ujeeHi!  I have a horrible experience with 12.04 armhf on my pandaboard..  I was untarring a file, got a segfault, it slowed down a lot. managed to open uxterm, execute "dmesg", now it seems unable to spawn processes (my guess), I can toy with X11 though...08:32
ujeeAnything I can try to find out, before I pull the plug?   (ssh logs in, but shell does not spawn. X11 windows don't close)08:34
ujeenevermind.. turning on the screen again is among the stuff that's stuck08:57
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ujeeAnother question - has anyone working sound output with 12.04 armhf on pandaboard?  (since I don't and I have no clue how to debug)11:05
ujeeWhat about pandaboard's ethernet randomly getting stuck?  any cure to that?18:00
TypoNAMujee: tried ifdown eth0 ; ifup eth0 ?18:19
ujeehelps for a while18:19
TypoNAMtried a different port on the switch/hub it is connected to? it might be a bad port on the switch/hub its self18:20
ujeedoubt that.. got a brand new18:20
ujeebut sure, I can try18:20
TypoNAMhow often does the problem occurr?18:21
ujeewhen idle, then never, when streaming a tv channel,    roughly once per hour?18:22
TypoNAMare you up to date on the kernel of the distribution you're using?18:23
TypoNAMwhat OS/distribution are you using on that board? :P18:24
ujeeubuntu of course , 12.04 armhf, TypoNAM18:28
TypoNAMand you have checked for updates, right?18:30
ujeenewest omap4 kernel18:32
ujeebut i had that issue in 11.11 and 12.04 armel  too..18:33
TypoNAMhmmm :/18:33
ujeedo you think my panda is defective or something18:33
ujee  (fully back to keyboard)18:35
ujeeit hasn't died yet (after switching the switch port..    but it's really weird that it would be the issue..   the cable might be bad, though)19:02
Haikaraineny helo thar! anyone wanna help me find a good driver for the PowerVR SGX 540 running pandaboard on ubuntu 11.10?21:29
Haikarainenbooting from SD-Card, rootfs on USB->SSD Disk, I have ubuntu-omap4-extras installed, es2_info seems to be working, glxinfo as well (even though it says its software rasterizing, wich is my problem)21:29
TypoNAMOpenGL ES is not OpenGL, glxinfo is OpenGL only, es2_info is OpenGL ES only21:43
TypoNAMPowerVR SGX only does OpenGL ES hardware acceleration21:43
HaikarainenSo that could be the reason xbmc is like 0.4 fps for me ?21:45
Haikarainenes2_info recognizes the right renderer though21:46
TypoNAMdoes xbmc use OpenGL?21:46
HaikarainenTypoNAM: I think so, dont know if its compatible with ES but i compiled it myself so if it is its probably a configuratiionissue21:48
HaikarainenI know xbmc should have no problems getting a decent framerate on pandaboard es though21:49
TypoNAMit might be, I'm not sure what all is available for video drawing acceleration for pandaboard21:49
stgraberHaikarainen: you'll want to build it with --enable-opengles (or --enable-gles not sure) and --enable-neon21:52
stgraberHaikarainen: my xbmc here runs perfectly smoothly in 1080p, it just gets a bit slow when decoding some 720p videos (and is almost unusable on 1080p content)21:53
stgraberIIRC you have a pre-built version of xbmc with GLES support in the linaro overlay PPA (be sure to just pick these packages and not the whole overlay, unless you want the rest of all the linaro backports)21:53

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