cancerL3top: you still there?00:15
cancerE: Unable to locate package gdebi-kde00:15
cancerwhat to do?00:15
Unit193sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gdebi-kde00:15
Unit193!info gdebi-kde00:15
ubottugdebi-kde (source: gdebi): simple tool to install deb files - KDE GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.5build1 (precise), package size 13 kB, installed size 131 kB00:16
canceryesterday, someone from here told me to check a box from muon package manager. but don't remember which one to check.00:17
cancercanoncial partners / canoncial partners (source code)00:17
cancermoun package manager> software source> other software ^^00:18
cancerunit193: any help?00:18
cancerthere is no user name in home. i have just installed a fresh kubuntu 11.1000:25
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Dan39this is freakin ridiculous01:04
Dan39does nobody use NX? o_O01:04
illidanHi, i messed up my ~/ permissions. Does KDE or apps have any folders with special permission?01:07
Dan39special permissions o_o01:08
illidanlike setgid or something01:08
ScottyKKudos to the 12.04 developers, all three of my machines have been running flawlessy since upgrading. Great job!01:08
Dan39non-kudos to the 12.04 developers, they have fuxored KDE01:08
L3topDan39: Try Unity.01:09
Dan39unity sucks01:09
L3topand in contrast kde...01:09
illidani made them drwxr-x--- for folders and rw-r----- for files. Are there executables in home by default?01:10
Dan39kde is nice01:10
L3toptry gnome301:10
L3topand in contrast kde...01:10
Dan39i have01:10
Dan39didnt like01:10
Dan39like kde01:10
Dan39just that it has this dumb crashing bug over NX01:10
L3topso... your position is that on a scale of 1 to 10, ranking only buntu distros it is...01:11
Dan39hey i dont like buntu at all01:11
Dan39but if i have to use it on a server01:12
L3topthat was not the question.01:12
Dan39it shouldnt have such a huge obvious fucking bug01:12
illidanwhats your favorite distro?01:12
Dan39depends for what01:12
Dan39at home archlinux01:12
illidandesktop use01:12
L3topsurely you are experienced enough to scale buntu distros01:12
IdleOne!language | Dan3901:12
ubottuDan39: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:12
Dan39archlinux for sure01:12
Dan39ubottu: family friendly? families hang out in #kubuntu ? lol01:12
ubottuDan39: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:12
IdleOneDan39: yes, they do.01:13
Dan39hey i tried it the nice way01:13
Dan39gotta raise hell to get things done something, eh?01:13
L3topsurely this is not outside of your pervue...01:13
Dan39what are you smoking L3top i dont even know what your saying01:14
L3topYou can complain all you like and I will entertain you... but... given your experience and influence... what version of buntu is the LEAST offensive01:14
L3topMy crayons do not get much more fat.01:14
L3topWe should move to OT01:15
Dan39sorry but i dont want to answer your lil questionaire01:15
Dan39take it to #ubuntu-quizshow or something01:15
L3topno... of course not... do you have a support question?01:15
Dan39how do i get kde over nx working?01:16
L3topkde is a desktop environment. what is wrong with your nx install that you cannot manage kde would be a more appropriate question01:17
Dan39nothing is wrong with the nx install that i know of01:17
Dan39kwin segfaults01:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 985202 in libx11 (Ubuntu) "libx11 causes kwin to crash on login (over NX protocol)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:18
Dan39that ^^^01:18
L3topI have KDE installed on 7 different environments and it doesn't. This would imply to me that your host install is problematic...01:18
Dan39L3top: have you used it over NX?01:18
L3topI see... there is a bug...01:19
L3topNo... I have not... and clearly there is a confirmed bug.01:20
Dan39well i clearly stated that my problem is over NX, so your argument that my host install is incorrect makes no sense01:20
L3topObviously the DE is crap, because it doesn't work on NX well 2 weeks after release. How silly of me.01:20
Dan39who ever said the DE is crap?01:21
Dan39KDE is a good DE01:21
L3topand yet you are incapable of giving it scale among DE01:22
L3topI will take good.01:22
L3topVery generous of you.01:22
Dan39IdleOne: if you want to kick somebody, kick this fool who just wants to take poll questions from me01:23
Dan39this is a support channel, not your place for gathering statistics01:24
L3topYou are correct Dan39. I am in violation of the room rules. I am so easily drawn in by trolls. We can continue in off-topic if you like... or you can state your support question not addressed by the bug you are familiar.01:24
* mydogsnameisrudy is wondering if these 2 are married and are sitting there bickering01:24
* Dan39 hugs mydogsnameisrudy01:24
L3topit is a character flaw of mine01:25
L3topDan is not to blame.01:25
L3topI appologize.01:25
Dan39not you illidan01:25
Dan39hahaha is your name dan too? :P01:25
illidanim just watching your conversation01:25
L3topDo you have a support question not related to the bug you are familiar with Dan39?01:25
L3topI will mourn your silence.01:26
cancerl3top | L3top: you there?01:28
cancerl3top | L3top: you there?01:29
L3topI am01:30
cancerL3top: thanks for reply. i was here before few minutes too. Actually i'm done with fresh kubutnu, updates and upgrades. :)01:31
cancerBut, i'm afraid there is still no user in HOME :D01:31
cancermaybe :-p01:31
illidanI messed up my ~/ permissions. Does the DE have any executables in the ~ folders? L3top, do you know?01:32
cancerL3top: installing packages (languages) is stuck on 99% 'running post-installation trigger hicolor-icon-theme' ?01:33
illidancancer, how long did you wait?01:34
cancerubottu | wait01:34
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.01:34
cancerillidan: i learned this from here:D01:35
cancerubottu | patience01:35
cancerOops :D01:35
illidancancer, no i meant with your determination if it is stuck01:35
cancerillidan: oh, :D it's i think upto 15mins till it stuck....01:36
L3topillidan: I am frankly unaware of executables in the ~ folder...  however your ~ folder should be owned by your $USER... so it is safe to sudo chown -R $USER: ~      but only as the user in question01:36
illidancancer: and i reposted the initial question because it may really have drowned in the almost flaming between letop and dan01:36
cancerillidan: oh, :D it's i think upto 15mins till it stuck....01:37
illidancancer: owner is ok its more that i typoed the permissionset in a chmod -R01:37
illidani did chmod -r o-rwx ./ instead -R o-rwx ./01:38
cancerillidan: are you referring this to | L3top01:38
illidancancer: yes01:38
cancerillidan: ok.01:39
illidancancer: what does the | in irc?01:39
cancerillidan: that's not in irc, it on my keyb. don't know :-p01:39
cancerBe right back after a quick restart ;)01:40
FloodBotK1cancer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:40
L3topAgain, illidan as the user (not sudo -s -i or su), it is best to chmod -R $USER: ~01:44
L3topthis implies, in my case, chmod -R l3top:l3top /home/l3top01:45
cancerL3top: i followed your advice and now have a fresh installed kubuntu.01:45
cancerL3top: now tell me how to install pastebin01:46
L3topsudo apt-get install pastebinit; fdisk -l |pastebinit01:46
L3topsudo apt-get install pastebinit; sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit01:47
illidancancer, back from toaster01:47
L3topfdisk likes sudo, as I mentioned beofre01:47
cancerillidan: i'm now more a poster :D01:47
L3topcancer: you can follow its advice. sudo apt-get -f install01:50
canceryesterday, someone from here told me to check a box from muon package manager. but don't remember which one to check.01:50
L3topcancer:  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d | pastebinit01:51
cancermoun package manager> software source> other software01:51
cancercanoncial partners / canoncial partners (source code)01:51
cancersudo apt-get -f install < this command installing libreoffice i think.01:52
L3topwell... something went wrong initially... and I am curious what... that is why I am curious if you installed some sort of ppa or something.01:53
cancerL3top: nothing, i just did updates and dist-upgrades01:53
illidanL3top, alright i think its all fixed. One thing, does chmod -R  follow symlinks?01:53
cancerL3top: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit -->  http://paste.ubuntu.com/993453/01:54
L3topThat is an excellent question I do not know the answer to.01:54
L3topI would guess no... if money was on the line... but I lose money gambling usually01:55
L3topso I would test it by making one01:55
L3topThat is much more pleasant cancer01:55
cancerL3top:ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d | pastebinit       |     You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.01:55
L3topNot sure why your initial install failed.01:56
cancerL3top: system notification > 91 security and 310 software updates.01:56
cancerL3top: oh my i have just finished up & ug.01:57
L3topthe two are inconguous in my head.01:57
cancerL3top: does ubottu translate 'inconguous'.01:58
cancerand about which 'two' you are talking about.01:58
L3topthe two do not make sense. If you just upgraded after update, the notification of updates does not make sense01:59
cancerya maybe. actually i have to enable net to access. kubuntu can't access net auto. i have it on manually right now.01:59
L3topif your system is aware of updates it is online02:00
L3topif it is online your update/upgrade should have stuck... this doesnt help me02:00
illidanmanpage says it does follow but has an extra paragraph about when doing recursive. "in contrast chmod ignores links..." but i feel unsure about it02:00
cancerL3top: yes, i have to connect it to net manually so maybe it responce late. what about those issues for which i have installed fresh kubuntu?02:01
L3topagain... if you have net (ping -c2 google.com), sudo apt-get -f install02:02
L3topIf that fixes your broken installs, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:03
cancerL3top: i'm connected. maybe i am not clear enough to make you understand.02:03
L3topthen we can create the script to run again...02:03
L3topPerhaps I am not clear enough... regardless there is a communication problem02:04
L3topWhat is the output of sudo apt-get -f install02:04
cancerL3top: it's because i have change the wireless adapter. i have to change mac everytime i need to connect to internet. but it for some hours now. i'll have it fix from server.02:05
L3topWhy... why do you need to alter your MAC?02:05
cancerl3top: some libreoffice package was installed after sudo apt-get -f install02:05
L3topThen update/upgrade02:05
L3topbut why do you have to fiddle with your mac?02:05
cancerL3top: did you checked for fdisk | mount for me.02:06
illidancancer, do you use a mac filter with devices using non default macs?02:07
L3topyes cancer... that  is what I would want to see, considering your prior decision to cut your windows install into 4 partitions.02:08
cancerillidan: yes we have configured mac filtering in server from which i am connected. i just switched the adapter. just need to replace new mac.02:09
cancerL3top: i just sperated 7 gb from the sda6 for swap.02:10
L3topthat is more than enough.02:11
L3topMeaning that is fine02:11
NitaChanDoes KDE keep a logfile somewhere? Neither smb or SSH connections in Dolphin work and I don't know what's the issue02:11
L3top/var/log contains logs NitaChan02:12
cancerL3top: just with the new installation i found that i never chosen space for swap, actually what i was calling swap was originally Boot loader. :D02:12
