Fuchshrm ...00:02
Fuchswe had issues with similar named people, and the real name there doesn't look that promising :(00:02
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (ALFI0 swearing in Spanish)00:53
ubottuIn #ubuntu, bgamari said: ubottu: The problem is an incredibly vague symptom: the machine inexplicably stops booting right after starting plymouth01:14
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))02:20
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1600 users, 11 overflows, 1611 limit))02:21
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wyldeanyone free to pop into #ubuntu? Their's a multi-bot spam going on in there. Thanks02:25
bazhang@mark #ubuntu xmad ~seele@unaffiliated/xmad very foul message then quit04:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.04:00
ikoniamessaged F`ckJustinBieber about his nickname09:10
elkyhe lost connection soon after09:16
ikoniahe responded in pm and said he'd part09:16
ikoniaI thanked him09:16
ikoniahe's had a bit of a yo-yo connection09:16
ikoniabased on how he is in ##php with his new nick, he's a grade A troll10:01
ikoniaI'm surprised he agreed to /part10:01
* elky looks in there10:04
ikonia#defocus ##php - trolling10:04
ikoniachanged to the nick RFC14910:04
ikoniahi sausage213:15
sausage2naw watt was dat för? aj gut kickd ut off #ubuntu for no reson i just askt a kvestion13:15
ikonia"cunt" is a totally unacceptable and highly offensive word13:15
ikoniawhich is why I removed you rather than discuss it in the channel with you13:15
sausage2are you kidding me? ho'ws cunt a bad word13:15
sausage2it's a usual word in cumpoter terms13:15
ikoniaI suggest you look it up in the english dictionary13:16
ikoniait is not a a common word in computer terms13:16
LjLbad troll is bad13:16
MyrttiLjL: jag vet13:16
sausage2count*. Well well. Not a big diffrence. So, you kickded me because aj've gut dyslexia?13:16
ikoniano, I kicked you because you said "cunt" as I explained 2 minutes ago13:16
sausage2just becass you tink of snösk duz not mean ve uttrar does13:16
ikoniaI'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying13:17
sausage2duwd, i misspelled a word13:17
ikoniaplease slow down and type clearly13:17
LjLsausage2: no, he kicked you because you obviously misspelled words on purpose in order to turn them into rude words13:17
sausage2you kikcded me because i misspelled a word. I have dyslexia, and anglish is nichty my first language either13:17
sausage2aj did not!13:17
ikoniaI understnad English may not be your first language,13:17
sausage2as aj said13:18
ikoniahowever no matter the reason, it is unacceptable to type "cunt" or words of that nature in the ubuntu channels13:18
sausage2and do you think that's something you have to make a big dil off?13:18
ikoniayes, hence why I kicked you13:18
sausage2ikonia: nobody cared. everybody just thougth that "oh, a retard misspelling. Well, who cares"13:18
sausage2and then you comes into the picture: "oh, I'm a control freak! I MUST CONTROL *drewling*"13:18
ikoniawell, that doesn't change anything13:18
ikoniasausage2: lets leave it there then13:19
ikoniaas you seem to be able to type clearly to insult me, but not at any other time13:19
ikoniabye now13:19
sausage2I wish you had dyslexia and nobody cared about oylu13:19
sausage2have a happy life.. /(crappy)13:19
ikoniathanks, bye now13:19
sausage2you make the world a bad place. Bye.13:19
sausage2bye (and god please help the world from people like that)13:20
ikoniasausage2: type "/part"13:20
sausage2ikonia: let it go now. Just give this one up. Just stop pushing this worthless conversation further. Just cut it and lay it down.13:21
ikoniasausage2: please leave I don't wish to ban you from this channel also, but I will13:22
sausage2You just need the control, don't you? You can't just let the conversation end by not saying anything. You just MUST have the last word. Be quiet now, and I won't say anything.13:22
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (azrtyuio appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)13:49
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (azrtyuio appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)13:49
elkyis there anything this guy doesn't have some sort of conspiracy theory on?14:30
ikoniawhich one ?14:31
