MatisseL3top, the feature is integrated in KDE 4.500:00
lorecaster(I'm using gnome3, no one in there could help me, so i searched elsewhere. I was hoping this was not UI specific)00:01
L3toplorecaster: aplay -l00:01
lorecasterwhoa... HDMI is listed now?!00:01
L3toplorecaster: almost there00:05
L3topjust trying to find asound.conf on 120400:06
L3topah  different now00:06
L3topgimme a min00:06
lorecasteryou take your time. You've been a saint, thus far.00:06
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L3toppastebinit /usr/share/doc/libasound2-plugins/examples/asound.conf_oss00:08
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L3topthats an example00:09
L3topdarnit... I dont know ANYTHING about how alsa operates now days... we are stuck on .2300:10
L3toplorecaster: I can tell you that you want this http://pastebin.com/YEFi7bwK  at the end of what used to be the asound.conf00:11
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lorecasterI'm installing "Default sound card" which was what "asound" returned in ubuntu software centre00:13
lorecasterthat may provide the files we want00:13
L3topI will figure out where it went00:13
lorecasteralways loved a challenge.00:15
lorecasterit's in etc, it seems00:16
lorecasterhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure ick, is this of any use?00:16
L3topit is there?00:18
L3topisnt in my 1204s00:18
L3topthats where it is suppsoed to be00:18
lorecasterdoesn't appear to be in mine, either00:18
L3topand it may just be one of those things that once you create it, it defaults00:18
L3topso dump that little pastebin into a file called asound.conf in /etc00:19
lorecasterI've heard of them... I'll gedit one, what would you like there?00:19
lorecasterahh :) beat me to it.00:19
L3topand I have no idea how to restart the alsa service on precise. phfffff00:20
lorecaster:o appears we both have work to do ;) would a system restart or a logout do it?00:21
L3topsudo alsa reload00:21
lorecasterahh, shoot. one sec.00:23
L3topfor fun.. speaker-test -Dplug:hdmi00:23
lorecasterIT WORKS!!!!00:24
lorecasterYou're a god-send!00:24
L3topwell... thats one thing... to get it to test out00:24
L3toplets see if it plays00:24
L3topyou may have to assign whatever your player is to default to that output00:25
L3topor... more likely... assign it to whatever your audio mixer control is there in gnome00:25
lorecasterstill not found in the sound-settings?!00:25
L3topI use kubu so it would be kmixer00:25
L3topI wouldnt expect it to be so blatantly labeled00:26
L3topdid I ever get an amixer | pastebinit00:26
L3topbut at least we know the hdmi is recognized and will play a signal... thats a good sign.00:27
L3topok... yeah if you amixer | grep IEC           those are your digital outs... the first is more than likely your hdmi00:28
L3topand it is unmuted... so I would try and default my output to that in whatever gnome3's mixer control is.00:29
lorecasterI really admire you... truely I do. I wishI had your proficiency with a system as complicated as this00:29
L3topMight check with teh guys in #ubuntu00:29
* L3top feels like he is stumbling drunk through this lol00:29
lorecasterI brought this to their attention, no one had anything to say. You feel as thoug this is a Gnome thing?00:29
L3tophowever these problems let me get more familiar with teh changes, as we will be moving to 1204 before too long... so really, you are helping me00:30
L3topNo... I am just unfamiliar with the gnome tools.00:30
L3topjust need to assign our output now that we can push to hdmi I believe00:30
lorecasterhaha, nice turnabout. yeah, I realize and apologize. the crew at #ubuntu arn't nearly as helpful, historically, as you guys00:30
L3topand I cant walk you through it00:30
* L3top is in there too... just like it here better :)00:31
lorecasterso what, exactly, would I have to explain to them? I have no idea of half of what we've done.00:31
L3topIll do it00:32
lorecasterI'm no greenie... but you're above my board, here.00:32
lorecasterOH! You take all the fun out of being hopeless! :P00:32
L3topits just a huge channel... sometimes it takes a while.00:36
illidanDoes chromium when signed in to google sync the eintire wallet to google or just the passwords it put in there?00:36
lorecasterno worries. you have my undivided attention, :)00:37
L3top<_ProtekNickz> L3top: you tried checking Default Audio setting in System Setting? just asking 0_o00:44
lorecastersystem settings => sound => output and hardware only have "Built-in analog audio"00:45
lorecasterfirrst thing i checked00:46
L3topokey doke...00:46
L3topand in alsamixer f6 switching that and returning...00:46
L3topdoes it have digital00:46
lorecaster- (defaul), 0 HDA Nvidia, Enter device name...00:47
lorecasterima buy a quadcore macbook (with ubuntu, of course) next semester with a mac monitor... be rid of all this frustration00:49
L3toplorecaster: drop into #ubuntu, no reason to eat up this irc with it00:49
mydogsnameisrudyhey there00:54
vitIf I here because00:56
vitqueeeeeeeeeeeeee aburrimientooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo00:59
genii-aroundvit: It's quiet here when there are no questions about Kubuntu being answered.01:04
caesar_can someone help me find and install a graphics driver?01:10
L3topcaesar_: lspci -nn | grep VGA01:11
caesar_L3top: VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:2a42] (rev 07)01:12
L3topcaesar_: what version kubuntu are you on?01:13
caesar_i'm getting glitches across my screen01:14
L3topok... lets do a couple of things...01:14
L3topwhat sort of glitches?01:14
caesar_quick lines flashing across the bottom half of my screen01:15
caesar_and laggy system01:15
L3topcaesar_: update-pciids01:15
L3toponce that is finished run that lspci grep again01:15
L3topapt-get install libva-driver-i96501:15
L3topwe can take care of laggy... but glitchy... on 1004... that is worrysome01:16
L3topcant spell today.01:16
caesar_update-pciids: /usr/share/misc/pci.ids.new is read-only01:16
L3topsudo update-pciids01:17
L3topsudo apt-get install libva-driver-i96501:17
L3topI am very bad about remembering sudo, I do most things as root01:17
caesar_caesar@caesar-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install libva-driver-i96501:19
caesar_Reading package lists... Done01:19
caesar_Building dependency tree01:19
caesar_Reading state information... Done01:19
caesar_E: Couldn't find package libva-driver-i96501:19
FloodBotK1caesar_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:19
L3top!info libva-driver-i965 lucid01:19
ubottuPackage libva-driver-i965 does not exist in lucid01:19
caesar_i've seen this glitching once before in a windows machine running a generic driver01:20
L3topYes, that reeks of a hardware problem caesar_... well it appears you guys dont have that... sorry... I thought that was in standard repos.01:22
L3topgive me just a second01:22
caesar_so you think updating would fix this issue?01:23
L3topNo... I think your hw has problems...01:24
caesar_well that isn't good01:24
L3tophowever if you want you can use our acceleration driver... will make it zippier... but I dont expect your glitching is gonna go away01:24
caesar_it's seems to be getting worse and worse01:25
caesar_but on my windows install i never had this issue.. and just switched over like a week ago01:26
