Jordan_Ujohn3voltas: Wubi is the Windows Based Ubuntu Installer. It creates an ext4 disk image file on your Windows partition and sets up ntldr/BCD to boot from it allowing you to have a full Ubuntu installation without any repartitioning or changing of the MBR. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/install-ubuntu-with-windows00:00
TomatoKetchupMrGizmo757, sorry I couldn't be of much help00:00
psusiring1, I thought the cd was staying the same, but they were adding a new image that was to be around 1+gb, smaller than dvd but larger than cd00:00
MrGizmo757well you helped some.  i went from no emails at all  to emails.   just need to work out this secure connction error.00:01
L3top!cookie | TomatoKetchup00:01
ubottuTomatoKetchup: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:01
MrGizmo757i have an idea.  ill wait until my wife gets done on on her windows laptop.  and i will get thunderbird up on that and compare the advanced settings.00:02
john3voltasJordan_U, as said, i can't install linux or anything suspicious like wubi. all i need is a boot parameter to tell the kernel where to find the filesystem squashfs.00:02
TomatoKetchuplol thanks00:02
L3topIt is cumulative00:02
Jordan_Ujohn3voltas: I don't know what kernel parameter that would be, sorry.00:02
bennypr0fanehello, I have a wlan problem, 12.04 doesn't recognize my chip it's a broadcomm 43xx00:02
L3topeverytime I pop in here today you are fixing.00:02
L3topthats good stuff00:02
MrGizmo757becuase it works fine on the windows machine so  if i can match my settings under ubuntu  to the way its sets itself up under windows maybe it will work.00:02
TomatoKetchupMrGizmo757, good deal, did you check the thunderbird error console?00:03
john3voltasJordan_U, do you mean the kernel parameters are not documented?00:03
TomatoKetchupMrGizmo757,  Tools > Error console, see if there is anything helpful in there.00:03
Jordan_Ujohn3voltas: The may or may not be documented. If they are documented then I don't know where to find them.00:03
ActionParsnipjohn3voltas: what are you wanting to achieve with the boot option?00:03
MrGizmo757there are two erros marked in red00:04
bennypr0fanehere's some output from lshow -c network: http://pastebin.com/EMgGpxwP00:04
MrGizmo757unknown property moz column fill00:04
ring1psusi, http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2012/05/msg00685.html00:04
MrGizmo757have no clue what that means00:04
c0ldz3r0how can i set my printer to print in win xp without ask for password00:04
TomatoKetchupyeah that's nothing, two of the same error?00:04
c0ldz3r0any idea ?00:04
john3voltasActionParsnip, i want to boot ubuntu in a frugal way. just vmlinuz+initrd+filesystem.squashfs from my hdd instead of from a livecd00:04
MrGizmo757and the other says  attribute deprecated00:04
ActionParsnipjohn3voltas: add the boot option:   text00:05
MrGizmo757ok heres somthing.   i have Chrome installed as my browser. and one of the logs says   Could not read chrome manifest 'jar:file:    so maybe its trying to do somthing with chrome that is messing things up.00:06
john3voltasActionParsnip, text? what does it do?00:06
TomatoKetchupeh, I have that error too00:06
ActionParsnipjohn3voltas: makes the X server not load but but starts all the services and such00:07
bennypr0faneI removed bcmwl-kernel-source, broadcom-sta-common, and broadcom-sta-source,00:07
OerHeksbennypr0fane, firmware=N/A , i think you need the firmware-b43-installer package, after install reboot00:07
bennypr0fane I installed b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-installer and rebooted, also un.blacklisted bcm43xx and rebooted - no success! :-( :-( :-(00:07
john3voltasActionParsnip, don't get why you're telling me to use it. what do i gain? how will i be able to boot ubuntu frugal using text?00:08
bennypr0faneOerHeks all done, nothing happened00:08
MrGizmo757ok a few of the error logs have somthing related to chrome in here00:09
bennypr0fanec0ldz3r0 your questions seems off-topic, it sounds like it belongs in a windows channel...00:09
ActionParsnipc0ldz3r0: how did you share the printer? I imagine you shared it in Ubuntu...00:09
c0ldz3r0sorry i use ubuntu and the printer is installed um windows machine00:10
john3voltasJordan_U, this is for debian: http://grml.org/online-docs/live-initramfs.en.7.html00:10
c0ldz3r0the printer works normal00:10
c0ldz3r0the question is00:10
john3voltasJordan_U, i wanted to find the same for ubuntu00:10
ActionParsnipc0ldz3r0: so you want to print from ubuntu to a Windows shared printer?00:10
bennypr0fanec0ldz3r0 which is the application that's asks you for a pw?00:11
c0ldz3r0every time i want to print something i have to enter user and pass00:11
ActionParsnipc0ldz3r0: you can set the username and password when you connect, its part of adding the printer00:11
Jordan_UActionParsnip: I think you misunderstood what john3voltas meant by "frugal", in this context they mean something like http://damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/index.php/Frugal_Install00:11
john3voltaslike DSL or Puppy00:11
ActionParsnipjohn3voltas: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88891100:12
c0ldz3r0sorry a cant add pass and user in printer00:12
c0ldz3r0not ask me00:12
john3voltasActionParsnip, ah! topic posted by nooby, a puppy long time user from sweden :)00:13
MrGizmo757ok well i am out of here.   ill mess with this more later.   thanx for all the help00:13
ActionParsnipc0ldz3r0: you do, its set when you add the printer, like I already said.00:14
ActionParsnipc0ldz3r0: http://heatware.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ubuntu_printer_4.png   see in the bottom right, that's where you add the credentials. It happened on your system too00:15
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john3voltasActionParsnip, that topic doesn't say how to boot ubuntu in a frugal way00:16
OerHeksbennypr0fane, on a Acer laptop?00:16
john3voltasactually, that's what nooby was asking for in the 1st place00:16
c0ldz3r0ActionParsnip: i will check this now thanks00:16
bennypr0faneOerHeks yes00:16
OerHeksbennypr0fane, post 3 or 4 sounds promissing, acer wmi trouble > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170412200:16
mrmath130hey i just had a quick question about minimum system requirements00:18
ActionParsnipc0ldz3r0: you'll need to remove the current printer, than readd00:18
bennypr0fanec0ldz3r0 or you could managing the printer via cups.that saved my life with the last printer on the nework00:18
mrmath130i couldn't find them anywhere on the website00:18
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu00:18
john3voltasJordan_U, hey, what's that 'file' command? like append  file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper ...00:19
mrmath130oh ok thanks00:19
c0ldz3r0bennypr0fane: i added the printer via cups00:19
c0ldz3r0not from printer app00:19
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ActionParsnipc0ldz3r0: use:   system-config-printer00:19
c0ldz3r0ActionParsnip: ok doing now00:20
c0ldz3r0thanks to all00:20
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Jordan_Ujohn3voltas: I believe that it's the path to the preseed file.00:21
john3voltasJordan_U, honestly don't know what a preseed file is. thought it could be the same as the live-media-path from debian...00:23
john3voltasdead end, huh?00:23
Jordan_Ujohn3voltas: No, it for settings related to installation.00:23
hwolffHello, I have a question about ubuntu and virtualbox. Every time I run an update, the system installs the generic-pae kernel. When I boot, it then boots the pae kernel. But that kernel has no module vboxdrv.00:24
hwolffsolid_liq: Is there a vboxdrv for pae? If not, is there a way for the update not to install pae?00:25
john3voltass/it/it's ? what's that? i'm not english native ;)00:25
solid_liqhwolff, why are you asking me?00:25
digitalslavejust installed 12.04 fresh and the onscreen keyboard comes up everytime i logon... anyone know of a fix for this??00:25
bohemian9485hwolff: try re-install virtualbox, my kernel is generic-pae and virtualbox runs fine00:25
hwolffsolid_liq, sorry, my irc client seems to have expanded the so: to your nick. I'm sorry.00:25
dlentzhwolff, that's why you use dkms, so when you install a new kernel, the vboxdrv is automatically built/iinstalled00:26
bennypr0faneOerHeks, thanks, how can I find out whether that module is laoded or not?00:26
digitalslaveonboard when unlocking the screen is already unchecked00:27
gliorosis there any way to manually recalculate the statistics rathen than setting a cron in this was /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics --calculate-all00:27
gliorosany command ?00:27
OerHeksbennypr0fane, if you perform " sudo modprobe -r acer-wmi " and you have sound, then use the blacklist00:28
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john3voltasgotta go. thanks to all who tried to help me. cheers00:29
hwolffthanks, I'll look into dkms00:29
bennypr0faneOerHeks, what do you mean by "if you have sound"?00:30
OerHeksbennypr0fane, it should work instantly00:30
bennypr0fanewhat sound?00:31
bennypr0fanewe're talking about my wlan...00:31
OerHeksbennypr0fane,  err wlan should work instantly, my bad00:32
bennypr0fanenothing happening :-(00:33
KaighHello, I was wondering if I could receive some help00:33
bennypr0faneKaigh just ask...00:33
bennypr0faneOerHeks the Acer models they are talking about I think are bigger models00:34
KaighI'm trying to install ubuntu alongside Windows 7. I've created a partition of 35 gb to install ubuntu on, but am lost on how to install ubuntu on this partition.00:35
aaamy secondary hard drive does not mount on Nautilus, but i can see it in \dev\disc\by-uuid. how can i check it?00:35
UbubeginDo I have to  install something to enable other pple to ssh into my computer ?00:35
lorecasterhave a problem... I have been running a DVI cable into my visio 32" HD monitor for a year now... i bought an HDMI cable to take advantage of the 3D speakers built into the monitor, but hwen I did, my keyboard (software) locks and either freezes out (buttons don't work) or locks a keystroke and won't let me change it. clearly sofware related. mouse works fine. switched back in the DVI calbe, no change. went into a live-boot off the 12.0400:36
lorecasterinstall disk, same problem. Help?00:36
ActionParsnipKaigh: unpartition the space and leave the space unallocated, then install to the free space00:36
escottUbubegin, sudo apt-get install openssh-server00:36
KaighIt is unallocated, nothing's on it. The unallocated partition doesn't show up when I try to install00:37
ActionParsniplorecaster: what GPU?00:37
lorecasternvidia 9300 if i'm not mistaken. emme chick :)00:38
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psusiKaigh, a partition that has no files in it is not the same as unpartitioned space... delete the partition and when you install ubuntu, tell it to install using free space00:38
ActionParsniplorecaster: add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=100:38
lorecasterhow would I go about this?00:38
alphanoopKaigh when installing select that partition and use for "/"00:38
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benveiDoes someone know why00:39
benveidebootstrap --arch amd64 precise /vz/private/101 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu00:39
benveidoes not work?00:39
wolferzI just installed ubuntu server, I need a gui for setting some things up. I installed xinit and e17, but when I startx, there are no system settings, package managers, or anything else at all... Also, my entire sdb drive is forbidden to access... Does anyone have some guidance for me?00:41
skx`hi - i have ubuntu 10.04 LTS and I would like to update evolution to latest stable version 3.4.200:41
escottskx`, not possible00:42
skx`can't i install a compiled build or should i reallt build it myself?00:42
skx`why escott?00:42
xanguaskx`: then you would neet to upgrade gnome, and then you would need to upgrade ubuntu lucid to precice pangolin00:42
stevecamhey my videos have a blue tint to it, ive tried going through my video settings but i have no idea where to look00:43
escottskx`, you could try to compile yourself but your entire desktop stack would need upgrading. you would likely end up with  non-functional desktop00:43
skx`that's annoying as the evolution app is full of bugs00:43
aaamy secondary hard drive does not mount on Nautilus, but i can see it in \dev\disc\by-uuid. how can i check it?00:43
bgamariHow does one kill a task during boot?00:43
bgamariMy machine appears to be thrashing during some upstart job during boot00:44
bgamariNaturally Ctrl-C is caught and ignored00:44
bgamariskx`: Appears to have no effect00:45
ALFI0qualche frocio dall'italia?00:46
skx`i was mistaken :) i thiought you wanted to know the copy paste shortcut :) sorry00:46
zeidozbgamari: i would look in /etc/init.d for the start up job00:46
HowardTheDuckis the new ubuntu compatible with laptops with optimus graphics switching, between intel and nvidia00:46
OerHeks!it | ALFI000:46
ubottuALFI0: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)00:46
bgamariIs there no way to get Upstart to tell you what jobs it is starting?00:46
bgamariI've tried passing it --verbose on the kernel command line to no avail00:47
ALFI0ma su ubuntu it son tutti transessuali e poi mi piace ROMPERE IL CAZZO e parlare in un altra lingua00:47
OerHeksHowardTheDuck, yes, see bumblebee  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee & the irc channel #bumblebee here on freenode00:47
ALFI0e poi sto aspettando che mo arriva un coglione col nick super hacker che non ha di meglio da fare nella vita che rompere la minkia a me, vuole il mio cazzo sto frocio di merda ma ha paura a chiedermelo00:48
bgamarizeidoz: I'm supposed to do a brute force search through all 100 jobs (no even counting native upstart jobs)?00:48
escottaaa, does it not appear in nautilus? have you tried the command "udisks --mount /dev/disks/by-uuid/whatever"00:48
ActionParsnip!es | ALFI000:48
ubottuALFI0: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:48
grimetonis there something like packages.debian.org for ubuntu?00:48
ALFI0hey anyone know about firmware virus? i got 1 from a italy hacker crew in my computer00:48
ActionParsnipgrimeton: packages.ubuntu.com00:49
grimetonActionParsnip: thanks00:49
bgamariSurely there much be a way to get Upstart to tell you what jobs it is starting, no?00:49
BoyoI am installing Ubuntu.  It's asking to partition my current hard drive, which has Windows 7 installed.  It's asking me to size the partitions using a slider, but the partitions are not even named!00:49
BoyoSo I don't know which partition will be which size when I am done.00:50
escottBoyo, if you boot to the livecd you can use gparted directly00:50
ActionParsnipBoyo: If you use disk manager in Win7, you can resize the partition there then install to the free space00:50
ALFI0dont install ubuntu, it sux use windows 7 more secure, u get hacked with ubuntu00:50
escottBoyo, I have some vague memory that those sliders where really confusing.00:50
BoyoAbout how much space should I expect a new installation of Ubuntu to use?00:51
Boyo(I'm actually booted to the LiveCD now)00:51
ActionParsnipBoyo: mine is about 4Gb here, giving ubuntu about 15Gb is plenty :)00:51
BoyoSounds good00:51
BoyoIt's literally two partitions side-by-side with no label on either00:51
BoyoThey are even the same color00:51
ALFI0froci guardoni ce ne sono ho un cazzo enorme per il loro culo piatto00:52
ActionParsnip!es | ALFI000:52
john___why upon chromium installation it ask me to remove a language pack and ffmpeg codec? is it ok that i won't install them?00:53
ALFI0es un cazzo italy here00:53
ActionParsnip!ops | ALFI0 swearing in Spanish00:53
ubottuALFI0 swearing in Spanish: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!00:53
ActionParsnipjohn___: if you reinstall it after, is it ok?00:53
krababbelBoyo: better do that in windows beforehand ntfs is not 100% safe in linux00:53
ALFI0aio merda mostrati che ti faccio il culo a te e agli amici tuoi merde umane, ti sego la testa xD dai merda00:53
xanguaActionParsnip: didn't knew italian was the new spanish00:54
ActionParsnipxangua: google translate exists ;)00:54
john___ActionParsnip: well, i can install chromium anyway, i was just wondering why00:54
BoyoSo I should not create the partition as part of the installation?00:54
BoyoOk, I'll try it in Windows then.00:54
ActionParsnipjohn___: are there any bugs reported00:54
ActionParsnipxangua: you get the idea :)00:54
john___ActionParsnip: i.e. if not uninstalling them will cause trouble to chromium00:54
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BoyoThanks all00:55
ActionParsnipjohn___: worth a try00:55
krababbelBoyo: no problem, it is in computer managment in win 700:55
* ActionParsnip wishes people would plan partitions00:56
krababbelwell the installer and download page should have some first steps for beginners and many other people not reinstalling ubuntu :)00:58
lorecasterI just updated my nvidia drivers, and now my whole computer is displaying in chinese?!00:59
grimetonlorecaster: the chinese fonts are for free with this update01:00
lorecasterplease instruct with how to eliminate them? or revert back to english? my mandrin is a little rusty01:00
grimetonlorecaster: is everything in chinese now or is it more a graphics setup problem?01:01
bgamariHow does one get mountall to spit out debug output?01:01
bgamariIt seems to be mountall which is causing the thrashing01:01
grimetonbgamari: man mountall?01:01
lorecasterall my system information... every window has a mixture, pidgin is all in chinese, file, edit, view, all in chiense...01:01
lorecasterseems as though the system font selection is what changed... the imputs appear normal01:02
grimetonlorecaster: you changed the locale or something?01:02
bgamarigrimeton: Try it01:02
bgamarigrimeton: It is perhaps the most useless man page you have ever seen01:02
grimetonbgamari: seems like a deja-vu to me01:02
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grimetonlorecaster: if nothing else works: press ctrl+alt+f1, login as user, run sudo su - to become root and then run: dpkg-reconfigure locales and set the default locale you need, after that reboot01:03
lorecasterin system settings, the blue flag with what looks like the UN logo on it is in chinese, the "HArdware drivers" is in chinese, and Ubunutu One logo01:03
lorecasteroh, and right-click is all chinese, too01:03
grimetonlorecaster: looks like your desktop is in chinese...01:04
lorecasterseems that way. allt his from updating nvidia prop drivers??01:04
ActionParsniplorecaster: doubt it01:04
lorecasterthat is, seriously, all i've done since the last restart.01:04
aaa how do i create a "windows share" on my ubuntu machine?01:05
lorecasterhave a paste-bin, this looks suspicious01:05
lorecasterlooks like ALL my locales were lost, except chinese ones. CN and SG01:05
ActionParsniplorecaster: try running:   gnome-language-selector01:05
lorecasterall chinese.01:06
lorecasterall i can read there is english in the first tab, and english (canada) in the second tab.01:06
Sheldon23lorecaster, Check your logs, and firewall logs to see if you've been compromised.01:06
ActionParsniplorecaster: is English in the drop downs?01:07
lorecasteroh for god sakes.01:07
lorecasteryes, it is.01:07
bgamariHow does one send SIGINT during boot?01:07
Sheldon23Hmm.  Then you obviously have to do a full reinstall.01:07
lorecaster-twitch- that's painful.01:07
lorecasteralrighty. I was afraid of that.01:08
Sheldon23But I'd take a look at the logs in any case, just to see how or what happened.01:08
lorecasterI already have my live-install USB ready, see you all in a few hours, then. :'(01:08
lorecasterokay, where, which and how?01:08
escottbgamari, kill -INT pid01:09
Sheldon23Was Firewall enabled?01:09
aaa how do i create a "windows share" on my ubuntu machine?01:09
lorecaster"/Var/log is a directory"01:09
Sheldon23aaa, use Samba. https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html01:10
Sheldon23Yes.  The log files are in that directory.01:10
lorecasterif my system is already in chinese...?01:10
lorecasterI can't do much with this as it is.01:10
bgamariescott: I don't have a console01:10
Sheldon23Are the logs in Chinese too?01:10
escottbgamari, you want the equivalent of ctrl-c for a gui01:11
lorecasterwhcih logs do you want to see?01:11
bgamariescott: No, I want to send SIGINT to a starting Upstart job01:11
Sheldon23What does "auth.log" say01:11
escottbgamari, ive never heard of a gui for "kill" so you probably just want to start a terminal01:12
bgamarior SIGQUIT or SIGKILL or something01:12
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
bgamariescott: Again, this has nothing to do with a GUI. I would be thrilled if I could get anywhere near starting X01:12
escott!xy | bgamari the assumption when you ask "how do I send a signal" is that you have a working system01:13
ubottubgamari the assumption when you ask "how do I send a signal" is that you have a working system: The XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.01:13
XirrinAnyone have a recommendation for a good free cross-platform backup utility? I'd like to be able to make searchable backup images, but everything seems to be non-searchable (CloneZilla) or just files and not images (CrashPlan).01:14
Sheldon23You'll have to go through that log file to check and see whether any session was opened when you weren't using the computer01:14
bgamariubottu: The problem is an incredibly vague symptom: the machine inexplicably stops booting right after starting plymouth01:14
ActionParsnipXirrin: could use rsync, its a simple file by file copy01:14
BigBassIt took me a couple of hours to find the correct commands to type into my terminal to get my Broadcom 802.11 wireless driver to work on 12.4. Is anybody else having  these same problems ?01:15
lorecastermost of this morning.01:15
bgamariescott: Rather, see above01:15
lorecaster... all day, actually.01:15
ActionParsnipbgamari: press ALT+F2 and run:  xkill     click what you want to kill01:15
bgamariNo, again, I do not have a working system01:15
lorecasterI didn't use my computer, I was out of town, in fact, until 17:00 today01:15
bgamariI want to send a signal to an Upstart job during boot01:15
XirrinActionParsnip: Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure how I feel about a file-by-file copy though. Easy to restore a full backup from a downed machine?01:15
escottbgamari, what does it say when you hit the up arrow? does !sysrq work01:16
ActionParsnipXirrin: yes, just copy the files back.01:16
escottXirrin, why do you want image backup?01:16
Sheldon23Hmm.  I'm not sure what time zone you're in because it shows that you've been logged in many times as root on May 17 around 2200 hours01:16
lorecasteroh, that was when i was trying to figure out my NVIDIA issues.01:16
lorecasteri've been in and out of terminal since 17:0001:17
XirrinActionParsnip: I ask because I know a lot of times those file-by-file copies don't include any type of partition information or boot sectors so you still have to reformat the drive and reinstall things.01:17
bgamarisysrq works, one moment, I need to reboot01:17
Xirrinescott: Want to be able to simply and quickly restore a machine if I nuke it.01:17
bgamariescott: ^^01:17
Sheldon23It also shows a root session that's opened May 17th 0600 then intermittently all the way until 170001:17
ActionParsnipXirrin: true, you'll need to reinstate grub. You could make an ISO of the whole partition I guess01:18
lorecasterwhen I was out of town :S01:18
bgamariBut seriously, is there no way to send a signal to an Upstart job?01:18
bgamariWith SysV you could just use Ctrl-C01:18
escottif you can get a clean shutdown you might be able to figure out what is going on during the boot by checking the logs. there is also the bootchart utility. you could install that within a chroot, boot it and let it hang and then sysrq out and that might give some details on what is going on01:18
Sheldon23Looks like that's when it's happened.01:19
ActionParsniplorecaster: do you have the root account enabled?01:19
lorecasterI am always logged in as a user, and only EVER access terminal as SUDO when necessary01:19
lorecasterotherwise, all else is default.01:19
bgamariescott: The terminal just shows the result of fsck on /01:19
lorecasteri never mess with users.01:19
Sheldon23Is your password easily guessed?01:19
caesar__what's the best theme manager (iyo) for 10.0401:19
bgamariescott: and some warnings from rpcbind which are due to another bug01:20
ActionParsnipcaesar__: there is one built in...01:20
Sheldon23Was Firewall enabled?  You can check under Admin-Firewall.01:20
ActionParsnipcaesar__: or myunity can do it01:20
lorecasterit's an english pronounciation of a japanese word. all letters, not found in english, 8 characters.01:20
bgamariescott: Yes, sysrq works. swapper is running01:20
lorecastercheck how?01:21
bgamariescott: which makes sense since the harddisk is going wild01:21
caesar__ActionParsnip: are you talking about the appearance preferences?01:21
Sheldon23Click Administration -- Firewall.  See if i's enabled.01:21
escottbgamari, im not sure what i can do but refer you to the logs. i dont know what would be happening at that point in the boot01:21
lorecasterusing gnome301:21
ActionParsnipcaesar__: sure, or myunity under the theme tab01:21
lorecasterI don't have the original gnome pulldowns01:21
bgamariescott: Is there no way to kill the task?01:22
escottbgamari, how do you know what task it is01:22
caesar__ActionParsnip: this is 10.04... i dont have unity01:22
Sheldon23Okay.  Can you go to program list, and type "firewall"01:22
bgamariescott: Point taken; I suppose it's asynchronous01:22
Sheldon23by clicking on that button on the top left (forgot what it's called)01:22
lorecasternothing appears01:22
ActionParsnipcaesar__: then there is the appearence app in the menus01:22
Sheldon23and searching for "firewall"01:22
lorecasterI never installed anything of firewall yet (new install)01:22
bgamariescott: There's no way to convince upstart to spawn a shell to investigate from?01:23
caesar__so default theme manager is better than emerald or gstyles?01:23
escottbgamari, you can always change to boot to recovery but thats a different boot process01:23
escottbgamari, its either a normal boot or it isnt01:23
ActionParsnipcaesar__: its in the default install, it wil therefore gel with the OS as that is it's job01:23
Sheldon23Hmm.  Okay, bottom line looks like there's been some unauthorized root access.  Best thing to do is full reinstall, strong password, diff from previous, enable Firewall, perform security updates.01:24
bgamariescott: sysrq-f killed it01:24
bgamariescott: It's continuing to boot so hopefully I'll know which task it was soon01:24
bgamariescott: It was apparently find presumably started by mounted-tmp01:25
lorecasterunderstood. I really appreciate it. I thought people didn't hack linux. I'm just a home-user with no other reason to be hacked other than random chance... Cable modem, static IP maybe? could pose a problem?01:25
bgamariescott: huh, /tmp must be huge on this machine. weird01:26
_ProtekNickzanyone know how to get the Ubuntu-Tweak working, meaning the LogonSetting, all Disabled right after installing it? and i can't figure it out01:26
Sheldon23Well, even if Linux is generally more secure than Windows, any system without Firewall enabled and a strong password is susceptible.01:26
lorecasterunderstood. I shall do a fresh-install. my keyboard issues appear to have resolved.01:27
stars69what is the name of eggdrop package anyonw know?01:27
OerHekslorecaster, you "updated nvidia driver" , how did you do that?01:27
stars69sudo apt-get install eggdrop1.6.2101:28
stars69Reading package lists... Done01:28
stars69Building dependency tree01:28
stars69Reading state information... Done01:28
stars69E: Unable to locate package eggdrop1.6.2101:28
FloodBot1stars69: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:28
T_H_Xstars69: sudo apt-get install eggdrop01:28
Sheldon23Also turn off SSH if you don't need it.01:28
lorecasterhow do i turn it off?01:28
lorecasterI never use SSH01:28
_ProtekNickzservice ssh stop01:29
lorecasterpermanent? even after restart?01:29
Sheldon23Try typing this into terminal to check if root account was enabled accidentally: sudo cat /etc/shadow01:29
ActionParsniplorecaster: it's not installed by default, you can uninstall openssh-server if you don't use it01:29
wifioregonMy friend wants to install ubuntu on an old netbook but doesn't have a USB flash drive. Is there any other way he can install?01:29
Sheldon23If root shows a "!" instead of an encrypted password, then root account's been enabled somehow.01:30
_ProtekNickzBurn it to CD01:30
ActionParsnipwifioregon: USB CD driver, SD card01:30
ActionParsnipwifioregon: PXE boot if you can setup a PXE server01:30
wifioregonthanks.. I didnt think about the SD card01:30
Xirrinlorecaster: I have to agree with what was mentioned here earlier. The ONLY way that you know 100% that you are secure is a full reformat, a new STRONG password that you share with no one, and turning off all remote access that isn't actively needed while keeping those that you do need as secure as possible (HTTPS instead of HTTP, SSH v2 instead of v2, running firewall, etc)01:31
_ProtekNickzAnyone know how to get the Ubuntu-Tweak working, meaning the LogonSetting, all Disabled right after installing it? and i can't figure it out01:31
ActionParsnip_ProtekNickz: i don't believe  ubuntu tweak is supported here, its a 3rd party app01:32
Xirrinlorecaster: Also, something to consider is if you're wired or wireless. Wireless is not nearly as secure as people want to believe it is, even with all the "bells and whistles" turned on.01:32
_ProtekNickzi realised that, but was just asking for some friendly advice01:32
Sheldon23_ProtekNickz, Add the ppa. Refresh package list, and install.01:33
Sheldon23_ProtekNickz, http://www.noobslab.com/2011/12/install-ubuntu-tweak-06-on-ubuntu-1204.html01:33
_ProtekNickzXirrin: i agree wireless is bull dust01:34
netmkstars69: just do  sudo apt-get install eggdrop01:34
netmkstars69: it'll fetch the right packages.01:34
sbaker48I have a Dell PowerEdge T105 (video is onboard ATI ES1000), and when I install Ubuntu 11.10 the colors are too bright. Especially light gray is impossible to distinguish from white. When I install Ubuntu 11.4 I did not have this problem. Settings on the monitor don't help at all. Any ideas of what I can try?01:35
_ProtekNickzSheldon23 ive done all that, the install went fine, seemed to anyway, it's the Login Setting All items Disabled?01:35
undecimIs there some way with empathy to ignore the freenode login message from NickServ, without ignoring everything?01:35
aaahow do i take ownership of a directory?01:35
Xirrinundecim: That's a damn good question.01:36
ActionParsnipsbaker48: did you upgrade or is it a clean install?01:36
stars69netmk, thanks01:36
glenfordis there a way to remove bottom panel from gnome-classic01:36
netmkaaa: man chown01:36
escottaaa sudo chown username:username in general you should not do this outside of your $HOME01:36
sbaker48ActionParsnip, clean install01:36
ActionParsnipglenford: sure, just right click it and remove the panel01:36
undecimaaa: A better question: why do you need to?01:36
Xirrinaaa: what netmk and escott said01:36
Sheldon23_ProtekNickz, Ah, I don't have a Ubuntu copy at hand to test.  Maybe someone else could try it out and help you.01:37
glenfordActionParsnip: thats the problem i cant right click it01:37
Xirrinaaa: quick explination is "sudo chown USERNAME:USERNAME /DIRECTORY", but "man chown" is the best way to explain it01:37
KipoHello everyone, good evening.01:37
_ProtekNickzSheldon23: ty for the help anyhows, ill just have to keep trying lol01:38
KipoHi there.01:38
xanguaglenford: tried holding shift or alt¿01:38
BentFranklinDoes sshd keep access logs like apache?  Where?01:38
muni'm a bit confused about GPLv3. if i modify parts of the code, would my modifications need to be released as well?01:38
aaacreated a shared directory in \srv and the guide said to do "sudo chown nobody.nogroup /srv/samba/share/". now i can't put anything inside01:38
sbaker48My guess is that is either has something to do with a new version of the ATI driver, or maybe that color calibration stuff? But I don't know what that is all about01:38
xangua!ot | mun01:38
ubottumun: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:38
glenfordActionParsnip: dosnt work01:38
escottmun, if you distribute yes (this is true of all gpl variants)01:38
=== burrito is now known as Guest65314
munescott, distribute meaning? what if i'm a freelancer?01:39
undecimaaa: what guide are you following?01:39
escottmun, in fact you have to do a bit more. if you distribute you must release the source code and build scripts01:39
munescott, release to whom? my client or the public?01:39
aaagot a link here to https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html01:39
_ProtekNickzSheldon23: OMG! im a DOLT, theirs a button top right to unlock the controls on the 'Login Settings' form, heh! it's workig now01:39
netmkusually you must provide a way for people to obtain a copy01:39
Sheldon23_ProtekNickz, ah, brilliant!01:40
netmkeither by e-mail or you put 'em on an FTP or webhost.01:40
escottmun, depends. is it work for hire? if it is then the company owns the ip (check with a lawyer on that, but thats true of most work for hire contracts) so they can use it internally as much as they want and it is within the same "person" and so is not distributed01:40
Jordan_Umun: To whoever you distribute the modified code to. So it sounds like your client in this case. Please continue this discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic though.01:40
KipoGuys... what would you do if "/start/init.d/kdm start" get you a "no such file or directory" error while trying to start KDE?01:40
goddardsessioninstall wont update its just stuck in my update manager01:40
undecimaaa: What you want is probably chmod, so that other users can add files to the directory...01:40
glenfordActionParsnip: i cant seem to get it to work01:40
munJordan_U, ok01:40
undecimaaa: chmod a+w /path/to/directory i think does what oyu want01:41
ActionParsnipsbaker48: try the boot option:  acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=Linux01:41
KipoI just want to start KDE without using startx, so I can go to the login screen.01:41
KipoBut "/etc/init.d/kdm start" gives me that error.01:41
wilee-nileequestion isn't the terminal command to open the Ubuntu Software Center, Ubuntu Software Center01:41
undecimaaa: (put "sudo" in front of that)01:41
kruxglenford, xangua said what you should do.. try holding shift or alt ?01:41
aaaso it allows access by anyone?01:41
undecimaaa: Depending on your use case, you may instead want to just use user directories01:41
ActionParsnipwilee-nilee: gksudo software-properties-gtk01:41
undecimaaa: It will allow anyone to create files and filders in the directory01:42
glenfordKrux: that dosnt work01:42
aaathat's what i wanted. thanks01:42
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, cool thanks it is crashing just need the error.01:42
undecimaaa: But if for example, user "aaa" puts a file in the directory, "bbb" won't be able to delete it01:42
kruxtry the start button ?.. and right click01:42
ActionParsnipwilee-nilee: try upgrading in CLI first,then try the GUI01:42
kruxthat's how i did it01:42
undecimaaa: File permissions can also control who can view or edit the file01:43
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, I am all upgraded, that command open the software sources though.01:43
goddardsessioninstall wont update its just stuck in my update manager01:43
ActionParsnipwilee-nilee: then run:   gksudo software-center-gtk301:43
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, thanks I will try that01:44
amikropHello, how can I add an item to the launcher?01:44
undecimHow can I have empathy highlight messages prefixed with "undecim:"?01:45
ActionParsnipamikrop: drag it from dash to the unity panel01:46
ameobatrying to install some packages.  keep getting "503 service unavailable" from us.archive.ubuntu.com - is it just me or is something broken?01:47
grimetonameoba: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/01:49
amikropActionParsnip: It doesn't stay, it disappears01:49
amikropActionParsnip: and I can't find this app when I minimize it01:50
cvprogdon't be mad... press ctrl+alt+sysrq then let go of all but the alt button and than press either k o i ... etc... if holding alt didn't do anything try holding ctrl !!!!!!! ;D01:50
ActionParsnipamikrop: if you run the app from dash, you can then right click the icon and tell it to stay01:50
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, that last command work got a large amount of info in the error thanks, time to google foo. :)01:50
amikropActionParsnip: that icon never appears01:50
ActionParsnipamikrop: does it have an icon in dash?01:50
cvprogby the way how do i put to sleep from keyboard ?01:50
amikropActionParsnip: in a specific app which I unlocked it from dash earlier01:50
amikropActionParsnip: no01:50
amikropActionParsnip: ee yes01:51
glenfordi solved my problem01:51
amikropActionParsnip: it has an icon in dash. it's just I "unlocked it from launcher" earlier, that's when that started to happen01:51
ActionParsnipcvprog: try:     sudo pm-suspend01:51
glenfordAlt+Super+Right Click is what works for me :D01:51
ameobagrimeton : thx.  Looks like I've got problems.01:51
ameobafix 'em in the morning01:51
