micahgLordOfTime: now I am again00:42
LordOfTimemicahg:  i emailed one of the people who was testing on the package 'boinc' with the SRU and stuff, got a response I'd like to share with you00:46
LordOfTimewant me to forward the email, or just pastebin it00:46
micahgfwd is fine micahg at ubuntu00:47
LordOfTimeugh, system blew up00:51
LordOfTimemicahg:  forwarded to ya00:51
micahgLordOfTime: hrm...ok, if it's really broken, we can SRU .27 I think00:54
LordOfTimethat's not the  Debian dev, i should point out, that guy won't respond via email :/00:54
LordOfTimebut this one is one of the guys who's been working on the bug before I even got to it00:55
LordOfTimebut yeah, thougth  you should see that response there00:55
LordOfTime.24, afaict in Debian, was replaced with .25 almost a day after .25 was released upstream00:55
LordOfTimeand that seems to have fixed most of the crap that was exploding :/00:55
* micahg wishes someone would've escorted that into precise00:55
LordOfTimebut yeah, i'll leave this to your judgement00:55
LordOfTimei think .25 came out after the last freeze...00:56
LordOfTimeor something00:56
micahgwow, boinc isn't even in testing ATM :-/00:56
micahgRAOF: so, we have reports that the version of boinc in precise  is totally broken, it's been suggested to SRU .27 as supposedly the version we have was never released to the public00:57
LordOfTimeokay, system implosion, restart time00:57
* LordOfTime initiates emergency powerdown00:57
RAOFmicahg: SRU requirements for packages that don't work at all are pretty low ;)00:57
micahgRAOF: right, the thing is I don't use the package, so I'm not sure it's true or not :)00:58
RAOFAh, fun.00:59
micahgwhen LordOfTime comes back, we can ask for some verification of the claims00:59
LordOfTimesorry, system explosivity01:14
* LordOfTime hates Windows, but needed it to fix something in a dev environment01:14
micahgLordOfTime: is boinc on precise actually broke as claimed?01:18
LordOfTimemicahg:  i'd have to double check, i know that it was exploding earlier, but i havent downloaded the repos version (been busy recovering my packaging stuff first).  i'm not at my precise environment right now, i'm on a god-awful Windows system, so i'll have to get back to you on that01:18
LordOfTime(feel free to email me a reminder, i'd appreciate that)01:18
LordOfTimei won't be at my Ubuntu box until tomorrow01:19
LordOfTime(about 12 hours from now)01:19
micahgLordOfTime: sure, no rush, thanks01:19
LordOfTimeUGH, windows server systems are awful01:20
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jtaylorhow does one quickly figure out why a package is in main?10:11
Laneycheck its rdepends in main, or check the seeds10:27
Laneyreverse-depends or seeded-in-ubuntu10:27
* Laney high fives tumbleweed 10:27
jtaylor118 rdepends which one is the main one ._.10:28
Laney-c main10:29
jtayloroh nice10:30
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LordOfTimemicahg:  the person who i've emailed (the response of which i forwarded to you) was able to say that the repos version and the version in your PPA do not work according to that person.  I am unfortunately stuck in a strange situation where the package won't even install on my end, claiming dependencies are broken even when they are available for installation16:18
LordOfTime(the boinc sru thing)16:18
LordOfTime(from repos)16:18
LordOfTimebut granted, my system's still a work-in-progress, and I can't even access my BOINC projects :/16:19
* LordOfTime blames Verizon internet being stupid16:20
LordOfTimehey micahg, random question, but how can I subscribe to all bugs for [given package]16:36
LordOfTime in Ubuntu on LP?16:36
jtaylorLordOfTime: on the main package page, "subscribe to bug mail" on the upper right16:37
LordOfTimeoh, speak of the devil...16:39
* LordOfTime didnt redalize for the 'nginx' package in ubuntu, the 'nginx' team is notified on new bugs16:39
LordOfTimethat saves me some subscribing :P16:39
eagles0513875micahg: I'm swearing at 12.04 right now me is one very disgruntled bird at the moment19:47
eagles0513875lots of issues with 12.04 installation19:47
micahgeagles0513875: sorry to hear that, please make sure they're filed and hopefully 12.04.1 will be better19:48
eagles0513875micahg: my issue is mainly related to graphics19:48
* micahg knows very little about the installer (there's #ubuntu-installer)19:48
eagles0513875i need nomodeset on grub but if i can't even get to grub to temporarily add that to boot and change it in the grub configuration on the system the system is useless, and the other very annoying issue is when using the live cd it installs grub on the MBR of the usb device instead of the MBR on the hard disk19:49
eagles0513875oddly though if i use net install this doesn't occur19:49
