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hotmantaHello, I found a problem with mythbuntu AMD64 repos today, caused mythweb package removal, I had to install older mythweb manually to fix.04:53
tgm4883hotmanta, thanks for the heads up, launchpad is backed up again so I'll need to halt the builds04:54
tgm4883it should resolve itself in about 6 hours04:57
hotmantaThanks tgm4883 for your advice, I hope it doesn't cause too may problems for others.05:25
yuki-onnahow do i get the back end to release the tuner card so the front end can use it06:24
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tgm4883amejia, ping19:33
amejiatgm4883: pong19:34
tgm4883amejia, sorry to bug you, but you're more familiar with the packaging than I am19:34
tgm4883so you know why we aren't building for arm?19:34
tgm4883superm1, and Daviey don't seem to be around19:35
amejiatgm4883: just checked debian/control file19:45
amejiatgm4883: we don't block builds for arm19:46
amejiatgm4883: actually, mythtv is building on arm https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+builds?build_text=mythtv&build_state=all19:47
Zinn[launchpad.net] Builds : Ubuntu19:47
amejiatgm4883: or do you mean some other builds?19:47
tgm4883amejia, hmm19:48
tgm4883well I was talking about on the PPA19:48
tgm4883but it's the same packaging19:48
tgm4883and looking at https://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/0.25/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all19:49
Zinn[launchpad.net] Builds : 0.25 : “Mythbuntu Developers” team19:49
tgm4883that's only building for amd64 and i38619:49
amejiatgm4883: ah yes, now i recall that the PPAs never build for arm anyway19:55
amejiatgm4883: it's nothing wrong with the packaging or mythtv, that's just the way the PPAs are configured19:55
tgm4883amejia, did that get turned off? I thought we had built for that previously on PPA's19:55
amejiatgm4883: i'm not sure, at least in the case with xbmc, there were never any arm builds in the PPAs19:56
tgm4883amejia, actually looking back at it I'm thinking of LPIA19:56
amejiatgm4883: i believe ubuntu discontinued lpia some releases ago19:57
tgm4883yea they did19:57
tgm4883amejia, weird that you cannot build arm on a PPA. They have build servers for it19:58
tgm4883maybe just for the regular archive19:59
amejiatgm4883: maybe20:07
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