amikropActionParsnip: actually it just happened with google chrome. I unlocked libreoffice writer, too, but when I ran it from dash its icon appeared normally in the launcher01:52
cvprogActionParsnip: pm command not found01:52
ActionParsnipcvprog: its a hypen, not a space....01:53
=== k is now known as Guest28984
amikropActionParsnip: Now it happened with LibreOffice too.01:53
amikropActionParsnip: that's really weird01:53
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
sbaker48ActionParsnip, I tried the boot parameters, and nothing seems to have changed01:56
amikropActionParsnip: so, any ideas why they never appear?01:56
cvprogActionParsnip: that worked but when i try to return to my desktop it does nothing it does not wake up01:57
cvprogActionParsnip: i used to do cd /etc/acpi/; sudo ./sleep.sh01:57
cvprogActionParsnip: but that also did the same thing, not waking up01:58
amikropSo, anybody knows why I am losing some apps after I minimize them? They don't show in launcher.01:58
cvprogActionParsnip: thats why i asked how to go to suspend, this problem started after updating to 12.0401:58
amikropThat started when I unlocked them from launcher. But bow they never show, even when I run the app from dash01:58
amikropSo when I minimize it, I lose it (cause it's not in launcher)01:59
amikrop* now01:59
Kaduptmim a new user of ubuntu... how can i put skype on startup?????? please02:01
|Slacker|Kaduptm, click the clog and then startup applications02:03
Kaduptmok... what the extension of the file and where do i find it?!02:04
|Slacker|gimme a sec02:04
xanguaKaduptm: name: skype command: skype coment: whatever02:05
|Slacker|Kaduptm, that's it02:06
Timothydoes anybody know if it's possible to create a custom spin of Ubuntu (using remastersys or some other prog) to clone client systems while maintaining NIS and NFS shares from a server?02:06
Kaduptmhum... ill try... thanks02:06
Kaduptmim still thinking like windows extensions02:07
crewzaoi gatinhos02:08
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xangua!nickspam | ARA-ES-INCH-KLRI02:10
ubottuARA-ES-INCH-KLRI: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »02:10
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crewzaalguem pode me ajudar por favor?02:14
xangua!pt | crewza02:14
ubottucrewza: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:14
crewza[xangua]: obrigado!02:14
blitzkrieg79i'm building a domain controller for windows boxes out of an ubuntu server, but i think i don't have to use ubuntu server to get it done, can anyone confirm or deny this?02:15
blitzkrieg79meaning i could probably do the same job with regular ubuntu as opposed to ubuntu server02:15
escottblitzkrieg79, sure its all just packages you could start with minimal and build up or start with desktop and add server02:16
blitzkrieg79cool, because its going to be a virtualbox on a freebsd machine02:16
blitzkrieg79and for the life of me i can't find a working link i can use to download an iso for ubuntu server with wget02:16
blitzkrieg79but i can find one for regular ubuntu all day02:17
blitzkrieg79the machine in question has no opticals02:17
Timothyblitzkrieg79, you can get the same job done, but the server install will give you a slimmer install - more resources dedicated to the task, less to a gui02:17
blitzkrieg79icky, i have to use a gui?02:17
Timothyfor desktop ya....02:18
blitzkrieg79using gui makes me feel like a noob02:18
blitzkrieg79but, that'll work02:18
Timothydump your iso to a USB stick - that'll make you happy02:18
KM0201blitzkrieg766: well, depending on what you're asking, it may be obvious you're a newb02:18
blitzkrieg79<-ubernewb, sudo shut up!02:19
blitzkrieg79i was telling meself to shut up, in case that wasn't clear.02:19
Timothytry http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu02:19
blitzkrieg79i have a multiboot usb key in my pocket right now, with all KINDS of lovely things on it.02:20
blitzkrieg79i tried putting the iso on a usb stick but for some reason i couldn't mount it on the freebsd box02:20
DbYE NBE02:20
DbYE Knnh02:20
oWnO Mpf02:20
oWnO njLR02:20
QlNd VXVd02:20
QlNd lQh02:20
NBE sAd02:20
NBE oHpq02:20
koN ZgPf02:20
koN RVXk02:20
DbYE abF02:20
QlNd CIkK02:20
koN aekk02:20
NBE QKk02:20
UiNP Qfd02:20
UiNP DhaB02:20
oWnO omJ02:20
blitzkrieg79hmm.... i should try a different stick.02:21
DbYE ZFho02:21
UiNP ZFho02:21
koN ZFho02:21
NBE ZFho02:21
DbYE ZFho02:21
UiNP ZFho02:21
koN ZFho02:21
NBE ZFho02:21
DbYE ZFho02:21
UiNP ZFho02:21
koN ZFho02:21
NBE ZFho02:21
UiNP ZFho02:22
koN ZFho02:22
Timothyblitzkrieg79, wondering whether you might have an answer to my question...I'm trying to build a custom spin of Ubuntu for a very simple installation.  it's no problem except I have NFS and NIS for each client.02:22
ulmp ZFho02:23
jgg ZFho02:23
TDH ZFho02:23
gjsk ZFho02:23
eRSC ZFho02:23
wBb ZFho02:23
DWL ZFho02:23
ulmp ZFho02:23
jgg ZFho02:23
gjsk ZFho02:23
FloodBot1jgg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:23
eRSC ZFho02:23
TDH ZFho02:23
wBb ZFho02:23
DWL ZFho02:23
blitzkrieg79ok, whats the question?02:23
ulmp ZFho02:23
jgg ZFho02:23
TDH ZFho02:23
gjsk ZFho02:23
Fpv ZFho02:23
eRSC ZFho02:23
52AAAYNS8 ZFho02:23
wBb ZFho02:23
IzVi ZFho02:23
fFZQ ZFho02:23
HXs ZFho02:23
Timothyany recommendations on how to do this?02:23
DWL ZFho02:23
zmYi ZFho02:23
cdeB ZFho02:23
blitzkrieg79what is it you're trying to accomplish?02:24
blitzkrieg79just making them work? or...02:24
jgg ZFho02:25
Fpv ZFho02:25
gjsk ZFho02:25
eRSC ZFho02:25
52AAAYNS8 ZFho02:25
wBb ZFho02:25
fFZQ ZFho02:25
cdeB ZFho02:25
zmYi ZFho02:25
HXs ZFho02:25
DWL ZFho02:25
IzVi ZFho02:25
ulmp ZFho02:25
jgg ZFho02:25
Fpv ZFho02:25
eRSC ZFho02:25
gjsk ZFho02:25
wBb ZFho02:25
fFZQ ZFho02:25
blitzkrieg79compiling your own distro isn't too big of a trick, there's info everywhere in regards to how to get it done, but...02:25
Timothycompiling the applications is easy, I'm just wondering about the NIS & NFS config.02:26
Sheldon23What is the command to let a channel admin know when someone is spamming?02:27
tsimpsonSheldon23: we are aware of it02:27
blitzkrieg79i'm gonna have a cig and think about it for a min02:27
Sheldon23tsimpson, All righty02:28
Timothytsimpson, thanks for cleaning up!02:28
Timothyblitzkrieg79, thanks!02:28
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wormmdSome craziness happened the other day: I fired up vim, updated my .Xresources file with some crazy terminal colors, ran xrdb .Xresources, opened vim back up, and noticed that my terminal color changes apparently blew away my vim colorscheme. So I changed them to something else, ran xrdb .Xresources again, and opened .Xresources in vim again. The terminal colors were back to normal, but the colors were the same wacky colors I had changed from, but other file02:32
CousinLarryhi, i got about 25 pdf files in a dir, is there a way to select all of them and say print in someway, i basically want to print all the files but without having to open each and press print ?02:35
escottCousinLarry, lpr *.pdf02:36
wormmdCousinLarry: Is there not a right-click action for that?02:36
wormmdCousinLarry: or what escott said.02:36
CousinLarrywormmd dont see one02:36
CousinLarrywould lpr print them correct as pdf or try to print the contents as ascii ?02:37
=== Guest25319 is now known as SushiDude
lil[help] aubrey_02:37
escottCousinLarry, I would imagine that a modern lpr would convert to the appropriate format. alternately you could run a for loop to convert pdf2ps | lpr02:38
=== SETKEHS-CAT is now known as setkeh
davidHaving some trouble getting help with a simple question can anyone help?02:39
wormmd!ask | david02:40
ubottudavid: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:40
davidI just installed Luninux OS and I am getting prompted with more than one update. I have one for Ubuntu 12.04 and I also noticed a notification icon pop up at the bottom of my screen that says updates. Should I do both, or one of them?02:40
escottdavid, they are probably the same02:40
ActionParsnipdavid: one or the other02:41
davidI thought they were differenct since the one for Ubuntu said Upgrade. Okay cool. thanks02:41
lil[help] ubuntu 10.04 anyone could show me to shutdown the system after fail login02:41
Timothylil, are you at the login screen?02:42
caesar__can someone test gnome-look.org for me02:46
caesar__every other link i click goes offline02:46
caesar__other pages load normal for me02:46
caesar__other sites*02:46
Timothycaesar, works fine for me02:47
caesar__did you try navigating02:47
caesar__not just main page02:47
Timothyartwork, events, forum02:47
caesar__it must not like me then02:47
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wormmdSome craziness happened the other day: I fired up vim, updated my .Xresources file with some crazy terminal colors, ran xrdb .Xresources, opened vim back up, and noticed that my terminal color changes apparently blew away my vim colorscheme. So I changed them to something else, ran xrdb .Xresources again, and opened .Xresources in vim again. The terminal colors were back to normal, but the colors were the same wacky colors I had changed from, but other file02:48
=== Guest25254 is now known as lalo
=== aaass is now known as aaas
Timothywormmd, that's bizarre! still strange colors or have you fixed it?02:49
caesar__every time for me: http://i49.tinypic.com/2mh7oew.png02:49
ms-daisyHello. What's the best way to get Flash working in Firefox 12.0? Right now it's using 100% CPU.  Is Flash-Aid the best option?02:49
wormmdTimothy: when I open .Xresources with vim, the old crazy terminal colors are applied. When I open .config/awesome/rc.lua, my vim colorscheme is respected.02:50
wormmdthe point is, only ,Xresources is weird. Other script files get properly highlighted.02:51
Timothywormmd: can't really help you unfortunately...I'm too lazy to change my colors as 95% of my linux work is client/server admin related.  interested to hear how it works out tho...02:53
Timothycaesar, i'm assuming you've cleared your cache and all that wonderful stuff?02:53
wormmdTimothy: just had a thought: I changed the colors. Wonder what happens if I remove the color lines entirely.02:54
Timothywormmd: taking it back to the defaults & building it back up slowly? you may have a conflict b/n the two (although I'm just shooting in the dark here...again, not an SME here.)02:55
cHiNohi guys, ive just installed ubuntu to my laptop and im a new user to this OS. I was wondering if someone could assist me on a few issues i have?02:56
wormmdOpening that file doesn't respect the actual .Xresources (no colors specified) or vim's colorscheme.02:56
davidokay I am getting an error trying to update.   "Unable to get exclusive lock this usally means that another package mangment application like apt-get is already running. Please close that application first"02:56
TimothycHiNo, go ahead02:56
wormmdWhat file does xrdb update?02:56
wormmddavid: ps -A | grep apt02:57
davidtype that in?02:57
wormmddavid: yes.02:57
wormmddavid: then kill -9 <pid, ...>02:58
cHiNohi TIM, my first issue is that the OZ seems to be runnning slow...choppy sorta thing...like it seems to have a slight delay when u click on a program or anything really and whe i go to play video on the player the audio comes out smooth but the video seems choppy!02:59
davidnever used that command before ive been out of linux for a while now.  is the comand kill -9 <pid. ...> and do i put anything in for the ...02:59
TimothycHiNo, assuming your system meets the minimum requirements?03:00
wormmddavid: kill -9 (insert comma-separated list of pids related to apt here)03:00
TimothycHiNo: have you installed any proprietary drivers?03:00
wormmddavid: process ids, which you get from running ps -A | grep apt03:01
bazhangdavid, thats is not the way to fix your issue03:02
davidafter running the first command I get this: 2569 ?        00:00:11 aptd03:02
wormmdbazhang: just callin' 'em like I see 'em with limited information.03:02
bazhangdavid, make sure any other instances of apt are finished running. you do NOT want to kill -9 them03:02
cHiNoTIM: No, i believe i havent installed any proprietary drivers....how do i do this plz?03:02
bazhangwormmd, better to say nothing03:02
wormmdbazhang: you brougth up a good point.03:03
wormmdbazhang: and the limited information refered to the information I was given.03:03
davidcan I just log out and log back in and any proccess that were running would be stoped/03:03
bazhangwormmd, its a common problem, nothing esoteric about it03:03
bazhangdavid, better to let the apt instance finish03:04
davidI had hit canle on the update manager by mistake while it said waiting in the prompt area by the way03:04
davidSo maby the problem has to do with that03:04
TimothycHiNo, assuming you've installed ubuntu 12.04, open the dash and type "proprietary".  select the "Additional Drivers" icon that appears & follow steps there. let me know if you need help there03:05
cHiNoTIM, ok ill try now...thnx03:05
bazhangdavid, make sure that synaptic package manager, ubuntu software center are not running currently03:05
Timothyblitzkrieg79: any word on some ideas?03:07
davidokay tried it again and it seems to be working03:07
goddardhow can i see system temp?03:14
Timothygoddard, if you're looking for your temp files, try /tmp03:14
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto goddard03:15
CousinLarryin windows if you are in a dir in cli and type start .   it will open a window to that dir in the gui, is there something similar in the linux terminal ?03:15
trismCousinLarry: nautilus .03:16
plut0anyone figure out how to get ffmpeg working with libx264 on 12.04?03:17
CousinLarrytrism ty03:17
nurupocan somebody help me with a simple routing? I want to get the next two lines shown when calling $ip route show03:18
nurupodefault dev ppp0  proto static03:18
nurupo<some_ip> via dev eth0  proto static03:18
nurupoI managed to get everything right except I don't know how to set them to "proto static"03:18
FloodBot1nurupo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:18
bongsawyeris it possible to integrate parts of Mac OS X Lion with Ubuntu Linux? Like a hybrid?03:19
bongsawyerlooking for iOS support in Ubuntu03:19
cHiNohi tim, i had two options and one was already installed and the other on was to activate for the post realease updates for the ATI/AMD Proprietary FGLRX graphics driver. i went to update the post-release option and when it was nearly complete an error came up with "Sorry, installation of this driver failed....below it had, please have a look at the file log for details."03:19
cHiNocan ne one help with my problem03:19
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Timothybongsawyer, what about mac os x host machine with an ubuntu VM?03:21
bongsawyerthat could work, Timothy03:22
bongsawyeri'll give it a shot, thanks much03:22
capunk[problem with remaster] how to make autoshutdown after fail to attemp login03:22
plut0anyone figure out how to get ffmpeg working with libx264 on 12.04?03:22
davidboogsawyer have you tried LuninX OS its very mac like, im installing it now03:22
noneMAC is best03:24
nonei hate having two mouse button03:24
bazhang!ot | none03:24
ubottunone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:24
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thelegacehi, ive installed 12.04, and im using the c920 camera03:25
thelegacebut it keeps disappearing from /dev/video list03:25
thelegacethere does not seem to be anything wrong with my other video device03:28
CousinLarryfrom a nautilus window how can you open a terminal to the current directory ?03:29
=== chinkung is now known as kung
xangua!info nautilus-open-terminal | CousinLarry03:31
ubottuCousinLarry: nautilus-open-terminal (source: nautilus-open-terminal): nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary paths. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19-2build1 (precise), package size 61 kB, installed size 752 kB03:31
agrohe21Hi, I downloaded the latest ISO and installed on a VMware instance.  I let the install go and now I only have a terminal window.  No X. No errors either03:33
Timothyagrohe21, what do you see in the terminal window?03:34
agrohe21a prompt to login03:34
agrohe21I do so03:34
agrohe21then that is it03:35
agrohe21I just ran startx and it worked03:35
agrohe21not sure why I have to do that?03:35
bohemian9485does anybody know the reason why bluetoothd would fail with the message D-Bus setup failed: Name already in use?03:36
agrohe21Timothy: other Linux OS's seem to boot directly into a window manager or let you chose03:36
Timothyagrohe21: that should be the case with Ubuntu as well....I've installed several VMs in the last few days for testing and they all seem fine - I'm using VirtualBox, but that shouldnt make a diff.03:37
imMuteagrohe21: which ISO did you use?03:38
agrohe21I also saw this with Kubuntu03:38
agrohe21so i went to basic Ubuntu03:38
VMERSINTOanyone have video playback issues in 11.10?03:39
agrohe21imMute:  ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd6403:39
imMuteagrohe21: interesting.  maybe X is crashing on boot?  check the Xorg log.   does Ubuntu have /etc/inittab anymore? maybe the runlevel is getting set to 3 somehow...03:40
TomatoKetchupdamn, anyone know a fix for Wacom devices not functional after you suspend?03:41
TomatoKetchupseems like this has been an ongoing problem for years...03:42
Takyoji[laptop]Any reason that I have GIMP 2.6 instead of 2.8 on 12.04?03:42
agrohe21imMute: no /etc/inittab03:42
TomatoKetchupTakyoji[laptop], because gimp 2.8 just came out?03:42
agrohe21imMute: where is the xorg.log?03:42
zesaverhello all03:43
TomatoKetchupTakyoji[laptop], you could install it manually should you wish03:43
TomatoKetchup*to do so03:44
xmadI downloaded  Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit iso on Monday. I need to write a script that does some work with packages and stuff on ubuntu 10.04 boxes without internet connection. I tried this script on a ubuntu 10.04 box and didn't work because that box had older packages than my test box.03:45
netmkagrohe21: /var/log/Xorg.0.log usually03:45
Takyoji[laptop]Know where there's a repository then?03:45
xmadMy question is, are isos updated with newer packages?03:45
=== OY1R_ is now known as oy1r
TomatoKetchupTakyoji[laptop], sec03:45
bohemian9485Takyoji[laptop]: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-gimp-2-8-in-ubuntu-using-ppa.html03:45
bohemian9485Takyoji[laptop]: you are welcome03:46
TomatoKetchupTakyoji[laptop], http://www.tuxgarage.com/2012/05/install-gimp-2-8-in-precise-and-oneiric.html03:46
TomatoKetchupbah, LOL always too late03:46
wormExcuse me, can I install a new kernel manually to my LTS?03:46
ashickur-nooryap you can03:47
ashickur-noorI am using 3.5.5 in 12.0403:47
bohemian9485ashickur-noor: how do you install new kernel?03:47
xmadgoogle imo03:47
ashickur-noorUbuntu give pre compile kernel03:47
agrohe21netmk: imMute nothing in Xorg log.  no errors anyway03:48
wormashickur-noor: What should I do after finished compiling?03:48
ashickur-noorhere you will get the *.deb files03:48
ashickur-noor@worm no need to compil03:48
Ben64installing a new kernel is unsupported and has the ability to break the system. you shouldn't do that unless there is something in a newer kernel you really need03:49
bazhangashickur-noor, please stop using the enter key after two or three words03:49
netmkagrohe21: what do you see when you type 'runlevel' ?03:49
wormashickur-noor: But I want to configure some of the settings.03:49
bazhangworm, that will no longer be an LTS should you modify the kernel03:50
bohemian9485i did a manual kernel upgrade once, and i got a bsod lol03:50
agrohe21netmk: N 203:50
ashickur-noor@bazhang I don't get it03:50
* ashickur-noor away03:50
bazhangashickur-noor, dont use the enter key as punctuation and disable that away message as well03:51
xmadIs the original Ubuntu 10.04 iso available somewhere? I mean the original one that went out on 2010, not the one that was updated on February this day.03:52
bongsawyerIm stoned off the bong03:52
VMERSINTOmee too03:52
bazhangbongsawyer, wrong channel03:52
bongsawyerbazhang: cheers mate03:52
* bongsawyer tokes03:52
bongsawyerwas that necessary?03:53
bazhangbongsawyer, stop it. this is ubuntu support only.03:53
netmkhmm weird, as if the login manager was removed from runlevel 203:53
agrohe21netmk: would runlevel 2 normally boot into a window manager?03:53
netmkyeah, it does on mine.03:54
Mike9863I've created a file /home/user/.config/gtk-2.0/gtkrc with the line gtk_color_scheme = "bg_color:#eeeeee\nselected_bg_color:#a2b8ca\nbase_color:#F7F7F7" in order to overwrite some settings in the theme I'm using, however the changes I made don't seem to have applied. How can I go about overriding my current theme with a local settings file?03:54
wormI feel strange that my system can boot extremely fast(30s) before I installed kubuntu-desktop. It took me almost 1min50s to boot now. Why?03:56
agrohe21netmk: I am applying all updates and then will reboot.... maybe that solves it...03:56
wormIt seems the kubuntu slow my ubuntu down.03:57
xmadNevermind my question. Piratebay comes to the rescue with the original ISO of Ubuntu 10.04 and plenty of seeders. Hell fucking yes. Thanks a lot.03:57
tommyfunworm: flip to the console, maybe something is timing out03:57
cHiNoi was wondering if n e one can help resolve an issue i have. when i watch video's on the media player it seems to be choppy...n e ideas plz would help?03:58
wormI am not so sure, but a kde desktop is as important to me as a gnome desktop, so I need to install them together, but the weird thing is that even though I selected lightdm as  my default login manager, it still load kdm when I boot.03:59
cHiNoi was wondering if n e one can help resolve an issue i have. when i watch video's on the media player it seems to be choppy...n e ideas plz would help?04:00
tommyfunthere's a command I ran across the other day that'll change your login manager04:00
wormEvery time I boot, I can see "load kdm [OK]""load lightdm [OK]""close kdm [OK]" or something like that.. Why it still load kdm?04:00
bazhangcHiNo, flash?04:00
bazhangcHiNo, what if you download the video and play with mplayer; still slow?04:01
cHiNoill try04:01
TomatoKetchupcHiNo, what media player?04:01
tommyfunworm: try dpkg-reconfigure04:02
tommyfundpkg-reconfigure lightdm04:02
tommyfunor whatever you want04:02
nuruponeed a little help with routing -> http://paste.kde.org/481562/04:02
wormAlso the kubuntu seems slow down my grub too. The time between I choose ubuntu and see the loading image is much longer than before.04:02
cHiNotomatoketchup, the ubuntu player and vlc, both of em wehn i watch video is choppy but audio fine04:03
wormtommyfun: I have no problem about the dm. My problem is about why my computer slow down after installed kubuntu-desktop.04:04
tommyfunwhat version?04:05
TomatoKetchupcHiNo, hrm, proprietary driver installed?04:06
wormtommyfun: 12.04LTS, Ubuntu studio.04:07
trismworm: the upstart scripts check /etc/X11/default-display-manager and then exit if they aren't it, so that's why you see it loading, it shouldn't slow anything down04:07
cheese1756Wait, Ubuntu Studio got updated?04:07
TomatoKetchupcheese1756, thougth someone said that hasn't been updated since likes 201104:08
wormcheese1756: Yes, definately...04:08
cheese1756That's what I thought04:08
TomatoKetchupubuntustudio.org says otherwise, hrm04:09
capunk[HELP] forget keyring password T_T04:09
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somethinginteresanyone know how to fix ~/.netrc permission errors04:13
tommyfunis compriz still running?  can you check the process table please04:14
celthundersomethinginteres: whats the error with it im guessing chmod if its permissions04:15
muscaeSomething wicked Happend!04:16
alankilaso ... I don't suppose anyone else runs into a weekly issue or so where processes just begin stalling on an ubuntu precise server, like you might lose ntp sync, or can't access mail because gam_server froze up, or something04:16
somethinginterescelthunder: not much I can work out on my own. Just says "Bad permissions: .netrc" in a script I am using.04:17
alankilathe system is virtual, other precise installs work fine, which makes this problem particularly difficult to debug. I may have to just reinstall or take all the virtual machines down and compare their configs04:18
alankilawhen the bug happens slabtop shows that kernel's task_struct has bloated out of all proportion, like just a moment ago its size was 150 MB, normally 1-2 MB04:18
goddardhow can i get support for my problems?04:19
alankilaa process was actually frozen on exit syscall04:19
agrohe21netmk: same problem.  won't boot direct into X?04:19
alankilareally bizarre. :-(04:19
bazhanggoddard, cpu temp issue?04:20
celthundersomethinginteres: your user running the script? chmod 770 should make user and group full access if somenone else set the last number accordingly04:20
somethinginterescelthunder: thanks will try now04:21
TomatoKetchupgoddard, what seems to be the trouble?04:21
goddardbazhang: no I have several problems and it is hard to ever get a solution04:21
goddardone simple one is this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198205404:21
bazhanggoddard, whats the issue: give us a synopsis here04:22
goddardwell i post a description on the post and a picture but basically i upgraded from 11.10 and now in my update manager that sessioninstaller package is stuck and can't upgrade04:22
celthundergoddard: apt-get install -f in terminal say anything04:23
celthundergoddard: that should force finish anything started04:23
goddard1 not upgraded04:24
celthunderwith what error?04:24
RamonI tried to upgrade to 11.10. and it failed.  Any where to look for wireless and printer "connectiod" files I could use after a re-install?04:24
goddarddoesn't give any04:24
goddardBuilding dependency tree04:24
goddardReading state information... Done04:24
goddard0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.04:24
=== emid_ is now known as emid
celthunderRamon: /etc/nectwork/interfaces /etc/resolv.conf /etc/cups.d04:25
celthunderRamon: and any modules you need for the kernel04:26
=== LKJ_ is now known as Guest68787
celthundergoddard: uhm apt-get update;apt-get install --force thepackagethatneedsupdating04:27
celthunderor something like that or dl the deb file and dpkg -i04:27
celthundergoddard: dont really use use ubuntu but the second should definitely work if the first doesnt04:28
goddardok awesome that worked04:28
goddardand it seems it installed hicolor-icon-theme04:29
goddardis that for the unity toolbar?04:29
goddardbecause that is my other issue04:29
celthunderno idea i use xmonad04:30
celthunderwhat is the issue with unity though?04:31
somethinginterescelthunder: hmm didn't seem to fix the error04:35
=== ddee is now known as Guest9302
RamonOK celth*, or whoever.  Found /etc/cups/printers.conf, seems to have the printer info here at home.  Found /etc/nectwork/interfaces /etc/resolv.conf here.  Need to find it on a hosed upgrade, using a bootable upgrade disk.  What I need is the wireless password - the admin is not around a lot.04:40
celthunderRamon: probably wherever your network manager stores its configs then.04:42
nina666hi... how can i run my usb broadband? when I run ifconfig -a i dont see the usb drive there... any guides..?04:42
celthundernina666: look up the chipset/model and find the kernel module for it04:42
alankilanina666: or it might be usb serial device, at ttyACM0 or some such04:43
celthundersomethinginteres: well whats the exact error and script who youre running it as what dir etc04:43
nina666thanks, we'll try and see...04:43
suppenhuhnI need some kind of compressed and encrypted file container. is there a way to combine encfs with compression? or is there a way to mount encrypted (7zip-)archives? other suggestions?04:43
REK_007How long with 10.04LTS desktop be supported?04:44
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:44
celthundersuppenhuhn: probably ive only really used truecrpyt and dmcrypt.04:44
celthunderREK_007: until people stop using it and developing for it04:45
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest96008
suppenhuhncelthunder: so have I. both don't offer compression, or do they?04:45
=== Dorito is now known as Guest32761
somethinginterescelthunder: oh, got it working with chmod 600. Thanks for trying to help me out.04:46
davidI installed Luninux OS and was prompt for an upgrade for ubuntu 12.04. I thought that since this is a ubuntu based distro it would only update the repos but i gave me Ubuntu!04:46
REK_007celthunder: whats the official time frame?04:46
celthundersuppenhuhn: sadly probably not but you could combine truecrypt containers with compression..it would probably not be efficient though04:46
davidnot what I expected no wonder it took do long!04:46
psusisuppenhuhn, btrfs with compression enabled on top of cryptsetup?04:46
celthunderREK_007: see link abave04:47
celthunderdavid: lol thats funny might want to check what youre doing before next upgrade eh04:47
=== sajimonWspanialy is now known as sajimon
daviddamn i know.04:47
suppenhuhnpsusi: would something like that work with a loop-device? I need to be able to store the whole thing online.04:48
celthunderthere is a reason dev mailing lists and annoucnce lists exist..if it wasnt posted in either maybe thats what its supposed to do or you broke something04:48
oziBlindSightJust tried to do a server 9.04 upgrade to 10.04 LTS but failed with a partially working system. Need some help04:48
vexati0nwhy is there no "firewalld" for ubuntu? i hate system-config printer i want to use the real GNOME stuff!04:49
three18ti_I just installed dhcp3-server, but it's not installed... there is not /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server ...  I literally "apt-get install dhcp3-server" ...  what am I missing?04:49
Sheldon23oziBlindSight, If you've made a backup, the easiest thing would be to do a fresh install from a cd or usb.04:50
vexati0nthree18ti_: when you install that, the init script isn't called dhcp3-server04:50
vexati0ni forget what it's called but it's something else... pretty sure it has 'dhcp' in there somewhere tho. list the contents of /etc/init.d/ and look through it04:50
three18ti_ok, thanks. guess the docs are a bit out of date, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-and-configure-dhcp-server-in-ubuntu-server.html04:51
oziBlindSightSorry but I didn't do a backup :(. Am trying to fix using apt-get dist-upgrade but that fails.04:51
three18ti_2008... sure nothing has changed since then. ;)04:52
vexati0nthree18ti_: yeah they're out of date. also i believe the config files aren't where the docs says they are, either.04:52
vexati0nyeah that's it04:52
Sheldon23oziBlindSight, What is the exact error message?  If it's too long to post here, use pastebin or similar.04:53
oziBlindSightExact message is "E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'util-linux'. Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)"04:55
grendal-primeanyone familar with the problem of vm's and removing and adding nics?04:56
dr_willisgrendal-prime:  what sort of problem.04:56
grendal-primethere is the udev/rules.d/ dir with the 70-persistent-net.rules issue.04:56
grendal-primeon 10.04 and the like you had to delete that file...for various differnt reasons...but mostly because you cloned the box04:57
Sheldon23oziBlindSight, Looks like the package "upstart-job" is the problem. Install it individually "sudo apt-get install upstart-job" and then run apt-get dist-upgrade.04:58
grendal-primeand so your interface would come up and udev want to assign it like eth1 instead of eth004:58
Sheldon23oziBlindSight, Also, in the future, golden rule: always make backups before attempting any sort of upgrade/reinstall.04:58
krababbel!punctuation | grendal-prime04:58
ubottugrendal-prime: Punctuation is good, but its overuse hurts readability. Please refrain from adding many ?'s or !'s to the end of your sentences. See also !enter04:58
scar3crowjust did some updates, now my sound doesn't work... can't figure it out. @ login I can hear the drums BUT once my session starts I lose audio. help?04:58
oziBlindSightThanks. I'll try that now and see what happens. That's one I must remember.04:59
grendal-primeat any rate..i was working on a 12.04 machine removed all the interfaces from the box, and removed that file, (cause thats what im use to doing)05:00
veetHi! Can you help me install python 2.7.2. I have python
SuperMiguelany of you guys running ubuntu 12.04 on a 2011 iMac?05:00
grendal-primekrababbel, ill try and keep the punctuation to a min. (that is the first time i have ever had to say that to anyone, ever05:01
grendal-primeback to the issue im i having (i digress)  So i removed the file and now , its not being autocreated on system boot (a behaviour that was pretty preticably so in 10.04)05:02
malkaunsif i do cat /dev/fb0 > file.raw then cat file.raw > /dev/fb0 (after changing stuff on the screen) why do i not see the image in file.raw?05:03
grendal-primei figured i could triger the 75-persistent-net-generator.rules but that does not seem to do it ither05:04
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veetAny know how to install python 2.7.2 if I have pyhon 2.7.3?05:05
goddardcelthunder: thanks for the help on that issue... the issue with unity is the toolbar icons are missing05:05
triskelionmy username and computer name is one i want to change both to ubuntuone so i changed my /etc/hostname and my username from >system>administration>userand group. although if i open a terminal and type in a command it says unable to resolv hostname.. also my prompt shows one@ubuntuone.. what to do??05:05
combusterhi, anyone have a lot of dropped packets on a wired network on 12.04 ? I've changed to different NIC's (R8169 and e1000) and changed the cable, restarted the router and I still get them05:07
combuster RX packets:10605 errors:0 dropped:62 overruns:0 frame:005:07
grendal-primecombuster, that sounds disenchanting05:08
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.05:09
grendal-primeespecially since im buliding a vpnconcentrator/vlan server on 12.04 right now05:09
windbuntusome headset have a tiny almost unoticable switch on them on the wiring.05:09
windbuntuor on the headset itself05:09
=== dddddddd is now known as chrislh
=== LKJ_ is now known as Guest63512
_ProtekNickzhi all, i want to know whats the bestway to back up my Linux? using: dd, tar, gunzip ect..,also is it possible to back the whole drive like a Clone or Ghost img?, i've done alot of reading, and most say just do you home Directory, but i wish to do whole lot, as formentioned clone whole drive05:10
grendal-primewindbuntu, some margaritas have really small pieces of salt on the glass (if your lucky)05:10
combuster@grendal: I saw a bug report mentioning this on R8169 so I've installed dedicated Intel 1000 and no dice, still dropped packets, poor network performance etc...05:10
scar3crowI have no sound after login05:10
CarlFKhow do I see jpeg metadata?05:11
CarlFKexfview or something05:11
dr_willis_ProtekNickz:  try clonzilla05:11
combuster@_ProtekNickz - dd would be great for that05:11
Sheldon23CarlFK, exiv205:11
_ProtekNickzdr_willis: combuster:  ty guy's :D05:12
grendal-primei use partimage for that sort of stuff05:12
grendal-primeits pretty much way cool05:12
dr_willisdd can be hardcore05:12
scar3crowI need help with sound pls05:12
grendal-primeya partimage has that interface thang...pretty much walks you through it..and it runs from bootable cd05:12
_ProtekNickzwell i'm making a gui for dd, for novice and advanced users05:12
_ProtekNickzso i was just checking view out05:13
combusterand it's written in ?05:13
grendal-primescar3crow, im sorry i didnt get that, TURN UP YOUR VOLUME05:13
dr_willisscar3crow:  checked the volume lebels in the mixer yet?05:13
CarlFKSheldon23: yep, thanks.  now fix my image: IMAG0217-1.jpg: No Exif data found in the file   * grumble*05:13
veetAny know how to install python 2.7.2 if I have pyhon 2.7.3?05:13
_ProtekNickzlol @ grendal-prime:05:13
scar3crowvolume is @ full05:13
Sheldon23CarlFK, Eh?05:14
_ProtekNickzlol lebels05:14
_ProtekNickzha ha ha05:14
dr_willisveet: why.do you need.to05:14
grendal-primescar3crow, TURN UP YOUR ALSAMIXER VOLUME05:14
ceed^CarlFK: Even Nautilus shows quite a but of the exif data if you right click and select Properties and then the Image tab05:14
Sheldon23CarlFK, If no metadata is found, what is there to fix?05:14
CarlFKSheldon23: right app, no data in my jpeg05:14
grendal-primeor pulsaudio05:14
CarlFKSheldon23: jk on the fix my jpeg :)05:14
triskelionhow can i change my username ?05:14
grendal-primemake a new user05:15
Sheldon23CarlFK, ah :)05:15
grendal-primewith the name you want05:15
veetdr_willis, django not working with 2.7.205:15
grendal-primeor learn to like the name you got..05:15
scar3crow:( alsamixer is @ 100%05:15
grendal-primei had to, so did willis over there and peter, well it took him longer but, he eventually came around.05:16
KaleidoscopeIs there a program to adjust the CPU clock speed in Ubuntu?05:17
grendal-primeKaleidoscope,  its always on full, why would you want it anything but that?05:17
Kaleidoscopegrendal-prime, Actually, My CPU is supposed to be at 2ghz, And for some reason, Ubuntu is telling me it's at 800 Mhz05:18
scar3crowdr_willis: sound works @ lightdm (I hear the drums) but upon login I lose audio... alsamixer is @ 100%  ... I am an experienced user but I do not know what is wrong05:18
grendal-primethere must be, well thiere is nice. but i dont think that is the same thing.thats for individual processes05:18