eagles0513875 /me joins ubuntu-installer and calls it a night19:49
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linx2342Hey guys, I'm having some strange key errors when trying to backport a package.20:35
linx2342dput gives me this error: http://paste.welcloud.de/show/NMHlSxhLQ8qsyOgyuf9U/20:36
jtayloryou must first sign the changes file20:37
linx2342And somewhere in the log of pbuilder I've found this: http://paste.welcloud.de/show/Y3Jw4NhEr4Tk9d4nKCNt/20:37
jtaylorwith debsign20:37
Laneyand you need to upload the _source.changes, not _amd6420:37
linx2342But I thought debuild -S -sd did that.20:37
Laneyoh, local20:37
jtaylorit should20:38
jtaylormaybe it didn't find your key20:38
jtaylordo you have one?20:38
jtaylorthat log signed the source changes20:38
jtaylornot the amd64 changs20:38
jtaylorwhich you tried to dput20:39
linx2342So after bpuilder I need to sign the packages?20:39
linx2342debsign did the trick. :)20:41
linx2342Okay, one other thing: I want to use this package for building another one.20:42
linx2342pbuilder says that it has mounted my local archive, but it doesn't seem to use the package.20:43
linx2342pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: autotools-dev (>= 20100122.1) but 20090611.1 is to be installed.20:43
linx2342But the archive it mounted: I: Mounting /home/daniel/.building/cache/archive20:44
bregmadid you run apt-get update in a D* script?20:44
bregmaa pbuilder hook script run before the package build20:45
linx2342I don't think so.20:45
linx2342I followed this steps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Building_With_Local_Packages20:46
linx2342I did this: pbuilder update --override-config --configfile ~/.pbuilderrc20:48
linx2342But now my packages is unstrusted20:48
bregmamm, I sign my archive and import my key in my D hook script20:49
jtayloryou can tell pbuilder to allow untrusted packages20:50
jtaylorthough it might not be a good idea20:50
linx2342So I better add a hook for importing my key?20:50
Laneydoes it override the apt trusted keys?20:51
Laneyyou could login to the pbuilder and apt-key add if not20:51
linx2342Shouldn't be a script doing 'sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys ....' be enough?20:52
bregmawouldn't importing the entire keyring take a while?20:55
bobweaverHello there I have a question about uploading fixes to branches. (bzr branch lp:~foo)so I checkout branch then make fix(spelling) to branch then push  (bzr push lp:~bobweaver/foo/spellingcheck)    Now if I would like to make a new change to foo say a picture do I have to go get the source all over again and start from scratch ?21:01
bobweaverlike bzr branch lp:~foo    (make changes ) bzr commit -m     then bzr push lp:~bobweaver/foo/added-pictures21:02
bobweaversi the question ius do I have to get new branch every time I want to make change to branch ?21:03
bobweavers|si |so21:03
bregmait's often easier that way21:04
bregmaor, you can specify a previous merge must go first when proposing your merge21:04
micahgwell, doing 2 merge proposals off the base at once if they touch the same files, just makes more work for the merger21:05
bobweaverbecause they have to go though and look at each thing in the change log ?21:06
bobweaverI should be touching changelog everything I touch a branch correct ?21:07
bregmado you have a bug for each change?21:07
bobweaverbut sometimes there is a alot bugs wraped into one21:08
bobweaverlike spelling21:08
bobweaverI guess that I will be more to the point I did something wrong and am trying to fix :)  I tried to do it all at once http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/ubuntu-packaging-guide/ubuntu-packaging-guide/view/head:/debian/changelog      not a good idea21:09
linx2342Why is my package still untrusted, even if I add my keyring using APTKEYRINGS?21:11
bobweaveror do you think that that is better off with diff patches if there is no bug. Or should I file bug and wait for it to get approved then fix and then merge branch's ? thanks again for your time21:12
achiang what's the way to propose an MP for upstream casper? in the past, what i've done is create an actual debdiff and subscribed ubuntu-sponsors to a bug, but in this case, i have a bzr branch and MP i'd like to submit instead of a debdiff22:05
stgraberachiang: have it based on ubuntu:casper, then "bzr lp-propose-merge", it'll automatically end up on the sponsoring queue22:07
achiangstgraber: neato. thanks.22:07
achiangstgraber: i have a partial fix for LP: #85555622:07
achiangstgraber: hm. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/995025/22:23
stgraberachiang: ah right, you'll also need to push you branch to lp first: bzr push lp:~achiang/ubuntu/quantal/casper/bug-855556 for example22:26
achiangstgraber: d'oh. :)22:27

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