pooranguspatdk-lap: Yes, this is 12.04 .. I have researched this extensively and somehow managed to come up empty00:22
pooranguspatdk-lap: Would you happen to have a link to the resolution?00:23
pooranguspatdk-lap: Which list?00:24
patdk-lapthe postfix maillist00:24
pooranguspatdk-lap: I'm sorry, there appears to be several. Can you please be more specific?00:26
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pooranguspatdk-lap: wait, think I found it .. smtpd_tls_exclude_ciphers = AES ??00:27
patdk-lapno idea, I know the issue is with openssl 1.x, and there was a programming patch to work around/fix it00:33
patdk-lapdunno if there was a config adjustment to help or not00:33
wolferzI just installed ubuntu server, I need a gui for setting some things up. I installed xinit and e17, but when I startx, there are no system settings, package managers, or anything else at all... Also, my entire sdb drive is forbidden to access... Does anyone have some guidance for me?00:33
patdk-lapwolferz, try #ubuntu? we don't do gui here00:33
wolferzno one has a gui on their server? ...... wow00:34
pooranguswolferz: while you're headed over there, run this: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:34
poorangusbut no, typically a server would not involve any GUI00:34
patdk-laphehe, even windows has dropped gui for servers00:35
wolferzI don't want a constant gui, I just need one to set the server up00:35
wolferzwon't ubuntu-desktop use unnessecary resources?00:36
wolferzand open up security issues?00:36
poorangusyes, that's why it would normally be excluded00:36
poorangusif you want something lighter try this: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop00:37
poorangusstill not recommended though00:37
wolferzI just don't know how to set it up using cli00:37
poorangusjoin the club, buddy!00:37
wolferzlol, how'd you manage without the gui?00:38
patdk-lapvi, bash, maybe even rsync00:38
poorangusI used the patch00:39
poorangusand the gum00:39
poorangusI did hit a road bump, that's why I'm here .. but hopefully our man @patdk-lap just resolved it.00:40
poorangusRe-installing now and then I shall see.00:40
mariooohi all. I'm working on upsizing an LVM pv, however after a reboot i've been dropped to an initramfs shell, and unsure how to remount the disk..?01:00
marioooI know it's /dev/xvda5, ext3/4, and that's about it01:01
marioooI ended up here because before reboot fdisk claimed my device needed a new disklabel built, so I let fdisk do that01:01
pooranguspatdk-lap: That didn't work.01:10
poorangusThe "smtpd_tls_exclude_ciphers = AES" solution from the Postfix list.01:10
patdk-lapheh, didn't think it would01:10
poorangusBut this is the resolution you were referring to, right?01:12
patdk-lapthe solution is a patch01:13
patdk-lapthat means recompiling postfix01:13
BentFranklinWhat's the right way to populate my resolv.conf these days?01:45
owhSalutations. I have an 8.04.4 server which shows that overnight my log went from  May 17 23:42:01 to May 17 16:53:58 - that's right, backwards in time. The May 17 16:53:58 entry is a reboot. When I connected to it, the time was wrong by just under 12 hours. The server is a VMware guest. The underlying host SAN went down around the time of the reboot. Can someone point me in any direction please? My google-fu is not what it is supposed to be and I've never 01:50
mardraumBentFranklin: /etc/network/interfaces, dns-* options like dns-nameservers dns-search01:51
twbowh: hardware clock set to UTC?01:52
twbOh, VMware.01:52
mardraumyour vm may be getting time from the host. fix that, and use ntp properly.01:52
twbowh: try #vmware; when it runs in a VM, normal timekeeping procedures no longer apply.01:53
twbmardraum: ...in particular, you're supposed to use vmware guest stuff instead of NTP, IIRC01:53
hallynkees: CAP_SYS_ADMIN should be required, yes, by kernel/nsproxy.c01:53
mardraumtwb: I disagree, but whatever works for you :D01:53
mardraum(note I didn't say *where* to fix ntp)01:54
owhThe machine is using the ntp pool. There are no vmware tools installed.01:55
owhHmm. What if I look at this differently. What if the machine went down at 23:42 and came back up with the wrong time.01:55
BentFranklinmardraum: Ok thanks, that's where I have it.01:56
owhThat would account for this.01:56
* owh breathes a sigh of relief.01:56
patdk-lapcorrect your esxi ntp service to get time01:57
owhpatdk-lap: You mean the host right?01:58
owh(Rather than the guest which is my server.)01:58
twbmardraum: "no longer apply" in the sense that if you install ntp on the guest in the hope of protecting it from vmware brokenness, it fails catastrophically01:58
