Unit193!admingroup |Nope00:01
ubottuNope: Up through Ubuntu 11.10, administrator privileges using sudo was granted to the "admin" Unix group.  In Ubuntu 12.04, privileges are granted to the "sudo" group, for consistency with upstream and Debian.  For compatibility, the "admin" group will continue to have access in 12.04.00:01
MarzataUnit193: ah, so. let me see. and thanks!00:04
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knomeusa_today, please don't use awaynicks00:08
Marzatawe some admin users trough the menu, and when they tried to do ssh as admins the system didnt allow them to perform any admin tasks00:09
Marzatathe only users who is allowed is the 1st added during the install. Is this normal in 12.04?00:09
Marzatashall we add all admin users to sudo group?00:11
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Unit193Shouldn't need to.00:14
Marzatawell, they can't do sudo00:16
xubuntu916Hi, anyone here?00:21
Unit193Just us chickens.00:21
xubuntu916Damn it. Well perhaps a chicken would be still able to assist me as I am completely lost.00:22
Unit193Feel free to ask away.00:22
xubuntu916When I download the desktop 32 bit version of xubuntu 12.04 on my friends laptop and run it through uTorrent it keeps coming out as a zip file.00:24
xubuntu916isn't it meant to be an iso00:24
knomein a way, iso files are archives00:24
xubuntu916I tried burning a data  disk with it but it only burned one file which was no use when I tried to reboot my own laptop.00:26
Unit193Yeah, you have to burn it differently, "DiskImage" sometimes.00:26
xubuntu916Is "diskimage" a program I'll need to download to finish this off then?00:27
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:30
xubuntu916thanks ubotto, but the problem I'm having is that the file is coming out as a zip file and not an ISO file. And I can't find anything on the site about burning a zip file to a cd00:33
xwalkAre there any man pages on properly writing cron jobs files?00:34
xubuntu916is that directed at me xwalk? is so, I'm sorry, but I don't even know what they are.00:36
xwalkxubuntu916: To the channel in general.00:36
xwalkUnit193: Thank you.00:36
ChristopherNgknome: you there?01:55
Unit193Almost 0500 his time3.01:56
ChristopherNgyeah that guy loves his sleep01:56
ChristopherNgim going to ask something in ot01:57
xubuntu386ok, I have a problem and need help. I tried installing xubuntu 12.04, installation was going well until... there was a message pop up "Errno5" what is that, how can I fix it?05:41
xubuntu440I try installing xubuntu 12.04 until errno5 happened, can someone please help me?05:45
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Guest21613hi everybody09:23
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Marqeaux@Xubuntu159: does anyone at your house having access to your computer (by logging in with your password, or do you share your computer with someone else?)09:55
Marqeaux@Xubuntu159: like a "funny" brother or roommate?09:56
gordonjcpxubuntu159: sounds like a windup10:06
xubuntu159no - i am the only one that has the password10:07
xubuntu159and the password is verry complicated10:07
gordonjcpand trivial to bypass10:07
gordonjcpcomplicated passwords are a stupid idea10:07
gordonjcpin any case if you have physical access to the machine it may as well not be passworded at all10:08
xubuntu159passwords are a stupid idea .... ???!10:10
gordonjcpxwalk: *complicated* passwords are a stupid idea10:19
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gordonjcpxwalk: ah, disregard...10:23
xwalkgordonjcp: AYe.10:28
gordonjcpokay, so who here thinks that xubuntu159's desktop was really "hacked" by "anonymous"?10:29
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astraljavaUsually there's no reason to let anyone know they have been hacked. Certainly not an individual user not exposed to higher audience. And most certainly not by Anonymous.11:28
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gordonjcphow can I create a xubuntu bootable USB stick from Windows?11:51
gordonjcpor, is it possible at all?11:51
martinphoneany google earth user?11:53
martinphoneshould I go with the package installation (6.0) orwith the most recent one from official site (6.2)?11:54
