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technovikingIs there a set color for borders within the brand guidelines?15:30
dakerborders ? http://design.ubuntu.com/web/rounded-corners-and-drop-shadows15:32
steveedwardstechnoviking: We tend to use #aea79f for box borders on the web.15:32
technovikingsteveedwards: thanks15:32
steveedwardstechnoviking: No worries.15:32
technovikinggoing to try to fix the rounded corner on the forums today to match the guidelines, vBulletin is the devil :)15:33
steveedwardstechnoviking: I can imagine. Good luck!15:33
AlanBellwhat do you think about the idea of embedding UDS video pages from blip.tv into the summit meeting pages after UDS?19:43
AlanBellso the UDS meeting model would grow a video field, and someone would populate it with the blip or youtube URL and it would grow an embedded video below the pad19:44
cjohnstoncause I dont want to get stuck adding them19:57
nigelbAlanBell: +120:03
nigelbAlanBell: we can get cjohnston to add them :D20:03
AlanBellsame for the audio files21:01
cjohnstonif it can be automated, but im against making something that requires human involvement... when it does people complain too much that it isnt done quick enough21:08
nigelbcjohnston: I thought you were full-time summit dev? :D22:04
cjohnstonnot full time, and keyword being dev22:08

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