L3topif you add: deb http://deb.linuxmce.org/ubuntu/ lucid beta2         to your /etc/apt/sources.list, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install  libva-driver-i965        it will work better... but... as I said... smells like immenent hw failure might be in your future...01:26
L3top<caesar_> i've seen this glitching once before in a windows machine running a generic driver01:26
mydogsnameisrudyis the video card built in to the mother board?01:27
L3topI misunderstood you then. I thought you were saying THIS machine on windows had a problem01:27
caesar_no not mine.. never before01:27
caesar_mydogsnameisrudy: i believe so yes01:27
mydogsnameisrudyok if not remove and reseat the card might help01:28
L3topgood call mydogsnameisrudy01:28
L3topcaesar_: can I get the output of lspci -nn | grep VGA   again?01:28
caesar_caesar@caesar-laptop:~$ lspci -nn | grep VGA01:29
caesar_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:2a42] (rev 07)01:29
L3topunchanged... ok01:29
L3topcaesar_: go ahead and add our repo, do the update, install that driver, remove our repo, update again01:30
L3topyou dont want our versions for other things, might cause conflicts01:30
caesar_i'm just gonna update to latest version01:30
caesar_lts is up this year anyway right?01:31
L3topdo not upgrade/dist-upgrade with our repo enabled.  ONLY do sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install libva-driver-i96501:31
caesar_i clean install when i do01:31
caesar_i dont like any reminince of other os01:31
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ussher_when i shut kubuntu 12.04 down at night it stops at "starting CUPS printing spooler/severityypted block devices [ok]".  It wont shut down.  then i do ctrl+shift+F5 to get to a login screen and the shutdown resumes and finishes shutting down.  Where would i look for why?02:18
ussher_seams weird that CUPS wants to _start_ when everything else is stopping.02:19
L3topDoes CUPS ever fully start prior to that?02:26
L3topDo you print?02:26
ussher_L3top: very rarely02:26
ussher_I can print if i swap over the router cables, but its not a normal thing for me.02:27
L3topI was just curious if something was preventing CUPS from actually starting during session, and it continued trying to start when unblocked. Just a stab in the dark.02:28
ussher_is there a command like dmesg that will show the last shutdown messages maybe?02:28
ussher_perhaps there is a clue in there if that system exists.02:29
L3top/var/log/dmesg is actually a good place to start02:29
L3topcat /var/log/dmesg | grep CUPS02:29
L3topcat /var/log/dmesg | grep -i CUPS02:29
L3topI don't deal with printing so I will be of little help probably.02:30
ussher_L3top: you have been of help.  I didnt realize backlogs of dmesg existed.  thanks02:31
qbitanyone know what's going on with repos in US? slower now than even 6 hours ago02:52
qbit13 KB/s is getting pretty bad....02:53
* L3top uses mirrors... finds his life is much easier02:56
qbithasn't been so bad until very recently02:56
qbitmay have to do that.....02:56
ronnocqbit: I just noticed that downloading the decrepit and long-in-the-tooth Kompozer....13 kbs/sec :/02:57
L3topdeb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt  lucid main restricted universe multiverse     for instance... I love the local repo find function. Makes doing our own distributions so much easier.02:57
L3topI just dont have to worry about dealing with local sources.02:57
qbitwell I can understand 350 KB/s, 650 KB/s, and other such slowdowns due to server load - even maybe less02:58
qbitbut I can pull steady at 1.8MB/s  even if server can't02:58
L3topqbit: I know that during release, they throttled everything back to XX Kb/s on purpose02:59
qbitsane throttling is fine, but this is only slightly faster than twice a 56K dialup02:59
qbitsomething is broken somewhere and some admin needs to fix it03:00
L3topcan you tell me which repo you are experiencing this with?03:06
L3tophttp://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ ?03:07
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DaskreechWhy is there a @ in the root dir?03:57
JMichaelXDaskreech: did you get the @ business figured out?04:31
JMichaelXanyone else having issues with the netbook interface in 12.04 being a bit crashy?04:35
L3topnot in kdm... unity... very yes.04:37
L3topwhat netbook04:37
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DaskreechJMichaelX: Btrfs it looks like04:52
JMichaelXDaskreech: ahhh. how are you fairing with btrfs?05:02
DaskreechJMichaelX: I'd tell you if I could get the machine usable05:03
JMichaelXL3top: i'm using kubuntu on a dell mini 9. i feared it might be too heavy, but does not seem to be at all... however, it is pretty crashy05:03
JMichaelXDaskreech: well, i wish you much luck on that!05:04
DaskreechJMichaelX: Apparently the video card is unusable05:05
Daskreechwhat's the bootup cheat for vesa mode?05:05
JMichaelXDaskreech: so it is not a btrfs issue? which video card?05:06
JMichaelXdon't remember what comes after '='05:06
JMichaelXit seems like it isn't just the resolution, but can't remember05:07
Daskreechwell I get the monitor turning off when X kicks in05:07
DaskreechWhen I boot the live CD I get a 800x600 display05:08
JMichaelXyea, it's been a while, but i've run into that before. is this possibly an older intel GPU?05:08
DaskreechNope nvidia 880005:09
JMichaelXhmm, i would think that nouveau would handle that card all right.05:10
JMichaelXpossible KMS issue?05:10
DaskreechWin8 doesn't support it either which is interesting05:12
JMichaelXthat is a little surprising05:14
JMichaelXwhat is your monitor's default resolution?05:15
L3topI thought vesa cheat was --force-vesa05:21
L3topDaskreech: are you able to give me lspci -nn | grep VGA05:22
JMichaelXcould be right. there is a help menu somewhere that gives those cheats, isn't there? one of the function keys?05:22
L3topI believe if you shift several times during boot, f5 or f6 will have a select for it05:22
L3topbut... I havent seen that menu in a very long time05:22
DaskreechL3top: I'd have to boot into the live environment if you want to wait on that05:29
L3topI'll be around05:30
DaskreechL3top: ok05:32
DaskreechLet me try setup ssh05:32
DaskreechL3top: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99533505:44
L3topThat thing should have no problems with the native nvidia-current... but if you found issue with it you could run with the ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa05:48
L3topFrankly I like nvidia-glx-260 for that series :P05:48
L3topsuch a stable driver.05:49
DaskreechL3top: Soooo install the nvidia driver?05:50
* L3top does NOT like the 290.40 driver the cononical gods decided on05:50
DaskreechI would presume it works. The Live CD boots but I don't know what option makes it do that and I ahven't had the time to play with it05:50
L3topnouveau does seem to take issue with it.05:50
L3topthe live cd is using the fbdev driver05:50
DaskreechI Would guess maybe the card is runing a higher res than the LCD? that would shut it off right?05:51
DaskreechI wonder....05:51
L3topworks on almost anything, but does nothing particularly well05:51
DaskreechHmm I can't run xrandr from ssh05:51
Daskreecha little disappointing05:51
L3topyou might have to export DISPLAY=:0    I dont know... I deal only in xorg.conf still05:52
DaskreechOh dear :)05:53
DaskreechWell it's X -configure isn't it to make one?05:54
