Pictohi, why i have "414 frames in 5.0 seconds = 82.722 FPS"00:24
Pictotyping glxgears00:25
Pictocan everywone help me?00:25
keithclarkAny one about to ask a ssh question to?01:19
Unit193Just ask away, you don't have to wait.01:19
Unit193(Except waiting fgor a response)01:20
keithclarkI'm trying to run a x application via ssh session and I'm not having much luck.  I've installed openssh and I can establish a good connection but when I try to run an application like Firefox, it defaults to a local copy01:21
Unit193Weird thing about Firefox, you have to close all local copies first.01:21
Unit193ssh -X host-here   I'd guess?01:21
keithclarkWell let me try that!01:21
keithclarkWell, that seemed to work!  Many thanks.01:24
n1ckn4me09876543Hey, you know how lubuntu comes with 2 workspace/desktop that can be switch inter changeably, and when you put shortcuts it shows on both, what I'd like is to have independent shortcuts, is that possible?02:35
pibarnasn1ckn4me09876543, I think not, because the shortcuts in fact are made on the same dir, probably ~/Desktop. but it's just  a thought.02:37
windbuntui have been testing lubuntu 12.04 in a VM and its really great07:07
windbuntuso far its much better than ylmf, zorin, netrunner and dream linux.07:07
windbuntuzorin is supposed to be so good? pffft...07:08
windbuntuso far ubuntu 12.04 and lubuntu are the best by far.07:08
head_victimjmarsden: ping07:10
jmarsdenhead_victim: pong07:10
head_victimPM ok?07:10
dove_gZorinOS is also ubuntu based, windbuntu08:22
dove_gi checked also use gnome and lxde as lubuntu08:25
dove_gso main goal is i suppose that people from windows get used to linux08:26
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kanliothey i wrote a governance document like we've been discussing on the mailing list, can someone please give me some feedback or corrections?14:57
Gunz4MiPPlejust installed lubuntu, but there is no keyring/password manager running15:19
zionmates I just installed Lubuntu 12.04 ,updated it and tried Firefox/Chromium  with flash plugin and google chrome with their flash plugin. I´m having same problem. Firefox and Chromium play flash clips without problems but flash games (only games I play lately) are so sluggish and slow compared to Windows 7 and LinuxMint 12 (LXDE). GChrome is worse the those two giving black flash on animations. So my question is ; Any tips why is this happening15:19
zion ? Im not sure that proper drivers are installed on lubuntu for my crappy ATi Radeon (R350 ) card,but its working flawlessly on W7 and Mint 12 .15:19
Gunz4MiPPleno not minimal, it might because I installed using my old home dir, and there are old configs laying around15:20
Gunz4MiPPlezion, did you try running 'additional drivers'15:23
zionGunz4MiPPle: yes,but there is none15:24
zionOnly thing that bothers me is that its working on LinuxMint 12 ,Fedora 16 and Windows 7 . Cant figure out why Ubuntu /lubuntu is giving me problems15:25
zionI´ll try this http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
zionMaybe it will work ,but I doubt it15:27
Gunz4MiPPlehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver ?15:27
zion01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV350 AS [Radeon 9550] [1002:4153]15:29
Gunz4MiPPlei had prob with Nvidia 6150GO and 12.04s drivers, but at least there was a huge thread about it on launchpad and was able to fix it15:29
zionGeez so Ill have a blast tweaking it to work...15:30
Gunz4MiPPlezion, if there is a problem, its probably not a lubuntu, but a problem with all the stuff based on 12.04, too15:32
Gunz4MiPPleso I bet others are having it, and you can find a bug report15:32
zionYea ,well Ill google some more and try to fix it .If I cant manage its back to mint  :/15:33
Unit193Hello leszek.16:04
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zion<Gunz4MiPPle>  I just installed fglrx and everything is fine :D16:08
kanliothi leszek want to review my governance document?16:08
Gunz4MiPPlezion: thats awesome, video driver issues no fun16:08
zionGunz4MiPPle : I agree,most turn offs on linux distro was because of hardware issues :) Im glad this got fixed16:09
leszekkanliot: sure16:11
