DrecondiusAnybody have an amd-fx series processor and have issues with booting live or installed ubuntu oses?00:08
JonaHi guys, I'm looking for people who have installed Oracle in Ubuntu 12.04? is that possible?00:13
wilee-nileehere I am Jona,01:02
wilee-nileevery possible I suspect you mean vbox?01:03
wilee-nileeDoh a very old post01:03
bigalHi, when i restart my computer I loose the share settings on the mounted drives. How can I keep the share details afte a restart?06:00
bigalI am running ubunu server06:01
bioterrorconfigure them into /etc/samba/smb.conf if I remember right06:02
bioterrorif you use samba for your shares06:02
bigalbioterror - I looked at that file and could find no references to maintaining the mount after a restart06:17
bigalI am a real noob with ubuntu06:17
bioterrorif you're talking about windows shares06:17
bioterrorthen samba it is06:17
bioterrorand with the server06:18
bioterroradd all the drives in to /etc/fstab06:18
bigalOK all I have is /etc/fstab.d as a directory which is empty06:20
bioterrorw0t? :D06:30
bioterrordoes ubuntu do things nowdays a different way that I did not know06:31
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duanedesignand hello13:31
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