yuki-onnai think the problem for this was that my monitor (new one) and tv  gave up on looking for a signal too fast03:22
yuki-onnai had fixed a monitor i had that blew a few capacitors that waits long enough for it to get a signal an mythtv seems to be working so far03:23
yuki-onnanext hurdle is getting it to see my tv tuner ><03:35
yuki-onnaand let me get back to a thing so the front end doesn't crash]03:38
yuki-onnagives me some dialog saying front end crashed and exit code 13003:48
yuki-onnaok so now x windows is working, but, new thing trying to get the front end to not crash, while exiting with exit code 13006:39
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yuki-onnalast problem as far i can see i have the tuner channels setup23:10
yuki-onnai have the back end detectable address wise and such23:11
yuki-onnabut the frontend says the tuner is busy23:11
yuki-onnathe front end says the tuners on my hauppauge 1600 are not recording anything but the front end says they are busy anything i can do about freeing them up so i can do live tv?23:41

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