zionBtw  I know that Lubuntu is lacking devs but still why only 18 months support?16:12
Unit193Might be better off in #lubuntu-offtopic since it's not suppoert (and that doubles as -devel)16:12
Unit193zion: Because they can't actually do more.16:12
leszekzion: basically you need devs to maintain the applications shipped with the current version16:13
kanliotleszek sorry that was my local pc https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/tempgovernance16:13
leszekkanliot: link does not work16:13
leszekthis one works16:13
Unit193zion: Though, it's only LXDE that won't be updated.16:13
zionUnit193 can you explain ,isnt Lubuntu basicly LXDE on ubuntu 12.04 with some minor adjustments?16:15
leszekzion: LXDE needs to be maintained and alle apps shipped by default in Lubuntu, i.e. abiword, lubuntu software center and all the other apps. And they need to be supported in their current version. As version upgrades are not allowed, as far as I know16:16
zionone last question,performance is my main issue due to old PC (P4 northwood 2.66 GHZ HT,3 GB Ram and ATi RV 350 x1050 ) .If I install ubuntu 12.04 and replace Gnome with LXDE would performance be like Lubuntu?16:18
kanliotLXDE's main feature is pcmanfm and less ram that xfce16:20
kanliotyou won't be using either of those features with gnome16:20
leszekzion: yes this should work16:20
kanliotand mint still offers gnome16:21
leszekbut notice applications shipped as default by lubuntu are more lightweight16:21
Unit193There's also the !purelubuntu method.16:21
zionWell I like Lubuntu ,but ill try Ubuntu with LXDE.Btw if I instal lxde does nautilus gets replaced by thunar?16:25
leszekkanliot: I think the governance document ist quite good. Did not find anything to add to it16:27
kanliotk thx leszek16:27
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Gunz4MiPPlewhat should the default password keyring be, 'default' or 'login', that might be my problem16:32
Gunz4MiPPleright now, 'login' is the default16:33
Gunz4MiPPleand its pretty much empty16:33
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smiledoei! :)18:14
zleapok does lubuntu run lxde or a similar named ui18:14
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.18:15
zleaplxde,  ok  thought so18:15
zleapok just installed lubuntu-desktop 11.10 and it loads super fast compared to unity18:15
zleapok on task switch alt-tab,  how do i get a show desktop thing up like i have under unity18:16
zleapthis is really useful to just getting to the desktop quickly18:16
windbuntudoes lubuntu have the ability to utilize a dual core computer?18:19
zleapi would have thought the kernel would have if you have the right kernel installed18:20
jmarsdenwindbuntu: Yes18:20
windbuntui am using 12.04 and i did not change or modify the kernal-i used the default kernal i guess you would say.18:20
windbuntuwell in my VM i am not atm18:21
jmarsdenwindbuntu: So what exactly is your issue or problem?18:21
windbuntui don't think i have one, i just asked a question.18:21
jmarsdenOK... great :)  You can check what CPU cores your OS sees by doing cat /proc/cpuinfo if necessary18:22
windbuntuso u mean...sudo cat /proc/cpuinfo18:23
windbuntulike that?18:23
jmarsdenNo need for sudo.  Just what I said.   cat /proc/cpuinfo18:23
windbuntuthats pretty advanced if uses all the cores18:23
jmarsdenIt's normal for Linux to use all cores on multicore CPUs, and has been for years :)18:24
bioterrorjmarsden, nice to see you active here again ;)18:24
windbuntushould be very fast on a dual core, i am testing now on my vm but my ultimate goal is to install it in my hp laptop which has a dual core turion amd cpu, ati graphics and 2 gigs of ram.18:25
zleapok my panel menu has somehow moved to the right hand side, how do move it back to the left18:25
Unit193Yeah, only bummer is he left because it takes up valuable time.18:25
windbuntui hope lubuntu like amd and ati18:25
jmarsdenbioterror: Thanks... I'm doing some application development at home at the moment and decided to stick around on IRC a bit here...18:27
windbuntuthanks for the info...bye for now.18:27
jmarsdenwindbuntu: You're welcome.18:27
zleapok my panel has gone fully now can anyone help please18:31