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, Are you running a pae compatible kernel that can identify multiple cpu cores ?05:18
grendal-primesounds like...ya what sheldon said05:19
KaleidoscopeSheldon, Yea, It is picking up both CPU corse just fine05:19
dr_willisscar3crow:  try with a newly made user as a test05:19
triskeliongrendal-prime: r u serious?? u can change ur username right??05:20
grendal-primetriskelion, i dont think so05:20
grendal-primeive never done that. I would just create a new user, copy over anything i wanted to keep and then remove the old one05:20
grendal-primebut i could be wrong05:21
dr_willisyou can change the.usersname somehow. but it can be bothersom05:21
goddardi need to remove a kernel module that is conflicting with my current video driver anyone know how to deal with this?05:21
grendal-primeyou could probably change it in passwd file05:21
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, Can you run this in terminal:  cpufreq-info05:21
safridzalhelp please, how to make power management recognize usb joystick input ??05:22
dr_willissudo rmmod modulename05:22
grendal-primeim sure the system uses the uid of the user for perms and stuff.05:22
grendal-primebut..i mean what dr_willis said.05:22
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, Yea, one sec05:22
goddarddr_willis: can you look at this and tell me how i can figure out the module name?05:23
safridzalI use it to play supertuxkart and i have to move my mouse to avoid blank screen management05:23
manonymushi guys!05:23
manonymusi am new to linus05:23
grendal-primedamn i got a lot of these vm's now05:23
manonymusplease tell how to find my dhcp server05:24
grendal-primeNot me05:24
grendal-primeim going to bed dr_willis05:24
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, http://pastebin.com/7Q5iDyEQ05:24
grendal-primepeace out peeps.05:24
KaleidoscopeLaters, Grendal05:24
scar3crowdr_willis: you were correct, login as guest and sound works (yay) what do I need to fix?05:25
grendal-primeI say give piece a chance, and when that does not work..well get out of the way so that motivated and trained people can do their jobs.05:25
goddardhow can i search for a kernel module?05:25
goddardthat is installed05:25
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, Are you running on battery or AC power?05:25
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, AC05:25
grendal-primethat was for goddard05:26
grendal-primethat was my last word for the evening05:26
grendal-primecept for gnight05:26
Kaleidoscope^^ lol05:26
goddardlater thanks05:26
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, From the pastebin, it looks like the system is recognizing the maximum cpu speed, but is running on a lower one.  Can you try running cpufrequtils and see if you can change it from there.05:26
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, It said Command not Found05:27
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, Install it05:27
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, I just did, I had to to do the cpufreq-info05:28
flowerpotmanonymus, check google05:29
=== Zilvis_ is now known as LY2SS_Zilvis
AndChat42681Hi everyone ;)05:29
bazhangflowerpot, dont recommend that here05:29
flowerpotI could tell you that you will find the DHCP server IP address in one of the files in your dhclient directory, but Google is fsater.05:29
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, And you still can't open it?05:29
bazhang!google | flowerpot05:29
ubottuflowerpot: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:29
=== LY2SS_Zilvis is now known as Zilvis_
myersghow do I give google chrome virtual memory?05:30
flowerpoton my machine, /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-38664dff-8efd-4ef0-88c8-e8d7dd08503c-wlan0.lease contains all the DHCP info you could ask for05:30
bazhangflowerpot, just dont answer then05:30
=== Zilvis_ is now known as LY2SS_Zilvis
goddarda .ko file is byte code?05:30
flowerpotbazhang, not answering = not helpful; I want to be helpful...by empowering people to help themselves :)05:30
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, Nope05:30
flowerpotseriously, it's like in the top 5 hits on google for "find dhcp server linux"05:30
myersgor any other program?05:30
bazhangflowerpot, thats not the way this channel works. dont do it again05:30
flowerpotSuit yourself; I'll let you handle all the googlable questions then05:31
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, Well.  Looks like your cpu/bios config is having difficulty scaling it to the max freq. There is a workaround but it could majorly overheat your system.05:31
myersgcan any one help me?05:31
goddardmyersg: swap?05:32
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, I can set it using cpufreq-set05:32
goddardim trying to fix an API mismatch by removing an old kernel module ... how can i be sure im removing the correct one?05:32
myersghow do I give google chrome more virtual memory to make it run better?05:32
goddardmyersg: how much memory do you have?05:33
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, Excellent05:33
KaleidoscopeAnd I'm not too worried about heat, I keep my laptop well ventilated and clean of dust, And If I feel it heating up too much, I can cool it with my window fan :P05:33
safridzalhelp please, how to make power management recognize usb joystick input ?? I use it to play supertuxkart and i have to move my mouse to avoid blank screen management05:33
Sheldon23myersg, You don't need to manually provide it more RAM.  If you're running out of it, increase your system RAM.05:33
myersg2 gb, but the os only reads 1.7, and it normaly uses 1.205:33
myersgI cant add more ram hardware.05:34
goddard2gigs should be enough if you are only running chrome or firefox05:34
myersgand im on a netbook05:34
goddardand if you have swap that will be your virtual ram05:34
StarryNightis 8gb enough for linux?05:35
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, Alright, They are both set to 2Ghz now, Thanks very much man :)05:35
goddardStarryNight: no05:35
myersgbut its slow, cant I give a program more virtual memory?05:35
=== branant_ is now known as branant
goddardmyersg: the program can assign it in the settings usually at least i can do that in firefox05:35
goddardmyersg: firefox has a about:config where you can tweak stuff like that not sure about chrome05:36
myersgcan you help me with firefox with it?05:36
goddardya sure05:37
myersgso what do I do?05:37
myersgIm at the about:config screen05:38
goddardmyersg: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/85122105:38
goddardthat is for windows but it applies i think let me know if it doesn't05:38
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, You're welcome man.05:38
myersgnope doesn't help05:39
KaleidoscopeSheldon23, Yea, I can already tell it's working faster now, So I'm pretty happy05:39
StarryNighti should re-phrase the question is 8gb or physical ram enough for linux?05:39
goddardmyersg: how are you testing?05:40
myersgwhat do you mean?05:40
bazhangmyersg, is this in a virtual machine?05:40
_ProtekNickzwho ever asked what im writing it in the dd front end C++, sorry was busy a while then05:41
myersgits installed on my acer aspire one ao-722 netbook05:41
bazhangStarryNight, yes, way more than enough05:41
plustaxAnybody have a clue about an Ubuntu for android eta?05:41
StarryNighti am running it on both my tower and laptop05:41
plustaxI'm dying to get that setup on my galaxy nexus05:41
bazhangmyersg, and what plugins, helpers do you have installed for it05:42
goddardmyersg: virtual memory is usually managed automatically by the operating system05:42
_ProtekNickzAFK BRB05:42
myersgIknow i can give programs more with somthing called a virtual memory file or somthing?05:42
SilversongHey guys05:43
Firefishewhat is the command to get fsck to do a system check on the next reboot?05:43
mongothere are a few webtop versions of ubuntu on android floating around05:43
surtHow do I recall the services that started at boot? Ex: Starting Bluetooth...those messages?05:43
myersgdoes that do any thing i need?05:43
plustaxMongo they are vnc versions thiughmright?05:43
L3topsFirefishe: sudo touch /forcefsck05:43
SilversongSo I downloaded my nVIDIA GeForce 540M proprietary driver 2 days ago. How do I install it? I get errors if I try to run it as an executable due to encoding problems. If I try to run in command-only mode, it's encrypted and I can't find the file. Help please :)05:44
FirefisheL3tops: Thank you.05:44
plustaxIf not Mongo can you link me to one?05:44
flowerpotFirefishe, you can also force or skip fsck when executing shutdown via -F or -f05:44
Kaleidoscopeeh, Anyone know the command to ignore JOINS and QUITS?05:44
bazhangKaleidoscope, what irc client05:44
goddardif the application requires more memory myersg http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87316105:44
Firefisheflowerpot: thank you for that :)05:44
Kaleidoscopebazhang, irssi05:44
surtKaleidoscope: Which program?05:44
myersggoddard: does that link help me at all?05:45
L3topsSilversong: what version of ubuntu are you on05:45
bazhang!quietirssi | Kaleidoscope05:45
ubottuKaleidoscope: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS05:45
SilversongL3tops: Precise05:45
KaleidoscopeMany thanks05:45
goddardmyersg: it explains a lot some guy only has 256mb of ram and he is trying to us virtual memory05:45
Sheldon23Kaleidoscope, Cool :)05:45
L3topsSilversong: nvidia-current is version 295.40, which supports your card05:45
goddarddo you have a swap partition? myersg05:45
goddardim trying to fix an API mismatch by removing an old kernel module ... how can i be sure im removing the correct one?05:46
gliorosWhat is the proper setup for “anacron”?  /etc/init.removed or /etc/init05:46
surtHow do I recall the services that started at boot? Ex: Starting Bluetooth...those messages?05:46
goddardsurt: log viewer05:47
SilversongL3tops: I downloaded 295.19, which shouldn't be that old. Either way, how do I install the driver though?05:47
=== Kris_ is now known as Guest25663
plustaxmongo are you still here? What webtop versions of ubuntu for android are floating around?05:47
myersg1.7 gb05:48
surtgoddard: Don't shoot me for it, but I lubuntu. So I don't have that app. Is there a name I can search for in the log directory05:48
plustaxI dont want vnc server versions, because thats just useless. I can VNC to my own Ubuntu machine05:48
mongoplustax: this is probably not the correct #, go look around on xda05:48
plustaxmongo okay thanks05:48
_ProtekNickzSilversong: hace you tired to apt-get via terminal for the driversupdating list first then install?05:48
myersgbut my netbook is slow, can I do anything like ready boost for windows?05:48
myersgon linux?05:48
plustaxmyersg: put ubuntu 10.10 on it05:48
plustaxthat will fix all of your issues.05:49
plustaxwindows FTL05:49
mongomyersg: log in with "ubuntu 2d"05:49
Ben64why 10.10? it's outdated05:49
mongothat will use 2d accelerated menues etc..05:49
L3topsSilversong: I do not understand your reasoning. I mean... I don't have to... but I believe that you are better off installing the supported version. You should, frankly, have a notifier in desktop which tells you that the third party driver is available.05:49
bazhangplustax, thats an unsupported version, dont recommend that05:49
Silversong_ProtekNickz: I'm new to Ubuntu (not even a week, lol, hence noob :P) How do I do that? I just want to get unity 3d with this proprietary driver, which someone told me would do the trick. I'm on 2d right now.05:49
plustaxben64 well depending on his netbook hardware ive found 10.10 to run really well on it05:49
safridzalhelp please, how to make power management recognize usb joystick input ?? I use it to play supertuxkart and i have to move my mouse to avoid blank screen management05:49
plustaxbazhang: true. I suppose 11.10 will work great too05:50
Ben64i'd just go ahead and put 12.04 on05:50
SilversongL3tops: Honestly, I just cannot find .40 anywhere on Google lol05:50
_ProtekNickzwell what Letops just said05:51
plustaxwell it depends. What are the specs of said netbook?05:51
L3tops!info nvidia-current | Silversong05:51
ubottuSilversong: nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 295.40-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 32650 kB, installed size 96032 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)05:51
kris07Good evening/day again everyone05:51
goddardsurt: not sure i think it is just called log viewer05:52
plustaxyeah just put 12.04 on05:52
plustaxAlso, mint makes a great netbook compatible build05:52
SilversongWhat does it mean by (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)...05:52
goddardmyersg: i have never had a netbook so i dont know but in ubuntu you can install a different window manager that might help05:52
jps"swapon failed: Operation not permitted" ... strace says it doesn't have CAP_SYS_ADMIN. Help?05:53
plustaxI just find that gnome3 can be a bit intensive on netbook hardware05:53
goddardmyersg: you could try xfce or openbox or something like that ... i cant help you with those cause i dont use it05:53
kris07Can anyone help me with a script issue that I'm having?05:53
goddardkris07: maybe05:54
plustaxmyersg: unity will run fine on your netbook, but I imagine youll have a bit of lag with gnome 305:54
plustaxnetbooks are useless tbh.05:54
L3topsSilversong: you will want to drop to tty2 (ctrl alt f2) sudo service kdm stop; sudo apt-get install nvidia-current     if you canot find the third party software notifier nag (sorry, I never see it so cant help you find... but maybe someone here can)05:54
Silversongall right. I'll try that.05:55
kris07goddard: Well I'm trying to create and run the script seen here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbook for the touchpad, but I keep getting errors05:55
L3topsit will require a reboot afterward Silversong05:55
Silversonglet me write this down first lol. that's gonna take me to command mode05:55
Silversongall right05:55
_ProtekNickzSilversong: you know where the update center is? if so use it as ubottu & L3Top has said .40 is the precise05:55
Silversong_ProtekNickz: Yeah. Sorry guys lol I'm still getting used to Ubuntu but I'm loving it and learning. Can I find it in the Update Center?05:56
Silversong_ProtekNickz: I mean I do sudo apt-get update every day. :|05:57
bigpapahi everyone, i have 2 xfx hd 6850 video cards installed on my computer, each has one monitor connected. Can i get Ubuntu to use both cards and monitors by chance?05:57
goddardkris07: ahh a zenbook i like those things05:58
crizisbigpapa: have you installed proprietary ati driver?05:59
safridzalhelp please, how to make power management recognize usb joystick input ?? I use it to play supertuxkart and i have to move my mouse to avoid blank screen management05:59
crizisbigpapa: tried amd's control center?05:59
kris07goddard: I got it off of craigslist from some college kid who need more power, but it fit my needs. I feel like it's a pretty solid machine for basic uses.05:59
=== hybrid is now known as o0o0o
plustaxI just dont get the purpose of a netbook. Its a mini laptop. Why not just get a tablet? I have an iconia a500 and a bluetooth keyboard. Perfect. Can do anything a crappy netbook can do05:59
bigpapano not sure how to access it05:59
crizisbigpapa: search for 'amd control' with dash06:00
crizismake sure to pick the administrative version of two hits06:00
kris07goddard: It's just that on Ubuntu the scroll area of the touchpad is too narrow and I don't like two finger scrolling06:00
Kaleidoscopesafridzal, you could just set it so your moniter never blanks out06:00
crizisplustax: better question is, why get crappy tablet when you can get a real laptop with real keyboard06:00
safridzalKaleidoscope: but i need power management to be run, im on netbook here06:01
crizistouchscreen is more or less the most diabolical input method :)06:01
plustaxI have a real laptop and a real keyboard. I call it my laptop06:01
goddardkris07: i see might try the laptop testing group on launchpad06:01
crizisyes. and that's what makes tables useless..06:01
goddardi bet they would know as that is a popular laptop06:01
safridzalKaleidoscope: it runs fine on mplayer ( it doesnt turn black on plat=ying)06:01
krababbelmyersg: if you want to try, a tabbed window manager like wmii could be good, if you have a keyboard.06:01
plustaxHonestly, it took me a while to find a use for my tablet.06:01
safridzalit just my OS cant respect the joystick input06:01
plustaxBut I found that it IS easier than carting my laptop around06:01
plustaxand android pwns06:01
safridzalit only recognize mouse and keyboard, not joystick06:02
Kaleidoscopesafridzal, then you may be out of luck, I'm not sure you can set Power manager to recognize joysticks06:02
kris07goddard: I'll give it a shot. I just figured that that script would do the trick if I could get it to work06:02
bigpapacrizis: found it but it don't recognize the second card, not sure why06:02
safridzalKaleidoscope: ok, thanks..will search on others chann06:03
Kaleidoscopesafridzal, if you can, you could have mplayer running in the background on mute whilst you play Tuxcart06:03
safridzalKaleidoscope: lol06:03
safridzalbut its nice trick i think06:03
oziBlindSightSheldon23. Thanks for your help. Working now .. I think.06:03
Sheldon23oziBlindSight, you're welcome mate06:04
crizisbigpapa: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Main_Page might be helpful06:04
crizisbigpapa: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Precise_Installation_Guide#X2.2FDual_GPU_Cards or this06:04
crizisi only got one 6870 :/06:05
glioros./etc/crontab gives me bash: /etc/crontab: Permission denied06:05
gliorosany ideas?06:05
crizisglioros: what you're trying to do?06:06
crizisglioros: "crontab -e" edits the crontab for the user you run it with.. sudo crontab -e for roots crontab06:06
bigpapacrizis: thank you reading now06:06
crizisglioros: /etc/crontab isn't an executable file if you're trying to run it, it only lists commands for crontab to run06:06
glioroscrizis: basically there was a bug on ubuntu 10.4 and plesk so i mv /etc/init.removed/anacron.conf /etc/init/ so to make the statistics working but nothing06:07
glioroscrizis how to check that cron is working properly ?06:09
bkerensaglioros: the cron is working fine the question is how to check if the script is working properly06:09
JPeterso2how do i get ubuntu to recognise  Interix symlinks (created in cygwin)?06:10
crizisglioros: sudo service cron start, should say that it's already running06:10
JPeterso2cat interixlink prints the plain text and not the linked file06:10
crizisand whatever it is running, you can edit with crontab -e06:10
glioroscrizis: ok it is running. the statistics still not working. many people has problems with statistics on plesk which in installed on ubuntu and PLESK cannot give an answer06:11
criziswell, plesk is a commercial closed panel so they should give support for it06:12
crizisnot really an ubuntu issue06:12
bkerensaglioros: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto <-- has some helpful information on cronjobs06:12
bkerensaglioros: thats a server matter you might try #ubuntu-server or contact plesk which provides support for their platform06:12
flowerpotglioros, don't forget to confirm whether cron is really running by executing ps -C cron or ps -ef | grep cron06:13
gliorosi will change host. enough i am tired with them. my advice is stay away from plesk. 10 years i was with cpanel and i never had problems. with plesk i always have problems.06:13
=== LKJ_ is now known as Guest31422
crizisglioros: my friends hosting company runs cpanel, it's far from trouble free too :P ui is also pretty nightmarish...06:14
crizisglioros: i actually developed an easy new ui on top of cpanel's xml api for them :)06:14
glioroswhat is the name of the company ?06:14
crizisscene group06:14
crizisglioros: http://www.scenegroup.net/hosting_panel that's my work ^^06:15
=== sm1 is now known as Sary
crizisglioros: classic cpanel available too ofc ^^06:15
=== jblp is now known as jblp_zz
gliorosnice work06:16
bkerensa!offtopic | crizis06:16
ubottucrizis: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:16
bkerensaglioros: if you need support for Server/VPS/Cloud please feel free to try and seek that support in #Ubuntu-Server however proprietary platforms should be supported by the vendor in this case Plesk is supported by Parrelels or your provider.06:17
gliorosbkerensa: also it is very strange. i set cron to run every minute for a website and it runs every 12 hours.06:17
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
JPeterso2I mean cygwin "!<symlink>" support06:18
bigpapaplease don't die laughing but how do you open a command line window? my second hd 6850 video card isn't recognized06:24
bohemian9485bigpapa: ctrl+alt+t?06:25
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:26
dr_willisrun gnome-terminal06:26
Tamoxinamm guys06:30
Tamoxinim here cuz im new in this comunity06:30
Tamoxini mean linux comunity06:30
dr_willisbit of a slow time of day in this channel rightnow.  2:30 am in  the USA06:31
Silversongwhat's the difference between Ctrl+Alt+F2 and Ctrl+Alt+F1?06:31
flowerpotSilversong, one of them gives you virtual tty106:31
flowerpotthe other gives you virtual tty206:31
dr_willisSilversong:  differnt consoles you mean? you normally have 6 of them, f1 through F606:31
gliorosguys i am not able to run this command /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics –calculate-all any ideas why ?06:31
Silversongoh dang. which one exits the X server?06:31
Tamoxinctrl +alt+f2 its to execute something06:31
SilversongI'm trying to install a proprietary driver06:31
dr_willisSilversong:  nonee of them.06:32
dr_willisYou can use commands TO kill X from them06:32
dr_willisalt-ctrl-f7 is the x server display06:32
Tamoxini have  tried to install ubuntu in my netbook but i cant06:32
dr_williswhat are you trying to install exactly Silversong06:32
flowerpotSilversong, the virtual tty's are independent virtual consoles.  think of them as little monitors plugged into your computer.  you can run any commands from any virtual tty; linux won't care06:32
Silversongso sudo service lightdm stop ?06:32
Tamoxini restar my netbook and thers only a black screen06:33
Silversongdr_willis I'm trying to install my NVIDIA prop. driver06:33
dr_willisSilversong:  that should stop lightdm and x.06:33
flowerpotTamoxin, do you have an nvidia video card?06:33
dr_willisSilversong:  you HAVe used the drivers in the repos first?06:33
Silversongwhat you mean, and what's repos?06:33
Tamoxinall my netbook is intel06:33
* Silversong is noob here.06:33
dr_willisSilversong:  you DONT want to just 'go to the nvidia site and ge their ,run file' its most likely not  needed06:34
dr_willisthere should have been a dialog when you logged in about the restricted drivers.06:34
flowerpotSilversong, repo = repository = apt-get repository.  apt-get is a package manager used in ubuntu, which manages the installation/update/uninstallation of packages (=software such as drivers) to your system.06:34
dr_willisgo to your X desktop. run 'jockey-gtk' and see what drivers it suggests and can auto install for  you06:34
Tamoxincan u help me please?06:35
dr_williseveryone has been MS trained to go to a web site and get stuff.. thats availiavble in the package manager. :)06:35
flowerpotTamoxin, what happens before the screen goes blank?  Do you see text or anything?06:35
Tamoxinits suppossomething like that06:35
dr_willis!nomodeset | Tamoxin06:35
ubottuTamoxin: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:35
Silversongdr_willis where is jockey-gtk, or do I just go in terminal and ./jockey-gtk06:36
Silversongflowerpot: thanks :) learning something new everyday06:36
Tamoxinmy problem its that ubuntu live usb dont show me the start up screen06:36
dr_willisSilversong:  thats the terminal command06:36
Silversongso I should go run jockey-gtk now?06:36
Tamoxinsorry for my english guys06:36
dr_willisSilversong:  and its Not ./whatever  its just 'jockey-gtk'06:37
dr_willisSilversong:  in the menuis its called 'addational drivers' i belive06:37
flowerpotTamoxin, do you see anything before the blank screen?06:37
flowerpotWhat do you see?06:37
Silversong"No proprietary drivers are in use on this system."06:37
Tamoxina kind of words06:37
Tamoxinbut they06:38
dr_willisand does it suggest insgtalling some?06:38
Silversongdr_willis ^That's what I got earlier from clicking on Additional Drivers within System Settings06:38
Tamoxinwait i dont know how to say it06:38
Silversongdr_willis: No it doesn't say anything else06:38
Silversongwithin terminal it got some 'icon_set != NULL' failed06:38
dr_willisSilversong:  you are not using one of those machines that has optimus dual nvidia and intel gfx chipsets are you? whats your exact video chipset?06:38
Tamoxinthe words dissapear too fast06:38
Tamoxinas fast than i cant read it06:39
flowerpotTamoxin, try restarting your computer.  Hold down SHIFT the entire time.06:39
* woozly nice06:39
Tamoxinwith the usb plugged in?06:39
flowerpotThat will probably bring you to a menu -- probably the menu for GRUB, which is a bootloader.06:39
Silversongdr_willis: How do I find that out? I just know my graphics card :|06:39
mosnowhen in 12.04.1 release? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule06:39
mosnooh lol06:40
dr_willisSilversong:   and whats your gfx card? is this a laptopo or desktop?06:40
mosnoJuly 19th, reading fail06:40
flowerpotTamoxin, start your computer up as if you were going to use Ubuntu, and hold down shift until the  GRUB menu appears.06:40
Tamoxinand then?06:40
SilversongNVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with 1 GB Dedicated VRAM06:40
flowerpotSelect Ubuntu from the menu and press "e" to enter  "edit mode"06:41
WaraudonNew build, ASRock Z77 Extreme4, getting this at boot: http://i.imgur.com/NqubT.jpg any ideas?06:41
dr_willisSilversong:  how new a laptop?06:41
Tamoxinthere dont ocurre nothing06:41
Tamoxinagain sorry for my english06:42
flowerpotTamoxin, a menu did not appear when you held down shift?06:42
Silversongdr_willis: a week old06:42
goddardif i have a lost icon meaning it doesn't have a binary file attached to it how can i remove it?06:42
dr_willisSilversong:  id bet it has that optimus dual gpu setup. so its using the intel video card right now. which is why its not seeing the nvidia card.06:43
WaraudonFound the problem.06:43
WaraudonThe optical drive was causing things to hang up somehow06:43
Waraudonata7.00: failed command: IDENTIFY PACKET DEVICE06:43
dr_willisSilversong:  you could check trhe output of 'lspci' and see if it mentions a intel video chipset06:43
Tamoxinmaybe i dint explain me06:43
Tamoxinwhat i want to do is to star ubuntu as a live cd to install it but06:44
dr_willisbrand new laptops are normally the most problematic things to install ubuntu on.06:44
Tamoxini start it in my usb06:44
goddardunless its those new dells06:44
dr_willisTamoxin:  the live cd has a nomodeset option thjjat can helpo you if the graphics is not correct.06:44
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:44
flowerpotdr_willis, neat, didn't know there was a special setup for the livecd.06:45
Silversongdr_willis I queried you.06:45
Tamoxinbut when i restar my computer there only appear a black screen an then it change to red too fast and then it change again to black06:45
SilversongOr would you rather talk here?06:45
dr_willisSilversong:  but you dident really say anything.. :) and im at work. so i may have to leave at any time. best to talk in the channel06:45
Tamoxinlet me read the article06:45
Silversongi'll screen capture06:46
dr_willislspci | grep vga --: shpould show video card info06:46
dr_willisSilversong:  use the pastebinit command/feature.06:46
Jak_AtackkaI'm not sure if this is the right channel to ask this, but I need some Ubuntu-related advice06:46
dr_willislspci | grep VGA  (or was it vga?)06:46
Jak_AtackkaJust advice, not technical support06:47
goddarddr_willis: do you know how to delete old icons ... I have an nvidia settings icon that launches nothing and ive remove the nvidia drivers06:47
dr_willisgoddard:  find its .desktop  file and remove it.06:47
Tamoxinamm guys06:47
Silversongdr_willis: pastebin.com/jv80sxrN06:47
SilversongPlease take a look.06:47
Tamoxinwhen i try to start whit the live cd i cant see anything06:47
Tamoxinits suppose that there would be a start up screen but there is nothing06:48
SilversongSo yes I do see NVIDIA06:48
bigpapaanyone know a good howto for getting 2 video adapters and 2 monitors working, i guess as two different desktops? i tried the command lines for two monitors but it doesn't see the second video card06:49
Tamoxini should see this image http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/3509/dgfdgrunningoraclevmvir.png06:49
Tamoxinbut i cant06:49
dr_willisSilversong:  look again.. there is BOTH an intel and an nnvidia. so id bet it is one of those Optimus setups06:49
flowerpotTamoxin, I don't know what to say.  Did you verify the md5 hash of the livecd installation media?06:50
dr_willisbigpapa:  2 differnt  video card/chipsets? what chipsets?06:50
Tamoxinwhats that?06:50
bigpapaDr_willis: amd HD 6850 video cards06:50
Silversongdr_willis: Does that mean I have two video cards and I'm using the crappy one of the two?06:51
dr_willisbigpapa:  2 ati cards.. :) at least its not an ati and an nvidia..  I dont know how well ati supports multi ccard/monitor setups - ive only done it with nvidia, rarely06:51
Silversongdr_willis: -___- lol06:51
dr_willisSilversong:  youa re using the intel one.. which gives you more battery life i imagine06:51
j605i am unable to activate wifi, i have hp g6 with ubuntu 12.0406:51
goddarddr_willis: where are those at buddy?06:51
j605network manger reports wifi is disabled by hardware switch06:51
flowerpotTamoxin, my suggestion would be to try re-downloading the livecd06:52
dr_willisgoddard:  try 'locate .desktop' there are tons of them.06:52
Silversongdr_willis: I see. So I should install a proprietary driver for THAT instead, right?06:52
dr_willisSilversong:  intel drivers are included by default. :)06:52
dr_willisSilversong:  thats why intel is so awsome..06:52
Tamoxini had downloaded it trhee times06:52
Silversongdr_willis: Hehe, I like Intel as well06:53
flowerpotTamoxin, try a livecd - not a liveusb06:53
dr_willisTamoxin:  verify the downloads. if they dont verify.. no point in going on..06:53
Silversongdr_willis: So I should just get a proprietary driver for that? Or is there one? What can I do to get my computer run Unity 3D?06:53
Tamoxinonce the alternate version and twice the normal version06:53
Tamoxini cant use live cd cuz i have a netbook06:54
dr_willisSilversong:  intel drivers are included by default. :)  there IS no proptiatry driver for them06:54
Tamoxinthis is a headhache cuz there is no problem whit other distributions like linux mint06:54
dr_willisSilversong:  my netbook does 3d using the normal drivers on intel hardware06:54
Tamoxinbut i dont like it06:54
Silversongdr_willis: Ha. Yes. I clicked on the NVIDIA X Server Settings, and it said "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.06:54
dr_willisSilversong:  but your laptop is sooo new - it may  have some issues06:54
dr_willisSilversong:  the optimius feature is  a work in progress.. i have never used it.06:55
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
dr_willisSilversong:  id say check the forums and askubuntu.com about your exact make/model of laptop06:56
Tamoxindr_willis: how can i verify my download?06:56
dr_willis!md5 | Tamoxin06:56
ubottuTamoxin: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:56
Silversongmmm. cuz i don't feel like having my good driver going to waste. I'm never playing any 3D games on my laptop. Unity 3D is as 3D as I'm gonna get, lol06:56
Tamoxinand then?06:57
dr_willisSilversong:  no need to worry about the nvidia stuff if unitty3d works on the intel side06:57
vexaxvhey guys quick question if my computer breaks but my files are hosted by this computer through ubuntu one can i redownload them on a different computer06:57
dr_willis'hosted by this computer through ubuntu' You mean they are on the local machine?06:57
chuAs long as the UbuntuOne sync has been recently done.06:57
goddarddr_willis: im trying to purge a manually install nvidia driver or any left overs of the installed driver06:57
vexaxvfiles hosted on this computer, using ubuntu one06:58
Tamoxinvexavx: yes you cam06:58
vexaxvif this computer breaks06:58
dr_willisgoddard:  theres most likely some nvidia-settings.desktop file somewhere then.06:58
vexaxvi can..cool06:58
vexaxvthank you06:58
Silversongdr_willis: it doesn't.06:58
Tamoxinno wait06:58
Silversongdr_willis: I did echo $DESKTOP_SESSION06:58
goddarddr_willis: i was getting an API mismatch06:58
Silversongor ubuntu-2d06:58
dr_willisvexaxv:  they are not 'hosted' on that machine... they are on the U1 servers.. and synced back to that machine as needed06:58
Tamoxinvexavx: hosted on your computer or in ubuntu one?06:58
vexaxvk thanks man06:59
gh0stn0tesalve ragazzi! domandone, vi è mai capitato di avere problemi con una scheda ethernet "Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd." "RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller" ?? Da qualche tempo a questa parte ho seri problemi, nel senso, rileva la connessione, prende l indirizzo da dhcp, è pingabile e tutto, ma stranamente, ogni tanto è come se si freezasse, smette di rispondere e di ricevere, persino wireshark si ferma.... anche se i l06:59
gh0stn0teed della scheda continuano a lampeggiare06:59
sunsonWill PXE boot work if the server is on wireless while the client is wired? (both are connected to the same router)06:59
=== tdubellz is now known as tdubella
dr_willisSilversong:  very likely some issue with the intel drivers and how new that laptop is. Intel hardware should be able to do unity3d.06:59
Silversongdr_willis: so apparently laptop being NEW is a bad thing :( d'aww07:00
dr_willisSilversong:  thats always been the case..07:00
Silversongdr_willis: are their prop. drivers for intel cards?07:00
dr_willisSilversong:  ive said they are included...  several times now.. ;)07:00
sunsonWill PXE boot work if the tftp/bootp server is on wireless while the client is wired? (both are connected to the same router/network)07:00
dr_willisthere MAY be updated intel drivers you can get.. but with a laptop that just came out last week it may be too new for them.07:00
dr_willisSilversong:  so i say check the forums and askubuntu.com for info about that exact make of laptop07:01
gh0stn0teSorry, i ve confused this chan with #ubuntu-it, anyway: Someone have got some problem with a "Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd." "RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller" on LMDE? the card seems to work nicely but its like it freeze (no ping, no troughtput) wireshark also stops to log packet when this happens, anybody have got a similar issue? how do I control the driver module? there are some alternative drivers to use for that?07:01
dr_willisSilversong:  its also  possible you can disable the intel. and enable the nvidia in the bios.07:01
gh0stn0te Thanks!07:01
Silversongdr_willis: I just checked forum, someone said to do this:    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/drivers-only07:03
SilversongNot sure what it does but it's kinda scary07:03
dr_willisupdated x - whoch  would included the updated intel drivers..07:03
dr_willisi always buy my laptops on clearance.. so they are at least a few months old. :)07:04
Tamoxinammm guys07:04
Tamoxinmd5sum are the same07:04
dr_willisTamoxin:  you burnt a cd? or useing a usb?07:05
Tamoxini use usb cuz i cant use cd in my notbook07:06
dr_willishow did you make the usb?07:07
Tamoxinwith universal usb installer in windows07:08
Tamoxini had tried once in linux07:08
dr_willisso it boots.. but you get a black screen?07:08
dr_willisso have you tried the nomodeset option thats been mentioned?07:08
Tamoxinno wait07:08
Tamoxinno boota07:09
Tamoxini mean07:09
goddardI have tried everything I can't get this old nvidia driver out how can I fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11946301#post1194630107:09
dr_willisgoddard:  more is left behind then just an icon??07:09
Tamoxinwhen i restart  i should see a ubuntu start up screen07:09
goddarddr_willis: apparently although i dont know what is being referenced07:10
krababbelgoddard: is there nvidia in /usr/lib ?07:10
=== Sary is now known as s1
Tamoxinsaying : if you want to try it or install it07:10
Tamoxinbut i cant see it07:10
dr_willisTamoxin:  when you boot up. there should be several menus yes.  theres an screen that has a 'man=keyboard' image thats the screen you hit space (i think) on to get into the options to enable nomodeset07:10
dr_willisTamoxin:  ths nomodeset option is  is BEFOR that try/install screen07:10
Tamoxinbut there is nothing07:10
dr_willisread up at the !nomodeset factoid site and see how to enable nomodeset07:11
dr_willisif that fails.. im out of ideas07:11
f`ckJustinBieberis there any package like "Google Earth" for linux?07:11
dr_willisgoogle earth exists for linux07:11
Tamoxinthank you07:11
dr_willis!info google-earth07:12
ubottuPackage google-earth does not exist in precise07:12
dr_willismust be in some other repo/ppa07:12
f`ckJustinBieberdr_willis, I had enough problems installing it, let me paste the errors while I'm trying to install it07:12
f`ckJustinBieberI don't think if it exists in repos, I downloaded the binary from google07:12
