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lubotu3If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:10
AlanBellerk, I broke something06:57
TheOpenSourcereroh dear06:58
TheOpenSourcereranything important?06:58
AlanBellI was doing a do-release-upgrade over SSH, it was nearly done but asked some question or other about the config files for snmpd (nothing important)06:59
AlanBelland the ssh connection dropped overnight06:59
AlanBellI can ssh in, something is locking /var/lib/dpkg/lock06:59
AlanBellnot sure whether to restart and hope, or do some other commands first07:00
TheOpenSourcererif nothing "dpkg'ish is running why not just delete the lock or pid?07:01
AlanBellthere is a dpkgish thing running07:01
TheOpenSourcererkill it gently?07:01
AlanBell /usr/bin/dpkg --force-overwrite --status-fd 13 --configure libgdbm3 libclass-isa-perl perl-modules . . .  and a big long list of hundreds of packages07:01
AlanBelljust after I started the upgrade it occurred to me I should have done it in a screen session07:02
TheOpenSourcereror nohup it with an &07:03
AlanBellit asks questions07:04
TheOpenSourcererah yes.07:04
TheOpenSourcererwhich machine is this then?07:04
AlanBella brand new one, I can get it re-imaged if required07:05
TheOpenSourcererOh I love it when I click on a running icon in the launcher and it fails to take me to the app on another workspace. That is so helpful.07:05
AlanBellok, killed it and did dpkg --configure -a and it seems to be asking the same question07:06
AlanBellupgrade finished, lets see if it reboots07:08
AlanBellyay \o/07:12
popeywhen you do do-release-upgrade it opens a new ssh server i thought07:13
AlanBellit does07:22
AlanBellbut that doesn't help you to know what to do with it, SSH to the original port worked fine07:22
popeyi guess it was waiting for you to type something07:23
AlanBellit was07:24
AlanBellI could see the question, then the disconnect07:24
* TheOpenSourcerer prepares to head off to the office. Gah - commuting sucks.07:31
TheOpenSourcererMy commute is about 10 minutes07:32
TheOpenSourcererNeat little device: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/05/new-74-android-mini-computer-is-slightly-larger-than-a-thumb-drive/07:38
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diploSee if I can get this Irssi configured nicely now!07:45
diploMorning all07:46
MooDoomorning all07:51
ali1234http://www.webupd8.org/2012/02/window-applets-finally-available-for.html interesting08:01
ali1234heh. i think i've found the perfect desktop configuration for precise08:23
ali1234gnome fallback (no effects) with compositing enabled08:23
ali1234turns out all the weird bugs in gnome-panel 3 are caused by compiz08:23
ali1234this is pretty good. i thought i was going to have to fix loads of bugs in barely supported gnome panel, but it turns out it actually works fine08:27
ali1234also i can now get 60 fps in games, where as with compiz everything was capped at 30 fps08:29
diplo-Any Irssi users out there recommend a theme to save me trying lot's :)08:33
ali1234irssi has themes?08:33
diplo-Find the default a bit hard to read08:34
ali1234hmm actually there is still one bug in gnome-panel that i need to fix08:34
soreauali1234: compiz 0.9.x is the unstable version ubuntu uses as a base for their unity desktop. If you want to use compiz, I'd recommend the stable version, 0.8.x08:35
ali1234i don't!08:35
Myrttidiplo-: if you end up using mine, I've hot updated versions of them somewhere08:35
ali1234i just want transparent terminal. metacity gives me that08:35
soreauali1234: Also there is a setting to allow fullscreen games to run 'without' compositing, unredirect fullscreen windows08:35
diploWhich is yours Myrtti ?08:36
ali1234soreau: yes, i know, it does nothing with nvidia08:36
popeyi dont think i use a theme for irssi08:36
popeyjust a bunch of plugins08:36
soreauali1234: ok08:36
diploDo you amend any of the colours then popey  ?08:36
ali1234i guess ezoom would be nice to have08:36
popeyi have a thing that colours nicks08:36
soreauyes, zoom is very nice08:36
MyrttiI thought it says on there who has made them08:36
ali1234maybe metacity can do that to though08:36
diploHmm that may work08:36
diploSo it does Myrtti08:37
Myrttithe two on the top you're work fine on white in black background too08:37
ali1234gotta say, i never had any problems with compiz before unity :/08:38
Myrttilol Swype08:38
ali1234i mean it was never speedy, but it worked08:38
