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cjwatsonskaet: do you think foundations-q-replace-archive-admin-shell-access should be added to topic-quantal-release-management, perhaps?10:26
cjwatsonskaet: possibly also foundations-q-livefs-in-soyuz10:26
cjwatsontumbleweed: so, your sync-blacklist scripts - can I stick a copyright notice for you and a GPLv3 licence at the top?10:39
cjwatsontumbleweed: I was thinking of putting them in ubuntu-archive-tools10:39
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* ogra_ wonders if someone could update the debootstrap on the arm livefs builders ...11:36
ogra_P: Running debootstrap (download-only)...11:37
ogra_E: No such script: /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/quantal11:37
cjwatsonerr.  shouldn't they be doing quantal builds in a quantal chroot, which should already be upgraded to a current debootstrap that supports that?11:55
ogra_well, i would have thought so11:55
ogra_the errror somehow indicates differently though11:55
cjwatsonsure, just saying, not clear a simple upgrade will help as they already auto-upgrade at the start of the build11:56
ogra_thats -core only, for the other failed builds i havent looked deeper yet11:56
ogra_nusakan doesnt send me logs for these and i havent looked at people.c.c yet11:57
cjwatsonit's only core/armel, core/armhf works fine11:57
cjwatsonso, uh, wibble11:58
cjwatsonmaybe there's something that prevents the chroots auto-upgrading for some reason, and so they're effectively stuck on precise11:58
cjwatsonattempting to upgrade the chroots might reveal what that is, I guess11:58
ogra_well, its not like we urgently need building images right now ... should suffice if infinity takes a look once he is back11:58
cjwatsonbut that's my best guess11:59
cjwatsonfixing quantal/armel so that it auto-upgrades cleanly would suffice too, at least temporarily11:59
cjwatsonthough http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing-ports/quantal_probs.html doesn't seem to have anything that obviously matters here12:00
ogra_well, local dist-upgrades precise->quantal work fine on armel ...12:01
ogra_at least they did before UDS12:01
ogra_must be something in quantal armel itself ... i dont think anyone paid much attention to that port anyway yet though12:02
cjwatsonmm, upgrading successfully once should've been sufficient, though bear in mind we weren't doing daily builds before UDS, IIRC12:03
cjwatsonso it matters what they were doing as of the point when I turned on daily builds, not so much what they were doing before12:03
cjwatsonanyway, it's only my best working theory, not actually proven12:04
Davieyogra_: you can download the chroot that LP is using from LP, then chroot in and have a poke, if that helps.12:22
cjwatsonDaviey: No, that gets you the package build chroot, not the livefs build chroot.12:27
cjwatsonUntil such time as livefses are built in LP, then they might be the same.12:27
ogra_all i can do to the livefs builders is get http access to the local webserver instance to read the logs12:28
ogra_(and indeed trigger builds from nusakan without any direct access)12:29
Davieycjwatson: Ah, sorry.. i thought that was what ogra_ was talking about.12:32
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skaetScottK,  we need to do some cleanup on cdimage,  who should I work with to double check on some of the kubuntu parts of the cleanup?15:43
pittidarn, we are so close now.. http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/quantal_probs.html15:45
pittiI *just* thought I had it down to zero after that publisher run, when samba got broken15:45
pittino beer on a Friday evening :(15:45
cjwatsonskaet: oh, which reminds me, can I enable purging of old images again?  I think we've released everything for precise that we're going to release15:46
skaetcjwatson,  yes definitely15:46
* skaet thought it had been done already - should have checked. sorry.15:47
cjwatsondone now15:47
cjwatsonI'd left it that way pending the Chinese edition being sorted out, but that's done15:47
* skaet nods15:47
cjwatsonwhat Kubuntu cleanup is required?15:47
skaetSpads was noting they're taking up 100s of Gigs,  so a scrub/check seemed in order15:48
cjwatsonpractically all of that is going to be purge-old-images being left off15:48
skaetthat would indeed explain it.15:49
cjwatsonso the most economic approach might well be just to let the automatic code do its stuff15:49
bjfcan someone copy the Precise kernel package (3.2.0-24.38) from -proposed to -updates? (not a high priority)16:11
cjwatsonincidentally I just fixed a bunch of the daily CD builds (anything that was trying to include dist-upgrader images)16:12
cjwatsonand arranged that purge-old-images will never nuke the target of the 'current' symlink (might have been related ...)16:12
* skaet likes!! Thanks cjwatson. :)16:18
tumbleweedcjwatson: sure, although I just picked up where laney left off. he holds copyright on them too16:40
cjwatsonLaney: ^- ?16:41
cjwatson11:39 <cjwatson> tumbleweed: so, your sync-blacklist scripts - can I stick a copyright notice for you and a GPLv3 licence at the top?16:41
cjwatson11:39 <cjwatson> tumbleweed: I was thinking of putting them in ubuntu-archive-tools16:41