cancerL3top: i still don't see $USER in /home02:13
L3topgrub? grub should always exist in the MBR... but you are here... so I assume it is correct.02:13
L3topcancer: echo "$USER"02:13
NitaChanL3top: yes, that might help otherwise, but there is nothing there related to this as fas as I can see02:13
L3topNitaChan: apt-get install --reinstall openssh-server02:14
cancerL3top: tell me the command, so you can see about user.02:14
L3topI did.02:14
L3topthe output of that is your user, presuming you are not root02:14
L3topls /home/$USER is you02:15
NitaChanReinstalling ssh-server won't solve the issue of Dolphin not connecting..02:15
cancerL3top: why i can't see that user in home as you defined.02:15
L3topDolphin does not ssh. Dolphin is a file manager. Perhaps I misunderstand you.02:15
L3topCan you please restate the problem NitaChan02:15
NitaChanL3top: yes, Dolphin does support SMB and SSH connections, too02:15
NitaChanI obviously am trying to get to manage my files over network connection.02:16
L3topSMB yes, I am unaware of how Dolphin would SSH, but that does not make it fact.02:16
NitaChanSimple google told me to use fish:// for accessing SSH02:17
NitaChanBut alas, neither method works.02:17
L3topYou would have to instantiate an ssh session... and I don't understand how that would be done from dolphin... but again... that does not make it law.02:17
L3topcancer: ls -la /home | pastebinit02:18
illidanNitaChan: Whats the target system ?02:21
NitaChanillidan: a Linux-server. Why?02:21
L3topok cancer, you see line 3?02:21
L3topthat is your $USER... just like in Documents and Settings02:22
L3topOr Users as the case may be... I dunno... I dont play with windows anymore02:22
cancerl3top: is it under \.  |  i choose '\' this while starting installation.02:23
L3topif you ls /home/cancer you will see folders familiar in the windows world02:23
L3top /02:23
illidanNitaChan, i found that my router is ok with ssh and scp per commandline but when trying to list folders using fish it didnt work02:23
cancerMay be / yes02:23
cancerupdates hang of 'preparing dragon player.02:23
cancerbrb after a short break (just a restart)02:24
illidanNitaChan, with another ssh server somewhere in the web it worked just fine02:24
NitaChanillidan: I don't have any issues with using SSH from any of my dozen other devices and OSes, or from GNOME/Nautilus. So I'd say that means fish is broken if it does that.02:24
illidanNitaChan: anything unusual? is fish installed by default?02:28
illidanNitaChan: i dont know its packagename02:28
NitaChanillidan: me neither. And I'm new to KDE anyways so I have absolutely no idea if it is installed by default or not02:29
NitaChanI sure didn't install it manually, but maybe it came as a dependency on something02:29
NitaChanHmm, now it finally popped up a password-box o_o It took only about 20 minutes..02:32
illidanNitaChan: my konqueror/dolphin has it but i installed a dozen of packages02:32
NitaChanWell, since it got fixed by itself finally my issue is resolved. For now.02:32
illidandid you try fish:// in konqueror instead of dolphin?02:32
NitaChanNo, isn't konqueror a web browser?02:33
illidani have learned of the existance of fish through konquerors manual. and konqueror is bith a local and web browser02:33
illidandolphin is something like konqueror light for non web02:34
NitaChanHm. Is there no 'up'- button in Dolphin? o_o02:35
NitaChanOh, there02:36
NitaChanQuite lost with KDE. Huff.02:37
NitaChanWhy is there 6 different places to configure looks and feel of KDE? That bothers me. Especially when they all function differently.02:37
illidanyep thats confuse02:39
illidanstill there is a logic behind it, inside application, outside application, frames, desktops and effects02:40
NitaChanI have to disagree there. It would make much more sense if there was a single location for changing look-and-feel and inside that location you'd choose which one to modify.02:41
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illidani'd guess the devs of the settingsmenu wanted it to look like more to appeal to unity leavers </bla>02:43
NitaChanNo idea. I used KDE back in the 1.x days the last time, haven't really followed on what's going on02:44
NitaChanJust got tired of Unity and how Canonical keeps messing with my desktop every release, so decided to try KDE4 for now02:44
illidando you like transparency effects?02:45
NitaChanWhen they're useful. Not on window borders, though.02:45
NitaChanOh, now this is a step down from GNOME: apparently I can't open files directly from SSH. KDE instead insists on copying them locally first.02:46
NitaChanGNOME allows opening them directly.02:47
NitaChanThat's quite a hassle :(02:47
cancerL3top: phew, that was a mess.02:47
cancerL3top: i was lost. then ran some commands and now got hold.02:47
cancerillidan: L3top still here?02:49
illidancancer: dunno, didnt post since you were talking with him02:49
NitaChanAnd even after changing that I want to use double-click to open files instead of single-click Dolphin every now and then, randomly, decides to ignore that. >_<02:50
cancerL3top: i think can't stay for long here, not because i don't want to, its technical issue. don't know about power failiure time.02:51
illidanNitaChan: i have the random doubleclick too02:51
illidancancer: whats up with your powers?02:51
cancerillidan: my powers?02:52
L3topLingering support on project02:52
illidanNitaChan: when opening ssh stuff, i have insta open of files, but i cant really verify that as the only ssh in reach is localhost02:52
cancerL3top: it's fine either perfect you are upto.02:52
L3topWhat is the problem you need to overcome cancer? If it is understanding *buntu's directory structure, it is best left to google.02:53
cancerL3top: don't know when power goes down.02:53
L3topIf you still have GPU issues, I can do that02:53
L3topOk cancer... it is 11pm here02:53
L3topgo ahead and power down and unplug02:53
NitaChanillidan: atleast with the few files I tried the system insisted on making local copies of them first before opening them. That is something that really bothers me.02:53
L3topI will be around02:53
cancerL3top: no way, i've been here from pm too and it's now 7:54Am here.02:54
cancerfrom 11pm*02:54
illidanNitaChan: in dolphin or in konqeror?02:54
cancerL3top: don't want to disturb you in between your work, can tell me straight. it'll be fine.02:55
illidanNitaChan: i dont think it matters but try in konqueror. how big are the files, maybe there is a threshold02:55
NitaChanThe files I tried were under 1 megabyte02:55
NitaChanI got a few large files I can try with, too, though02:56
illidani can open files directly, hm but as said its localhost02:58
cancerL3top: Nvidia quadro FX 1000 (2 DVI outputs), using IBM E72 Monitor VGA (no DVI Input). beside i'm using a DVI --> VGA connecter. Now continue to the Graphics issue.02:58
illidancancer: what do you mean with power? power inside your computer or your local powergrid?02:59
cancerillidan: local powergrid.02:59
NitaChanillidan: Nope, Konqueror insists on doing the same thing. And both insist on doing local copies even with large files.02:59
cancerillidan: it's not even a local, it's a national issue now a days. but have also heard from ppl about 'Once upon a time.....'03:00
cancermaybe in past, now present can't say anything about future issues. :)03:01
cancerL3top: Nvidia quadro FX 1000 (2 DVI outputs), using IBM E72 Monitor VGA (no DVI Input). beside i'm using a DVI --> VGA connecter. Now continue to the Graphics issue.03:02
illidanNitaChan: look for packages with names like kio- or kioslave or konq-plugins konqueror-something, because: libkio5 - Network-enabled File Management Library for the KDE Platform sounds fitting03:02
NitaChanI just asked over on #kde, I suppose they should know03:03
illidancancer: whats your graka thing? its not in my chatlog.03:03
illidanNitaChan: good idea03:04
illidanum, oops gpu issues i meent03:05
illidangraka is german abbreviation for grafikkarte which is like graphics adapter03:06
illidan*meent -> meant03:06
NitaChanGod it's hard to write with long nails on my N900 :D03:08
illidani had a similar phone but i dont usually have long nails03:10
NitaChanWell, you're likely male, and males often do not have long nails.03:10
illidandid you get something in the kde channel?03:11
NitaChanNope. A necromancer would love it there, it's all dead.03:12
NitaChanI really would like to get it fixed, though. I definitely do not wish to have my files copied over every single time I open them.03:17
sky100can any one suggest me how to install "inxi " in kubuntu 12.04?03:18
illidanNitaChan: try apt-get install konq-plugins03:18
sky100i was typing command in konsole " sudo apt-get install inxi03:19
sky100but its not getting it03:19
sky100pls help03:19
illidansky100: its not in there, ill have a look at the project site03:20
NitaChanWhat is inxi?03:20
illidanNitaChan: dont know but seems to be a system specs displayer for commandline with irc integration03:21
NitaChanillidan: nope, installing those plugins didn't do a thing03:21
illidanNitaChan: did you relogin?03:22
NitaChanNo, I just restarted Konq03:22
sky100ok, illidan03:22
illidansky100: try this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135293703:22
NitaChansky100: install repositories from here: http://cathbard.com/cathbard-repo-howto.html and then install inxi with 'apt-get update && apt-get install inxi ' from command-line03:23
sky100ok , illidan03:23
illidanno do nita chans advise03:24
illidanthe thread i found is propably older03:24
NitaChanhttps://code.google.com/p/inxi/ is apparently the homepage to inxi, though Google returned several different kinds of Inxi03:24
nuruponeed a little help -> http://paste.kde.org/481562/03:27
sky100sorry could not comprehend the cathbard.. NitaChan03:28
NitaChannurupo: sorry, I have no idea.03:28
sky100what am I supposed to do at the begining ...03:28
NitaChansky100: what do you mean you didn't comprehend? It clearly reads "Ubuntu Based systems" under which there are three lines of code you enter on command-line03:29
NitaChanYou can ignore everything else.03:29
sky100ok NitaChan03:30
NitaChanInstalling inxi that way works just fine for me,atleast.03:32
sky100ok NitaChan03:32
sky100let me see..03:33
illidancathbards repo looks interesting...03:36
illidanok but no previews and propably just mintskinf and one for weedsmokers03:39
illidani looked at the file list of that repo and it seems the only really used thing is inxi03:40
NitaChanI didn't even bother to look at it more than how to get inxi for that sky100. Idle hands and all that, you see03:41
illidani couldnt resist browsing03:42
illidanim tired but dont want to sleep03:42
NitaChanDo something interesting then03:43
NitaChanWhen I'm really bored but don't wish to sleep I either browse boobies or play one or another MMO. :P03:44
illidanthats the problem, i must first fix my system...03:46
illidanbut even then i dont know what id do03:47
NitaChanWhat's the problem?03:48
illidani wanted to watch a movie but sound is crackling like hell and i cont figure why03:49
NitaChanI assume you've tried with other players?03:50
illidanyep player independent03:51
NitaChanHm, then it's likely a driver issue03:51
illidanalso independent of digital or analog port03:51
NitaChanOr it could just be PulseAudio crapping out again.03:52
NitaChanIt tends to suck.03:52
illidanthatd be the most likely03:52
illidandoes pulseaudio directly interfere with alsa workings or is it just on top?03:52
NitaChanPulseAudio runs on top of ALSA, yes, but it keeps adjusting ALSA-settings all the time and does some low-level things with it03:53
