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shahriar86hi Tuhin_16:50
shahriar86person or bot?16:50
Tuhin_hi shahriar86 16:51
Tuhin_I am a bot16:51
shahriar86hi Tuhin_16:51
shahriar86it would have been fun to talk to a smart bot16:51
Tuhin_u attended the meeting on thursday?16:51
Tuhin_some IRC have smart bots.16:51
shahriar86I was late16:52
Tuhin_i remembered in morning and forgot by evening...got busy with other stuff...16:52
shahriar86its better to keep reminder in mobile16:53
Tuhin_so which linux u r on?16:53
shahriar86I usually do this now...16:53
shahriar86kubuntu 10.0416:53
Tuhin_my mobile battery is also dieing...it turns off if it vibrates..16:53
Tuhin_have to look for battery16:53
Tuhin_when is EOL for Kub 10.04?16:54
Tuhin_i have decided to change distro from Ubuntu based Mint to Debian based something16:55
shahriar86debian is late16:55
shahriar86that's a problem16:55
shahriar86**debian release is long waited16:56
Tuhin_i downloaded so many apps over my slow 128kbits and now i cant get latest version of some apps16:56
Tuhin_i already found my fix i think16:56
shahriar86which distro you want to try next?16:56
Tuhin_if i install Ubuntu 12.04LTS, then i have to redownload all the apps again...dont want to DL all again16:56
Tuhin_i installed it in USB and its very fast and smooth16:57
Tuhin_based on Debian Stable16:57
shahriar86Tuhin_: its actually an old issue16:58
shahriar86if you upgrade you have to redownload/upgrade other apps16:58
shahriar86any distro you try16:58
Tuhin_yes i know... but when i tried to compile the app coz its not in repo,,, i failed to compile...16:58
Tuhin_so Debian is next16:59
Tuhin_Ubuntu based distros r good for starting/learnign  basics16:59
shahriar86I suppose google might have answer for you16:59
Tuhin_the compile command said i dont have zlib installed...16:59
Tuhin_while i had latest version installed16:59
shahriar86I don't like debian because its slow in upgrade/update (though I'm using LTS now a days)17:00
Tuhin_u should give SolusOS a try...17:00
Tuhin_it's based on stable + Latest apps17:00
shahriar86Tuhin_: to tell the truth I have outgrown distro hopping stage17:00
Tuhin_i hae distro hopping too..17:01
shahriar86I'm very basic user, with very basic need17:01
Tuhin_thats why i wnat to settle with a distro which i wouldn't have to format17:01
shahriar86any abc distro with a browser and a office productivity suit is suffice for me17:01
Tuhin_i am also basic user with some Gaming need17:01
shahriar86he he17:02
shahriar86I thought gaming was easy in ubuntu17:02
Tuhin_i need to install and play the game i like...17:02
Tuhin_yes it is 17:02
Tuhin_till the game is no longer in offer in the repository...coz there is a new Ubuntu version...only for that is the new version available17:02
Tuhin_new versions of apps only available to "latest" ubuntu17:03
Tuhin_so 10.10 didnt get the app while 10.04 , 11.10 had it17:03
shahriar86don't they have ppa to solve such issue?17:04
Tuhin_while 10.10 still didn't EOLed17:04
Tuhin_i didnt find the app anywhere17:04
shahriar8610.10 is eol17:04
Tuhin_i tried to get the app since Decamber17:04
shahriar86I supposed the dev stopped supporting a soon to be eol version?17:05
Tuhin_so i tried to compile...and failed17:05
shahriar86good luck with soluos?17:05
Tuhin_its very goo17:05
Tuhin_u can try it from Live USB17:06
Tuhin_then install in a small 5GB 17:06
shahriar86then you should start using it soon enough17:07
shahriar86I for one is gonna stick to kubuntu17:08
shahriar86had been here since 0817:08
shahriar86my first once was 0717:08
Tuhin_what other distro u tried?17:09
shahriar86told you17:10
shahriar86I never installed other distro, always ran live version17:10
shahriar86fedora and mint17:10
shahriar86debian once17:11
Tuhin_me too17:11
Tuhin_never tried fedora though17:11
shahriar86in the beginning all of them are similar17:11
shahriar86at advance level they are a bit different17:11
shahriar86and I'm very basic person17:11
Tuhin_<shahriar86> Tuhin_: to tell the truth I have outgrown distro hopping stage17:11
shahriar86it was a short lived one :P17:12
Tuhin_i thought u tried aLOT of distors...17:12
Tuhin_what CPU/GFX/RAM u r using with Kubuntu17:12
shahriar86none of my fellow member could convince me to try other17:12
Tuhin_i heard KDE needs too much resources and never dared download any KDE distro17:13
shahriar86p4 fx5200 & 52417:13
Tuhin_524 ?17:13
shahriar86not ideal for gaming right?17:13
Tuhin_not bad17:13
Tuhin_KDE runs fien in that?17:14
shahriar86for tasting purpose I ran it on 25617:14
Tuhin_hmm then u dont open lots of apps same time i guess17:14
Tuhin_ran fine with 256MB ram?17:14
shahriar86it worked17:15
