imbrandoni for one think it would be awsome and probably the only project i've seen yet that it would make sense to do something like that00:00
imbrandonok dinners calling, be back00:00
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carthis is more of a launchpad/bzr question .. but, is it possible to checkout / branch the florence milestone?00:51
hazmatcar, florence is precise04:24
hazmatcar, we keep trunk pretty stable (the ppa is a nightly build from trunk with tests)04:24
hazmatcar, there is one ugly bug in precise with local environments and restarts though04:25
carI see04:25
hazmatbug 95831204:26
_mup_Bug #958312: Change zk logging configuration <juju:Fix Released by hazmat> <juju (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <juju (Ubuntu Precise):Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/958312 >04:26
hazmatelse its a pretty good04:26
carcool, thx04:26
iSeeDeadPixelsare there any VM charms?12:12
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jcastrohazmat: heya13:47
jcastrojuan told me he handed over the code for the sponsorship queue over to you?13:47
hazmatjcastro, he did13:53
jcastrohazmat: when can we haz? I am wondering how much damage the UDS explosion left, heh13:59
ninjixjoin /#ubuntu-cloud14:12
ninjixawh... invite only14:13
iSeeDeadPixelsninjix, #ubuntu-server14:14
jcastroit just sends you to #ubuntu-server14:14
iSeeDeadPixelsanyways, MaaS problems?14:14
ninjixI am testing with using a cloud-init seed iso. How do you instruct cloud-init not to look for any datasource on the post initial boot?14:15
ninjixbasically I'm want use cloud-init to rapid provision persistent machines without having to rely on PXE/DHCP/DNS etc...14:18
jcastrohazmat: feel free to answer my question. :)14:21
ninjixanyone have a link to a maas + juju tutorial?14:24
jcastroMarkDude: hey dude, is there an equivalent of ITP bugs in Fedora? Like if I wanted to follow along your progress in a bug report?14:25
MarkDudeWell 1st I talk to admin folks.14:26
MarkDudeThen I will share results with juju ML14:27
MarkDudeName suggestion for the board that will apporve new charms so far?14:27
imbrandonbtw i failed misseribly at making the rpm yesterday, gonna give it another go this afternoon14:27
MarkDudeFedora Unified Charms Reop14:28
ninjixjcastro: thanks14:28
MarkDudeWe will see if that flies. I mean we created Fedora Unity, just so we could use FU at conferences14:29
* MarkDude needs to go swear a bit. I have a computer that does everything, but , actually see the hard drive AFTER bios14:38
hazmatjcastro, its not quite a drop in, needs some refactoring along the way. if you want a deadline, let's say monday.15:02
hazmathopefully sooner, but that's what i'm comfortable committing to atm15:03
jcastromonday sounds awesome to me15:03
jcastroSpamapS: Wanna hang out for a bit later?16:34
jcastroI have some follow up charm workflow questions for ya16:34
imbrandonProbably the most Epic Fooball games to ever take place http://www.flickr.com/photos/imbrandon/7222206314/in/set-72157629786858262/16:37
SpamapSjcastro: sure let me just get through the morning email crunch :-P16:46
imbrandonFINALY i'm ready to push the drupal charm16:57
imbrandonwoot woot, time to merge and do some chovin16:57
jcastrowho's up for some bikeshedding?17:02
jcastrowe'll need a group name for the charm reviewers17:02
jcastroI'm thinking ... ~charm-reviewers17:02
jcastroOr, can we just reuse ~charmers?17:02
hazmatbeauticians.. snakeoil, farmers, so many possibilities17:03
jcastroit would be great if we could get away with not having another team17:03
hazmatjcastro, don't we already have a team for this?17:04
* hazmat needs a mindmap of the teams17:04
hazmatvenn diagram even17:04
jcastrowe have ~charmers, which is people who have access to lp:charms17:04
jcastroI was just wondering if we switch to this kind of review process if we need a new team, or if we can just use ~charmers, which is what we've been doing17:05
jcastrokeeping ~charmers makes the most sense to me17:05
jcastroand if you're and ~charmers and don't want to do reviews then you can just leave the team17:05
negronjljcastro:  we can just use ~charmers17:15
negronjljcastro:  we would then have to subscribe the charmers to the bugs17:15
jcastro~charmers it is then!17:17
jcastroDRAFT: https://juju.ubuntu.com/CharmsProposedProcess17:20
jcastroSpamapS: that's basically "our process modified to be like ubuntu sponsorship"17:20
SpamapSjcastro: can charmers ever be unsubscribed from bugs in /charms ?17:27
jcastrogood question17:27
jcastrolet me try it17:27
SpamapSjcastro: looks like it can... so yeah, charmers should be fine17:28
jcastroI just tried subscribing, refreshing the bug list, and undoing that17:29
jcastroman, this will work awesome17:29
SpamapSbzr push lp:~your-launchpad-username/charms/precise/nagios/your-branch-name17:30
jcastrofyi, the now-out-of-context links in that page will be replaced with the big list.17:30
SpamapSTo review Ubuntu merge proposals, check out these UDD instructions.17:31
jcastroyeah that will be replaced17:31