Myrttiauto correct fail08:38
soreauali1234: Yes, they introduced unity the same time they switched to 0.9.x, in 11.0408:38
soreauit used to be 0.8.x which still works great08:38
ali1234so... where do i get compiz 0.8.0 for precise?08:39
ali1234some ppa?08:39
ali1234Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff?08:39
soreauali1234: Unfortunately, I do not know of any ppa for it but you can build it from source. I've recently helped a number of people build it and updated the build guide on the compiz wiki08:39
ali1234fair enough08:40
popeydiplo: http://popey.com/~alan/irssi.png  thats what my irssi looks like08:40
soreauali1234: Here is the link in case you're interested http://wiki.compiz.org/Installation/Stable08:40
diploThe nicks certainly make a difference popey, Got any recommendations ? Seems quite a few on the site :(08:41
diploAgain don't want to try to many till i get used to Irssi08:41
soreauali1234: You'd just want to use --disable-gnome for core since the gnome-specific parts only support gnome208:41
diploRather try stuff that others think are good08:41
ali1234soreau: have you actually tried compiz + gnome-panel 3 and observed (or not) any of the problems?08:41
popeydiplo: adv_windowlist.pl  bitlbee_rename.pl  dictcomplete.pl  hilightwin.pl  nickcolor.pl  screen_away.pl  trackbar.pl  twirssi.pl08:42
diplota fanx :)08:42
popeydiplo: ignore bitlbee_rename.pl and twirssi.pl08:42
soreauali1234: I'm using it currently and haven't noticed too many issues..08:42
ali1234eg panel flickers, window list background is wrong colour, application menu is ghosted for no reason...08:42
popeybut  adv_windowlist.pl hilightwin.pl nickcolor.pl screen_away.pl08:42
popeyare useful08:42
popeyand trackbar.pl08:42
soreauali1234: hm, that sounds like graphics driver and/or compiz ubuntu patches problem08:43
popeycompiz 0.8 will be missing performance stuff added by ubuntu08:43
ali1234popey: pull the other one, it's got bells on08:43
soreaupopey: 0.8 is faster than 0.9 and stable08:43
popeyi am serious08:43
ali1234well, i'll give 0.8 a try08:44
ali1234i assume installing it will totally break unity08:45
soreauali1234: yes, unity will not work with 0.808:45
soreauali1234: If you need any compiz-specific help though, I'm also in #compiz08:45
soreaubut I'm also in .us so just ask and be patient ;)08:46
soreaufor now I have to get some rest, gnite08:46
ali1234"bleeding-edge version of stable" lol, what?08:46
diploNick color loaded \o/08:46
JamesTaitHappy Friday, people! :D08:47
ali1234soreau: i'm normally on US time anyway, despite being in the UK08:47
soreauali1234: yes, you can pull the very latest from git 0.8 branches or use the packages on releases.compiz.org.. the build guide should explain everything08:47
soreauIf it doesn't, let me know08:47
ali1234i'll take notes08:47
diploOh I like adv windowlist popey, that was one of the things I didn't like08:48
diploRunning /save will remember Servers/Channels joined ?08:54
SuperMattYou know, I can never remember how to do that08:54
diploGoing to read docs tonight so can tell me to RTFM if you like :)08:54
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:04
ali1234good morning!!!09:04
brobostigongood morning ali123409:04
diploMorning brobostigon09:05
brobostigonmorning diplo09:05
gordhurrah, i got my stupid annoying flashing google pin thing working again09:05
ali1234google pin?09:05
gordlittle badge thing with six flashing led's in it, one for each letter09:07
brobostigonsounds cheesy.09:07
popeyi grabbed 4 for my kids09:07
diploSomething from UDS ?09:09
ali1234i assume from the google sideshow/party09:09
popeythe very odd google party09:10
diploDidn't know about that part :)09:10
ali1234"nerds are weird right? so we should make a really weird party for them" /google reasoning09:10
ali1234did you not get funny looks going through the airport with loads of flashing LED stuff?09:12
popeymine were in my case09:12
popeyalthough my case did get opened by the TSA09:13
popeyprobably because I had a tablet and 20 yubikeys in it09:13
popey(the LEDs weren't flashing)09:13
ali1234my brother came back from aus with a bag with 500 cage nuts in it09:13
ali1234yes, they opened his case09:13
diployubikeys ?09:14
ali1234it's a security thing09:15
ali1234i think it does two factor. not sure on details09:15
diploah I think I've seen those in Linux Format09:15
ali1234mt.gox gave them away to anyone who got robbed when they were compromised09:15