Tuhin_it will work... but from what i heard not comfortably17:15
shahriar86though it did not actually ran17:15
Tuhin_which ISP u r using17:15
shahriar86don't ask17:16
shahriar86its a old pain17:16
shahriar86never found a decent package17:16
shahriar86though I am meaning to shift to wireless... sadly there is no solution for linux17:16
Tuhin_fraudband? local17:16
Tuhin_why not?17:16
Tuhin_i musing Wimax17:16
shahriar86fraudband= broadband who are funtion as a fruadster17:17
Tuhin_with ethernet17:17
shahriar86which service?17:17
Tuhin_local broadband r like that i always thought17:17
Tuhin_i signed up as soon as they had coverage in my area...17:17
Tuhin_128kbits @ 690tk per month17:17
Tuhin_Banglalion Wimax17:18
shahriar86you gotta share the trick17:18
Tuhin_1st 1-2 months coverage was v v bad.. but i kept waiting17:18
shahriar86people don't know how to make them work in linux17:18
Tuhin_thr trick is.. i didnt get the USB Dongle ...17:19
Tuhin_o bought the full big wimax modem17:19
Tuhin_with ethernet out+wifi17:19
Tuhin_then i put a 1Gbit Switcha nd connected 17:19
Tuhin_one of my friend did succeed to make Citycell USB dongle work with Mint1017:20
shahriar86so now you are happy with bl service?17:21
shahriar86what's your location?17:21
Tuhin_they removed the 128kbit package 1-2 month after i got it :)17:22
Tuhin_now their packages r too expensive...with limits17:22
Tuhin_i have 128kbits  unlimied17:22
shahriar86so still using old offer :P17:23
shahriar86are you student? or working17:26
shahriar86the irc seems dead... just because different people comes to it on different time fram17:26
shahriar86*time frame17:26
shahriar86Barebone: hi17:26
shahriar86you bot?17:26
Tuhin_2 bots ...17:27
shahriar86tanvir bhai is sleeping I suppose17:27
Tuhin_maybe afk17:27
Tuhin_u know him?17:28
shahriar86know him from irc only17:28
shahriar86not personally17:28
Tuhin_ah me too17:29
Tuhin_where do u live?17:29
shahriar86did you read the log of thursday night?17:29
Tuhin_i read some, but didnt finish17:30
shahriar86dohs baridhara17:30
shahriar86*missed south asia17:30
Tuhin_it seems they were talking about starting a Martimonial website/service...17:30
Tuhin_so what was the outcome of the meeting?17:31
shahriar86matrimonial website/service?17:32
shahriar86still did not get that far17:32
Tuhin_i read in the irc log...17:32
Tuhin_i didnt finish reding... got bored17:32
shahriar86only outcome so far is that they want to restart the forum17:32
Tuhin_i expected more17:33
shahriar86and want to reorganize writting of tutorial17:33
shahriar86Tuhin_: fact is the group's backbone is shattered17:33
shahriar86it will take long time to reorganize17:33
shahriar86and restart on a new path17:33
Tuhin_Unmatal Tarunno didnt talk 17:33
Tuhin_it seemed to me...17:34
shahriar86there are some reasons why old gunners won't talk17:34
Tuhin_what is the reason of shattered community?17:34
shahriar86if you love something so much and then get hurt for the same reason it does not serve you right in the future17:35
shahriar86not sure whether you are familiar with the present condition of Bangladeshi community17:35
Tuhin_the people among whom there was rift, they joined the meeting yesterday?17:35
shahriar86Bangladeshi public blogs are dread example17:35
shahriar86joined and were silent observer17:36
Tuhin_what happened to blogs??17:36
Tuhin_i dont read them17:36
Tuhin_sometimes read in the past....17:37
shahriar86he he17:37
shahriar86if you have ample time you should read them just to pick on how corrupt our morals are17:37
shahriar86*or just for the sake of fun17:37
shahriar86nothing bro17:37
shahriar86its just this that people like to bitch17:37
shahriar86and they get fun to actually get personal and fight over small stuff17:37
Tuhin_i like to read about international REAL news 17:38
shahriar86the lifo forum was a big part of the community after it broke things came to halt17:38
shahriar86that's it17:38
Tuhin_u know the parties at BD works to the tune of USA/UK/EU etc....17:38
shahriar86not the truth17:38
shahriar86parties of bd works for their pocket17:39
shahriar86irrespective of which country the money comes from17:39
Tuhin_there r slight difference....17:39
shahriar86usa/uk/eu has limited interest in bd17:39
Tuhin_ALeage working to get South-Asian Union done....with India at the helm17:39
shahriar86they have larger player among india and pakistan17:40
shahriar86now their next target is srilanka17:40
shahriar86since the war siezed its now working to restructure their nation17:40
Tuhin_their target is South-Asian Uniom + making a South-Asian Army.....17:40
shahriar86I'm not good with politics17:41
shahriar86it might be true17:41
Tuhin_its not politics..its their plan17:41