dr_willisive just used the ppa/apt-get in teh past i belive07:12
_ProtekNickzYou need to download google earth off their site07:12
goddardkrababbel: there is now i installed nvidia-current07:12
dr_willisgoogle has its own repos for  it i ghought.07:12
dr_willisor was that just for chrome07:13
three18ti_how do I find the "key number" of an apt key?07:13
f`ckJustinBieberdr_willis, take a look at this shit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/992371/07:13
three18ti_normally I just wget -O- http://example.com/key.asc | apt-key add -07:14
sajimonhm, i got a strangest problem ever, im running commercial software on percise, CrossStudio, and when i run a program, it nor showing on unity dock, nor is it available in alt+tab list, any ideas?07:14
krababbelgoddard: and? purge won't work??07:14
three18ti_but I'm trying to automate and puppet requires a "key number" http://forge.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs/apt07:14
tonvin    /quit07:14
dr_willissajimon:  seen that issue mentioned here with other apps. is this a java app  by any  chanve07:14
f`ckJustinBiebertonvin: so long07:14
three18ti_it's a hex number...07:14
goddardkrababbel: i have a feeling it is a manually installed nvidia driver that is giving me problems07:14
goddardversion 290.1007:15
dr_willisf`ckJustinBieber:   the ubuntu docs page say to use the .deb  not  the .bin07:16
sajimondr_willis: no i dont think so it , im not sure what toolkit its using, but it souesn feel like java07:16
three18ti_apt-ket list provides a couple of numbers... but I'm not sure which is the correct one.07:17
f`ckJustinBieberdr_willis, it is not available for download...07:17
f`ckJustinBieberdr_willis, there's only the .bin file available for download @ google.com07:17
dr_willissajimon:  i see that same issue mentioned in here befor. never seen a definituve fix. the forums or askubuntu.com may have some hits on the issue07:17
ndeeanyone knows how I can do the following: Scan the auth.log and check for entries which contain 'authentication failure' and block those IPs after 3 bad tries.07:17
ndeeI was using denyhosts but somehow, portmap was eating up around 2GB of RAM. So I was thinking on doing this with iptables.07:18
adv__more auth.log | grep 'authentication failure' > newauth.log07:18
adv__ndee,more auth.log | grep 'authentication failure' > newauth.log07:18
adv__something like that07:19
ndeeah, I found fail2ban :D07:19
dr_willisf`ckJustinBieber:  the download link at  that url gives me a .deb to download.07:19
f`ckJustinBieberdr_willis, can't find it, will you please paste it for me?!07:19
dr_willisthe button at the bottom of the 'agreement page' send me the .deb  i dident do anything special07:20
=== Wesley is now known as wesley
gereany one can help me, How can read,send and my email using terminal in ubuntu?07:20
f`ckJustinBieberthis generates me a .bin file07:20
dr_willisi am on my android phone. :) so it may be seeing im on 'linux'07:20
dr_willisf`ckJustinBieber:  what os/browser are you using?07:21
f`ckJustinBieberit sees I'm on linux but it provides me the bin file07:21
f`ckJustinBieberdr_willis, firefox on debian07:21
dr_willisshould be some site/ftp/url that has a  menu for all of them.07:22
dr_willisbut im on my phone. :) so browsing is a bit hard for me07:22
dr_willisi cant see/get the exact url of the download either.07:22
f`ckJustinBieberthanks dr_willis, I'll try with different browsers, otherwise I'll get someone to generate a mirror for me07:23
dr_willisgoogle erth ppa --    http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/google_earth07:25
dr_willisthe google earth wiki page for  ubuntu also  mentions some extra packages that may be needed for the .bin to work properly07:26
dr_willismedibuntu also  may  have a google earth repo setup.07:27
david_EI have a glitch in gnome 3 using Luninux OS. After an update and a restart When I log back in I see that my gnome panel is gray instead of transparent and although all the buttons work it has the words File Edit Veiw Bookmarks Help  on the panel, like the ones from firefox.07:29
f`ckJustinBiebergoddamn it dr_willis , when I browse the google earth download site with my ip, .deb package is not available, but when I use a proxy I can download it07:29
david_Ebut those buttons dont work07:29
f`ckJustinBieberI'm now downloading it @ 10Kilobytes per sec, lol07:29
david_Ejust part of the background for the panel07:29
Ben64maybe google doesn't like where you live f`ckJustinBieber07:30
f`ckJustinBieberhello henryk_07:30
dr_willisf`ckJustinBieber:  i seem to recall ages ago it  had a pulldown somewhere for 'not the os version you want.. select below'   but i dont see it now07:32
Silversong!bumblebee | Silversong07:32
Silversongdidn't get anything07:32
dr_willisall i know on bumblebee is its a work in progress.. and i plan on avoiding it in my  next laptop pursache.07:32
Silversongidk what is bumblebee07:32
Silversongthat's why i tried to do that07:32
Silversongmy laptop, as seen in bios, is running nvidia optimus07:33
dr_willisits special tools to switchon the fly from the intel to  nvidia gpu on new laptopps07:33
f`ckJustinBieberthat's strange, it even provides a newer version when I use a proxy07:33
dr_willisOptimus =  the special chipset to do intel/nvidia gfx07:33
f`ckJustinBiebermorning subdesign07:33
subdesignif somebody use CSS3 Pie, 1.0 released !07:33
subdesignnot here07:33
FloodBot1subdesign: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:33
samba35how to index all man pages to ubuntu07:35
Silversongdr_willis. Okay, apparently I am running on Bumblebee, so I've found out07:35
gerehow can use my email using terminal in ubuntu?07:37
f`ckJustinBieberGoogle has banned my country, is there anyone to download GoogleEarthLinux.deb and upload it for me?! otherwise I have to download it with a proxy @ 10Kilobytes per sec :((07:37
ccloveyou may be the  chinese man07:38
BlackWebJust curious is there a way to move the menu bar from the top of screen to bottom in 12.0407:39
Vooloois 54 KB as ubuntu reports, kilobytes or kilobits?07:39
f`ckJustinBieberVooloo, capital B is Bytes07:39
f`ckJustinBiebercclove, no07:39
wilee-nileeBlackWeb, I have not seen one, there is one to move the left panel to the bottom though.07:40
BlackWebalright as far as color theme is there a app to  change the color07:41
BlackWebI'll play with it a little more, thanks wilee-nilee07:44
wilee-nileeBlackWeb, cool the color is a tough one, there are themes a very limited amount on board but more on the web07:45
dr_williswebupd8 ppa  has some nice themes07:46
wilee-nileeI forget where the themes are on the install I have been usuing gnome-shell07:46
dr_willisthey tend to have the 'best of  the breed' ;)07:46
wilee-nileedr_willis, lotsa good stuff from them.07:47
dr_willisi just play with  the theme selection stuff till get a combo  i like,07:47
dr_willisoften i cant duplicate the same look on a differnt box. ;)07:47
alusiondr_willis, i know where your name comes from now ;)07:47
dr_willisit comes from somewhere?07:48
BlackWebis there away to make so, when i install a app then it doesnt automatically place it on the launcher, which i removed a tweeking program from launcher and now having hard time finding through dock./menu07:48
alusionIt is a character from Ghost in the Shell actually.07:48
hilandfree VPS root servers until my beta servers crash: zws.zaar.me07:48
dr_willisalusion:  dont recall.. i was using this nick befor the Ghost In th shell was around...07:49
alusionSince before 1996?07:49
dr_willisalusion:  since around 1986-8 or so i belive...07:49
dr_willisi cant recall when i started irc in college..07:50
bawig1has anyone else had wireless issues after upgrading to 12.04 LTS? I cannot connect to my access point anymore07:50
alusionIRC was around? Or was it the older bulletin board?07:50
dr_willisBlackWeb:  if you rember the  name you can use the Big button/dash or hud to search for it07:50
KM0201bawig1: wireless works fine here.. what wireless device do you have?07:51
dr_willisEarliest irc i recall was in about 1986  -  was on bbs;s befor that,07:51
BlackWebcant really remember, going through my installed packages to try to find it,07:51
alusionanyways, dr_willis do you happen to know where tomboy notes are saved? Or perhaps how I can search for something from the terminal ? (could improve my skills in searching)07:51
krababbelbawig1: some do, and we laugh at them07:51
dr_willistomboy had notes in .config/ perhaps? i dont use tomboy any more since u1 stopped syncing them07:52
bawig101:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 100007:52
dr_willisfind and locate are main ways i searh from terminal. ;)07:52
dr_willisalusion:  that zetgiest thing is supposed to save a history of what apps you have ran also.07:53
alusionwhats the difference?07:53
dr_willislocate uses a database and is faster.. find is more current07:53
dr_willisfind has some amazeing features07:53
BlackWebfound it07:53
bawig1the 3G still works but for some reason I cannot get a working connection07:53
BlackWebis there a way to make the dash more like the gnome menu, i find it easier to browse program right now through cairo-docks menu07:54
ftrajanohi, does anyone uses backtrack 5!?07:54
ikoniathe guys in #backtrack-linux do07:54
alusionhow can I output the results into something else?07:55
ikoniaftrajano: that's where backtrack is supported/discussed #backtrack-linux07:55
dr_willisBlackWeb:  thers classic-gnome-menu indicator applets and panel  things you can add.07:55
ftrajanothank u ikonia07:55
dr_willisBlackWeb:  check askubuntu.com for 'classic gnome menu unity' perhaps for a uopdated list of how to get one07:55
alusiondr_willis after so many years of using linux i'm a little curious to see an old timers desktop or how they get around on a daily basis o.o07:56
alusioncan you offer a glimpse at your desktop environment ?  :o07:56
dr_willisim just using the default unity mainly  run awn for a easier task switcher07:56
BlackWebAlright Sounds good, cause ya right now have to computers 1 with 10.10, 1 with 12.04, like 12.04, but find that to be the main disadvantage over 10.10 i guess, untii i find a substitute i guess07:56
T_H_Xwin 9807:56
alusionawn I have heard about awn07:57
alusionwhat is awn again?07:57
ubottuUbuntu includes several dock-like navigation bars. Some options are: avant-window-navigator, cairo-dock, docky (formerly part of gnome-do), stalonetray, simdock, kdocker, kooldock.07:57
alusioninteresting, I use cairo  :o07:57
BlackWebAlright I'll give give them a try and see if i cant get the feel of one of them Thanks :)07:58
dr_willis!info wbar07:58
ubottuwbar (source: wbar): light and fast launch bar. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.3+dfsg2-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 27 kB, installed size 132 kB07:58
alusiondo you have any really neat programs you'd recommend ? or terminal commands worth installing?07:58
dr_willisdepends on your needs..07:58
dr_willis!info mc07:58
ubottumc (source: mc): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:4.8.1-2ubuntu1 (precise), package size 500 kB, installed size 1279 kB07:58
dr_willismc is a must have. ;)07:58
alusionbetter than nautilius ?07:58
dr_willismc has been around since like.... for ever..07:59
alusionI personally have a lot of images and like to see them with icons,  is that possible with MC?07:59
dr_willismc is text based file manafer..  :)07:59
wyldedr_willis: lol I was using that almost 20 years ago!08:00
dr_willisall ascii08:00
alusionI'll stick to my gui lol08:00
dr_williswylde and it still has features missing in most file managers08:00
dr_willisalusion:  untill you get stuck on ssh or the console.. and need a quick file manager...08:00
wyldedr_willis: :)08:00
krababbelalusion: shotwell is allready there08:00
dr_willisdual pane file managers = the way i work08:00
alusionI love dual pane..08:00
alusioni will check it out if it will give me those sweet sweet 1337 points08:01
dr_willistheres a few more gui-like mc tools out also.08:01
dr_willis!info gentoo08:01
ubottugentoo (source: gentoo): fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19.12-1 (precise), package size 728 kB, installed size 1934 kB08:01
sauvinHow do you tell if a massive update is hung in 12.04?08:01
krababbelsauvin: system monitor, details in package updater08:02
alusiondr_willis, how can I personalize my terminal ?08:03
sauvinI'm ssh'd into my girlfriend's computer. Command line?08:03
chualusion: You want to modify your bash configuration (~/.bashrc), there should be an example file in /etc/bashrc or somewhere. Let me check.08:04
chualusion: Yeah, `cat /etc/bash.bashrc' to see it08:04
krababbelsauvin: ps, top, don't know if you can view the output of the update command now08:04
alusionHow should I edit it?08:05
sauvinTop just says the updater is taking about 3% CPU.08:05
chualusion: What's your favourite text-editor?08:05
Silversongdr_willis: I got it working :)08:05
alusionI use gedit08:05
Silversongdr_willis: I didn't realize I was using this new technology from like less than 3 weeks ago. I had to install the April 30th version of Bumblebee 3.0.208:05
chualusion: Then type `gedit ~/.bashrc' at the command prompt :)08:05
chu(Or open the file `~/.bashrc08:05
chu' from gedit)08:05
alusionVery cool!08:06
dr_willisSilversong:  consider yoruself lucky it works at all... ;)08:06
Silversongdr_willis: why?08:06
dr_willisSilversong:  i see people in here daily with massive bumblebee issues08:06
=== k is now known as Guest34842
Silversongdr_willis: f**k. Did I fall into some kind of trap? Lol. Should I not have installed it?08:07
chualusion: Now, we want to *see* the example script (in `/etc/bash.bashrc') so we can copy the good parts across (alternatively, you could just open the `/etc/bash.bashrc' in gedit, then save it as `~/.bashrc'08:07
dr_willisthe deveelopment of that  tool is progessing at a very very rapiid pace is whats going on Silversong08:07
dr_willisSilversong:  its not the tool thats the issue.. its nvidia not supporting linux thats the problem08:07
alusionI just want to include a custom ascii art to greet me08:07
Silversongdr_willis: Oh. I thought they're going to08:08
dr_willisalusion:  you really should alter your users  bash files not the system wide ones..08:08
dr_willisSilversong:  ive not seen much mention of it...  i havent really  been paying attention.08:08
tec3bjuan es una oveja08:08
tec3bjuan es ujna oveja08:08
tec3bjuan es una ovejaaa08:09
Silversongdr_willis: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OTQxNg08:09
chualusion: We could also do that!08:09
alusion:D I am trying to think of what I want...08:09
chualusion: That's fine. Since we have clarified *this* issue, if you have any further questions, please come to `#ubuntu-offtopic' and ask :)08:10
dr_willisSilversong:  if you read the artical.. it says that nvidia the company is not supporting it.. so all this bumblebee stuff and so forth has been created by the linux community..  not 'nvidia'08:11
tarzeaudoes unity work with 1204 for multimonitor setups, for anyone?08:11
Silversongwell yeah I know, but as long as it works, right?08:11
dr_willisSilversong:  so 'they' as in 'nvidia' still are being jerks about it as far as ive read,    ;)08:11
dr_willisno... they NEED to support linux..08:11
Silversongcuz MOST of the people in this world are NOOBS08:12
dr_willisI am going intel for my next laptop i imagine.08:12
Silversongand they use $1500 facebook machines (lol macbook pro) or windows08:12
dr_willisnvidia and ati both give a lot of lip-service to linux. but then just shrug us off.08:12
Silversongbut that's the big money pool08:12
Silversongand when it omes to nvidia, it's all about $$$08:12
krababbeldr_willis: more like protecting millions of investment :) Intel doesn't have better drivers I read.08:13
Silversongdr_willis: what laptop you use now?08:13
dr_willisi got a $150 netbook i got on clerance at xmas time. :)08:13
dr_willisgave my Big-monster 20lb gaming laptop to my  brother08:13
dr_willisintel hardware   is catching up with what most people need for '3d' - so ive been reading.  ati and nvidia both should be watching out. ;l)08:14
Silversongdr_willis: do you work for intel? lol08:15
Silversongit sounds like you're some kind of boss there08:15
dr_willisI work for chrysler.08:15
krababbeldr_willis: let's hope their drivers will improve08:15
Silversongoh. sweet. My favorite brand of car. esp the 300C08:15
Silversongbut too poor to get one right now xD08:16
Silversongonly a student08:16
Silversongi assume you do a lot of hardware coding with the systems?08:16
Silversongsuch as MIPS? do you use that/08:16
MischinkaHmm.. maybe someone here can give me some insight, fresh install of ubuntu precise nginx and php-fpm and my shopping cart checkout button seems disabled now..08:17
dr_willisI dont touch comptuers at all at work. :) i fix machines..08:17
Gyro54Is there a channel for Thunderbird?08:17
icerootGyro54: irc.mozilla.org  and then #thunderbird08:18
ikoniaMischinka: I'd assume that is something to do with the application/setup rather than the webserver/php08:18
Gyro54iceroot: Thanks08:18
NimeshNeemahow do i run brightside ?08:21
Silversonghey how do I force-quit a program?08:21
Silversonglike you know how you end-task under Processes tab in Windows Task Manager08:21
NimeshNeemaSilversong: kill -9 <pid>08:22
chuSilversong: Open up a separate terminal, type `xkill' and select the program you want to kill.08:22
chuAlternatively, use NimeshNeema's approach.08:22
NimeshNeemaSilversong: or use system monitor08:22
NimeshNeemaI just installed Brightside but not able to figure out how to start it ?08:23
NimeshNeemaerror says Could not load support for bonobo08:24
SilversongOKAY I am starting to run into troubles with Bumblebee!08:24
KM0201Silversong: whats bumblebee?08:24
SteevcaA robot. :D08:25
Silversonghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee KM020108:25
KM0201Silversong: so whats the point of it?08:26
Silversongit's soemthing that helps nVIDIA Optimus run on Linux08:26
crizishandling dual intel/nvidia cards i think08:26
KM0201oh ok08:26
Silversongmy laptop has 2 video cards, one nVIDIA and one Intel08:26
Silversongthe intel one runs low-grade graphics, saving power and less overheat08:26
Silversongboosts up nVIDIA card when it's needed08:27
dr_willisif it even works at the most basic level - bumble is amazeing. ;)08:27
SilversongIt's choppy08:27
dr_willisi dident think it choudl change on the 'fly' - yoiu had to somehow pick one or the other08:27
dr_willisbut again.. ive only skimmed the docs and artoicals about it. ive never really used it08:28
altinI am connected to a wireless network with my laptop (internal wifi card) and now I want to share that network through my wireless USB, how can I do that ?08:29
JosssseHello Everybody. Yesterday I was working on an article, took a pause and then turned on my computer again. To my surprise, the .tex file disappeared. I'm pretty sure it was ubuntu ones fault. Is there some sort of back up tools which saves files I chose every, say 5 minutes, so I can have a sort of history of changes?08:33
RawProducealtin: you should be able to setup an ad-hoc network08:33
JosssseMaybe even a gedit module.08:33
altinRawProduce, but If I do that I get disconnected form the network I am getting internet from08:34
RawProducemaybe try and bridge the connections?08:34
auronandaceJosssse: welcome to cloud computing08:34
RawProduceJosssse: you could always setup a git repo and have a daemon commit every 5 minutes xD08:35
Josssseauronandace, :)08:35
JosssseRawProduce, What is a git repo?08:35
RawProduceJosssse: git is a version control system - software developers use it08:36
MatCatHey, I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTE, and for some reason my ability to change background images has stopped working, the settings program runs fine, but the background does not change, any ideas?08:36
RawProduceit's trivial to setup, though08:36
RawProduceI'm sure there's a simpler way to solve your problem, though08:37
RawProducetry dropbox08:37
=== griselda is now known as spex971
chuJosssse: Not a programmer, but I have my whole `~/Documents/' directory in a git repo on a USB stick I have. I just "push" new changes to the stick (about every week) and "pull" them onto a separate computer when I want them updated. Keeps the sets of files consistent. Much easier than emailing myself a change everytime I update the file.08:39
Jossssechu, do you recommend a git for me?08:40
JosssseWould it be a good Idea to have it run every five minutes?08:40
REK_007is there a way to add the DVD ISO as a repo on ubuntu ?08:41
chuJosssse: I *do* recommend git. It's not an issue to set up, and has some really nice tools available. I do the pushes manually, but you could run it every 5 minutes (if you wrote a naive script, it could be a bit painful)08:42
Jossssechu, heh, Git is the git. Sorry.08:42
KM0201REK_007: an ISO? probably.08:42
KM0201you'd have to mount the ISO, then add it to your repository list08:42
REK_007KM0201: yeah an ISO08:43
REK_007KM0201: i have mounted the ISO on /cdrom08:43
Jossssechu, What do you mean by naive script, could be painful??08:43
KM0201ok, what happens when you try to add it to synaptic?08:43
REK_007but sources still dont recognize it08:43
RawProduceJosssse: if your information is not sensitive, you could use github - they host git repositories (repo's) for free08:43
chuJosssse: Well, presumably you'd only want to issue the push if the file had actually changed. In a naive script, you probably wouldn't take that into account.08:44
REK_007when i try add volume on sources it says "Could not find a suitable CD." KM020108:44
JosssseRawProduce, Thanks!08:44
RawProducechu: "git push" on a repo with no changes yields "Everything up-to-date"08:45
RawProduceI don't think that's as much of an issue as you expect08:45
KM0201REK_007: http://askubuntu.com/questions/4694/how-to-use-a-iso-image-as-a-cd-rom-repository08:45
chuRawProduce: Yep, but if you were running that every 5 minutes it's stealing your valuable cpu cycles08:45
Jossssechu, I'll check git out I think It'll do the job. I was actually thinking about writing a perl process which did the job, it wouldn't be sooo hard.08:45
JosssseBut I think git is exactly what I need.08:45
chuJosssse: Git is pretty amazing.08:46
REK_007KM0201: i tried that only didnt work .. so came on IRC08:46
RawProduceJosssse: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/420143/making-git-auto-commit08:46
RawProduceexactly what you need for a non-naive script08:46
KM0201REK_007: i dunno, did you try all the suggestions on that page? (there's several that people say work)08:47
REK_007yeah i tried all of them so far none have worked for me08:47
KM0201REK_007: have you tried juergen's instructions..   http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-19378.html   that looks more logicalt o me (if that doesn't work, i dunno)08:50
REK_007KM0201: I added the path manually ... Get:1 file: precise Release.gpg [198 B]  Get:2 file: precise Release [4,595 B]08:51
REK_007is this supposed to be working then?08:51
KM0201it looks like it.08:51
REK_007cool then :)08:51
KM0201REK_007: you got that when you ran apt-get update?08:52
REK_007yeah KM020108:52
JosssseRawProduce, That's nice but since i'm writing math stuff with latex i'm constantly saving and compiling. I wouldn't want the file to be backed up every time I save it. Just every five minutes, if it changes.08:52
KM0201then i would say it probably worked08:52
REK_007cool :)08:52
chuJosssse: Do you use LyX for LaTeX?08:52
KM0201REK_007: try disconnecting someething from the internet, and see if you can install something that is on the repo.08:53
Jossssechu, No. What's lyx?08:53
REK_007KM0201: yeah trying that08:53
RawProduceJosssse: you could store the last commit date in a file somewhere - when the file changes, compare the date in the file to the current one - if it's more than 5 minutes, commit/push. This way you save every 5 minutes only when there are changes08:53
=== Jens is now known as Guest71271
chuJosssse: Just a WYSIWYG-esque LaTeX editor :) (I'm in the same boat, I mainly just write latex files)08:54
=== Guest71271 is now known as jbache
REK_007KM0201: nope not working08:56
Jossssechu, I just apt-get lyx to check it out. Normally I just use latexila.08:56
KM0201hm, i have no idea, just burn it to a CD i guess, or use the online repos08:56
chuNever heard of latexila :)08:56
pawdrohello, i'm using glade-gtk2 in Ubuntu 12.04 and after creating i.e GtkWindow I want to insert Menubar and I cannot see it. Anyone seen such bug/feature. Nothing found in google...08:56
JosssseRawProduce, I'm still trying to figure out how git works. Then I'll try to tweek it. :)08:57
JosssseIt's so cool to be back doing computer stuff.08:57
AB2jabbarwget & axel dont work08:59
B4uHi all09:00
REK_007KM0201: Got i working clean :) mounted and symlinked to /media/apt now it shows up in sources :)09:00
alusionHow do I change the login sound in ubuntu 12.04?09:01
alusionDid the process change perhaps09:01
alusionI have my .ogg file ready09:01
B4uwhats up09:01
dr_willisalusion:  ive  heard there can be some nasty issues when  messing with the login sound. Like lightdm not logging in normal users..09:01
alusionWhat is lightdm?09:02
crizisubuntu's default login manager. the one where you type in your password when you login..09:02
dr_willisi disabled the login sound with ubuntu-tweak and lightdm dident like it. ;) not sure if ubuntuii--tweak has a tool to change the sound09:02
dr_willisgdm worked however.09:02
ricohi guys, can someone link me a giude to make 12.04 gnome like? by italian userXD09:02
dr_willisrico:  for somthing that specific. id think google would give faster rewults09:03
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic09:03
alusionI have a 15 second clip, is it too long ?09:03
dr_willisthe omgubuntu and webupd8 sites had some guides on making 12.04 gnome-2ish09:03
ikoniaand those are two sites I'd avoid like the plague09:04
dr_willisalusion:  no idea. i find that sound a stupid idea and turn it off09:04
ruliif you're going to make ubuntu-2ish you may as well install a different distribution and not fight with it09:06
dr_willisor move on to better things ;)09:06
ruliyeah like the kde3 trinity fork09:10
=== a is now known as Guest21613
dr_williswindowmaker  the next generation. ;)09:11
dr_willisOr the next rebirth of Enlightment with even uglier defaults!  ;P09:11
Guest21613can someone help me with a ubuntu problem?09:12
ikoniaGuest21613: you need to ask a question09:12
cclovewhat the problem?09:13
Guest21613after upgrading to ubuntu 12.04 I can no longer save file as by using alt+left click09:13
Guest21613same for all browsers, so i know its a ubuntu problem09:13
ikoniaI didn't know you could save with alt+left click09:14
ruliwelcome to the ubuntu family. regular regressions are free09:14
dr_willissounds more like a compiz/unity taking a keybinding.. but im not  at a pc right now09:14
Guest21613actually it is save link as when you press alt + left click normally09:15
dr_willisI thought alt-click in a browser oopened in a new tab09:15
Guest21613i tried compiz but i dont get it really09:15
Guest21613no luck as of yet09:15
dr_willisalt-click also normally starts the X 'move window' feature09:15
llutzALT-Leftclick is an X function and moves windows09:16
llutzgr too slow09:16
dr_willis;) old skool X ussage.09:16
llutzGuest21613: since ages09:17
dr_willisbeen an X feature for  years. I  got tools in windows that addst the features there as well09:17
Guest21613well when i had ubuntu 11.xx alt+left click = save link as09:17
dr_willis'move by clicking anywhere in any window'09:17
Guest21613i want to restore this09:17
lapionbooting into the single user mode cannot handle fstabs with mounts that are not availabel09:18
ikonialapion: it can09:18
ikonialapion: it should just error/warn you that they could not be mounted09:18
ikonia(unless it's the root file system)09:18
lapionI have 3 cifs fs mounted from fstab.. will not continue pas file check09:19
Guest21613dr_willis how do i disable 'move by clicking anywhere in any window'09:19
ikonialapion: they should do if you boot single user mode09:19
lapionikonia, same if the /home fs is mounted from a different hdd09:19
ikonialapion: nah, it's fine,09:19
lapionnope ikonia09:19
dr_willisGuest21613:  no idea. never wanted to. never tried,  You may want to check askubuntu,com about your left-click-save thing. ive never noticed that feature09:19
ikoniajust booted my laptop into single user mode with an NFS share missing09:20
lapion]try with a home fs missing09:20
lapionikonia now start up network or do a fsck09:20
Guest21613ok thank you dr_willis09:20
ikonialapion: thats not single user mode09:20
ikoniaif you start networking, it's not single user mode09:20
lapioneither way.. as soon as the system wants to do a fsck it doesn't continue09:21
Guest21613yeah it was always the same for windows and ubuntu but just changed for 12.04. seems crazy to reinstall 11 just because of keybinding issues09:21
lapionand single user networking is not multiuser networking09:21
Guest21613anyone else awake still?09:21
lapionI have to go into the shell start networking up and then do mount all fs read-write09:22
ikonialapion: what are you doing ?  I don't understand09:23
ikoniasingleuser + networking = multi user,09:23
ikoniawhy are you trying to start network, what is your end goal ?09:23
dr_willisi always just right click on links to do things to them09:23
lapionikonia, the problem is that if one of the filesystems in fstab is missing the system cannot be maintained in recovery mode09:25
ikoniait can09:25
ikoniaI'm just testing your /home issue09:25
dr_willisGuest21613:  seems to be some firefox extensions that do the alt-click save feature...09:26
Aggerhi all...ive got a problem with memory leaks on ubuntu 10.04 - i checked out processes and memory usage and noticed that gnome-panel was taking up 900MB (i have a top and bottom panel which are usually quite full with apps)...RAM usage was at around 90% at that point. I killed gnome-panel and after some 10 mintes the panels came up again (note gnome session was still alive all throughout) - problem is RAM is still at 90%...09:27
lapionikonia, did you do a cold start of the laptop ?09:27
lapionikonia, or did you simply revert to single user mode from multi-usermode ?09:27
ikonialapion: I'm doing it on a different machine, one moment,09:28
ikonialapion: I can't drop /home on my laptop, so I'm testing on a different machine,09:28
ikoniaI'll be with you in a moment09:28
Aggeris there way i can reclaim those 900MB of ram used by gnome-panel?09:28
=== luka is now known as Guest41867
mi3dr_willis, what?09:33
AB2jabbarwget & axel dont work09:34
alusionsigh, you were right, changing the login sounds was a bad idea09:36
dr_willisalusion:  ;)  let me guess.. users login and it just hangs?09:37
dr_willisYou can use GDM instead of lightdm.and they can still login09:37
alusionEhh w/e I think my computer is pretty sweet right now09:38
lapionikonia do you have network mount set for automount ?09:38
alusionwanna see ;)09:38
dr_willisi dont worry too muchabout themes  ;)09:38
alusionI am still trying to find where my tomboy notes are stored from a backup I made >.<09:38
Steevca_Can anyone help me with this ? http://pastebin.com/JZiNzLDV09:38
dr_willisIgot my 'My Little Pony' Wallpaper.. its all i need.09:38
Steevca_I need this fast. :P09:39
Steevca_Anyone? I am trying to install skype.09:40
ikonialapion: the nfs stuff, yes09:41
ikonialapion: just setting up changing /home now09:41
KM0201Steevca: what is the problem?09:41
Jossssechu, I get a error openin .nano_history file permission denied when i run git commit, why is git even wanting to open that file?09:41
lapionikonia, and you did select the fsck option from the menu ?09:42
ikonialapion: menu ? I just booted into single user mode, that's just a command prompt09:42
alusionwhat does sudo apt-get upgrade do for me that update doesn't?09:42
dr_willisalusion:  update  just gets the List of pacakges TO upgrade09:42
dr_willisupgrade does the real work09:43
chuJosssse: What directory did you initialise git in?09:43
dr_willisupdate the list, then upgrade the system09:43
lapionikonia by single user mode I meant system recovery mode.. which used to be the same as setting single at the grub prompt ..09:43
Steevca_KM0201: I gave a paste bin file.09:43
ikonialapion: recovery mode tries to be too clever, actually try single user mode09:44
alusionI am trying out upgrade then :o09:44
alusionAre there any other repositories one would recommend for ubuntu09:44
lapionwell yeah at the actual single user mode I have no problems doing fscks and other recovery thingies.. but I am not the only one using ubuntu out there09:44
KM0201alusion: i guess that would depend if somethying you want is not in th default repos09:45
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »09:45
Jossssechu, home09:45
Steevca_I have a broken package i can't remove. I tried sudo apt-get remove,clean,autoremove,-f nothing works.09:45
ikonialapion: right, so the issue isn't with single user mode, it's with the recovery shell option09:46
chuJosssse: Not sure, but you could add the file .nano_history to the .gitignore file.09:46
KM0201Steevca: so what exactly is your problem w/ installing skype?09:46
lapionikonia, I'm sorry for confusing things..09:46
Steevca_KM0201: i get this http://pastebin.com/JZiNzLDV09:46
ikonialapion: you need to look at what/how the recovery shell works, where it depends on things, if you feel those dependencies are unreasonable, you'll log a bug09:47
ikonialapion: personally I don't think there should be a recovery shell09:47
KM0201Steevca: that looks like a problem w/ the package09:47
KM0201install it from the repositories... add the partner repo, and apt-get install skype09:47
Steevca_KM0201: How?09:48
Steevca_Give me the terminal command.09:48
KM0201!partner | Steevca then after you add the repository, sudo apt-get update  let it finish, then sudo apt-get upgrade09:48
ubottuSteevca then after you add the repository, sudo apt-get update  let it finish, then sudo apt-get upgrade: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »09:48
KM0201Steevca: sorry, not sudo apt-get upgrade09:48
KM0201sudo apt-get install skype09:49
Jossssechu, Shoot, one deleted another of my files! Is there some sort of ubuntu one log I can check out to see what it's doing exactly?09:49
chuJosssse: I don't really know anything about Ubuntu One. Sorry.09:49
WotWhereHi... need help installing ubuntu 12.04.. having problems with Audio and Display drivers have done Updates the system says no more updates required.. Also tried downloading Catalyst 12.4 from AMD and install the fglrx driver.. nogo09:49
lapionthanks ikonia will do so09:50
WotWherecant play video or audio the apps Hang09:50
JosssseI'm asking in the ubuntu-one channel.09:50
Steevca_KM0201: You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libc6 : Depends: libc-bin (= 2.13-20ubuntu5)  libc6-dev : Depends: libc6 (= 2.13-20ubuntu5.1) but 2.13-20ubuntu5 is installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f09:50
chuJosssse: hehe, sorry I couldn't be more help.09:50
Steevca_I run it,and nothing.09:50
KM0201hmm, i thought that issue got resolved09:51
melvincvhi all, does Precise have DNS caching? http://paste.ubuntu.com/993912/09:51
KM0201i have skype running no problem on 64bit09:51
Steevca_Me too,but this is a new notebook.09:51
Steevca_And i can't get it to work.09:51
KM0201Steevca_: well, with the new version of ubuntu, it's a little different, something about the way it wants to use 32bit libraries, or something09:51
Steevca_So what do i do?09:52
KM0201Steevca_: have you tried this...   http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-skype-on-amd-64-bit-ubuntu-12-04-precise09:52
pankajhow can i overwrite the written line with another echo command?09:54
dr_willisseen where skype is comming  on new smart tv's that have built in webcams . getting to be like the Jetsons soon. ;))09:54
KM0201dr_willis: lol "his boy, elroy"09:54
anonegyhello to all09:55
dr_willispankaj like delete the last line of a file you added?09:55
WotWhereCannot get Ubuntu 12.04 to work09:56
anonegymy laptop battery is dying fast on linux and remains longer on the windows, it is samsung i5 core with 4G RAM09:56
WotWhere3rd day.. have done some troubleshooting ... Segvfaults.. anyone?09:56
melvincvhi all, does Precise have a DNS query cache?09:56
dr_willisanonegy:  what ubuntu release are you using?09:57
anonegyi am using now 12.04 and before i was using the 11.10 and i noticed the same and also i have another laptop Dell and shows the same battery problem and continuous fan with hot air out09:58
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anonegy<dr_willis>i am using now 12.04 and before i was using the 11.10 and i noticed the same and also i have another laptop Dell and shows the same battery problem and continuous fan with hot air out09:58
ikoniaGuest37577: why are you trying to use an rpm09:59
dr_willisanonegy:  theres known power saveing issues with some machines 12.04 was supposed to fix most of them. You may want to check the forums and bug repoorts and askubuntu.com to see if any mention yiour laptops. and  possible work arounds10:00
anonegy<dr_willis> do you have a link to the web site?10:01
dr_willisanonegy:  which site?  askubuntu.com ;) is where id go first10:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on freenode IRC #ubuntuforums10:01
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:02
