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Azelphurali1234: I found a video of exactly what happens with my G19, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA3rdFelo1U \o/04:32
Azelphurseems like I'm not the only one haha04:32
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diploMorning all07:33
christelgoooood morning07:56
MartijnVdSLaunch thingy in a few minutes08:13
AlanBellT-37 minutes08:18
AlanBellthunderbirds are go!08:18
MartijnVdSCommercial space launches08:19
MartijnVdSThis _is_ the future08:19
* popey wonders if this is on telly anywhere on Virgin08:21
popeydoes anyone else get pauses on flash video on 12.04?08:22
MartijnVdSpopey: they're calliing it a webcast08:22
MartijnVdSno pauses for me08:22
popeywish i could figure out what causes it08:22
popeyit stutters every few seconds08:23
popeyjust a brief pause in the playback08:23
MartijnVdSpopey: it might be on NASA TV or ESA TV if you can get one of those08:23
MartijnVdSpopey: which graphics card?08:23
MartijnVdSpopey: a more boring stream is on nasa tv (just the view of the launch platform, not the presenters)08:24
popeyfull screen doesn't seem to do it08:26
MartijnVdSpopey: I'm on Intel graphics as well08:26
popeyits every 2 seconds08:26
popeyno stuttering in the stream, audio is fine, just video08:27
popeyi think it's related to the gpu acceleration08:27
MartijnVdScould it be an a/v sync issue of some kind08:27
MartijnVdSwhere every 2 seconds the delay triggers a "resync"?08:27
MartijnVdSmy _other_ windows do the delay thing08:27
MartijnVdSwhile the video is playing08:27
soreaupopey: running compiz?08:30
soreauor unity08:30
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popeyspot on08:41
MartijnVdShhahaha :)08:42
popeydoesnt look like virgin carry nasa tv or esa tv08:47
MartijnVdSI bet XBMC does though :P08:48
AlanBellwhat is the local time at the launch site?08:49
popeyGMT-5 isnt it?08:49
* popey adds florida to his date/time indicator08:50
popeyso yeah. 04:5008:50
soreauT-0:30 ;)08:55
soreauwindoze bsod08:56
soreauoh well09:02
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:21
MartijnVdShowdy brobostigon09:38
brobostigonhi MartijnVdS09:39
brobostigonmorning czajkowski09:50
brobostigonafternoonings popey11:33
alexcockellHi all..11:47
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kvarleyMy SD card reader is no longer mounting in ubuntu precise. Any ideas on what I can try?12:31
MartijnVdSunplug, plug back in13:16
MartijnVdSuse different card, see if it works13:16
MartijnVdSUse disk utility ("palimpsest") to see if it's detected at all13:16
czajkowskihmmm the battery icon looks odd on update13:27
czajkowskimost ugly13:27
popeyhow so?13:28
kvarleyI made an image of a single partition (/dev/sdb1) using dd. However when I do dd with the of=/dev/sdb it makes the partition but it doesn't update the partition table on the device, is there a way I can do that manually?13:31
czajkowskipopey: http://twitpic.com/9msmw2/full13:39
popeyerk, that doesnt look right13:40
czajkowskipopey: yup a few of us have gotten it on latest updates13:41
popeyis there a bug filed13:41
popeybug 95683313:42
lubotu3Launchpad bug 956833 in Ubuntu Translations "Precise Desktop - battery indicator - "Batterie (chargé-e)" should be "Batterie (chargée)"" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95683313:42
popeynot that13:42
popeylp seems dead for me13:42
popeymaybe my net connection is ropey today13:45
MartijnVdSropey popey13:45
czajkowskiand it's gone back to normal13:48
czajkowskijust like that.....13:48
popeydid you reboot or update or something?13:49
czajkowskinope nothing13:51
czajkowskimost odd13:51
bigcalm_laptopGood afternoon peeps :)14:13
bigcalm_laptopWhat's happening?14:16
popeynothing whatsoever14:18
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gordi dunno, i did a bit of cleaning before i got bored of that and had a nap, thats something, kind of14:21
czajkowskipopey: http://twitpic.com/9mtp01/full14:54
czajkowskichanged again14:54
popeyczajkowski: anything in ~/.xsession-errors15:11
exaemHow are you all?15:11
popeytickety boo thanks15:23
* MartijnVdS has been putting custom firmware on APs15:23
MartijnVdSSome openwrt compatible APs are cheaper than rpi (but don't have hdmi, sadly)15:23