SpamapSok it looks pretty good to me17:32
jcastrook so barring hazmat getting hit by a truck we should be good to go on this on monday17:33
jcastrowell, I mean, good for me to propose to the list for monday17:34
jcastroSpamapS: should I modify all the bugs now? Or wait17:34
jcastrowith the subscribing, etc.17:34
hazmatjcastro, don't forget the plane crash17:36
SpamapSjcastro: wait17:36
SpamapSjcastro: lets get the word out that the sponsorship queue will change on day X, and do it all at once.17:37
SpamapSjcastro: ok, ready to G+ in 1017:50
SpamapSjcastro: actually make that 517:50
jcastrojust fire it up whenever17:53
negronjljcastro: SpamapS:  I just looked at the proposal and it looks good to me17:53
jcastronegronjl: hey you mentioned you wanted to try it on aws17:57
jcastrodo you have an instance up with what it looks  like?17:57
jcastroI'm curious to see how doomed we are17:57
negronjljcastro:  I can get that done in just a minute....hold on17:57
jcastrohazmat: wanna join us on G+? We have some queue questions18:23
imbrandonuht oh :)18:29
dpb_hi -- I have a MP that was approved, is there something else I should do?  can I commit?  https://code.launchpad.net/~davidpbritton/juju/dont-proxy-https/+merge/10535318:52
SpamapSHey can somebody review the format of this email? This is what I'm thinking of sending out to all committers to official charms next week:18:54
SpamapSdpb_: needs two +1's18:55
SpamapSdpb_: Its still considered "Needs review"18:55
dpb_oh boy... thx SpamapS18:55
SpamapSdpb_: when the second +1 comes in, they will merge it for you since you're not in ~juju18:55
SpamapSdpb_: resources are a bit scarce on the review queue at the moment: https://code.launchpad.net/juju/+activereviews18:56
dpb_SpamapS: great, I was wondering about that one.18:56
dpb_SpamapS: ya, even for my very trivial change. :)18:56
SpamapSdpb_: indeed, yours is probably trivial enough18:57
negronjlSpamapS: +1 on the email18:57
SpamapSnegronjl: ty!18:57
negronjlSpamapS: I have a question about it:  Do we assume the new maintainer is the one with most commits or do we wait for a response before taking that action ?18:57
SpamapSnegronjl: we wait18:57
negronjlSpamapS: ok18:58
* negronjl is out to lunch18:58
SpamapSnegronjl: if nobody steps up, in about 2 weeks, we will evaluate dropping the charm or having ~charmers take temporary ownership18:58
negronjlSpamapS: perfect18:58
SpamapSnegronjl: I will send an email today that says basically "If you don't want to get nagged next week, assign yourself to any charms you are obviously the maintainer of"18:58
* SpamapS is also out to lunch now18:59
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dpb_Hey all -- is there any reason why stderr prints trigger an ERROR log message in juju-log?  Seems like it should be informational only.  (unlike a program exit, for instance)19:47
jimbakerdpb_, reported in bug 955209 - this will get fixed19:55
_mup_Bug #955209: charm.log uses 'Error' for all stderr messages <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/955209 >19:55
dpb_jimbaker: sweet!  thx. :)19:56
imbrandonSpamapS: i reached out to that asmi.... other cloud tool guy yesterday20:56
imbrandonhe seemed very very cool and actually was JUST checking out juju and bacicly said the same thing we was about it only reversed20:57
imbrandonit was kinda funny20:57
imbrandonanyhow i think he is gonna pop in now and then and maybe collaborate on a larger "ideas" type scale20:57
imbrandonleast that was what we talked about, share the pros and cons with each others approach etc  etc from the get go rather than a long un-spoken silence like some rival projects20:58
imbrandonseemed really down to earth20:58
imbrandonSpamapS: is it too early to file a MIR for nginx in Q ? heh21:01
dpb_hazmat: Hi, was there something else I needed to do for https://code.launchpad.net/~davidpbritton/juju/dont-proxy-https/+merge/105353?21:20
hazmatdpb_, nope looks good, i'll land it21:24
hazmatjust need to get a bug in for it for the SRU process21:24
dpb_hazmat: thx!21:24
hazmatSpamapS, any objections to landing this one for SRU bug 99303421:25
_mup_Bug #993034: lxc deployed units don't support https APT repositories <juju:Confirmed for davidpbritton> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/993034 >21:25
_mup_juju/juju-status-expose-hint r537 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com21:41
_mup_Adjust juju status so that exposed: false is output for a service if there are open ports but not exposed21:41
koolhead17philipballew, hey22:08
philipballewkoolhead17, hey!22:09
philipballewnot sleeping?22:09
koolhead17nopes :(22:09
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koolhead17hey hspencer :)22:09
hspencerhey koolhead1722:09
koolhead17hspencer, how are you doing22:10
hspencerdoin good22:10
hspencerjust workin hard22:10
hspencerhow you?22:10
koolhead17am okey not able to sleep :P22:11
SpamapShazmat: that one is perfect for SRU22:34
SpamapSimbrandon: go ahead and file the MIR for nginx. :)22:34
negronjlSpamapS: ping23:57

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