DaskreechL3top: Ok I need toget another linux machine going. What would I need to check on to find out if the res is too high for hte monitor?06:09
L3topDaskreech: Your display should give EDID to the card... and it should not be out of range... grep -i 'edid' /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:16
DaskreechL3top: blank06:19
L3toptake a look at that file, and see if anything seems amis06:19
L3topbut I believe you will have a much better time with the proprietary nvidia-current06:20
DaskreechL3top: Which PPA is that?06:21
L3topin 1204, nvidia-current might just do the job without a ppa06:22
Daskreechand removing that would get you back to nouveau?06:23
Daskreechis there much of a setup beyond the apt-get ?06:24
Daskreechthe apt-cache show for that is interesting06:25
DaskreechL3top: nvidia current is already the latest version06:27
Daskreechlsmod has both nvidia and nouveau loaded06:27
DaskreechL3top: hmm modprobe -r nvidia doesn't work however06:29
L3topalmost never does06:32
L3topcomplains about some .so?06:32
L3topnouveau and nvidia is not a horror06:33
L3topunless nouveau is set while nvidia is loaded06:34
Daskreechwell I ran modprobe -r on nouveau06:34
Daskreechtried restarting KDM06:34
L3topwont hurt06:34
L3topbut clearly isnt helping06:34
Daskreechbut I've now discovered I have no VTs06:34
DaskreechOk I'll file this under FUBAR and head down for the night06:35
DaskreechL3top: I'll try the --force-vesa in the morning06:37
DaskreechL3top: tried it now. :) Doens't work06:41
L3topdid you add the ppa?06:42
L3topyeah... you could try the ppa06:42
L3topor you could use nvidia-xconfigure and edit your xorg.conf to use vesa06:43
L3topreally you should be using the prop driver06:43
L3topand while the native one hits some issues06:43
L3topI am surprised you have nothing but fail on everything thus far06:44
DaskreechL3top: Yeah I'mma try tearing out teh video card tomorrow and see what happens06:47
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root_!info afaik08:44
ubottuPackage afaik does not exist in precise08:44
theoHey folks. PowerPC user here! I need some help getting a nvidia driver installed09:08
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lordievadertheo: Check the jockey, kmenu -> applications -> system -> additinal drivers09:14
theolordievader: It says no drivers found09:32
lordievadertheo: That is odd.09:35
lordievadertheo: What is the output of "lspci -v|grep VGA"?09:37
lordievadertheo: or in other words, what nVidia card do you have?09:37
theowhere can I find the xorg.conf file in the latest kubuntu dist. ?09:37
theofx5200, but remember. Iḿ on a old MAC09:38
theoso Iḿ working on a PPC platform09:38
lordievadertheo: Hmm yea not so good with apple's. You could try to install a driver from their website...09:40
theoIḿ tryin to find out where my xorg.conf went to09:41
lordievaderFor linux nVidia does have drivers available, but I am not sure if it will work.09:41
theoitś no longer in etx/xorg09:41
lordievadertheo: It is no longer really being used... (only half or something...) http://askubuntu.com/questions/129941/my-ubuntu-12-04-has-no-xorg-conf-is-that-normal09:42
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theolordievader: So how can I now check wich driver is being used? I've been told to use the nouveau driver09:46
theolordievader: NVM I found it ;-)09:49
lordievadersudo lshw -c video09:49
lordievadertheo: Then under configuration it show what driver.09:49
CoibyHi, how can I use okular 4.8 via ppa? I already add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa but the Packages files are not updated yet.09:53
lordievaderCoiby: You got two options, wait or build from the source.09:53
anqxyrHi. I have a pc and a notebook both running on Kubuntu 12.04. Is there a way to connect them into a network for an easier file transfer? I don't need a detailed description, just tell me what should I google about09:54
Coibylordievader: Thanks! Btw, do you know when will the ppa be updated? I notice Precise is already updated.09:55
lordievaderCoiby: You are not running 12.04? Not sure when it will be updated.09:55
Coibylordievader: I09:56
lordievaderanqxyr: If security isn't a main issue you could try nfs, it is a very fast network storage/sharing solution. If security is an issue, you could try sshfs.09:56
theothanx for the help folks, Iḿ off!09:57
Coibylordievader: No. I'm running 11.10. Thanks anyway:)09:57
yofel_Coiby: kde 4.8.2 is in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports for 11.1009:58
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lordievaderOh right the backports, thx yofel09:59
Coibyyofel: Nice! Thanks!10:00
lelamal_Hi all, I'm trying to compile oxygen transparent from the script downloaded here: http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php?content=127752, but keep getting the following error in return: http://paste.kde.org/482000/. Can anybody help me troubleshoot this, please?10:13
yofellelamal_: you don't have git installed10:14
lordievaderlelamal_: sudo apt-get install git10:15
lelamal_oops I thought I had installed it, thank you guys :)10:15
lelamal_sorry for bothering, but I know next to nothing about compiling errors. I get a new one: http://paste.kde.org/482294/10:22
lordievaderlelamal_: It is missing KDE4workspace, look in the repos and install it.10:24
lordievaderFor me building things is quite annoying I never have all the dependencies...10:24
yofelKDE4workspace is in kde-workspace-dev10:24
lelamal_lordievader: the package doesnìt exist10:25
lelamal_yofel: it sayd I already have the newest version10:26
yofeland it still fails?10:26
lelamal_unfortunately yes10:26
yofel(Required is at least version "4.8.40")10:26
yofelthat's KDE git master10:27
=== lindalou is now known as westmi
yofelyou'll have to find an older version to build. there's probably a branch in git for 4.810:27
lelamal_yofel: yes, you're right, I'll have a try with it then. Thank you again!10:28
yofel'git checkout stable' in the oxygen-transparent folder will do10:29
lelamal_ok thanks10:29
anqxyrthanks once more lordievader. I now actually have a functioning nfs thing10:32
anqxyrare speeds around 3Mb/s normal for it, or should I google some more?10:32
lordievaderanqxyr: Over what medium are you transferring? Wifi?10:33
lordievaderanqxyr: Then 3MB/s is quite nice, I get 1MB/s here over wifi and ~10MB/s over LAN.10:34
BluesKajHowdy all11:15
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viteacAnybody had troubles with installation other languages in KUBUNTU 12.04...?12:41
BluesKajviteac, what other languages ?12:41
viteacI went to Settings, System settings, Locale and tried to install Polish but when mark it the button Apply is not active12:42
viteacBluesKaj Polish, but it seems I can't install any other languages, the button Apply doesn't work12:43
viteacBTW I do not want to translate all Kubuntu, I just want to have POLISH letters that way how you can change languages in alternative OS like Windows :-)12:45
mydogsnameisrudyim still on 11.10 same thing there12:54
viteacits so ucking sophisticated, I love linux but understand people who are afraid of it, things that are so easy in windows are ucking difficult in linux even kubuntu12:54
mydogsnameisrudyhmm if i tic on translations i can apply12:54
viteacmydogsnameisrudy: I check it now :-)12:54
viteacand anybody knows how to solve problem with crackling sound?12:57
