sarthor_here is invoice software, Can i get any free like this software in Linux? http://www.hillstone-software.com/invoice_software.htm00:15
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genii-aroundsarthor: http://frontaccounting.com/wb3/pages/products/features.php is not bad. There is also a package for it already in Ubuntu00:23
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Hoythi , how should I start the VM after ubuntu-vm-builder completed ?02:26
Hoytthe kernel in the config was specified as 'None'02:26
koolhead17jamespage, ping02:30
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carwattany idea mkdir: cannot create directory `test': Read-only file system05:25
carwattinput/output error05:25
aarcaneI heard ubuntu ditched iet for iscsi target mode for 12.04, but I don't remember what the new system is called.  What's the new system called, and/or where is a quick start guide ?06:15
MischinkaAnyone know where i can get ioncube?06:16
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brainysmurfI want to make a 2,1 xserve an ubuntu box, but I dont' know how curren the information is here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xserve2-108:31
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RoyKperhaps offtopic, but has anyone seen a mobo being unable to see a pci-ex card when it's in the 16x slot? I know the card works, but maybe the mobo only allows vga cards there?10:34
brainysmurfDoes anybody know anything about mounting an afp server so that I can have www-data write to it? Specifically, I think I need to do something with the acl on the mac side, but I'm not sure what.11:41
RoyKbrainysmurf: didn't you say you had root on this server? if so, why would you use afp?11:44
brainysmurfHi RoyK, thanks for helping. I'm actually a bit confused, because my colleague is telling me that afp is a raid.11:45
RoyKis a what?11:45
RoyKas in redundant array etc?11:45
RoyKafp is a protocol, not related to how you store data on disks11:46
brainysmurfright, there is a stack of hd below the xserve and they connect to the mac through afp11:46
RoyKyes, but the xserve doesn't store data in afp11:46
brainysmurfIt has a hd, but it's not big enough to hold what I need it for11:47
RoyKit probably uses a raid controller and HFS+11:47
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RoyKAFP is an access protocol, like NFS or CIFS or even NCP11:48
brainysmurfSo xserve sees those hd as hfs just like anything else, but then serves it up as afp.11:49
brainysmurfIf that's the case, then why does it show it looks like a network drive on the desktop??11:49
RoyKand it can probably serve them with CIFS or NFS as well11:49
RoyKbrainysmurf: what desktop?11:50
brainysmurfthe mac desktop, it's not a hd but connected as a network share11:50
RoyKyes, that's because you use nfs or afs or something across the network to access it11:50
RoyKbut on the drives, there's no such thing as afp11:51
brainysmurfI think I need to spend some time with this xserve without my colleauge around.11:51
brainysmurfShe's confusing me.11:52
brainysmurfIf I have troot on both, what's best to share files if I need to have www-data write to it. sshfs?11:52
RoyKsshfs is generally a good idea when all else fail ;)11:54
brainysmurfRoyK: xie xie (thank you in Chinese)11:55
alex_____hi can somebody tell me how i can run the asuse35m-1 deluxe with ubuntu server?12:11
RoyKalex_____: what is that?12:12
alex_____a mainboard from asus there is the soundchip acl892 on it12:12
alex_____i want to hear webradio but there comes no sound out of the speakers12:12
alex_____alsamixer works an show me the soundchip aplay also12:13
samba35i am facing strange problem ,my internet on my ubuntu dmz server ,today only i am facing this problem how do i diagnose this12:37
samba35even apt-get update is taking 15-20 mints where it was 3-4 mints usally12:37
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samba35but when  i ping download some software on my gateway it was fast12:43
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randomDudei'm having some issues installing cobbler on ubuntu server 12.04 : http://dpaste.com/750253/15:41
ikonialooks like the ip command has the wrong syntax15:45
randomDudeikonia: i am unable to control that, all i did was ask apt-get install cobbler15:45
ikoniaI understand that15:45
randomDudeperhaps it's a bug with the package then15:46
ikoniapossible, or your config (eg: it reads your config and the current setup is incompatible with what it's trying to do )15:46
randomDudefirst time i tried to install cobbler on this system15:47
randomDudeikonia: nothing i do seems to make apt-get install cobbler... and google only returns results that talk about the deb package info, or things like maas not importing isos (not relelvant to me )15:58
ikoniaunpack the deb and see what the setup is trying to do and how it fails against your systems setup15:59
randomDudenot sure how to do that15:59
ikoniaget the debian source package and have look through the setup16:00
ikoniasee if the setup script is either a.) got a bug in b.) got something that conflicts with your system16:00
randomDudewhere does dpkg --unpack send its stuff ?16:02