Tuhin_they want BD, PAkistan, Srilanka,Burma, NEpal,Bhutan, etc to form SouthAsian Union17:41
Tuhin_and South Asian ARMY17:42
Tuhin_to fight against China.....17:42
Tuhin_its much much bigger news than anything people thinking about17:42
shahriar86well its an old news actually17:43
Tuhin_if they succeed intheir plan ... and makes All south asia to fight with china.. then there will be huge casualty17:43
Tuhin_this is not only it17:43
Tuhin_u heard abotu NWO?>17:43
shahriar86I'm not much of keen reader17:44
Tuhin_New World Order17:44
shahriar86actually I've gone off the grid for too long17:44
Tuhin_the colonial powers want to implement One World Government17:44
Tuhin_i m off the grid too.... i 17:44
Tuhin_the various (international)news that we see/read n papers r mostly fake/lies/manufactured17:45
Tuhin_papers+TV news medai...all r liers17:46
shahriar86some of them don't realize they are selling the lies17:46
shahriar86but the fact is unless we solve our house problem we can't worry about the begger on the street17:47
Tuhin_don't know what you think, but 9/11 was done by CIA+Mossad17:47
shahriar86I'm more concerned about country than international affairs17:47
Tuhin_there is something very important which misses the eye that way.....17:47
Tuhin_BD taka is dependent on US $ value17:48
shahriar86but if you really think about it, the case should not be such a big deal17:49
Tuhin_US$ have been devaluing for Decades...so BD Gov also have been "Printing" more taka so that taka dont rise in value17:49
Tuhin_and this in turn is causing price of EVERYTHING to rise for.....DECADES17:49
shahriar86the problem lies we are more focused on importing then making them in our country17:49
shahriar86to be frank there are many bangladeshi products that are good in quality17:50
Tuhin_thats exactly what the colonial powers want.....17:50
shahriar86still we buy foreign goods17:50
Tuhin_they makes our gov do as they say..by World Bank, Imf etc17:50
shahriar86nah I don't agree with you17:50
shahriar86first point17:50
shahriar86I as a consumer get to decide which product I want to buy17:50
Tuhin_India dont show any bd tv channels there...why our gov lets indian movies to be shown in our cinema halls...17:51
shahriar86and if the producer wishes they can make business and with good quality17:51
shahriar86did you ever wonder that why we as a viewer prefer english and hindi movie and not Bangla teleflim?17:52
Tuhin_and if the manufactures have big money, they can fool people into believing that their inferior products r best17:52
shahriar86as a consumer if you prefer your own national product govt can't stop you17:52
shahriar86don't agree with you17:52
shahriar86if you consider there are many example which are good product17:53
Tuhin_ok , tell me which is better ..  Intel P4 3Ghz or  AMD AthlonXP 300017:53
shahriar86such as ottobi, brothers, nazma, sun,17:53
shahriar86so on17:53
shahriar86amd athlon xp 300017:53
Tuhin_but intel makes people buy their products...17:54
Tuhin_people need to be more informed.....17:54
shahriar86may be if you compare them with pringels lays or cosmo then you may think they are inferior17:54
shahriar86but do you think they are really inferior quality?17:54
shahriar86as a buyer/consumer you hold the right to decide which product to buy17:55
Tuhin_the things present Gov doing is against all logics...17:55
shahriar86yes intel does force you to buy their product but still you can find option to buy amd product17:55
shahriar86don't you?17:55
Tuhin_increased tax such that Japanese reconditioned cars costs more than Indian new low quality cars17:56
shahriar86hell you decided to dump windows and switch to linux17:56
shahriar86because you chose your own distro17:56
shahriar86you wanted to use what you like17:56
Tuhin_most people dont have the knowledge to understand that AMD is better17:56
shahriar86the buyer the consumer have the ultimate power17:56
shahriar86that's the thing17:56
shahriar86most people don't care much17:57
Tuhin_only when they know the truth17:57
Tuhin_yes thats right17:57
shahriar86and whose fault is it?17:57
Tuhin_most ppl dont care17:57
Tuhin_the system.....17:57
shahriar86if I as a consumer don't want to open my eye and choose my own product its my failure17:57
shahriar86not the fault of the govt. not the fault of external agencies17:58
shahriar86its solely my fault17:58
Tuhin_people trying to change the Gov's mind ...but the Gov is not changing....17:59
Tuhin_making BD part of SAU17:59
Tuhin_india will be the main power in SAU....17:59
Tuhin_we will lose what we gained in 1971 AND 1947...18:00
sagir42আপনারা সবাইকে কেমন আছেন?18:37
Tuhin_walaikum salam sagir42 18:38

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