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neXyonawesome: http://pastebin.com/Nf8JBdvq :-(10:06
vilaneXyon: shot in the dark: do you have a working tree with at least one revision here (as opposed to a just-created-never-committed one) ?10:12
fullermdThat sounds familiar.10:12
neXyonvila: I just did a bzr branch, that's the cause?10:13
fullermdThough hazy enough that whatever it's reminding me of is well before 2.5...10:13
vilaneXyon: what does 'bzr revno' says ? And 'bzr info' ?10:13
fullermdIs there a working tree there?10:13
neXyonI deleted the directory and branching again atm, will tell you then10:15
vilaI suspect (as fullermd) that you have a branch with no working tree (i.e. the directory contains only a '.bzr' dir)10:16
fullermdGreat minds think alike.10:17
fullermdAnd vila gets lucky sometimes, too.10:17
vila. o O (Glad I re-read his remark until I realized he meant *no* wt there )10:17
neXyonvila: yes true, only a .bzr dir10:19
fullermdOn the one hand, it might point at the error.  Though, on the other, the command being run seems like something that might be embedded in a build script, not something you'd just come up with manually.10:19
vilaso, first of all, this is a bug, at the very least a friendly error message should be displayed, not a traceback, so please file it at http://pad.lv/fb/bzr10:21
vilaneXyon: now, what's your use case ?10:22
neXyonvila: I just did as http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/mini-tutorial/#creating-your-own-copy-of-another-branch told me to10:23
vilaneXyon: and then, a workaround would be to do 'bzr checkout .' to create a working tree there10:23
neXyonvila: bzr init-repo stellarium; bzr branch lp:stellarium stellarium10:23
vilaerr, are you sure you didn't do 'bzr init-repo --no-trees' ?10:23
vilaand my question is: why do you run 'bzr version-info' ?10:24
neXyonvila: the zsh does10:24
neXyonand no, I didn't add any --no-trees :D10:25
vilawho told it to do that ? ;)10:25
* vila scratches head10:25
neXyonthe grml zsh configuration :D10:25
fullermdI never trust something with that few vowels.10:25
vilabzr branch creates a working tree by default10:25
neXyonso why didn't do it in this case?10:25
vilahehe, *you* tell me :)10:26
vilabzr alias ?10:26
neXyonhow could I? xD10:26
vilaneXyon: :)10:26
vilabecause it's probably caused by some setting on your side10:26
vilaand my crystal ball is currently being checked in this place I cannot name10:27
neXyonnah, I have no alias for it and I also didn't change any bzr configuration10:27
vilaso, back to previous question: 'bzr info -v' ?10:28
neXyonah, sure10:29
neXyonvila: http://pastebin.com/03ddtbQE10:29
vila'brz config' ?10:30
neXyonvila: nothing special there: http://pastebin.com/RPADTTY010:32
neXyonName Mail and IRCnick got changed by me before pasting ;)10:33
vilals -lR .bzr10:35
neXyonvila: http://pastebin.com/wsKuASVA10:37
vilaso, there is indeed no working tree, get one with 'bzr  checkout .'10:38
neXyonyeah, that might fix it, but what about the bug that it isn't there as it should be? :D10:39
vilaI don't understand how this can happen :-/ Try looking into in ~/.bzr.log ?10:39
vilas/ in / /10:39
vilagotta go soon10:39
neXyonvila: nothing special there10:41
neXyonthe checkout however fixed it10:41
vilait should have happened at 'bzr branch' time, everybody is relying on it :)10:42
vilaI know of only two ways to avoid it: 'bzr init-repo --no-trees' and 'bzr branch --no-tree'10:42
vilaand your 'ls -lR' says you didn't use 'bzr init-repo --no-trees'...10:43
fullermdOnce upon a time, --no-trees was the default for init-repo.  But that was a _long_ time ago.10:43
vilafullermd: and is reflected by a 'no_working_trees' file under .bzr/repository10:44
fullermdTo be sure, it is a _little_ odd to make a shared repo, then have one branch in the root of it...10:44
neXyonvila: yes the log tells I didn't do it too10:44
neXyonfullermd: so what's the expected way to start developing on a launchpad project?10:45
neXyonfullermd: if it's not "bzr init-repo stellarium; bzr branch lp:stellarium stellarium"?10:45