mardraumhaven't heard of this failure you are talking about01:59
twbThe reason it's a VM and not a jail is because it's supposed to emulate hardware correctly, such that the guest doesn't know or care that it's in a VM in the first place.  vmware people violate this by telling you to *not* run ntp inside teh guest, but to instead rely on the  vmware guest tools and to only install ntp on the host.02:00
twb...at least, that is what I remember, and I remember being very annoyed at them.  That was a few years back; I run KVM these days.02:00
owhHmm. Locally in my own environment I run ntp to the host, never had any issues.02:02
twbShrug.  Oh well.02:04
owhThanks all. I'm poking the host provider in the eye with a pointy marsupial.02:06
twbI prefer monotremes.02:07
owhAnd some of those come with pre-made spikes, excellent. A Monotreme it is :)02:08
twbowh: the platypus has a stinging barb, too02:09
patdk-lapheh? you can easily run ntp in a guest, if you do it right02:13
patdk-lapbut I mean someone must have failed to configure the esxi host ntp02:13
twbNo argument about the latter02:13
owhYeah, that is what I'm thinking too - now that I have a scenario that I can understand :)02:16
owhtwb: Sorry for the delay, but the image that I thought existed online didn't - now it does: http://demo.itmaze.com.au/australian_animals.jpg02:21
owh(It's like the punch-line of a joke being translated from English to Portugese to Batak and back.)02:25
KXTwoThis might be out of the range of this # but i'm not sure where else I'd ask. I got my server up and running and have been trying to learn network tools.  I installed nmap and it picks up all the devices on the network but my phone.  Is there a reason for that?05:25
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ZanzacarI have apache2 installed, I have tried to uninstall it and all the config files but I have failed07:39
ZanzacarI tried to do sudo apt-get --purge remove apache2 but they persist07:40
SpamapSZanzacar: some aren't owned by 'apache2'07:47
SpamapSZanzacar: dpkg -S /etc/apache207:47
SpamapSZanzacar: that will show you what packages own the files, from there, you can purge those packages too07:47
MischinkaSpamapS i believe its a setting in my nginx, but i in my shopping cart when i go to the last area (checkout) the button seems to loop to the same page07:52
MischinkaWhere would i look to fix this.07:52
Zanzacarthanks SpamapS I think that will take care of everythign07:52
SpamapSMischinka: sorry, I'm very tired and about to fall asleep07:57
nibalizerso reading about upstart, and getting confused, it says(and i've verified) you can use /sbin/start and /sbin/stop, which is bizare to me since both are symlinks to initctl09:13
nibalizercan someone shed light on this09:13
nibalizeris like ARGV[0] the name of the file called and somehow this is acted upon09:14
adacwhat is the correct command to create a system user, an user that is created for to start an application only09:14
nibalizeradac: you can use useradd/adduser09:14
nibalizerbut if you want a mysql user, the mysql package should create a user for you09:14
Davieyjamespage: thanks for doing the samba merge.09:47
jamespageDaviey, np09:47
jamespageI needed todo an SRU for it anyway :-)09:47
Davieyjamespage: Odd, 'Colin' noticed the issue in Ubuntu.. but 'Clin' noticed it in Debian. :)09:48
Mischinkahow do i get rid of: identity of this website has not been verified10:07
Tm_TMischinka: by buying proper cert? (if that's what you're asking)10:08
iSeeDeadPixelsHello, who has experience with MAAS?10:33
Davieyjamespage: you don't fancy doing a re-merge of samba from sid, do you? :) ..10:33
jamespageDaviey, can do10:34
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: Quite a few people.10:34
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: We don't maintain an extensive list, as we just don't know who exaclty.. the list would probably be too long.10:34
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, do you have experience with it?10:36
iSeeDeadPixelsbecause it's such an annoying thing to set up.10:36
iSeeDeadPixelspython errors EVERYWHERE10:36
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: I do..10:37
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, i have a error when i run maas test, import oauth failed10:38
iSeeDeadPixelsand when i want to Commission & Accept i get an internal server error (Can't find a thingy /etc/maas/comm..." because of a missing "/" at the beginning)10:38
iSeeDeadPixelsValidationError: [u'Commissioning script is missing: etc/maas/commissioning-user-data']10:40