illidanthats what i mean, because it crackles also using aplay03:54
NitaChanI'm just glad I use Windows on my desktop and Linux only on my server and virtual-machine03:54
illidani am seriously considerung to go back to windows as desktop because its such a hassle to maintain with linux03:55
illidanbut its like a challenge with slight addiction03:55
NitaChanI used Linux on my desktop for about 10 years, but I got tired with something constantly breaking without any good reason03:56
illidani used linux in 2000 but as non owner at thinclients, it worked always but the admin was really wrecked most of the time03:57
Surlent777has anyone else noticed that phonon wants to completely ignore any and all priority levels for devices and just does as it pleases? Or is it just me?03:58
illidanwhich release?03:58
illidanin oneiric its that way03:58
Surlent777It used to more or less work in oneiric for this03:59
illidanhow are these categories organized anyway?03:59
Surlent777all I'm trying to do is use some USB headset, and only random applications like mocp use it, while Amarok and Skype refuse...I just don't get it. Everything in phonon's settings clearly indicates that the headset receives priority04:00
Surlent777though curiously enough, VLC is fine04:00
illidanamarok gets definitely recognized as music04:02
illidanvlc is not categorized as video but propably as just something04:03
Surlent777dragon works too04:03
illidanfor me dragon is in video category04:04
Surlent777okay, here's a thing04:04
illidanmaybe its just for the kde own apps04:04
Surlent777I go to the System Notifications bit and have it play a test sound04:04
Surlent777and get a popup telling me it wants to revert to the internal soundcard, with a button that lets me cancel that and have it go through the headset04:05
Surlent777except then it doesn't go through the headset04:05
Surlent777repeat infinitely04:05
Surlent777I've tried both gstreamer and vlc backends to no avail04:06
illidanso for the categories, yes they are only for the kde own apps04:06
Surlent777KDE notification sounds are a part of that04:07
Surlent777and it still ignores that04:07
Surlent777but then unrelated apps like mocp work, and then Skype doesn't04:07
Surlent777and I somehow got Amarok behaving via a similar bubble04:07
illidanyou can propably switch the used device in the settings of the apps temself04:07
Surlent777not possible04:07
Surlent777Skype, for instance, looks to the pulseaudio server04:08
Surlent777which should be controlled through phonon04:08
illidani think skype is considered as communication04:08
illidanbut i dont ahve it installed04:08
Surlent777I know this because if pulseaudio crashes, phonon's config thing just shows some generic pulseaudio entry, but after restarting pulse, it shows my devices04:08
illidanvlc can change on its own and play directly to alsa04:09
illidanamarok cant04:09
illidanmaybe you can arrange that in a working way04:10
Surlent777amarok and vlc are working04:10
illidanor just dump pulseaudio and do a alsa setup04:10
Surlent777skype is refusing to work properly, and so are system notification sounds04:10
illidando you mean sound at all or for specific program/device association04:10
cancerillidan: can't here any sound. do i need to update drivers04:11
Surlent777random programs and subsystems are not producing sounds, e.g. skype and system notifications04:11
Surlent777or wait no04:11
Surlent777they're producing them04:11
Surlent777but to the wrong device04:11
FloodBotK1Surlent777: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:11
illidancancer: wait have to drink coffe brain is down04:12
illidancant multitask04:12
Surlent777but testing the headset in phonon's configuration thing shows it has no problem playing sounds to the headset04:12
Surlent777I really don't get this04:12
cancerillidan: thanks, but i firgured out. it's not working with builtin speaker. but with headphone & external speakers.04:13
illidancancer: try using speaker-test on console04:13
illidanah ok04:13
cancerL3top: hey04:13
Surlent777if I do that it plays to my headphones...04:13
cancerillidan: yup, to headphones & external speakers, but not for machine built in speaker.04:14
illidansurlent, um did you try changing for the main category "Audio playback"? sounds silly but i have overseen it on first phonon experience04:15
Surlent777all of the categories, including the meta-categories, explicitly have the headset as the highest priority04:15
illidancancer: post lspci to pastebinit04:15
cancerubottu | wine04:17
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:17
illidanubottu | wtf04:18
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:18
cancerillidan: do i have to install simple wine 'sudo apt-get install wine' or there is some other commands for wine, i mean some bug fixed version.04:18
illidani'd first try the normal wine from repository04:19
illidanmost stuff works but for games or photoshop there may be specific fitting versions, for that install playonlinux04:19
Surlent777I wonder if deleting some config files would help04:20
cancerillidan: Are you done with http://paste.ubuntu.com/993567/?04:20
illidanum not quite im slow thinking somehow04:21
canceralmoxarife: you there?04:25
illidanSurlent777, the applications may have issues themself with pulseaudio, either disable that or give me onbe specific application you want to work, but i cannot give you much more than google right now, as pulseaudio specifics are also a bit ,ystc to me04:25
illidan*,ystc -> mystic *onbe -> one04:26
Surlent777google is useless at this point. I've been browsing the entire time.04:27
cancerillidan: where i can download dictonary for my language?04:27
illidanwait can you read german? if not i hace an idea04:27
illidankde system settings / locale04:28
illidansurlent do you know this thread? the german one is gone anyway http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Documentation/User/PerfectSetup04:30
Surlent777I've seen it, yeah04:30
Surlent777it seemed irrelvant as of a couple of releases ago04:31
illidanmost things could still be worth trying04:32
illidanwhat soundcard do you have?04:33
illidanstereo or more?04:33
Surlent777intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio04:34
illidanokay so same driver is mine04:34
Surlent777and a Creative USB headset, branded as "Fatal1ty" in honour of a Quake player04:34
illidanwhat is the most important app which doesnt give sound on non headset?04:35
Surlent777Skype, probably.04:35
Surlent777everything works without the headset04:35
illidanwithout ok04:36
illidanand with it plugged in it stops working for those04:36
illidanbut plays still on headset04:36
illidandid i get it nowß04:36
Surlent777without the headset, all is well04:37
Surlent777with the headset, some things still play through the internal sound card and NOT the headset04:37
illidanbut others play well on the headset?04:38
Surlent777currently, I can confirm Skype and system notification sounds as NOT working on the headset, whereas Amarok, VLC, Dragon, and Flash all DO work on the headset04:39
illidanset every single category in phonon to the headset04:40
Surlent777did that already04:40
illidani have got lots of wtfery here but how do you choose your headset?04:45
Surlent777I plug it in, go into Phonon's settings, select a category, click headset, click Prefer until it's at the top, Apply04:45
Surlent777initially anyway; after the first time it is supposed to remember that04:45
Surlent777which it does04:45
illidanhm its more complicated in my interface04:46
illidanits totally messed up04:46
Surlent777I just confirmed that pidgin is working fine in regards to sound output04:48
Surlent777as is Jamestown04:48
Surlent777it's just the notifications and Skype that refuse to play nice...04:48
illidanwhat else than skype?04:50
illidani dont have it installed04:50
Surlent777so far just as I said04:50
Surlent777system notification sounds don't come through the headset04:50
Surlent777just checked TiMiDiTy++ and that works04:50
illidanhow can i best provoke a notification?04:51
Surlent777go into any system setting module, change something, then hit the back arrow04:52
Surlent777it'll chime and ask if you want to discard the change or not04:52
illidanyep and it doesnt work for me either04:52
windbuntui had to turn off my external speakers switch to make my headset work properly.04:52
Surlent777I...don't think I have a switch for that04:53
illidanthat worked for me04:53
windbuntuit was driving me nuts till i did that04:53
illidansurlent i have a similar soundcard and the same headset04:54
Surlent777what kind of switch do you speak of?04:54
windbuntuon my logitech speacker, it came with a little toggle switch thats separate from the speakers04:54
illidanmy soundcard is connected to an a/v receiver which i can switch off04:54
Surlent777my soundcard is inside a laptop04:54
windbuntubut still in the preferences somehwere there must be something to mimic the same thing04:55
illidani have an idea to workaround that04:55
windbuntuon my laptop i had to go into control panel when i had a simliar problem in windows04:56
Surlent777wait wut04:56
Surlent777I just tested Skype's bot04:56
Surlent777and THAT part goes through the headset04:56
Surlent777so sod that04:56
illidanbut, how many outputs does your laptop card have?04:56
Surlent777the only thing not playing nice is the notification sounds, period04:56
windbuntuit was a pain because it was like one of many tabs in a folder that finally had the adjustment i needed04:56
windbuntui had to click on all the tabs to find it04:57
windbuntubecause i didnt know which one it was04:57
Surlent777my laptop sound card has two ports, one for a typical headphone set, and one for a mic. However, I'm using a USB headset with its own built-in soundcard04:57
illidanhmm it may be possible to artificially add separate devices, through asoundrc but, if the headphone out mutes your main sound it may not work04:59
windbuntuwhat happens if you turn of the sound to the laptop speakers04:59
illidani will post you my conffile and then you can see what happens after a relogin with this applied05:01
windbunturight clcik the sound icon, then click sound settings. i am in ubuntu so i cant really say but it looks like the adjustment is right there.05:01
Surlent777nothing in there is useful05:01
windbuntunot even under the output tab?05:02
windbuntuwhat brand is this headset05:02
windbuntuis it kind of a current model05:02
Surlent777but it seems to me that we have Phonon systematically ignoring any and every priority setting related to specifically system notifications05:03
Surlent777I'd think so05:03
windbuntudo you have all the updates05:03
illidanpost me this aplay -l | pastebinit05:04
windbuntuwell this is prolly a lot to ask but if it were me id prolly try it in ubuntu and see if it works05:04
windbuntueven if just in the VM05:04
Surlent777a VM would only show that Virtualbox is able to use the headset05:04
Surlent777illidan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/993612/05:05
illidanyour headset is usb connected?05:06
illidanmine not05:06
Surlent777as I said, yeah, it's USB headset and has a built-in sound card05:06
Surlent777quite the thing05:06
Surlent777I think it's actually better than my desktop's sound card05:06
illidangive me aplay -L please05:07
illidani mean this time with the capitalized L05:09
Surlent777I hope this script is kind enough to set things to expire05:09
Surlent777wish I knew why and how it was that only one particular category of sound is discriminated against. This just seems so random05:21
