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pittiGood morning07:17
tkamppeterpitti, hi07:19
tkamppeterpitti, RAOF seems to not have done SRU work the last two days, can you approve my SRU? It is urgent, there are lots of complaints about PS printers not working.07:20
pittiokay, I'll try07:21
pittiwell, he accepted my package anyway :)07:24
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:36
chrisccoulsonsigh, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/105415508/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.firefox_13.0~b4%2Bbuild1-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz07:42
chrisccoulsonhi seb12807:50
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?07:50
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks. how are you?07:50
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm ok, still a bit sleepy but working on it through coffee ;-)07:51
chrisccoulsonit seems that i need a magic wand to make firefox build this week08:16
pittitrouble with gcc 4.7?08:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - partly. but i'm hitting other problems after turning PGO on, that i didn't see locally08:17
tkamppeterpitti, thanks.08:21
seb128is it me or is http://bugs.freedesktop.org not working?08:59
mlankhor1tIt's connected but not loading here afaict09:00
pittijust found the same, http doesn't work either09:00
pittiI grabbed the udisks2 tarball through ssh :/09:00
* pitti packaging udisks2 now09:00
seb128mlankhor1t, pitti: thanks, so not just me09:01
seb128pitti, udisks2 \o/09:01
seb128smspillaz, did you device to triage all compiz bugs today or what? ;-)09:15
smspillazseb128: nope, a script did it for me :P09:16
smspillazseb128: sorry for the spam :P09:16
smspillazseb128: (just migrating all of the bugs over)09:16
seb128smspillaz, migrating from where to where? no worry, I was just curious since you set settings and assigned some on the way, it didn't seem scripted09:17
smspillazseb128: like they say at Google - if it isn't automated, you're probably doing it wrong ;-)09:18
smspillazseb128: I copied the assignment and status / priority from the old project09:18
smspillazlaunchpadlib is pretty fun for stuff like this09:19
smspillazonly 100~ lines of python \o/09:19
seb128smspillaz, what's the difference between compiz and compiz-core upstream projects?09:26
seb128smspillaz, ignore that, just received your email09:27
seb128smspillaz, I think you did it wrong though09:27
smspillazseb128: oh ?09:28
seb128smspillaz, it would have been better to reassign than to add a new component, i.e now all bugs have compiz-core and compiz components09:28
smspillazseb128: sure - I considered this, although I decided that it would be better if the script was nondestructive09:29
seb128smspillaz, don't be afraid of destroying bugs ;-)09:29
pittibut reassigning a bug to the correct component is not destructive09:29
pittiyou can always revert it with equal effort, and if the bug is not in compiz, it should not have a task in compiz09:30
smspillazpitti: all the bugs which were compiz-* bugs are now effectively compiz bugs (since the branches were joined together)09:30
smspillazpitti: perhaps we can invalidate all the old bugs, I just thought it would be better to add new tasks for now before touching the old ones09:31
seb128well now it's done anyway09:31
seb128but I would have reassigned rather doing also affect to add a new line to the bugs09:31
smspillazI didn't think you could reassign, only 'affects' and marking invalid the old task09:31
seb128smspillaz, it would be cool if you could script putting all compiz bugs not changed for > 1 year to incomplete asking to try with compiz 0.909:32
smspillazseb128: I think we already did that with the 0.8 bugs didn't we ?09:32
seb128there is probably a lot of noise in those bugs09:32
smspillazseb128: in any event, most of the ones assigned to compiz-core are 0.9 bugs09:32
seb128smspillaz, compiz (ubuntu) has 1077 bugs, 479 tagged compiz-0.909:33
smspillazre: noise, I agree, maybe we should clean them out09:33
pittiseb128: how urgently do you want udisks2? i. e. I'm uploading to experimental now, do you want to wait for Debian source NEW, or would you like to source-NEW it in Ubuntu today and sync later?09:33