moreatiMartijnVdS: how do those APs compare CPU/RAM wise?15:24
MartijnVdSmoreati: lots less RAM too (32MBish), CPU is a bit slower too, and MIPS not ARM15:25
MartijnVdShowever, €20 vs €35 :)15:25
MartijnVdSand 4x ethernet + 1x wifi15:25
MartijnVdS+ 1x USB15:25
moreatiWow, didn't know MIPs was still used for anything15:25
popeywhich AP?15:25
popeymoreati: heavily used in TVs15:25
MartijnVdSpopey: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?model=TL-MR322015:25
MartijnVdSthat one15:25
MartijnVdSpopey: its bigger brother works too: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?model=TL-MR3420 (300MBit instead of just 150)15:26
MartijnVdSI've got mine working as a client, with an 8GB USB stick plugged in with a "root" (well, /overlay) filesystem15:26
MartijnVdSmoreati: Almost all APs currently on the market are some kind of MIPS15:32
MartijnVdSmoreati: More and more ARM is coming, but not from the big manufacturers yet, and then only in high-end15:32
moreatiTIL... :)15:33
matttugh, too much sports on the tv today15:34
MartijnVdSmattt: qixl tonight15:35
matttMartijnVdS: as long as it doesn't overlap w/ champions league :P15:35
czajkowskipopey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/995985/15:35
matttczajkowski: watching heineken cup ?15:37
czajkowskimattt: mattt 20 mins to kick off :)15:40
matttczajkowski: yay15:41
* mattt is afk15:41
* penguin42 returns from a mini-maker fair16:04
MartijnVdSpenguin42: a fair for mini-makers or a mini fair for makers?16:06
penguin42MartijnVdS: The latter16:06
MartijnVdSpenguin42: how was it16:07
MartijnVdSSee anything new & cool?16:07
penguin42MartijnVdS: Hmm so so, I'm not very arty - someone I know had  a mechanical turing machine there; 2 laser cutters, 3d printers, vinyl cutters etc out - things like laser cut wooden hinges and the like16:08
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AlanBellanyone not filled out the government open standards consultation yet? http://consultation.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/openstandards/17:06
AlanBelleveryone can do so17:06
AlanBellthe more the merrier17:06
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* Flashtek lols @ http://www.fmotl.com/BailiffsDCAs.htm18:39
penguin42anyone finding tab complete on BASH variables in 12.04 being odd? like if I do    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/lib and hit tab it's \ing the $ rather than expanding it18:48
MartijnVdSpenguin42: shopt18:50
MartijnVdSalso.. LD_LIBRARY_PATH is usually not what you want18:51
penguin42MartijnVdS: Why shopt? I've not changed anything18:52
MartijnVdSpenguin42: the default might have changed18:52
MartijnVdSpenguin42: or something that used to be unconfigurable is now configurable (again, with a different default)18:52
MartijnVdSOr maybe in /etc/bash_profile / /etc/bashrc18:53
penguin42MartijnVdS: So you're suggesting something may have changed somewhere - does it happen to you?18:56
MartijnVdSI never use it like that19:00
AlanBellwifey just called out from the other room that "the bloke in this advert looks just like popey"19:44
AlanBelland yes, it is that one19:44
brobostigonlol :)19:45
DJonesWas there a beachball in the advert?19:45
MartijnVdSand hawaiian shirts19:46
directhexFlashtek: you know Freemen On The Land don't exist, right? they have never won in court, once, in history20:02
czajkowskievening folks20:04
MartijnVdSpopey: Now you have to write a book? :P20:04
czajkowskipopey: good weekend ?20:04
penguin42cool;rtl-sdr working20:05
popeyMartijnVdS: haha20:06
popeyAlanBell: just showed wifey that advert20:06
popey"it's only because you have the same hair... and build... oh wait, yeah, thats you"20:06
popeyoi oi20:24
* Laney eyes bluetooth20:24
* bigcalm_laptop tickles popey20:25
czajkowskiAlanBell: you in london any time this week20:30
czajkowskicould do with getting some cds off you20:31
czajkowskifor flossie20:31
bigcalm_laptoppopey: things are about to go boom20:31
czajkowskiwill also ask in the tower but just on the off chance there are none20:31
AlanBellczajkowski: I was just wondering how to get them20:31
AlanBellto paula20:31
bigcalm_laptoppopey: want to come watch?20:31
