* cjwatson wonders why there are packages in wheezy+sid and not in quantal with no DSDs00:25
cjwatsonLaney,tumbleweed: I think we may have to keep the text file after all, at least in part; there are too many packages that don't have DSDs despite still being in Debian and I don't see how to blacklist them00:51
cjwatsonmaybe if I at least switch it out to an externally-accessible bzr branch somewhere00:51
cjwatsonI fear that I cannot think of any better approach right now, short of even more LP hacking that I don't think I'll have time for00:54
mdeslaursomeone might want to look into bug 99074000:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 990740 in python-defaults "upgrading from lucid to precise fails" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99074000:58
slangasekmdeslaur: key phrase there is 'Trying to "apt-get dist-upgrade"'01:04
slangasekso they're not using the release-upgrader apt01:04
tumbleweedcjwatson: hrm, if there are packages without DSDs, does that mean the autosyncer is going to miss things?01:06
cjwatsonNo, they're ones that have been removed from Ubuntu01:06
slangasekmdeslaur: ah, though I see comments further on claiming it still occurs with do-release-upgrade; looking further01:14
slangasekalso, yay: Brian J. Murrell, the friendliest Ubuntu bug reporter01:16
* cjwatson notes that nobody responded to my request for apport-collect information on that bug01:19
cjwatson... as you just said01:19
slangasekit might be that we need to fix this by making python2.7-minimal Conflicts: with the right version of python-minimal after all, instead of having a circular dep01:26
slangasekbut we'll want to know why it's failing for others and not on jenkins01:26
cjwatsonI was about to point Brian J. Murrell at jenkins and then noticed it was failing01:27
cjwatsonbut I think that's a separate problem and one mvo knows about01:28
cjwatsoninduced by my attempts at python 3 porting I think01:28
slangasekdear firefox, if you insist on writing to disk every 30 seconds, the least you could do is remember to write the data that lets me use the awesome bar01:28
* cjwatson gives quantal a shiny new ubuntu-keyring01:33
cjwatsonat some point I may get around to all the SRUs and actually installing the keys ...01:33
slangasekstill need to figure out why gpg won't let me sign the new cdimage key01:35
slangasekeven though I've signed several other keys since then01:35
cjwatson... you did and you mailed the signature to me01:37
cjwatsonwell, to cdimage@ubuntu.com01:37
slangasekwell then01:37
cjwatsonI imported it, the keyservers should have it; failing that, the new ubuntu-keyring does01:37
slangasekapparently that means something's broken in my main gpg config that's not broken in my caff config01:37
cjwatsonI've lobbed it at keyserver.u.c again just in case01:38
slangasekjust pulled it down from pgp.mit.edu... yeah, that's clearly me :)01:38
cjwatsonyou haven't signed the archive key AFAICS, not sure if you want to01:39
slangasekhmm - I intended to do that one too01:39
cjwatsonif you used caff for it, I don't know if James got round to getting ftpmaster@ubuntu.com fixed to go somewhere01:39
slangasekaha, figured out the problem01:42
slangaseksecret-keyring w/o no-default-keyring01:42
slangasekwhen the default keyring contains a signing subkey, you get an opaque "secret key parts are not available" error :P01:43
slangasekok, archive key signed and pushed01:43
cjwatson[this is NOT encouragement for anyone who wasn't present when it was generated and/or has access to the master machines where they reside to go signing the new keys without appropriate knowledge]01:47
cjwatsoncool, thanks01:47
infinitycjwatson: You know a bunch of randoms will anyway, they always do.03:46
infinitycjwatson: As for external-bzr-branch-for-blacklists, it's not like there isn't already precedence for LP pulling in a text file from bzr on a cron job (P-a-s), though I'm not sure precedence makes it a good idea. :P03:53
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cjwatsoninfinity: it's not like LP needs to know about this anyway :-)12:55
cjwatsonthe main consumer is auto-sync12:55
LaneyIt was some time ago, but I think I was interested in this for syncpackage. If the blacklist can't be universally represented in LP then it's less useful for that kind of purpose.12:57
LaneyIt might still be good to have it in there as much as possible though, in case people do use localpackagediffs12:57
cjwatsonTrue, but syncpackage is already doing well enough with the text file12:58
cjwatsonBut yeah, you may be right on that.  Getting people to edit it consistently might be tricky, though.12:59
LaneyProbably be best to just keep the text file as primary and have a script mirror it into LP.12:59
cjwatsonYeah.  Another case for the ubuntu-archive bot account.13:02
LaneyOr I suppose the other option is to have the blacklist management script write to a text file when it can't commit to LP and then have the sync-blacklist.txt maintenance script we already have merge this one in too13:02
Laneyeither way consumers will have to still look at the text file13:03

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