bazhangnice work floodbot01:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Malsasa said: ubottu: oh, thanks. It is new for me02:48
bazhangMalsasa, no need to join here for that02:51
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bazhangMalsasa, please dont idle here03:02
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from pilotbub)03:09
bazhang<pilotbub> whats the release date for duplicitous dung-beetle03:09
solderblobok, ikonia is a child14:32
solderblobcommunity chan my ass14:32
ikoniasolderblob: if you calm down, I'm sure this can be resolved.14:32
solderblobI was calm14:32
solderblobyou start sh.t14:32
LjLsolderblob: if you're here to appeal a ban, do it civilly14:32
ikoniano, you are not14:32
ikoniajust calm down and I'm sure this can be resolved in a matter of minutes14:33
solderblobLjL, sure14:33
solderblobsorry, Im just annoyed that ikonia is banning people because he does not like the way the community supports people14:33
solderblobhe "TOLD me" to do it his way14:33
ikoniasolderblob: if you'll allow me to explain14:33
solderblobwell, you jumped in mid conversation and complained, I did agreed.14:34
ikoniasolderblob: I requested you slowed down and started listening to the problem of the people you are trying to help14:34
solderblobplease. explain.14:34
solderblobyou did NOT request ANYTHING!14:34
solderblobyou "TOLD ME"14:34
ikoniathe person you where throwing videos at to "help" them, had a slightly more complex issue as they where using fake raid (as I'm finding out now)14:34
solderblobI gave him a video as a helper14:34
ikoniaso throwing the info at them before understanding the problem, especially things like videos isn't going to help them14:34
solderblobI also showed him a url with text14:34
solderblobI was ALSO talking to him14:35
ikoniasolderblob: sure, but it's the same principal14:35
ikoniayou are trying to solve without understanding the issue14:35
solderblobyou came in mid conversation.14:35
ikoniaI asked you to slow down and focus on the issue before advising14:35
ikoniayou said no14:35
ikoniayou told me to piss off14:35
ikoniaI told you then, you said no14:35
solderblobsame principle, you told me, some vague thing, you said nothiing about videos14:35
ikoniaI then asked you again14:35
ikoniaI banned you14:35
solderblobYOU did NOT ask14:35
ikoniayou then started telling me to fuck myself in #ubuntu14:35
solderblobyou told14:35
ikoniayou then started telling me to fuck myself in #ubuntu-offtopic14:35
solderblobyou said "IM telling you"14:35
solderbloblook at the logs14:36
ikoniasolderblob: the first time I asked, I only told you after you tols me to "piss off" and "no"14:36
solderblobyou came in mid coversation14:36
ikoniayes, I did14:36
ikoniatotally agree14:36
ikoniaI only stepped in because you where throwing information at him that was useless14:36
solderblobwhy do I have to take your way of explaining stuff?14:36
LjLsolderblob: nothing wrong with "coming in mid conversation" if there's something that needs to be said.14:36
solderblobLjL, agreed, but he started out with a smart ass comment14:37
solderblob(yes that is my opinion)14:37
ikoniait wasn't a smart comment14:37
solderblobbut it was "stop that"14:37
ikoniait was a request to slow down and read the problems before advising14:37
solderblobit was a "stop doing that" not a suggestion...14:37
ikonia15:28 < ikonia> solderblob: can you stop dishing out random advice to people  and actually try to listen to the problems14:38
ikoniathat is not "stop that"14:38
solderblobif there is a class i have to take before I answer question, let me know.  I specifically asked in #ubuntu-offtopic, they said go ahead.14:38
ikoniayou then told me to "piss off"14:38
solderblobI have my way, you have yours, why is yours better?14:38
ikoniaok, I'm stepping away now as you clearly want to be smart on this14:38
ikoniaLjL: if you chose to finish this, thank you14:38
solderblob<ikonia> solderblob: can you stop dishing out random advice to people and actually try to listen to the problems14:39
solderblobthat is not polite14:39
solderblob"actually try to listen"14:39
