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whosurmummywill u tell me where's unity custom file ?09:11
seb128whosurmummy, what is "unity custom file"?09:13
whosurmummyubuntu unity09:14
seb128whosurmummy, was is a "custome file"?09:14
whosurmummya file that defines function of unity09:15
seb128whosurmummy, what function?09:15
whosurmummysay,define 没有09:16
whosurmummysay define my own key shortcut09:17
seb128that's in gconf09:17
whosurmummydoes unity has it's own configuration file?09:19
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gregory_is there anybody?15:16
gregory_or isn't?15:34
davidcallegregory_, there is me. Hi15:39
gregory_hello, nice :)15:40
gregory_i would like to use unity's average color15:40
gregory_is there a file which contains that information?15:40
gregory_i mean some configuration file or anything15:41
davidcallegregory_, it was a setting at some point, I don't know where it is now.15:41
davidcallegord ? ^15:41
davidcallegregory_, he should know this15:42
gregory_may i wait for him?15:42
davidcallegregory_, well, I don't know if he is around, but he is online.15:43
gordits controlled by gnome-bg these days, i don't think there is a configuration option for that, but it would be nice to have15:44
gregory_i thought it would be nice to use the unity's color in conky for example15:45
gregory_and that would be the easiest way15:45
gregory_to fetch from a file15:45
gordif you can get conky to read an xproperty you can do it that way, its handled by gnome-bg because we had to share the colour between unity and notify-osd15:45
gordits the property _GNOME_BACKGROUND_REPRESENTATIVE_COLORS  on the root window15:46
gregory_may i create a short script which reads that property and writes it to a file?15:47
gordsure, "xprop -root | grep _GNOME_BACKGROUND_REPRESENTATIVE_COLORS" should get you started15:48
davidcallegregory_, just found it : xprop -root | grep _GNOME_BACKGROUND_REPRESENTATIVE_COLORS15:48
davidcalleheh :)15:49
gregory_nice nice :)15:49
gregory_very nice, thanks for your help15:49
gregory_and that is changing with the desktop15:50
davidcallegregory_, yes15:50
gregory_yes i see15:50
gordwhen you are done, don't forget to post the script somewhere online, seems like a neat idea other people might like :)15:50
gregory_yes, i'm thinkin about the automatic refresh now15:51
gregory_because the main project was to make conky's foreground color the same as the unity's15:52
gregory_and to change it when the background changes15:52
gregory_maybe i can create a small daemon which reads it periodically15:53
gregory_or is there a way to do that with a trigger?15:54
gordyeah add -spy to the xprop command15:55
gordit'll print out a new value every time it changes15:55
gregory__hi again15:58
gregory__so i'm amazed15:58
gregory__thank you again :)15:59
gregory__so byebye!16:02
davidcallegregory__, bye, ;)16:03
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mrmcq2uhey, is indicator-network ported to gtk3?16:15
mcarolanhi, i'm writing a lens in python using a SingleScopeLens... i'm having trouble getting it to call my lens for global searches - i've tried adding a global_search(phrase, results) method, but this is never called. i'm probably doing something very stupid, does anybody have any ideas?20:13
mhall119hi mcarolan, have you tried setting a pdb trace inside your global_search?20:19
mcarolanhey, no I haven't. i placed a print statement inside global_search - this doesn't seem to be hit. the equivalent statement inside the search method works as expected20:27
mcarolando you know if there's any meta information i need to set for the lens to enable global search?20:28
mcarolanthat was my initial thought, but after some googling i couldn't come up with a great deal20:28
mhall119what does your global_search method take as parameters?20:29
mhall119it should be global_search(self, phrase, results)20:29
mhall119global_search is called based on the Unity search type20:32
mhall119Unity sends a flag to SingleScopeLens telling it whether it's a global search or not20:32
mcarolanso I have20:33
mcarolan    def global_search(self, phrase, results):20:33
mcarolanprint 'search in global'20:33
mcarolanah, how do I set the unity search type?20:33
mhall119you also need to have an actual search string, or set Meta.search_on_blank20:33
mhall119it's internal to Singlet's code, it gets passed by Unity over the dbus connection20:34
mhall119also, if you don't define a separate global_search method, Singlet will just call search() for global searches as well20:35
mcarolanahhh, this explains it. I assumed search_on_blank was something else entirely!20:35
mcarolanit seems to be called now, thanks a lot for your help!20:36
mrmcq2uhas the gtk3 port been intergrated into trunk for indicator-network20:47
ais523hmm, so it seems that applications don't expose a list of focused tabs and the current tab after all21:03
ais523which is vaguely ridiculous, as it could really be possible to make good use of that21:03
ais523particularly annoying is KDE, which exposes pretty much everything over dbus but the information I actually want21:04

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