elkyfarmer. in -ot14:31
ikoniathere is no nick called famer in -ot14:31
* mneptok heads into the bunker.14:39
elkyThere's no internet in the bunker, is there? If not, please take him with you.14:39
mneptokelky: find one more person to encourage me to drag him into the bunker, and we have a conspiracy. only then will i do it.14:41
elkyikonia, your call :P14:42
elkyHe got himself a ban anyway, so I don't care anymore.14:42
ikoniaI don't think it it fair on mneptok14:42
ikoniaI'll rise above it and say "no"14:42
elkyikonia, you underestimate mneptok.14:42
ikoniathe abuse is continuing, I've closed the windows and looked away now14:42
mneptok /connect irc.freemasonry.g8.bilderburger.new.world.order.net14:44
mneptokikonia: watch this when you are forced to look away from IRC - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvX7TFA4jV014:47
bazhang* [ruli] (~ruli@64-17-80-213.nm.warpdriveonline.com): ruli15:22
bazhangtroll detected15:22
Piciikonia: let it go.15:24
bazhang<MrChattyPants> So, I'm sure most of you know that the Update Manager has changed its name, right?16:25
AlanBellyes, to software updater I think16:27
popeynot yet16:27
AlanBellin 12.1016:27
popeybut will do16:27
popeymuch to my annoyance16:27
AlanBell"updater" is a bit of an odd word16:28
popeyas in "not a word"16:28
AlanBellverbing nouns weirds languages16:28
bazhangsounds like decider16:28
genii-aroundSounds too much like embitterator18:05
Jordan_UWhich reminds me of the insinkerator (a brand of garbage disposal).18:12
Jordan_UAnd in that vein Updade Manager should clearly become the in-syncerator.18:13
genii-aroundAll the names so far remind me of some gadget the evil scientist on Phineas and Ferb makes18:28
mneptok"embiggens" is a perfectly cromulent word.18:31
smallfoot-help im banned from #ubuntu-motu18:37
mneptoksmallfoot-: you seem to have quite the ban history in a number of channels.18:46
smallfoot-how you know that?18:46
smallfoot-i havent been banned from #ubuntu-motu many times, cuz i only been banned there once and been banned forever18:46
smallfoot-its liek years old18:46
mneptoksmallfoot-: yes, and? bans do not auto-expire.18:47
smallfoot-i thought they was like 7 days, 14 days, 30 days18:47
mneptoknot how it works.18:48
smallfoot-sucks :(18:48
smallfoot-well, i dont even remember what shit i did to get banned lol18:48
smallfoot-can i have unban plz18:48
mneptokwell, sahib. seemingly a lot of the time it's language like that.18:48
mneptokthis is choice: <smallfoot-> i can use whatever language i want, im a gangster, ubuntu is made for black ppl18:49
mneptokthat's what got you banned from -motu18:50
mneptokground control to Major Tom ...18:51
mneptokand today you're playing Tiptoe On The Troll Line in #ubuntu18:53
mneptok12:30 < smallfoot-> is spyware allowed in multiverse and restricted?18:53
smallfoot-yeah, i wonder question18:53
smallfoot-well i said that when i was little18:53
mneptoksmallfoot-: you don't know why you're getting banned? really?18:53
smallfoot-cuz i was a gangster18:54
smallfoot-but i quit bein a gangster18:54
smallfoot-it was when i was little18:54
smallfoot-liek years ago18:54
smallfoot-i left da gangster life behind me18:54
smallfoot-and i thought ubuntu was for black ppl only18:54
smallfoot-now i understand that its for evrey118:54
mneptoksmallfoot-: sorry, you're wasting my time. you have a history, and i am convinced you have not changed.18:56
smallfoot-i changed my way18:56
mneptok12:30 < smallfoot-> is spyware allowed in multiverse and restricted?18:57
mneptokthat's *today*18:57
smallfoot-its a serious quest18:57
smallfoot-i know 'main' and 'universe' must be free software with open source and it has to follow rules of DFSG18:57
smallfoot-but multiverse can be non-free18:57
smallfoot-and is there any rules for non-free software?18:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:58
smallfoot-ok but it was a serious question18:58
mneptokseeing that you have been banned from both #ubuntu and -offtopic in the past, i can safely assume you understand what belongs where.18:58
smallfoot-well,  ikonw that question dont belong in here18:59
smallfoot-but you said i was ban cuz i ask that, and its not good question18:59
smallfoot-but its a good serious question18:59