AlanBellso yeah, I will try and get to London next week20:31
czajkowskipopey: you coming to the tower this week ?20:31
czajkowskiAlanBell: lemmie ask on monday to see if I can save you some anyways20:32
czajkowskiohh rush hour 3 on in a wee bit20:32
czajkowskihaving such a movie day, first weekend not travelling in weeks20:32
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MartijnVdSczajkowski: which channel?20:33
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: TCM20:34
czajkowskioh no wait lemmie just check that20:34
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: channel 4 @ 9:4520:35
MartijnVdShmm.. I have that in HD :)20:35
* MartijnVdS looks at the clock20:36
AlanBelloff by one error20:37
czajkowskiyou're an hour ahead of yourelf20:37
MartijnVdSI'm not on the island :)20:37
czajkowskiaslways confuses me20:37
AlanBellczajkowski: just picture MartijnVdS wearing cloggs and you won't forget again20:38
AlanBellone g20:38
* MartijnVdS spins a windmill using tulips20:39
czajkowskiAlanBell: scared from https://plus.google.com/photos/fromphone/574148653140103033820:39
MartijnVdSczajkowski: ?20:39
MartijnVdSczajkowski: if a link scares you, open it in incognito mode ;)20:40
AlanBellI do seem to take a lot of pictures of chickens20:43
czajkowskiAlanBell: so does jon, as well as cows20:44
czajkowskimost disturbing20:44
jussiAlanBell: chickens and kubuntu cds... narrrows eyes...20:45
AlanBellcan't do that any more :(20:45
AlanBelloh, I haven't removed and booted the 11.10 CD yet20:45
jussiAlanBell: I still have like 50 cds.. :P20:46
AlanBellI have 4920:46
AlanBellactually a few less, I stuck kubuntu CDs in with Ubuntu CDs at random20:46
jussiriddell sent me a bunch when 10.04 was a bit old already20:46
AlanBellnobody really asks for kubuntu CDs. If they want it then they have already downloaded it themselves20:47
ali1234does anyone actually use kubuntu in preference to, say, opensuse?20:47
AlanBellmy chickens do20:48
AlanBellI believe there is a healthy kubuntu user community20:48
czajkowskiali1234: hi meet jussi20:49
czajkowskijussi: is active in the Kubuntu community20:49
ali1234jussi: why do you use kubuntu in preference to opensuse?20:49
jussiactually Im am testing GS currently, but will go back to Kubuntu20:50
matttGS ?20:50
ali1234gnome-shell i suppose20:50
jussignome shell20:50
jussiali1234: stability, debian based, Ubuntu community20:50
jussioh and awesome people20:51
ali1234technically, do you think kubuntu has the same level of quality as opensuse's kde?20:51
jussiI havent overly used opensuse, but I would say so, given my tiny amount of experience.20:52
ali1234i only have a couple of hours experience on either20:52
jussiI found certain things about open suse annoying.. including the lack of jockey20:53
ali1234jockey has broken my systems about as many time as it has helped, that's a problem common to all of ubuntu htough20:54
jussiI ve not had issues with it except in devel releases20:54
jussibut many of my issues were much to do with insufficient knowledge than much else20:56
jussiand debianish habits20:56
ali1234in my short test i thought opensuse had a much nicer default setup for kde20:57
ali1234where as kubuntu seems to be just default KDE grafted onto ubuntu20:58
jussiali1234: thats the point kubuntu is attempting to be a kde showcase.20:59
jussiso we work very closely with upstream20:59
ali1234so it's not intended that anyone actually uses it?20:59
ali1234it's just to demonstrate what KDE is like before you polish it?21:00
jussiis it not intended that anyone uses kde in its vanilla state? why does it need polishing?21:00
ali1234it doesn't need polishing... it's just better if it is21:00
jussiwe wrk with upstream to provide the polish, rather than trying to carry our own patches21:00
czajkowskiforgot how jackie chan is funny21:03
matttthis is becoming an interesting champions league final21:21
popeyczajkowski: not planned to go to the tower21:23
czajkowskipopey: no worries21:27
AlanBellare you in the tower this week czajkowski?21:27
czajkowskihmm I've 5 ladies precie tees to give away think friday might be a good way to give them to people21:27
czajkowskiAlanBell: yarp21:27
czajkowskialso if anyone wants a launchpad sticker dm me and we can arrange to get them to you21:28