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: Can you describe how you got to where you are?10:42
iSeeDeadPixelsi installed MaaS server via a 12.04 Unetbootin thumbdrive10:42
iSeeDeadPixelsand then i ran maas-import-isos10:42
iSeeDeadPixelsSo yeah, i really hoped it would be better than this, did you have any problems Daviey?10:45
jamespageDaviey: is there any etiquette I should be following before uploaded an large number of no-change rebuilds?10:55
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey ?11:09
Davieyjamespage: how many?11:10
Davieyand what for?11:10
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: Hey, it's not an issue i've seen... you used the cd menu option to install?11:11
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, yes11:12
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: i've done this same process 100's of times without issue.. So something is odd.. the on;y difference i can see frm what you have said, is that i didn't use unetbootin11:14
jamespageDaviey: pitti answered my question in -devel - around ~90 for the Java7 transition11:15
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey http://pastebin.com/P3S0w7mF11:19
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey: http://pastebin.com/vE6LFDQi11:23
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, http://pastebin.com/s7RxLHYp11:25
iSeeDeadPixelsi'm now installing MaaS on a VM11:27
iSeeDeadPixelsif it works i know i am gonna grab a CD11:27
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: This is really odd... *Something* is different.. but i don't really have enough info to say what..11:31
DavieyIt's not an issue i'd previously heard of.11:31
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, i wanted to show wy employer that MaaS would be better than RHEV11:32
iSeeDeadPixelsthis kinda... meh11:32
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: you know MAAS isn't directly for virtualisation?11:39
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, i assume you can use MaaS in combination with Xen?11:40
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: no, it's not for that.. it's for providing metal on demand.. Xen isn't metal :)11:41
iSeeDeadPixelsexplain me more11:42
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: you can use MAAS to deploy Openstack for example, which provides virtualisation..11:42
Davieybut an Ovirt / VmWare style tool, MAAS isn't.11:42
iSeeDeadPixelsthe ni will use maas for openstack11:42
iSeeDeadPixelsbut what is "metal" then, blank servers?11:43
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: Have you explored the difference between oVirt and OpenStack btw?11:43
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: Well, Ubuntu Servers.. with a meta-data service, and an API exposed to them.11:43
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: power control and commissioning / burn-in etc.11:44
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, dynamically adding and removing servers?11:44
iSeeDeadPixelsbecause, if i can use MaaS to distribute the load between the machines for VM'ing, it'd be awesome11:45
Davieythat is the intent.. plug in a new server, and it comes part of the pool, automagicaly.11:45
iSeeDeadPixelscan i create a "node" image and let MaaS use that?11:46
iSeeDeadPixelse.g. a openstack configured image11:46
iSeeDeadPixelsand no, i don't know the difference between oVirt and OpenStack11:47
iSeeDeadPixelsbut i want something close to RHEV, for free.11:47
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: A private cloud, Openstack is like Amazon's cloud.  oVirt is more similar to VMware, for managing virtual machines.11:48
DavieyMy view is that a 'cloud' scales better.. :)11:48
iSeeDeadPixelsthen i want Openstack11:49
iSeeDeadPixelsbut the whole idea is that i can put a server in the rack, and that i connect the lan, wan and power, and then it should automatically install, configure and be added to the cloud11:50
brainysmurfMy ubuntu box mounts a afp share served by a Mac; I need that dir writeable by www-data. Has anyone done this? What do I do with acl on the Mac side to get this to work?11:50
iSeeDeadPixelsi also want VM-Load balancing11:50
iSeeDeadPixelsso that the VM's get evenly distributed between machines, and if i give a VM priority it should get more resources.11:52
iSeeDeadPixelsdynamically scaled VM's11:53
iSeeDeadPixelsif it uses more CPU, give it more CPU11:53
twbbrainysmurf: what does the dir look like (ls -ld) on the linux side, at present?11:53
