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jaddi27head_victim, You are continuing on the Member Board, aren't you?11:48
head_victimjaddi27: hoping to11:58
jaddi27oh, so are you one of the 10 people whose terms are expiring?11:58
head_victimNope, but the meeting times/dates will change11:58
head_victimSo as long as it still works out on a day that I can make should be ok11:59
jaddi27Ok. I just saw the email with the details,  so wanted to check11:59
jaddi2710pm and 8am for us, by the look of it11:59
head_victimYeah cool :) It's going to be, yeah was just going to say ;)11:59
jaddi27That will be a bit easier - more regular and easier access for more people12:00
head_victimYeah, they're saying twice a month for both so there will actually technically be more meetings a month (four) that previous (three)12:01
jaddi27Yes, that should be good12:02
jaddi27Which time would you be asking for? The 10pm one?12:02
head_victimYeah that's the one I've asked to be on12:07
head_victimJust so long as it doesn't end up on a Sunday or something silly it shouldn't be a problem12:07
jaddi27Doing it on a Sunday would be inconvenient in most places of the world, so hopefully any other day is selected12:10
jaddi27head_victim, You might be interested to know I set up https://www.facebook.com/ubuntuau to mirror our twitter feed, which makes it easier to update13:00
head_victimOh sweet, we can't make it work for the group as well I assume?13:00
jaddi27I might be able to set it up - let me check13:01
head_victimActually, probably better not to13:01
head_victimLeave the group for the discussion and the account for the feed.13:01
head_victimThat way we don't spam everyone everything unless they want it?13:01
head_victimMaybe just a post to the FB group to say they can follow team communication at the account? Happy to take input though, FB still is a bit foreign to me.13:03
head_victimOh and good news, the team CDs arrived today13:04
jaddi27I agree with that setup - I will post a link to the page in the group to let everyone know13:05
jaddi27And good to hear about the CDs - just have to use them now13:05
jaddi27how many/what did you get?13:05
head_victimYep, post to the ML done13:05
head_victimI believe it's in the vicinity of 200 Ubuntu CDs and 50 Server CDs13:05
head_victimAll 32 Bit13:06
jaddi27That is a lot more than I expected. 32bit is not surprising, because they decided to use 32bit as the recommended version for 12.0413:11
head_victimYeah, I'm hoping they can be used at events and handouts to get people using them.13:14
head_victimDon't want them sitting around my place to get old :)13:14
jaddi27No, can understand that. I will try to get my event organised in time to use some13:16
head_victimGood stuff :) I'm happy to post them out just not individually otherwise it gets too expensive.13:17
sagaciit says seven years of support in the server cd cases13:17
jaddi27Trying to outlast windows server...?13:18
xannen01does anyone want to buy an old hp tc4200 tablet pc?  :D20:46
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gin Is anyone ready to help me out??...23:43
benonsoftwaregin: Yes?23:47

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