safridzalhelp please, how to make kubuntu power management recognize usb joystick input ??05:21
illidanpower management and joystick?05:23
Surlent777I think he means to use the joystick like a mouse05:23
safridzalI use it to play supertuxkart and i have to move my mouse to avoid blank screen management05:23
Surlent777I...huh. I've never run into that, though I have a similar problem with video players05:24
safridzalmy google have no useful result05:24
safridzalSurlent777: i dont know, but my mplayer respect the "avoid screen saver" option05:25
illidanwhats a good filehoster?05:25
illidanwayne i pastebinit05:26
Surlent777safridzal: I use vlc and have settings enabled to disable the screensaver and the power management and my screen still fades if I sit for 10 minutes05:27
safridzalwew.. maybe you should change your player :D05:28
safridzali use smplayer, and it runs just great05:28
illidansurlent, try this as a file named .asoundrc in your homefolder, restart, leave your headset connected and look if you see new devices which you can arrange in phonon05:28
illidansafri, do you have latest kubuntu?05:29
safridzalon my natty time, smplayer cant play 1080p, only  vlc can do that.. but on this precise, smplayer was great05:29
safridzalSystem:    Host aragorn-1215B Kernel 3.2.0-23-generic x86_64 (64 bit, gcc 4.6.3)05:30
safridzal           Desktop KDE 4.8.2 (Qt 4.8.1) Distro Ubuntu 12.04 precise05:30
Surlent777looks like it05:30
illidanvlc power management inhibitor works for me without config05:30
safridzalso, how about my usb joystick??05:30
illidanwhat joystick is it?05:31
safridzalit says "digital pad" on it05:31
Surlent777illidan: I suspect my monitor is energy-star and that operates separetely05:31
safridzal[   68.184442] pantherlord 0003:0810:0001.0002: input,hidraw1: USB HID v1.10 Joystick [Twin USB Joystick] on usb-0000:00:12.0-1/input005:31
safridzal[   68.184481] pantherlord 0003:0810:0001.0002: Force feedback for PantherLord/GreenAsia devices by Anssi Hannula <anssi.hannula@gmail.com>05:31
Surlent777I found a thing that might fix that, which I'll test later05:31
safridzalthats my dmesg about the joystick05:32
illidansurlent: wtf?05:32
illidanah ok05:32
Surlent777illidan: c.f. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1149780205:32
illidanXD i couldnt make sense for a minute05:32
Surlent777oh ok05:33
Surlent777erm, regarding that .asoundrc, I'm not sure I see how it would be effective05:33
illidanpulseaudio sees the devices and puts them in the list to choose in phonon05:34
illidanthats a merely a guess as that is what pulseaudio normally does05:35
Surlent777I can choose devices presently; the thing is that phonon can't/won't use an alternative output for "system notification" soounds; everything else seems to work05:35
Surlent777music, video, games, recording, all seem to work05:35
Surlent777just not that category05:35
illidanwait did i leave the section with the monoplug in the file?05:36
WizardGood morning everybody :)05:36
illidanomg a wizard !05:36
safridzalmorning Wizard05:37
illidanthis monoplug could be set for notificaion category and might get them to work05:37
safridzalFri May 18 12:37:37 WIT 201205:37
Wizardillidan: what?!05:37
illidanits meant to Surlent77705:38
illidanhis notifications wont get played on the headset and i gave him a brainfart idea config from me as possibility to try05:38
Surlent777Wizard: I am having the weirest issue with Kubuntu 12.04 wherein my USB headset works fine except for the fact that system notification sounds, like the Skype test sound or the chime when you are asked if you want to save your settings, refuses to play through the headset, playing instead through the laptop speakers05:38
WizardSurlent777: o_O05:41
Surlent777everything else works...Phonon just has a blood-grudge against notification sounds05:41
WizardUSB headset is usually a usb soundcard integrated with headphones...05:42
safridzalWizard: do you know how to make power management recpect usb joystick input ?? I use it to play supertuxkart and i have to move my mouse to avoid blank screen management05:42
WizardI'll be back in few minutes.05:42
Surlent777safridzal: did you yet try disabling power management through the normal settings windows? Does that change things?05:42
illidansafri did you try the thing suggested in the end of thread surlent posted?05:43
Surlent777yeah, that's kind of what I was leading up to05:43
safridzalSurlent777: i still want my power managemet runnning05:43
safridzalim on netbook here05:43
Surlent777well, power management wouldn't normally kick in while running a game anyway05:44
safridzalillidan: what tread?05:44
Surlent777I'm curious to see if the xset thing will work for me. Back in 15.05:45
safridzalillidan: my movie player run just fine05:45
illidanso while movies the power management works?05:46
illidanbut not in supertuxcart?05:46
safridzalah, not like that05:47
illidanbut the last post is independent of the application05:47
safridzali mean, the problem lies on the joystick05:47
illidantry xset q and look what happens05:47
safridzalit dont respect the joystick input05:47
safridzalok will do05:47
safridzal Standby: 600    Suspend: 900    Off: 120005:48
safridzal  DPMS is Enabled05:48
safridzal  Monitor is On05:48
safridzalits not monitor-related issue i think..05:48
illidando you know if its the screen blackening of kde or the monitor turning off?05:50
safridzalit follow my power management setting05:50
safridzalfirst it dimming05:50
safridzalthen after 15 min, it turn off05:51
safridzalso the OS didnt recognize my input05:52
safridzalit just detect keyboard and mouse, not the joystick05:52
illidanit may be possible to activate it somewhere but i have to search05:55
safridzalillidan: its no where on google...05:56
illidanno i am searching for in my sys folder if there is a way of setting05:56
illidanbut i dont have your joystick i have to find an equivalent from which i can find something else05:57
safridzalwait, where is my sys folder ?05:58
safridzalmaybe i can search it too05:59
Surlent777how annoying05:59
Surlent777the screen still dims05:59
illidanits in the root folder but its nowhere near obviously named06:00
illidando this: ls /sys/class/usb and look whats in there06:01
safridzalls: cannot access /sys/class/usb: No such file or directory06:03
safridzalls: cannot access /sys/class/usb: No such file or directory06:04
Surlent777well, I'm about done for the night. Thanks for the help guys.06:05
illidanis it usb or gameport connected?06:05
illidangood night06:05
safridzalits connected06:06
illidanto what port06:06
safridzaldont know06:06
safridzal[ 4143.068253] usb 3-3: new low-speed USB device number 6 using ohci_hcd06:07
safridzal[ 4143.250033] input: Twin USB Joystick as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb3/3-3/3-3:1.0/input/input1806:07
safridzal[ 4143.250534] input: Twin USB Joystick as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb3/3-3/3-3:1.0/input/input1906:07
safridzaljust it06:07
safridzal[ 4143.251315] pantherlord 0003:0810:0001.0005: input,hidraw1: USB HID v1.10 Joystick [Twin USB Joystick] on usb-0000:00:12.0-3/input006:07
safridzal[ 4143.251349] pantherlord 0003:0810:0001.0005: Force feedback for PantherLord/GreenAsia devices by Anssi Hannula <anssi.hannula@gmail.com>06:07
illidanis pci0000:00 in /sys ?06:08
coder2Hello. Is there a way to set default keyboard layout after login? My session always starts with the alternate keyboard layout which is annoying. Please help.06:08
safridzalillidan: yep06:09
safridzalits on /sys/devices06:09
illidanthen go in the subfolders and search for power06:09
illidanand do: cat FILENAME for files named control or autosuspend_delay in there06:10
illidanthats my guess06:10
safridzalwhats the command do??06:11
illidando is no command06:11
illidancat is the command06:11
illidani made the : that you dont interpret do as part od the command06:12
safridzalnot like that06:13
safridzali mean, whats the fungtion of "cat FILENAME"06:13
illidancat displays whats in there to the commandline06:13
safridzalcat control . auto06:14
safridzalcat control > auto06:14
safridzalaragorn@aragorn-1215B:/sys/devices/pci0000:00/power$ cat autosuspend_delay_ms06:14
safridzalcat: autosuspend_delay_ms: Input/output error06:14
safridzalaragorn@aragorn-1215B:/sys/devices/pci0000:00/power$ cat control06:14
illidanthat is present06:15
safridzalaragorn@aragorn-1215B:/sys/devices/pci0000:00/power$ cat runtime_suspended_time06:15
safridzali dont know the meaning06:15
illidannow i dont know how or what we would exactly modify to make it recognized06:15
illidani am just reading this if i am finding somehting06:15
* Wizard is back.06:15
safridzalwb Wizard06:16
safridzalok then, thanks illidan06:16
safridzalwill continue my googling..06:16
WizardDid Surlent solved his USB speakers issue?06:17
Wizarddid solve*06:17
illidani dont know really06:18
illidanhe didnt make a response about if my asoundrc idea worked06:18
illidanand then he got over to another thing with his monitor or something06:19
illidantry this   echo on > /sys/PATHTOYOURDEVICE/power/control      and test if it works06:21
safridzalillidan: is that reverseable ?06:22
illidanthat sets it from autosuspend to never suspend06:22
illidanreversable by this       echo auto > /sys/PATHTOYOURDEVICE/power/control06:22
safridzalwhere is my pathdevice??06:22
safridzalon my input device on system setting it says Twin USB Joystick (/dev/input/js0)06:23
illidani think /sys/devices/pci0000:00/power06:23
illidanas thats what you posted06:24
safridzalaragorn@aragorn-1215B:~$ echo on /sys/devices/pci0000:00/power/control06:25
safridzalon /sys/devices/pci0000:00/power/control06:25
safridzalis that right?06:25
safridzali'll play stk then06:25
safridzalillidan: it still exist06:29
safridzalit dim my screen06:30
safridzalillidan: i think i'll have to get used to id06:31
safridzalthanks for the help06:31
illidanwell goodbye then, if i find something like that ill post it somewhere were it will be found06:35
* illidan is taking the hobbits to isengard06:43
Wizardabso: ?07:03
absoi was trying to see if someone was on the channel still, apparently not07:06
cancerl3top: hey07:08
cancerL3tops: hey07:09
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rethusis there a gui for truecrypt on kde?08:30
rethuswow, truecrypt itself has a gui... nice08:31
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lordievaderGood morning.09:23
illidanHi, where do I get libasound_module_pcm_a52 ?09:49
=== illidan is now known as illidan_
rork!find libasound_module_pcm_a52 | illidan_09:54
ubottuillidan_: Package/file libasound_module_pcm_a52 does not exist in precise09:54
illidan_rork, ubottu, why does it not exist09:55
rorkThat surprises me also, because the documentation IS available in the package it should be in (libasound2-plugins)10:00
rorkmaybe this still works: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137672510:02
illidan_the build from the ubuntu source package fails because of missing files from the archive10:03
illidan_i took the tarball from alsa-project.org now it worked, magic moment if its in there....10:03
illidan_only the .la not the .so10:04
rene__Hello I am a newby on IRC, what can this programm do for me?10:47
ikonianothing if you wait less than 60 seconds10:54
BluesKajHey all11:03
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mydogsnameisrudymorning BluesKaj11:10
BluesKaj'morning mydogsnameisrudy11:12
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coder2Hello. I've encountered system hang when zooming map in Google Earth. I double-checked this. I'm sure that it worked before I've updated 11.10 to 12.04.11:30
