AriMarttiany way install ubuntu studio from console / alternate install?00:49
AriMarttithis #ยค%#& installer freezes any time i tried it00:50
AriMarttitried with 'noacpi nolapic' 'acpi=off', both and normal way'00:51
AriMarttialso "live system" or "install ubuntu studio" alternatives00:52
AriMarttiin live system it freezes "Where are you?" dialog in ubiquity, not so interesting logs in /var/log/installer/debug00:53
AriMarttitried also using ' ubiquity --desktop %k --debug gtk_ui & ' command-line parameters00:54
AriMarttiin plain installer gui it freezes in "importing users" dialog00:54
AriMarttiboth way tried to wait over 4 hours in freezed view00:55
holsteinAriMartti: can you get to a live desktop?00:55
holsteinAriMartti: you can install ubuntustudio-desktop from wherever you like00:56
AriMarttiholstein: yes, i'm now downloadin ubuntu official alternate installer01:09
AriMarttionly wonder why there aren't alternative ways to install on live dvd01:10
AriMarttiholstein: yes, i had the live desktop01:11
AriMarttibut no linux installed on hard disk01:12
AriMarttibut maybe that's clear for everyone that i'm so unhappy with that ubuntu studio installer dvd01:15
AriMarttiso let's speak about video capturing01:16
AriMarttihow necessary the real-time kernel is when capturing analog video to hard drivee?01:16
AriMarttii'm trying to construct perfect budget-class video capturing machine01:17
AriMarttii already have a PC with 2,3 GHz quad AMD, 8 GB RAM and nVidia GTX7800 GPU01:18
AriMarttii'm wondering if i need a 64 GB SSD for swap and 3 TB HDD for video data (180 h video in VHS tapes)01:19
licensedi would like to start with home studio.. i'm in doubt if i install a new linux (ubuntustudio) and keep dual boot, or i modify my ubuntu to work with music01:20
licensedit's poor haves to change o.s when we wants to do a job01:20
AriMarttii wish to install only ubuntu studio for that job01:21
AriMarttiso there wouldn't be any other operating systems on that machine01:21
AriMarttii'm familiar with linux but not with video capturing01:21
licensedyou agree to use ubuntustudio for software developer?01:22
AriMarttispeaking me?01:24
licensedI work with software developing01:25
licensedi didn't know if i keep my ubuntu and install a new ubuntustudio01:25
licensedor if i remove my ubuntu and keep ubuntustudio only (to make all jobs)01:25
AriMarttii think you can install ubuntu studio without any need to reinstall the whole system01:26
AriMarttii'm going to install ubuntu now and then ubuntustudio-desktop in it01:26
AriMarttibut as i said, i've never used ubuntu studio, only the live system of it about 3 hours trying install it01:27
Len-nblicensed, you can add the ubuntustudio-desktop meta package on top of ubuntu. I have not tried this myself but there are some who have.01:28
AriMarttithere should be all dependencies and therefore also all software you would find in your brand new ubuntu studio install01:29
licensedLen-nb, but when i install this, i will have optimized kernel?01:29
AriMarttimaybe you need to add ubuntustudio repositories in your synaptic or apt variant you like01:30
AriMarttiand there should be the real-time kernel01:30
Len-nblow latency kernel, not RT. You should not need to add any repositories, ubuntustudio is ubuntu.01:34
Len-nbIf all you want is the kernel it can be added to any buntu on it's own01:38
AriMarttithen, http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntustudio-desktop01:40
holsteinyou can install that or any metapackage in any of the alternate iso01:47
licensedhow can i have rt kernel? i have to install a new ubuntustudio or just a ubuntustudio-desktop package?01:52
holsteinlicensed: neither02:11
holsteinyou literally install just the kernel02:11
holsteinyou can get it from...02:11
holsteinor, you can just install the lowlatency one from the repos02:12
holsteinOR, just try the generic one02:12
licensedyes, i understand. thank you02:12
mighty_abobaLen-dt, do you have RT kernel or lowlatency?04:20
mighty_abobaLen-dt, Hi :)04:20
Len-nblow latency.04:20
Len-nbhi I didn't know I was here :) just walking by the computer...04:21
mighty_abobaDid you try RT once?04:21
Len-nbmaybe back at version 2.4 or less.04:21

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