beunosmallfoot-, so, it looks like you need to read -and understand- the Ubuntu code of conduct: http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct18:59
smallfoot-so i just explained it18:59
mneptokand you know #ubuntu is a support channel. break/fix questions.19:00
smallfoot-i didnt know19:00
smallfoot-im so confused19:00
smallfoot-i dont konw where to ask stuff always19:01
smallfoot-cuz im always wonderin stuff19:01
smallfoot-but there so many channels19:01
smallfoot-and im always yelled at everywhere i go and get banned always19:01
mneptoksmallfoot-: stop with the profanity. stop with the "i can do as i please" attitude. stop evading bans.19:01
smallfoot-i dont cuss anymore so much19:02
smallfoot-only on accident or when im pissed19:02
mneptoksmallfoot-: you have been banned from multiple channels on multiple occasions. you yourself admit it. now you want bans removed. you have really done nothing to answer the question, "why?"19:04
smallfoot-because i dont like be banned19:05
smallfoot-i want go in the channels so i can ask stuff19:05
smallfoot-im tired of be banned for stuff i did 100 years ago19:05
mneptok2 years.19:06
mneptokand there are bans that are much more recent than that19:06
smallfoot-yeah, i cant be banned for stuff i done 2 years19:06
smallfoot-its against prison guide rules of humanity19:06
smallfoot-someone in prison then you must release them19:07
smallfoot-human rights19:07
mneptokIRC is a privilege, not a right.19:07
smallfoot-its retarded im banned for something i did 2 years ago19:08
smallfoot-i cant even remember wut i did last week lol19:08
smallfoot-if you cant remember it, it never happend lol19:08
mneptoksmallfoot-: you swore and were offtopic in #ubuntu+1 2 weeks ago, if that helps your memory.19:09
mneptoksmallfoot-: earned a ban there. within the past couple weeks.19:09
smallfoot-i dont remember19:10
smallfoot-2 weeks ago is kinda long time19:10
smallfoot-i mighta been drunk n high19:10
macoWhether you remember the incident or not, do you recognize that swearing is not permitted in Ubuntu channels?19:10
mneptoksmallfoot-: either your actions are designed to provoke (deliberate design or no), or you just have a complete fail at understanding basic IRC etiquette and expectations.19:11
macoAnd also that having impaired yourself with poisons is not an excuse?19:11
smallfoot-hmm yes, cuz bazhang told me so19:11
mneptoksmallfoot-: in either case, it's not going to get solved today.19:11
smallfoot-its been not solved for 2 years19:11
smallfoot-when its ever gonna be solved?19:11
mneptoksmallfoot-: cease with the actions designed to provoke and/or understand basic IRC etiquette and expectations.19:12
smallfoot-im tryna be nice19:12
smallfoot-cuz whenever im a jerk bazhang bans me19:12
smallfoot-that guy is like in every channel i goto, even when i goto channels that has nothing todo with ubuntu19:12
mneptoksmallfoot-: have you tried ... you know ... NOT BEING A JERK?19:12
smallfoot-IM TRYING19:13
mneptokso there ya go.19:13
mneptoksmallfoot-: you seem to be not banned in #ubuntu ...19:13
smallfoot-but im still banned for things i did 2 years ago when i was a jerk19:13
smallfoot-yeah i know cuz i came in here and whined bout lol19:13
smallfoot-but im stilled banned in #ubuntu-motu19:13
mneptoksmallfoot-: don't screw it up for yourself, and use that in a few weeks to point to real change in your ways.19:13
mneptoksmallfoot-: this ain't rocket science.19:13
mneptoksmallfoot-: anything else?19:16
mneptoksmallfoot-: the /kick timer has activated ....19:22
Jordan_UI didn't even realize that ubottu factoids could contain multiple lines. Should the !il factoid be combined into one line though?22:00
ubottuלשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:22:00
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il22:00
genii-aroundMaybe because it's read from right to left22:01
Jordan_UI hadn't considered that.22:01
* Jordan_U wonders how well irssi can handle RTL languages given the oddity of RTL with terminal emulators.22:01
FuchsIt can't do it very well according to some tests with arabic we did recently22:02
Fuchsother clients handle it slightly better22:02
* Jordan_U is annoyed with hex20dec in #ubuntu but needs to leave and it's probably not worth pursuing anyway.22:04

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