randomDudeit's not in the folder i'm in nor is it in the folder cobbler deb was in16:02
ikoniaI'd just grab the source package16:02
randomDudecan i do that with dpkg?16:02
ikoniaapt-get source16:03
randomDudei'm not even sure what i'm supposed to be looking at, what files does apt-get use to install stuff in a package?16:04
randomDudePKG-INFO ?16:04
randomDudeyeah i have no hope of fixing this which should work by now on a LTS release16:05
ikoniathe control file should show the layout (I've not got an debian based system here to go through it)16:05
ikoniarandomDude: it may work fine on an LTS system, it may be something as simple as your machine isn't setup in line with the pre-requisits16:06
randomDudeso i guess i can't use orchestra thus i shouldn't buy a support contract from canonical if this is whats to be expected16:06
randomDudeikonia: what makes my system a "non lts system" ?16:06
ikoniarandomDude: I didn't say it wasn't an non-lts system16:06
randomDudeoh i thought you did16:07
randomDudeas in implied16:07
ikoniano, I said your system may not be setup in line with the pre-requisits for cobbler, which is why it's failing16:07
ikoniaeg: it may not be a problem with the package, more a a problem with how your system is setup16:07
ikoniaI don't know without looking16:07
randomDudei doubt it16:08
ikoniawhy do you doubt it ?16:08
randomDudei'm pretty sure the package is broken16:08
ikonia!info cobbler16:08
ubottucobbler (source: cobbler): Install server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.2-0ubuntu33 (precise), package size 36 kB, installed size 246 kB16:08
ikoniarandomDude: why are you pretty sure ?16:08
ikoniawhat research have you done to make yourself "pretty sure"16:08
randomDudebecause my server is standard?16:08
ikoniarandomDude: standard does mean you've configured it to meet the pre-requists16:08
ikoniahang on, I'll get a 12.04 machine running in a vm and test it16:09
randomDudewhy should i have to configure it? thats what i use apt-get16:09
randomDudeapt-get is suppposed to configure this stuff for me16:09
ikoniarandomDude: apt-get is a package installer not a "make my machine a certain setup"16:09
ikoniarandomDude: it will configure cobbler, sure16:09
randomDudei mean if apt-get can't configure it to the point where it at least isntalls without failing then...16:09
ikoniathen what ?16:09
randomDudewell apparently apt-get can't get it right16:09
ikoniaplease stop talking16:10
ikoniayour basing this on nothing16:10
ikoniathe package maybe broken, it may not be16:10
ikoniabut you've done no research and you're just sat there complaining16:10
ikoniaI was going to test it for you now, but I can't be bothered as you've already made your mind up so you can have a moan16:10
ikoniapackage is broken, you won't by a support contract, fair enough, move along16:10
randomDudeit's actually quite a shame, because cobbler installs fine on the same system when it has ubuntu server 10.10 on it.16:12
ikoniaok, it's shame, great16:12
randomDudeshouldn't it stand to reason that if it installs fine on the same system with a previous version of ubuntu and cobbler that there's now something wrong with the version of cobbler that ubunut provide for their latest lts server?16:13
randomDudeoh ok16:13
ikoniayou've made your mind up it's broken, so find a distro that it's not broken in16:13
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danchouI just bought a server and want to set it up first can someone tell me how to create a usb install disk of ubuntu server my server does not have a cd drive. Second it comes already installed with vmware is it better to install ubuntu-server first and then install vmware if i want virtuilization which i believe i do not need now22:35
LordOfTimedanchou:  you can write the image to USB22:51
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent22:51
Mischinkahow do i clear cache on my server?22:52
danchouLordOfTime: thanks22:53
LordOfTimeMischinka:  which cache?22:53
Mischinkain my server block of nginx i have: location ~* \.(js|css|png|jpg|jpeg|gif|swf|xml|txt)$ { expires 14d; }22:54
awutzcan't find the package to install sphinx php client in ubuntu 12.04...23:19
awutzi used to do: 'yum install sphinx-php' on centos...23:21
patdk-lapit doesn't exist23:40
patdk-lapuse pear to install it?23:40
awutzpatdk-lap: i'll give that a shot.23:44
rfrittmannhi all23:46
rfrittmannI just did the HowToForge Perfect Ubuntu 12.04 server, but have some problems with it, mostly networking and DNS related.23:47
rfrittmannSome background: the laptop I'm on now is connected to a Linksys WRT54G, then out to an iiNet BOB Lite ADSL/VoIP device to the Internet. IP range from laptop to router is 192.168.2.x, while from router to ADSL is 192.168.1.x23:50
rfrittmannFrom the server (static IP I can ping the router (, but not the other side of it ( and cannot connect to the Internet. The laptop I'm on now has a DHCP assigned IP from the router, and as you see, it connects fine.23:51
rfrittmannI have pointed the default gateway on the server to the router ( and the router's own default gateway is the BOB Lite (, and this works fine for my laptop, but not for the server.23:53
rfrittmannAny ideas why this might be?23:54

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