCreando árbol de dependencias17:53
jesusrmxLeyendo la información de estado... Hecho17:53
jesusrmxthat's all17:53
jesusrmxreading package list .... done17:54
knomeplease note that this channel is english-only, so most users won't understand17:54
jesusrmxcreating dependency tree17:54
knomealso, multiline pastes to !pastebin17:54
jesusrmxyes I know17:54
jesusrmxthat's why try to translate17:54
knomedid the apt-get update -message throw any errors?17:58
jesusrmxapt-get update apparently did'nt throw any errors17:58
jesusrmxit's curious, something like with gimp happened to another more critical package, and I marked to reinstall and applied, that fixed the problem, will do the same with gimp18:00
jesusrmxmixing the synaptic package manager and "ubuntu software center" (my translation) is allowed?18:01
knomeyeah, no problem with using multiple package managers18:02
jesusrmxwell, that did it18:09
jesusrmxit's strange18:10
jesusrmxthanks for helping18:10
* jesusrmx is away: ups el jefe me sorprendio chateando ...18:11
knomejesusrmx, please don't use public away messages - thanks18:12
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jesusrmxknome, oh, I will remember next time, cu18:51
qkslvrwolfis there a way to get rid of the confirmation dialog when a power button command comes in?18:54
qkslvrwolfnvm, actually works in xubuntu18:56
xwalk_Is there a way to use bash to check for file existence? I'm making a backup script and need to check to see if the backup files exist before I decide whether I need to make a new archive or just append to an existing one.19:40
knomeif[ -f /path/to/file ]19:41
xwalk_Awesome, thanks.19:43
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drcOMG...The End Days are surely near.... http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/xubuntu-pangolin.html20:21
drcDedoimedo actually saying something nice about xfce.20:22
baizonbecause xfce is nice! :D20:27
drcWell...yeah...but Dedoimedo?  He even rivals me as a curmudgeon :)20:31
drcHe's...well, he's Mike of the Old TV commercial..."He doesn't like anything".20:33
drcNot really true, but close.20:33
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martinphonewhat is this partial upgrade warning I get?21:58
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martinphoneits going to remove google earth??21:59
knomemartinphone, there are some broken stuff that can't be resolved with a simple update22:00
martinphoneits going to remove 7 alsa references22:01
Unit193You also may want to pastebin (http://sebsauvage.net/paste/) the errors.22:01
martinphoneno errors, just no longer needed22:02
martinphonethere, removing google earth...22:03
martinphoneis ia32libs only used by 32bit?22:03
knome!info ia32libs22:03
ubottuPackage ia32libs does not exist in precise22:03
knome!info ia32-libs22:04
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in precise22:04
xubuntu002hola, acabo de instalar xubuntu y quiero actualizar a la ultima version... el espacio de la particion no me lo permite, que puedo hacer?22:04
Unit193!es | xubuntu00222:04
ubottuxubuntu002: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.22:04
martinphonewhat should I do with the 135 found obsolete packages?22:06
openchrome4meI am trying to make my graphics card load the openchrome driver for my "VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890CE/K8N890CE [Chrome 9] (rev 11)" instead of the current viafb. How would I do this in Xubuntu 12.04?22:07
Marzatanice review22:27
Kingsyguys, how do I play audio cd's on my ubuntu install? I am getting an error saying "a audio cd source plugin is required" from parole.. what do I need?22:34
xubuntu729hola soporte en español ?22:38
aguitelen ubuntu-es22:39
Kingsyaguitel: any ideas about my issue?22:39
Kingsykinda annoying not being able to play a cd :S22:40
aguitelKingsy, i use vlc22:40
Unit193You installed xubuntu-restricted-addons and -extras?22:40
Kingsyand it works?22:40
KingsyUnit193: hmm I don't think so 1 sec22:40
Unit193Plus, I also use VLC. :P22:41
aguiteltry it22:41
Kingsy1 second.. just trying it22:42
Kingsyinstalling vlc now..22:44
Kingsythe extras and addons didnt work with parole..22:44
KingsyI will try it with vlc22:44
Kingsyvlc worked..22:47
Kingsythanks guys..22:47
aguitelKingsy, install xubuntu-restricted-extras22:47
Kingsyok gtg.. having a party here.. :P gotta play some MUSSSSIICCC ;)22:47
Kingsyyou guys are getting some credit22:48
PortaroYou can install vlc or some other player possibly gnome player also work22:50
PortaroThe restricted extras containe some extras like mp reader modules22:51
knomehe's gone22:51
Portaroi dont see the the wuiet mode22:52
PortaroI reamster xubuntu and the final work is perfect only terminal emulator give me some problems,i dont like unity gnome shell etc i like xfce22:54
Portarowhat games you play on  yours xubuntus?22:54
Portarooh minespweeper  i can played other games eheh, smokin guns, 0 A..D22:56
Portarominesweeper i dont like much22:56
knomebtw, #xubuntu-offtopic if you don't have a support question22:58
Marzataxubuntu 12.04 with > 1 admin, is it a bug?23:59

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