slangasekso the work items handling in launchpad17:48
slangasekis randomly corrupting my input17:48
slangasekhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-q-xorg-lts-updates - I noticed jdstrand's latest change included some seemingly extraneous changes to unrelated work items, so I tried to clean it up... and LP apparently completely replaced *my* intended change with something else17:50
jdstrandslangasek: weird. all I did was add a comment in the whiteboard, then do s/TODO/DONE/ on something17:51
slangasekI know17:51
slangasekthe server is clearly doing broken things with the input17:51
jdstrandthat's... suboptimal17:51
jdstrandI haven't noticed that with the blueprints I have been working on, but will keep an eye out for it17:52
stgraberskaet: hmm, that Precise 10.04.1 Daily milestone looks weird :)18:02
slangasek- [mlankhorst] Review the rename script: TODO18:02
slangasek+ [tjaalton] Review the rename script: TODO18:02
slangasek  [tjaalton] Review the rename script: TODO18:02
slangasek  [tjaalton] Review the rename script: TODO18:02
stgraberskaet: first, I think it should be called Precise 12.04.1 Daily :)18:02
slangaseknot cool18:02
* slangasek tries a fourth time to fix up these WIs18:03
stgraberskaet: and it also had notifications enabled which I turned off to avoid spamming people when we actually get builds pushed daily18:03
stgraberskaet: actually, is there any reason to use a separate daily milestone for post-release? (wondering if we can't just use the existing Precise Daily for that, then switch to Precise 12.04.1 when we're in freeze like usual)18:05
slangasek+ [mlankhorst] Also review the rename script: TODO18:08
slangasek  [tjaalton] Review the rename script: TODO18:08
slangasek  [tjaalton] Review the rename script: TODO18:08
slangasek  [tjaalton] Review the rename script: TODO18:08
slangasekthat is *also* not what I typed, Launchpad18:08
slangasekso I think LP can't cope with two work items with the same description but different assignees18:10
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* skaet headslams18:18
skaetstgraber,  yup should have been 12.04.1 *sigh*,  and we could go back to using the precise daily instead.18:20
* skaet goes to fix18:20
stgraberskaet: ok, let me kill 12.04.1 from the DB then, we'll create it when we're in freeze18:20
stgraberskaet: gone18:21
skaetstgraber, or we can just mark it closed for now, and reopen it then?18:21
skaettoo late18:21
skaetno worries.18:21
stgraberit didn't contain anything so it was still possible to completely remove without causing inconsistencies in the DB18:21
stgraberI also moved Precise Daily back to testing18:22
stgraberand will patch my scripts to deal properly with two daily milestones (the auto d-i publishing script just complained by e-mail ;))18:22
skaetstgraber, sounds good.18:22
skaetany problem with me just removing the images that aren't part of the LTS?18:23
stgrabernope, go ahead18:23
* cjwatson sets ~cdimage/.isotracker.conf back to Precise Daily18:24
stgraberfixed the cronjob, we'll now have d-i images published on all active daily milestones18:25
stgrabercjwatson: do you already have a way to make it use the right milestone depending on what release it's building?18:25
cjwatsonstgraber: no18:26
cjwatsonthough good point18:26
* skaet nods18:26
cjwatsonI'll see about beefing up isotracker_xmlrpc.py to support that18:26
cjwatsonmaybe [precise] [quantal] etc. sections18:27
cjwatsonfalling back to [general]18:27
stgrabercjwatson: sounds good for now. In the next release of the ISO tracker, all milestones will have to be linked to a series (required for the new testcase management code) so I'll have the series exported over the API too, should make this easier18:30
cjwatsonI'll bodge for now :)18:30
cjwatsondone, I think, let me know if it breaks :)18:33
stgraberright, and API extended to export the series, so we should have that on production at some point (it's in the testcase management branch, so not expecting this to land real soon)18:35
stgraberat some point I'll also want to rebase the tools in lp:ubuntu-archive-tools on the "official" python-qatracker at lp:~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/python-qatracker/18:37
* cjwatson tests - oops, that broke18:37
cjwatsonthere you go, some quantal images now18:39
stgraberhmm, someone will have to create all the download links or re-design that feature to be less of a pain to maintain (having to create/update 4 entries per image per series quickly gets annoying)18:41
Laneycjwatson: no worries20:25
stgrabercjwatson: are the precise dailies fully setup? I'm drafting the 12.04.1 spec now and I see that you have a work item for it, wondering if I should mark it done already ;)20:42
slangasekI didn't see them running yet20:46
cjwatsonstgraber: not yet, will try to sort that out asap21:24
cjwatsonLaney: great, thanks21:24
Laneyso you're planning on moving it over?21:25
cjwatsonLaney: yep - out of time this week now, but more or less next on the archive hit list at last22:12
cjwatsonsorry it's taken quite so long22:13
Laneynever mind :-)22:22
Laneyin other news, update-sources.py in mom is intense22:22

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