coder2My video-adapter is Intel embedded.11:30
coder2Intel SandyBridge chip.11:32
BluesKajcoder2, intel onboard , then run this find the actual model , lspci | grep VGA11:33
BluesKajto find11:33
coder2BluesKaj, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)11:34
BluesKajcoder2, that's not precise enough , sudo lshw -C video11:36
BluesKajpastebin the output, coder211:36
BluesKajcoder2, or you paste the "product " here11:38
coder2BluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/ek8QcPAL11:38
BluesKajcoder2,  well you have the right driver installed , the i91511:42
coder2BluesKaj, I have no idea. I'm used to have NVidia hardware at home. But this one is my office workstation.11:44
BluesKajcoder2, personally I gave up on google earth ...too many problems ...google maps works as well or better in my experience11:44
lordievadercoder2: You could try disabeling the Blur plugin of kwin. It helped me alot on my intel gfx card.11:44
coder2BluesKaj, I do not care about Google Earth. But I'm pretty sure that a user-space application must not impact system stability11:46
coder2lordievader, thank you. I'll try it.11:47
BluesKajcoder2, well , the OS repos only supply the installer for google earth so it's not a default app11:47
coder2Thank you.11:50
WizardQuassel and comfortably in one line! Oxymoron! :D11:55
Tm_TWizard: tssssk11:55
WizardOK, I'll move this to offtopic.11:57
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JuJuBeeWhich log file shows commands entered by a user?12:24
ilyaJuJuBee: That would depend on th shell used12:42
Tm_Tilya: he left already12:42
ilyaoops, didn't see...12:42
ilyashould have looked...12:42
ALS-IT-NET-PCHello allways for you..13:25
ALS-IT-NET-PCGood bye...13:25
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eagles0513875yay xen is broken on :( or at least not loading my desktop :(14:00
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paolo_hi. which is the alsa development package in 11.10 ?16:53
e_t_paolo_: I'd guess "libasound2-dev"16:56
cancer_L3tops: HI16:58
paolo_e_t_: thanks. it was not really easy to guess that. I don''t know why they choose so tricky names16:58
L3topshello cancer_.16:58
cancer_hello, nice to see you again.16:58
e_t_paolo_: I found that with "apt-cache search alsa | grep dev"16:59
lordievaderHey cancer_ How is it goinh?16:59
cancer_i haven't slept from last night.16:59
cancer_lordievader: fine, hows about you. :)16:59
paolo_e_t_: I searched it in a similar way... the best thing would be having clear library names.17:00
lordievadercancer_: Sleep is quite important. I'm doing well btw/17:00
cancer_L3tops: we are not finished with graphic drivers, but i have figured some other ways. but those were without installing drivers.17:00
L3topswhat do you need cancer_?17:01
cancer_Lordievader: yes, you are right. i'll be going for sleep this night after an hour maybe.17:01
paolo_thanks, bye17:02
cancer_L3tops: you told me to install a fresh copy. before that we were installing some 'libs' for nvidia quadro fx1000.17:02
cancer_l3tops: http://paste.kde.org/481916/17:03
cancer_L3tops: i think you are still busy with projects testing.17:04
L3topsI am all over the map I am afraid.17:04
cancer_L3tops: hahaha, life is all yours.17:05
L3topsok... I would expect that would still work with the proprietary nvidia drivers17:05
cancer_L3tops: they worked without drivers, but after a reboot it's lost.17:05
cancer_lordievader: which version of wine i should install?17:07
L3topsI dont fool with xrandr, we build our own xorg.conf files17:07
L3topsI couldnt tell you how to make that change permanent17:07
cancer_L3tops: but i will prefer the change with drivers installed.17:07
cancer_L3tops: i believe they can be fixed permanently, i17:08
cancer_i'm not wrong then it could be done with startup thingy. right.17:08
cancer_L3tops: are we going to install driver first?17:10
eagles0513875ok guys I'm swearing my head off its been a nightmare to get a fresh install17:10
eagles0513875and now i have no kde and cannot get to a tty after doing a net install of 64bit 12.0417:10
eagles0513875any ideas would be greatly appreciated17:10
L3tops!details | eagles051387517:10
ubottueagles0513875: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:10
L3topswhat went wrong eagles0513875?17:10
eagles0513875L3tops: all I'm doing is a normal boot up17:10
L3topsone second cancer_17:10
eagles0513875installation was successful17:10
eagles0513875all I'm left with is a grey screen no desktop no nothing17:11
eagles0513875can't get to a tty either17:11
L3topswhat is the gpu eagles0513875?17:12
eagles0513875L3tops: nvidia gtx 550ti 1gb card17:12
L3topseagles0513875: I would expect this is the source of the problem. I would try and get to a root console and apt-get install nvidia-current.17:14
eagles0513875L3tops: i can't even get to the grub prompt to get into recovery17:15
=== cancer_ is now known as cancer
cancerL3tops: wb17:18
cancerl3tops: that only took one Second and your appeares :-p17:18
eagles0513875L3tops: i have no way to do anything :-/17:19
eagles0513875can't even get into a root console17:19
cancereagles0513875: there's always a way to do anything with linux, when you know nothing.17:20
cancereagles0513875: have you tried with builtin graphic17:20
eagles0513875cancer: this motherboard does not have17:20
eagles0513875cancer: L3top suggested installing nvidia current if i could get into a root prompt but i cant17:21
eagles0513875grey screen no tty access either17:21
new2netI have two machines with kubuntu on them, two NICs (both show up as eth0) and a cat5 cable. How can I get them to talk to each other other ethernet?17:21
L3topcancer: get rid of X and: sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau;  sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-173 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg; sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core17:21
L3topeagles0513875: boot to live disk we will mount some stuff and chroot in17:21
eagles0513875other problem is that for some reason i use a bootable usb17:22
Dan39L3top: you fix the bug yet?17:22
eagles0513875with normal cd to install my system says the usb is missing OS when its not17:22
cancerif anything goes wrong, i only need to sudo........remove nvidia-glx-173? right.17:22
eagles0513875only way i managed was using a net install cd17:22
eagles0513875net install iso put on a bootable usb17:22
L3topand sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau17:23
=== Guest92996 is now known as akSeya
L3tophow are you creating the usb drive eagles0513875?17:23
L3topfrom what?17:23
L3topsorry what OS17:23
eagles0513875i had an upgraded 12.04 version which was giving me issues17:24
eagles0513875had an install which had been setup with my older 8800gt gpu17:24
eagles0513875i replaced it with the 55017:24
eagles0513875and didn't remove the old drivers not to mention other issues with xen kernel crashing etc17:24
L3topwell yeah... that could certainly cause problems17:24
eagles0513875but i told unetbootin to download and create the bootable usb with the files it needs and it did17:25
L3topDan39: I created 10 more17:25
eagles0513875and the install was successful17:25
Dan39create 10 more reports of the one im complaining about?!! :D17:26
Dan39maybe someone will look into it then haha17:26
L3topWell... eagles0513875 I expect your USB is reading as a superdisk17:26
cancerL3top: http://paste.kde.org/481934/17:26
L3topprobably a factoid17:26
eagles0513875what do you mean L3top17:26
eagles0513875wait let me try something17:26
eagles0513875you got me wondering now if grub was installed on the usb by mistake17:27
L3top!info nvidia-glx-17317:27
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-173 does not exist in precise17:27
L3top!info nvidia-glx-17517:27
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-175 does not exist in precise17:27
L3topoh dear.17:28
eagles0513875tsimpson: ^ info bot isn't working17:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:28
eagles0513875that what you wanted L3top17:28
tsimpsoneagles0513875: it's working perfectly17:28
genii-aroundUser error!17:28
eagles0513875haha i realized after the fact17:28
eagles0513875omg :( why can't i get a break tonight17:29
L3top!info nvidia-17317:29
ubottunvidia-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.30-0ubuntu11 (precise), package size 10750 kB, installed size 33148 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)17:29
eagles0513875i can recreate the usb as a live usb17:29
eagles0513875let me do that17:29
eagles0513875this time unetbootin on mac17:29
L3topsorry cancer... they switched up on me. same thing only different.17:30
cancerSo what now?17:30
cancerubutto | superdisk17:31
BluesKajcancer, what's the onboard graphics card?17:31
cancerblueskaj: can't say much about that. dont remember.17:32
L3topcancer: get rid of X and: sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau; sudo apt-get install nvidia-173 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg; sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core17:32
L3topcancer... to be clear... lspci | grep VGA only spits out one line17:33
BluesKajwell , I'm sure it will do better than 640x48017:33
BluesKajcancer, ^17:33
L3topwell thats enough polling17:34
cancerblueskaj: i'm getting a notification ' a new version is available' and clicked and get this --> http://imagebin.org/21290817:34
cancerDo i need it?17:34
tsimpsonrather than posting random !commands, -> http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi17:35
L3topThank you tsimpson.17:35
L3topcancer... to be clear... lspci | grep VGA only spits out one line correct?17:36
BluesKajare you on 11.10 , cancer ?17:36
cancerL3top: commands are running. one thing i want to tell ya again about graphic card outputs and about monitor. Graphic card only have DVI Output & Monitor don't have any DVI Inputs. i'm using connector DVI -output- VGA.17:37
cancerblueskaj: yes.17:37
BluesKajcancer, don't think upgrading to 12.04 will help your graphics17:38
cancerblueskaj: i don't want to use on board graphics, for that i will always need to switch ports when i'll switch to OS Xp.17:38
L3topcancer: please answer my question17:38
cancerBlueskaj: i don't want it for Graphics. just if they are important and without bugs.17:38
cancerL3top: old commands are still in process. can't give another command right now. sorry17:39
BluesKaj12.04 is very stable and it works well , less buggy than 11.10 IME17:39
L3topyou could ctrl alt f317:39
* L3top very fond of 120417:40
BluesKajeven at this stage 12.10 is more stable than 11.10 ever was17:40
cancerblueskaj: any idea how much data will be download for these downloads17:41
cancerl3top: on the ways17:41
BluesKajcancer, what downloads ?17:41
BlouBlouThe best ubuntu version ever was 8.04 hardy17:42
ManDayHello, I have a problem.17:42
BlouBlouManDay: waht's up?17:42
ManDayWith the "Netbook" Workspace the On Screen keyboard (and others) are a complete mess17:42
ManDay*and other widgets17:42
cancerL3top: paste.ubuntu.com/99457517:43
cancerL3top: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99457517:44
ManDayDoes the keyboard widget work at all?17:44
ManDayIt seems not to in 12.04 !17:44
cancerblueskaj: i mean how much data will be downloaded for that upgrade17:44
L3topcancer: probably 1.2 gb or so.17:44
L3topas memory serves17:44
cancerl3top: 1.2 will be downloaded?17:45
L3topat least... if memory serves.17:45
BluesKajcancer, well, it will also replace alot of the existing data so the footprint won't be much different on your HDD17:45