iSeeDeadPixelsif it uses more Mem, give it more mem11:53
brainysmurftwb: owned by root, world access11:54
twbbrainysmurf: is the AFP share kerberized?11:54
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: you are looking for features which don't normally go in hand with a cloud.11:55
iSeeDeadPixelswell, the CPU and Mem scaling isn't really important11:55
brainysmurftwb: NOt sure how an afp share is kerberized, but there is OD on that share I think11:55
twbWhat is "OD"?11:55
iSeeDeadPixelsas long as the VM's get distributed over multiple machines11:56
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: a well designed application for the cloud (imo), should just expect failure.. if you need to resize, you kill the machine, and start a new one.. The application shouldn't be impacted.11:56
brainysmurfOpen Directory11:56
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, i just want the VM's to be distributed, i assume that when you use a cloud that the memory and cpu power is combined as one machine?11:57
twbbrainysmurf: you perhaps want to chgrp on the apple side to www-data's numeric group11:57
twbbrainysmurf: otherwise you need to make the user/group mappings line up, or fiddle with kerberos11:58
brainysmurftwb: Do you mean chgrp to www-data's gid?11:58
twbbrainysmurf: yes11:58
twbbrainysmurf: or of course use something else, e.g. SFTP11:58
twbThe webserver should not, in general, be writing files11:59
brainysmurftwb: Investigated that, apparently OD shares have to be afp according to colleague11:59
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, well, how can i do what i want then?11:59
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: i think you need to spec out what your application needs, then find the right tool for the job.11:59
twbOh, apparenty "Open Directory" is an LDAP server.12:00
twbYou should speak LDAP to it12:00
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, Xen12:00
brainysmurfWait, I can mount an LDAP?12:00
Daviey iSeeDeadPixels, Your application needs Xen?12:01
twbYou write LDIFs, which are the LDAP equivalent of HTTP requests12:01
iSeeDeadPixelsDaviey, the application IS xen12:02
brainysmurftwb: Wow that would be slick12:02
brainysmurfDidn't even realize you can write to LDAP12:02
iSeeDeadPixelsi am going to build VM's for hosting and other tasks, i want to be able to distribute the VM's evenly over the machines12:02
twbUh, LDAP is basically a database12:03
twbyou query it and make changes and so on12:03
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels:  In which case you might want XCP12:04
iSeeDeadPixelsbut can i still use MaaS or is that not needed then?12:04
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: I really need to get back to work, but i suggest doing further research before settling on something.. and/or speaking to Canonical professional services, or similar.12:05
brainysmurftwb Hmm... but it has to look like a directory on the hard drive, the moodle and php need that12:05
twbDon't use PHP12:05
DavieyiSeeDeadPixels: Nobody i know of has done it, but technically you could use MAAS to deploy XCP, i think.12:05
brainysmurfTotally agreed; I'm a pythonista myself. No choice, though. Don't worry, I'm slowly getting my client to plone instead of moodle12:07
Davieyjamespage: I've just uploaded a new cifs-utils that will depwait on your new, new samba.. thanks muchly.12:07
jamespageDaviey, have I not uploaded that yet?12:07
jamespageoh - no12:07
brainysmurftwb: I don't have a user with same gid as www-data on linux, does this mean I just make one?12:10
twbbrainysmurf: if it is not kerberized, apple doesn't need the group to exist, it just needs the file to be grouped to that gid12:12
twbThe resolution of uids/gids to usernames/group names is not needed for anything except humans -- same as IPs don't need hostnames to work12:13
jamespageDaviey: just uploaded12:14
brainysmurfSo i chgrp'd it to 33 and it reads "33" when I list; that is all? Great explanation, by the way.12:14
RoyKbrainysmurf: just add the user to the www-data group12:17
faizanazizhi…. my server has solr installed… I keep getting too many files open error…. I google and found out that I need to increase ulimit… however even when i change it the process ulimit does not change…. Even after restarting the process12:18
jamespagefaizanaziz, how are you altering the ulimit?12:25
faizanazizulimit -n 10000012:25
jamespagefaizanaziz, OK - let me ask that a different way12:25
jamespagehow are you running solr?12:25
jamespageon tomcat? jetty?12:25
jamespagefaizanaziz, so are you using the standard solr-jetty package?12:26