seb128pitti, I'm not in an hurry, I think robert_ancell was looking for it09:34
seb128pitti, let's wait over the w.e and sync is on monday if they didn't?09:34
fredppitti: I'll be really happy to have jhbuild get more robust, don't hesitate to file enhancement requests, or bug reports, and patches, of course, you'll be welcomed.09:47
pittifredp: thanks! I will09:48
pittifredp: as a first step I thought about some "auto-fallback" mode, i. e. when a build fails, try distclean first, and then a complete new checkout09:49
pittifredp: so that you can run an automatic jenkins instance in this mode, without having to clean up obsolete file dependencies or stale .Tpo files all the time, etc.09:49
fredpthat's indeed the kind of thing that would help a lot.09:49
pittifredp: would that be something you'd accept?09:49
pittiI'll file a bug about it and think about some good design for this09:50
fredpcool, thanks09:50
pitti(not today, though, I still have some weeks of catching up to do)09:50
fredpno hurry, just wanted to welcome you.09:51
pittifredp: thanks!09:53
chrisccoulsonhmmm, that sucks. the crash that occurs in the firefox build is not reproducible at all locally :(11:01
sewardjdoes anybody know who the ubuntu packager/maintainer for firefox is?11:31
ogra_sewardj, do you plan to send him flowers or money ? surely your question has more background than just wanting to know who it is, how about you ask the actual question ;)11:43
chrisccoulsonogra_, i appreciate money more than flowers ;)11:47
chrisccoulsonsewardj, yeah, that might be me, depending on the question, or the day of the week ;)11:48
* ogra_ thinks that gets relative as soon as you recieve a flower worth more than money ;)11:48
ogra_imagine a massive golden tulip11:48
chrisccoulsoncan i use it to buy beer?11:48
sewardjchrisccoulson: not sure about that11:49
ogra_after bringin it to a back i guess you can ... depending on the bank and their policies of paying customers in beer indeed11:49
sewardjchrisccoulson: on 10.04 LTS, I am now having problems building mozilla-central11:49
chrisccoulsonsewardj, what sort of problem?11:50
sewardjchrisccoulson: (x86_64 10.04 that is).  Either the compiler segfaults, or the resulting firefox executable segfaults11:50
chrisccoulsonsewardj, did that only start recently?11:51
sewardjchrisccoulson: yes, that started about maybe a month ago (gcc 4.4.3 segfaulting).11:51
sewardjchrisccoulson: then I thought a fix was pushed for it in 10.04.411:51
sewardjbut it still segfaults11:51
chrisccoulson1 second11:51
chrisccoulsonactually, never mind :/11:52
sewardjchrisccoulson: do you know anything relevant to this?  it's a nuisance not to be able to use the system gcc on 10.04.4 to build firefox11:53
ogra_well, it was originally used for building it11:53
chrisccoulsonsewardj, not sure. do you build with PGO by any chance?11:53
sewardjchrisccoulson: no, this is a normal non-PGO build11:54
chrisccoulsonwe seem to be able to build the latest mozilla-central ok with the same compiler :/11:54
sewardjchrisccoulson: this is all a bit abstract.  let me get you some STR11:54
sewardjchrisccoulson: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/164470312:02
sewardjchrisccoulson: this is mozilla-release, but mozilla-central fails the same way12:03
chrisccoulsonsewardj, oh, i'd certainly expect to see this on mozilla-release, but the problematic patch is no longer on mozilla-central12:03
chrisccoulsonyour tree is definitely up-to-date, isn't it?12:03
sewardjhmm haven't tried m-c in the past week I guess12:04
chrisccoulsonsewardj, basically, you need to back out the investigation patch from https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62144612:04
sewardjchrisccoulson: so you're implying the c++ on 10.04.4 can't build mozilla-release?12:04
ubot2Mozilla bug 621446 in Networking: HTTP "Crash [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::RecvRedirect2Verify ]" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]12:04
chrisccoulsonsewardj, ah, it was only backed out a couple of days ago: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/d16947d6233312:05
chrisccoulsoni bet if you update mozilla-central, it will work :)12:05