mydogsnameisrudywhen is that happening?12:57
viteacthis is so ucking common, probably with every version but it drives me crazy12:57
mydogsnameisrudyall the time?12:57
viteacyeah, tried it mute, changing volume etc but there is sound but is crackling12:58
mydogsnameisrudyhmmm sounds more like speak? maybe try headphones12:59
BluesKajviteac, enough with the language . leaving one letter off doesn't count12:59
mydogsnameisrudyspeakers or wires sorry12:59
mydogsnameisrudyfeels viteac's frustration ;)13:00
BluesKajviteac, it could be your audio connection is faulty13:00
viteacnot wires, no speakers, tried even with headphones, everything works fine on windows13:00
viteacBluesKaj theres more than one letter :-)13:01
BluesKajdoesn't matter13:01
lordievaderviteac: How is the path from pc to speakers?13:01
viteaclordievader: sorry what path from pc to speakers?13:03
lordievaderviteac: Is there a direct connection or does it go through something else (EQ, amp, etc)13:03
BluesKaj'crackling" can mean anything , distortion even ...like static ?13:03
viteaclordievader: no, its connected direct from PC13:04
viteacBluesKaj: its difficult to describe, hmmm somethind like dial up modem if you old enough? :-)13:04
lordievaderviteac: Do you happen to have a volume control on the speakers (if so is it set to max? Amps in speakers aren't the greatest thing...)13:05
BluesKajviteac, you may have a noisy unused input like a mic that is turned up to the max13:05
lordievaderThat is also quite possible.13:06
lordievaderCrackling and hums can have many causes... unfortunately...13:07
mydogsnameisrudyopen alsamixer see whats up13:07
viteaclordievader: tried as well as I said I tried the sounds volume, that was helping in others version of Linux, but it doesnt help me now13:08
BluesKajwhat sounds volume ?13:10
viteacchecked also /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and everything is OK13:12
viteacBluesKaj: not high 50%13:13
BluesKajwhat about alsamixer ?13:14
BluesKajdo you have any sound other than the crackling , like music etc ?13:15
rajumohhi alll, was having KDE freezes in oneric when trying to accessing ntfs through dolphin. Any suggestions where i can start looking ?13:16
mydogsnameisrudyrajumoh:  is this on the same harddrive or over network?13:18
rajumohits the same hardrive13:18
BluesKajrajumoh, sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sdxx /mnt , sdxx is the device as listed in df -h13:20
viteacBluesKaj: alsamixer doesnt help, tried it too13:20
rajumohcould a highly fragmented hard disk be the cause ?13:20
viteacBluesKaj: there is not sound, or there's crakling sound13:20
BluesKajviteac, run aplay -l in the terminal13:21
viteacard 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 0: ALC888 Analog [ALC888 Analog]13:23
viteac  Subdevices: 0/113:23
viteac  Subdevice #0: subdevice #013:23
viteaccard 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 1: ALC888 Digital [ALC888 Digital]13:23
viteac  Subdevices: 1/113:23
FloodBotK1viteac: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:23
viteac  Subdevice #0: subdevice #013:23
BluesKajviteac, pastebin ,  lsmod | grep snd13:26
viteacviteac@viteac:~$ lsmod13:28
viteac.adobe/                                        .kadu/13:28
viteac.bash_history                                  .kde/13:28
viteac.bash_logout                                   .lgames/13:28
viteac.bashrc                                        .local/13:28
viteac[BEST-TORRENTS.NET]  ESKA HITY NA CZASIE 2012/ .macromedia/13:28
FloodBotK1viteac: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:28
BluesKajviteac, do you understand pastebin?13:28
BluesKajviteac, copy and paste the command into the terminal , lsmod | grep snd  , then pastebin the output13:30
viteacwaiting for paste.ubuntu.com over 4min, thats suck13:33
lelamalviteac: use http://paste.kde.org/13:34
BluesKajviteac, what's the first line in the output?13:35
viteacthat one works:  http://paste.kde.org/482378/13:36
BluesKajviteac,  not just lsmod   copy and paste this , " lsmod | grep snd " , without the quotes13:37
BluesKajviteac, ok , open system settings>multimedia>phonon> device preference , try the different devices listed with the test button and move the one that works to the top13:42
viteacBluesKaj:  unfortunately there is only one option that I can choose, and that is: Built in Audio  Analogue Stereo13:44
BluesKajviteac, does it work ?13:45
viteacI use Linux since first Red Hat 2, and almost always there are troubles with sound but that one Im not able solve, in some versions  the sound were working after installation, but update broke it down. But that Kubuntu 12.04  is absolutely mystery.13:46
viteacBluesKaj: no man, the TEST doesnt give any sound13:47
BluesKajviteac, sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel  , if there's no output then we casn proceed to the next step13:49
viteacnothing happens13:52
viteacBTW now, I dont have the sound at all :-(13:52
BluesKajthe sound ?13:54
BluesKajviteac, what sound ? ...do you have sound or not ?13:56
viteacBluesKaj: no sound13:58
BluesKajviteac, anyway , alt+F2 , kdesudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , at the bottom add this line , options snd_hda_intel index=0 , then save the file , and reboot14:03
viteacOk, lets check it14:08
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BluesKajbummer , X/desktop and all input devs froze14:45
=== paul_ is now known as NoiseCounsellor
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NoiseCounsellorHi! I'm having a small problem with Kubuntu 12.04. My screen keeps turning off after a short time without moving the mouse or typing. In System Settings all screen savers and Power Settings are off. Anywhere else I should look for what's causing that?15:05
lordievaderNoiseCounsellor: Kde seems to disregard that setting, turning it to 360min works for me a lot better.15:06
BluesKajNoiseCounsellor, the problem with turning power management of is the default 10 mins or so shuts X down if there's no action , best ti use power management on ,and configure it for the same as the scrn saver15:06
NoiseCounsellorBluesKaj, lordievader   Thanks, will try that. Can't report on effectiveness right away, since it only ever annoyed me while watching something in fullscreen...15:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest15867
sparajhello... kubuntu users15:16
lordievaderHey sparaj, how are you?15:16
BluesKajI was helping a guy with his sound probs earlier but my inpt devices suddenly froze and couldn't do a thing , had to do hard reboot , and vit-something or other was also rebooting after modprobing a differnt sound driver ,I wonder how he made out , lordievader , do you recall?15:44
lordievaderBluesKaj: Yes, it was viteac, seems to have went offline.15:45
BluesKajok lordievader thanks15:45
BluesKajhe hadn't returned by the time my system froze15:46
Peace-BluesKaj: hahah15:48
BluesKajPeace-, ? ..what's funny ?15:49
Peace-system froze15:50
* Peace- evil15:51
su_hey there, i'm not sure if i'm in the right channel for this question - but figured that you all wouldn't bite15:51
ikoniaif it's a kubuntu question, it's fine15:52
ikoniaif not, I'm sure there are better questions15:52
BluesKajyeah , just did an update/upgrade , the input devices did an auto reconfigure during the reboot15:52
su_i'm sorta new to k15:53
ikonianothing wrong with that15:53
