corvusAnyone have any idea if Nvidia plans on releasing an update to the 96 driver?00:14
stlsaint_HowardTheDuck: hello00:45
HowardTheDucki lubuntu official00:45
stlsaint_HowardTheDuck: yes it is00:46
lycanalguien habla castellano por aca?03:07
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:08
lycanlubuntu tiene un canal en español?03:08
Unit193#lubuntu-es but wtih less people.03:09
lycanthanks Unit19303:09
reflexrgI think search monkey should be included in lubuntu because its very lightweight and provides a good service of searching for files its in GTK+ and it is super fast and doesn't crash or freeze like catfish does03:24
reflexrgwhere do you recommend apps 4 lubuntu users?03:24
holsteinreflexrg: i would look for the mailing list03:28
Unit193Normally the idea is to make a wiki with a compare of the two (or more), and why this is better.03:28
holsteini say, just add it in, and enjoy!03:29
holsteintheres a vibe of keeping lubuntu light that i know i appreciate03:29
Unit193In the end you use what you want, but that's a good way to get it included by default.03:29
reflexrgwell I think it is lacking in lubuntu03:30
reflexrgnothing to use for searching files03:30
holsteinsure, but there are plenty of others who would not agree03:30
holsteini would just search with the file manager03:30
reflexrgits super fast in starting up running and quiting03:30
holsteinor the terminal...03:30
holsteinim sure it is, but then it gets into.. when do you stop?03:30
reflexrgI don't really like using locate or find03:31
holsteinim not saying it wont get in.. im just saying..03:31
reflexrgyes I know03:31
holsteinreflexrg: sure, and you dont have to, but lots of folks dont like adding packages03:31
holsteinor making the install iso bigger03:31
reflexrgthe app isn't that big03:31
reflexrgis pretty small03:31
holsteinsure, but when do you stop?03:32
holsteinthats the argument... and i dont mean to instigate an argument... im just saying thats the case03:32
reflexrgyes I know what you mean03:32
reflexrgI know all about the negativity of arguments03:32
reflexrgits best not to get into them03:32
reflexrgthats how you win an argument03:33
Unit193Alright, if you'd still like to continue, I recommend you create a new wiki page like this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Oneiric/DefaultImageEditor  under the lubuntu section and sending the proposal to the mailing list.03:34
reflexrgwell I do agree with holstein on that03:34
reflexrgmaybe just a page for recommending apps03:34
Unit193Yes, but there needs to be a "why"03:35
Unit193Though this isn't support and may be better off in #lubuntu-offtopic03:35
reflexrgso it kind of saves others time by letting others know what other lightweight apps out there that other lubuntu users use03:35
n1ckn4me09876543How do I edit Guest account? it doesn't show up in Users and Groups manager.  The problem I have with Guest account is I can't seem to open up Chrome browser.03:38
Unit193You can disable the account in the lightdmconfig.03:38
reflexrgmaybe there is permissions problem03:38
Unit193/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf allow-guest=false03:39
reflexrgcheck the permissions for chrome browser it might not have privileges to be executed by guest account03:40
n1ckn4me09876543reflexrg: tha'ts what I'm trying to find out, so how can I edit Guest Account?    Unit193: I think i'll keep Guest Account alive incase someone wants to use my pc03:41
reflexrgwell to do that I don't know of any other easy way but to do it through the terminal03:42
n1ckn4me09876543reflex hold on let me take a look at chromium settings03:42
reflexrgchomd and chown lets you change user access rights and who owns what03:42
reflexrgwell just find where chrome browser executable is then execute "ls -l" without the quotes in a terminal and it'll show you the access rights03:45
reflexrgthen use chmod to change it if thats the problem03:45
reflexrgn1ckn4me09876543 chmod tutorial http://catcode.com/teachmod/03:46
reflexrgn1ckn4me09876543 http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/linuxcommand.org/lts0070.html03:46
n1ckn4me09876543reflexrg thnx03:47
reflexrgchanging those settings can be very dangerous so only do what you need to change to get it to work on guess account and not anything more03:48
