jokerdinomterry: heh it's alright.14:25
jokerdinothe point of our site is to provide good quality answers and if the current answers aren't good enough, adding your awesome answer is so much encouraged.14:25
jokerdinoyou did just that, and i already upvoted you!14:26
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dpmjokerdino, thanks for providing the first answer, though, that was really helpful already. I chose Mike's one in the end, as it provided more info. But yours is useful to understand what the "share" part means, which wasn't clear to me before14:58
jokerdinoyou're welcome, sir :)15:00
jokerdinoyou both sound apologetic that you have to unaccept my answer and accept his. i have no worries about that.15:00
jokerdinoso.. yeah15:01
jokerdino^that question has a nice bounty on. and definitely a good place to document relevant stuff. please do advertise it a bit more..15:02
dpmjokerdino, done :)15:42
jokerdinothanks :)15:43
akkI'm confused about developer.ubuntu.com and the ubuntu software center.17:24
akkThe software center seems to be showing me the same apps I can get with apt-get from standard repos ...17:24
akkbut developer.u.c is for a process that gets apps into some other, less blessed, repository, isn't it?17:24
akk(Was hoping I'd understand this better after UDS, but I still don't.)17:25
morten771yes regardless what repositories you have, you should allways be able to install them with apt-get or synaptic or so... but I don't know about ubuntu software center, is it complete? (have all applications, or only selected ones?)18:02
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JanCakk: I think there is currently only one app in USC for 12.04 that cae in through the d.u.c. process20:04
JanC*that came in*20:04
JanCit's named 'leds'20:06
akkRight, I guess most of the apps are only approved for 11.10?20:08
akkIn case anyone's lurking and wondering, it turns out it's the "extras" repository20:09
JanCcertainly more than 120:09
akkand can be searched with aptitude using the origin "LP-PPA-app-review-board"20:09
JanCI think the app reviews for 12.04 were delayed somewhat because of the release & then UDS20:10
* akk will be blogging this since it doesn't seem to be written up anywhere20:10
akkalso how to package python apps since that isn't really documented either20:11
JanCakk: maybe you can contribute that to the developer site even (or offer your blog post for them as a start after you published it)20:12
akkI'd be happy to help write docs for the developer site.20:13
akkIt's pretty confusing now -- it looks very welcoming until you start trying to actually do anything. :)20:13
JanCI think 'dpm' is responsible for that site, but he's not in here right now20:13

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