su_i've run it here and there, but will likely be sticking with it for the long haul this time15:53
su_i'm looking for a way to export images from pdfs like a bath process15:54
su_i found a CL tut, but i may need some libraries, maybe i can look for them in the muon thing that's like synaptic15:54
su_i looked at this but it's old http://code.google.com/p/gscreendump/wiki/Installation15:55
ikonianever done that15:57
su_i'm definitely liking k15:59
su_it's very mature15:59
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dav_hi is possible with pidgin add a msn buddy on yahoo account? Could you help me?16:30
lordievaderHey Wizard How are you?16:30
lordievaderdav_: No, those are 2 entirely different protocols.16:32
dav_ok, thanks...16:32
Wizardlordievader: Fine.16:33
WizardI've fixed my builroot build :]16:33
WizardAnd tuned it a bit :]16:33
CretoDear, kubuntu users are finding that the muon in version 4.12?16:40
Cretosorry 12.04*16:41
lordievaderCreto: I'm sorry, are you asking what version of muon kubuntu 12.04 is using?16:41
lordievaderIf so it is 1.3.116:42
Cretolordievader: do not ask if they think the muon is good because I did not think much16:45
WizardBTW, I fixed my yesterday QT Creator problem, I had to choose "custom triplet", and change -unknown to -powerpc16:45
lordievaderCreto: I don't like muon either, I use synaptic instead.16:45
lordievaderor apt-get16:45
WizardWhat's muon?16:45
lordievaderThe kde package manager.16:46
WizardAh, so I use it when it notifies me about updates :)16:46
CretoI had to update kubuntu through apt-get not because they wanted to but because he fought the muon16:46
Joitlordievader: well i think so far it dont mess with the packages, one is good like the other. its only different to use. but still wonder why they didnt keep kpackage16:46
VitalisI just installed kubuntu 12.04 on my PC. I wanted to dual boot with windows, but the grub menu is not coming up. If I do sudo update-grub, it says found windows enviroment, but it does not load. How can I fix grub so it comes up?16:47
WizardKpackage is still alive?16:47
Joiti dunno wizard, i only wonder about16:48
WizardI remember it existed since KDE 1.16:48
Joitseems like its one from the features, to get all few years a new surface for soem programs16:48
CretoJoit: sorry but the muon is buggy, crashes a lot and is too slow compared to the synaptic16:49
Joitits still at the package list Wizard16:49
=== manny is now known as Guest60643
WizardJoit: kpackage? :D16:49
WizardI see only kpackageki16:49
Joiti did not have a lot problems right now with muon credo, i have more problems with java, and crash reqong and firefox all time16:50
Joityea wizard16:50
WizardJoit: I don't think if package manager is responsible for these kind of problems :(16:50
Joityes, i think that too, but i could more complain about java as over muon16:51
Joiti spend a half day now reinstall java6 and 7 but no success16:52
Joitand muon did help me with that :P16:52
WizardSince today I didn't even know it exists. I allways use apt-get for package tasks.16:53
JoitWizard: well i am lazy guy and use the gui16:54
tobiasBoraHello !16:55
JoitHELLO tobiasBora !! !!!16:55
Joit - )16:55
Wizardhi tobiasBora16:55
lordievaderI am a lazy guy too, that is why I use apt-get :P16:55
tobiasBoraI've a problem : with the update of kubuntu I cannot use the short key because khotkeys isn't installed, and we cannot install it !16:56
Joiti wish i had more time to concentrate again more on the commands in the konsole16:56
JoittobiasBora:  why not? do you have your sources not proper installed?16:57
su_ok i have another question - i'm in ubuntu.12.04 and installed the k desktop. I have the classic launch menu and would like to edit it. Is there something like the "main menu" editor from gnome2 in kde?16:57
tobiasBoraJoit: I think all my sources are ok :16:57
lordievadersu_: Right click the menu, edit applications16:58
Joitthen whats your error when you try to install it?16:58
su_ahh! thanks so much! :)16:58
tobiasBoraJoit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99609716:58
tobiasBoraJoit: and this is the error message when I try to install it : http://paste.ubuntu.com/99609916:59
JoittobiasBora:  yes, i dont get a result too, when i look for khotkeys at muon, seems its not implemented17:02
tobiasBoraJoit: and can you use the screenshot ?17:02
tobiasBoraII found this kde-workspace, maybe it is ?17:02
JoittobiasBora:  ksnapshot yes17:02
JoittobiasBora: there is a other program called hotkeys, its maybe handy for you?17:04
tobiasBoraJoit: I don't understand17:04
JoittobiasBora: there is an other program , called hotkeys for multimedia keyboards17:05
Joitapt-get -install hotkeys ?17:05
tobiasBoraI'll try17:06
Joitor. tobiasBora what part you dont undertsnad, ksnapshot or hotkeys?17:06
Joiti assume hotkeys :P17:06
tobiasBorayes hotkeys.17:06
tobiasBoraIn fact, when I go in the Klauncher (with right click) and I go to edit application, I've an error message :17:07
tobiasBoraImpossible de contacter « khotkeys ». Vos changements ont été enregistrés mais impossible de les activer.17:07
tobiasBora=> Impossible to contact "khotkeys". Your saving have been saved, but it's impossible to active its.17:08
tobiasBoraEven with hotkeys installed17:08
tobiasBora(and khotkeys is inexistant)17:09
JoittobiasBora:  seems its allready installed by me17:09
tobiasBoraJoit : you mean ?17:10
Joithe says, Open the Application Launcher menu and type "khotkeys" and ..17:11
Joityou may try a search at the menu above in the kde menu17:12
tobiasBoraJoit: I've the configuration of the keyshort with this, but after it doesn't work..17:14
tobiasBorabecause it doesn't find khotkeys17:14
tobiasBoraJoit, when you do "sudo apt-cache search khotkeys", what have you ?17:14
Joitno result, only a new prompt17:15
WizardWhen I press alt+f2 and type khotkeys it spits only Configuration of keyboard shortcuts.17:16
Joiti cant find the package too with apt-get install17:17
WizardIt's part of system settings.17:17
tobiasBoraWizard: yes I agree.17:17
WizardAnd system settings say it is a service, not an application.17:17
WizardNothig strange you cannot find it in repo :S17:17
tobiasBoraWizard: and why a service can be unusable ?17:18
Joityeah wizard, i figured the same out at the moment17:18
Joitits at kde implemented17:18
WizardMaybe it's configuration is screwed.17:18
WizardtobiasBora: look at ~/.xsession-errors.17:18
WizardMaybe you'll find something interesting there.17:19
Joiti could figure, that your keyboard or locales is not proper configured17:19
tobiasBoraWizard: this is my error file : http://paste.ubuntu.com/99612917:20
Joitjust guessig :P17:20
WizardtobiasBora: did you find anything interesting in it?17:21
tobiasBorathis line : kcmshell(31654)/khotkeys: Failed to contact kded [ "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown" ]: "The name org.kde.kded was not provided by any .service files"17:21
tobiasBorasorry, I've to leave...17:22
tobiasBoraThanks for your help and if you I've an idea tell me please17:22
WizardAfter you leave? :D17:22
WizardI would try removing khotkeysrc from <17:23
Joithis nick may still stay with us17:23
Wizarduh.. from ~/.kde/share/config17:23
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tobiasBoraMe and my nick come back !17:59
tobiasBoraWizard: I tried this : mv khotkeysrc khotkeysrc_bak , but when I open again the configuration file, it is the same think...18:00
