Blazeixwow, awesome00:16
brouschthe 15" lcd seems kind of wimpy now00:19
greg-gbrousch: that tablet looks cool04:00
greg-gI want to share this Wikipedia article with a member of the Ubuntu community: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run-on_sentence04:32
brouschdjen of python accepted my pull request10:35
shakes808Good morning all.11:21
shakes808Funny shirt11:21
greg-gg'morning. I am in Chicago12:50
rick_h_woot! my fav city12:52
rick_h_go hit the peir for me12:52
brouschprotesting nato?12:52
greg-gbrousch: at a sit in right now12:52
greg-ga sit in in my hotel room12:53
greg-gwork stuff. Meeting up with the rest of the tech team for a day. We're spread out, 2 in chicago, one in miami, and me in SF (honorary tech team member)12:53
brouschi like chicago because after walking around i see specific buildings and areas in movies12:53
brouschlike batman, and the new transformers12:53
rick_h_da bears!13:15
rick_h_the boy got to wear his bears outfit to day care for 'team sports day'13:16
brouschyou trying to get him beat up?13:26
brouschthe fiercely loyal, ravenous Lions fans will eat him alive13:34
brouschhey, deadsnakes repo finally has python2.6 for ubuntu 12.0413:54
rick_h_2.7 or bust!13:55
brousch2.6 is useful for if you deploy to ubuntu 10.0413:58
brouschi have 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2 installed13:58
brouschand poop on 2.7. python3 or bust!14:02
shakes808isn't Python3 not fully ready yet?14:13
shakes808isn't 2.7 the stable release?14:13
shakes808Or am I behind the times?14:13
jrwrenthere is only 3.314:14
jrwren;]   j/k, i still target 2.5 :(14:14
brousch3.2 is the current stable release14:14
rick_h_yea, I'm excited for 3.3, I'm so hoping we get it for 12.1014:14
brouschbut many modules have not ported to python314:14
rick_h_it's going to be close14:14
shakes808rick_h_: what is going to be close?14:22
rick_h_the release of py3.3 and ubuntu 12.1014:24
brouschug, still stuck on python2.5 on dreamhost14:30
brouschtime to whine to their support again14:30
jrwrencan't you just build your own python in your home?14:41
jrwrenfor that matter, can't you move to heroku?14:42
brouschheroku doesn't give me other benefits of DH14:47
brousch"unlimited" space, wordpress14:47
brouschwow, gotta love allegiant airlines http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/grr-orl-allegiant.png15:02
shakes808brousch: why the is there such a gap in price? There aren't any holidays in that month that would warrant the price increase. Though International Friendship Day is the weekend before, and we AAAALLL know how much air travel we do for our friends lol ;)15:05
brouschi was pointing more at the ~$100 to fly to orlando15:05
Milyardoshakes808: prices look like a stea  either way15:06
shakes808Yeah, over $100 to go down and under $100 to come back15:06
brouschregular airlines want $250 - $50015:06
shakes808Gotchya, I don't fly much, never have the money to go farther than a county over at best15:07
brouschdriving would be over $100 in gas15:07
brouschand would take 2 days15:07
shakes808Nah, It is 24hrs to go from MI to FL15:08
shakes808If my grandfather can do it, then you can lol15:08
MilyardoYeah Yeah DTW->LAX was like $800 for me last month15:08
brouschi'm more concerned about my 4 year old in a car for 24 hours15:08
shakes808lol I can't remember how old I was when we went down there, but I was young. Around that age / a few years older but not much. It is called sleep lol15:09
jrwrenits called supply and demand15:10
jrwren24hrs is a bit much15:10
shakes808What "supply and demand" does a 4 y/o have / need? lol15:10
jrwrenmy 4yo did very well at 12hrs drive to VA last summer15:10
shakes808Portable DVD players now-a-days are wonders for when they are awake lol15:11
jrwrenits called supply and demand, hte price difference in airline tickets from different airlines and at different times.15:11
jrwrenfuk that.15:11
jrwrenno in car entertainment for my kid.15:11
jrwrenshe can look out the window15:11
jrwrenor listen to the radio with us.15:11
jrwreni feel bad for hte kids and parents who demand/provide constant entertainment15:12
jrwrenjust wait until they get older and you have to put up with their ridiculous expectations that you taught them!15:12
brouschyour 4 year old stared out the window for 12 hours?15:12
brouschnot even books?15:13
jrwrenshe probably had books.15:13
jrwrenbut we talked, listen to the radio.15:13
brousch12 hours of rush limbaugh?15:13
jrwrenfuk no15:13
jrwrenmaybe podcasts15:14
brouschwe have gone to detroit a couple of times. after 1.5 hours in the car he starts to complain15:14
shakes808Oh Mr. Limbaugh, would rather listen to Shawn Hannity; Rush irritates me sometimes and I don't know why15:14