martinphonepackage = synpatic11:54
knomemartinphone, the preferred method is always what's in the repositories11:56
martinphoneknome, if I go from official site I get an .exe, can it be extracted with xubuntu?11:57
martinphonedos windows executable, mono...11:57
knomemartinphone, i'd use the version from the repositories.11:58
martinphoneI guess I shouldnt click the check for updates, right?12:00
knomein google earth?12:01
martinphoneor, is it disabled for ubuntu packages untill a new package is released?12:04
martinphonecrap, I could have checked for ppa's..12:04
cellardoorHi all, I need some help with my dual monitor setup. Googling hasn't helped. In Gnome, my dual display works fine, the menu-bar and 'primary' screen is my big one to the right, and not the smaller one to the left. So far everything I have tried in XFCE hasn't moved the Menu bar etc from the left screen to the right. It thinks the left screen is the main screen. If I invert their position in nvidia-settings (tell it that the small screen is12:10
cellardoor to12:10
cellardoor<cellardoor>  the right of the big screen, when it's really on the left) then the menu-bar appears correctly placed on the big screen. Can I fix this? Or is the XFCE-menu bar always left-justified or something?12:10
knomecellardoor, you in 12.0412:12
knomecellardoor, ?12:12
laitecellardoor: in xfce settings editor (from menu) there are displays, try changin option 'primary' from there12:12
laiteit's boolean (true/false) for both displays12:12
cellardoorknome, yeah, upgraded the other day. Okay laite one second.12:12
laiteyou propably need to log out and back in after changing12:13
cellardoorI have changed it to true.12:13
cellardoorDidn't work :(12:14
knomecellardoor, right click panel -> panel -> panel preferences -> in the display tab, see "output"12:14
cellardoorbear with12:15
laitewhoa, haven't seen that option before =D12:15
cellardoorThank you knome, a hat-tip to you! and thank you laite too :)12:15
laitedoes xubuntu 12.04.1 have a different kernel than 12.0412:19
laiteas in, 3.3-series12:19
knomelaite, i don't think so12:20
laiteknome: ok, thanks. I think I've read somewhere that ubuntu kernel often 'backports' things from newer kernels to their own version of 3.2, would there be some list about things that are additionally supported with 12.04 kernel?12:30
olbihave problems, could some1 help?12:59
GridCubeolbi: have edited manually any grub  files?13:06
olbidoesnt, only last time using super-boot-manager, to change plymouth theme13:06
GridCubecheck line 98 of /boot/grub/grub.cfg.new as the bug warning says13:06
olbichecking there but doesnt know what could be the problem, paste this line here?13:07
GridCubeolbi: better paste the whole file to pastebin13:08
olbihttp://pastebin.com/8nAvrjkD ,  http://pastebin.com/vHdfixmH13:11
olbihere you are13:11
olbihttp://www.unixmen.com/super-boot-manager-great-tool-to-manage-burg-grub2-and-plymouth-in-ubuntu/ - i was using only this app13:12
GridCubeolbi: i dont see anything wrong, but im no grub expert, i recommend you 2 things, one is to try using boot-repair, its on the repos, the other if that doesnt work is trying asking in #grub13:21
GridCubecorrection, its not on the repos :/13:22
kangaroooxubuntu live username and password?13:24
kangaroooGridCube: for 12.04 i leave blank for name and passw?13:29
kangarooocant log in 12.04 live after i logged out whats username?13:29
aguitelin firefox tab the fonts are with differents darkness13:31
GridCubekangarooo: when you are installing you make up those things13:31
GridCubeits up to you13:31
kangaroooGridCube: im in live usb13:32
kangaroooi didnt installed jet but testing13:32
olbidoesn't help :(13:36
GridCubeolbi: :(13:49
GridCubei dont know, ask on #grub13:49
olbiasked and waiting :D13:55
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knomeusa_today, please don't use awaynicks.15:34
martinphonei have 60 files, all of em are named like this: artis - album - song title. This is very inconvenient for me, and Im looking for an automated way to get rid of "artist - album - " for all of the files15:47
markussSubject: Upgrading xubuntu from oneiric to precise  ---  Hi, I would appreciate advice on how to upgrade.  The update manager does not indicate that a new distribution is available.15:51