WotWhereCannot get Ubuntu 12.04 to work ... have done some troubleshooting ... no audio or video playing.. it boots to the Desktop limited functionality.. anyone?10:05
paddysteedI was messing around with the sound settings in the hardware tab, and now I cant get any sound10:06
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MairusuHello, is there a way to set the top Unity panel to autohide?10:07
MairusuAlso, why doesn't the Unity launcher show up when using the Synergy client?10:07
ServerCrashhi i am facing issue with memory leakage10:11
ServerCrashif i run vlc, i see the memory usage constantly rising up10:11
ServerCrashhow can i debug which process is eating up memory10:12
ikoniaServerCrash: well, think about it, you run vlc, you see the memory rising10:12
ikoniayou don't run vlc, do you see the memory rising ?10:12
ikoniaServerCrash: ok, so by that baisc deduction, what is taking the ram10:13
ServerCrashbut when i run vlc, the memory used by VLC remains same10:13
ikoniaServerCrash: that's not surprising10:13
ServerCrashit doesnt change, but total memory used by system keeps increasing10:13
ikoniaServerCrash: ok, again, not massivly surprising10:13
ikoniakalle: only warning - stop now10:13
sirriffsalotHey guys! I'm on ubuntu 2d and wonder if it is still possible to roll up the window as default in Enlightenment?10:13
ServerCrashikonia, nothing to surprise here, what i am trying is to figure out whats consuming memory if not VLC10:14
ikoniakalle: this is an ubuntu technical discusion channel. Please keep to that topic10:14
ikoniaServerCrash: why do you think it's not vlc ?10:14
ikoniaServerCrash: you run vlc - memory goes up you don't run vlc, memory doesn't go up10:14
ServerCrashikonia, its related to VLC, but VLC app is not consuming directly10:14
ikonialook at it from that basic level...10:14
ikoniaServerCrash: that is not surprising10:14
kalleubuntu is using a PAE kernel what does it mean?10:14
sirriffsalotkalle: google:)10:14
ikoniaServerCrash: if an application is eating memory it can eat it without changing size10:14
ikoniasirriffsalot: don't tell people to google10:15
sirriffsalotikonia: why not?:P10:15
ikoniasirriffsalot: but that logic - google your own problem, good luck10:15
sirriffsalotikonia: I have, couldn't find anything;)10:15
ServerCrashikonia, thx, looking for better solution to figure out which specific application is using memory10:15
ikoniakalle: it's a a "large memory" kernel10:15
kallegoogle is evil i will never use it10:15
ikoniasirriffsalot: google better then10:15
kalleikonia ty10:15
ikoniakalle: google is not eveil - however, I have now answered your question10:15
ikoniaServerCrash: why are you not accepting that vlc is eating the memory10:16
ikoniaServerCrash: what makes you think it's not vlc ?10:16
ServerCrashbecause the VLC process is using constant memory, but for sure its causing issue to some of the system process, which is now eating up memory10:16
kallegoogle is evil they are monitoring everything u do on the web with a google widget on the site but lets keep to the topic10:16
ServerCrashso i need to figure out if its dbus or some other daemon thats eating up memory10:17
StepNjumpI don't know if I'm going crazy but one of my partitions, I thought I had something in archives.. and now I see the user for that archives dir is now 1002 1002... who is 1002? Could it be a virus?10:17
ikoniaServerCrash: well, the fact that it's keeping a constant memory size while system resources are being eaten, is a good sign that it's actually eating the memory10:17
ikoniaServerCrash: it's quite possible it's it's eating the ram to maintain it's size, hence why you don't see it change size10:17
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ikoniaServerCrash: it's a user that no longer exists10:18
ikoniaServerCrash: sorry, that was for StepNjump10:18
ikoniaStepNjump: it's a user who has been deleted from the system who had the uid 100210:18
kallecan i run my pirated copy of after effects and cod mw3? :)10:18
ikoniakalle: do not discuss that in here10:18
kalleon ubuntu10:19
kalleikonia: why not?10:19
ikoniawe do not discuss/support pirating in here10:19
StepNjumpWell that is weird ikonia, I never created any other users....10:20
kallewell, can i natively run adobe after effects on ubuntu 12.04?10:20
StepNjumpIs there a way to know when that user was created?10:20
ikoniaStepNjump: an application (such as backup) can do it10:20
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ikoniaStepNjump: then if you remove that package, the user gets deleted (just for example)10:20
ikoniakalle: no10:21
StepNjumpOk I see10:21
StepNjumpIs there a possibility it could be a virus?10:21
ikoniaStepNjump: very doubtful10:21
StepNjumpMy memory isn't very good. I don't remember if I had something there or not10:21
StepNjumpCauses a lot of stress10:21
ikoniaStepNjump: then don't worry about it10:21
kalleikonia: the ubuntu sucks why would anyone use it? it got loads of virus compared to win7 ive heard, is that true?10:22
StepNjumpkalle? Really?10:22
ikoniaStepNjump: please ignore kalle10:22
kelvinellai can not auto mount my iphone dont know why10:22
ikoniakelvinella: iphones have terrible linux support, their capabilities depend a lot on the ios version they are running10:23
stars69hi guys, what is the package name for mysql?10:23
ikoniaI suspect you have just updated to ios 5.110:23
kelvinellahow to fix it?  i need to copy the pictures and video to my pc10:23
ikoniastars69:  client or server10:23
kelvinellai am on 4.3.310:23
kelvinellaubuntu 10.1010:23
ikoniastars69: mysql-server10:23
stars69ikonia, thnaks10:23
ikoniakelvinella: again, it depends on that ios's supportability in linux10:23
kelvinellaikonia, it works before but it doesnt work in recent weeks10:23
ikoniakelvinella: what's changed ?10:23
kelvinellaikonia, it mounts last month10:24
ikoniakelvinella: what's changed ?10:24
WotWherenew AMD System build. Cannot get Ubuntu 12.04 to work10:24
ikoniaWotWhere: define can't get it to work10:24
ikoniaWotWhere: or I can only say "fix it"10:24
kelvinellaikonia, dont know, i install virtualbox PEUL with usb support will it affect the automount?10:24
ikoniakelvinella: doubtful10:24
ikoniakelvinella: it's more likley an ubuntu to ubuntu or the iphone is an issue10:24
ikoniakelvinella: what's changed from that point of view10:24
ikoniakelvinella: what model iphone is it10:25
kelvinellaikonia, iphone410:25
darrenloobyI fancy doing something fancy... fancy for me that is. I want to ping an IP and the log the results to mysql... any tips about where I should start?10:25
ikoniakelvinella: you can't be on ios4 then10:25
ikoniadarrenlooby: ulog10:25
kelvinellaikonia, i am on ios410:25
WotWhereikonia: the system boots up.. but no Sound or video playing.. hangs when i try to play anything.. SegvFaults10:26
ikoniaWotWhere: so you can boot the system and use it fine, but when you try to play a video you get no sound and it segfaults10:26
kelvinellaikonia, ios4.3.310:27
ikoniakelvinella: I understand10:27
ikoniayou need to think hard about what has changed10:27
ikoniakelvinella: something must have changed on your ubuntu system or the phone for it to just stop working10:27
ikoniakelvinella: or try manually mounting it to get better debug out put10:27
kelvinellai have followed one of the guide on internet how to install virtualbox PEUL that has to add a line in fstab10:28
kelvinellabut i delete that line already10:28
ikoniathat shouldn't be a problem10:28
StepNjumpIs there a way to find out all the files I opened yesterday and where they were located? Some kind of audit system?10:28
ikoniaStepNjump: if you are running tools like tripwire already you can do that, but in terms of retrofitting them that's not going to happen10:28
kelvinellaikonia, http://xrigher.info/linux/ubuntu/enable-usb-support-in-virtualbox/10:29
WotWhereikonia: thats right.. but there are other issues also.. ex. on starting Allsettings ---> additional drivers .. i get internal errors SegvFaults.. (which have been reported)10:29
ikoniaStepNjump: you can look at "access" time stamps, but it won't be valid10:29
ikoniakelvinella: I don't need to see the link10:29
kelvinellaikonia, i added none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=1001,devmode=664 0 0 to fstab10:29
ikoniaWotWhere: segfaults normally = hardware problems, which in your case I'd suggest memory / cpu problems10:29
kelvinellawould that affect the automount?10:29
ikoniaWotWhere: I'd run memcheck to do some tests10:29
StepNjumpthanks ikonia10:29
ikoniakelvinella: I don't blieve so, no10:29
kelvinellaikonia, but i delete it after10:30
ikoniakelvinella: you've said that, and I've said 3 times "it shouldn't matter" so my opinion won't change if you say it a fourth time10:30
kelvinellaikonia, lsusb does show apple, tnc10:30
ikoniaI understand that10:31
WotWhereikonia: its  a brand new system, also win7 works fine.. but will try ur way have run out of options been googling Ubuntu and found it has issues with propreitory drivers10:32
ikoniaWotWhere: windows working fine is not a valid test, brand new does not mean it is in full working order10:32
ikoniaWotWhere: there are possible issues with propritary drivers, disable them and see if the problem goes away10:33
iSeeDeadPixelsWho has experience with MAAS10:33
WotWhereikonia: have tried that this is my 3rd day of troubleshooting,  Xdiagnostics error BUG: unable to handle NULL Pointer dereference at 00..02c10:34
ikoniaWotWhere: no point putting random lines like that, they mean nothing in context10:35
ikoniaWotWhere: so if you've disabled the propritary drivers and it's still doing it.....it won't be them10:36
cantorwhy (the hell) does alt+tab no longer switch between windows on ubuntu 12.04?!10:36
ikoniaWotWhere: which leads it back to a base hardware issue as the most likley cause (from experience)10:36
WotWhereikonia: ok ... doing the memtest right now10:36
ikoniaWotWhere: make sure you leave it running for 24 hours or so10:36
cantoris there some new feature that alt+tab has on ubuntu 12.04?10:36
cantorand does anyone one know how to switch it back?10:37
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vltHello. How can I tell `ps` to assume more characters of screen width? I want to `ps | cut -c 60-` but there’s no characters to be shown beyond my actual screen width.10:37
ikoniacantor: press alt+tab see if it does anything new10:37
cantorikonia, nope, THATS THE THING [:10:37
melvincvikonia: Any benefit in running memtest for 24 hours?10:37
cantorit does NOTHING (cry)10:37
ikoniamelvincv: yeah, getting enough passes in to get a better idea that it's all "sound"10:37
gaelfxI've got a box running 12.04 using the NVidia drivers for graphics, and every time I reboot, the resolution is somehow automatically set to 1080i/50hz instead of 1920x1080/60hz, how can I fix it?10:39
gaelfxI tried saving the X.org config file numerous times and everything, even ran the nvidia-settings command as root and saving my settings, but it seems no matter what the setting are lost on reboot10:40
stars69have anyone here used desktop sharing? how can i make this startup automaticlly as system started?10:41
sirriffsalotgaelfx: Geez, I've had my share of problems with nvidia...10:41
sirriffsalotgaelfx: I wouldn't worry too much about it just yet, still lots of fixes to be made10:41
sirriffsalotgaelfx: if you can't login because of nvidia on the other hand... *shivers*10:41
gaelfxsirriffsalot: this box isn't set up to require login on reboot, the only problem is that the borders of the screen are cut off and I have to fix it every time it reboots (ie when the kid pulls the chord for fun)10:42
kelvinellaikonia, i can ssh into my iphone, do you know which path iphone saves the pictures?10:42
ikoniakelvinella: if you can ssh into it, it's jailbroken10:43
ikoniakelvinella: which means the standard IOS support rules go out the window10:43
ikoniakelvinella: try ##apple for iphone help10:43
WotWhereikonia: When i did a fresh install the System was Freezing all the time.. then I installed AMD Catalyst 12.4 Manually.. i dont think the memtest will help at all.. doing it coz havent done as yet10:43
cantorseriously, what is the best way to switch alt+tab to the original key combination?10:43
DarkStar1How do I find out if something is running on a port?10:44
llutzDarkStar1: sudo lsof -i :portnumber10:45
cantorwhat is wrong with canonical.  They need a chan for us to call them stupid in.10:45
cantoralt+tab, really?10:45
cantork, done venting...10:45
kelvinellaits jailbroken last year i can still mount it until last month, and i have an ipod touch that is not jailbroken and i can not mount it neither10:45
ikoniakelvinella: ##apple is the best place to get help10:45
cantorkelvinella, did you login to the ipod?10:45
kelvinellaikonia, thx10:45
MonkeyDustcantor  system settings, keyboard, shortcuts, navigation, switch appplications10:46
DarkStar1llutz: thought so except I am getting a command not found reply :(10:46
kelvinellacantor, what do u mean login to ipod?10:46
cantorkelvinella, the 4 digit pin10:46
llutzDarkStar1: well, how about installing lsof then?10:46
cantorubuntu will not see the mount until you do10:46
kelvinellacantor, i dont have password setup10:46
_skplcan someone help me? i cant get simplescan to recognise my scanner10:46
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iSeeDeadPixelsMaaS is a annoying thing : |10:46
kelvinellacantor, i can mount my ipod touch before10:46
cantorMonkeyDust, will try.  What do I switch it to?10:46
cantorkelvinella, mount? or ssh?10:47
kelvinellacantor, but not now, but very strange i can mount my ipad10:47
MonkeyDustcantor  alt-tab -- just press it, don't have to cornfirm or so10:47
cantork, will try.10:47
WotWhereikonia: AMD 8120 + msi 990fxa mobo + corsair 1600 8gb + WD 500 .. the mobo has Realtek HD Audio + Gigabyte HD7770OC.. if that has any meaning10:47
kelvinellaiphone4 jb, ipod touch no jb, ipad no jb, cantor10:47
ikoniaWotWhere: none10:47
kelvinellacantor, iphone4 and ipod touch cant mount; ipad can mount10:48
cantorkelvinella, I have a ipod touch 4g and I can mount the pictures, not the / directory, but the DCIM folder, as long as I login10:48
cantorsame firmware?10:48
cantorIm running 4.3.310:48
kelvinellacantor, no change to firmware before can mount and cannot mount10:48
kelvinellame on 4.3.3 too10:49
ikoniayou're not on 4.3.310:49
ikoniayou are using a jailbroken firmware10:49
cantorI am.10:49
ikoniathat is modified10:49
cantorikonia, there is no difference10:49
cantorits not a flash of the firmware10:49
kelvinellaikonia,  but what about my non-jb ipod?10:49
cantorits identical.  All it does it sets a root password10:49
_skplcan someone help me? i cant get simplescan to recognise my scanner10:49
ikoniacantor: it does more than set a root password10:49
kelvinellaikonia, i never change my ipod setting and can not mount now10:49
ikoniakelvinella: has your ubuntu machine had any updates ?10:50
cantorthe pdf exploit allows one to change root, then you install their version of debian and cydia10:50
kelvinellaikonia, i keep update the ubuntu whenver it has new updates10:50
cantorit does not change the firmware, just installs apps and sets password10:50
kelvinellaikonia, like the kernel and stuffs10:50
ikoniakelvinella: right, so as I said before, updates can change the supportabilty of devices10:50
ikoniakelvinella: it very much depends on what versions of $X support versions $Y10:50
cantorkelvinella, you likely got screwed by an update10:51
ikoniakelvinella: apple is not a good platform for the support in linux10:51
huppensuhnI need some kind of encrypted, compressed and mountable file container. what I want to do: offsite backups, limited bandwith, very limited online storage space, sftp/scp, server and client run ubuntu 12.04. I don't want incremental backups, one copy that gets updated regularly is enough, rather synchronization than real backup. ideas I had so far: 1) duplicity. are duplicity's archives mountable? I'd have to do a full backup each10:51
huppensuhn time if i want to keep only one copy, right? 2) split and encrypted 7zip archive or similar on sshfs. are those mountable? does an archive update really only update changed files or would I have to retransmit more? 3) someone suggested compressed btrfs on cryptsetup here. does something like that work with an disk image rather than a disk? would this work? 4) rsync + encfs over sshfs, missing compression. other suggestions? what10:51
huppensuhn's the proper way to do something like that?10:51
FloodBot1huppensuhn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:51
kelvinellaikonia, so how do i fix it?  ifuse?10:51
ikoniakelvinella: you can't, apple is a closed source product that offers zero linux support10:51
kelvinellaikonia, i install ifuse still no automount10:51
ikoniakelvinella: if the hacked support breaks, there is nothing you can do about it10:51
cantorhuppensuhn, truecrypt maybe10:51
kelvinellathen i guess i need to ssh10:51
huppensuhncantor: lacks compression, iirc10:52
cantorencrypted lvm10:52
cantorthis irc channel is chaos, ikonia not sure how you do it.10:53
ikoniacantor: sorry what ?10:53
ikoniacantor: oh, I see10:54
cantornothing, just saying, this chan is craZy10:54
ikoniacantor: I see what you where saying now10:54
kelvinellawhat chaos?10:54
chris|huppensuhn, I'm doing 3 without the btrfs, so yes, that'll work10:55
kelvinellaikonia, i remember you couple years you have helped me on ubuntu 7.0410:55
cantorkelvinella, apt-get moo10:55
kelvinellaikonia, u r legend10:55
ikoniakelvinella: great10:55
kelvinellawhat does moo do?10:56
ikoniakelvinella: in what context ?10:56
huppensuhnchris|: k, thanks. I'll look into that.10:56
ikoniakelvinella: as in the moo command on ubuntu ?10:56
chris|huppensuhn, maybe this will help you get started: http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/EncryptedFilesystem10:56
huppensuhnchris|: thanks10:57
gaelfxI've got a box running 12.04 using the NVidia drivers for graphics, and every time I reboot, the resolution is somehow automatically set to 1080i/50hz instead of 1920x1080/60hz, how can I fix it?10:58
vltWhen I run `aptitude install linux-image-generic` there’s a dialog that asks we whether to continue without installing GRUB to MBR. How can I run the aptitude command non-interactively. I want to answer YES to that question.10:59
vlt(from a script)10:59
gaelfxvlt: I think you need to use the --assume-yes option10:59
sirriffsalotgaelfx: how do you fix this exactly?11:00
sirriffsalotgaelfx: sorry, was away. the window border problem that is11:00
gaelfxsirriffsalot: every time I reboot, I have to open nvidia settings and change the refresh rate to 60hz then apply the settings11:01
StepNjumpikonia, I think I know what might have happened as to why my user id shows 1002... could it be because I was dumb the other day and despite the warning from gparted, I interupted a resizing of a partition?11:01
StepNjumpYep, I was realll dumb11:02
kelvinellaikonia, i mean u r the legend of this channel11:02
tchipHello, I wanna use Google Translate API to pick words in a list of English words and find the corresponding words in other languages and put them all in the same text file. What programming language do you think I should use?11:02
gaelfxI'm thinking it might be a problem with gnome-display-properties, but I've no idea where to find the config file or change it or stop it from loading11:03
sirriffsalotgaelfx: ah... Perhaps a bit useless, but have you tried google?:P11:03
gaelfxsirriffsalot: indeed11:03
sirriffsalotgaelfx: have you tried ubuntu-tweak or gnome-tweak-tools?11:03
chutchip: You could do it with Python.11:03
gaelfxsirriffsalot: no, and I've no desire to11:03
tchipI don't know Python , unfortunately11:04
sirriffsalotgaelfx: haha, un derstandable..11:04
llutztchip: perl, theres a module for google:translate in cpan11:04
sirriffsalotgaelfx: have you tried running an earlier kernel version?11:05
tchipNo perl, as well. Javascript, or php, would suit?11:05
sirriffsalotgaelfx: as a temporary fix. hold shift when you bootup to get into the grub selection menu, and go for "earlier linux versions" or words to the effect11:05
chutchip: You could really do it with pyhton easily. You wouldn't need to learn much.11:05
icerootwhat does "init [2]" mean? (the [2]) is interesting. its the output of "top" when you press "c" to get the complete process11:06
fernihow can I set pm-powersave to be always on (or true)?11:06
gaelfxsirriffsalot: it's been happening ever since I installed 12.04, it's not something that cropped up after a kernel update or anything like that11:06
Stroobachcan anyone help me with installing Amsn for ubuntu 12.04?11:07
vltgaelfx: I already used --assume-yes with aptitude but I think that’s only used for aptitude’s own question (whether to continue downloading recommended pkgs, for example) but not for the dialog shown by the deb-conf script :(11:07
vltAny other idea?11:07
usb333Hi guys, how do I remove manually-installed packages that aren't tracked by apt?11:08
JPeterso2why is the 12.04 subversion package 1.6?11:08
JPeterso2you got a problem with 1.7?11:08
vltusb333: Did you use dpkg to install it?11:08
usb333vlt I don't think so. I think I compiled it11:09
gaelfxvlt: indeed it is only used with aptitude, since it's only an option for that command, not for the commands it runs ;)11:09
vltusb333: Then it’s technically no “package” and you must remove it manually.11:09
usb333vlt and how do i do that?11:09
vltusb333: rm11:09
icerootJPeterso2: mostly because debian is using 1.611:09
icerootJPeterso2: and its easier to use already existing packages instead of maintaining a new package11:10
vltusb333: You can look into the sources. When it’s properly set up there could be an uninstall routine like `make uninstall` or something liek that.11:10
icerootusb333: depending on the build-process, have a look at the manual of the software, its always different11:10
icerootusb333: that is one reason to use packages instead of self compiled software11:11
usb333vlc I think "make uninstall" did it. Thanks guys!11:11
vltgaelfx: Can I pipe a “Y” to the aptitude process?11:11
icerootvlt: there is an option for automatic selections, so its build into aptitude already but i cant remeber the option (man aptitude)11:12
vlticeroot: Do you mean “-y|--assume-yes”?11:13
j0hnsm1thhow do you see where packages install stuff? like into /etc/ and other places11:13
vlticeroot: That doesn’t work here.11:13
icerootvlt: no there was something different11:13
icerootvlt: something with default/y/n and so on11:13
vlticeroot: Ok, I’ll try to find it.11:13
kubanchow do i install libstdc++11:13
icerootkubanc: apt-cache search libstdc++  to find the package you want (there are different versions)11:14
icerootkubanc: then "sudo apt-get install packagename"11:14
* vlt tries `aptitude -R linux-image-generic` now.11:15
* vlt and inserts “install”11:15
icerootkubanc: i guess gcc/g++ have it and will bring other things too you maybe need11:15
kubanciceroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/994016/ what package?11:16
sirriffsalotgaelfx: well, for my part doing that solved a temporary problem with usb failures11:16
sirriffsalotgaelfx: might be worth a shot?11:16
icerootkubanc: libstdc++6 sounds good11:16
kubanciceroot, i get this error: ERROR: 32-bit libstdc++ not found. PSQL requires 32-bit libstdc++ support, that's why i'm trying to install libstdc++11:16
kubanciceroot, libstdc++6 is already the newest version.11:17
icerootkubanc: postgresql installed from the ubuntu-repos?11:17
kubanciceroot, probably not, i need it for Pervasive PSQL v11 SP2 client11:18
eutheriai am trying to important an openvpn config using nm-connection-editor, for some reason it wants me to authenticate to save, i tried running it with sudo but it still wants root to authenticate, maybe something broke during my upgrade?11:18
icerootkubanc: v11 sp2? sounds like SLES11:18
benveii'm trying to install ubuntu via debootstrap minimal. But network is not working ... What are the networking packages? i've allready installed netbase but that wasn't enough11:19
kubanciceroot, well they say you it supports sles and read hat linux, but sles is not free11:19
kubanci was wondering if i can install it on ubuntu11:19
icerootkubanc: of course sles is free11:20
iceroot!free | kubanc11:20
ubottukubanc: freedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing11:20
ServerCrashhow to debug whats eating away memory ?11:21
ServerCrashfree -m shows a constant increase in memory ussage11:21
kubanciceroot, http://www.suse.com/products/server/eval.html11:21
iSeeDeadPixelsServerCrash, top11:21
icerootServerCrash: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/11:21
icerootServerCrash: first read that11:21
icerootkubanc: free means freedom11:22
icerootkubanc: and SLES is GNU/Linux, so its free11:22
icerootkubanc: what you mean is that sles costs money11:22
eutheriamaybe they should start using unbound rather than free11:22
MonkeyDusteutheria  free as in freedom of speech, that is unbound11:23
icerootkubanc: but back to your question, how you installed the software?11:23
crizisif you want SLES or RHEL, you buy them because you want support and quaranteed updates. Just like why you would pay for Ubuntu Advantage11:23
eutheriaMonkeyDust, unbound would cause people to have to think what they mean, i am getting sick of explaining free doesn't mean cheap to people ehre11:23
eutheriahere as in where i work11:23
JosssseSo how do I view all the versions of my files with git??11:24
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monsterwizardHi I sent a ping request to google but it doesn't stop pinging the google site?11:24
monsterwizardhow do I stop it ?11:24
icerootmonsterwizard: ctrl -c11:24
monsterwizardoh yeah11:24
icerootmonsterwizard:  you have to use ping -c 4 google.com11:24
monsterwizardin windows it only pings 3 times11:24
icerootmonsterwizard: linux is not windows :)11:25
monsterwizardI can't get into trouble for doing that right?11:25
monsterwizardit wasn't intentionally11:25
icerootmonsterwizard: no11:25
eutheriaok i have a strange problem, i can't 'authenticate' so i can't save a new openvpn profile,11:25
monsterwizardfirst ping I have done in linux haha11:25
icerootmonsterwizard: not on google.com11:25
eutheriai guess i could try removing network manager and reinstalling it11:25
icerooteutheria: sure its the root-authentication and not the keyring-authentication?11:26
crizismonsterwizard: their load balancers are likely banging data to the world few terabytes each second, doubt they care much for little ping packets ;)11:26
icerooteutheria: or the passphrase for the cert11:26
vlticeroot: My workaround: `aptitude -y -R install linux-…`. No grub, no deb-conf question ;-)11:26
leOnhello ... i'm finishing the install of 12.04LTS server and i could not configure bonding or vlan on the install process ... is there any "advanced mode" that allows one to configure such things ?11:26
eutheriaiceroot, it isn't asking me to authenticate at all, the save button is greyed out, when i hover it asks me to auth11:26
monsterwizardI installed none of the updates on 12.04, am I missing much? This os is only for personal use11:27
cypher-neoIs there a way to add a PERMANENT addition to update-alternatives? I downloaded a cursor theme, and the instructions for installing them are to use the command "sudo ln -fs /usr/share/icons/MechBlades/cursor.theme /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme" but this is a one-shot deal. If I ever switch the cursor theme, I have to do it again. Is there a way to add the cursor theme to the system so it can be selected manually using update-al11:27
sirriffsalotmonsterwizard: control + C in terminal11:27
icerootmonsterwizard: security updates11:27
leOni checked on the alternate shell that there was the vconfig utility available but i could not find any 8021q support11:27
monsterwizardhow can linux have security updates I never hear of any threats11:28
icerootmonsterwizard: cve.org11:28
icerootmonsterwizard: there are many security issues on the software you are using e.g. flash, java, firefox11:28
cypher-neomonsterwizard, The reason there are security updates, is also the reason you never hear of threats. lol11:28
crizisleOn: not really an answer to your question, but i recommend bookarmking https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/index.html :)11:28
cypher-neoThough iceroot answered it much better. :)11:28
monsterwizardSo it's not so much the linux os but the software people use?11:29
kubanciceroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/994033/11:29
icerootmonsterwizard: there are also security issues in the kernel11:29
icerootmonsterwizard: and sometimes big security issues like root-exploits11:29
monsterwizardsounds cool11:29
icerootmonsterwizard: so please always install security updates11:29
icerootmonsterwizard: the update manager is offering you these updates11:30
monsterwizardWell the last time I did11:30
monsterwizardmy wifi slowed down11:30
monsterwizardso I have to sort it out one day11:30
monsterwizardboardcom wifi11:30
iSeeDeadPixelsseriously, MaaS is a bitch11:30
icerootmonsterwizard: normally that should not happen because updates in ubuntu only fixing security issues and dont change other things11:30
icerootmonsterwizard: but sometimes....11:30
cypher-neoI downloaded a cursor theme, and the instructions for installing them are to use the command "sudo ln -fs /usr/share/icons/MechBlades/cursor.theme /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme" but this is a one-shot deal. If I ever switch the cursor theme, I have to do it again. Is there a way to add the cursor theme to the system so it can be selected manually using update-alternatives?11:30
monsterwizardWhat tutorial or online e-book do you recommend for someone new to linux-unix?11:32
cypher-neomonsterwizard, Depends on what you want to learn. The easiest solution is always Google everything you want to know.11:32
eutheriaarg, pulled the wrong cable11:33
kaioshindehi all, I could use some help with my ubuntu server installation. the bootmanager broke and I can|t mount my fs because it was on a software raid11:33
=== qrbn is now known as q0rban
cypher-neomonsterwizard, For learning Terminal commands, there are plenty of cheat-sheets available on Fosswire.com11:33
cypher-neomonsterwizard, For learning Wine, I would reccomend winehq.com11:34
kaioshindeI tried mdadm --assemble --scan but it fails to create any of the devices with no further reason or info given11:34
eutheriaso how does the network manager require a user making changes to authenticate?11:34
monsterwizardlinux is actually fun11:34
cypher-neomonsterwizard, It's ridiculously fun! Just wait till you get into BASH scripting and programming.11:35
cypher-neomonsterwizard, I'm having so much fun now it's insane!11:35
mutantewhen setting up software raid in the (lucid) installer, and i have completely unpartitioned disks, of course i need to first add some empty partition tables and partitions, to THEN be able to select them in the RAID setup dialog. just when i say "finish and write to disks" it starts installing base system right away... hrmm.. i just want to write changes and go back11:35
MrFaggotsonDoes Ubuntu have parental controls?11:36
kaioshindeDoes anyone have experience with recovering software raids? its not even broken, I just need to chroot into it from a livecd and everzthing will be good again. but that step is giving me big problems11:37
cypher-neoMrFaggotson, Yes. Check out the package "nanny" in the repository.11:38
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MonkeyDust!info nanny | MrFaggotson11:39
ubottuMrFaggotson: nanny (source: nanny): Parental Control System. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.31.1-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 968 kB, installed size 2784 kB11:39
cypher-neoMrFaggotson, You can use "nanny" to limit web browsing time, chat time, etc. You can also decide what times of the day certain programs can be used. You can also filter web sites that are undesirable.11:39
my_ubuntuCan anyone please help?? whenever I try to mount a media drive, be it USB or my windows partition, I get an error saying not authorized11:45
StepNjumpHi, what should I do if my nautilus takes 90% of my CPU time?11:47
StepNjumpIs it safe to kill -15?11:47
StepNjumpI have some external hard drives mounted via USB11:47
tahimikmy_ubuntu: the mount command for your media drives should look something like   sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt11:47
StepNjumpWhat could it be doing?11:48
MrFaggotsoncypher-neo: Thanks.11:48
DaghdhaAre there any official ubuntu torrents on piratebay?11:49
MonkeyDustDaghdha  "pirate" does not sound official to me11:50
mutanteDaghdha: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads11:50
compdocthere are torrents out there11:50
DaghdhaI need one with a magnet link. But i must be a billion % sure it's not trojanned or anything like that. I want to use it as an example for a magnet link torrent tool11:51
MonkeyDustDaghdha  a trojan in ubuntu?11:52
my_ubuntu_tahimik: Error, special device not found :(11:52
tahimikmy_ubuntu: to find the device name for your drive your can try   sudo fdisk -l11:53
DaghdhaI guess MonkeyDust just downloads his ubuntu images from any old russion torrent site with borisHackorz as poster.11:53
mutanteDaghdha: check the MD5 sums after downloading the .iso .f.e. http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/MD5SUMS11:54
DaghdhaGood. I will try and find some pictuer collection with puppies or something instead.11:54
DaghdhaNo, i changed my mind. I will use the puppies.11:55
DaghdhaReal puppies, not a metafor for other items.11:55
ikoniaDaghdha: stop11:55
ikoniaDaghdha: do you have an ubuntu support request ?11:55
tahimikmy_ubuntu: another method to find the device is to plug in to your usb port, wait a few seconds, then use   dmesg | tail11:56
DaghdhaThis was my question: Are there any official ubuntu torrents on piratebay?11:56
DaghdhaAnd i gues the short answer is: NO11:56
ikoniaDaghdha: verify anything you download against the official md5sum, someone may have put a torrent up on the pirate bay11:56
cherylWhat are the minimum system requirements to run latest Ubuntu?11:57
Mischinkawhats the command to apt-get uninstall purge? im drawing a blank11:57
ikoniaMischinka: man apt-get11:58
prokaHey guys, is there anyone here connecting via Tor?11:58
monsterwizardwhat cool applications can I install in the terminal?11:58
monsterwizardterminal applications11:58
tahimikmischinka: sudo apt-get purge11:58
ikoniamonsterwizard: have a look in the repos in the subject areas you find interesting, see what you fancy trying11:58
tahimikmischinka: sudo apt-get purge packagename11:59
Mischinkathats how i would completely remove memcached11:59
ikoniaMischinka: you asked for the purge command, he's given you the purge command11:59
my_ubuntu_tahimik: That didnt work either. This is a paste from my terminal: http://pastebin.com/031bZjmQ If you could please go through it and suggest some ways11:59
Mischinkaapt-get remove --purge package12:00
Mischinkathats what i was looking for, thanks.12:00
Mischinkaand combine with apt-get clean12:01
tahimikmy_ubuntu: I took a look at your output and believe mount command should look like   sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mountdir   and of course /mountdir should be an existing directory12:02
kaioshindeok I made some progress12:04
ElieHow are you12:04
kaioshindeI have /dev/md3 containing my /boot partition and md1 containing my root partition. now how do I chroot into that so I can run my bootloader setup correctly?12:05
my_ubuntu_tahimik: Where to find an existing directory to mount, when that partition is named as "OS" and is actually C:/ drive when I use windows. Its an NTFS partition12:07
ms-daisyhello. I'm having trouble getting rsync over ssh to copy files from the remote computer to the mounted second drive of the server. What's wrong with this command? rsync -azv -e "ssh -p 60000" /home/msdaisy msdaisy@
my_ubuntu_tahimik: and when I try to click on it, so that it mounts, it says, Unable to mount OS, Restricted access.12:08
my_ubuntu_Not authorized* instead of restricted access12:08
my_ubuntu_tahimik: Not authorized* instead of restricted access12:09
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my_ubuntu_tahimik: I am using ubuntu 10.0412:09
[yates]Hi, does anyone know why there is no image file and only headers located here, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.4-rc7-precise/  ?12:10
tahimikmy_ubuntu: ok. if it is an ntfs drive you can try   sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdc1 /mountdir12:10
ikonia[yates]: no image created yet ?12:10
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[yates]someone from canonical asked me to test the latest upstream kernel for an ongoing kernel bug, he said 3.4-rc7 however there is no image so im a bit confused now12:12
my_ubuntu_tahimik: http://pastebin.com/36Bn1Q39 It gave an error, Am I doing it right??12:13
OerHeks[yates] then ask 'someone from canonical" again?12:13
[yates]will do, i though perhapes in the meantime there was someone here who knew quicker12:14
MonkeyDust[yates]  if the comes directly from canonical, it may be beyond this channel12:14
MonkeyDustthe request*12:14
OerHeks[yates], it is only available in QQ 12.0412:15
OerHekseh QQ 12.1012:15
faizanazizhi…. my server has solr installed… I keep getting too many files open error…. I google and found out that I need to increase ulimit… however even when i change it the process ulimit does not change…. Even after restarting the process12:15