jrwrenwhip that boy into shape!15:15
shakes808Books would be a good idea if they don't get car sick15:15
jrwrenare you a dad or a child's slave?15:15
jrwrenHannity? seriously?15:15
jrwrendo you enjoy listening to insane idiots?15:15
brouschi didn't say i stop. i said he starts to complain15:15
shakes808When I had to endure long car rides, we would play little games with signs and license plates, but that gets old and how many times can you play it lol and get stuck on Q lol or U or Z15:16
brouschshakes808: we used to do that too15:16
brouschseems so tedious now15:16
shakes808jrwren: They are all idiots, it is just amusing to hear what they have to say15:16
brouschi'd rather listen to country music, and i hate country music15:17
shakes808My kid just turned 6 and can start to read and put words together15:17
jrwrenoh yeah, we definitely played alphabet game with signs.15:17
shakes808It is fun learning for that age :D15:18
shakes808but when that is over, DVDs or I-Spy books15:18
shakes808jrwren: did you play where the word had to start with or contain the letter you were on?15:18
jrwrenjust contain15:25
jrwrenstarts with is rough15:25
jrwrenDVDs can suck it.15:25
jrwrenwhat are i-spy books?15:25
jrwrenthe little baby ones?15:25
shakes808Starts with except for Q U Z15:25
shakes808I-Spy has ones for older kids15:26
jrwrenshe is 5 now, I think she is old enough to listen to the original BBC Radio series for The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy15:26
shakes808A page filled with crap and you have a list of items you have to find15:26
shakes808Never listened to nor read them. I think I have them downloaded and a few of my friends highly recommend them15:27
shakes808I will have to read them.15:27
jrwreni never read 'em.15:30
jrwrenbut the radio show is funny15:30
shakes808mmm LUNCHABLES FOR LUNCH :D16:40
shakes808Who is a kid now?! lol16:40
jrwrenlol, gross.17:10
brouschthose things are still around?17:12
jrwrenoh yes17:13
jrwrensome kids go to school with them every day17:13
shakes808my kid is on a field trip and i bought two, one for him and one for me. He picked the pizza one and I got chicken torillas lol17:15
shakes808here is a fun question:17:16
shakes808let me type it out and see what you all say :D17:16
shakes808How many states can you see and which ones from the 103rd floor of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, located in Chicago?17:19
shakes808A. 1 state; Illinois17:19
shakes808B. 2 states; Illinois and Indiana17:19
shakes808C. 3 states; Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan17:19
shakes808D. 3 states; Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin17:19
shakes808E. 4 states; Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin17:19
devinheitmuellerIs the answer contingent on pollution levels?17:19
shakes808HA HA17:20
shakes808not LA17:20
brouschfog is more an issue17:21
brouschi think you can see all 4 states17:24
shakes808anyone else want to chime in? devinheitmueller?17:24
* devinheitmueller googles17:25
* devinheitmueller answers four17:25
devinheitmuellerAnd today.... visibility is ten miles.17:26
devinheitmuellerYeah, Google takes the fun out of such questions nowadays...17:27
shakes808lol it wouldn't take the fun out of it, if you didn't already search and tell lol17:28
shakes808... even though others might be doing the same lol17:28
devinheitmuellerI could have just said "four" and sounded smart for knowing the right answer.17:28
devinheitmuellerA better question is:  given that today's visibility is ten miles, how many states can you see?17:29
devinheitmuellerWhich would require some Cartesian math!17:29
brouschno, just a goole map17:29
devinheitmuellerYeah, or that.  ;-)17:30
shakes808You would maybe see Indiana but not Wisconsin, so 217:30
brouschmichigan is closer than wisconsin17:33
brouschunless you require seeing land17:33
shakes808HA HA, didn't think about that.17:34
shakes808but 10 miles would put you just in Indiana I believe17:35
shakes808?? Chat window closed on me17:36
shakes808but 10 miles isn't far enough to reach (land or water) Indiana17:36
shakes808Have a good one all, see you on later.17:54
devinheitmuellersnap-l: Howdy21:15
snap-lJust got back from Frankenmuth21:43
snap-lCatching up on e-mail21:44
greg-gcongrats, snap-l, on the anniversary21:49
snap-lThank you21:49
snap-lhttp://www.chilis.com/EN/Pages/Promotion/Promotion.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 <- WTF?22:05
snap-lI should ask brousch when Black Sabbath became a three-piece22:23
snap-lBecause apparently they never had a drummer, according to their photos on their site.22:23

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