n1ckn4me09876543btw i was messing with chrome options you can actually add another user to it with its own preferences etc,  i deleted the first user, the main one and now chromium went back to original default, lols good thing i didnt have booksmarks in it03:48
reflexrghmm thats strange so chromium only installs for one user?03:49
n1ckn4me09876543well, it seems chromium has its own user accounts03:49
reflexrgwell each user will have its own profile that separate for the installation of chromium03:50
n1ckn4me09876543but i dont think that's tied to my system account03:50
reflexrgin his or her home folder03:50
reflexrgfirefox does this too03:50
reflexrgif chromium is setup like that you might have to create your own profile in the guess account too03:51
reflexrgbut I am not sure just change permissions and then see what happens03:51
reflexrgthat's the only reason I can see why chromium wouldn't work on guess account03:52
n1ckn4me09876543oh btw i have home folder encrypted03:54
n1ckn4me09876543and guest account is at /tmp/XXXXXX    everytime i log in the X's are different and the stuff i save in guest account are deleted03:55
n1ckn4me09876543and I can open any online program like pidgin, thunderbird, etc03:55
reflexrgmaybe you shouldn't have a guest account in this case03:57
n1ckn4me09876543where do i find chromium installation files?03:57
reflexrgmaybe just make another user with less security and limited user rights without password...etc...03:58
n1ckn4me09876543yea, i might do that03:58
n1ckn4me09876543will i be able to make it delete everything upon log out? like guest account03:59
reflexrgI'd probably do that since you have an encrypted folder03:59
SM0TVIOkay, so I have a problem... I decided to install with WUBI, then I got this brilliant Idea to APT-GET gcc... Now my system is tugging away at the disk, but otherwise unresponsive.04:23
SM0TVIAlso: HALP!04:23
SM0TVIAnyone have an idea on how long a gcc install should take under WUBI?04:25
Unit193It's wubi, highly discuraged by me.04:28
SM0TVIUnit193: IOW, "Hang in there, son" :/ ? Well, I just use WUBI to see if there are any obvious issues, then I'll migrate..04:28
SM0TVIUnit193: And is it possible with Lubunto to do a pure text-mode boot, e.g. among the lines of: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9644518#post964451804:30
Unit193You're still using Grub, so I don't see why not.04:31
* SM0TVI notes said box will be put to simple server duty (i.e. IRC, HTTP, maye SIPWitch).04:31
Unit193Why aren't you going for Ubuntu server then?04:31
seekwillA lot of people here want to use Lubuntu as a server? Why?04:32
SM0TVIUnit193: Is it installabe with WUBI? Because I lack capability for CD atm, and this dern box is so old it does not boot from USB, even when reflashed.04:32
Unit193I don't know, I try to stay as far as I can from that.04:33
SM0TVIUnit193: I totally understand you know. I HAS SEEN THE  LIGHT!04:33
SM0TVINow I'll wait until it completes ... :(04:34
seekwillSM0TVI: Can you install Lubuntu from another computer and then just put it back?04:34
reflexrgcan you boot from floppies?04:34
seekwillput the hdd back04:34
reflexrgI think there is floppy edition of ubuntu04:34
reflexrgI know there is for debian04:34
reflexrgbut it'll all be installed via the internet04:35
SM0TVIseekwill: That option is out :(04:35
Unit193reflexrg: Better to use floppy+plop04:35
SM0TVIUnit193: So once this GCC completes, there should be no reason for me /not/ to migrate to a real Lubuntu? Apart from migrating the last of the files and making it text-only ofc.04:36
Unit193Well, to me it makes more sense to use Ubuntu server, but you can use whatever you want.04:37
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ttiicchi, I've been using debian and ubuntu for a while and would like to start use lubuntu. the first think Im wondering about if during installation there's an alternative to install lubuntu alongside windows?09:38
bioterroryou can do multiboot09:38
bioterrorwe use same installer as vanilla ubuntu09:38
ttiiccand all the configurations would then be done for duabl booting? or will I still have to configure the bootmanager afterwards?09:38
