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carnewbie question ..... can you download a milestone of a series?00:41
dobeycar: what do you mean "download a milestone" ?02:32
carAs an example, lp:juju has a milestone called "florence"02:33
carHow do I download the source tree "as of" florence02:33
carOr does bazaar/launchpad not work that way?02:34
carokay, will try that, thanks02:34
maxbThere is no guaranteed / programmatic link between milestones and Bazaar revisions02:37
maxbAnd the tags in lp:juju don't look milestone-related02:38
carthanks maxb .. makes sense ... was curious if there was some relationship02:47
dobeyooh, sorry. no, no direct relationship. a milestone is turned into a release usually when it's completed, and you can grab a tarball of that release usually if it's uploaded to launchpad on the milestone as the release. and when that happens, there should be a tag on the branch for the series as well. but there isn't a guarantee that there ever will be02:56
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jonathanjhey guys, why are Launchpad pages almost 100% wider than they need to be? (i.e. i can scroll to the right a whole bunch)09:02
jpdsjonathanj: Do you have a small screen? I've never had that problem.09:03
jonathanjit's reasonably small, i guess09:06
jonathanjactually, it only happens on some pages, like a merge proposal/bug/branch page09:07
jonathanjand it happens on my desktop too (which has around 1920 of horizontal resolution)09:07
jonathanjand it doesn't seem to happen in Chrome09:09
jonathanjit has something to do with the lazr form overlay elements, they have CSS styles that set visibility:hidden (which doesn't actually remove the element from the flow, it just makes it not visible), if you set display:none on the yui3-lazr-formoverlay-hidden style, then all the overlays stop contributing to layout and i don't get a huge scrollbar in Firefox anymore09:11
jonathanjwould i file a bug like this against launchpad.net/launchpad? or is there some sub-project i should file it against?09:18
wgrantjonathanj: launchpad is the correct project.09:24
wgrantjonathanj: Which version of Firefox are you using?09:25
jonathanjAurora and Nightly09:25
jonathanjso 14 and 1509:25
wgrantAh, indeed.09:26
wgrantSo, we made some changes here a couple of days ago.09:26
wgrantTo unbreak some stuff in IE909:26
jonathanjwgrant: it's been like this for quite a while09:27
jonathanj(i notice it most on my macbook, since it's very easy to accidentally scroll horizontally on the trackpad)09:27
jonathanjit just keeps slipping my mind before i manage to report it09:28
wgrantLooks like it was deployed on Monday.09:28
wgrantIf you file a bug I'll point the relevant dev at it.09:28
jonathanjokay, will do09:28
jonathanjwgrant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/100118109:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1001181 in Launchpad itself "Bug, branch and merge proposal views have large amounts of horizontal overflow in Firefox" [Undecided,New]09:38
jonathanjoh there09:39
wgrantjonathanj: Thanks.09:40
adeuringwallyworld_: still around?09:47
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yofelhi, with the new blueprint page. Where is one supposed to put work items? There is the whiteboard which has a work item editor. Below that is a window for Work Items. Shouldn't the work item editor be used for that? Where is one supposed to put the work items now? Whiteboard or Work Items?11:15
wallyworld_adeuring: hi, thanks for reviewing my branch. i can't reproduce the error you found12:11
adeuringwallyworld_: odd...12:12
wallyworld_i open launchpad.dev/ubuntu and can log in an no-one or mark or name1212:12
wallyworld_and in each case the fields either render readonly or editable as required12:12
adeuringwallyworld_: let me try again, after another rf-get run12:13
wallyworld_adeuring: remind me the email adress for foobar12:13
adeuringwallyworld_: foo.bar@canonical.com12:13
* wallyworld_ tries that12:14
wallyworld_all seems to work12:14
adeuringwallyworld_: ...and I still get the error :(12:15
wallyworld_is it a python zope error?12:15
wallyworld_can you pastebin the traceback?12:16
adeuringwallyworld_: no, just JS pop-up12:16
adeuringwallyworld_: the only server-side stuff I see is POST /api/devel/ubuntu HTTP/1.1" 400 465 15 0.0297849178314 251 62 "161" "Distribution:EntryResource" "https://launchpad.dev/ubuntu" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:12.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/12.012:17
wallyworld_the eror occurs when the page renders or when you attempt to click a yellow edit icon?12:17
adeuringwallyworld_: no related OOPS report...12:17
adeuringwallyworld_: I click the yellow icon, the picker is displayed, then I click "Pick me" or select a team12:18
adeuringwallyworld_: and the related request results in a 400 error12:18
wallyworld_adeuring: found it yes. one field is mis configured. good catch!12:18
wallyworld_will fix. thank you12:19
adeuringwallyworld_: cool!12:19
wallyworld_much appreciated12:19
wallyworld_adeuring: the distribution members field is not exported to the web service like the others are. there may be a reason for this so i will check first before i export it to make this branch work12:26
adeuringwallyworld_: ok12:26
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xnoxWhat is the correct tag for bugs about blueprints functionality in lp.net?16:35
joeymatsubara: hi, do you know when teams scheduled for deletion are actually deleted? I've had two in there for days now17:01
joeymatsubara: they aren't going away17:01
matsubarajoey, hi, don't know. let me try to find out17:02
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kendfingerI have a Code import of the Chromium Git repo. it failed last time, and I am trying again as I see nothing wrong. I tried the SVN repo, but It imported , but I could not branch or browse the code! Anybody else have a problem like this?22:08

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