brobostigonso similer to the google authenticator app, thingie?09:16
brobostigonbut thats hw, insted of software?09:17
brobostigonsounds interesting.09:18
brobostigoni can think of a few applications, for something like that.09:20
popeyyou can use one with google logon09:20
brobostigonlike the authenticator app.09:22
diplolooks quite good09:22
diploSomething that should be taken up by banks, I think hsbc or similar send out rsa style things, but I'd rather have something like that for login to my web services for banks etc09:24
MooDoohowdy all09:25
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:25
popeybrobostigon: instead of or in addition to the authenticator app09:26
brobostigonpopey: ah, i like the idea, would be interesting to experiement with.09:26
ali1234hmm... close but no cigar09:38
ali1234compiz 0.8 works much better than 0.9...much faster, no bugs with gnome panel etc09:39
ali1234but for some reason window decorations are missing09:39
ali1234i guess i did something wrong09:39
ali1234woo, window decorations09:45
ali1234and no bugs09:45
ali1234still manage to get 60 fps in games too09:50
brobostigonthe yubikey isnt cheap though, $25 each.09:53
popey$15 if you buy loads09:54
ali1234free if you get robbed of bitcoins on mt.gox :)09:54
brobostigonpopey: quite yes, but little need for loads,09:54
ali1234so you know that annoying bug where you can't click in the settings window of flash? fixed by reverting compiz to 0.809:55
davmor2morning all10:00
MooDoomorning davmor210:01
davmor2morning MooDoo  me owld mucka how's life10:01
MooDoodavmor2: not bad thanks10:01
ali1234metacity has the 1 pixel resize handle bug10:16
ali1234of course, only with light-themes10:16
ali1234adwaita is slightly better, the handles are about 3 pixels wide on that one10:18
SuperMattwhy are you using 0.8 again?10:20
ali1234because 0.9 is slow, crashes all the time, renders white rectangles instead of the window, makes the panel flicker and the wrong colour, makes the menus ghosted for no reason, makes pop up menus resize for no reason, prevents you from using the flash settings, and makes logging in to the system take 45 seconds10:21
ali1234and yes, all of these bugs have been reported10:21
ali1234i just never realised so much trouble could be caused by one application10:22
SuperMatthow did you install it?10:22
ali1234from source, according to the compiz wiki10:23
SuperMattah right10:23
SuperMatthassle /o\10:23
ali1234well, feel free to keep begging for ubuntu developers to fix compiz 0.910:23
ali1234it's been a year now10:23
ali1234probably longer10:23
ali1234this is just begging for a fork so that the last actually working version of compiz can be put into the repos10:24
AlanBellare these just nvidia bugs?10:25
ali1234i don't know and i don't care10:25
ali1234considering that nvidia is the only decent graphics card that work linux10:26
gordati seems to work pretty well now10:26
ali1234last time i tried the fglrx it worked about as well as nouveau10:27
diplothough irc had gone a bit quiet, my byobu session had disconnected :(10:30
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lubotu3Ubuntu bug 878198 in metacity (Ubuntu Precise) "Difficult to grab window borders in unity-2d" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:36
ali1234of course unity-2d uses metacity10:36
ali1234anyone know a good theme for gtk3 that doesn't have 1px borders?10:37
AlanBelljust change the border size of the light theme10:37
ali1234i said a *good* theme10:37
ali1234so annoying10:39
ali1234that bug could easily be fixed, but of course it would break all the unity-2d stuff10:39
ali1234so nobody can fix it, and when we complain about it we just get the "send a patch" flip off10:40
ali1234from people who know very well that a patch will not be accepted10:40
ali1234bug even has a patch to light-themes10:41
popeybug 98511910:57
lubotu3Launchpad bug 985119 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "[soundnua]: doesn't offer 'Analogue stereo Output' option" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98511910:57
ali1234weird bug11:00
ali1234what's the actual problem?11:00
ali1234missing hardware tab and no volume slider normally means pulseaudio crashed and can be fixed by restarting11:00
ali1234(or logging out and logging in to gnome classic)11:00
ali1234or just pulseaudio -D in a terminal11:01
popeyi am having trouble getting my head round it11:03
