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cjohnstonAlanBell: Could you please add work items for etherpad switch to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/summit/+spec/lpc-201214:51
cjohnstonAlanBell: what does "extend meeting object to support etherpad lite (in addition to etherpad traditional" mean? I don't want to be using multiple etherpads on the same summit15:28
AlanBellno, but some summits (linaro) might want to use an etherpad instance15:29
AlanBelland we don't want to go poking it with API calls it doesn't understand15:29
cjohnstonAlanBell: Summit already supports each individual summit having its own etherpad15:30
cjohnstonI'm not completely sure what needs to change15:31
AlanBellbasically I am talking about a flag, to indicate whether the etherpad for the summit has an api15:31
amithkkHello Joeb45415:35
jokerdinohey AlanBell, amithkk has a vaguely working solution for the askubuntu tag / rss feed thingie.15:36
jokerdinoamithkk: ^^15:36
amithkkI'll try to get the bit.ly stuff up and running15:36
AlanBelloh cool jokerdino15:36
jokerdinogood thing it uses supybot plugin i think15:37
AlanBellgot somewhere to host it?15:37
amithkkIts on jrgifford 's server (Thank You :D)15:37
AlanBellcan you add it here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots so we don't boot it out15:38
AlanBelland we can sort out a bot cloak for it if you want one15:38
amithkkWe already have one :D15:38
amithkkwhere should I add it AlanBell15:39
AlanBellat the end of Non-LoCo bots15:40
jokerdinowould be better if this was added to ubottu?15:40
jokerdinoi mean, this whole rss feed stuff being added to ubottu?15:40
amithkkThats possible15:41
AlanBellit is fine to have other bots doing different tasks, ubottu is busy enough15:41
AlanBelland you might want to be able to extend the askubuntu integration in interesting ways15:42
amithkkYeah, I agree15:42
AlanBelleasier to do that in a bot you have direct access to tinker with15:42
jokerdinofor now, the juju and the app-devel were interested in the tag feed.15:42
amithkkalso, We can use personal auth tokens for the api15:42
amithkkso, its #app-devel jokerdino15:43
jokerdinowould this channel be interested in community tag feed? :)15:43
AlanBellgot a link to the community feed so we can see what it contains?15:44
jokerdinoperhaps, I should consult Jorge before he gets angry XD15:44
AlanBellyeah, jcastro and jono question really, but that looks low volume enough that it wouldn't be irritating15:45
amithkkUmm jokerdino , what was the app-devel tag?15:46
jokerdinoamithkk: http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/application-development15:46
jokerdinoAlanBell: alright, I will bring this up on ask Ubuntu meta so we'll think through this15:47
jokerdinoor amithkk might as well ^^15:48
amithkkOk, Done for app dev15:49
amithkkso, does the juju guys want it too?15:50
jokerdinothat's what our trello board says.15:50
amithkkpoint me to their channel15:51
amithkkplease :D15:51
jokerdinoi am yet to find the channel :D15:51
amithkkjokerdino: found it?15:56
mhall119jokerdino: #juju ?15:57
jokerdino#juju and #juju-dev i think15:57
jokerdinoi think mhall119 is right. #juju it seems15:57
jokerdinogood work. now community? :D15:59
jokerdinoi am not sure actually. you might want to hold out.16:00
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mhall119amithkk: he was going to the keys, you'll probably need to wait til monday to hear from him16:29
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technovikingFosertpiskie: should be gone18:15
AlanBellon this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand there is an Ubuntu logo image on a white background with a transparent hole in it21:49
AlanBellI have poked people about this in the past21:50
AlanBellon a black background you can see the hole21:50
AlanBelland you can also see the hole here http://bartongeorge.net/2012/05/07/introducing-project-sputnik-developer-laptop/21:50
AlanBellwhere Dell have taken that image and rescaled it and got the aspect ratio wrong21:51
AlanBellwe can't fix Dell entirely, but can we get someone to fix the image on the wiki, it is an immutable page for me21:51
elfyAlanBell: who's the best person to talk to about community and non-community wiki pages ?21:54
elfysorry for iut being sat night :(21:55
AlanBelldocs team for help.ubuntu.com for wiki.ubuntu.com it is mostly just a wiki, go edit it yourself. Just this page is immutable21:56
AlanBellfor system issues there is the RT system21:56
AlanBelllooks like that page is editable by iain-farrell only (or people with wiki superpowers)21:57
elfyAlanBell: cool - more a general question - but there will do :)21:58
AlanBellbug 100178722:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 1001787 in ubuntu-website "ubuntu logo on the brand page has a hole in it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100178722:02
AlanBelldid it that way22:02

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