imbrandonjcastro / SpamapS : I assume these are a mixed set of policys for both what a charm should and shouldent do as well as only appying to the charm store though in some un-specified instances like "must be under a Free license. We recommend GPLv3+. See OSI approved licenses for other licenses."01:17
imbrandoni'm mean its really just a nit pick, but since its still proposed thought i would mention it01:18
imbrandoni guess i'm asking should we have a "this is what a charm should be poilicy" doc like this one in addition to the docs and then a second one ( likly just this one here slip in 2 ) listing the additional requirements for cs inclusion01:19
imbrandonor am i just way off base01:19
MarkDudeAny sightings of the WTF license?02:36
MarkDudeA dude made some paper designs for gving away media.  He got soooo mad about the license talk over them ( lasted forever) he just put a WTF license on it imbrandon02:37
imbrandonlol nice02:43
imbrandonfsf ( rms ) says its free, not sure about dfsg02:43
imbrandonMarkDude: err actually only version 2 i guess02:49
imbrandonwith an added sentance02:49
MarkDudeYep funny license02:52
MarkDudeCreative Commons had all sorts of fun updating their license.02:53
MarkDude2nd year I went to OSCON I accidentally sat on the speakers part of a circle02:54
imbrandonhahah sounds like you pulled a brandon02:55
MarkDudeDid not realize it was about updating licensing. I did not get up. 15 minutes in I was asked what I had to offer on the talk02:55
* MarkDude had to then say he sat in wrong seat02:56
* MarkDude would kill for a pic of me on that panel02:56
imbrandonlol nice02:56
imbrandonhrm , http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/programming-languages seems to be missing PHP02:57
* MarkDude often wonders what folks are thinking when they walk by me and smile at conferences. its not like I have only done one dumb thing02:57
imbrandonhahah right, i can totally relate there02:57
imbrandononly at my house tooo, with my friends doing the walking by with a "smile and wave, just smile and wave"02:58
imbrandonhrm this questionable individual just texted me and said he had 4 fully working ( booting he means ) with power adapters too ( not garenteed with him ) Dell Mini H1000's or whatever those 10.1 inch one's were with the n270 atom procs03:00
imbrandonand wants 75$ a pop, i've very tempted03:00
imbrandonnah, i hate dealin with that kinda crap, always ends up biting my rear03:01
imbrandonSpamapS or jcastro did either of you hit the jmeter talks among the qa fellas in oakland ? I'm wondering how it stacks up to blitz03:03
imbrandonbut i'm fairly sure too MarkDude that its just me you and that dog covered in mustard right now anyhow, its friday night and i forget ppl have lives :)03:05
MarkDudeTomorow is maker Faire03:05
* MarkDude is old, so he is resting up03:06
MarkDudeOne of the locals is bringing her kid.03:06
imbrandonoh nice, there is a local group of marker faire peeps here in KC thats fairly large actually, pulling people in from StL and Chicago03:06
imbrandonI could play the old card, barely, but I dont have the heart to, I'm just a geek that spends way to much time not socializing irl, but thankfully not to a intervention point, just almost :)03:08
MarkDudeWell I am03:09
MarkDudeat least with social media03:09
imbrandonlong as my gf drags me out now and then or my buddy patrick threatens to pour wiskey down my throat if i dont come out for beers now and then i'd likely be a happy hermit03:09
* MarkDude has been called a facebook whore a few times03:09
imbrandonlol, i do them all EXCEPT facebook, and twitter only very very little03:10
MarkDudeWeather is tooooo nice here to stay in03:10
MarkDudeIf I lived in Portland Oregon again, I might do that03:10
* imbrandon is a bald fair skin freckled face redhead03:10
MarkDudethen again, they have so much going on03:10
imbrandonyou think i care about the weather ?03:10
MarkDudeYou heard of the group Dope?03:11
imbrandonhell yea03:11
imbrandonthey are form near here iirc03:11
MarkDudeThat reminds me of a cover they did of NWA03:11
imbrandondunno, in that realm of music, the STAiND amd limp bizkit cover of Bring the Noise rocks pretty hard03:12
imbrandonnot many people , including those two if they ever tried again can pull off a public enemy and anthrax cover03:12
imbrandonhrm, now its in my head too /me looks for it in his collection03:13
koolhead17SpamapS, around03:30
imbrandonsooo close, people are actually asking for Ubuntu support from appple now ... man o man ... so close ... https://discussions.apple.com/message/18383575#1838357503:39
twobottuxaujuju: How can I access local juju instances from other network hosts? <http://askubuntu.com/questions/139208/how-can-i-access-local-juju-instances-from-other-network-hosts> || Juju native Openstack support [closed] <http://askubuntu.com/questions/138710/juju-native-openstack-support> || Does juju run on non-Ubuntu distributions? <http://askubuntu.com/questions/138575/does-juju-run-on-non-ubuntu-distributions> || Juju opens15:58
amithkkNevermind that please :D15:59
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