[yates]ok thanks12:15
root_Hi room12:17
ms-daisyyou need /quit12:17
tahimikmy_ubuntu: I looked at the tty output. Approach seems to be correct. It might be that mount is having difficulty finding /OS, in which case you could creat a new directory in your home directory, somthing like ~/mountpoint, and use that instead of /OS12:18
chmacSeems like my printer will only print one page jobs, not multi-page jobs. Any idea how I script the print of a PDF?12:18
jsjgruber-x-pchmac, sounds like a bug. Can you try another kind of printer to narrow down the problem?12:19
my_ubuntu_tahimik: I think the same, cause there is no 'OS' Directory in / . So How will it find it there. Moreover, the mount image is there in /media, but in my command, there is no role of 'media'12:20
chmacjsjgruber-x-p: Probably is, but I need to get 140 pages printed today and I only have 1 printer here :-)12:20
ms-daisychmac: I've seen a thread in ubuntuforums.org about the same issue.  I'm trying to find it but you can look too if you're in a hurry.12:21
jsjgruber-x-pchmac, you could use python and a module called poppler to script the rendering of individual pages, I guess. There's an example of rendering a window from a page of a pdf using poppler in lernid.12:21
chmacms-daisy: Ok, would appreciate the link if you find it.12:21
jsjgruber-x-pchmac, it may be more work to script it than to print 140 pages, I don't know.12:22
chmacI just found `lpr` which seems like it'll print a file, so a simple `for f in *; do lpr f; done` might do the trick :-)12:22
jsjgruber-x-pyou'll have to get each page in its own pdf, however. lpr x.pdf does work, I use it at least once a week.12:23
hje841where do I put a script that should be executed when ever I shutdown my Ubuntu? just before Gnome Shell shutsdown completely but after I hit the Power Off button12:23
chmacjsjgruber-x-p: Awesome, it's a mail merge, so I'm generating individual PDFs now. Thanks a lot.12:23
hje841and yeah, I'm using Gnome Shell instead of Unity12:24
chmacjsjgruber-x-p: There's also some tool to split PDFs into individual pages I'm sure, but this seems quicker.12:24
WotWhereHow many passes for a reliable report  in memtest?12:24
ms-daisyDoes anyone know how to rsync over ssh to a secondary HDD on the server?12:24
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:25
WotWhereHow many passes for a reliable report in memtest?  or time? should ecc be on or off?12:27
jsjgruber-x-pms-daisy, you use rsync on files and directories, not on whole hard drives or partitions. If you mount all of the partitions on the secondary hard drive you could rsync the root directory of each.12:28
jsjgruber-x-pms-daisy, you would wind up with copies of the contents of the files, but not a copy of the image of the hard disk. You may be12:29
JuJuBeeWhich log file shows commands entered by a user?12:29
MonkeyDustJuJuBee  ~/.bash_history12:30
jsjgruber-x-pms-daisy, able to rsync, say, sd2a, I suppose.12:31
WotWhereDr_willis: Hi.. i am still trying to get ubuntu to work after updating and tried to install AMD Catalyst 12.4 Manually.. the system is better than before.. can do gedit.. but cannot play audio rythm player hangs and cant play video same prob.. someone on this channel said todo a memtest have done 1 pass and about to ficish the second12:31
jsjgruber-x-pmake that /dev/sd2a. You'll need to get through permission tests for that, though.12:31
JuJuBeeAny way to log them were the user cannot delete them ?  with timestamps maybe?12:32
jsjgruber-x-pWhat irc chatroom is used for those managing the Ubuntu archives?12:32
studentzBest way to backup encrypted ~/home ? Should I backup the dedicated  partition for home, or the .encrypted directory or a different option?  Thanks12:32
compdocWotWhere, at least a couple of passes, but if you can, do it overnight if you suspect some problem12:32
ms-daisyjsjgruber-x-p: thanks. Yes, I'm trying to rsync the home folder to the mounted second drive.  I'm getting errors though, "broken pipe".12:33
ms-daisy Elie: /quit12:34
LjL!cn | Elie12:34
ubottuElie: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:34
WotWherecompdoc: couple means 2?   i really need to fix Ubuntu.. will have todo a complete reinstall... next Step, is that feasible12:34
Eliejoin ubuntu -cn12:35
chmacSeems like maybe it only prints every second job, but not quite predictably, very odd...12:35
LjLElie: /join #ubuntu-cn12:35
compdocWotWhere, sometimes a fresh install is best, but theres ways to upgrade that I havent tried12:35
g3orgehey guys. can anyone help me? I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my MacBook Pro and it won't connect on my network. it says firmware missing. any ideas? I can't find anything by googling.12:36
chtulhu318Hi room12:36
compdocWotWhere, does the system crash? is that why you are running memtest?12:36
chtulhu318is ther someon here that can help me with a mount issue?12:36
huppensuhnchris|: the cryptsetup+loop+btrfs approach seems to work well. thanks again.12:37
Dr_willisg3orge,  you ran the 'addational drivers' tool? also known as 'jockey-gtk' ?12:37
chmac`for ..; do lpr 00.pdf; sleep 20; done` seems to do the trick, thanks for the help folks12:37
chris|huppensuhn, you are welcome12:37
ElieLjL   | I am come from cn12:37
chmacms-daisy: Any luck on that link?12:37
chmacms-daisy: I'm happy to file a bug somewhere if I can figure out what's going on12:37
g3orgeDr_willis: what tool? no. sorry new to ubuntu. apt-get install??12:37
LjLElie: yes. if you want to speak Chinese, type /join #ubuntu-cn12:37
WotWherecompdoc: I did do a fresh install of 12.04 on a new build but the system kept Freezing.. so Dr_willis suggested todo an update...  have done that the system freezes all the time onnly gedit works12:37
quixotedonchtulhu318: just ask your problem straight forward, if you ask for a yes answer, i'm sure it won't be answered.. :)12:38
chtulhu318thx quixotedon12:38
compdocWotWhere, the system ran fine before the install?12:38
quixotedonElie: have you joined the forum?12:38
ms-daisyg3orge: is it a power pc or an intel-based mac?12:38
Dr_willisg3orge,  should have poped up a dialog on first boot.. look at top right corners.. or run 'addational drivers' from the menus or from terminal run 'jockey-gtk'12:38
quixotedonchtulhu318: so type your problem then and ask12:38
HyperbyteHi.  Using Ubuntu 12.04, with LTSP.  I'm trying to set shortcut keys for all my users, with mandatory dconf settings.  Maybe I'm doing something very wrong here, but the dconf settings don't seem to correspond with what is shown in the Gnome settings application.12:38
ElieLjL  | thank you!12:38
jsjgruber-x-pms-daisy, make sure you can read a file from the home directory and write a small file to where you are sending the files. Sounds like there is a problem with how you are specifying either the source or the destination.12:38
HyperbyteSee this screenshot:  http://local.setreizen.zonenzorg.nl/dconf-keybindings.png  Any hints? :)12:39
ghostconngood morning everyone, any good ways to customize 12:04?12:39
Dr_willisghostconn,  thats a little vague..12:39
Dr_willisghostconn,  the webupd8 site has a nice tweak guide.12:39
g3orgeDr_willis: it says no additional drivers.12:39
WotWherecompdoc: been using win7.. its a new build so trying to install 12.04 have nt tried any other flavors yet... thinking bout mint12:39
ms-daisychmac: not yet.12:39
Dr_willisg3orge,  id check askubuntu.com for your exact make of machine. see if they mention what needs to be done.12:39
chtulhu318I have problem mounting the shares on my NAS, I mounted using several ways, but somehow the NAS is always mounted readonly12:39
g3orgems-daisy: it is a early 2011 i5 macbook pro intel.12:39
g3orgeDr_willis: I tried but I can't find anything specific for 12.0412:40
chtulhu318in windows 7 it worked perfectly, shortly I installed ubuntu, but can't the mount to work.12:40
Dr_willisg3orge,  if they mention a package name for the older releases.. i  imagine the name would be the same.12:40
chtulhu318udo mount -t nfs -o rw nas-sirius32.local:/mnt/soho_storage/samba/shares/NAS-SHR001 /mnt/nfs/nas-shr00112:40
ms-daisyjsjgruber-x-p: yes I agree.  I have rsynced to the server, but I want to rsync directly to the secondary hard drive. the command I used is this: rsync -azv -e  /home/msdaisy msdaisy@
compdocms-daisy, you need two colons12:41
ms-daisycompdoc: where does the second colon go- next to the first?12:41
g3orgeDr_willis: how do I search for a specific model? anything I found is general mac stuff and some other stuff I tried and didn't work.12:42
chtulhu318btw if I go root with sudo -s I'm perfectly able to write12:42
chtulhu318under any other user, files simply don't show up12:42
compdocms-daisy, its best to make it simple - see if you can at least list the rsync shares:  rsync msdaisy@
Dr_willisg3orge,  i dont know what your mac model is. I dont even know mac model #'s -  you could determine your chipset via the lspci output, and other erorr messages and search for those also.12:42
ms-daisycompdoc: the connection was refused.  I just rsync'd the home folder to the server though.  Is this a permissions thing?12:44
compdocms-daisy, very likely12:45
ms-daisycompdoc: so probably the permissions on the mounted drive? or the permissions of my ssh user? (bleh- now I have to learn permissions)12:46
compdocms-daisy, could be perms on the share - but best to check everything12:46
ms-daisychtulhu318: just ask the question12:47
ms-daisywhoops- nevermind chtulhu31812:48
compdocms-daisy, is rsyncd enabled? its the service12:49
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ms-daisyenabled on what? I've got the daemon on the server & the client on the remote computer. comp12:49
=== MrShizzz is now known as help
compdocyeah. I think you edit /etc/default/rsync and enable it12:50
=== help is now known as Mr
=== Mr is now known as MrShizzz
ms-daisyyou mean on the client then?12:51
compdocno, the 'server'12:51
llutzcompdoc: what should the double colons in"" be good for?12:51
compdocllutz, dunno - doesnt work without them12:52
llutzcompdoc: sure it does12:52
compdocIm trying it right now, and it errors12:52
chmacBoom, it's an intermittent issue, it's now printing 30 odd sheets at a rate of knots! :-)12:52
compdoc:: does work, : does not12:53
llutzcompdoc: not here12:53
llutzcompdoc: as sry, thats rsync via rsyncd? i'm using plain remote-shell/ssh, where single colons are used12:54
ms-daisyllutz: look at the man page for rsync- it shows two colons when you use colons at all.12:55
zrtyioohow to build package for ubuntu ?12:55
DJones!checkinstall | zrtyioo12:55
ubottuzrtyioo: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!12:55
llutzms-daisy: look at the man-page,  thats rsync via rsyncd. I'm using plain remote-shell/ssh, where single colons are used (as shown in the man-page too)12:55
gaelfxzrtyioo: why do you need to build a package?12:55
zrtyioojust like that12:57
compdocllutz, yes, using rsyncd12:57
ms-daisySo what syntax to you use llutz to copy over ssh?12:58
WotWherewot does SegvFault mean?12:58
llutzms-daisy: rsync -au<somemoreoptions> local/  me@remote:/path12:59
gaelfxWotWhere: means something went awfully wrong while trying to execute some code13:00
quixotedon! segvfault | WotWhere13:01
quixotedon!segvfault | WotWhere13:01
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HyperbyteCould anyone shed some light on why my gnome3 fallback keybindings in dconf don't correspond with the gnome system settings? http://local.setreizen.zonenzorg.nl/dconf-keybindings.png13:01
MrShizzzhi, can anyone tell me how to hide my ip? Thank a lot13:02
Milad_ASuse tor13:02
ms-daisyllutz: yeah, that's the same syntax I'm using. I'm getting permission denied. Clearly I need to change permissions.13:02
MrShizzzyeah, I should use tor, but anyway of asking the ops to do anything?13:02
PiciMrShizzz: If you mean to hide it on IRC, join #freenode and request a cloak.13:02
Milad_ASuse chmod or chown13:02
llutzms-daisy: or run rsync as root (always needed for backups to preserve permissions)13:02
MrShizzzthats what I was looking for - Thank you Pici!13:02
tzhuangHello; I've accidently rebound my Return key using xmodmap -- how can I restore the mapping?13:03
gaelfxI have to ask... tzhuang what did you rebind it to?13:03
WotWhereVMA Null errors SegvFault.. looks like my bad... dont know where but13:04
ms-daisyllutz: dumb question time: you mean put sudo in front of the command?13:04
tzhuangSeems to be whatever my multimedia key was bound to.13:04
llutzms-daisy: nope i run rsync as a forced-command via ssh-keys13:04
tzhuanggaelfx: Seems to be whatever key my multimedia key was bound to.13:04
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llutzms-daisy: else you would need to allow root-login for ssh, which you clearly don't want13:05
ms-daisylol no13:05
tzhuanggaelfx: I was originally trying to bind my mutlimedia key to  XF86AudioPlay13:05
gaelfxtzhuang: can you ssh in and use xmodmap to change it back?13:05
tzhuanggaelfx: I'm not too sure what you mean by that; why do I need to ssh in when I'm at the machine?13:06
llutzms-daisy: i'm using it like shown here http://troy.jdmz.net/rsync/index.html13:06
gaelfxtzhuang: can you actually use the return key on the machine you're at?13:06
ms-daisycool. Forced commands are new to me. THanks llutz13:06
tzhuanggaelfx: No. But in looking for a way to restore my Return key on Google, I found a post on mapping another key to Return. I can't type that key because that is my new return.13:07
ms-daisyllutz: oh, it looks like it wouldn't allow me to ssh to my server to tunnel firefox & other things if I did that.13:08
tzhuanggaelfx: However my actual physical Return key does not function. (A grey box appears with a red cancel sign whenever I press it, which is also what happens when I press my multimedia keys.)13:08
llutzms-daisy: idk, but why do you want to establish a tunnel as root?13:09
esmirlinhey how can i set compiz to minimize windows by using right click on the window title?13:09
anonDoes anybody know what the support channel for Libre Office (formerly open office) is?13:10
anonNever mind. Found it.13:10
tzhuanggaelfx: I've also tried setxkbmap -layout us13:10
llutzanon: #libreoffice13:10
ms-daisyllutz: I don't. I clearly need to read up on forced commands.  Thanks for the help llutz  and compdoc13:11
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elkyugh, something keeps trapping my mouseclicks13:12
* elky shakes fist at unity13:12
elkyor really, not just mouseclicks, most things cursor-related.13:12
tzhuangHeeeelp I can't restore my Return key. Using another key temporarily.13:13
tzhuangI changed it by accident via xmodmap.13:13
sausage2I want to cunt the number of processes. Can it be done in /processes/ or something like that? Seen it before.  And, I'd like to see live updates of the number, in kejs there cums moan processes13:14
tzhuangHeeeelp I can't restore my Return key. Using another key temporarily.13:14
tzhuangI changed it by accident via xmodmap.13:14
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slava_dpubuntu 12.04 contains intel xorg drivers v. 2.17.0, they don't work for my new netbook (I get 800x600 res.). Where can I get newer intel driver like 2.19.0 ?13:18
tzhuangHeeeelp I can't restore my Return key. Using another key temporarily.13:21
tzhuangI changed it by accident via xmodmap.13:21
compdoctzhuang, sounds like not many ppl do that, so dont know the answer13:22
compdochave you changed it back and then logged off or rebooted?13:23
Dr_willisctrl-m also works as a return key i belive13:23
WotWherecompdoc Dr_willis gaelfx quixotedon : have done the memtest will do a fresh install of ubuntu.. fingers crossed..  thanks13:25
compdocgood luck13:25
slava_dpfound an updated intel driver here https://launchpad.net/~glasen/+archive/intel-driver13:26
tzhuangcompdoc: Have tried to reset but had no effect.13:26
Dr_willisi recall the Ubuntu-tweak tool having a 'settings reset' feature. for unity/gnome/other apps?13:26
klausCan somebody please help me with a problem with my fstab?13:28
compdocklaus, maybe13:29
jribklaus: best to just ask your question13:29
klausWell, i updated to 12.04 and now my sshfs entry in my fstab is not working automatically during boot.13:29
jribklaus: does it work after a sudo mount -a?13:30
MonkeyDustklaus  try nfs instead of sshfs13:30
Fat-ThingDr_willis,  i'm using ubuntu 10.04 LTS lucid lynx if i have to upgrade to 12.04 does it mean that all my files will be gone?  and i got dell inspiron 1545 built-in vcard 3GB RAM is it enough!?13:31
klausFirst, i tried manually mounting it with mount <mountpoint> and it worked. Second, i don't want to use nfs, i used sshfs with 11.10 and it worked fine without any problem for half a year, so...13:32
MonkeyDustFat-Thing  try sudo do-release-ugrade13:32
Axemananyone here run zoneminder on ubuntu 12.04 ?13:33
vlt!anyone | Axeman13:33
ubottuAxeman: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:33
compdocAxeman, not yet, but Im going to upgrade a system eventually13:33
BiblioclastaAxeman, I do13:34
Fat-ThingMonkeyDust,  what's that command do?13:34
klausI just tried automounting it with mount -a and it also worked. I think the problem is, that ubuntu doesn't wait for network connection to mount it, but i already use (and always used) _netdev option13:34
MonkeyDustFat-Thing  what does it look like? it upgrades your ubuntu to 12.0413:35
Dr_willisFat-Thing,  a upgrade imples keeping your data.. i do suggest making a backup of imporntatant stuff befor upgradeing.13:35
Axemandoes it work OK Biblioclasta ?13:35
Axemanro do you need ubuntu server for it to really work ?13:35
Dr_willisFat-Thing,  i always do clean installs normally. :) i got my /home/ on its own partion whch makes it easier.13:35
Dr_willis!info zoneminder13:35
ubottuzoneminder (source: zoneminder): Linux video camera security and surveillance solution. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.25.0-1 (precise), package size 1806 kB, installed size 6318 kB13:35
compdocAxeman, no13:35
Axemani'm a linux noob. it took me about 45 minutes to get the vmware tool installed on unbuntu;13:35
Biblioclastayes, but no the upgrade13:36
Axemanabout 45 seconds on windows.13:36
Fat-ThingMonkeyDust,  sorry mate ain't that familiar tho but hope u understand sorry13:36
compdoczoneminder works great on Ubuntu desktop13:36
Biblioclastafron 10.04 to 12.04 fails13:36
MonkeyDustAxeman  linux has virtual box13:36
leOnAnyone has any idea on how can i do a clean 12.04 install with bonding and vlan support, right from the installer?13:36
Axemani went to the software center, searched for zoneminder and clicked install13:37
Fat-ThingDr_willis,  u go clean install by? how? steps pls? or got any links i can read on?13:37
bittinnow i installed Ubuntu aswell on my new PC :>13:38
quixotedonbittin: great thing!13:38
Axemaneverything appeared to have worked. but there's nothing to inidicate what to do next. like i'm assuming there's a webui of somesort13:38
bittinquixotedon: indeed :)13:38
Axemani need to RTFM i suppose that tells me.13:38
bittinUbuntu for daily use, Windows 7 for gayming13:38
Axemani really expected a click install, click open, config, rock on.13:38
quixotedonbittin: welcome to the club! :)13:39
violinapprenAxeman:  Virtualbox13:39
BiblioclastaAxeman, apache es workin?13:39
bittinbut guess i will have to reinstall this later13:39
bittinwhen i buy a larger HDD13:39
bittinthen 160GB13:39
klaushallo? anyone out there fimiliar with sshfs, fstab and so on?13:39
FloodBot1bittin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:39
violinappren!details | klaus13:39
ubottuklaus: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:39
Axemanviolinappren, this is a VM inside vmware esxi...13:40
MonkeyDustklaus  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab#File_System_Type13:40
hje841how can I execute a shellscript on logout?13:40
AxemanBiblioclasta, apache is what i call my dad; and yes, he's at work. lol seriously though, i know that's the webserver... but wouldn't know how to check that it's working13:40
klausubottu, ok. So thats the line i used in fstab: sshfs#klaus@metalhead-srv:/mnt/data/    /media/Metalhead-Data   fuse    _netdev,uid=1000,gid=1000,allow_other   0       013:40
ubottuklaus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:40
jribklaus: when replying to questions please use the nick you are replying to in the front.  That way your messages get highlighted by the right clients and people don't miss your responses :)13:40
MonkeyDustklaus  better use nfs, not sshfs in fstab -- nfs is network file system13:41
jribklaus: do you know if sshfs logs somewhere?  Have you checked there?13:42
BiblioclastaAxeman, in the terminal write13:42
klausMonkeyDust: How would i configure nfs on my server?13:42
Biblioclastaservice apache2 status13:42
azrtyuiohi all13:42
Biblioclastaservice mysql status13:42
Biblioclastaservice zoneminder status13:42
ikoniaBiblioclasta: please stop that13:42
klausjrib: i don't know if it logs its actions somewhere...13:43
azrtyuioi would like to compile a package from source code for my router13:43
azrtyuioto obtain something .ipk13:43
jribklaus: did you find anything in the server's /var/log/auth.log?13:43
azrtyuiowhere the router is also in linux13:43
azrtyuioam i need to cp my router kernel to my ubuntu pc ?13:43
ikoniaazrtyuio: that is not a good idea13:44
azrtyuiowhat  i have to do ?13:44
Biblioclastaikonia: are you helpin Axeman?13:44
ikoniaBiblioclasta: no13:44
violinapprenazrtyuio: ask in the router firmware dev channel13:44
azrtyuiothere is no one there13:44
klausjrib: i'm going to look.13:44
ikoniaazrtyuio: trying to run software (the kernel especially) from your router on your ubuntu machine is very unlikley to work and will cause you a lot of problems13:45
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azrtyuioso what i need to do to obtain something .ipk ?13:46
AxemanBiblioclasta, yay dad is running!13:46
ikoniaazrtyuio: depends on your router, it's softrware and many things13:46
ikoniaazrtyuio: there should be a support service for your router, check their website13:46
MonkeyDu1tklaus  https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/network-file-system.html13:46
azrtyuiowell i got a dreambox 800 hd13:46
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LjLazrtyuio: if you're running OpenWRT, yuou probably need http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/buildroot.exigence - but better to ask in their channel13:47
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azrtyuioit is not openwrt router13:47
Axemanwow this chan's buzy. lol13:47
Axemanokay so all three are running Biblioclasta13:47
BiblioclastaAxeman, ok13:47
LjLazrtyuio: well, it entirely depends on the firmware you're running. you need to find its toolchain and use it.13:48
BiblioclastaAxeman, go to localhost/zoneminder13:48
* bittin updating my fresh 12.04 install13:48
Biblioclastain the browser13:48
AxemanThe requested URL /zoneminder was not found on this server.13:49
azrtyuiohow to check the firmware ?13:49
BiblioclastaAxeman, :/13:49
azrtyuioroot@dm800:~# cat /etc/issue13:49
azrtyuio*                        *13:49
azrtyuio*   The Gemini Project   *13:49
azrtyuio*                        *13:49
azrtyuiothis is what i got13:49
violinappren!pastebin | azrtyuio13:50
ubottuazrtyuio: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:50
Dr_willisHmm. Just noticed somthing odd on my 12.04 box. i have no /dev/dvd pointing to my dvd drive. its on /dev/sr0    anyone else notice this? dvd is just a soft link isent it?13:50
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Axemanand here's my linux yellow belly showin... Biblioclasta is that an emoticon, or something i need to type somewhere ? :-(13:50
BiblioclastaAxeman, in a browser inside the vm rigth?13:50
Axemanyes sir13:50
azrtyuioand i need this package mumudvb for my dreambox 800 hd13:50
Dr_willishttp://localhost/zoneminder  in a browser. ;)13:50
Axemanyeah - that's whayt i typed Dr_willis13:51
jribklaus: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/util-linux/+bug/384347 could be related (maybe some change related to fixing that is now affecting you)13:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 384347 in util-linux (Ubuntu) "_netdev not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:51
DJonesDr_willis: I have a /dev/dvd but my system has been updated from 11.10 and earlier13:51
Axemani meant the :/ wasn't sure if that needed to go somewhere or if that was an emotion13:51
hje841where do I put a logout script in Ubuntu 11.10? that is: it is to be executed when ever I log out or shutdown or reboot13:51
DJonesDr_willis: But it does link to /dev/sr013:51
klausjrib: thanx, i'll look at it13:52
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Axemanaah i am not comfortable in this world.13:52
Dr_willishje841,  logging out is differnt then shutting down.. what do you want the script to do.13:52
Dr_willisAxeman,  i dont even know what you are doing. ;)13:52
chuhje841: Not 100% certain - wait for confirmation - but possibly in your bash_logout?13:52
Axemanin windows i can go to IIS and see what the site name is and all that fun stuff... how can i get apache to do the same13:52
LjLazrtyuio: i am utterly unfamiliar with OpenDreambox. all i could find as pertains to developer documentation is http://dreamboxupdate.com/download/opendreambox/2.0.0/doc/opendreambox.pdf13:52
llutzDr_willis: the rules in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules should create that symlink13:53
yeehawAxeman: cat /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/website.nl-vhost.conf13:53
Dr_willisllutz,  wonder why they are not.   Hmm.13:53
hje841Dr_willis, I want it to cp a folder and run 'svn up' before I shutdown and before a user mounted device is unmounted13:53
Dr_willisllutz,  whats in that file? its all coments here.. mentions the following... # Entries are automatically added by the 75-cd-aliases-generator.rules13:55
Dr_williswhich i dont have..13:55
jribklaus: other things you could do to debug is to try nfs and see if it also fails.  Then you could tell whether it was likely a general "_netdev" issue or if it was confined to sshfs13:55
Dr_willis!find 75-cd-aliases-generator.rules13:55
ubottuFile 75-cd-aliases-generator.rules found in udev13:55
llutzDr_willis: sry can't check atm, no *buntu here...13:55
Dr_willisHow can i be missing that...13:55
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azrtyuioLjL: i allready got this pdf i don't have explication about how to obtain something .ipk13:55
BiblioclastaAxeman, what you see in localhost?13:55
nsahoohi .. how can I start synaptic without password ?13:56
Dr_willissomeone want to check and see how many files are in /etc/udev/rules.d for me? i have exactly 213:56
Axemanyeehaw, cat: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/website.nl-vhost.conf no such file or directory13:56
hje841Dr_willis, 3 files including README13:56
OerHeks3 indeed13:57
Dr_willishje841,  so look in the cd.rules   mine is all comments..13:57
klausjrib: Though this would suck, i think that's the only thing i can try :(13:57
BiblioclastaDr_willis, 5 here13:57
yeehawAxeman: Substitue website.nl-vhost.conf for the actual website13:57
AxemanBiblioclasta, It Works! This is the default web page for this server. The web server software is runing but no content as been added, yet13:57
Axemanlol yeehaw gotcha13:57
nsahooany help?13:57
ClientAlivehi fellas13:58
yeehawAxeman: Or use tab completion13:58
Axemanyeehaw, same thing. i'll try tabbing over13:58
ThePendulumFor some reason, Windows 7 won´t show up as installed during the installation of Ubuntu, while it definitely is installed (as I am using it right now). Any ideas?13:58
hje841Dr_willis, I have something that's not comments.13:58
Dr_willisBiblioclasta,  you have a  75-cd-aliases-generator.rules13:58
ClientAliveI was wondering, does ubuntu have packages of apps that come as a group? What do you call that, where to find and install?13:59
BiblioclastaAxeman, localhost/zm13:59
Dr_willisClientAlive,  meta packages like 'ubuntu-desktop' or 'lubuntu-desktop'13:59
ClientAliveDr_willis: I see. Nothing for other stuff (like software development packages in a group?14:00
BiblioclastaDr_willis, nop14:00
Dr_willisClientAlive,  a meta packge is just a special package that depends on other packages... nothing really special about them14:00
llutzDr_willis: check /lib/udev/rules.d/  for it14:00
klausjrib: Generally speaking, would it be better to place a post-up mount ... line interfaces or writing a if-up script?14:00
Dr_willisClientAlive,  build-essental pulls in the core dev files14:00
Dr_willisllutz,  all sorts of stuff there. ;)14:01
klausjrib: ... line IN interfaces ...14:01
ClientAliveI know fedora does something like this but was hoping ubuntu did as well.14:01
AxemanBiblioclasta, same Not Found The requested URL /zm was not found on this server.14:01
BLZbubbaon my precise desktop, after a couple of hours, X gets stuck at 100% cpu (one core).  it still works but it is slow... is anyone else seeing this?14:01
hje841Dr_willis, did you come up with a solution to my cp -r folder/ && svn up problem?14:01
azrtyuioor may be i don't understand LjL14:01
jribklaus: both seem equally fine as a workaround until you figure out why the "proper" way does not work14:02
Dr_willisBLZbubba,  ive seen similer issues.. a logout/restart X fixs it for a time. On a nvidia system.14:02
Dr_willishje841,  dident really notice the issue.14:02
Dr_willisi rarely use svn14:02
Axemanokay so i cd over to etc/apache2/sites-enabled and when i do an ls i  only see 000-default14:02
BiblioclastaAxeman, http:/localhost/zm/index.php14:02
hje841Dr_willis, well, I just need a script that does it if I forget it14:02
Axemanso confirmed - ain't on zm site up ?14:02
yeehawAxeman: What's in it?14:03
Dr_willishje841,  well the bash stuff would happen whenever you close a bash shell.. so thats not a good idea.14:03
klausjrib: okay so that would not be a better way (i thought so too)14:03
BiblioclastaAxeman, http://localhost/zm/index.php14:03
yeehawAxeman: Did you create any websites, next to the default one?14:03
ProgsterI'm trying to remap what ALT-F1 is bound to. I've removed all existing bindings from compiz (settings search is great!) and don't find anything in the keboard app. Anywhere else that shortcut might be mapped?14:04
hje841Dr_willis, I found this: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/2745/how-to-run-a-script-during-gnome-log-out but that doesn't work as GDM is no more14:05
iSeeDeadPixelshello guys, i'm having a MaaS / dnsmasq problem14:05
AxemanBiblioclasta, i tried that also same not found error14:05
iSeeDeadPixelsin a VM14:05
Axemanyeehaw, looks like a lot of config stuff, nothing about ZM...14:05
Axemando i need to create a zm site ?14:06
yeehawAxeman: Aah your using a different program. Does it even use Apache?14:07
jribklaus: another troubleshooting idea: try by ip instead of "metalhead-srv"14:07
pznwhen I press quickly the power button, it appears a screen to confirm if I want to reboot, shutdown or cancel. how can I configure ubuntu to poweroff without asking for confirmation when I press the power button quickly?14:07
BiblioclastaAxeman, ls /etc/apache2/conf.d14:08
jribklaus: one of the big changes for 12.04 is the use of resolvconf so could be related... just a shot in the dark14:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 993728 in udev (Ubuntu) "/dev/dvd disappears when a DVD is inserted" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:09
klausjrib: good idea...i'll try14:09
BLegI accidentally started a "$ man *" command. Is there any way to stop it without restarting my machine?14:09
Dr_willishje841,  you could use gdm instead of lightdm. but the new gdm may be differnt then the old one14:09
Dr_willishje841,  lightdm may have a similer thing14:09
BiblioclastaAxeman, in the terminal: ls /etc/apache2/conf.d14:09
AxemanBiblioclasta, charset localized-error-pages security javascript-common.conf other-vhosts-access-log14:09
Dr_willisBLeg,  nother terminal use 'killall man'14:09
Dr_willisBLeg,  or hit crtl-c or q a lot. ;)14:10
Biblioclastaok a file is missing14:10
BLegI don't have another one, I'm just sing this for testing... I didn't see the "| quit (Ctrl-C) " option until just now... I suppose they put it there for people dumb enough to man * lol14:10
klausjrib: so i'll be away for a short reboot.14:10
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hje841Dr_willis, thanks. I found this thread explaining exactly what I wanted.http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1165815914:12
BLegactually, while I'm here: I'm (very) new to Ubuntu (actually, im very new to linux itself) and im trying to configure my internet connection. I only have a terminal, how can I configure my connection?14:13
iSeeDeadPixelsok, i'm having a dnsmasq issue along with maas (maas-dhcp), it won't stick to eth014:13
BiblioclastaAxeman, do you know how associate a site to a folder in apache?14:14
AxemanBiblioclasta, that would be a big fat no.14:15
klaus_jrib: trying with ip was also not successful at boot14:15
BiblioclastaAxeman, ok in a terminal14:16
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delacHow do I set Mobile broadband to be enabled on default? Every time I attach the 3G usb stick or boot the laptop, the Mobile broadband is switched to Off, preventing the connection from starting automatically.14:16
Biblioclastasudo gedit /etc/apache2/conf.d/zoneminder.conf14:16
L3tops!gksudo | Biblioclasta14:17
ubottuBiblioclasta: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)14:17
Axemanlol your getting botted for helpin me14:17
jribklaus_: don't know then14:17
LmAtMy update manager says that I have 196 updates and that a new version of Ubuntu is available and that I will need to download 240 mb.  Do I need to do this?14:18
altinIm having problems when puting directories in tar14:18
L3topsJust trying to be helpful... shouldnt take it wrong14:18
altinI loose all the permissions :S14:18
jribLmAt: well you should install at least security updates14:18
yeehawLmAt: The updates: yes, The new Ubuntu: Only if you want to14:18
Axemanhmm i tidnd't like that gtk-warning14:18
LmAtyeehaw: But there is a new ubuntu after 11.10, right?14:19
iSeeDeadPixelsok, i'm having a dnsmasq issue along with maas (maas-dhcp), it won't stick to eth014:19
Axemanattempting store changes ... no such file or directory14:19
chiiiiizCan someone help me out with a big ssh mistake?14:19
altincan anyone tell me how can I put directories in tar without touching their files permissions inside ?????14:19
chiiiiizat least you'll ahve a good laugh!!14:19
jribchiiiiiz: best to just ask your real qusetion14:19
L3tops!ask | chiiiiiz14:19
ubottuchiiiiiz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:19
LmAtaltin: You might enjoy #java ?14:19
BiblioclastaAxeman, ok first line:14:19
klaus_jrib: I'm just installing nfs on my server. Maybe it works. Meanwhile: What are the advantages of nfs to sshfs? And what about the authentification?14:19
llutzaltin:  man tar | less -p --preserve-permissions14:20
airstrikesup ubuntees14:20
jribklaus_: don't know much about that.  One major difference is that ssh is encrypted14:20
BiblioclastaAxeman: Alias /zm /usr/share/zoneminder14:20
BiblioclastaAxeman: that inside the file14:20
chiiiiizI set a ssh identification with pub id on my Seagate Dockstar, but I messed up with the local computer and the dockstar... now, the server has its own pubkey as the authorized key... and I can't access it anylonger via ssh14:20
airstrikei've set up ssh on my ubuntu box and i've done it so that sessions stay alive by using screen14:20
chiiiiizFunny, isn't?14:21
airstrikei don't remember exactly how that setup process went, but i know that anytime i create a new screen, i get disconnected14:21
airstrikei can ssh back again and the screen will have been created14:21
iSeeDeadPixelsok, i'm having a dnsmasq issue along with maas (maas-dhcp), it won't stick to eth0, who can help me?14:21
MonkeyDustairstrike  use byubo, it's an extension for screen14:21
airstrikebut it's reaaaally annoying14:21
klaus_jrib: well but thats an advantage for sshfs i think, though i don't need it cause it's only my private network.14:22
jribklaus_: yes14:22
MonkeyDustairstrike  typo: byobu14:22
L3topschiiiiiz: you could sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server      which will generate new keys and you can start over...14:22
LmAtWhen I visit tty 1, it shows the terminal for something like .5 seconds, then it shows a small window of my tty7 (gnome).  How do I fix it?14:22
LmAtreckoner: hoo14:23
BiblioclastaAxeman, look a this http://pastebin.com/cHp9vdT214:24
BiblioclastaAxeman, that goes inside the file14:24
reckoneris write-mime-multipart exclusive to ubuntu or is it available on other OS?14:24
ubottuSearch factoids for term: !search <term>14:25
L3topsthat is a good question LmAt, one of my machines does that too... but I keep forgetting to figure out how to fix it because I always just ssh into it...14:25
Axemanhmm okay bib14:25
xeece!search avatar14:25
F`ckJustinBieberreckoner, non-ubuntu users are not welcome here14:25
xeece!search alternate14:25
ubottuFound: alternatecd, ppa, rescue, alternetive, genii yadda ps3*, alternate, remaster, studiocd, gnome3, alternate-#kubuntu and 5 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=alternate14:25
reckoneri am an ubuntu user, i'm just asking though14:25
F`ckJustinBieber!search justinbieber14:25
PiciF`ckJustinBieber: Stop that14:26
F`ckJustinBieberall right14:26