LjLsolderblob: it's simple, his way is "better" because he's an operator here. part of an operator's job is to tell good from bad support, and bad support in #ubuntu can easily be worse than no support.14:39
solderblobif you say so.  Its your chan14:40
solderblobplease was directed at ikonia not LjL14:40
solderblobhis way is better because he is an op... that is not a qualification. but ok.14:41
solderblobI was being polite, he was rude...I was rude back, and I was kicked. lulz.14:41
LjLsolderblob: there's a difference between what he said and what you said. "piss off" is just not acceptable14:42
solderblobI agree14:42
solderblobI escalated it14:42
solderblobbut what he said was rude14:42
ikoniajust for the record14:42
ikonia15:31 <solderblob> lulz, fucking child.14:42
solderblobnot a justification, just a fact14:42
ikoniaI also got that in pm14:43
solderblobyes, after you kicked me from the room, you were being a child14:43
solderblobi said that in #offtopic14:43
solderbloband then you kicked me there14:43
ikoniathat was also sent to me in a private message14:43
solderblobikonia, pm because you kicked me from all places14:43
ikoniaI will again back away now14:43
solderblobthat is childish14:44
solderblobikonia, you should have been polite14:44
LjLsolderblob: take your own advice, and don't swear at people following them even in offtopic channels to do it.14:44
LjLsolderblob: he wasn't "rude", he was firm. you were rude.14:44
solderblobLjL, I will hold the swearing down..14:44
solderblobhe was rude, come on14:45
solderblobhe did even say hi, i dont know who this guy si14:45
solderblobits suppose to be a community chan14:45
mneptoksolderblob: i want you to read something you said carefully, OK?14:45
mneptok08:40 < solderblob> if you say so.  Its your chan14:45
solderblobit is14:45
mneptoksolderblob: "rude" or not, you do as ops request14:45
solderblobI respect that, i was talk to LjL when i said that...14:46
mneptoksolderblob: you don't like it? you disagree? come here.14:46
mneptoksolderblob: but "he interrupted" and "he was rude" are no excuses for the reaction you had.14:46
mneptoksolderblob: even if they are true.14:47
solderblobmneptok, a) I didnt know he was an op, ops dont usually act that way in the chans I hang in, b) I though he asked me to do it, not told me, his words...14:47
mneptoksolderblob: ikonia *did* ask14:47
mneptoksolderblob: "can you stop?" is not the same as "you will stop now."14:47
solderbloband i said no14:48
mneptokno, you said "08:28 < solderblob> ikonia, piss off, I am listen, thank you14:48
solderblobbecause it didnt make any sense, and he rude, it wasnt even advice, it was an insult, who are you kinding14:48
mneptoksuch language and attitude is clearly against the Code Of Conduct14:48
solderblobhe said nothign about videos.....>?14:48
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv14:48
solderblobmneptok, I do not deny the language thing...14:49
solderblobis that why I got kicked? the language?14:49
mneptoksolderblob: and it is against channel rules. it does not matter if ikonia is an op or not.14:49
solderblobor because i disagree?14:49
mneptoksolderblob: the language, and the hostile attitude.14:49
solderblobmneptok, agreed, keep the language civil, my bad14:49
solderblobmneptok, I agree, i should have just said, thank....and ignored him14:50
mneptoksolderblob: understand, i cannot know ikonia's motivations. but language and attitude would have to change before you convinced *me* to unban you.14:50
solderblobI dont care if Im unbanned14:51
mneptoksolderblob: i think ikonia thinks similarly. look at how he started the conversation here.14:51
mneptok08:32 <+ikonia> solderblob: if you calm down, I'm sure this can be resolved.14:51
mneptok08:33 <+ikonia> just calm down and I'm sure this can be resolved in a matter of minutes14:51
solderblobok, in here14:52
mneptoksolderblob: it has now been far more than a few minutes. and the reason is the exact same as what got you in trouble in #ubuntu. you need to type less and read more.14:52
solderblobthe comment that started this mneptok was14:52
solderblob< ikonia> solderblob: can you stop dishing out random advice to people  and actually try to listen to the problems14:52
solderblob*actually try to listen*14:52