czajkowskiMyrtti: ping21:28
czajkowskiMyrtti: would you like a precise womens tshirt as well it'd be nice to give you one and you won't be at flossie21:29
matttany recommendations for a relatively inexpensive laptop for running ubuntu?21:34
matttmore interested in brands/models, than where to buy :)21:35
czajkowskimattt: dells?21:36
ali1234ok, anything made by dell, hp, asus, or lenovo21:36
AlanBellI would go along with that actually, something a couple of years old on ebay with a core i3 processor or above, then max out the ram and shove an ssd in it21:36
ali1234avoid dual gpu laptops and you will not have any problems unless you get really unlucky21:37
ali1234you're just as likely to get something genuinely faulty as something that doesn't work with linux21:37
matttare there any non-apple laptops that have a similar build quality, and usable trackpad?21:38
mattti can't stand PC trackpads :(21:38
ali1234what's a trackpad?21:38
ali1234the little nubbin joystick thing?21:38
* popey hugs his lenovo with the little nubbin joystick thing and a middle mouse button21:38
czajkowskimattt: why not go to a shop and try some , first thing I do is try the trackpad and keyboard21:38
popeyall non-apple trackpads suck21:39
matttpopey: +++21:39
popeyand the apple ones suck in linux21:39
mattthonestly i can't stand PC laptops21:39
* daubers stops tiling for the night21:39
matttbut linux on macbook is clunky :(21:39
matttczajkowski: yeah, i just fear they'll all disappoint me :P21:39
popeyi cant see myself getting anything other than a thinkpad for the forseeable future21:39
ali1234and also you said inexpensive21:39
matttali1234: relatively ... meaning i don't want to spend 1k or above21:40
ali1234i wouldn't spend more than £500 on a laptop and i'd probably only go that high if it was brand new21:40
ali1234on ebay i wouldn't pay more than £200 and it would have to be a really nice one21:41
popeyinteresting device21:41
matttpopey: yeah, i have a feeling it has to be a thinkpad ... which model you running?21:41
czajkowskimattt: each to their own, best to try adn see, something always is a better than something else on a laptop that you want but a trade off21:41
Laneytwo factor auth is muchos annoying when you're incapable of remembering where your phone/keys are at any given instant21:42
* popey hugs 2fa.py21:42
AlanBellhow much is that dell ultrabook going for?21:42
* christel tickles czajkowski 21:42
AlanBellthe devops one21:42
matttczajkowski: true, i'm sure there have to be good pc laptops out there21:42
popeymattt: i paid £792.62 for mine21:43
matttthat's not too bad, if it's a good laptop21:43
mattti may have to buy used tho, don't want to invest that much in something i may not end up using21:43
AzelphurI don't even see the need for 2fa personally21:43
* Azelphur has secure passwords21:44
ali1234AlanBell: starts at £94921:44
matttanyway, thanks for the suggestions21:45
Azelphurbtw, my friend bought me diablo 321:45
Azelphurworks at all max graphics in wine :D21:45
ali1234but does it actually work properly?21:45
ali1234i mean eve runs on max graphics, but transparency effects don't work, so you might as well put it on minimum graphics since it looks exactly the same and runs 3 times faster21:46
AzelphurI can take a screenshot I guess21:46
ali1234and then compare it to a windows screenshot :)21:47
ali1234no point showing it to me21:47
matttali1234: what laptop do you use ?21:47
Azelphurali1234: did you see the video I linked you last night btw21:47
Azelphur"last night" 6am in the morning21:48
ali1234can't remember21:49
Azelphurali1234: I found a video of exactly what happens with my G19, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA3rdFelo1U \o/ [2012-05-19 00:33:52]21:49
ali1234well, did you try turning off mobile phone?21:51
Azelphurinterestingly I seem to be getting better results (at least so far) by routing the cable away from all the other cables on my desk21:52
Azelphurphone doesn't seem to trigger it though21:52
ali1234every single cable from my computer goes through the same trunking21:52
ali1234so i doubt that's it21:52
Azelphurcould be a manufacturing defect, I also probably have a lot more USB devices than you21:53