jamespageand restarting the process using the init script?12:26
faizanazizno… its a solr-jetty recipe from the solr wiki12:26
faizanazizyep…. i restart using the init script12:27
faizanazizthis is the setup i am using http://wiki.apache.org/solr/SolrJetty12:28
twbfaizanaziz: you should apt-get install the supported package12:29
faizanaziztwb: thats the legacy 1.4 package we are using 3.612:30
faizanazizhmmm :(12:31
zulgood morning12:35
brainysmurfI think this afp share is kerberorized as www-data still can't write to it. Also just noticed that there's acl permissions in the directory listning12:36
twbbrainysmurf: might be worth askign ##macosx as well12:37
brainysmurfThanks twb12:47
zulhallyn: upated libvirt in the usual place12:54
hallynzul: ok, thx.  i'd like to figure out this initscripts debacle first12:58
zulhallyn: k12:59
Merlin83bOh, was trying to join #ubuntu-cloud!13:11
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PiciMerlin83b: #ubuntu-cloud forwards here.13:13
Merlin83bSo I see.  I guess we can just talk cloud things here then.13:14
Merlin83bLike why on my new cloud live install I'm getting lots of errors about the dashboard being unable to retrieve lists of volumes.13:14
tashanyone here used virtuabox on Ubuntu Server before?  As in a virtual machine host, to create individual virtual machines?13:31
iSeeDeadPixelshow do i install MaaS with PXE boot on a network with Existing DHCP?13:54
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eagles0513875hey guys I'm running an upgraded 12.04 with xen14:07
eagles0513875and I'm gavin tissues when i boot onto the xen kernel that it doesn't load kde as well as it randomly reboots for some reason :(14:08
iSeeDeadPixelsok, i'm having a dnsmasq issue along with maas (maas-dhcp)14:11
iSeeDeadPixelsit won't stick to eth014:11
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sarthorHI, how can install java on 12.04 server?15:55
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:55
chmacWhat's the apt-get command to upgrade to a new lts?16:18
chmac10.04 to 12.0416:19
patdk-lapyou never upgrade between releases using apt-get16:19
patdk-lapI would recommend waiting for 12.04.116:19
patdk-lapbut you use do-release-upgrade16:20
chmacpatdk-lap: When does 12.04.1 land?16:20
chmacHmm, no do-release-upgrade on this machine, it's an openvz image, so could be more complicated.16:20
patdk-lapwell, it does help to install it16:21
chmacpatdk-lap: I need t install do-release-upgrade? `apt-get install do-release-upgrade` says package not found...16:22
LordOfTimeits in update-manager-core16:23
LordOfTime[kahless]% apt-file search do-release-upgrade16:24
LordOfTimeupdate-manager-core: /usr/bin/do-release-upgrade16:24
patdk-lapit's all explained in the release notes16:25
patdk-lapthat you did read didn't you?16:25
patdk-lapcause if you didn't, your likely in for some big suprises16:25
* LordOfTime assumes not16:25
LordOfTimespeaking of which, i should reread the release notes16:26
LordOfTimeyep, thought so16:28
chmacHmm, `do-release-upgrade -d` finds precise, but `do-release-upgrade` does not.16:30
patdk-lapalso explained :)16:30
chmacOutstanding, download times quoted for a 56k modem :-)16:31
LordOfTimechmac:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuServer#Upgrade16:31
LordOfTimeyou should read the rest of the release notes as well :)16:31
chmacLordOfTime: It's a brand new machine, a test vm, so I'm not too concerned, there's nothing to lose, but yes, reading the release notes is probably not a bad idea at some point, thanks for the link.16:32
LordOfTimechmac:  its all explained in the release notes :)16:32
chmacpatdk-lap: Thanks a lot for your help, I appreciate it.16:33
iSeeDeadPixelswho can help me with setting up MaaS with a existing DHCP server?17:01
e_t_iSeeDeadPixels: it might be helpful to describe what's involved in "setting up MaaS with a existing DHCP server." Are there particular steps you're stuck on?17:04
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iSeeDeadPixelse_t_ i'm stuck on the part where you PXE boot, and get the ISO's from the TFTP server (
iSeeDeadPixelsthe DHCP server is on
genii-aroundDo you have something like: next-server    set in the dhcpd.conf ?17:14
ninjaiusing ubuntu server 11.0, why is SSH 5.8 still in the repo's when SSH 5.9 and 6.0 are out? How can I upgrade to SSH 6?17:37
iSeeDeadPixels_genii-around, thanks for the tip, it's working ^_^17:39
genii-aroundiSeeDeadPixels_: You're welcome17:39
iSeeDeadPixels_it should be added to the wiki17:40
iSeeDeadPixels_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS/ see?17:41