WizardtobiasBora: :(18:01
WizardThan I really don't know what's wrong.18:01
WizardTry #kde or brows forum.kde.org.18:02
WizardMaybe somebody's already reported it.\18:02
tobiasBoraWizard:   :-\  I'll try... When I use ps -aux I see : leo       3035  0.0  0.4  85784 17384 ?        S    19:59   0:00 /usr/bin/kcmshell4 khotkeys18:03
WizardHmm, maybe it works, but your former configuration is lost after upgrade?18:04
tobiasBoraThe screenshot configuration stay no ? But when I go in the setting, I see my last setting, so it's not lost no ?18:06
WizardThan I'm out of ideas. Sorry, tobiasBora.18:07
tobiasBoraWizard: ok, thanks ^^18:08
WizardtobiasBora: I didn't help you much.18:10
tobiasBoraWizard: you tried and that's nice ^^ but you you have kubuntu 12.04 ?18:11
WizardOn two machines.18:11
WizardAt work I still use Lucid.18:11
WizardI didn't have time to update.18:11
WizardAnd, to be honest, I'm a bit worried.18:12
lordievaderWizard: Of a failing upgrade?18:12
WizardNo. Of a problems with new kernel and new drivers.18:13
WizardI also have alot of non-repo java apps installed.18:14
Wizard(I'm a full time java coder)18:14
lordievaderFor me that falls in the category upgrade fail...18:14
tobiasBoraWizard: you can use linux at work ? Nice !18:14
tobiasBoralordievader: what ?18:14
WizardI'm one of three guys who do that :)18:15
WizardRest use windblows 7.18:15
tobiasBoraWizard: and you can do a screen shot or use the shortcut edit from Klauncher ?18:15
lordievadertobiasBora: Problems with new kernel/new drivers fall, for me, in the category upgrade fail.18:15
tobiasBoralordievader: ok18:16
lordievaderWindows 7 is quite allright, hell of a lot better than Vista XD18:16
WizardYeah, especially that at work I have a asus laptop.18:16
WizardThey put horse shit in these computers, I bet.18:16
windbuntuthey still use xp pro where i work18:16
tobiasBoraassus has many dark hardware ?18:16
WizardI haven't use xp much.18:17
lordievaderWow, that is quite a while ago...18:17
lordievaderI kind of grew up on WinXP XD18:17
WizardLet's move this to #kubuntu-offtopic18:17
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Guest42155hi there, I've just installed Kubuntu, but GRUB fails and displays the message "No such partitions", may somebody help me? I'm using the LIVE CD right now19:05
Guest96519Guest42155: I'm by no means an expert, but you did select a partition to install GRub to, during install?19:08
=== Guest96519 is now known as AD
Guest42155/dev/sda1 is where / is mounted19:09
cancerHi guys :D19:10
ADI wound up defining a couple of hundred meg as /boot partition.19:11
AD/dev/sda2 in my case as the drive shares with Windows.19:11
cancerL3top: hey19:12
Guest42155but it should work anyways right_19:13
L3topgrub should be installed on the drive, not a partition. Guest42155 did that correctly.19:13
L3tophi cancer19:13
cancerL3top: what's up busy man. :)19:14
cancerL3top: i was wondering about to play with graphic things on my on. :D19:15
Guest42155im now trying boot-repair19:15
ADI did say I wasn't an expert L3top. My install wouldn't boot the GUI initially until I defined the /boot partition.19:15
L3topguest can you boot to  rescue or boot live and chroot to sda1 and run update-grub19:15
L3topI wasn't busting your chops, just stating for clarity.19:16
L3topnot an ego thing, I lost that in the divorce.19:16
ADL3top: Noted. More thinking aloud on my part.19:16
cancerL3top: so have any advice for me.19:19
L3topBuy a monitor.19:20
L3topBuy a gpu produced this decade19:21
L3topthis is my best advice.19:21
* AD nudges the laptop out of sight.19:21
ADWhat sorta kit is cancer trying to get sorted out?19:21
L3topyour dvi-vga conversion from a terribly discontinued gpu prevents the ability to read the display data it needs.19:22
cancerL3top: have LCD in mind. dono this card will work with that or not?19:22
L3topIf it has a dvi cable/port... yes19:23
cancerYes. that's true.19:23
L3tophowever, you might consider getting an updated gpu as well... they aren't very expensive...19:23
L3topdont get me wrong... I have just heaps of archaic equipment I use constantly...19:23
cancerwell, i'll try some quick experiments which i have not tried yet. maybe that will force it to work.19:24
L3topcancer: and has been suggested a great number of times, you are likely to get much better results from your onboard card19:24
L3topwithout having to generate custom modlines or anything...19:24
L3topYou have 40 hours in trying to get all this to work.19:25
L3topI have 10.19:25
cancerL3top: ah, don't ya worry. it's fine. i too understand what all have suggested here. but i like to do experiments. actually graphic is not my need yet. i have other OS 'XP' in which everything works fine.19:26
L3topThese are my recommendations. You can take them or not, and perhaps someone else would like to carry on, but unfortunately, my help is exhausted19:26
cancerL3top: those 40hr's aren't spend alone by myself and surely i learned and revised an old lesson of same issue. but new time will be less because i have spotted the issue and will not waste time on it. experiments will only bring hand on commands. :) I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF ANY WRONG FROM YOU.19:28
CruelCat87Kubuntu perm hell even with files located on a FAT32. Any help?19:31
L3top!details | CruelCat8719:32
ubottuCruelCat87: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:32
CruelCat87Permission hell under K-precise when trying to launch an executable located on a FAT32 partition19:33
CruelCat87Said executable is OpenTTD Linux Generic 32-bit19:33
=== T_A_N_K_ is now known as T_A_N_K
L3topIs the entire drive showing as read only?19:34
CruelCat87I cannot check the executable bit for particular executable but can manipulate files on the drive19:34
CruelCat87I never had such poo with Puppy!19:35
L3topls -l /path/to/folder19:35
L3topIf you are looking at it in dolphin, you can press ctrl + l to see the path19:36
CruelCat87I already booted out of k-precise19:36
CruelCat87talking from chatzilla of firefox on win3219:37
CruelCat87gah snotbug!19:37
L3topWell... I am not sure how I can help then if you are unable to look at/test. I mean, you can try running chkdsk -f in windows. But without seeing it from linux side I can only make blind guesses19:38
CruelCat87Ubuntu 8.04 also had suicidal perm hell on this machine before19:38
CruelCat87but all traces of 8.04 have been wiped19:39
L3topSo... you are just here to vent, not fix?19:39
L3topkubuntu-offtopic might be a better place for that19:39
CruelCat87so I'm not trying Kubuntu 'till permless filesystems are treated as such19:40
L3topDuly noted. Have a good day.19:40
ADNice chap.19:42
cancerAD: is there any version of IDM'internet download manager' for kubuntu.19:43
ADI have absolutely no idea. I don't use the program myself.19:44
ADIs it not a browser plugin, rather than standalone software?19:44
cancerAD: a download is in process and not downloading at good speed rate. maximum 30kb.19:47
ADNot filefactory is it?19:48
cancerdownloading directly from nvidia server19:49
ADOdd. They've al;ways been pretty rapid in the past.19:51
cancerHow to update Adobe flash player version?19:55
=== prox_ is now known as Aftermath
cancerHow to run '.run' file?19:59
=== Aftermath is now known as pr0x
=== pr0x is now known as Aft3rmath
DaskreechL3top: The Card is screwed. Just tested it20:17