genii-aroundmarkuss: What is the result of the command: grep = /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades16:00
oli_57hello everybody16:13
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:20
laitemartinphone: you could look thunar's bulk rename-option, just select bunch of files, right click and choose 'rename'16:20
martinphonelaite, solution was found in for f in *; do mv "$f" "${f#*-* - }"; done16:20
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drcDo I read http://xubuntu.org/news/12-04-release/ correctly?  12.04 32 bit is non-pae but 12.10 (and beyond) 32 bit will be pae?17:02
holstein"The i386 images use a non-PAE kernel. The non-PAE kernel will not be available in future Xubuntu releases." does imply that17:03
holsteini was under the impression the main ubuntu was shipping with PAE by default now17:04
drcholstein: I was 90% sure that's what it said, but there was just something about the phrasing that made me wonder :)17:04
xubuntu198Hi everyone!I installed xubuntu using the Wubi utility(I didn't change any settings;I have a XP with SP 2).I restart the PC and it boots directly in XP.Any ideas?17:04
holsteinxubuntu198: if you see it listed in the windows boot loader, just select it17:05
holsteinit = xubuntu/ubuntu17:05
martinphonewhat libraries or packages do I need to play mpc files with rhythmbox?17:05
martinphoneparole plays em17:05
xubuntu198It don't show any windows boot loader17:05
Artemis3wubi i think creates an icon to launch it17:06
holsteinxubuntu198: you have a windows bootloader.. i would try clicking the .exe again.. if you put the iso in the same directory, it will be used instead of going and downloading the iso17:06
Artemis3look in your windows desktop for the icon17:06
xubuntu198I tired that a moment later it don't work17:07
holsteinmartinphone: i usually just install the *-restricted-extras metapackage.. i use VLC though17:08
holsteinxubuntu198: what didnt work? and how did it not work?17:08
xubuntu198anyway tnx17:08
holsteinxubuntu198: i would get the wubi .exe file, put it in a directory with the LIVE CD iso... click on it and report errors17:08
martinphoneholstein, for all ku, xu, lu and ubuntu?17:08
holsteinmartinphone: its the same codecs AFAIK..17:09
Artemis3just install the one you need, xubuntu-restricted-extras would be correct for this channel17:09
martinphoneholstein, so with just one it should be enough...17:09
holsteinmartinphone: i would expect what plays in parole to play in rhythymbox17:09
holsteinmaybe its a plugin for rhythymbox you need.. i would ask in #ubuntu or somewhere more folks might be using RB17:10
markussHi, any ideas how to upgrade xubuntu from oneiric to precise?  The update manager does not recognize that there is a new distribution upgrade available.17:15
gordonjcpmarkuss: update-manager -c -d17:23
gordonjcpdoes that do it?17:23
markussgordonjcp:  strange.  it works.  Update manager starts and reports a new release!  (I had hoped before to see that, making many attempts.)  Thanks so much!17:26
crondCan anyone tell me if nvidia optimus graphics are working well on x/ubuntu in general? I'm currently making a USB install stick but want to be sure my gaming will work :)17:29
genii-aroundcrond: Might want to read http://geek.co.il/wp/2012/02/19/nvidia-optimus-on-ubuntu-12-0417:35
crondgenii-around, thank you!17:35
ubuntu_hello all I have a problem I have download Xubuntu 12.04 .iso file and then I burned it and tried to install but in the middle of installation an error occurred.18:19
ubuntu_I have the text of error but is there anyone else whit that problem18:20
crondubuntu_, I would check your ISO or your burn first.18:21
genii-aroundubuntu_: Did you verify the md5 of the cd image before you made the cd?18:21
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:21
ubuntu_genii-around, I didnt understand how to check18:24
ubuntu_oohhh on that site is written18:25
ubuntu_genii-around, when I write: md5sum "myisofile", nothing happens18:28
genii-aroundubuntu_: Where it has "myisofile" you put instead the path and name of the actual iso file you downloaded, like xubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso  or so on18:30