genii-aroundWiki page updated.18:03
RoyKwtf - trying to install ubuntu server precise from usb fails, 'fails to mount cdrom'18:17
KM0201RoyK: thats a common problem... there's instructions on how to install ubuntu server from CD rom (i can't remember exactly what to do.. but google should turn it up)18:21
negoneHello I am trying to setup ubuntu server 12.04 for the first time and im running into some problems18:21
KM0201RoyK: what tool did you use to create the USB18:21
KM0201negone: i saw your question in #ubuntu, what exact problem are you having?18:22
negoneI( cant seem to get past the partiion disks part18:22
negone i want one drive setup on a raid0 to host the os and the other 5 set up on a raid 5 to be the data base and so forth18:23
KM0201are the current raid 5 drives blank?18:23
negoneall of them are blank18:23
KM0201i've never set up a raid 5, so i can't help you there.18:23
RoyKKM0201: that windows tool18:23
negonethe raid 5 is set i just need to partition them18:23
RoyKusually works well, and mounting the usb thing works too, but it still complains18:24
KM0201RoyK: yes, i know that... i've had issues w/ ubuntu's usb creator and ubuntu server... you can try unetbootin, but i suspect you'll have the same issues.18:24
negoneKM0201 i tried to follow these directions but i keep getting problems https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/advanced-installation.html18:24
* RoyK gets out an old-school DVD disc and burns the thing18:25
KM0201negone: what do you mean you need to partition the raid 5?18:25
negonein the setup process it asks me to partition the disks18:25
negonethats my problem im not sure what to do here haha18:26
RoyKnegone: first of all, don't run raid-0 unless you know what dataloss costs18:26
KM0201hmm, negone are you new to ubuntu? (just curious)18:26
RoyKnegone: second, don't use raid-018:26
negoneubuntu server i am18:26
RoyKnegone: third, use raid-0 only when you know the havoc of getting your data back18:26
KM0201RoyK: he's only using the "OS" drive as raid 018:26
negonefirst time i ever setup a server18:26
KM0201negone: what are you using your home server for?18:26
RoyKKM0201: doesn't matter - striped disks are evil by default18:26
RoyKuse mirrors or nothing18:27
negonei am a web developer18:27
RoyKfor os disks18:27
KM0201RoyK: i tend to agree..18:27
KM0201just saying.18:27
RoyKnegone: then just do a base install, it uses a single drive and that's fine18:27
negonewell the website for this is going to be big really big18:27
RoyKnegone: then, if you want to store data on that system, create a mirror or a raid-[56]18:27
RoyKnegone: I'm managing systems with a few hundred drives - they die all the time18:28
RoyKall drives die18:28
RoyKlike people ;)18:28
RoyKnever ever trust a single drive18:29
negonethis is how my boss wants it set up im just trying to get it done18:29
negonehe wants one drive as a raid 0 with just the os and the others raid 518:29
RoyKtell your boss he's out of his mind18:29
RoyKa single drive isn't raid-018:29
negoneim just trying to get past the partision end of the install for ubuntu18:29
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RoyKnegone: raid-[056] support isn't in grub18:30
RoyKnegone: so use a mirror or a single drive18:30
negonewell my head hurts already what should i do? i have 6 drives to work with and we want it to be as fast as posible18:31
negoneaccepting any suggestions18:31
RoyKnegone: what size of those drives_18:32
negonethe raid 0 is 73 gig and the raid 5 is 586 gig18:32
RoyKok, by raid-0, is that a raid controller exporting that?18:33
RoyKthen your raid-0 is a single drive, but both are seen as single drives from ubuntu, right?18:34
negonein the partision menu it just shows up as 2 drives18:35
* RoyK reinstalls his home server on SSD :D18:40
negonei just need to get to the part where im most useful *coding*18:40
negoneand thats after the os is installed apache the works18:41
esuaveis there a way to rsync the output of a grep? example.. grep -irl 'test' * | rsync outputted filenames from grep?18:41
RoyKSSD for the root only, some 2TB drives for the data18:43
negoneRoyK talk me like i just downloaded ubuntu server yesterday18:44
negonecause i did :)18:45
RoyKnegone: heh - been running ubuntu for some five years, linux since 1994 or so18:46
RoyKsorry if I was hard on you18:47
negoneits ok18:48
negoneits a real learning curve when your just starting18:48
negonethere is no real instructions its expect you to nkow what everything is18:48
negoneguh i cant typer18:48
* RoyK just needs to reconnect those eight or so 2TB drives18:49