vilait *is*, that's why it's puzzling, that's what everybody does :)10:45
* fullermd peers at vila.10:46
fullermdNobody I've ever met...10:46
neXyonfullermd: it's not? what else?10:46
fullermd(although, meeting other bzr users would require that I leave my cave in the first place, but still...)10:46
fullermdGenerally, you'd have a branch in its own dir under the repo, not colocated with the repo root.  Otherwise, where would you put the second branch that would share space and make the shared repo be pointful anyway?10:47
fullermdBut it's not something that should _break_ anything.  I think.10:47
fullermdOh ho.  Back up.10:48
fullermdYes, it is.10:48
vilaeeerk, 'bzr init-repo xxx; *cd* xxx ; bzr branch lp:xx yyy'10:48
fullermdI can reproduce it.  If I bzr init-repo something, then bzr branch $SRC something, I wind up with a treeless branch.10:48
fullermd(lp: having nothing to do with it)10:48
fullermdSo it's a behavioral oddity when the bzrdir exists.10:49
vilaneXyon: you need to *CD* into the repo before branching10:49
* vila nods @ fullermd, that's another bug (unless there is a rationale for it (doubtly))10:50
vilacould also be a fallout from an unrelated fix10:50
fullermdIt's probably a 2nd or 3rd order consequence of some other sensible behavior that nobody ever ran into.10:50
neXyonhah, so we found the bug :D10:50
fullermdMan, we should write some more wrong docs; think of all the extra bugs we could find!10:51
vilaneXyon: roughly, you create a shared repo if you intend to create several branches (so they will share their revisions)10:51
mgrandithis seems like the weird thing i had if you try to make a branch a shared repo10:51
vilaif you want a single branch, no need for a shared repo10:51
mgrandiyou get really weird state10:51
neXyonvila: and how to create a not shared repo? xD10:51
vilajust 'bzr branch'10:52
vilano 'init-repo'10:52
* vila gone10:52
fullermdneXyon: You don't need to explicitly create a repo if you don't want a shared one.10:52
neXyonvila: I just want to develop somewhere; stay in sync with trunk and probably at some point be able to push the changes to trunk :)10:52
neXyonso I just had to run "bzr branch lp:stellarium stellarium" ?10:53
fullermdMight as well just ignore it.  If down the line you start having several branches around and want to switch them to sharing a repo, that's easy enough to do then.10:53
mgrandidon't even need to specify the 'stellarium', by default it creates that folder10:54
neXyonI first had a "bzr checkout lp:stellarium" is it possible to change that to a "bzr branch lp:stellarium"?10:55
fullermdYou can use 'bzr unbind' if you avoid thinking too carefully about the semantics.10:55
fullermdOr something under 'reconfigure'.  I'd have to dig around to figure out what.10:56
neXyonfullermd: can I still keep it up to date with trunk after the unbind?10:56
fullermdSure, just 'pull' whenever.10:56
neXyonawesome, well as it works currently with the shared repo, I'll leave it as it is :)10:59
neXyonfullermd: shall I report that bug somewhere or will you handle it?10:59
fullermdI can file it I guess.11:00
neXyonfullermd: if you wish, sure; otherwise I could too11:01
fullermdWell, I wouldn't want to steal your LP karma.11:03
neXyonfullermd: whatever that is xD11:04
neXyonnah, I know it, but no clue what it's for11:05
fullermdNeither do I.  But it's a number, so it MUST be important.11:05
neXyonfullermd: so? looks like we're both too lazy :)11:30
fullermdLaziness is a virtue.11:52
javeis someone having success using bzr on the fedora 17 prerelease?12:32
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AmberJIs there a way to search for when few consecutive lines of code were added to the repo?19:49
AmberJI want to find the revision when those lines were added.19:49
AmberJNevermind, I used "Change to this file" in launchpad web GUI to find what I was looking for.19:58
AmberJThough this was more of manual searching.19:58

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