ubuntu_I must wait a little18:31
ubuntu_it has done18:31
ubuntu_now I have my hash18:31
milen8204genii-around, 52fddd81e75bb421a5435a42ca9ec6df18:33
milen8204my iso is ok18:34
milen8204i am ubuntu_18:34
genii-aroundmilen8204: Good. I would make a new CD, this time with software set to verify that it was written correctly.18:37
milen8204I had used Xfburn18:38
milen8204That error-massage was written: The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will now be run so that you may investigate the problem or try to install again18:41
milen8204I am trying to check cd whit md5sum18:54
mongyif yo uare having trouble with the live installer then maybe try the alternate 'safe' version.18:55
milen8204how to do that18:56
mongydownload the alternate iso18:56
milen8204the live CD runs well but I cant install on my PC18:56
milen8204mongy, could you send me a link pleae18:56
mongydid the md5 check come back ok?18:58
mongydid you boot directly to the installer or have you tried running the live session and running the installer from there?18:58
milen8204to iso yes18:58
milen8204 52fddd81e75bb421a5435a42ca9ec6df18:59
mongyabout when does it give you the error?18:59
milen8204when start installing18:59
xubuntu777I just installed xubuntu on an asus zenbook, i was wondering if the sleep/hibernate issue and touchpad sensitivity could be improved by upgrading to the 3.3 kernel.19:00
milen8204after all settings for install and start coping files19:00
crondxubuntu777, I have seen a fix for those issues somewhere online, have you googled it?19:02
milen8204then an massage appears The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will now be run so that you may investigate the problem or try to install again19:02
xubuntu777I read about them on the ubuntu wiki, but was just curious if a kernel upgrade might take care of it.19:03
mongyI know the installer has some bugs, as I found out while creating an encrypted home during install..  if you are comfortable with it, use the (no point n click dos like) alternate installer.19:04
crondmongy, for lvm + dm_crypt you always have to use the alternate installer19:04
crondor did you mean just encrypted homedir?19:05
milen8204mongy, how to use alternative installer ?19:05
NewUserHi people!19:06
mongycrond, as I said, encrypted home only.  I didnt want a fully encrypted drive, but it tried to make my swap encrypted and fubarred it giving me no swap, so  I had to format the swap partition again and correct fstab for a normal swap entry.19:06
mongymilen8204,  alternate iso.19:07
crondmongy, ahh. ok!19:07
mongymilen8204, try it in vmware/virtualbox first so you can get familiar with it, it's not hard to use.19:07
milen8204i do not understand, I should download alternate iso?19:07
NewUserMay be some one try instal Xubuntu on laptop with Windows. I just few moment ago install Xubuntu on my laptop from USB stick. But if i take out it automaticaly loads Windows. How do i make to choose which one OS i want to load19:08
mongymilen8204,  yes.19:08
milen8204hmm where I can find it ?19:09
mongymilen8204,   http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/precise/release/xubuntu-12.04-alternate-i386.iso19:09
mongymilen8204, it's for when the live cd doesn't work.19:09
milen8204i see it next to the other Iso :D19:09
Artemis3or go with the times and use amd6419:09
mongymilen8204, or for more advanced disk operations.19:10
milen8204ok I will try19:10
NewUserye )19:10
mongymilen8204, are you sure you need the 32bit version ?19:10
NewUserguys how do change load boot options to Operational systems19:10
NewUserdo any knows? )19:10
mongyNewUser, so you installed grub to your usb stick?19:10
xubuntu025hi everybody, i'm a new user of xubuntu and i search how to change the contrast of notifications (: thanks19:11
milen8204mongy, my PC is 10 years old , how do you thing :D19:12
NewUserI instal xubuntu 12 on my usb - didnt know does tehe is grub but ! if i t let me choose what to load it is there19:12
NewUserbut didnt on HDD19:12
Artemis3xubuntu025, settings manager -> notifications -> theme?19:12
mongyNewUser, I don't quite follow.  You installed ubuntu to your usb stick?  Or installed it from your usb stick, TO your hard drive?19:13
xubuntu025Artemis3: oh thanks (:19:14