RoyKthink my record was 5-6 minutes for a debian server install - ubuntu is a bit slower18:51
negoneI really need to get this up by today18:52
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RoyKnegone: please ask if there's a problem. the docs usually aren't written for newbies, and that's bad18:56
cedrRoyK: Mine was ~30 seconds, although that was with openvz :P19:00
negonewell im just trying to figure out this partition thing19:03
negonei just dont know how to partition it to make it work19:03
negonei keep running into problems and it tells me to fix it19:04
genii-aroundnegone: Are you trying to resize some old Windows partition? If so and it has not been marked clean by a filesystem check done from inside windows, it will not let you resize it.19:12
negonergw partition disk part of installing ubuntu 12.0419:14
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zulhallyn: around/19:15
esuavehow do i know what version of php is compatible with what version of openssl?19:16
hallynzul: what's up?19:16
zulhallyn:  have you seen: "libvir: QEMU error : internal error unable to execute QEMU command 'device_add': Duplicate ID 'virtio-disk0' for device"19:16
genii-aroundnegone: There is a pretty comprehensive page on the subject at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition19:17
hallynzul: is that happening after you disconnect and then reconnect a device?19:17
zulhallyn: just attaching the disk device19:17
zuli have a disk that is alias to virtio-disk0 for some reason19:18
hallynany other virtio disks in the xml?19:18
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zulhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/994714/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/994716/19:19
hallynzul: well you're asking it to be assigned to xvda, what if you do xvdc?19:21
negoneim doing this from the install window19:21
negoneso i dont have a lot of options19:21
negonenore can i even use a mouse19:21
hallynzul: or really, just get rid of the 'dev="xvda"' in the blockdev one19:21
genii-aroundnegone: The information for how much to use, how much for swap, etc is still valid.19:22
zulhallyn: blah...nm i suck19:22
hallynzul: ?19:25
zulhallyn: i was using xvda19:25
hallynok :)19:25
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zastaph_what to do if you have an equals sign in a samba password? seems not to work to put password=mypass=123 in .smbcredentials20:01
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sarthorHi, I have running a computer shop, Accessories sale / Windows / software installation, Very small shop and a very small business, I want to install some Linux based Free software that can handly my invoicing , accessories detail and daily cash record, I will like the software that have Server and Client, Any idea brothers?20:53
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sarthorHi, I have running a computer shop, Accessories sale / Windows / software installation, Very small shop and a very small business, I want to install some Linux based Free software that can handly my invoicing , accessories detail and daily cash record, I will like the software that have Server and Client, Any idea brothers?21:11
genii-aroundsarthor: lemonpos may be close to what you need21:17
sarthorgenii-around,  has that server and client?21:18
genii-aroundsarthor: It can run standalone, or as server-client model21:18
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/994956/21:44
stgraberhallyn: that's generated by http://paste.ubuntu.com/994957/21:44
carwatti have this trouble21:44
carwatterror at dev volgroup00 logvol0021:44
hallynstgraber: i'm just not sure that's in the end going to be more robust than the ioctl-based one :)21:44
carwatthow oto repair it?21:45
carwatti run fsck -y21:45
carwattbut didnt work21:45
axisyshow do prevent users from seeing other users' process(es) ?21:45
hallynstgraber: btw, my initscripts patch works great for debootstrap, but i'm not 100% convinced that it'll work right for upgrade i.e. from lucid to precise in a chroot21:45
stgraberhallyn: lucid => precise doesn't quite work anyway because of the mounts in /dev and /lib/init21:45
hallynoh?  then maybe i should just live with it and be happy?  :)21:46
hallynstgraber: oh on second look, no, your scripts does look better.  since ip netns does the right things for you.  looks good21:46
stgraberthe only release we can reasonably upgrade from, inside a container, is precise21:46
hallynin a container.  but what about crazy ppl with a chroot?21:46
hallynmaybe i shouldn't care21:46