ManDayI'm serious, does anyone use the Keyboard Widget?17:45
ManDayIt's completely unresponsive for me17:45
ManDaySits there like one big picture of a keyboard.17:46
cancerL3top: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99457517:46
cancergot it?17:46
adarshajoisaManDay: the netbook interface doesn't seem to work with a lot of widgets. i couldn't get it working with my 11.10. not very sure about 12.04, though17:47
adarshajoisau better switch to desktop layout if possible17:47
L3topI just added it ManDay and it works on my end17:47
L3topyes cancer. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt seeing onboard and an addin card17:47
ManDayL3top: So when you click on a button something happens?17:48
cancerL3top: do you want outputs for those commands. they are finished.17:48
ManDayL3top: Not only does the keyboard take focus when I click it, also, nothing happnes!17:48
ManDayadarshajoisa: It seems like the widgets have some problems with being resized17:48
L3toptyping w it now17:48
L3topcancer sure17:49
ManDayL3top: 12.04 ?17:49
ManDayL3top: How did you add it to the desktop?17:49
L3topManDay: yes17:49
adarshajoisabtw, i can't find netbook interface on my 12.04. isn't it available by default? L3top?17:50
ManDayadarshajoisa: yes it is17:50
ManDaySystem Settings > Workspace settings17:50
L3topbottom left next to K button, clicked the three colored balls, add widget, typed keyboard, dragged it to taskbar17:50
ManDayto the taskbar, you say?17:51
ManDayWhat is that supposed to mean?17:51
ManDayOh, like so17:51
L3topbottom right near clock.17:51
ManDayYeah, I got it17:51
ManDayWell, yes that works17:51
ManDayNow try something for me, will you:17:51
ManDayDrag it directly onto the desktop17:51
ManDaySee whether that works17:51
cancerL3top: http://paste.kde.org/48195817:52
ManDaySon of a ...17:52
ManDayL3top: You don't happen to notice any layout problems when it's dragged to the taskbar like that?17:52
ManDayI dragged it like you described, then the keys seem to work but on the other hand I get the same bizarre resizing behaviour that I get on the netbook workspace17:52
ManDayCompletely mad17:53
L3topyes... its terrible. again, I do not use it... so this is my first view of it.17:53
ManDayAll right, do you happen to know who works on that?17:53
L3topI do not.17:54
eagles0513875ManDay: you on a netbook?17:54
eagles0513875on my netbook i get random plasma netbook shell segfaults17:54
ManDayeagles0513875: Not exactly. A tablet17:54
adarshajoisaManDay: yup, got it. the keyboard appears horribly stretched, and there's no way to resize it. is it what happens to you?17:54
eagles0513875ManDay: do they use the netbook shell layout?17:54
ManDayadarshajoisa: Yeah, like that17:55
ManDayeagles0513875: Excuse me?17:55
L3topcancer: that looks good. I would reboot, and if not satisfactory, try running nvidia-xconfigure before uninstalling/reinstalling nouveau17:55
eagles0513875ManDay: ignore me I'm trying to find someone with a netbook running kubuntu to confirm an issue I'm having17:55
eagles0513875L3top: going to try boot off a live usb now17:56
cancerl3top: simply understand commands. no code word. sorry :D17:56
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eagles0513875omg im bout to flip18:00
=== Guest83175 is now known as hispeed88
eagles0513875L3top: i cannot even boot of this blessed usb with the live cd stuff on it18:02
eagles0513875a cd won't even boot or load either18:02
adarshajoisaManDay: sorry, i don't know much about the issue, but can't u change to desktop interface? it works perfect there.18:02
L3topWhat happens eagles051387518:04
eagles0513875i hit start kubuntu or default and it just hangs on that black screen18:04
eagles0513875only way i can get 12.04 installed is via net install on usb18:05
L3top!nomodset | eagles051387518:05
L3topoh come on...18:05
eagles0513875L3top: i created the live usb with unetbootin18:06
BluesKajL3top, try nomodeset18:06
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:06
L3topbah... so bright out here I cant see typos...18:07
L3topty BluesKaj18:07
BluesKajnp L3top18:07
eagles0513875:D that seems to be working18:08
eagles0513875so now i need to set that in grub18:08
BluesKajeagles0513875, don't forget to update-grub18:09
eagles0513875i wont18:09
adarshajoisaManDay: you can try changing the layout to newspaper layout. the keyboard works there18:09
ManDayadarshajoisa: Where is that setting? Is it in workspace settings?18:10
adarshajoisai do a right click, and settings18:11
ManDayI have no right click18:12
adarshajoisaManDay: actually, right click, "configure page" and change the layout option at the top.18:12
* L3top doesnt think cancer is having a positive experience...18:12
eagles0513875have a problem18:12
eagles0513875i have my install on lvm18:12
adarshajoisayeah, i'm not sure how you would do that on a tablet. :-/18:13
eagles0513875and i cannot mount it sadly :(18:13
ManDayadarshajoisa: Is that menu not accessible through he System Settings?18:13
L3topfdisk -l eagles051387518:13
L3topyou do not see it there?18:14
L3toper sudo fdisk -l18:14
eagles0513875no i don't18:14
eagles0513875only my 2tb hdd18:14
WizardGood evening.18:14
eagles0513875not the lv partition18:14
eagles0513875found it :D18:15
ManDayadarshajoisa: Got to go - I'll find a way18:15
ManDayThank you18:15
adarshajoisaManDay: ok, click on the plasma cashew on the bottom left, click on "configure page" and the first option in the window is for layout18:15
eagles0513875L3top: now how to mount it :-/18:15
adarshajoisaokies! next time then! :-/18:15
L3topwell... where is it first of all... and can you open it in Dolphin? because that will automount it (not awesome with LVM)18:16
eagles0513875no i cannot18:16
eagles0513875i tried to mount it to a directory in /media/mount and it didn't work18:17
L3topI may be a bit out of my depth here sorry... where is it?18:17
eagles0513875i installed lvm and found the location18:18
eagles0513875but i can't mount it in regards to probably lvm or something18:18
L3topI am asking that location18:19
eagles0513875its /dev/VGname/root18:19
L3topyeah... thats gonna be someone else or a google answer. I see lots of hits on how to do it... looks a bit complicated.18:21
* L3top googled chroot lvm live disk18:22
eagles0513875ill go ask in the lvm channel18:22
L3topgood luck18:23
yoshi_guten abend zusammen18:26
eagles0513875!de | yoshi_18:27
ubottuyoshi_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:27
eagles0513875think i solved it18:27
eagles0513875very easy to do actually18:27
FloodBotK1eagles0513875: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:27
eagles0513875 yay i managed L3top18:28
L3topoutstanding :) I would apt-get install nvidia-current   that will give you the 295.40 driver.18:30
WizardI have a problem :D18:30
eagles0513875I'm still on the Live cd L3top18:30
eagles0513875Wizard: that doesn't say much bout the problem18:30
eagles0513875but an interesting problem none the less bro18:31
WizardThere is a tray icon indicating "Install packages which will improve konqueror!"18:31
WizardIt shows flash, I don't want to install it18:31
eagles0513875now how the hell to update grub :-/18:31
WizardThere is no way to get rid of this icon and window.18:31
adarshajoisaWizard: u can just right click and exit18:31
WizardWhen I click cancel, it reappears when I open konqeror again, or logout.18:31
adarshajoisathat icon opos up whenever u open an application that can have addon packages18:32
WizardI've noticed.18:32
adarshajoisaWizard: u can right click -> never show again and then Hide it.18:33
adarshajoisai believe that will work18:33
WizardLemme try.18:33
adarshajoisaWizard: cool. :)18:34
WizardSorry, I haven't noticed that option.18:34
adarshajoisaWizard: :) happens with most of us. :P18:34
WizardWhich makes me noob.18:34
adarshajoisaLOL! most of us are noobs here. :D18:34
WizardHmm. Ununtu's mission is to bring linux to noobs.18:35
WizardI mean unexperienced users!18:35
WizardUnexperienced users!18:35
Graf_WesterholtLOL Wizard! :D18:35
adarshajoisaand we have the irc to help those noobs. ;)18:35
WizardI like helping noobs. To bad I'm not very helpful.18:36
WizardEspecially with these "gfx drivers problems"18:36
adarshajoisaha! there's a lot of conversations going on here about gfx drivers problems. i don't seem to understand most of it, though.18:37
WizardMe neither.18:38
WizardIn good old times it was easier.18:38
WizardDoes it work with vesa driver? It doesn't show any color stripes? Done!18:38
WizardAnd now? 3D, acceleration, XV, twin view, God knows what else :)18:39
Graf_Westerholttwin view is great.18:40
Graf_WesterholtBut this is off topic.18:40
WizardDoes anybody use Qt Creator?18:44
L3topbut again... offtopic18:53
L3top /join #kubuntu-offtopic18:53
eagles0513875!ot | Wizard18:55
ubottuWizard: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:55
WizardQt Creator is offtopic?18:56
WizardEven if it doesn't work as it should and I installed it from repo and I think deps are broken?18:56
eagles0513875no its on topic actually18:57
WizardHmm, I installed libqt4-dev qt4-doc qt-creator and build-essentials.18:59
WizardQt Creator shows it detected Qt4 in path, but neither of the detected toolchains is able to build binaries.19:00
WizardWhen I add system gcc (or g++) nothing changes.19:00
WizardI'll try removing ~/.config/Nokia, maybe it'll help.19:00
BluesKajbuild-essential , there's no "s"19:02
WizardYeah, yeah. I allways confuse it :]19:02
BluesKajmercurial and cmake are options too19:03
WizardI prefer qmake and git ;]19:04
WizardIt didn't hel at all.19:07
cancerL3top: back from reboot. (local power failiure time included):D19:08
cancerit's same 640*48019:10
trash_ alguem pode ajudar a montar um cdrom/dvd IDE no ubuntu.,  nao monta nem a pau.. reconhece mais nao monta.. alguem ja passou por isso?19:10
cancerL3top: so what's now 'nvidia-xconfigure'.  Or you want to look over something.?19:11
L3topand you cannot change it from 640? no options?19:11
canceronly 640*480 and below 320*something.19:12
L3top!pt | trash_19:14
ubottutrash_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.19:14
L3topyeah... give it a try.19:14
cancerhow? :D19:15
cancerL3top: telling me to do something?19:15
L3topI believe x will have to be stopped... and you just run it from command.19:16
cancerOk, How?19:16
L3topsame way you installed nvidia-17319:17
cancerI'm confused?19:19
cancerwhat to install? nvidia-xconfigure19:19
cancersudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfigure?19:19
cancersudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfigure?19:20
L3topit is part of the nvidia package...19:24
L3topjust drop out of x and run it... probably requires a sudo19:24
cancerL3top: i know nothing about linux. just a little that sudo is required for administrative / root previledge19:25
cancerL3top: how to drop out of X.... sorry for; i'm not well familiar with linux.19:25
L3topHow did you install the nvidia driver?19:26
L3topI mean the answer to your question is just to ctrl alt f2 or something and sudo service kdm stop19:27
L3topbut I am confused how you installed the driver and not just blow through warnings19:27
cancer<L3top> cancer: get rid of X and: sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau; sudo apt-get install nvidia-173 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg; sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core19:28
L3topThe reason I don't know whether or not all things require sudo is because I script everything, so it runs when it is supposed to and everything is as root.19:28