milen8204mongy, when I install alternative .iso will have the same xubuntu like not alternative :D19:15
NewUserFirst on USB stick becorse my laptop didn' t have CDrom and after it reload laptop and instal from stick Xubuntu. And now for lunch Xubuntu i need plug in stick.19:15
mongyNewUser, ok so it sounds like grub is not installed on your hard drive.  Boot xubuntu and then install grub to your hard drive.19:15
mongymilen8204, alternate installer, same os19:15
milen8204ok thanks19:16
NewUserHope it will be some option in visual menu ? )))))19:16
mongyfailsafe and with more options for advanced users.19:16
NewUserok try to reboot and inslal grub19:17
crondNewUser, what is your native language?19:17
uofm49426not  really a bug but annoying gmusicbrowser will not scan folder19:31
uofm49426gmusicbrowser will  mot scan subfolders in my music  file19:34
uofm49426using 12.04  xubuntu19:35
tomaszHi. Quick question. Where to put rc.local in home directory?19:36
NewUserHeh didnt find how to install grub from USB to HDD -)19:37
mongyNewUser,  not sure why it never did it during install, but anyway, boot xubuntu and from terminal type sudo grub-install /dev/sda19:41
mongyassuming sda is your installation drive.19:41
mongythen type sudo update-grub19:41
NewUsertwo questions - how to check in what sda i allready install xubuntu?19:42
NewUserupdate will not work - i siting on flash 3g - and didnt have drivers for linux19:42
tomaszWhere should I put rc.local in home directory? I don't want to edit the one in /etc/ every time I wish to add or remove there. I read you can have rc.local set per user, but forgot where it should be placed. Help?19:42
xubuntu880hi everyone19:43
xubuntu880repositories from xubuntu are the same than ubuntu?19:43
xubuntu880i just install it but sources.list is empty19:43
mongyNewUser, do you have only 1 hard drive?19:43
xubuntu880oks. copyn it ^19:44
Unit193Blank on install is weird...19:44
NewUseryea - divide it in two peaces in wodnows - when install xubuntu it take some part for it self, if i corectly understand it. Thete are recovery part on hdd, windows part and linux part19:45
mongyNewUser, boot your installed xubuntu then, and do those commands.19:46
NewUseroukey - but only update i'll make when find how to run 3g modem on xubuntu :)19:47
xubuntu880yes i have only a hd. xubuntu using all19:47
NewUserse ya after 10 minuts)19:47
mongyNewUser, you aren't updating anything fron internet.19:48
frozsakhow do i stop xfce's saving sessions?19:50
frozsakit's unchecked in session management19:50
mongyI think you just stop everything running thats saved,  log out with the saved session enabled still, then log back in and disable it.19:54
tomaszHaving some strange problem with boot time, frozsak?19:54
NewUserHe he ! )) It works19:59
NewUserThanks a lot19:59
NewUsernow i can on my aspire one 722 work in normal system what didnt eat all resources))19:59
NewUserinteresting what be faster xubuntu 12 or windows 7 home premium20:00
mongyNewUser, xubuntu 12.  no brainer.20:01
NewUsermongy: idealy i instaled Oracle Linux on my laptop, becorse i have that system in production. Bet i use about two weaks linux thats why try something with xwindows on that20:02
NewUserdidnt think that i can get up it from sorce on OLE )20:03
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frozsaknot neccesarily tomasz20:14
frozsakit has just cause problems in the past20:15
frozsakand now my fglrx driver died somehow20:15
frozsakoop hes gone20:15
frozsakanyway session saving is just annoying20:15
BenguinHey guys, does anyone know why, if I blacklist "libmessaging.so" from appearing in an indicator applet (not the one included by default) it still shows up, along with all te other ones I blacklisted?20:34
BenguinI did the same in a non-xubuntu install of xfce and it works fine20:34
BenguinIs libmessaging.so and etc names something else in xubuntu?20:35
Benguinoh, or does xubuntu not use the regular xfconf files in ~/.config?20:36
aguitelany app like startupmanager in 12.04 ?22:22
GridCube!info startupmanager22:24
ubottuPackage startupmanager does not exist in precise22:24
aguitelGridCube, por eso digo algo similar22:26

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