stgraberhmm, indeed, some people may try to upgrade from outside the container, which "might" work21:47
hallynupgrade inside a container (btw) isn't actually affected because it is detected as '! ischroot'21:47
hallynwhich is fine, it's what we want, bc there will be a proper shutdown.21:48
stgraberhallyn: yeah, the shell script doesn't do direct calls to liblxc and doesn't mess with mounts or anything like that, so it should be safer than lxc-ip. I'm still hoping to one day be able to do "lxc-info -n my-container | grep ^ip" :)21:48
hallynheh, don't hope.  we'll make it happen :)21:49
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/994996/22:04
stgraberhallyn: fixed a few race conditions in the process22:04
koolhead17hey zul22:05
koolhead17hello everyone22:05
stgraberhallyn: looking at exactly what lxc-start-ephemeral needs, I'll probably change the function a little so we don't need to parse its output, should make it much smaller and more readable for an SRU22:09
hallynstgraber: yeah that makes sense22:13
hallynhey koolhead1722:14
koolhead17hallyn, hello there sir. :)22:15
stgraberhallyn: is lxc-start-ephemeral supposed to be working as a regular user? it's giving me quite a few error messages here unless I run it through sudo22:21
hallynstgraber: no, it can't currently work unprivileged22:21
hallynstgraber: they had wanted it to call sudo itself so you don't have to, but then some places do "x > y", and you can't really do "sudo x > y"22:22
stgraberhallyn: right, should be easy enough to fix with tee though22:26
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/995034/ seems to work here22:28
tmt1020Would anyone happen to have experience using CloudStack with Ubuntu server and KVM?22:37
koolhead17tmt1020, does cloudstack works/pkg in general for 12.0422:38
hallynstgraber: sudo a | tee b, b is unprivileged no?22:39
stgraberhallyn: yes, but I used a | sudo tee b >/dev/null22:39
hallynnot in that pastebin you didn't22:39
tmt1020koolhead17, I'm sorry, I'm still getting familiar with Unix/Linux. Are you asking if CloudStack has a pre-built package for 12.04?22:40
stgraberhallyn: gah, I did for one and forgot the two others ;)22:40
koolhead17tmt1020, yes22:40
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/995043/ :)22:40
tmt1020They do have a download for Ubuntu in general on their open-source download page. Everything seems to be working correctly, except I'm having trouble adding my KVM host machine (which is running Ubuntu 64-bit 12.04) to the management server.22:41
hallynstgraber: looks good :)  I'm outta here, good night22:42
koolhead17tmt1020, you should probability check out #cloudstack22:43
stgraberhallyn: good night22:43
koolhead17hallyn, night :)22:44
tmt1020koolhead17, Gotcha. I posted a message there, I just haven't gotten a response yet. I thought someone here might have some experience with. But I'll check the #cloudstack channel again in the morning and see if I've gotten a response. I appreciate your help!22:44
koolhead17tmt1020, np :_22:44
koolhead17tmt1020, you might like to try openstack as well if your evaluating cloudy stuff :)22:45
tmt1020koolhead17, sounds good. (: I had taken a quick look at it the other day and made a mental note to give it a try next. My main goal at the moment is to get a setup working with a successful failover in case one of the physical VM host machines fails. It looks like openstack would accomplish that goal as well.22:51
jMCgBy default, is there anything that caches passwd entries?22:54
Dead_AssClownhey how do you delete windows vista os23:30
mysteriousdarrenDead_AssClown: delete the partition and repartition it, or delete the files if your gonna boot a different OS23:32
Dead_AssClowni need step by step help lol23:33
mysteriousdarrenDead_AssClown: what OS are you running?23:36
mysteriousdarrendo you have gparted installed? are you going to dual-boot?23:36
Dead_AssClownits dual-boot right now, do i really need vista, does it slow down my computer?23:37
Dead_AssClownim not a big gamer23:37
Dead_AssClowni dont use adobe23:37
mysteriousdarrenI deleted vista and kept xp until 7 came out.23:38
mysteriousdarrenthis question is better suited for #ubuntu23:39
Dead_AssClownnewb question right here....i started writing code, whats the best program for linux?23:41
mysteriousdarrenDead_AssClown: what language?23:41
Dead_AssClowni want to stick with ruby23:41
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Dead_AssClowndownloading ruby from terminal23:45
=== e2b04836|away is now known as e2b04836
Dead_AssClownwat does the program 'yum' do23:52

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