bioterrorif all goes well, you dont have to do anything afterwards09:39
ttiiccok, that's important since Im not the only user of the computer09:39
ttiiccanyone in here who does developing for lubuntu?09:43
bioterrorsome times09:44
ttiiccokej Im a java developers for 5 years, if I would like to be a contributer then I'll have to get involved with c programming right?09:45
bioterroror something else, than java :D09:46
bioterrorpython for example09:46
ttiicchmm I have bought a book, programming for linux and I even took programming courses in university (but have forgot all)09:48
ttiiccc programming courses :D09:55
cherylHello? :)11:55
cherylI want to creat a dual boot system as I need doze to use my webcam on Skype with family abroad, now I have Lubuntu on here, but it's a data-less install, so want to put windoze on first 'n then Lubuntu! I don't know how to, when I put my xp disc in cdrom it still boots to Lubuntu!!11:56
jakob_lis the BIOS configured to boot HD before cdrom?12:03
cheryljakob_l, no, it's cdrom 1st12:09
jakob_ldoes the disc boot correctly on any other system?12:11
cherylI don't have another system to try it on12:12
cherylwhat about fdisk or wiping the hdd like that??12:14
cherylI don't know enough about anything, so I'm dangerous!! lol12:14
cherylI have sucessfully used this windoze disc b4!12:14
cherylI'm annoyed to need to install it! :(12:15
jakob_lif cdrom has higher boot priority, it shouldn't matter what is in the HD12:15
cherylHmmm....will try again later 'n see, I was quite irritated 'n impatient when I last tried.12:15
JohnDoe_71Rustry disable hdd boot. only cd-rom12:16
cherylJohnDoe_71Rus, Good thinking Batman!12:16
ttiicchi, I just removed some apps from the LubSofWareCent13:16
ttiiccthe problem is that some one of the applications icon is still shown in the lxde start menu13:16
ttiiccany idea how to remove it?13:16
SM0TVIUnit193: Thanks for the help. Unfortunately the machine gave up its HD :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ftWerL1Wcs16:00
BurritoBazookaSM0TVI, lol16:11
SM0TVIBurritoBazooka: Well, it has served with honor :|16:12
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Guest72083good evening!21:08
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mysteriousdarrens-lion: are you trying to be sneaky?21:11
s-lionmysteriousdarren: why?21:11
n1ckn4me09876543anyone here use conky?21:11
mysteriousdarrens-lion: I am guessing your silverlion, or Silverlion?21:12
s-lionmysteriousdarren: your guess is right ;)21:12
* holstein uses conky21:12
s-lionhang on a sec21:12
* mysteriousdarren uses conky21:12
* silverlion waves at mysteriousdarren21:12
* mysteriousdarren waves back at silverlion21:13
silverlionmysteriousdarren: s-lion is my secondary account for another community here on freenode21:13
mysteriousdarrensilverlion: why not use one?21:14
silverlionmysteriousdarren: because i am logged into two machines for a short time21:14
holsteinirssi+screen :)21:14
silverlionand i need a back-up while restarting my linux (this machine i am writing now from)21:15
silverlionanyway. could use some help compiling a software for linux :(21:15
* silverlion has never done that :(21:16
holsteinusually there are readme files that help.. is that the case?21:17
silverlionholstein affirmative but last time i tried it I failed several times21:19
holsteinsilverlion: sure.. me too ;)21:20
holsteinthe checkinstall trick is *handy*21:20
silverlionand this software i am trying to compile is the very last one i need to skip windows for computing at home... so ...21:20
silverlionand I fail again :(21:25
silverlionwhy couldn't there just be a .deb file for this software called Sigil?21:25
murpleI'm having difficulty getting OSD notifications to work with my Python scripts. I have found this relevant thread: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=133618, but when I attempt to run /usr/lib/notification-daemon/notification-daemon I get the error: "notification-daemon: command not found"21:29
murpleDoes anyone have any advice?21:29
silverlionholstein just failed again because of error Messages :( its frustrating :(21:39
silverlionno advise21:39
silverlionbioterror: help :D21:39
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