L3topyes... get rid of X... meaning do not be in an X environment19:29
L3topsorry for not being clear... but you did all of this yesterday19:29
L3topI assumed you knew what I meant19:29
cancerL3top: yes i did only libs yesterday.19:30
cancerL3top: but today from above quoted chat i didn't follow 'get  rid of X' and else was done and you said to reboot19:30
L3topbefore I even got there you had installed various drivers, and we discussed it.19:31
L3topnot important19:31
L3topDid it not warn you that it should not be run with x19:31
L3topfrankly I would expect it to not continue19:31
canceri just did what you told in last hour.19:31
L3topThat does not answer my question.19:31
cancerLetop: i don't know about that.19:32
L3topYou don't know...19:32
L3topapt-cache policy nvidia-173 | grep Installed19:32
cancerbut before restart i pastebin the results of commands and you said that all look fine. something like that19:32
L3topyes... it would be a graphical menu that warned you19:33
L3topdialog or something19:33
cancerInstalled: 173.14.30-0ubuntu8.119:33
L3topI guess that... somehow... has changed19:33
L3topI would assume the framebuffer thing would be an issue... but... what do I know19:33
cancerL3top: do you think it could be the reason too --> (graphic card outputs and about monitor. Graphic card only have DVI Output & Monitor don't have any DVI Inputs. i'm using connector DVI -output- VGA.)19:35
L3topNo cancer.19:35
canceri faced the same issue in Ubuntu too.19:35
cancerthen i was told to installed Kubuntu it's bit more stable than ubuntu19:36
L3topyes, it is cancer... your graphics card is just old as dirt.19:40
L3topand there are some issues with the 96/173 drivers.19:40
L3topon 120419:40
L3toptypically I can make them work19:40
L3tophave you dropped out of X and run nvidia-xconfigure?19:41
cancermeans 1024x768 / 1280x1024?19:41
cancerL3top: i don't know how to get out of X19:41
cancerget out of X and then run nvidia-x server setting?19:42
L3topcancer: I am trying not to be frustrated repeating myself... but it isnt working.<L3top> I mean the answer to your question is just to ctrl alt f2 or something and sudo service kdm stop19:43
cancerL3top: what after sudo service kdm stop19:49
L3topsudo nvidia-xconfigure19:51
cancerL3top: how to undo these -->  sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau; sudo apt-get install nvidia-173 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg; sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core19:55
L3topapt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau    the rest are not going to be undone, or interfere. What happened with the nvidia-xconfigure? Did you reboot?19:57
L3topyou will also want to sudo apt-get remove nvidia-17319:57
cancerL3top: when i switch to ctrl+alt+f2, i can't read text there and then cannot return with ctrl alt F7.19:58
cancerso i'd better roll back to previous settings.19:58
cancerand even didn't get what to do with nvidia-xconfiguration.19:59
L3topyou could boot to recovery and do it I expect... and see if the problem persists, or if you have magic before that19:59
L3topyour call19:59
MountainXHi. Where is the config file for network manager PolicyKit permissions in Kubuntu?20:00
BluesKajcancer, you have to do startx , to get kdm running20:00
cancerblueskaj: just startx or with sudo.20:01
genii-aroundI'm pretty sure startx bypasses kdm and loads whatever your default session was last time20:01
cancerBlueskaj: i don't think this will help, bcoz i don't understand the rest L3top want me to follow. i even don't know how to change directories path.20:01
cancerlet me try. otherwise will need a reboot.20:02
L3topIf he cant read the screen or drop back to tty 7 it is highly unlikely he can actually input anything20:02
L3topit is a lock I believe.20:02
BluesKajiirc , I may have rebooted after starting X , the last time , but starting kdm is probly the right way20:05
cancerblueskaj: what i just did is : ctrl alt f1 > sudo service kdm stop > startx. and I'm HERE20:05
BluesKajand here is ?20:05
genii-aroundI'd suggest ctrl-alt-f2 then sudo killall startx20:06
genii-aroundThen: exit      and alt-f120:06
cancerblueskaj: i mean L3top told me to follow ><L3top> cancer: I am trying not to be frustrated repeating myself... but it isnt working.<L3top> I mean the answer to your question is just to ctrl alt f2 or something and sudo service kdm stop20:08
cancerBlueskaj: am i still confused?20:08
BluesKajcancer, read genii-around's suggestion above20:09
cancerblueskaj: do you think drivers for Nvidia Quadro FX1000 can be found here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_20010601_3255.htm20:10
genii-aroundIf you installed some nvidia driver but not rebooted yet, you would have to load the new driver first before starting up kdm20:10
lelamalHi all, I'm trying to compile oxygen transparent from the script downloaded here: http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php?content=127752, but keep getting the following error in return: http://paste.kde.org/482000/. Can anybody help me troubleshoot this, please?20:11
cancergenii-around: you don't know what i'm upto or maybe you do. but it seems your telling me to run again from start.20:11
genii-aroundcancer: You installed an nvidia driver then tried to start up X. But the new driver doesn't automatically load when you install it.20:12
L3topgenii-around is correct cancer. After doing this you rebooted correct?20:12
L3topafter the long string of commands I gave you cancer?20:12
cancerL3top: i did20:13
KioskIRC is hoppin20:15
cancerNow what i need to do is to ctrl alt f2 > sudo kill all startx > exit > alt f1. Then ?20:15
cancergenii-around | L3top: Now what i need to do is to ctrl alt f2 > sudo kill all startx > exit > alt f1. Then ?20:16
genii-aroundcancer: Since you rebooted earlier after installing the driver, it is another issue. What is the result of command:grep  GRUB_CMDLINE /etc/default/grub20:18
genii-around( most likely you need to have a nomodeset line to prevent nouveau from taking over at boot and preventing nvidia driver from loading )20:18
cancergenii-around: you lost me again. i was trying to be on path for solution.20:19
cancerthinks will hit this night too.20:20
BluesKajI still think the onboard card with a vga connection will give more resolution ...this has been going on for 3 days , we're chasing our tails here.20:20
genii-aroundcancer: sudo nano /etc/default/grub    and change line which reads currently: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""      into: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset"       then: ctrl-x to exit, choose to save changes. Then: sudo update-grub        and then: sudo shutdown -r now    ..which will reboot.20:21
cancerBlueskaj: haha, i still remmeber days before these 3.20:21
cancergenii-around: Ok :D, it looks more like a sucide reboot to me.:D20:22
cancergenii-around: i'm stuck, how to edit that.20:25
L3topBluesKaj: has an excellent point. Especially if it is intel. Their stuff has been just great lately.20:28
genii-aroundcancer: You use the arrow keys to navigate, go to in between the two double-quote marks of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""  and type in: nomodeset             then ctrl and x keys together. It will ask if you want to save changes. Hit Y to confirm change. It then asks if same filename to use. Just hit Enter there.20:28
cancergenii-around: thanks. got it. sorry i tried that but didn't saw anything moving around. maybe getting under nature effect (haven't slept from last night.)20:32
cancergenni-around: Grub updated. only shutdown and restart left right? sudo shutdown -r now20:33
cancerdoing it20:34
cancerbe right back20:34
genii-aroundcancer: But were you able to insert the nomodeset? If not, don't reboot yet20:34
cancergenii-around: yes i did and mentioned above.20:34
genii-aroundAh, good.20:34
genii-aroundcancer: OK, then to try the reboot and see if kdm starts up20:35
canceri tried this nomodeset things 3 months ago.20:35
genii-aroundThere are lots of combinations of things which can cause issue. If you have nomodeset but no usable driver, same symptoms for instance20:35
cancergenni-around: i like to remind that all L3top commands for stoping kdm service and startx is not done before this.20:37
cancergenii-around: it's a clean and new ways.20:37
canceranyway. be right back20:37
* L3top did not mention startx20:38
genii-aroundL3top: They seemed a bit confused.20:39
genii-aroundcancer: Did kdm start this time?20:40
cancergenii-around: KDM?20:40
canceryes, it's a normal login.20:41
genii-aroundcancer: The screen which asks you to login, that is kdm20:41
cancerYes that appeared20:41
genii-aroundDid it let you login and get into your kde?20:41
canceryes, i logged in as usual i do. and i'm here that's why.20:42
L3topK Destkop Environment/K Desktop Manager20:43
genii-aroundcancer: kde is the graphical part of Kubuntu20:43
BluesKajyour desktop20:43
cancerYes. everything was normal.20:43
cancerbut resolution.20:44
genii-aroundcancer: Please pastebin results of these commands:  xrandr               and  lsmod | grep nv20:46
cancerxrandr output first line was this > xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default20:48
genii-aroundcancer: Yeah thats fine. Is there any result at all for the: lsmod | grep nv      command?20:48
L3topcheck to see if he has an xorg...20:49
genii-aroundcancer: What resolution is this card supposed to be able to do?20:49
L3topcancer does ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf return a result20:49
genii-aroundL3top: Yes, conceivably he has modelines or something20:50
cancergenii-around: currently i'm using it for 1280x1024 in XP.20:50
genii-around( or different driver specified in xorg.conf than nvidia)20:50
* L3top nods20:51
cancerL3top: ls: cannot access /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory20:51
cancerHow long will it take to complete?20:53
cancerubottu | tomato20:54
genii-aroundI would suggest to install nvidia-settings and then see if you can set a higher reolution from the desktop first.20:57
cancersudo apt-get install nvidia-settings20:58
genii-aroundIt then appears in the Settings20:58
genii-around( I am using classic menu )20:59
genii-aroundcancer: So then K-button..Applications...Settings.. NVIDIA X Server Settings21:01
cancershoot the command21:01
L3topthis is in desktop21:02
cancerdo you mean any from these >  sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau; sudo apt-get install nvidia-173 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg; sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core21:02
L3topclick the k button, go to applications settings NVIDIA X server settings.21:02
cancerwhat next?21:02
genii-aroundcancer: No, don't bother with any of those commands of purging X and so on. We are way past that now.21:03
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cancergenni-around: those commands are already excecuted before i followed you.21:03
cancerL3top: right.21:03
cancergenii-around: what i do know with nvidia x server settings opened?21:04
L3topit should be fairly self explanatory cancer.21:05
L3topI never see this menu, so I cant walk you through it.21:05
L3topTry to change your resolution21:05
genii-aroundShould look something like this: http://imagebin.org/21293321:06
cancerthere no option for that21:06
cancergenii-around: it does21:07
BluesKajcancer, kmenu>apps>settings>nvidia server settings21:08
cancerI have it already opened21:09
cancerbut 'X Server Display Configuration' unable to load x server display configuratrion page. failed to query no scanout for screen 021:09
