thewrathhey all00:14
thewrathanyone good with web coding?00:14
stlsaint_thewrath: sup man long time no see00:14
thewrathhey stlsaint_00:15
thewrathyea it has been a long time00:15
thewrathi am trying to show errors in my form after submissiona nd have the form be shown but the errors right next to the fields00:18
thewrathany ideas00:23
stlsaint_nope, not a web dev man sorry00:26
thewraththat is okay00:28
stlsaint_thewrath: i am00:45
StepNjumpHi does anyone know what 1002 user is10:17
bioterroryou tell us10:19
bioterrorcat /etc/group10:19
geirhagetent passwd 100210:19
houmanHi, I am new to Ubuntu 12.04 and am trying to install Persian language support for a friend. I have been googling for an hour and can't find a tutorial to explain this. I have added additional language support and added Persian. What is the next step? How can I type in Persian in LibreWriter please?10:32
geirhacheck that the package   libreoffice-l10n-<two letter language code>  is installed10:37
geirhaalso myspell-<langcode> and hyphen-<langcode>10:39
geirhaI think the gnome language selector already takes care of that though10:39
houmangeirha: libreoffice-I10n-fa is indeed installed10:42
houmangeirha: so is myspell-fa10:43
geirha(it's lowercase L, not uppercase I btw)10:43
geirhal10n is short for localization10:43
houmanYes I found it in package manager :)10:43
geirhathe 10 is the number of characters between the l and n10:43
houmanI think I need to select a font that supports persian.10:43
houmanin Libre Writer10:43
houmanVerdana was meant to be able to do that. But in Ubuntu there is no Verdana10:44
houmanI am a bit lost here...10:44
geirhaHm. Does it have the Ubuntu font?10:44
geirhaI don't use libroffice myself, so I'm walking on thin ice here10:44
geirhaIt's also possible to install the microsoft truetype fonts10:45
geirhattf-mscorefonts-installer   Verdena is a microsoft font I think10:46
houmanyes it does have Ubuntu font.  I dont know...still researching10:54
houmanmeans haha10:58
houmanI figured it out.  Its the keyboard layout. I had to add persian there as well10:58
houmanand switch to it. Now it makes sense10:58
houmanThanks for help10:58
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geirhaAh, good to hear :)11:09
houmanok, new problem in Lubuntu. I can't open the kayboard layout settings (lxkeymap) nothing happens when I click on it. Ant idea why?11:45
geirharun it in a terminal and see if it outputs any useful error message to the terminal12:01
houmangeirha: it is a confirmed bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxkeymap/+bug/94560312:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 945603 in lxkeymap "lxkeymap crashed with IndexError in finish_initializing(): list index out of range" [Undecided,Fix committed]12:11
houmangeirha: apparently the fix for it is here: https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/staging?field.series_filter=precise12:15
houmanI have added the PPA and did an update. Not sure to to install that patch though12:15
geirhathe ppa package is probably patched, but I don't think you need the ppa12:17
geirhaIt says fix-released, so the package should be in the -proposed repo12:17
houmanhmm so its released to the public then?12:19
houmanbut stil experience the problem :(12:19
geirhahouman: Yes and no.12:21
geirhahouman: When a fix is released, it'll first end up in the -proposed repository. This is not enabled by default.12:21
geirhaOnce proposed packages has been tested enough, they'll end up in the -updates repository, in which case you'll get notified that updates are available12:22
houmanis there any way for me to enable this at this stage - even untested? :)12:22
geirhaYes, you enabled the proposed-repository, update the package in question (deselect all other packages), then disable the proposed-repository again.12:23
houmangeirha: I am running out of time. :)  I give up on Lubuntu and switch to Ubuntu + lxde12:36
houmanUbuntu seems more tested and stable12:36
geirhaLubuntu is Ubuntu12:45
geirhaJust with lxde installed by default, instead of gnome and unity12:45
houmangeirha: yes the underlying should be the same.  But Kayboard Layout for one, doesnt work right now on Lubuntu. But it work son Ubuntu.  Then there was the lag-typing-bug of AbiWord (part of Lubuntu) forced me to install the whole LibreOffice.  At the end, there is little left why I should not just use Ubuntu instead :)13:36
houmanoh dear, the cpu of this laptop is a i686, hence I couldnt install Ubuntu 64Bit.  But even the installation of Ubuntu 32Bit failed saying this kernel requires the following features not present pae13:56
houmansurprisingly Lubuntu 32Bit works.  But has the keyboard layout issue, which is a blocker for my case :-\13:57
houmansweet, I found the solution.  After adding that ppa, a sudo apt-get update  won't be the solution.  It has to be done from UI Update Package manager. Now the keyboard layout switch is working yeeey14:13
nothingspecialso you are sorted then14:17
nothingspecialDon't forget to update your thread on the forums houman :)14:18
houmanyes i will. thanks for your help on that mate14:20
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phillwbodhi_zazen: are you about?23:09
bodhi_zazenzup ?23:09
bodhi_zazenphillw: ping23:45
phillwhi bodhi_zazen could you have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1194851423:53
phillwI was just trying to help someone on server area with my Nemesis ... SAMBA shares :P23:54
phillwahh, I have a reply already... Gee you guys are fast on the forum area!23:56

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