ali1234basically ignore all th words and just look at the two screenshots11:04
ali1234well, imma blame pulseaudio11:06
awilkinsAnyone else going to NHSHackDay?13:16
popeynever heard of it13:18
popeyuntil just now ;)13:19
bigcalmAfternoon peeps :)13:37
diploello bigcalm13:37
davmor2prods bigcalm13:38
bittinnow i installed Ubuntu aswell on my new PC :>13:38
davmor2prods czajkowski13:38
* bigcalm kippers davmor2 13:38
* davmor2 can't believe that bigcalm would waste that amount of money on kippers13:38
DJonesAfternoon all13:47
* bittin updating my fresh 12.04 install13:48
awilkinsHmmph, I think Virgin are resetting sthings13:49
diploLike what awilkins13:50
awilkinsTheir customer services website for starters13:51
awilkinsJust had my network drop for about half a minute13:51
diploWe had issues on work business line yesterday, better now though13:53
diploVirgin *13:53
MooDoodue to all the upgrade happening i bet14:17
awilkinsI hope so.... it may mean it's imminent14:18
awilkinsDropped out in the night a day or so ago as well14:18
* bigcalm shudders at the thought of VM connectivity issues14:24
awilkinsMine is basically either rock steady or stupidly unreliable14:25
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awilkinsThe stupidly unreliable period persists until they upgrade the infrastructure to cope with the new tranche of torrenting kiddies they signed up with their latest marketing campaign.14:26
awilkinsI think the period we had here was really just CPU load on the local router from all the connections that BitTorrent spams ; the ping times were ludicrous, just to that first hop14:27
DJonesAhhhh, day off, car passed its MOT, and a bottle of wine, Can the day get any better14:53
SuperMatttwo bottles of wine14:54
dogmatic69DJones: day off, car did not need a MOT, and a bottle of wine?14:56
SuperMattstill could be better with two bottles14:56
SuperMattalso plum wine > *14:56
* diplo not like wine :(15:01
diplotbh, not the greatest lover of alcohol, can drink lager and a few spirits, but can just as easily go without now adays15:01
diploTotal opposite to my brother and dad who are quite heavy drinkers15:02
SuperMattI found the easiest way to increase the amount you drink is to have a student for a girlfriend15:04
popeyDJones: minecraft would perfect it15:07
gordi stopped playing minecraft for a bit, now it has experience and spells and all this other weird stuff so its strange and confusing to me15:09
gordi remember when it was about being lego :(15:09
DJonespopey: Waiting for a new map, I blew the last one up with TNT15:11
diploNever played minecraft15:12
diploDidn't want to lose my life to it :)15:12
DJonespopey: We did a tunnel from my house to Laura's and then to the end portal, filled that with tnt after the dragon was killed & let rip :) about 1000 tnt blew15:13
directhexminecraft is one of those toys which i have trouble with, due to my lack of creativity15:13
daftykinsam i the only one that's amused by video not working on ubuntu 12.04's 'example' video after a clean install? :) i get audio but no picture :D it's using HD theora apparently15:13
daftykinsdirecthex: +115:13
directhexand they're trying to make minecraft be a game rather than a toy15:14
directhexi am unconvinced15:14
daftykinsFYI i refer to "How Fast.ogg"15:14
awilkinsI'm more interested in 0x10c15:15
awilkinsSounds like CoreWar, only it might be fun15:15
directhexAlanBell, know anyhing about zimbra? you alans strike me as the types15:15
BigRedS_I know a little bit about it, but I'm not an Alan15:21
popeydaftykins: filed a bug?15:22
daftykinscan't be bothered15:22
daftykinswell, my last one of Guernsey regionality got nowhere after 2 years15:23
daftykinsi see no likelihood for improvement15:23
popeyawesome stats there15:23
daftykinsalso is it me, or does LibreOffice Writer default to US English?15:23
* popey wanders off15:24
popeyjust tested it, works fine her15:26
daftykinsthe vid?15:26
popey(the video on a clean system)15:26
daftykinsin movie player yeah?15:26
daftykinsand you selected to install the codecs during installation?15:26
daftykinsi didn't to begin, but put them on from the software centre after, made no change15:26
daftykinsi know it's theora but no idea if it's meant to be included15:26
AlanBelldirecthex: I have come across zimbra, didn't like it much15:27
AlanBellit is a big collection of stuff15:27
AlanBellwe don't do email, because people get cross if their email doesn't work15:27