F`ckJustinBieberPici, ok14:26
Axemanso i need ot create a file and but that stuff in there?14:26
BiblioclastaAxeman, yes14:27
Biblioclastathe file is /etc/apache2/conf.d/zoneminder.conf14:28
BiblioclastaAxeman, the file is /etc/apache2/conf.d/zoneminder.conf14:29
airstrikeMonkeyDust: i'll take a look at it, thanks14:29
sk1specialanyone know why i get a failed to fetch ppa/mozzila message when i update via terminal? theres two seperate ones..one /sources one /packages14:29
Axemank dang it meetin' time. brb.14:29
Axemanthanks Biblioclasta14:29
prc384Hey guys I have a big problem.  I am the only user of an Ubuntu desktop installation and it says that my user is not int he sudoers file and I cant open it to give myself permissions.14:31
compdoccan you sudo?14:32
=== quixotedon is now known as hoho
zykotick9prc384: type "groups" in a terminal - are you a member of the sudo group?14:32
prc384cause not in the sudoers file14:32
jribprc384: how did you get in this situation?14:32
=== hoho is now known as quixotedon
prc384i restarted my computer and it just stopped allowing me to do everything14:32
prc384it was completely random no new software installed or anything14:32
jribprc384: did you run any commands related to group membership...?14:32
zykotick9prc384: did you change you computer name by chance?14:32
prc384 a while back14:33
jrib!who | prc38414:33
ubottuprc384: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:33
prc384it says i am in development group and root14:33
compdocprc384, the person who installed Ubuntu can add you14:33
jribprc384: you shouldn't be in the root group14:33
prc384i installed it14:33
bibi23hi, I'm trying to learn how to do shell scripts, I'd like to put the current timestamp in a variable, I found on google that date +%s returns the current timestamp, but if I try to assign a variable this way : test=date +%s, it fails, why? thx14:33
L3topsprc384: boot to live disk and chroot and use visudo to add yourself14:34
chiiiiizL3tops: ok, but how can I access the server? there is no display nor keyboard...14:34
yeehawbibi23: Try the channel #bash14:34
jribprc384: you probably ran some usermod -G command? yes?14:34
bibi23yeehaw: ok14:35
prc384apparently so cause I am in two groups @jrib14:35
killerhi guys....whenever i try to install an os in kvm....i get "This VM uses an emulator "QEMU" which is not installed in the system.14:35
L3topschiiiiiz: if you have locked yourself out of ssh you are going to have to attach one.14:35
zykotick9killer: actually kvm in terminal, or libvirt?14:35
killeractually it's AQemu14:36
jribprc384: what ubuntu version?14:36
chiiiiizL3tops: you mean connect the dockstar directly on my local computer via ethernet cable?14:36
prc384@jrib 12.0414:36
zykotick9killer: i have no idea what AQemu is - so i can't help.  Good luck.14:36
jribprc384: in the future, you should remember that usermod -G will remove all your current groups unless you use -a.  It's better to use « sudo adduser USER GROUP » to add user USER to group GROUP.  What you must do now is reboot into recovery mode and do two things: 1) remove your user from the root group because he shouldn't be in it (sudo deluser USER root) and 2) add your user to the sudo group (sudo14:36
jribadduser USER sudo).  Replace "USER" with your actual username!14:37
jribprc384: if you're in recovery mode you don't need the "sudo"14:37
Orpheonsomeone know how to install opengl 32 bit on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit?14:37
L3topsI mean add a keyboard and monitor chiiiiiz... if you are locked out, you are locked out.14:37
prc384says only root user can add user to a group14:37
prc384i am the root thought I dont understand this14:37
prc384ill brb gonna check something14:38
L3topsjrib you could just use $USER in that example.14:38
jribL3tops: no because he will be in recovery mode14:38
L3topsah... thanks for the correction jrib14:38
jribprc384: you are in recovery mode14:38
jribprc384: ?14:38
prc384no one sec checking something14:39
chiiiiizL3tops: there is no port where to connect a monitor14:39
killeranyone can help how to install set toolkit in precise pangolin14:39
L3topschiiiiiz: how did you install?14:40
prc384restarting that computer now and booting in recover14:40
chiiiiizvia ssh14:40
jribprc384: ok, remember to run "adduser USER sudo"14:40
iSeeDeadPixelsok, i'm having a dnsmasq issue along with maas (maas-dhcp), it won't stick to eth0, who can help me?14:40
L3topschiiiiiz: I am not sure I understand how, but explaining it to me won't get you any closer to fixed. I would be interested to know in PM if you care to.14:41
Orpheonsomeone know how to install opengl 32 bit on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit?14:41
prc384i dropped to a shell prompt from recovery and tried "adduser development sudo" and it sayd gpasswd: cannot lock /etc/groupl try again later.14:42
resnoive got unmet dependencies, apt-get install -f isnt working. any suggestions?14:43
jribprc384: is that 'l' at the end of "/etc/groupl" a typo on your part?14:43
prc384yeah sorry14:43
auronandaceresno: don't use 3rd party apps14:43
resnoauronandace: it was for video drivers14:44
jribprc384: what is the output of « mount ».  Namely, is / mounted ro?14:44
BluesKajresno, do you wnat to keep tring the insyall or clear the dependencies ?14:44
resnoBluesKaj: clear it14:44
BluesKajresno,  sudo dpkg --clear-avail14:44
auronandaceresno: drivers are available in the repos14:46
=== killer is now known as mafiaboy
resnoBluesKaj: didnt work, can we try installing14:46
resnoauronandace: proprietary drives.14:46
auronandaceresno: yes14:46
BluesKajwhat do you mean, didn't work ?14:46
resnoauronandace: they wouldnt install14:46
resnoBluesKaj: the unmet depencies still exist14:46
=== Guest32761 is now known as Dorito
LmAtI just used Klavaro and it says, "You have exceeded all my expectations.  Are you a machine? Could you teach me?  I can not help you anymore.  Go to an expert!"  Where is such an expert to be found?14:47
prc384still nothing14:47
OerHeksresno, what videocard do you use?14:47
BluesKajresno, have you run sudo dpkg --configure -a ?14:47
BluesKajusually that will autorun when there's an unmet depends14:48
resnoOerHeks: amd radeon hd 635014:48
resnoBluesKaj: nope14:48
delacHow do I set Mobile broadband to be enabled on default? Every time I attach the 3G usb stick or boot the laptop, the Mobile broadband is switched to Off, preventing the connection from starting automatically.14:50
resnoBluesKaj: im needing to install fglrx package and its still not processing14:50
mi3hi, I am trying to wget an rss feed along with sed, can someone suggest how to reduce the spacing ? http://paste.debian.net/169423/14:50
waggysaxI'm getting an error message I can't seem to resolve; if someone would please help me it would be greatly appreciated14:51
resnomi3: this isnt a programming chat14:51
docmuris there an application that can download every video from a web page I suscribe to?   This page has like 300 videos and each one I have to click into a the video banner then click download.14:51
resno!ask | waggysax14:51
ubottuwaggysax: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:51
mi3resno, then where can I find a suitable answer? :D14:51
meetrii upgrade to ubuntu 12.04 while still in beta, i still have a bunch of packages that weren't fully upgraded. How can I find out what they are and upgrade them?14:51
resnomi3: you can try #ubuntu-offtopic14:51
Kaizencan someone tell me the best mail server to install for pop3/imap on ubuntu 12.04 plz?14:52
resno!best | Kaizen14:52
ubottuKaizen: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:52
L3topsmi3: /join #bash14:52
jribprc384: you have not answered my question14:52
waggysaxI'm getting this error message when I try to run this program: error while loading shared libraries: "libQtWebKit.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"14:52
mi3L3tops, thank you14:52
waggysaxI'm getting this error message when I try to run this program: "error while loading shared libraries: libQtWebKit.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"14:54
waggysaxwould someone help please?14:54
Orpheonsomeone know how to install opengl 32 bit on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit?14:54
ruliwaggysax: go to packages.ubuntu.com, find the package that file belongs to and make sure you have it installed14:55
klausjrib: Works fine with nfs! Thanx!!! ;)14:55
Unode|Workhello everyone14:55
waggysaxruli, I've done that already14:55
L3topswaggysax: what program?14:55
jribklaus: interesting :)14:55
waggysaxL3tops, synaptic14:55
Si2100Guys, i got an issue with Ubuntu Server 12.04... i cant get any internet on static conection14:55
L3topswaggysax: synaptic is broken?14:56
klausjrib: rather odd...14:56
waggysaxL3tops, I don't know but I marked what the website said were the required packages for installation, then applied the changes, and it looked like it installed, but it didn solved the problem14:56
MonkeyDustSi2100  what's in /etc/network/interfaces ? use pastebin to show it to the channel14:56
Logan_waggysax: sudo apt-get install libqtwebkit414:56
zykotick9Si2100: if you used /etc/network/interfaces, check that you have valid dns addresses in /etc/resolv.conf (if you used networkmanager, i have no idea)14:57
resnoBluesKaj: OerHeks fixed it myself. thanks14:57
Unode|WorkI currently have a file open by a program. The file has been accidentally removed from the filesystem but is still being written to by this program. I'm familiar with the lsof approach to recover open files but in this case, since the file is still being written to doing the "cp" approach will only copy the content at the time of the command, which means that a second later the file is incomplete...14:57
resnoauronandace: thanks for you sentence responses14:57
=== eid is now known as eid_
Si2100MonkeyDust, When i try to connect to the server vi ssh, it just fails....14:57
waggysaxLogan_ I already did that14:58
BluesKajresno, care to share your fix?14:58
auronandaceresno: how did you fix it?14:58
jribklaus: should probably file a bug14:58
Unode|Workis there any strategy one can use to actually keep a reference to the file such that if it changes the content also changes?14:58
Orpheonsomeone know how to install opengl 32 bit on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit?14:58
Si2100MonkeyDust, ill upload an image to IMGUR14:58
resnoBluesKaj: there was a scrict that i read about on google and it suggested to use it with --force14:58
Si2100Guys: http://imgur.com/MhNTF14:59
MonkeyDustOrpheon  you may need ia32-libs14:59
* Si2100 is afk14:59
resnoBluesKaj: it removed the depencencies, i just thought i could do it through apt-get14:59
klausjrib: I don't really know how to file a bug...14:59
waggysaxI am getting this error message "error while loading shared libraries: libQtWebKit.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" even after checking for the required directories and installing them14:59
waggysaxcan someone help me?14:59
mneptok!away | Si210014:59
ubottuSi2100: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»14:59
jrib!bug | klaus15:00
ubottuklaus: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:00
BluesKajresno, ueah , usually dpkg commands can solve the problem , but obviously not always15:00
L3tops!details | waggysax You aren't explaining WHAT is broken.15:00
ubottuwaggysax You aren't explaining WHAT is broken.: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:00
Si2100back now15:00
jribklaus: #ubuntu-bugs is also very helpful in helping to report and triage bugs15:00
resnoBluesKaj: ah, i still had to do apt-get install -f, but its making progress now15:01
Si2100MonkeyDust, did u see the image ?15:01
ruliwaggysax: are you running it inside kde15:01
L3tops"something" is giving this message, and synaptic is somehow involved... tell us WHAT you are TRYING to do that gives that message waggysax15:01
zykotick9Si2100: your interfaces file contains no DNS info (same as my setups), so you need valid info in /etc/resolv.conf15:01
mneptokzykotick9: incorrect.15:01
BluesKajresno, ok , good to know15:01
genii-aroundwaggysax: You get this message when you try to open any application, or a specific one?15:01
Si2100i had it working on 11.10 and 10.04.04 like that15:01
MonkeyDustSi2100  yes, the 135 bothers me, the IP pool may have 100 as limit in your router's settings15:01
mneptokzykotick9: DNS server info goes into /etc/network/interfaces in 12.0415:01
zykotick9Si2100: see mneptok for up-to-date answer!15:01
gypsehhey all got a few rather strange questions15:02
klausjrib: what did you mean with "!bug | klaus"?15:02
mneptokSi2100: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/15:02
Si2100MonkeyDust, i have my Desktop PC set to: 192.168.125015:02
resnogypseh: ask em15:02
zykotick9mneptok: thanks.  Si2100 sorry.15:02
waggysaxgenii-around, a specific one, xVST15:02
Si2100Narr its cool bro15:02
klausjrib: Did you want to pipe me something? :D15:02
mneptokzykotick9: dude, i'm on my second cup of coffee. i'm amazed i can even read at this point.15:02
MonkeyDustSi2100  1250 is the number of years you have to wait for a connection, then ;)15:02
L3topsmmm coffee... afk15:03
jribklaus: it tells ubottu to give you information about "bug"15:03
Si2100MonkeyDust, ment 1.25015:03
ruliwaggysax: how did you install it15:03
waggysaxruli, I'm trying to run it from bash, here is the whole thing "./xvst: error while loading shared libraries: libQtWebKit.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"15:03
gypsehok soo diablo 3 just came out and i set up play on.....im running an ati radeon hd 4200 on board when i set up through playonlinux it says i have a radeon 8800...and then doesnt let me play now i know the 4200 is not a high end card but i should be able to play on low settings np15:03
waggysaxruli, I just decompressed it into a folder15:03
gypsehany ideas how to make playon see the card properly?15:04
mneptokSi2100: when you get DNS working, use verbose mode if ssh fails. "ssh -vvv user@hostname"15:04
hje841how do you remove the purple color background at logout to reveal the terminal output in lightdm?15:04
waggysaxruli, I wasn't sure how to install15:04
waggysaxruli, I'm new15:04
hje841ubuntu 10.1015:04
Si2100in the /etc/resolv.conf its like empty15:04
klausjrib: aaah ok15:04
genii-aroundwaggysax: Most likely it's a 32 bit app and your libqtwebkit4 is 64 bit15:04
pratzhey guys how can i disable the beep sound in 12.04 ?15:04
zykotick9Si2100: ! see mneptok file instead!  /etc/network/interfaces15:05
waggysaxgenii-around, that sounds right, is there any way around it?15:05
klausjrib: So if i use the command ubuntu-bug <package> what package should i use in my case?15:05
pratzwhen use yeahconsole and i can hear the beep sound when i press backspace15:05
jribklaus: I'd start with sshfs15:05
ruliwaggysax: run 'file xvst'15:05
pratzbasically i want to disable the beep sound from system15:05
Si2100wtf i set it to and i still have no conneciton15:06
ruliwaggysax: also 'echo $QTDIR'15:06
waggysaxruli, done15:06
waggysaxruli: what am I looking for?15:06
ruliwaggysax: and print the output here15:07
waggysaxruli: " file xvst15:07
waggysaxxvst: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (GNU/Linux), statically linked, stripped"15:07
pratzhow can i disable beep sound from system in 12.04 ?15:07
gypsehso nobody has anyy ideas why this thing tells me i have a different card than i do?15:07
pratzand it is speaker beep15:07
MonkeyDustpratz  in a terminal, type alsamixer15:08
Dr_willisgypseh,  check the wine app database or the playonlinux homepage.15:08
rulipratz: you don't. heir shuttleworth has mandated that you must hear speaker beep thus you must15:08
waggysaxruli: there was no output for the other command15:08
Dr_willisI dnt hear any speaker beeps...15:08
Si2100Okie Strange, even with google dns setup when i do: ping google.co.uk i get nothing..15:09
ruliwaggysax: install the 32-bit webkit presuming you're on 64-bit, with apt-get install packagename:i38615:09
pratzruli: what the hell ?15:09
pratzMonkeyDust: next ?15:09
MonkeyDustpratz  explore alsamixer, speaker etc15:09
L3topslook for "beep" or "pc speaker" prc38415:09
L3topser pratz^15:09
waggysaxthank you ruli15:10
ruliwaggysax: does it work then?15:10
pratzMonkeyDust: can not find it , any other way ?15:10
blackber2yhow install conky?15:10
waggysaxruli: not sure yet15:11
MonkeyDustpratz  use the arrows to walk through alsamixer and to change the levels15:11
fratermcan anyone assist me with a 12.04 sources.list issue?  I would like to decipher the error message I'm getting regarding multiple fonts, as well as an issue where certain repositories don't connect with the "check your internet connection" error message.15:11
pratzMonkeyDust: yes, but i can not find the speaker option15:11
ruliwaggysax: since you're running a program not formally installed you might have to run the program with QTDIR and LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to include the 32-bit debian directory tree15:11
pratzMonkeyDust: also, will it diable the speaker output ?15:12
pratzMonkeyDust: i just want to disable the beep sound15:12
MonkeyDustpratz  type alsamixer|pastebinit and paste the url here15:12
waggysaxruli: how do I formally install it?15:12
ruliwaggysax: by getting the package from the repository15:12
waggysaxI see15:12
ruliwaggysax: if there isn't one, then you have to do things manually15:13
christian__hello my dear friends, i have troubles using an internet usb stick on ubuntu, it would be very nice if someone could help me :( otherwise i have to pay for another internet provider15:13
MonkeyDustchristian__  start with a question, that helps15:13
hypershockhas anyone ran into the problem where open javajdk 6 eats massive cpu resources? I could really use a fix. :)15:14
christian__i cannot connect to the internet with the HUAWEI Mobile Connect E160 usb stick, it shows up on the right corner as mobile device15:14
christian__i think its shown up correctly as gsm modem, when i do it says : Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E220 HSDPA Modem / E270 HSDPA/HSUPA Modem15:15
christian__when i do lsusb15:15
prc384I have read that deleting the .lock files associated to passwd etc have helped others with my problem but I have no .lock files.  I have passwd- file and passwd file is the -  in place of .lock in 12.0415:15
L3topspratz: amixer | grep -Ei '(pc|beep)'15:15
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit15:16
christian__omg :( so many ppl left15:16
pratzSimple mixer control 'PCM',015:16
pratzSimple mixer control 'IEC958 Default PCM',015:16
pratzL3tops: output above15:16
prc384I have read that deleting the .lock files associated to passwd etc have helped others with my problem but I have no .lock files.  I have passwd- file and passwd file is the -  in place of .lock in 12.0415:16
prc384in case people didnt see it before the split15:16
jribprc384: why don't you answer my question?15:17
christian__is there anybod out here who uses an mobile internet usb stick ? please contact me15:17
L3topspratz: alsa does not appear to have control of your pc speaker.15:17
ikoniachristian__: on occasion, sure15:17
prc384i didnt see your question15:17
christian__ikonia: which one ?15:17
lyscerWhen I do "ls -al" it lists out all of my directories but one; I can literally cd into it, but it will not list out - anyone know how to fix this?15:17
lorddeltaWhy hasn't this been patched yet? http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-3048 I'm doing some dev which requires libpng, and I had a failed build, which prompted me to look for my libpng version...why the heck hasn't this serious vunlerability been patched? I'm looking at the output of both apt-cache and dpkg and they are both saying 1.2.46, not the patched version, 1.2.49 >_<15:17
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-3048)15:17
ikoniachristian__: a hunawi one, don't know the model15:18
pratzL3tops: I have no idea what the hell is going on15:18
christian__O.O and you run it on linux ?15:18
ikonialorddelta: how do you know it's not been patched15:18
ikoniachristian__: yes15:18
christian__please dont leave15:18
christian__can you tell me what you did to get it run ?15:18
jribprc384: what is the output of « mount ».  Namely, is / mounted ro?15:18
ikoniachristian__: have done for a few years when I'm out of the office15:18
lorddeltaikonia: http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/libpng.html15:18
hje841How do I remove the purple screen on logout so I can see the terminal outputs?15:18
lorddeltaBig red box on the front page15:18
ikoniachristian__: I opened the network manager, clicked on mobile broadband and clicked connects15:18
Si2100Okie, am just gonna go back to 10.04.04 and see if i can get a conneciton15:18
lorddeltaMy version is
ikonialorddelta: how do you know the fix isn't back ported ?15:18
lorddeltaikonia: I should be worried, yes?15:18
ikonialorddelta: no15:18
lorddeltaikonia: How can I check?15:19
christian__i don't have the newest ubuntu kernel, i think its still 10.4 i hope that doesnt make any problems15:19
rulilyscer: how do you know it exists if you cant see it15:19
ikonialorddelta: look at the release notes15:19
lyscerI can cd into the directory15:19
prc384so type <<mount>> in console?15:19
Picilorddelta: Looks like its been patched in libpng: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2011/CVE-2011-3048.html15:19
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-3048)15:19
lorddeltaikonia: command to do that would be nice to know?15:19
genii-aroundlyscer: Does the directory name start with some unusual character, like a period?15:19
lyscerit is a smb share15:19
ikoniachristian__: I used to run mine on 8.04 and 10.04 no problem15:19
ikonialorddelta: just trust the ubuntu developers15:19
lyscerno it is "Marketing"15:19
christian__ikonia: i will send you some ice-cream if you help me to fix it15:19
Picilorddelta: see the url I just linked you.15:19
ikoniachristian__: open the network manager applet and see if you see the mobile internet option15:20
rulijust trust ubuntu developers is a very bad idea15:20
Picilorddelta: also http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-1417-1/15:20
lorddeltaPici: I meant is there a decent way to see the release notes via command line? i.e. dpkg or something?15:20
christian__ikonia: you didnt need anything like wvdial or something like that ? i am trying it with the network manager right now15:20
ikoniaruli: why is that ?15:20
christian__one moment15:20
ikoniachristian__: nothing at all15:20
lorddeltaPici, ikonia cat a file in a directory?15:20
lyscerwhen I do "ls -al" it doesn't show up, but I can "cd Marketing" and then "ls -al" and it shows all the files in the directory15:20
ruliikonia: well they're not exactly the sharpest tools in the toolbox15:20
Dr_willishow vague..15:21
christian__ikonia: cannot open netowrk managr :D15:21
ikoniaruli: yet they make and maintain and ubuntu disto which is pretty much the most popular desktop on the linux platform,15:21
Dr_willisand they did backport the security fix to libpng it seems15:21
ikoniaruli: I'd suggest keeping your ill thought comments to yourself15:21
lorddeltaruli: I agree. I trust them enough to create my OS distro, but I like to make 100% sure myself (well, ok, 99%) if I'm made aware of a security vulnerability15:21
ikoniaDr_willis: looks that way15:21
christian__ikonia:  ok its open now, but i dont see any connect button15:21
christian__i never saw that button here15:21
AruzsiIs gMTP working with Samsung Galaxy SII under Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit?15:21
ruliikonia: yeah good luck with that15:21
ikonialorddelta: so let me get this straight, you trust them to make your OS, but you trust yourself to manage it's security even though you have no idea how to do it15:22
pratzhow can i turn off beep sound in 12.04 ?15:22
lorddeltaikonia, Dr_willis, Pici that's not a judgement on the ubuntu developers15:22
lorddeltaikonia: Why so quick to assume that I'm bashing?15:22
pratzand where are sound preferences in 12.04 ?15:22
ikonialorddelta: clearly it is15:22
lorddeltaikonia: clearly I'm not15:22
lorddeltaikonia: I just want to make sure.15:22
ikonialorddelta: you don't trust them to manage security effentially, yet you don't know how to do it yourself but you trust that knowledge over the experience of the people who maintain and build your distro15:22
MonkeyDustpratz  system settings, sound15:23
rulilorddelta: ikonia is exactly right. you should switch to another distro15:23
resnodoes the base install of ubuntu 12.04 close port 20?15:23
lorddeltaikonia: So? I trust them to a point, and then attempt to learn the rest by myself.15:23
christian__where is the connect button at the network manager :D15:23
resnoah, never mind. didnt have the software isntalled15:23
lorddeltaikonia: please stop being so antagonistic.15:23
ikonialorddelta: houw about trust them - they know what they are doing15:23
lorddeltaikonia: how about you could have just helped me out with a command and we wouldn't be having this silly argument?15:24
ikonialorddelta: there isn't a command15:24
Picilorddelta: Personally I prefer installing apt-listchanges to make sure that I know what changes are being updated when I do my upgrades.15:24
pratzMonkeyDust: hmm, but there is no option for beep or alert15:24
ikonialorddelta: and the fact that you expect a command suggests you should just trust the developers15:24
pratzMonkeyDust: i thought there would be one15:24
Picilorddelta: aptitude has a changelog command, but I'm not sure of one for apt.15:24
lorddeltaPici: *nod* I think I have something like that installed, I do try to read them, but the last update had something like 400+ updates...15:24
lorddeltaSo needless to say I didn't read them all15:25
genii-aroundPici: Yes, I've found that very helpful after a failure, can check exactly what was changed without internet access15:25
lorddeltaikonia: no it doesn't15:25
ikonialorddelta: good luck15:25
lorddeltaikonia: exactly. glad you can see my point.15:25
pratzguys anyone , how can i turn off beep sound from system in 12.04 ?15:25
=== mafiaboy is now known as killer
skx`facebook's ipo already missed it's start15:25
nohouseanyone can help setting up phone terminal15:25
ikoniaskx`: nothing to do with ubuntu - so nothing to do with this channel15:25
Dr_willispratz,  i cant even make mine beep. if its the pc speaker beeping. you  could blacklist the 'pcspkr' module.15:26
rulipratz:that is not configurable under ubuntu, sorry15:26
nohousei have an old Nokia N95 8GB phone and would like to see what data info i can get out of it15:26
pratzruli: now what do you mean by that ?15:26
ikoniapratz: ignore him - he's gone15:26
lorddeltaikonia: Never trust anyone 100%. I trust the ubuntu developpers, to a point, and after that point I want to make sure myself. To a point (no I'm not going to sit and stare at disassembly for hours. Also, a command does not imply that I trust the ubuntu developpers, I'd be fine with setting something up from source, from an external repo - unless the ubuntu developers are also responsible for gcc)15:27
ikonialorddelta: I'm not interested, just do what you want15:27
christian__ikonia: why is there no connect button in my network manager :(15:27
ikoniachristian__: do you see a mobile interenet (or words that effect) button ?15:27
ikoniachristian__: or tab15:27
lorddeltaikonia: that's nice. if you aren't interested, stop replying.15:27
christian__ikonia: yes there is one mobile internet15:27
ikoniachristian__: if you hover over it what do you see15:27
Onixsyou sure its detected christian__15:28
christian__ikonia: nothing15:28
ikoniachristian__: I'd check it's actually detected as Onixs has suggested15:28
christian__Onixs ikonia how can i check it correctly ? i always use lsusb15:29
ikoniachristian__: do you see it in lsusb15:29
CarlFK1/2 of my FireFox search things went away, like google and wikipedia.  - pretty sure it was the apt-get upgrade I did a few days ago.15:29
christian__Bus 002 Device 004: ID 12d1:1003 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E220 HSDPA Modem / E270 HSDPA/HSUPA Modem15:30
=== setkeh is now known as SETKEHS-CAT
christian__ikonia: thats how it is shown up in lsusb15:30
ikoniachristian__: ok, so it's seen as a physical device15:30
ikoniachristian__: you're using 10.04 yes15:30
christian__but is it seen as usb storage, or gsm modem ?15:30
ikoniachristian__: should be seen as a modem15:31
christian__yes 10.4 lucid15:31
ikoniathe fact that you don't see it in the network manager tool is a bit worrying15:31
lorddeltaPici: thanks again, I'll look into that apt package again.15:31
christian__i know it should be, but i dont know if its really seen as gsm modem15:31
christian__ikonia: i saw it in the network manager tool, but there is no connect button etc. etc.15:31
ikoniachristian__: I do'nt see a reason it wouldn't be15:31
ikoniachristian__: what do you see in the network manager tool for it15:31
mneptokchristian__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/Huawei15:32
chunohouse: hello15:32
pratzDr_willis: tried to black list  #blacklist pcspkr15:32
pratzDr_willis: but still i can here the sound15:32
Dr_willispratz,  check lsmod output perhaps..15:32
pratzDr_willis: in the same file ?15:33
christian__mneptok: thx for the link, will take a look at it :)15:33
christian__ikonia: it doenst really tell me much about in the network manager, just an entry in the mobile internet tab15:33
DeadLockdoes anyone happen to know how to use USB mobile broadband when booting from a LiveCD?15:33
nohouseanyone can help with how to setup phone terminal between a laptop and a Nokia N95?15:33
christian__maybe i should try to delete it and re-plug the stick ?15:33
Dr_willispratz,  lsmod shows if the module is loaded15:33
christian__it is possible that one of my friend created this entry manually15:33
ikoniachristian__: what does the entry in the mobile internet tab say15:33
christian__the name, and last used: never15:34
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »15:34
=== raven is now known as Guest18325
ikoniachristian__: so it looks like it can see and use the device, it's just not configured15:34
Franticguys, it seems that 12.04's apache2 doesn't have SNI support, any idea why?15:34
ikoniachristian__: in the network manager connect manager is there a 3g network setup for it15:34
L3topspratz try blacklist snd_pcsp15:34
BranicYetiWill Ubuntu executable files work in widows and/or mac?15:35
=== Guest18325 is now known as _raven
christian__there is a drop down menu where i can choose the type, 3g or 2g15:35
christian__ikonia:  or every type15:35
ikoniachristian__: set up the type you want to use15:35
ikoniachristian__: you need to have a service "defined" for the device15:35
ikoniachristian__: I'm sorry, I have to run now15:36
christian__ikonia: thx for the help15:36
=== George_Pooney is now known as Dead_AssClown
ikoniachristian__: sorry I can't finish15:36
christian__ikonia: no problem :)15:36
bibi23hi, does anyone already updated php? I've made apt-get upgrade php5 but apparently it has no effect, is it with apt-get that I have to update php? thx15:36
Dead_AssClownwat do you think about fb stock15:36
bazhangDead_AssClown, offtopic here15:36
DaDaDOSPromptyou name fits my viewpoint15:36
chuDead_AssClown: Come to #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to discuss fb15:37
L3topsbibi23: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install php5    should do the trick15:37
nohousehi, does anyone know how i can see data info for my Nokia N95 8GB?15:39
bibi23L3tops: no it keeps me on php 5.3.215:39
bibi23maybe I have to uninstall reinstall it?15:39
BranicYetido ubuntu exectuable files work in windows and/or mac, either as a program or through the command shell?15:39
nohouseplease help?15:39
irenicus09Hello...anyone knows if it's possible to make thunderbird check and notify about new incoming emails without actually running the full client?15:39
Guest65314Hello, I was wondering if Ubuntu is compatible with programs that say windows under system requirements? I remember there used to be long ago a wine interface that was suppose to do that15:39
RudBranicYeti: without recompiling? no15:39
L3topsthen that is all that is available. bibi23 apt-cache policy php515:39
irenicus09what coincidence, Guest65314 consider yourself lucky to say hello with me at the same time :P15:40
BranicYetiRud: would it be difficult to recompile it?15:40
Dr_willis!wine | Guest6531415:40
ubottuGuest65314: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:40
RudBranicYeti: depends on how much system-specific stuff the program uses15:40
BranicYetiRud: its a simple java decompiler  jd-gui to be precise15:41
nohousehello? Any ideas?15:41
llutzBranicYeti: this one? http://java.decompiler.free.fr/jd-gui/downloads/jd-gui-0.3.3.windows.zip15:41
RudBranicYeti: well. try it15:41
bibi23L3tops: it prints php 5.3.2, but on my local computer I have php 5.3.10 and I didn't do anything special, just apt-get install, no custom repositories or anything like that, and the webserver is ubuntu too so it's really strange...15:41
Guest65314Like Diablo II or mmorpg games15:42
Zentaurhello everybody15:42
BranicYetillutz: possibly. im on my phone so i cant really follow the link. the name looks right though15:42
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bazhangGuest65314, #winehq after checking the appdb15:42
Zentaurcould anybody help me with samba? I made something wrong, i'm afraid15:42
llutzBranicYeti: so why don't you just check the project-site for precompiled packages?15:42
L3topsbibi23: you said L3tops: no it keeps me on php 5.3.2         that is the latest available in the repo15:42
bazhang!appdb | Guest6531415:43
nohousecould anyone help with phone terminal comm?15:43
ubottuGuest65314: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help15:43
BranicYetiRud: im installing windows as we speak so i will do. the reason i ask is because i want to code some java to do something with the decompiler15:43
Zentauri uninstalled samba from 10.04 and removed /etc/samba15:43
wizard23can anyone tell me what this means Qt: Locales not supported on X server?15:43
Orpheonsomeone know how to install opengl 32 bit on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit?15:43
MonkeyDustwizard23  what part dont you understand?15:44
Zentauri reinstalled but there is no /etc/samba. it doesn't work now15:44
wizard23i am trying to install software that uses the qt libraries, but when i try to interact with it, i get kicked back to the login screen15:44
L3tops!patience | nohouse your question is not ubuntu specific, it is nokia/linux specific. You might try in #linux15:44
ubottunohouse your question is not ubuntu specific, it is nokia/linux specific. You might try in #linux: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:44
wizard23that is the only error i get when i load the program15:44
BranicYetillutz: because my laptop is reinstalling the os. i cant do much whilst that is running. and i want the java im coding to work on any os15:44
wizard23ubuntu 12.0415:44
Guest65314last question, does Ubuntu support wine?15:44
nohousek cheers15:44
MonkeyDust!details| wizard2315:44
ubottuwizard23: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:44
bazhangGuest65314, yes of course15:44
Guest65314sweet, thank you for the help15:45
OrpheonI really need help getting that opengl running15:46
Orpheonwine refuses to work now15:46
bibi23L3tops: ok I've made the same command but apparently it's not the same repository, maybe because it' not the same ubuntu version, one is lucid-updates/main and the other precise-security/main, maybe I could switch repo to get 5.3.10?15:46
bibi23same command on my local pc*15:46
nohousej/ #linux15:46
DeadLockCan I use Mobile Broadband when booting from a LiveCD?15:46
L3tops!ppa | bibi2315:46
ubottubibi23: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge15:46
wizard23ubottu: I am having trouble with EGSnrc monte carlo software, GUI based on Qt, i get Qt: Locales not supported on X server when I start the program from the commmand line, when I interact with the gui, i get sent back to the login screen and can repeat this with unity and gnome ubuntu 12.04, doesn't happen when I access over SSL tunnling from a remote server15:46
ubottuwizard23: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:46
dgcm_so 12.04 and nvidia drivers anyone?15:47
L3topsdgcm_: yes.15:47
dgcm_i've had nothing but grief15:47
dgcm_no matter what i've done, nvidia-settings will not accept x drivers, either open source or proprietary15:47
L3topsdgcm_: lspci -nn |grep VGA15:48
Orpheonwhat about the "Additional drivers" thing?15:48
KE7VYVI just installed 12.04 a few days ago and it wont open my sd card.15:48
wizard23my guess is something is wrong with unity and Qt, but I have no idea what to fix15:48
bibi23L3tops: the whole line for the repo providing php 5.3.10 is :  http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main , it looks like an official ubuntu repository for me, is it?15:48
dgcm_additional drivers doesn't find anything and doing it manually hasn't work either15:48
eutheriahi, what could cause all my openvpn connections to become greyed out?15:49
dgcm_my lappy actually has both an intel and nvidia15:49
dgcm_the intel is onboard, the idea being nvidia kicks in for anything that needs the extra power15:50
abaratic1nOn an ubuntu machine of mine, resolv.conf is correctly identifying my search domain, but it's not pulling in the nameservers from dhcp.. how can I fix that?15:50
