nigelbejat: Ha. I was literally just looking for you. Happy Birthday!01:20
ejatnigelb : thanks01:20
ejathow r ya ?01:21
nigelbGood good. Early start today. Have a meeting at 9 and lots of work before.01:21
jokerdinoAlanBell: if you get to see this, the rss feed for ubottu is for getting application-development tag rss feed into #ubuntu-app-devel05:38
jokerdinoAlanBell: so the idea is to get new questions asked with the tag to be posted in the chat room.05:39
AlanBelljokerdino: ok, we have various bots that announce planet ubuntu RSS updates06:54
AlanBellyou want it to do things when people file bugs on launchpad tagged with application-development, not entirely sure there is an RSS for that06:55
AlanBellprobably could knock something together with lplib06:55
jokerdinohmm it is not LP but askubuntu.com06:55
AlanBelloh, that06:55
jokerdinoso, if that is possible, we can link a couple of rss feeds to various rooms06:57
jokerdinolike juju to #juju room and community to #ubuntu-community-team etc06:57
jokerdinowell, they are just mere suggestions, i have no idea how workable they are06:58
jokerdinoso, if it is alright, i'll get you the relevant rss feed.07:02
AlanBellI need to find out how that stuff works07:51
mhall119good morning12:17
MrChrisDruifGood afternoon12:19
jcastrodaker: your twitter icon is creepy, heh14:38
dakerjcastro, thank you ツ14:38
dakerjcastro, https://twimg0-a.akamaihd.net/profile_images/1787469104/asdf_normal.gif14:39
dakerone of the many reasons why don't buy from the internet http://i.imgur.com/scmjh.png14:42
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jonoballoons, mhall119, jcastro, dpm demo day~14:59
jonoballoons, mhall119, jcastro, dpm demo day!14:59
jonoballoons, mhall119, jcastro, dpm https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/c789e4dfe57921f62824e628e06e90e045bc133c?authuser=0&hl=en-US15:02
jonoballoons, you here?15:06
jonoballoons, of course, you are off15:11
jcastro<--- lunching15:55
jcastromhall119: I'm going to the keys this weekend. :)15:55
dpmAlanBell, do you know if there are accessibility implications in using a tooltip over a button vs showing that same information in a status bar instead?15:57
AlanBellweb or gtk?16:02
dpmit's for a gtk app16:03
AlanBelldpm: in theory if you put focus on the button and press ctrl+f1 then orca should speak the tooltip16:13
dpmok, cool, so I should be able to use it safely, thanks AlanBell16:17
AlanBellgenerally if you use things for what they are intended to be used for then everything works well :)16:20
jonomhall119, can you reach out to the folks who built http://www.webupd8.org/2012/05/open-source-rts-game-0-ad-alpha-10.html and get them to submit through consumer apps16:20
jonothis should go in for sure16:20
james_wjono, it's already in universe16:24
jonocool :-)16:24
james_wmaybe not that version16:25
james_wbut the game is16:25
jcastroit's come a long way16:29
jcastroit's playable now16:29
jcastroit used to be not so good16:29
jcastrojono: horseman hangout?16:31
jonojcastro, sounds good, give me a min to head to the office16:32
jcastrono worries16:32
jonojcastro, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/9b0f4384bda951e7eb78236f41ffd069b00f8be0?authuser=0&hl=en-US16:36
jussi!info 0ad16:48
jussibah, bot no like me today.16:49
jussioh, hi all!16:49
dpmok, calling it a day, see you all on Moday!16:51
jcastrojono: btw is 5-7 people a project-wide guideline?16:52
jcastrofeels kind of large for juju charms16:52
jcastro3-5 seems more appropriate, but I don't want to delta from Ubuntu itself if I don't  have to16:53
jonojcastro, yeah, we might want to start out with 3 - 516:53
jonomore of a TB approach16:53
jcastromhall119: it's raining cats and dogs over here17:49
mhall119jcastro: it's summer, get used to it18:15
forestpiskiemhall119: you mean it's not just English summers that are like that?18:15
mhall119forestpiskie: I doubt florida summers are like english ones19:29
AlanBellonly place I have been where the rain is hot19:30
pleia2the ocean too (I'm going to go for a swim to cool off ...hey wait!)19:34
AlanBellthe hot end of the gulf stream19:34
pleia2anyone know ETA on Friday's plenary video? (the lightning talks, the closing video from 5PM is already up)19:35
forestpiskieindeed not mhall119 :)19:35
forestpiskieI doubt English summers are like anyone else's at all ...19:36
MrChrisDruifSometimes Dutch ones aren't far off...19:36
AlanBellthe gulf stream is nice though, London is as far north as Calgary19:37
forestpiskieAlanBell: yea - it's be rather chilly without that19:38
mhall119jcastro: go to the keys, this afternoon's weather isn't even an indicator of this evening's weather, let alone tomorrow's19:47
akgranerjcastro looks like you can do your own hangouts on air now19:51
akgranerI think it's public for some domains now19:51
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akgranerjcastro let me know if you want to test it  - basically you just associated with a youtube channel - and you're good to go :-) easy peasy19:56
pleia2akgraner: yeah, it was announced going public while we were at UDS, now we're thinking we'll do one day of Ubuntu Open Week (and others) that's all hangouts on air "Ubuntu on Air!" :)19:58
akgranerpleia2, it's so easy19:58
akgranerI love doing them19:58
pleia2JoseeAntonioR was tasked with finding someone to do a test one (teach something) so we can see how it all goes19:58
IdleOneUbuntu on Air sounds like an amazing idea19:59
akgranerpleia2, cool - let me know if you want some help - it's easy to share the screen and stuff - we had a hangout yesterday where we had some people on hangouts, some on mumble, some on cell phones and others in IRC all for the same meeting20:00
pleia2nice :)20:00
akgranerso no-one could really miss the meeting and not participate unless they just had no internet20:02
akgranerkinda takes away all the excuses :-/20:02
akgranerthat and I can't attended meetings in my pj's anymore20:03
forestpiskietechnoviking: do you know the calendar with people's birthdays is showing on the navbar ?20:03

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