diploAlanBell: Now that is a very sensible decision! :)15:28
AlanBellwe use zentyal for our own email15:30
diploI have the challenge of setting up and playing with that soon AlanBell15:31
diploGot a test box and the software, just need to find some free time to tinker15:31
bigcalmctrl + c doesn't seem to be transmitted by a remote terminal, any thoughts?15:40
bigcalmIt's a Debian server, but that shouldn't make any difference15:41
diploSomeones remapped it ? Our place has remapped Ctrl C to Ctrl O15:42
diploOff to take boy disco / swimming, bbl15:43
bigcalmWhatever the default in Debian 6 is. I know nothing of these things15:43
ali1234wow, how do you remap ctrl-c?17:22
BigRedS_and why would you?17:23
ali1234i dunno17:23
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ali1234just curious how you would do it17:23
bittinyay i has new PC :)17:39
popeyhello from my boxee rrremote17:43
AlanBellherrrro popey17:44
popeydont think the RPi has enough juice to power the usb radio17:44
popeynow it wont boot17:46
ali1234i found where they've been hding the "good" themes for gtk3: http://www.jpfleury.net/en/software/clearwaita.php17:48
popeyseems it overheats17:48
ali1234why am i not surprised?17:49
ali1234blaming PSU lol17:50
popeyleave it a moment it now boots17:51
popeyand the boxee remote works, yay17:51
ali1234wow the cluelessness in that thread is amazing17:52
ali1234blame the PSU, overclocking, SD card... anything but the beloved raspi!17:52
popeylol the debian image has big buck bunny on it17:52
ali1234yeah it's the only piece of copyleft h264 that exists17:53
popeywe all got sick of the sight of it when testing ubuntu tv17:54
simondbullpopey: I may have jumped on the bandwagon, and placed your beach ball image on some backgrounds17:56
simondbullapologies if it did cause any offence, though18:01
simondbullthanks :)18:02
popeynobody has photoshopped me into the nuremburg rally yet18:02
bigcalmOh my18:02
simondbulloh my indeed!18:02
ali1234that sounds like a job for someone who loves controversy18:03
popeyheh, the .bash_history on a debian image someone else created is chuckleworthy18:07
popey(specifically the rpi image whch has xbmc on it)18:07
MartijnVdSpopey: this is why I intend to create a bare Debian install for myself18:08
MartijnVdSpopey: with debootstrap18:09
popeythe xbmc startup script has this as the last line...18:11
popey"sudo ./xbmc.bin"18:11
popeyle sigh18:11
ali1234course the very fact the file even exists is a huge wtf18:11
popeythe image is just debian with xbmc in /opt18:12
popeythat seems to be _it_18:12
ali1234remember a couple of years ago when it was all the rage to install ubuntu, make a few tweaks, and then tarball the / and call it a respin?18:12
popeypeople still seem to do that18:12
popeyultimate edition anyone?18:12
ali1234not so much18:13
ali1234it's pretty much died off since anyone who wants to tweak stuff basically cannot anymore due to unity18:13
popeymint/zorinos manage it18:13
ali1234that reminds me, what the best way to kill overlay scrollbars?18:14
popeyremove the package18:14
ali1234the askubuntu page is very out of date18:14
gordwhy would you need sudo to start xbmc?18:14
popeyindeed gord18:14
popeywelcome to my world18:14
ali1234gord: probably because of the messed up driver architecture on raspi requiring root for opengl support18:14
popeyit doesn't need root, i am running it now without root18:14
MartijnVdSpopey: submit a bug18:15
ali1234it might not need root *now*18:15
popeyits an image18:15
ali1234it might have done when they were testing it18:15
MartijnVdSpopey: maybe it works with fewer features?18:15
popeythis is the same stuff they would have been testing18:15
ali1234oh wait i thought you were still talking about the .bashrc18:15
gordnothing in xbmc requires root18:15
popeyhaha, the big buck bunny video is in /root18:16
popeyso that xbmc can find it18:16
gordunless maybe you screwed up your permissions and you need root acess to install plugins or whatever18:16
gordi saw big buck bunny in 3d on my 3ds today :) nintendo paid for another company to convert it to 3d18:16
ali1234yeah...removing overlay-scrollbar didn't actually remove the overlay scrollbar18:18
ali1234maybe i need to fully reboot18:18
AlanBellremove libappmenu.so18:28
AlanBellor the package that puts it there18:29
AlanBellI moved mine out of the way whilst playing with weston18:29
ali1234^ that actually works18:29
AlanBelloh, hang on, I just told you how to remove global menus18:30