chrisccoulsonactually, it should have worked for over a month (https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/c785549b6eb2)12:07
chrisccoulsonbut it will definitely still fail on mozilla-release12:07
sewardjchrisccoulson: thanks for the pointers.  I will try to build m-r after lunch.12:07
chrisccoulsoncool, hopefully it will work this time :)12:12
alf_Hi! Is there a way to change the lightdm session from within a session for a user? I am changing the value in .dmrc, but as soon as I log out or restart lightdm .dmrc is reset to the previous session, i.e., my change is overwritten.12:19
seb128alf_, the session is stored in accountsservice I think12:24
seb128see org.freedesktop.Accounts SetXSession()12:24
alf_seb128: Thanks!12:26
chrisccoulsonok, this build failure is a total PITA now. i wish i could make it fail locally :(12:39
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cyphermoxgood morning!13:37
highvoltagegood morning cyphermox13:38
cyphermoxhey highvoltage13:38
* cyphermox reboots to enable biosdevname13:46
kenvandineseb128, good afternoon!13:46
kenvandineseb128, have you seen bug 100122913:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1001229 in gtk+3.0 "wrong icon after last 12.04 update" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100122913:46
seb128kenvandine, hey, no I didn't until now13:47
kenvandinei am pretty sure that commit is what broke it13:47
seb128kenvandine, I don't have the bug here...13:48
kenvandinenot that weird13:48
kenvandineare you plugged in?13:48
kenvandineit varies depending on state13:48
seb128I'm docked fully charged13:48
seb128which seems to be the state listed in the bug?13:48
seb128"when battery is fully charged & AC connected"13:48
kenvandineyeah, i actually see the opposite :)13:49
seb128can you try to do a build with that patch reverted?13:49
seb128if you get the issue...13:49
kenvandinei've gotten it on 2 precise installs and quantal13:49
seb128lucky you ;-)13:50
kenvandineundock and let it go to a discharging state13:50
seb128I didn't try to undock13:50
* kenvandine has to head out in a couple minutes13:50
seb128I don't want to do that now, something has a tendency to lock my laptop on lid state changes when docked13:50
kenvandinei'll kick off a build before i leave13:50
seb128I will try later, I've to run in 15 minutes13:50
kenvandineok, me too13:50
kenvandinedoctor's appointment13:50
seb128it's not a blocker issue in any case13:50
kenvandinesee ya later!13:51
seb128well it's enough to block moving to updates13:51
seb128but it can stay in proposed until monday13:51
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chrisccoulsonok, this is a complete nightmare. i can't think how i can debug this build crash now without access to the buildd :/15:04
chrisccoulsonseeing as it really isn't reproducible in any other environment i've created15:04
sewardjchrisccoulson: that seems to work (re mozilla-release).  thanks.15:12
chrisccoulsonsewardj, excellent, that's good :)15:12
chrisccoulsoni've got my own build failure to figure out now :/15:13
kenvandinechrisccoulson, sounds like you are having a wonderful friday15:14
* kenvandine hides15:14
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, yep!15:16
* Sweetshark just send a mail out asking desrt some confirmations about the lomenubar/gtk thingie. #blameitoncananda15:22
Sweetshark</cartman voice>15:23
micahgchrisccoulson: have you grabbed the buildd chroot?15:55
pittigood night everyone, have a nice weekend!15:56
kenvandinegood night pitti!15:58
achianghello, i'm running into LP: #855556 ; seems like this could be worked around by not having the live session login the 'ubuntu' user on every VT. any opinions on that?18:15
achianganother way of asking that question is: why is the ubuntu user logged into multiple VTs during the live session? what problem / use case is that solving?18:22
BigWGhoto/nautilus fails when copying files larger than 4GB from camera to desktop. Is this known?19:17
BigWit seems to be gphoto .... will investigate ...19:21
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rexiscairo dock is pissing me off, anyone know a great dock app?21:49
jbicharexis: have you tried Unity? I hear it's not too bad ;)21:57

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