solderblobsorry, didnt know you could hear what i was listening to...14:53
solderblobthat is why this happened14:53
mneptoksolderblob: OK, you still want to type and type and explain and explain and mitigate and mitigate ... rather than take the time to understand I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU.14:53
mneptokso, i will stop trying. enjoy your day.14:54
solderblobi give advice on irc all day...and Im a sysadmin of 60 servers, and 20 workstation, linux only.  Not try to brag, sure you guys have same or more experience, but that comment is why we are here.14:54
* mneptok goes AFK14:54
solderblobmneptok, well, Im just trying to explain.  clearly I do not hang in the #ubuntu chans often...  Guess there should be a list of social rules...14:55
solderblobhow to kiss ass to ops14:55
solderblobor plea for forgiveness14:55
ikoniasolderblob: conversation over, please leave the channel and come back when your attitude improves14:55
ikoniaI'll make a note in the log14:55
bazhangsolderblob, lets stop this please14:55
solderblobor use a proxy to get back in14:55
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops solderblob bad bad attitude and langauge, suggestion to evade ban14:56
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:56
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops solderblob sending more abuse in pm14:56
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:56
ikoniasolderblob: we are done here for the moment, please leave.15:43
ikoniahi IAmNotThatGuy17:35
IAmNotThatGuyHello ikonia17:35
ikoniahi there, is there something we can help you with ?17:35
Unit193ikonia: Lubuntu OP.17:36
ikoniaahh, not identified then, as there is no +17:36
ikoniathanks Unit19317:36
Unit193He is, just not added to autovoice.17:36
IAmNotThatGuyikonia, I was a bit busy with the office works and missed adding myself to the channel and forgot to follow up regarding the completion of the process.17:37
ikoniamust get that sorted17:37
ikoniasorry IAmNotThatGuy17:37
IAmNotThatGuynp ikonia :]17:38
ikoniaah, you're listed as Mohan-chml in #lubuntu access list, I wonder if you've been setup that way in here17:38
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as Mohan-chml
ikonianope, just not added17:39
Unit193IAmNotThatGuy is grouped to Mohan-chml.17:39
=== Mohan-chml is now known as IAmNotThatGuy
ubottuLordOfTime called the ops in #ubuntu (RrR)17:57
ikoniaUnit193: another #lubuntu ?18:06
ikoniahi jokerdino18:06
ikoniaUnit193: thank you, thought we may have had a process hole18:06
Unit193Sure, any time.18:08
ikoniajokerdino: are you there ?18:16
ubottubastidrazor called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:24
ikoniait's ok18:25
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ikoniahello, how can we help ?22:28
prateekphello ikonia22:28
ikoniacan we help you ?22:29
prateekphow to run an .flv file in ubuntu22:29
ikoniayou ask in #ubuntu that is the support channel22:29
ikoniathis channel is for operator queries.22:29
ikoniado you need anything from the operator team ?22:29
prateekpno one is answering in that ... its a very small issue if u can help22:30
ikoniaprateekp: sorry, you need to ask in #ubuntu, that is the support channel22:30
ikoniaso unless you need something from the operator team, could you please leave this channel and ask in #ubuntu22:30
prateekphey what is this ... i am frustated by this attitude of operators . yesterday also i was ignored the same way22:31
prateekpi am very much dissapointed at this attitude of ubuntu community22:31
ikoniaprateekp: you need to join #ubuntu, ask for help with your issue and leave this channel22:31
IdleOneprateekp: you are not being ignored, you are being told where to get support.22:31
prateekpi do not get any support there22:32
IdleOneprateekp: you must be patient22:32
prateekpis the issue a big one22:32
ikoniayou have not asked in that channel22:32
ikoniaif you want support you have to ask in the hcannel22:32
ikoniadon't know until it's investigated22:32
ikoniaI suggest asking in #ubuntu so someone can investigate it with you22:32
ikoniaok, fine22:33
ikoniatype /part22:33
prateekptype /part22:33

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