ali1234global menus don't work in fallback session anyway18:30
AlanBellor wayland18:30
ali1234though there is a panel widget you can get that is supposed to do it18:30
ali1234i need to try that18:30
AlanBellI dunno why the canonical stuff doesn't work18:30
ali1234i do but this is a family friendly channel18:31
AlanBellseeing as they want to go to wayland, it would seem sensible to avoid doing stuff that won't work with it18:31
ali1234since when have they ever done anything sensible?18:31
ali1234i think the last time was about 4 years ago18:31
soreauAlanBell: The DX team they have for unity isn't the greatest18:32
davmor2gord: I've seen all 3 bit to that on mine18:32
ali1234hey soreau18:32
AlanBellI am sure there is something sensible in unity18:32
ali1234i got compiz 0.8.8 working, sort of18:32
AlanBelllenses are sensible (except for the apps lens)18:33
ali1234except that every time i start it the settings are "everything turned off"18:33
ali1234and i have to manually run gtk-decorator --replace18:33
ali1234and login sessions that are supposed to start compiz can't find it and so they start metacity instead18:34
soreauAlanBell: I'm hoping the wayland architecture will force them to take a step back and redesign many of the core concepts on which they rely18:34
ali1234but apart from that it works much better18:34
soreauali1234: Did you install 0.8?18:37
ali1234after manually starting up all the bits and configuring/enabling all the plugins, it works really well18:38
ali1234much faster than the default version18:38
ali1234i mean like twice the framerate18:38
soreauali1234: To auto-start compiz (hopefully you removed all the compiz 0.9/unity packages) you want to make a script called /usr/bin/compiz and in it, but compiz --replace ccp18:38
soreauali1234: I told you it's faster :)18:39
ali1234also all the bugs with the panel went away18:39
soreauali1234: anyway, make the script executable of course18:39
ali1234of course18:39
ali1234what about gtk-decorator etc?18:39
soreauali1234: put gtk-window-decorator --replace in ccsm>window decoration>command field18:40
ali1234ah i see18:40
ali1234ok, gonna try it18:40
diploevening all18:41
ali1234soreau: would it be possible to fork 0.8 just to rename it, so it can be installed easily beside 0.9?18:42
soreauali1234: It would be more sensible to just create a proper ppa18:45
ali1234but if it has the same name you can't install it beside unity...18:45
soreauali1234: Alternatively, you can install it into a nonstandard prefix such as /opt18:45
soreauali1234: Why do you want to install it alongside unity? The two are incompatible18:46
ali1234so that i can easily demonstrate how much worse 0.9 is to everyone i ever meet18:46
soreauali1234: You can install 0.8 to /opt and create scripts to run it18:47
ali1234that's too much hassle18:47
ali1234for normal people18:47
* soreau has been meaning to make his 0.9 build script build 0.8 optionally18:47
ali1234it needs to be a PPA, and it needs to work side by side with unity18:47
ali1234now afaik the only way to make that possible is to rename eveything18:48
soreaubut now I invest most of my efforts in wayland/weston18:48
soreauali1234: You probably can even create packages that install to /opt18:49
ali1234right testing autostart18:50
ali1234soreau: all worked, thanks18:53
ali1234this is basically flawless now18:53
yothsoggothdoes anyone know if there's something wrong with the Rhythmbox package for precise? I removed it and when I reinstalled the command "rhythmbox-client" is no longer found.18:55
soreauali1234: Great, glad to hear it18:58
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ali1234yothsoggoth: according to dpkg, /usr/bin/rhythmbox-client is part of rhythmbox package19:15
ali1234so it should work...19:15
ali1234i thought it might be in dependent package, but it's not... although maybe it's really missing something else19:16
ali1234so check if that file exists, if it does, run it with strace19:16
ali1234command not found can also indicate missing libraries (and it won't tell you)19:16
ali1234so also try ldd /usr/bin/rhythmbox-client19:17
yothsoggothali1234: I managed to fix it, seems I must have been missing a library, after purging and reinstalling it seems to be there19:19
ali1234so this finally happened: https://www.google.com/finance?client=ob&q=NASDAQ:FB20:03
bigcalmEvening peeps :)20:10
MartijnVdSali1234: is it me or is it just going down?20:11