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cancergenii-around: thats what i have from imagebin.21:10
genii-aroundMeh. imagebin is now not letting me upload a shot of the screen where you would change the settings21:12
BluesKajcancer , of try this kmenu>computer>system settings>display&monitor>size and orientation21:12
sunitasethican anyone help me setup yahoo mail in linux???21:14
sunitasethido I need to get yahoo plus?21:14
macosunitasethi: yes you do. yahoo doesn't allow pop/imap on their free accounts, as far as i know21:15
sunitasethimaco: since when?21:16
macosunitasethi: well i havent looked since about 2007, but imap was definitely NOT free at the time. pop might be? not sure. imap was what i was concerned with21:17
sunitasethii was able to use yahoo in my iphone21:17
macowas it a yahoo app or regular imap/pop?21:17
sunitasethiit was iphone's and ipod touch's mail app21:17
macohttp://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?locale=en_US&page=content&y=PROD_MAIL_MOBILE&id=SLN3361&impressions=true <-- this has imap instructions with all the info you'd need for setting it up on a client. it *is* in the mobile section on their help though, so for all i know, they block access by non-mobile clients. give it a try21:18
L3tophttp://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2011/06/6-step-setting-evolution-for-yahoo-mail.html http://askubuntu.com/questions/20075/connecting-yahoo-mail-with-evolution21:18
sunitasethiok thanks21:19
L3topsunitasethi: ^^21:19
macohttp://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=content&y=PROD_MAIL_ML&locale=en_US&id=SLN3255&impressions=true this does say pop is only for Mail Plus21:20
cancer_genii_around: anything else in mind?21:20
L3topboth of those give links explain how to setup imap.21:20
cancer_Thanks alot guys. rolling back setting. Thanks again.21:21
L3topcancer_: these guis that you are looking up are setup very plainly for anyone to use without need of support... can you just click around and see if there is something that will allow you to change resolution rather than trying to get us to guide you letter by letter?21:21
saeedmy kmix every days crashed21:22
genii-aroundcancer_: If you can pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:22
saeedcan i fix it or install app like this??21:23
genii-aroundcancer_: For this file better to do domething like: pastebinit -i /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:23
cancer_L3top: i have been http://paste.ubuntu.com/994927/21:24
cancer_L3top: sorry mixed.21:24
cancer_genii-around: http://paste.ubuntu.com/994927/21:24
saeedmy kmix every days crashed21:24
saeedcan i fix it or install app like this??21:24
genii-aroundcancer_: You are using some DVI to VGA adapter or something?21:26
cancer_L3top: i tried much not only in past day but before that i did manual settings. and what you respectively called clicking around..... i told that i'm know nothing about linux, so 'letter by letter' is a safe side for me. that was what auto becomes a need. Sorry.21:27
genii-around( it can't pull info for what resolutions the monitor can do )21:27
cancer_genii-around: Yes.  Dvi - Vga connector.21:27
L3topcancer_: I am not trying to upset you... but you are not the only one with a few days into this... and I just have no visual cues to help you with. I just write scripts that detect and install all of this stuff. I never see a gui. We use our own X windows, without a DE...21:28
genii-aroundcancer_: I'm pretty sure this is why it cannot find a higher resolution to use21:28
cancer_genii-around: it work fine with 1280x1024. i am using this resolution in windows xp .21:28
L3topso... it IS the adapter.21:28
L3topI am sorry I believed it was not.21:29
sunitasethil3top it did not work21:29
cancer_L3top: maybe also called adapter.21:30
genii-aroundcancer_: There is a way to manually specify resolutions. But I do not have enough time today to guide you through this.21:31
cancer_i think we leave it. i'll undo changes now. i will try to find the main fault. then it depends.21:32
cancer_genii-around: thanks :)21:32
L3topWhy would you undo the changes?21:32
genii-aroundcancer_: The main fault is that the video card cannot query the monitor for what resolutions it supports, so it falls back to using 640x48021:33
cancer_L3top: what else i do. it's almost 39 hours i have wasted here.21:33
L3topit was not better before them,21:33
L3topand if you generate custom modlines you will need them...21:33
L3topWhy are you trying to fix what isnt broken... the drivers are not the problem21:33
L3topthe card cannot read from the monitor what is available so it goes with what is safe21:34
BluesKajcancer_, dvi connections are usually for flat panel lcd monitors not CRTs , so that's another problem21:34
cancer_L3top: so how much more time will it take.21:34
L3topwhat does it matter?21:34
L3topwhat do you hope to gain by undoing all the work you have done?21:34
cancer_blueskaj: that's why i was forcing to tell about D21:34
cancer_and monitor.21:34
cancer_only a thought.21:35
genii-aroundL3top: I wouldn't bother with custom modelines etc in xorg.conf.  I would just put xrandr commands specifying resolution during startup21:35
* L3top needs to get familiar with xrandr21:36
L3topI do EVERYTHING through xorg.21:36
cancer_L3top: that xrandr commands what i showed you, worked for me.21:36
cancer_but with no drivers installed.21:37
BluesKajwell, stuff to do .... later all21:37
cancer_blueskaj: take care.21:37
cancer_ok, leaving things on their place as it is.21:38
cancer_: L3top | genii-around: leaving21:39
cancer_will do it later. going for sleep.21:40
genii-aroundL3top: The basic idea would be add whatever xrandr commands give the desired modes into /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup21:41
L3topgenii-around: Understood, will poke around... we go to great lengths to generate custom xorg.confs for every card on the planet based on our avwizard setup... same with audio etc...  it is depreciated I know, but there are some situations where it just seems necessary, so I do everything that way.21:43
L3topI know only what I know from our system.21:44
L3topI had never booted linux before a couple of years ago, specifically to run linuxmce.21:44
L3topoops... thought this was ot21:45
VabiiIf i have burg, can i purge grub?22:04
genii-aroundProbably. But also burg is not a supported bootloader, if you have issues with it later it will be difficult to get assistance.22:07
Vabii have both, but since a few hours, burg is the main,, idon't know how to change it to burg now22:09
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quylthulgHi all.  I'm running 64bit Kubuntu 12.04.  I'm having problems linking against libcairo and libcairomm.  If anyone is willing/able to help me figure out the problem, I'll give more info.  Thanks!23:00
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dbc254what's wrong with k3b when it only give ogg & wav as convert options?23:11
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats23:12
lorecasterHi, I had no luck in the other channel, so maybe someone here can help me. my pulled my DVI cables, and plugged HDMI cables in, I have picture but the sound preferences won't recognnze that my VA320M VIZIO TV has speakers... any ideas?23:21
AceKingHow can I boot into grub menu? I just installed 12.04 on emachines PC, and when I go go start it says "Input not support"23:28
Matisseis it possible to add the "Desktop" itself to the Alt+Tab-Switching23:28
L3topAceKing: press shift several times at boot23:31
L3topMatisse: I cannot foresee how23:31
L3toplorecaster: type alsamixer and make sure all of your iec outputs are unmuted23:32
lorecasteri have no hdmi headings in alsamixer :(23:34
L3toplorecaster: you may have to scroll further right than you can see initially, and check f6 for what it sees as a separate card.23:34
L3topSimple mixer control 'IEC958',023:34
L3topthat is my hdmi out23:34
L3topcheck that spdif, hdmi etc are unmuted23:34
lorecaster0- (default) and 0 HDA NVidia23:34
L3topAnything without a volume meter really23:34
lorecasters/pdif and s/pdif default both have double-zeros, s/pdif 1 has MM next to it.23:35
L3toplorecaster: just unmute everything23:35
L3tophighlight and press M23:35
lorecasterno change. sound-settings still has hardware and outputs only my analog stereo duplex speakers. nothing at ALL in sound-settings says HDMI. it seems that they aren't even being detected23:37
lorecastercould it be a driver issue?23:38
L3topnothing will23:38
genii-aroundlorecaster: does lsmod show that snd_hda_codec_hdmi is loaded?23:38
L3topit could absolutely be a driver issue... but...23:38
L3topamixdigital=$(amixer | grep Simple | cut -d' ' -f4,5,6 | sort | uniq); for output in $amixdigital; do amixer sset $output unmute; done 2>/dev/null23:39
L3topthat will unmute everthing23:39
L3topjust to be sure23:39
lorecasterhttp://pastebin.com/gaRhixj1 I don't see HDMI anywhere in there23:40
lorecasterunmuted everything :) I'll be so pleased when I am past this hurdle.23:40
L3toplspci | grep Audio23:41
robsthaineyALGUEM AI PODE ME AJUDAR23:42
lorecaster00:07.0 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation MCP72XE/MCP72P/MCP78U/MCP78S High Definition Audio (rev a1)23:42
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.23:43
L3toplorecaster: you say you are on 1204 right? I think I read that23:43
lorecasterfrom what I read, it should automatically detect my HDMI/DISPLAYPORT through sound-settings... that's what i'm missing.23:44
L3tophmmm...  I would expect that would just light up to be honest23:44
lorecasterwelcome to my world. I used to be a computer programmer... I've been using linux for years... this is just impossibly frustrating23:45
L3toplorecaster: do you have pastebinit installed?23:45
lorecasterunless it was installed at default, no, I do not.23:45
L3topI would like to see the output of amixer...23:46
lorecasterI will do everything in my power to assist you helping me :P23:46
L3topfor future reference pastebinit is very convenient23:46
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com23:46
lorecasteralready installing :D23:46
stalkergI love KDE and I hell Unity, who know about "move between workspace" options?  KDE have simple option.23:46
lorecasterjust let me know what you need, L3top :)23:47
L3toplshw -C audio |  pastebinit23:47
L3topyou should run that as sudo...23:47
lorecasterway ahead of you :)23:47
* L3top is always rooted very bad about remembering to tell people to sudo23:47
lorecaster"You are trying to send an empty document, exiting."23:48
L3topsudo lshw -C multimedia | pastebinit23:49
* L3top is more of a video guy... makes assumptions.23:49
lorecastereverywhere I look online it's telling me it's a video driver issue :S23:50
L3topwhat is the output of lspci -nn | grep VGA23:50
lorecasteryou needn't worry,  my friend. You're kind enough to help me, I'll do whatever you need me to do. People like yourself are why I stuck with Linux for so long :)23:50
L3topyou have two video cards23:51
lorecasterI'm using the 8300 (onboarD) as my 8600 (PCIx16) has no HDMI output23:52
lorecasterthat's a problem?23:52
lorecasterI'll haul the damn thing out, if that's an issue :P23:52
L3topI'm not sure it is... but it is certainly good to know23:52
L3topas your audio is trying to  pipe out over video card23:52
* L3top sees asound.conf modification as a very real possibility...23:53
L3topgimme a minute to look over some of our stuff dealing with audio/hdmi23:54
lorecasterYou honour me, sir. :)23:54

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