xxxhello everyone08:19
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shnatselclicking "Build now" at https://code.launchpad.net/~glimpse-hackers/+recipe/glimpse-daily says "Server error, please contact an administrator. OOPS ID:OOPS-fdb9e51a93eca13fd675b63238f78b17"10:28
shnatselis this the right place to contact an administrator?10:28
neXyontoo bad launchpad doesn't have some kind of social development stuff, like a blog where you could write down your development progress; any recommendation where I should do that?11:35
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czajkowskineXyon: launchpad-dev mailing list?13:26
neXyonczajkowski: looks like you didn't understand my original question ^^13:27
czajkowskineXyon: it has it's own blog yes, but not where people can add stuffto, discussions do take place on the mailing list, so yes I did13:27
neXyonczajkowski: nah, I meant any developer working on any project on launchpad; not only the launchpad project itself13:28
czajkowskiah a project hosted on lp13:28
neXyonor developers13:29
neXyoneg. a developer posting about his experience with different coding projects, or even more general development stuff13:29
czajkowskineXyon: hy not bring the idea up on lp-dev ?13:30
neXyonczajkowski: feel free to; I don't want to subscribe to yet another mailing list13:32
czajkowskifair enough, no point in me bringing it up as I'm not the one looking for it13:33
neXyonthen just send an IRC quote xD13:34
paskyHi! The "clock is running too fast" on my launchpad - I'm trying to get some timing instructions working and while I set MCLK explicitly to 1MHz, it would appear that the msp430 is doing two cycles per tick or something; running 1000 cycles takes just 0.5ms and the watchdog timer is triggering twice as frequently too. I'm using the internal DCO. Any idea what could be the culprit?14:03
paskyThis is a brand new Launchpad that arrived few days ago...14:03
dobeypasky: i think you are in the wrong channel14:45
dobeypasky: this channel is for https://launchpad.net/14:45
dobeypasky: read the channel /topic :)14:45
paskyoh oops, sorry :)14:47
eLBatiany problem with code hosting?16:16
tgm4883Does anything special need to be done to build for arm in a PPA?19:51
geseryes, you need to work for Canonical20:03
geserarm can't be virtualized so it can't be make available for PPA, unless you can be trusted (ie work for Canonical)20:04
tgm4883geser, so then what is the deal with the arm builders on LP?20:47
tgm4883geser, seems there are about as many builders for armel as there are for amd64 https://launchpad.net/builders20:48
gesertgm4883: the ARM PPA builders aren't virualized, but real hardware like the official builds20:49
tgm4883and it needs to be virtualized for security?20:50
tgm4883sounds like we need a large arm server and some juju magic20:50
tgm4883geser, on the other hand, are you saying that if I worked for canonical I could build stuff on the arm servers for a PPA?20:55
tgm4883geser, thanks for the info. I'll let our contact know he can do that21:21

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