ali1234well t'sa bit early to say20:12
ali1234but yeah20:12
oimonanyone noticed this as an alternative low cost ARM PC? http://www.webupd8.org/2012/05/mk802-new-usb-thumb-drive-sized-android.html20:19
* oimon has been faffing20:20
ali1234that's no more a PC than it is a phone or a tablet20:20
oimonaround to sim unlock my phone from t-mobile tonight :-\20:20
oimoni didn't even realise phones were sim locked to networks anymore20:21
ali1234well... they are?20:21
ali1234typically there are multiple levels of security20:21
oimonyeah, so it appears when i tried to attach a giffgaff sim20:22
ali1234operator lock, firmware lock, application lock20:22
ali1234nearly all of them can be defeated with the right type of cable20:22
oimonwhy is mobile network a security move?20:22
ali1234because they can20:23
oimonfor financial security20:23
ali1234all of them are for financial security20:23
ali1234you think they care if you brick the phone? only if it costs them money20:23
ali1234you think they care if you install unsigned malware? etc20:23
oimonthey don't care enough to keep me as customer though20:23
ali1234of course not20:23
oimonalthogh they did call me 3 days after i requested PAC code with an improved offer20:24
oimonby then it was too late20:24
ali1234the only type of customer retention they understand is a 24 month contract and alocked handset20:24
oimonsadly true20:24
oimoni will have the same issue with home adsl/phone provider soon20:25
oimononly way to get a decent price is to cancel20:25
ali1234they call it churn20:26
ali1234they know you'll go somewhere else after 2 years, and they know you'll be back after another 2 years20:26
ali1234you can buy hundreds of reports about who is churning in and out, sorted by demographic20:27
ali1234i've never seen one that measures the customers who stay20:27
oimoni had to tell t-mobile that even if the contract was even lower i couldn't choose it because the signal (in london) is lame and i can't use it where i need it20:37
ali1234i've never had any problems with t-mobile in london20:37
ali1234or any mobile network for that matter20:38
ali1234signal wise20:38
ali1234i wonder if screen recording works better with this old compiz20:40
ali1234kazam is pretty good now, with the monitor selection :)20:40
ali1234needs a nicer indicator icon though20:41
oimoni found a fantastic tool in windows that ubuntu needs, called psr20:45
ali1234google isn't helping, what is it?20:45
oimonit records all of your actions and screenshots and prepares a html page of everything you did,for support purposes20:45
DJonesali1234: problem step recorder20:46
oimonit's fantastic20:46
oimonwhen installing software on windows server i click record before going through the install20:47
oimonfor my colleagues and the wiki20:47
ali1234yep, screen recording with kazam works flawlessly with compiz 0.8 and nvidia driver20:48
ali1234no blank windows, huge shadows etc20:48
ali1234oimon: that does sound good20:48
oimonit would be ssuper useful when reporting bugs20:49
ali1234when i set up a linux server i just keep a copy of all the commands i type :)20:49
oimonbecause it records left-click , time stamps etc20:49
ali1234then if i ever need to do it again i already have a script i can just run20:49
oimonthink of the application for recording actions for ubuntu bugs though20:52
oimona lot of them are "i clicked here and here".20:52
oimonit records version numbers of software too20:52
oimonoops, bedtime...see you all20:52
* Azelphur tries a dist-upgrade to 12.0421:16
Azelphurinb4 explosions \o/21:16
ali1234radio 4 repeating on the hour now21:29
ali1234radio 4 extra, whatever that means21:29
Azelphurhmm, I'm doing the upgrade to 12.04, it says installing the upgrades23:08
Azelphurand in the terminal it just says "Extract templates from packages: 100%" | "Preconfiguring packages ..." | "Extract templates from packages: 100%" | "Preconfiguring packages ..."23:08
ali1234don't upgrade. don't you ever learn?23:08
Azelphurand it's been hanging there for about an hour now23:08
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Azelphurali1234: lol23:09
ali1234it's probably popped a debconf dialog somewhere where you can't see it23:09
ali1234i think i remember seeing a bug about that when looking for something else23:09
* Azelphur plays hunt the debconf dialog23:10
Azelphurali1234: yep, bastard of a thing :P23:10

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