andygraybeal_eh eh, at home00:21
andygraybeal_mowed a little along my road00:21
thafreakMorning Ohio14:06
jrgiffordmorning thafreak .14:07
thafreakfreaking figures...i find a new hard drive I like, and some one screws it up14:45
thafreaki started buying samsung drives, they were badass14:46
thafreaknow it seems seagate bought them out, and stuck their samsung label on their old baracudda green drives14:46
thafreakand i don't find out until I order 8 for work :(14:47
paultagHELLO, WORLD20:02
dzhowait, seagate owns samsung drives now?20:03
=== ronnoc_ is now known as ronnoc
thafreakpaultag: you know off hand what software is used for webchat.freenode.net?23:38
thafreaknm...seems to be qwebirc :)23:39
paultagyeah it's that quake thing23:39
paultagbrb, on my cell23:40
thafreaknp....i'm off to dinner anyway...do let me know if you know of a better one than that though...23:40

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