Unit193zleap: Is the process still running? You can either restart it, or start it up.18:37
zleapi got it now18:38
zleapbrb,  i have no minimise button on xchat now18:39
seekwillAnyone play with Lubuntu in a VBox over NFS?19:31
wxlseekwill: i think i have19:32
wxlbeen a while tho19:32
seekwillI just set that up... Interesting19:33
seekwillI wonder how many of these I can set up though19:33
wxli found few programmatic limits to vbox ;)19:34
seekwillYeah, but Vbox is a bit easy to set up19:34
seekwillI normally use Fusion and ESXi19:34
seekwillMy idea was using this as a test/qa/support environment19:35
wxl makes sense19:35
seekwillI wonder if iSCSI will give me more throughput than NFS19:36
Aft3rmathWith this new update on Lubuntu, I can't "Enable Wireless"20:03
seekwillAft3rmath: What's the problem?20:08
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Gege71i just installed a fresh 12.04 lubuntu, because upgrade from 11.10 completely crashed ...20:38
Gege71but  i have now some bugs : no network applet20:38
Gege71any reason for that ?20:38
Unit193The program used by default should be nm-applet20:39
Unit193Check if it's installed, or hit Alt+f2 and runit20:39
Gege71nm-applet is runing (ps -fe)  , but it doesn't show up20:40
Gege71and something strange : when i try to add "network manager" from lxpanel properties, lxpanel crashes20:41
Gege71ok i  found the problem : nm-applet is here, but its icon is "invisible"... i only have to know where exactly to right click :)21:13
Gege71good night ...21:13
x3oohi, ive got broken dependencies with updatemanager for two days21:20
x3ooor more, is anyone experiencing similar problems?21:21
seekwillx3oo: For?21:22
x3oothe sources are alright21:23
x3ooi use oneiric21:23
x3oothere are unmet dependencies between update-manager and update-manager-core21:24
x3ooi am downloading from main server...21:25
x3ooapt-get -f install oder --reinstall dont work either...21:26
x3ooit just asks for different versions21:26
x3oocould this be the work of malware?21:29
seekwillWhat error are you getting?21:29
LordOfTimex3oo:  pastebin the actual errors21:30
x3oomah ok21:30
LordOfTimebecause those error messages could just mean you need to apt-get update again21:30
LordOfTimejust in case21:30
LordOfTimeor you're using one too many repos, or there's an actual broken version21:31
LordOfTimeupdatenotifier-common and update-manager-core are conflicting...21:32
LordOfTime!info update-notifier-common oneiric21:32
ubottuupdate-notifier-common (source: update-notifier): Files shared between update-notifier and other packages. In component main, is optional. Version 0.117ubuntu3.2 (oneiric), package size 10 kB, installed size 200 kB21:32
LordOfTime!info update-manager-core oneiric21:33
ubottuupdate-manager-core (source: update-manager): manage release upgrades. In component main, is standard. Version 1: (oneiric), package size 175 kB, installed size 1348 kB21:33
LordOfTimeyeah update-notifier is the package that's preventing the update it seems21:33
x3ooso what? update-manager depends on notifier21:34
LordOfTimethe versions are different21:35
* LordOfTime wonders21:35
x3ooyeah thats what i said, and they're from mainserver...21:35
* LordOfTime checks current bugs against both packages21:36
* LordOfTime notices a new CVE bug on one of the packages he helps maintain21:37
x3ooLordOfTime: what does it mean for me? just wait a couple of days?21:41
x3oo"mean to me" or "mean for me"21:42
LordOfTimeignore that last part21:46
LordOfTimebecause i was just whining (more work)21:46
LordOfTimebut i will double chekc on that "bug" for you21:46
LordOfTimebut i've got to deal with the security bug in another package first21:46
x3ooLordOfTime: nah, thanks anyway21:51
LordOfTimex3oo:  can you do me a favor and apt-get update before you try and upgrade again?21:52
LordOfTimejust to check21:52
x3ooLordOfTime: did it a hundred times...21:52
LordOfTimeand still nothing?21:52
x3oowith apt-get clean etc...21:52
LordOfTimehmm, sounds like it could be a bug, but... *shrugs*21:53
LordOfTimefor all i know, that might've been reported and fixed in Precise, but *shrugs*21:54
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