L3topI feared it might be.20:17
=== len is now known as Guest96697
cancerHow to install .run file?20:23
cancerit's on desktop20:23
L3topsh /path/to/filename.run20:24
L3topbut if this is for flash20:24
cancerI have it in home20:24
cancernot for flash.20:25
cancerHow to update Adobe flash player version?20:25
cancerYum/tar.gz/apt/rpm? which file to download20:25
L3topapt-get install flashplugin-installer20:25
cancerI'm currently trying to install driver. i have downloaded a file. it's in home & desktop too.20:25
L3topsh /home/filename.run20:26
L3topif it is an nvidia driver you will probably want to run sudo.20:27
L3topwhat driver have you downloaded?20:27
L3topactually... nevermind20:27
L3topI dont want to know20:27
JMichaelXcould anyone here recommend a good flashcard program? i am looking at kwordquiz, but so far it is seeming counter-intuitive20:28
cancerL3top: i told ya i like to do experiments when i know nothing about something. that's make me learn as well. got books too ;)20:28
L3topJMichaelX: granule?20:30
JMichaelXhave you used granule?20:30
cancersh: Can't open /home/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-270.41.06.run20:30
L3toponce upon a time...20:30
L3topcancer chmod +x /home/NV*.run20:31
L3topFor my daughter... a while back I grabbed some... I remembered that being the better option20:31
L3topI think anyway...20:32
L3topcancer: chmod +x makes a file executable... now you can sudo sh /home/NV*.run20:32
AvihayJMichaelX: I think Anki is a good flashcard program20:33
JMichaelXAvihay: i should give that a try... i have seen 'anki droid' in google play20:33
Avihayit has an impressive repository of free cards20:34
cancerchmod: cannot access `/Home/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-270.41.06.run': No such file or directory20:34
lordievaderAnyone experiencing lockups when trying to get a laptop in stand-by/sleep/however-it-is-called?20:34
L3top/home/ not /Home/20:36
cancerlordievader: how to stop x? i tried 'sudo kill all startx' and ran the nvidia driver but setup telling to stop that.20:36
lordievadercancer: You are running kubuntu right? sudo service kdm stop20:37
L3topcancer: sudo service kdm stop; pkill X20:37
cancerL3top: i just did this 'sudo ./nvidia.....run' and it worked and then the x thing to stop.20:37
JMichaelXcancer: multiple problems. 'killall' is one word, and in kde, it would be better to use 'sudo service kdm stop'20:37
cancerexecute this command from 'tty'?20:38
L3topyes cancer.20:38
lordievadercancer: Killall should also be used with caution, it kills everything it can find...20:38
lordievaderNo one here running kubuntu on their laptop?20:39
L3topI am20:39
lordievaderL3top: You don't get lockups when trying to enter sleep mode?20:40
L3topI do not.20:40
lordievaderL3top: Lucky you, it is quite annoying...20:41
L3topI disable it on lid close because I don't like my workers sleeping... it is a tyrannical thing... but while it was enabled it worked20:41
L3toplordievader: what is your wireless card?20:41
JMichaelXin kwordquiz, it allows you to set the keyboard layout for each column... but it does not seem to do anything. it would be great if keyboard layout automatically changed for each column, according to how that column was configured20:41
lordievaderI don't got that enabled either, I changed my sleep knob to a script, the way through the menu would not put it to sleep, it would do nothing20:42
L3topI find those sorts of things almost always are related to how it interacts with wireless20:42
lordievaderNow I just use pm-suspend.20:42
lordievaderL3top: What is a good command to find that out?20:43
L3topI see... no I really have nothing to complain about on kubu precise. Everything, dare I say it, "just works".20:43
L3toplspci | grep Wireless20:43
L3topor lspci | grep WLAN20:44
lordievaderBoth don't give anything, but I guess it is the Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 620520:44
lordievaderUnder Network controller20:45
L3topit doesnt always... wireless doesnt really have anything common and identifying20:45
L3top(as opposed to VGA for instance)20:46
lordievader"Advanced-N" Gotta be the wifi I would say.20:46
lordievaderAnyhow I have been testing it quite a few times now (5+) and everytime it just goes to sleep....20:47
cancernow how to delete this file: etc/modprob.d/"nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf"?20:48
cancercannot delete it.20:48
lordievadercancer: Use sudo to delete it, a normal user doesn't have rw permission in things outside home.20:49
L3topwell... it wouldnt have quotes first of all20:49
cancerL3top: i quote the file:D20:49
canceractually, tried to be more clear.20:50
L3topetc has a / in front of it and modprobe has an e at the end... ls /etc/modprobe.d      and see that the file exists20:50
lordievaderL3top: Lol you almost look like a grammer-nazi XD20:50
cancerL3top: yes file exist. i tried to shift del it.  but access denied20:51
lordievaderJust a whole different kind of grammer.20:51
L3topspelling counts in linux... not my fault20:51
L3topcancer you are trying to delete it from dolphin20:51
L3topdolphin does not have permission to do such20:51
lordievaderUnless you launch dolhin with: kdesudo dolphin20:52
lordievaderI.e. a root dolphin :)20:52
L3topcorrect... but... it would just be safer, and the same amount of effort, to use the terminal20:52
L3topsudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-inst*.conf20:53
* L3top is lazy and globs everything20:53
cancerwho's on the glob doing that?20:53
L3topThe shell interprets the glob... if that is your question20:54
cancerthat driver installer created that file to disable 'nouveau'. so those driver didn't help, they don't want to be on the install kubuntu path of my machine. that's why i asked to how to remove them20:56
cancerthey are removed.20:56
lordievadercancer: If you are not entirely comfortable in bash/terminal/konsole you should read up on it. It will make your life in linux a whole lot easier!20:57
cancerdo i need to run this command. apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau20:58
lordievadercancer: I'm lost, what are you trying to do, remove or install the nouveau driver?20:58
cancerlordievader: if you mean by getting command on terminal, the answer is YES, :D but in Xp. i'm a learner more a newbie learner. i love terminal.20:59
lordievaderCmd in windows is crap compared to bash IMO...21:00
cancerlordievader: nothing, do you know the file i have removed was created by nvidia installed to disable nouveau to load i think. that's all. i have removed that file. just asked if that command needs to run once more.21:00
lordievader:source /home/lordievader/.byobu/profile21:00
lordievader:source /home/lordievader/.byobu/profile21:00
lordievaderWhy does F5 print all that stuff...21:01
cancerlordievader: yes in windows xp. that was good once from 3.1 to 98.21:01
cancerF5 seems to not answering.21:02
lordievaderScince when does ubuntuforums got a new look actually?21:02
lordievadercancer: The F5 thing was byobu doing wierd thing....21:02
lordievadercancer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=190910821:03
canceryes, and a qoute from there 'The best way to learn the command line is to use the command line.' it's isn't complete. :-p21:06
cancerlordievader: how i can reset fon't size of rekonq21:06