ali1234i kind of doubt that21:53
AzelphurI have a full 10 port hub and every port on the machine used21:53
ali1234it could be a hub topology issue i suppose21:53
bigcalm_laptopBuying from the Software centre. If I buy any install on one machine. Do I have to buy again to install on another machine?21:54
ali1234i dunno, i've never bought anything21:55
AzelphurI took the cable a totally different route to all the other cables, will see21:55
DJonesbigcalm_laptop: http://askubuntu.com/questions/40097/what-restrictions-are-there-on-paid-applications May help21:58
bigcalm_laptopDJones: ta21:59
DJoneshttp://askubuntu.com/questions/7825/do-i-need-to-re-purchase-software-in-the-ubuntu-software-centre-if-i-reinstall suggests you have the option to reinstall & you're asked for your login details22:00
DJonesbigcalm_laptop: Once you sign in to the account that you used to buy the software, Ubuntu Software Center will display your purchases for reinstalling.22:02
czajkowskihmmm rubbish bin looks like it has contents, but is in fact empty22:05
bigcalm_laptopDJones: like steam then. Good to know, ta :)22:13
bigcalm_laptopTempted to buy bit.trip runner22:13
bigcalm_laptopSleepy time I fear22:17
ali1234hmm anyone else got a page widening bug on launchpad?22:21
czajkowskia what ?22:21
ali1234when the page has a horizontal scrollbar for no reason22:22
czajkowskiali1234: nope looking fine here22:22
ali1234that will be it then22:25
ali1234i'll report it22:25
czajkowskino checked in firefox also22:26
czajkowskiali1234: can you take a screen shot22:26
ali1234i've done a video22:26
czajkowskinot seening anything in the channel either22:26
ali1234might be multimonitor related too22:26
ali1234the whitespace is about the size it would be if the window were stretched across both monitors22:26
czajkowskiali1234: right but thats not a lp issue though22:27
ali1234also it only affects bug pages22:27
ali1234i beg to differ22:27
ali1234since it does not affect any other website22:27
czajkowskiali1234: well if you file the bug I'll be the one triaging it :)22:28
czajkowskiso will ask the developers but given not seen any of them mention it before22:28
ali1234well it only just happened22:28
ali1234i mean like i was literally browsing LP and then it started happening22:29
Myrtticzajkowski: sure, sorry I was at a board gaming day the whole day22:31
czajkowskiMyrtti: if you want email me an address to post it to and will pop in the post next week22:32
ali1234bug only happens when logged in22:47
AlanBellali1234: happens for me too22:51
ali1234confirm bug 1001800 then please :)22:51
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1001800 in Launchpad itself "bug pages are wider than the browser window in firefox" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100180022:51
ali1234what the test version of launchpad called? something.launchpad.net22:52
ali1234heh, staging still uses my old LP password22:54
Laneyqastaging might be newer22:54
Laneyin terms of code revisions22:55
Laneyi don't think the launchpad database is copied over to the staging instances that often22:55
ali1234it appears to be fixed on qastaging?22:56
ali1234but not staging22:56
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1001181 in Launchpad itself "Bug, branch and merge proposal views have large amounts of horizontal overflow in Firefox" [Critical,Fix committed]22:57
ali1234marked as dupe22:57
czajkowskihmm should not have looked at work mail and back log23:03
czajkowskithough have now my rt queue up to date23:06
czajkowskiand tranlsations and licence review for projects23:06
czajkowskilooking at lp bugs now23:06
ali1234hmm google now gives you a canned bio and discography right on the search page for bands/singers etc23:25
ali1234i like23:25
AlanBellgosh, is that the time23:42
AlanBellgood night Americans and insomniacs o/23:42
yothsoggothgood night!23:44
ali1234what is that picture at the top supposed to be?23:47
ali1234windows: once you remove the trialware it only slightly deforms your laptop23:48
daftykinsi walked through the grounds next to Portsmouth University's student union and saw a Microsoft tent pimping Windows 7 and laptops ¬_¬23:58

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