L3topsbibi23: perhaps your sources.list is missing repos. I take it you are in France?15:50
L3topsdgcm_: check out bumblebee15:50
DarnothCan anyone familiar with preseeding tell me why I get prompted to confirm lvm partitioning when using http://pastebin.com/9czQPpVL on 12.04?15:51
L3topsdgcm_: the optimus cards are a real pain in the neck15:51
dgcm_didn't bumblebee get discontinued?15:51
dgcm_yeah everything i've come across thats worked for some people has not worked for me so far15:51
dgcm_causing untold grief at times lol15:51
bibi23L3tops: in fact my webserver is hosted in a kind of shared host with virtual machines, and their packages doesn't look like official ubuntu, it's :  http://update.onlinehome-server.info/distribution/ubuntu/15:51
bibi23yes I'm in france15:51
L3topsdgcm_: ironhide and bumblebee are both do not seem to have much active development... but to my knowledge they are not abandoned15:52
L3tops!sources | bibi2315:52
ubottubibi23: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories15:52
coolcusty_so i setup winscp for remote access from a windows computer to a linux and the only problem is is that on login the user goes to root rather than their home directory15:52
L3topshmmm... that wasnt what I wanted15:52
coolcusty_is there a way i can fix this15:52
KM0201when i bought my new laptop, i avoided the ones w/ the dual GPU's, cuz i knew about their issues.15:52
L3topsbibi23: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/15:53
dgcm_my old lady bought this for me15:53
dgcm_as a surprise15:53
L3tops!enter | dgcm_15:53
ubottudgcm_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:53
KM0201take it back w/o telling her and exchange it15:53
dgcm_lol too late for that15:53
dgcm_actually it was costco.. hmmm15:53
DarnothGuess I'll try asking a different question :).. Anyone using preseeding to do fully automated installs with 12.04?15:53
bibi23L3tops: sorry for the stupid question, wich command should I run to check my ubuntu version?15:53
L3topsbibi23: lsb_release -sc15:54
bibi23ok thanks :)15:54
L3topsdgcm_: have you actually tried bumblebee?15:54
coolcusty_i did "cat /etc/passwd" and for that user i saw /home/user15:55
L3topsDarnoth: I do so with 100415:55
dgcm_i might give it another whirl...15:55
L3topsdgcm_: you might also try specifying the nvidia gpu in xorg.conf15:55
DarnothL3tops: Mind sharing your partitioning scheme? I've looked everywhere online and they swear "d-i partman/confirm_nooverwrite boolean true" should fix my problem, but it doesn't.15:55
dgcm_i tried that15:56
L3topsdgcm_: most people do it wrong.15:56
dgcm_yeah it was the middle of the night when i did it lol15:56
L3topsdgcm_: lspci | grep VGA | cut -d' ' -f1 | awk 'NR==2'15:57
bibi23L3tops: ok I've generated a repo list, shoudl I paste them in a file now?15:57
=== Dorito is now known as Guest81611
wizard23well dose anyone know where I should go get advice about Qt and Unity?15:57
KE7VYVCan some1 help me with getting 12.04 to see my sd card?15:57
`Korvinis there any way to boot up from a server disk15:57
`Korvinwithout installing15:57
wizard23actually Qt and Ubuntu since it is happening in gnome to15:57
`KorvinI need to fix my partition, and I only have a server disk15:58
dgcm_yea i remember i pointed at it specifically one time and it just forced a 640x480 res15:58
L3topsbibi23: sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bu15:58
L3topsbibi23: copy your new sources into /etc/apt/sources.list and apt-get update15:58
MonkeyDust`Korvin  use a live cd to fix the partition, server has no live cd, only an installer15:58
L3topser sudo apt-get update15:59
L3topsdgcm_: lspci | grep VGA | cut -d' ' -f1 | awk 'NR==2'15:59
`Korvinis there a tool that will install from ubuntu, or do I have to download a full disk?15:59
KM0201`Korvin: what do you mean?16:00
`Korvineh nothing, I'll just download the iso16:00
bibi23L3tops: I just append them or should I remove the current repos? Wich don't look like official ubuntu urls.16:00
L3topsreplace bibi2316:01
makerbreakerwhy would stuff in my /var/run directory keep getting chown to root?16:01
bibi23L3tops: ok done, and apt-get update too16:02
makerbreakeri need to to stay owned by a user, but something keeps resetting it16:02
=== as456fgt is now known as dury
beandogwhy do you need it owned by a user?16:03
L3topsdgcm_: lspci | grep VGA | cut -d' ' -f1 | awk 'NR==2' | while IFS=':. ' read -r tok1 tok2 tok3 rest; do printf '%2s %2s %s\n' "$((16#$tok1))":"$((16#$tok2))":"$((16#$tok3))" | sed -e 's/ //g'; done16:03
L3topsthat will actually just spit out what you need Im afk.16:03
darrenloobyHi Guys, I've decided to take an old laptop and make it a dev server at home to play with... it's got ubuntu desktop on it. Is there an easy way to make it a server only?16:04
TheVoid_huge channel o.o16:05
sk1special anyone know why when i do sudo apt-get update its listing two errors with firefox? /sources and /packages16:07
OerHekssk1special, what errors does it report?16:08
sk1specialah failed to fetch 404 not found16:08
KM0201well, there you go.16:08
KM0201you've probably added a repository that is closed now.16:09
OerHekswell, too little info, what is the complete line?16:09
sk1specialW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found16:09
* KM0201 wins!16:09
sk1specialW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found16:09
KM0201sk1special: remove that PPA from your sources list, problem solved16:09
OerHeks!cookie > KM020116:10
ubottuKM0201, please see my private message16:10
sk1specialhow do i do that?16:10
KM0201OerHeks: lol16:10
KM0201sk1special: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list16:10
OerHeksjups. undo the ppa in software centre > software sources16:10
KM0201or that way, if you want the GUI.16:10
KM0201probably better to use the GUI really16:11
sk1speciali like using the command line tho cause i dont know S*^ about ubuntu / linux16:11
bibi23L3tops: now I need to change the package for php5? I think it's still sync with the old one right?16:11
KM0201sk1special: well, sometimes using the GUI tools is smart, cuz it can be fairly unforgiving.16:11
KM0201sk1special: esspecialy when you're new16:12
tom3plucid 10.04 doesnt recognize floppy drive, not listed in lshw. what to try?16:12
beandogsk1special: just edit /etc/apt/sources.list then16:12
KM0201sk1special: if you want to use command line.. then do this16:12
L3topsbibi23: apt-cache policy php5 | grep Candidate16:12
KM0201sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list   when the file opens, find the "mozilla ppa" lines, and delete them.  then Contrl +X, then Y to save.16:13
sk1specialah yeah thats just how i learn tho i mean. by breaking stuff lol. but yeah mmk . ah mmk i shall try it16:13
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`KorvinI just downloaded and burned ubuntu 12.0416:14
Guest48085Is there a way to encrypt a folder with a password?16:14
bibi235.3.2-1ubuntu4.15 ...16:14
Guest48085On 12.0416:14
`Korvintrying to boot up, and there is no try ubuntu option16:14
`Korvinwhat does rescue a broken system do16:14
KM0201Guest48085: there's a tool in the repositories called Truecrypt (i think thats the name) it will do exactly what you want.16:14
Guest48085Have you tried F12 on bootup Korvin?16:14
bibi23L3tops: it's 5.3.2, the difference between my local 5.3.10 and the server one is that server is lucid, and local precise, that's the reason?16:15
bazhangKM0201, truecrypt in the repos? which one16:15
KM0201bazhang: i said I "think" thats the name..lol, apprently i'm wrong16:15
KM0201but there's an app in the repos to do it.16:15
bibi23otherwise they're both on official ubuntu repo :  http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/16:16
djQueryall of a sudden since upgrading to ubuntu 12 every once in a while my sound card freaks out and I get weird static instead of the sound16:16
L3topsI am confused bibi23... what version are you on?16:17
KM0201!info cryptkeeper16:17
ubottucryptkeeper (source: cryptkeeper): EncFS system tray applet for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.5-5 (precise), package size 47 kB, installed size 268 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)16:17
bibi23L3tops: lucid16:17
`KorvinGOD DAMNIT16:18
L3topsOk... bibi23 why are you trying to upgrade php5 to begin with?16:18
KM0201`Korvin: please..16:18
`Korvinno option to live disk16:18
KM0201which ISO did you download?16:18
bibi23L3tops: I have an application requiring 5.3.316:19
`Korvineh 64x16:19
bibi23L3tops: I'd like to go to 5.3.10 or only 5.3.3 if not possible16:19
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=== thilo_ is now known as lupo
L3topsWow... ok... well that isnt even avail in precise... you are going to go get it... bibi23 what arch are you on? uname -m16:21
TaddleI've got a problem. I have got Apache on my Ubuntu Desktop (working as my server) and am currently trying to install mysql to make everything work, but things seem to be coming from the dotdeb repo. Anybody got any idea on how I can get rid of this not working repo?16:21
=== lupo is now known as harox
L3topsTaddle: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list16:22
TaddleL3tops, through SSH please?16:22
bibi23L3tops: x86_6416:22
Guest48085truecrypt seems to be working :)16:22
XXmy left bar is bugging on 11.1016:22
XXhalp please16:23
L3topsTaddle: are you familiar with vi/vim?16:23
milen8204I have strange problem. My Update Manager notes that I have updates that need to be installed16:23
milen8204but when I start to install I got that masage CD/DVD 'Xubuntu 12.04 LTS _Precise Pangolin_ - Release i386 (20120423)' is required16:23
milen8204Please insert the above CD/DVD into the drive '/media/cdrom/' to install software packages from it.16:23
kenjywhere can I set my dns's in a way that are not overwritted on /etc/resolv.conf ?16:23
L3topsTaddle: I juts use vim... people are very fond of nano etc.16:23
TaddleL3tops, errr, vim for windows16:23
jrib!notes | kenjy16:23
ubottukenjy: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) release notes can be found here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.0416:23
jribkenjy: read release notes about resolvconf16:24
jribkenjy: (assuming you are on 12.04)16:24
Taddlel3tops, so not really no...16:24
DarnothTaddle: Use nano for the editor then.16:24
Taddlehold on, lemme see if VNC is turned on16:24
L3topsmilen8204: in /etc/apt/sources.list  you will find a file://cdrom or some such nonsense. Put a # in front of it.16:24
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MrChattyPantsSo, I'm sure most of you know that the Update Manager has changed its name, right?16:24
milen8204L3tops, thanks16:25
kenjyjrib: Im on 12.0416:25
wyldeTaddle: you could always restart your ssh session with -X and start gui apps over ssh.16:25
jribkenjy: great, then that link should help you16:25
TaddleVNC is on :) I'll just open up gedit16:26
kenjyjrib: can't find it, any hint?16:26
jribkenjy: can't find what?16:26
kenjyjrib: changes about resolv.conf aren't a new feature and I can't see any networking related stuff on the content list of the right https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuServer#New_Features_in_Ubuntu_Server16:27
L3topsbibi23: http://dracoblue.net/dev/installing-php-535536-on-ubuntu-mavericklucid/194/      check that out. Replace maverick with lucid.16:27
TaddleOkay, I'm in that file, right, what now?16:27
milen8204L3tops, it works thanks a lot16:27
L3topshash out the offending deb Taddle (put a # in front of it) and save16:28
jribkenjy: search the page for "resolvconf".  It's in the "Common Infrastructure" section16:28
kenjyjrib: tnks buddy, I've found it16:29
jerryHI -- I have an older PC that I have updated through many Ubuntu releases.  With 11.10, though, I have a wee problem: update-grub *says* it's rewriting menu.lst, but doesn't actually do that.  Anyone know why that is and how to fix it?16:29
L3topsTaddle: Assuming it is there, then sudo apt-get update and move on. If it is not there, ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d and delete it from wherever it lives in there.16:30
kenjyjrib: dns-nameservers on interfaces, this is what I was loooking for =) tnks16:30
bibi23L3tops: it's written nginx in the ppa url, I'm with apache, it's not an issue?16:30
L3topsjerry: I dont believe 11.10 uses menu.lst. I believe it is on grub2, and that file is no longer used... but... strange...16:31
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TaddleOkay, install mysql, now I get "klu@klu-HP-Compaq-dx2420-Microtower:/var/www/staging/sites$ mysql16:31
TaddleERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"16:31
L3topsI dont know bibi23. I am just googling... Just apt-get update, apt-get install php5, and delete the ppa, apt-get update again. Should be just dandy.16:32
MrChattyPantsI edited some files for the update- manager to change its name in the strings. How do I compile it and get it working now?16:32
jeeves_mosshow can I fix my inability to right click the panel?  I want to add things to it, but when I right click it, nothing happens.16:32
L3topsThat means, typically that mysql is not running Taddle. What are you trying to do exactly?16:33
TaddleUse mysql16:33
L3topsfor what16:33
L3topsand over ssh?16:33
TaddleL3tops, my web server over SSH16:33
prokaHey, does anyone have info on how to record live streaming video?16:33
L3topsYou will probably want to invoke as mysqld --skip-networking &16:33
prokaThe video will be streaming on ustream.tv16:34
prokaIf that helps...16:34
L3topsor something similar...16:34
Orpheondoes someone happen to know how to get number of seconds since epoch in C?16:34
jerryL3tops: Actually, I have kept this machine updated since before there was a grub2.  So its still on grub legacy16:34
sk1specialproka: this has some useful stuff ..for me anyway. http://debianhelp.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/to-do-list-after-installing-ubuntu-12-04-lts-aka-precise-pangolin/16:34
prokaUhhh.. I hope I can install that on 10.0416:35
TaddleL3tops, err, what? I don't have a clue about this side of things, I can manage an existing setup, but I can't set something up, could you give me commands or something please?16:35
sk1specialproka: its just a list of progs this guy made..alot it says is from older versions so maybe * shrug*16:35
prokaOh, I see16:35
prokaCool :)16:36
bibi23L3tops: ok, packages are not found if I replace maverick with lucid, but basically I just have to find some php5 ppa and put them where you told me, then as you told me, update, install and update16:36
prokaThanks, I hope this will work16:36
prokaI'm in a bit of a hurry, since the stream is about to start :D16:36
Quantum_IonHow do you get rid of unity16:37
L3topsTaddle: I did. You cannot start mysql directly over ssh, so you will need to background the process with an &16:37
L3topsYou will probably want to invoke as mysqld --skip-networking &16:37
beandogL3tops: Taddle: the init script isn't working?16:37
thesheff17_someone gnome classic has changed to Chinese characters...does anyone know how to change this back?16:37
beandogCheck the MySQL error log16:37
Quantum_IonThey advised me to wait until July until the finish release of 12.04 LTS is done16:37
beandoger /var/lib/mysql16:38
beandogI meant16:38
MrChattyPantsHow does one compile the update-manager from source?16:38
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wylde!compile | MrChattyPants16:39
ubottuMrChattyPants: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall16:39
L3topscorrect bibi2316:39
TaddleOkay, I don't think that helped: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/164496816:39
beandogmysqld: Can't change dir to '/var/lib/mysql/'16:40
beandogthere's your problem, botched install.  Start it over.16:40
Mola_Ram_VishnuCompiling from source is real tricky16:40
L3topsthanks beandog... I didn't follow16:41
TaddleLol,98.3kB for a whole mysql install16:42
L3topsbright out here, and my highlighting was orange on yellow16:42
TaddleThat sounds wrong in every way possible16:42
L3topsTaddle: how are you trying to install?16:42
L3topsTaddle: what command did you use16:42
TaddleL3tops, apt get install mysql-server16:43
TaddleIt was connected to dotdeb though16:43
L3topsTaddle: then it looks like you were just missing a piece16:43
L3topsTaddle: I thought you removed that and updated16:43
TaddleErr, I can't even remove mysql now16:43
Taddlesudo apt get remove mysql-server is right isn't it?16:44
beandogjust use force16:44
L3topswell... first I would get rid of that errant deb16:44
L3topsTaddle: ^16:44
MrChattyPantsIs update-manager written in Java?16:45
Mola_Ram_VishnuMrChattyPants, Hello No !16:45
MrChattyPantsThank god.16:45
L3topsand update Taddle16:45
beandogI was gonna say ...16:45
Mola_Ram_VishnuMrChattyPants, Most likely GTK+16:45
MrChattyPantsCan someone actually help me with the compilation of update-manager?16:47
Mola_Ram_VishnuMrChattyPants, Do you know the difference between C++ and Java ?16:47
MrKeunerhello, is it possible to make a box connect to wireless AP even if noone has signed in?16:47
L3topsTaddle: is there a reason you have those ppas?16:47
L3tops!ppa | Taddle16:48
ubottuTaddle: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:48
beandogMrKeuner: yah, you could do it manually16:48
MrKeunerbeandog, in which file?16:48
beandogit might make networkmanager unhappy though16:48
TaddleOh, I didn't put them there16:48
MrChattyPantsPeople, some help would be very much appreciated.16:48
MrKeunerbeandog, I wouldn't do it despite Network manager16:48
harry_What is your problem?16:48
L3topsbeandog: for instance W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/brianmercer/php/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources16:49
beandogMrKeuner: you'd use iwconfig stuff, and then dhcp client to get an address16:49
beandogL3tops: wait, whut?16:49
MrChattyPantsI need someone to help with recompiling the update-manager, harry_.16:49
thesheff17_all my characters changed to this: 不经验证就安装这些软件包吗?[y/N] anyone know how to fix this?16:49
llutzMrKeuner: isn't it connecting by default if you set "connection available for all users" in networkmanager?16:49
MrKeunerllutz, haven't tried it, do you think it would?16:50
beandogllutz: I think he means, with no login16:50
MrKeunerbeandog, corrrect16:50
harry_Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it through the software center GUI?16:50
llutzMrKeuner: at least on my netbook it does. wifi-connection is established without any user being logged in16:50
L3topsbeandog: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/164499316:50
llutzbeandog: yes16:50
MrKeunerllutz, beandog great I'll try it thanks16:50
TaddleI'm guessing I should comment out all the the failing repo PPAs and those CDROM things16:50
beandogL3tops: I'm not familiar enough with apt to know what that's doing16:51
beandogTaddle: that's what I was going to suggest16:51
L3topsbeandog: I would just tell him to sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*; sudo apt-get update16:51
L3topsbut I am lazy16:51
Relocan someone tell me how to download packages through Ubuntu's command line?16:51
paolo_hi. which is the alsa development package in 11.10 ?16:51
beandogL3tops: I like it16:51
beandogRelo: aptitude download16:52
llutzRelo: sudo apt-get install packagename16:52
Relosudo apt-get install xxxxx doesn't work. it wants to assume I have the package already16:52
llutzRelo: exact error is?16:53
harry_Does anyone have problems were their sound card? Mine will randomly stop getting detected but a reboot fixes it16:53
Relocommand is: sudo apt-get install lynx-cur. I get E: unable to locate package lynx-cur16:53
Relotried just lynx...16:53
Relosame. went into aptitude and lynx isnt there16:53
llutz!info lynx-cur16:53
ubottulynx-cur (source: lynx-cur): Text-mode WWW Browser with NLS support (development version). In component main, is extra. Version 2.8.8dev.9-2 (precise), package size 1001 kB, installed size 2352 kB16:53
dagolfnutCan anyone here help with connection issues in Pidgin?16:53
llutzRelo: check your sources.list16:54
vidbhow to get folders using ncftp please?16:54
L3topsTaddle: if there are ppas in /etc/apt/sources.list then yes, comment them out. but they may exist in /etc/apt/sources.list.d in which case you would sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*  then sudo apt-get update again16:54
MrChattyPantsI download the  lp:ubuntu/precise-updates/update-manager source files, then went ahead and merged them with the new strings from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mterry/update-manager/string-changes/revision/2426. So how do I get a .deb file from that now?16:54
beandogvidb: what do you mean?  Like fetch them?  Do recursive ... ncftpget -r16:54
jeeves_mosshow can I fix my inability to right click the panel?  I want to add things to it, but when I right click it, nothing happens.16:54
Reloalright im there but I dont know what im looking for...16:55
vidbbeandog, I want to copy some folders from a distant server, i tried ncftp but it copy only files.16:55
Relothere isn't a single download command to grab tarballs?16:56
beandogvidb: yah, just use recursive, otherwise it'll only fetch stuff in the root diretory16:56
llutzRelo: you use packages with apt/dpkg not tarballs16:56
LmAtHow do I remove a keyboard layout in Ubuntu?16:56
LmAtI removed it in Gnome, but when I use TTY, it's still there!16:56
xanguajeeves_moss: if you are talking about fallback mode, you need to keep pressed Super+Alt i believe16:56
vidbbeandog, can u give me a command exemple please?16:56
beandogthesheff17: whats your locale set to16:56
TaddleI'm running the remove command again, and it seems to be trying to run a failing, broken setup16:57
L3topsLmAt: did you ever fix your tty problem?16:57
MrChattyPantsLet me ask again: I download the  lp:ubuntu/precise-updates/update-manager source files, then went ahead and merged them with the new strings from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mterry/update-manager/string-changes/revision/2426. So how do I get a .deb file from that now?16:57
docmurhow do I remove the overlay scroll bar, it's might be the worlds worst idea ever intergrated into a GUI16:57
L3topsTaddle: dpkg --configure -a16:57
beandogvidb: ncftp16:57
coolcusty_so i'm allowing users to access to an ubuntu box to retrieve and store files via winscp. it's working great. the only thing is that when the user logs in it goes to the root directory and not the user home directory.16:57
beandogvidb: help get16:57
LmAtL3tops: Yeah, I sudo service gdm stop  .  But I guess I wouldn't actually call that "fixing" the problem.16:57
Relookay perhaps I just don't understand then16:57
LmAtL3tops: Thanks for asking :)16:57
jeeves_mossxangua, I'm running the newest release.  and when I go to the top of the desktop, and right click the panel, nothing happens.  normally, I can right click and "add to panel".16:57
vidbok thank you16:57
llutzRelo: it shuld contain a line like "deb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted universe multiverse"16:57
llutzRelo: just different mirror than de.archive.... perhaps16:58
L3topsTaddle: that will need a sudo... sorry.16:58
Reloyes, it does16:58
=== harry_ is now known as TheAlliedFleet
llutzRelo: so run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lynx-cur"16:58
docmurnevermind I got them disabled :-)16:58
xanguajeeves_moss: if you mean unity the panel position is fixed16:58
coolcusty_is there a way to restrict user login and navigation to their home directory and it's sub directories16:59
TaddleGod you guys know a lot :P16:59
jeeves_mossxangua, I'm not trying to move it, just add widgets to it16:59
LmAtWell, after reading, it looks like I should just re-install ubuntu...16:59
beandogcoolcusty_: its called a chroot16:59
xanguajeeves_moss: well you can add Indicators16:59
beandogcoolcusty_: derp, root jail.  my bad.16:59
jeeves_mossxangua, ???16:59
beandogLmAt: what happened?16:59
thesheff17_anyone have all Chinese characters?  I have no idea how to fix this16:59
TaddleL3tops, what was your intention with that?16:59
thesheff17_and I can't read any of the menus17:00
xanguajeeves_moss: http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available17:00
beandogthesheff17_: what's your locale set to?  Open a terminal and run "locale"17:00
L3topsTaddle: that attempts to reconfigure broken package installs17:00
TaddleIt seems like it made no change to me17:00
beandogand pastebin it17:00
jeeves_mossxangua, thank you17:00
LmAtbeandog: I have two keyboard layouts: US and Dvorak.  I got a keyboard that handles the dvorak by itself, so that the computer thinks everything is in qwerty.17:00
coolcusty_beandog: i'll look into it17:00
L3topsTaddle: now apt-get remove again17:00
OerHeksthesheff17, did you actually update a videodriver?17:00
LmAtbeandog: I would now like to remove the dvorak keyboard layout, but don't know how.17:00
beandogcoolcusty_: good luck man, usually it's in place for someone doing remote connections like SSH.17:00
thesheff17_I ran updates17:00
beandogLmAt: oh, that ... it's probably apt-reconfigure kbd or something17:00
LmAtbeandog: I got it working in gnome (very easily), but when I switch to tty1, the dvorak layout is happening again.17:00
Relookay, well... obviously I'm a linux noob so my questions will be annoying, but why can't I just specify a link to somewhere. Say I want to download... i donno... anything other than something that comes from xxxx.ubuntu.xxxx. I simply can't do it?17:01
teh5abikinghello all17:01
TaddleNo change17:01
iSeeDeadPixelswho can help me with setting up MaaS with a existing DHCP server?17:01
beandogLmAt: http://www.wikihow.com/Change-Keyboard-Layout-in-Ubuntu17:01
beandogLmAt: Oh, just reboot then17:01
jeeves_mossxangua, I'm actually using Gnome classic17:01
bibi23L3tops: I found a package wich looks serious, https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/php5 , I've added the ppa, update etc, but php can't be upgraded because of dependencies that needs to be updated to, is there a way to update php and all the dependencies too?17:01
L3topsbeandog: LmAt dpkg --reconfigure17:01
LmAtbeandog: I did a few times :(17:01
* TheVoid_ is on gnome217:01
llutzRelo: you want to read about apt basics https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto17:01
beandogL3tops: I was close. :)17:01
beandogLmAt: Okay then, it's system keyboard.17:02
beandogplease hold.17:02
wyldeiSeeDeadPixels: #ubuntu-server would probably have people better able to help.17:02
L3topsbibi23: PPAs are unsupported I am afraid. You are a bit on your own there. If you absolutely have to have the lastes version on lucid, you will have to work it out.17:02
beandogL3tops: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup17:02
yohanni know this is not the right place but i couldnt find a python irc, im having encoding erros in my python script17:02
xanguabibi23: if the ppa doesn't work you need to contact the ppa maintainer17:02
beandogthesheff17_: okay, what's your native language17:02
coolcusty_also how can i give a user a home directory17:03
MrChattyPantsHere's the list of files that I need to make into a .deb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/994526/. How do I do it?17:03
LmAtL3tops: , I'll check.17:03
beandogcoolcusty_: see userad d--help17:03
beandogcoolcusty_: useradd --help, rather17:03
Relollutz: alright I'll have a look. thanks17:03
beandogcoolcusty_: usermod --help if they already have an account17:03
wylde!alis | yohann17:04
ubottuyohann: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:04
yohannTraceback (most recent call last):   File "<stdin>", line 3, in <module> UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe4' in position 9: ordinal not in range(128) >>>17:04
L3topsbibi23: do not try and apt-get dist-upgrade as the thing suggests, install only the package you are after... ppas lead to all sorts of breakage.17:04
yohannok thanks wylde17:04
bibi23L3tops: I already made it.. but I didn't update any package yet as there were a dependency issue17:05
TaddleWhere should I go from here?17:05
LmAtbeandog: Okay, configuring now.  This looks promising :)17:05
L3topsAgain bibi23, that falls out of support, and I am in 4 chans trying to help folks.17:05
beandogLmAt: I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say that you may have to reboot17:05
* beandog gives L3tops a cookie17:06
* Taddle gives everyone a cookie17:06
TaddleThanks for your help so far :D17:06
quiescensyay cookie17:06
TaddleGod, that cut a hole in my bank account17:07
Taddle1776 cookies is not cheap17:07
LmAtbeandog: That didn't work :(17:07
LmAtbeandog: It didn't mention the keyboard layout.17:07
L3tops!cookie | beandog17:07
ubottubeandog: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:07
beandogLmAt: really?  whut.17:07
beandogLmAt: did it have you pick your native language and all that17:08
bibi23L3tops: ok so I'll don't do that if it's dangerous, but I don't really understand how should I do then, because with the ppa you gave me earlier wasn't it the same issue? unsuported17:08
LmAtbeandog: really :)  It talked about character set, and font size (which I changed), but not layout.17:08
LmAtbeandog: It asked me the encoding and charcter set, not the layout.17:08
ubottuUbuntu includes several dock-like navigation bars. Some options are: avant-window-navigator, cairo-dock, docky (formerly part of gnome-do), stalonetray, simdock, kdocker, kooldock.17:08
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beandogLmAt: I think that's probably it.  Try a reboot, if youc an17:08
L3topsI gave you a website to try, after explaining that it is dangerous and unsupported bibi23. Don't punish me for trying to help.17:08
LmAtbeandog: hmm, okay.17:08
beandogLmAt: or this http://en.kioskea.net/faq/10878-ubuntu-change-keyboard-layout17:08
LmAtbeandog: I did that.17:10
beandogLmAt: weird.  I dunno.17:10
LmAtbeandog: It changes the keyboard layout in gnome.  But afer I restart, the deleted keyboard layout is back!17:10
LmAtbeandog: Okay.17:10
beandogLmAt: really.  Hmm, one sec.17:10
Suse99chi è italiano?17:10
blitzkrieg766what is default passwd for root in ubuntu server17:10
Suse99chi è italiano?17:10
Suse99chi è italiano?17:11
martinphonerhythmbox help: how can I play mpc files with it?17:11
beandogLmAt: pastebin /etc/default/keyboard17:11
beandogblitzkrieg766: doesn't have one, you use the user account you setup to use sudo17:11
bibi23L3tops: yes thanks for your help I'm grateful for that, I'm just trying to understand how the packages work because I'm kind of lost in that17:11
LmAtbeandog: That's difficult on tty, but I'll give it my best shot.17:11
beandogwell, that's not entirely true ... it *does* have one, but it's scrambled17:11
beandogLmAt: use nopaste17:11
beandogLmAt: nopaste /etc/default/keyboard17:12
beandogLmAt: Are you on console right now?17:12
LmAtbeandog: installing...17:12
LmAtbeandog: Using tty117:12
wylde!root | blitzkrieg76617:12
ubottublitzkrieg766: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:12
Dr_williswowsers - cairo dock has a lot of features.. ;)17:12
beandogLmAt: do you have a mouse cursor?17:13
LmAtbeandog: Yes, it's running irssi.  Tty 2 is installing.17:13
LmAtbeandog: nope.17:13
beandogLmAt: install gpm if you want a mouse17:13
MrChattyPantsI download the lp:ubuntu/precise-updates/update-manager source files, then went ahead and merged them with the new strings from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mterry/update-manager/string-changes/revision/2426. So how do I get a .deb file from that now? Here's a list of files in update-manager now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/994526/.17:13
beandogLmAt: comes in pretty handy. :)17:13
beandogLmAt: also, tmux / screen ftw17:13
blitzkrieg766amen!!! tmux rules17:13
* beandog floods LmAt with options17:13
blitzkrieg766using it NOW17:13
blitzkrieg766every dang day17:14
beandog^5 blitzkrieg76617:14
LmAtbeandog: I'm not interested in a mouse, but I forgot to run tmux before running irssi.  no foresight :(17:14
beandogLmAt: nooooes17:14
LmAtbeandog: That was a LITTLE easier ;)17:14
LmAtbeandog: I had to run nopaste, copy the url somewhere else, go back to irssi, and type the url again :P17:15
bibi23L3tops: maybe I can take the same repository than for my local computer, the difference is that it's precise instead of lucid, does it make it uncompatible?17:15
beandogLmAt: Right, with gpm you could have done copy / paste17:15
beandogmiddle click ftw, also. ;)17:15
LmAtbeandog: Oh, gpm (gnome package manager?) has a clipboard with it?  Is it a service?17:15
coolcusty_beandog: so i tried usermod and it give me a "no changes"  message but there isn't a directory for the user in the home directory and upon logging in i got "could not chdir to home directory /home/theuser: no such file or directory"17:15
beandogLmAt: no ... gdm17:15
LmAtbeandog: You use qwerty?17:15
MrChattyPantsAre the nVidia drivers stable enough now since nVidia released an update to them?17:15
beandogLmAt: gpm                                                                                                            - General Purpose Mouse interface17:16
LmAtbeandog: I have gdm.  I stopped it (sudo service17:16
beandogLmAt: you dont have to stop it to get to console ... use ctl alt f117:16
LmAtbeandog: What does your /etc/default/keyboard say?17:16
beandogLmAt: alt f7 to get back17:16
LmAtbeandog: That doesn't work for previously described reasons.17:17
beandogLmAt: http://pastie.org/393161417:17
beandogLmAt: Right, of course.17:17
LmAt\me edits his keyboard file.17:17
LmAtbeandog: I'll need to restart after editing, right|17:17
beandogcoolcusty_: okay just make the home directory as root, then chown it to that user;  fex, mkdir /home/beandog; chown beandog: /home/beandog17:17
LmAtbeandog: Dang it, I can't edit the freaking file... oh yeah, sudo vim...17:18
coolcusty_lol sorry17:18
beandogLmAt: heh17:18
beandogcoolcusty_: fex = for example17:18
LmAt"keyboard" written17:18
LmAtrestarting, brb.17:18
beandogpoor guy17:18
delacIs it even possible to write udev rules on Pangolin? I have tried everything and nothing seems to work...17:18
sk1specialcan you change the icon that progs use in the launcher?17:19
MrKeuneris there a way to find out which package my mail command came with?17:20
llutzMrKeuner: dpkg -S $(which mail)17:20
MrKeunerllutz, thanks17:20
cristian_cHow can I identify alsa mosules?17:20
beandogMrKeuner: dpkg -L /usr/bin/binary-name17:20
MrKeunerllutz, I got this actually, dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/bin/mail.17:21
irenicus09hi are there any appication for controlling heat management @laptop? :P17:21
llutzMrKeuner: its most likely jsut a symlink17:21
irenicus09or does it have to be done the hard way17:21
beandogirenicus09: lm_sensors, acpid, etc.17:21
MrKeunerbeandog, dpkg-query: error: package name in specifier '/usr/bin/mail' is illegal: must start with an alphanumeric character17:22
MrKeunerllutz, ok17:22
LmAtbeandog: It didn't work.17:22
LmAtbeandog: I'm using gnome now.17:22
LmAtbeandog: It looks like nothing changed.17:22
MrKeunerllutz, you are right, symlink to /etc/alternatives/mail17:22
llutzbeandog: dpkg -L    needs a packagename to list files, -S is to find a package17:22
beandogllutz: derp17:23
llutzMrKeuner: follow the links to find the endpoint17:23
trismsk1special: change the Icon= line in the .desktop file the launcher uses, then drag and drop it back on the launcher (the default .desktop files are usually in /usr/share/applications/, easiest to copy them to ~/.local/share/applications/ and edit there)17:23
irenicus09beandog: no high level application to handle those?17:23
irenicus09laptop_mode is good for power management17:23
beandogLmAt: can you pastebin /etc/default/keyboard again17:23
beandogLmAt: also, output of locale17:23
LmAtbeandog: http://gist.github.com/272654117:24
MrKeunerllutz, it was package: heirloom-mailx. Is there a way to find out what package triggered its installation?17:24
sk1specialah mmk t/y17:24
MrKeunerllutz, I did not install it specifically17:24
oscarHi, I've just install OpenXenManager and had to make my own OpenXenManager.desktop, that's fine. I can start OXM from launcher but it does not indicate it's running so I can't switch to it, just start another instance. Am I missing something in my .desktop file?17:24
llutzMrKeuner: aptitude why packagename17:24
beandogLmAt: hmm that's what mine is too.  Now I'm really stumped.17:25
MrKeunerllutz, thank you very much17:25
beandogLmAt: how did you switch it to begin with?17:25
LmAtbeandog: At installation, it asked what keyboard I use. I told it "dvorak".17:25
beandogLmAt: Also, see if it's that way with another user, too... could be an environment variable somewhere ... I'm not really familiar with keyboard layouts17:25
cristian_con other question:17:25
LmAtbeandog: Okay, I'll create another user.17:25
beandogLmAt: well if it asked at install17:25
cristian_cHow can I activate pinch gesture on my touchpad with ubuntu?17:25
beandogit's probaby global17:25
LmAtbeandog: yup, probably :)  Now I want to globally change it :P17:26
beandogLmAt: well I dunno man, just google it I guess. -_-17:26
LmAtbeandog: Thanks for your time.17:26
tankcrhi all, are there any kernel devs online? I need a little help17:27
beandogLmAt: yah, sorry man, I can't think of anything else.17:27
beandogOne of those should have fixed it17:27
tankcrI am trying to add a cpu in xconfig17:28
LmAtbeandog: What if it is different for other users?17:28
beandogLmAt: is it?17:28
resnotankcr: theres a kernel dev chat somewhere out there17:29
tankcryup, not a single person chatting in it lol17:29