lordievadercancer: No idea, I don't use rekonq... Why isn;t the quote complete?21:07
cancerlordievader: forget that.21:08
cancerlordievader: can i remove rekonq and then just reinstall it?21:09
lordievadercancer: I guess, make it purge (it'll delete config files too)21:09
cancerlordievader: i think i have spent more time on windows. this linux will take time. i don't know i have for it.21:11
canceranyway. i'll be back after a restart. want to see what i did with my linux :D21:11
lordievadercancer: Welcome back.21:15
cancerThanks :)21:16
canceryes, everything on it's place.21:16
cancersudo apt-get install firefox    <-- is that right21:16
lordievadercancer: Seems about right.21:17
cancerlordievader: i happened to find in 'K' mozilla firefox browser installer and now it's running. you know Y?21:18
lordievadercancer: It's because a lot of people want firefox, so the devs made it easy to install it. (Why not just preinstall it is beyond me)21:19
lordievaderAnyhow I'm off to bed, cya all.21:19
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guest12345ok, so here's the challenge...Can I stream audio that is currently playing on my computer to another computer on my lan?23:00
guest12345I can't quite figure out how to do it with vlc23:00
Daskreechguest12345: yes23:04
Daskreechlook into icecast23:04
DaskreechAs I recall Amarok had it built in but removed it to a plugin23:05
Daskreech Almost sure that Tomahawk has that built in as well Though  I'll admit here that I've never used either Tomahawk or that feature23:06
DaskreechAmarok also had a plugin that created a jukebox webserver from your library that you can pull up and control from any web interface.  Also there was a KDE screensaver that allowed you to overlay your music and music controls on top of it which could be synced across the network.23:07
DaskreechThe idea being you have a party and there were "jukeboxes" around the party that allowed people to enque and play music without messing with the actual computer. sort of a communal DJ setup23:08
giantpunehi, have you guys any suggestions for a different archive extractor than the default one in kubuntu?23:08
Daskreechgiantpune: yes we do23:09
giantpunebasically when i click some archive it opens up and shows the list of files.  it lets you select multiple files.  but when you drag one into dolphin, only 1 of them is extracted.23:09
Daskreechgiantpune: as I recall there is an option at the top for single file or multiple filesw23:10
guest12345Daskreech, thanks for the suggestions!  I'll give you a little more info...  My wife wants to play grooveshark.com songs on her computer, but have the audio streamed to the stereo, where we have a mythtv computer hooked up to...23:11
Daskreechguest12345: so you want the raw audio from the sound card piped across the network?23:12
guest12345Daskreech, So I am trying to do it in a 'generic' sense23:12
Daskreechsince I presume it's a browser providing the audio ?23:12
guest12345Daskreech, Exactly23:12
guest12345Daskreech, I thought vlc could capture asla or pulse and do a --sout to a http stream, but that doesn't appear to be working.. though, it may be me that is doing something wrong23:13
giantpuneDaskreech, im not seeing an option like that in Ark23:14
Daskreechguest12345: My jerking knee is squeaking out jack but pop into #videolan and see if they have a vlc suggestion. I'd think they have something that could provide that23:14
giantpuneit lets me select multiple files in the archive.  but as soon as i start to drag 1 of them, all the others are deselected :(23:15
guest12345Daskreech,  thanks!23:15
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giantpunewhat is the default archive tool front-end for regular ubuntu?  maybe ill give that one a shot23:28
giantpuneits built into the file manager then?  that might not work out too well.  i didnt want to replace all of dolphin23:30
Daskreech!info squeeze23:31
ubottusqueeze (source: squeeze): modern and advanced archive manager for Xfce. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.3-12 (precise), package size 177 kB, installed size 852 kB23:31
DaskreechYou can try that23:31
giantpunefile-roller looks promising23:34
giantpunenope.  neither file-roller or squeeze allow me to select multiple items and extract them by dragging23:38
zacariasdoes someone know how to connect a mac to your Kubuntu 12.04 folders (direct ethernet connection)? I can connect Kubuntu to the mac, but not the opposite.23:40
DaskreechHow are you connecting Kubuntu to the mac?23:42
guest12345zacarias: (don't on a mac) can you use a sshfs?23:43
Daskreechguest12345: first thing I thought23:43
guest12345zacarias: (on->own)23:44
zacariasguest12345: how do I do that?23:44
zacariasDaskreech: I just connect to the mac via ssh (with Unison, Doplhin, etc)23:45
guest12345zacarias: another thought is samba shares23:46
guest12345zacarias:  depends on what you are trying to accomplish23:46
Daskreechgiantpune: oh. Umm you can use Dolphin as an archive manager23:46
Daskreechif that makes your life easier23:47
guest12345giantpune:  doesn't ark let you do that?23:48
giantpunewhen i did "dolphin ./someArchive.tar.gz"  it opens a dolphin window.  then it opens Ark23:49
giantpuneit doesnt show much of anything in the newly opened dolphin window.  the Ark window opens the archive just like it always does23:49
zacariasgiest12345: Well, I don't see my Kubuntu computer on the mac's Finder list of available servers. But when I try to connect to it (using the IP address) it gives me several errors (wrong passord or username and connection errors). I tried smb://ip.add.ress, ftp://ip.add.ress, afp://ip.add.ress, and nothing23:49
Daskreechgiantpune: You have to enable handle archive in the dolphin config23:49
Daskreechgiantpune: Look under Navigation23:50
zacariasguest12345: the message above was for you (I mispelled your nick)23:50
Daskreechgiantpune: In general anything that ark can open Dolphin will be able to as well. I can't promise that it will handle password protected rar files well23:51
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.23:51
guest12345zacarias: did you setup samba on your kubuntu machine?23:51
Daskreechzacarias: You can type gue and ppress tab to get the full namne23:51
guest12345Daskreech: Thanks I didn't know that either!23:51
zacariasDaskreech: thanks!23:51
Daskreechzacarias: What mac release?23:52
zacariasguest12345: I'm not sure. The samba shares tab on the system configuration doesn't say much. I set the sharing permissions on my home folder to "shared"23:53
zacariasDaskreech: 10.6.823:53
guest12345zacarias: ok, I'm not entirely familiar with what that does...  When I setup samba, it was a process of creating samba users and editing the smb.conf file23:54
zacariasguest12345: the smb.conf? I'll look for that23:55
zacariasDaskreech: I'll take a look23:55
guest12345zacarias: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?  sshfs might be the easiest thing for you to setup, it is secure and should be pretty easy to setup, but might be slow23:56
zacariasguest12345: just connect to my home folder on Kubuntu from my mac. Of course I can make almost everything the opposite way, but..23:57
Daskreechhooray for flexibiilty of macs23:58
guest12345zacarias: is 10.6.8 lion? leopard?  ?23:58
guest12345personally, I would never buy a mac...too much proprietary bs23:59

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