ginI am here 00:32
gindid anybody said he could help me out??00:33
sagacihi all, for those of you who don't have texlive installed, I've uploaded the latest revision of the ubuntu manual at http://people.ubuntu.com/~jpickett/ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual_rev25.pdf04:05
sagaciit's about 3GB to download and set up so it may take a while if you're on a slow connection, otherwise a 1.3MB pdf should be a bit quicker to follow along04:06
sagacithe easiest way you can help is by read a chapter in the manual and making sure everything is up to date and relevant for 12.0404:07
sagacimost of the screenshots are missing but the respective chapter authors will update those sometime soon. I'm going to be working on the rhythmbox/listening to music chapter to make sure it is ready to go04:08
jaddi27sagaci, I will do some reading later on - I didn't realise what the time was, and am not quite ready to do it at the moment04:15
sagacino worries04:16
somethinginteresso what exactly are we doing to help the Ubuntu Manual project this arvo? 05:23
sagacisomethinginteres, anything -- I'm working on the listening to audio section which I'm authoring for the precise release05:26
somethinginteressagaci: is there a site with the material to edit etc? 06:00
sagaciyou need to install texlive via a script which will download about 3GB of packages06:01
somethinginteressagaci: aww dang, bandwidth limits :P 06:01
sagaciare you on an ubuntu-unmetered ISP, ie. bigpond, internode?06:03
somethinginteressagaci: unfortunately not. 06:04
hot_wheeelzHi guys06:37
hot_wheeelzcan anyone confirm if this is still the case or if it's been fixed please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184700106:39
hot_wheeelzalso anyone know of  a ppa for libbluray?06:42
somethingintereshot_wheeelz: libbluray is included in the default repos? 06:45
somethingintereshot_wheeelz: afaik 06:45
hot_wheeelzsomethinginteres, Does it work afauk?06:53
somethingintereshot_wheeelz: It does work. I use it but libbluray is not designed to play encrypted content.07:00
sagacijaddi27, pm?08:44
jaddi27sagaci, ok08:44
benonsoftwareWeather for Melbourne, VIC: Mostly Cloudy / 50F (10C) - Humidity: 82% / Wind: S at 5 mph09:51
benonsoftwareOOps, did I just type that?09:52
sagacior pasted it10:02
benonsoftwareSorry, I thought the weather plugin privatly told me the weather10:02
elkyKalidarn, that's unnecessary11:36

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