philipballewcyphase, yeah!00:50
philipballewive never really been, can anyone describe the maker fair to me?00:54
cyphasethere are 3 things going on this weekend that i probably wont be able to make :(01:02
cyphasemakerfaire, http://www.northbaywebconference.com/, and the eclipse01:02
philipballewwhat are you gonna be doing this weekend cyphase ?01:07
MarkDudeHow can you not make the eclipse?01:42
MarkDudeAre you planning on being really drunk?01:42
MarkDudeOr maybe closing your eyes?01:42
* MarkDude kids01:42
MarkDudebecause he is a kidder01:42
philipballewI might, if I owned a telescope01:46
philipballewMarkDude, so your still having the eclipse party tomorrow with the open bar and inviting everybody right?01:49
MarkDudeDanville is not too far for folks01:51
MarkDudeWe can do a bbq and stuff01:51
MarkDudeJust let me know ahead of time01:51
MarkDudeThe gaurdshack wont let you in.... Unless your name is phoned in01:51
* MarkDude ONLY uses fake names for guests01:52
philipballewLINUX party at MarkDude 's!!!!01:52
MarkDudegrantbow, needed to pick sumthin up from my place. The gaurds loled when I told them Dangerous G was coming soon01:53
* MarkDude did not make G disclose his middle name of MFing01:53
MarkDude^^^ True story01:53
philipballewI need to good name when I do sometime then01:54
philipballewwhat does one have to do to get a mf middle name MarkDude ?01:59
MarkDudeIt takes a bit01:59
MarkDudeothers have to decide it to be proper01:59
* MarkDude will PM you a link of notable MFers01:59
philipballewa MFing committee01:59
* philipballew will receive the mf list02:00
scientesMarkDude, party really?03:06
MarkDudeWe can do a bbq03:07
* MarkDude is always open for a bbq03:07
scienteswhere? can you send me an invite?03:07
MarkDudeWell its not planned yet03:07
MarkDudeif we can get at least 5 people interested03:07
* MarkDude is in Danville03:08
MarkDudeMeeting up in Walnut Creek works easier for some03:08
MarkDuderight near bart, and we have heather farms and also civic park03:08
scienteswell u got me signed up03:09
scientesthats really on the bart way out there03:11
scientesall pleasanton train03:11
MarkDudeWell danivlle is at least an 45 minute busride from WC03:12
MarkDude15 minute drive03:12
scienteswhen you said close i thought like UDS close03:12
scientesto the bart03:12
MarkDudeWell WC is better option03:12
MarkDudeCivic park is like a 10 minute walk03:13
MarkDudefrom bart03:13
philipballewMarkDude, whats the day?03:14
* philipballew kinda feels bad that people now expect him to have a party03:15
MarkDudewe could meet Sunday afternoon03:15
MarkDudeagain this is all last moment- lets go have some fun03:15
MarkDudethe next REAL one is most likely June 23rd03:15
MarkDudeSponsored party no less, in honor of Beefy Miracle03:16
MarkDudephilipballew, dont feel bad03:16
MarkDudeI love to party03:16
philipballewain't no party like a MarkDude party03:16
MarkDudeThere ya go03:17
MarkDudeSomeone was asking for my help at tech stuff03:17
* MarkDude said he is good at wearing a penguin suit, bbq, and talking03:17
MarkDudeAnd sometimes wearing a apenguin suit WHILE talking03:17
philipballewThere was a story yesterday about a biker on the tour de California being chased by a guy in a Penguin suit.03:18
philipballewWe now know who stole your suit03:18
akkha, that sounds like a story worth reading03:19
akkWas penguin suit guy also on a bike?03:19
philipballewMaybe. I saw it on ABC 7 yesterday03:21
scientesMarkDude, can you send me an invite on the Beefy Miricle03:23
scientesit got posponed a week, does that change the party date?03:23
MarkDudeWel the Miracle party will be promoted03:27
MarkDudeAnd even tho its for another Distro03:27
* MarkDude has set up making sure to have Ubuntu media there for it03:27
MarkDudeas I did last event03:27
* MarkDude met with pleia2 in SF to get that media03:28
MarkDudewas with Nixie Pixel for a flashmob03:28
philipballewwhats the date of the party MarkDude I need an excuse to wear my fedora sgirt03:28
MarkDudepleia2, walks up hands a bag over to me- says she has servers to watch03:28
philipballewservers can watch themselves03:29
MarkDudeNixie Princess. Princess meet Nixie03:29
philipballewnever met her03:29
MarkDudeLyz walks off to leave Nixie saying that looked like some FOSS drug deal03:29
MarkDudeAnyway, I digress.03:30
philipballewthats the youtube girl right?03:32
philipballewI know no other way to ask03:32
raevolif anyone wants to take a look at a Unity Dash issue, curious why my fable icons aren't working in unity: http://askubuntu.com/questions/139204/how-can-i-get-the-desktop-name-and-icon-to-show-up-in-unity-for-fable-on-wine03:39
MarkDudeYes. She is the woman that has made a lving off of video games03:40
MarkDudeOr she is ok with being called that geeky youtube chick03:40
philipballewIve never met her, she seems nice though MarkDude03:41
MarkDudehttps://www.facebook.com/markterranova if anyone wants to add me for the tomfoolery03:41
MarkDudeactually she is one of the nicest folks you'll ever meet03:41
philipballewis she a linux user03:42
MarkDudeLinux Mint. Ubuntu. Fedora03:43
MarkDudethats her preference03:43
MarkDudein that order03:43
philipballewFeel free to follow me for the same reasons https://twitter.com/#!/philipballew03:43
philipballewMarkDude, I have had several people attack linux mint based on the creators, which is a off based stance, though it seems like a nice distro03:44
* MarkDude thought he was already following you03:44
philipballewI now follow you as well03:45
MarkDudewell, it gets into culty type stuff03:45
MarkDudeIts like belief systems03:45
philipballewhow so?03:46
MarkDudeI mean I like how Fedora has the Freedom stance, and they take it soooooo far03:46
philipballewvery far03:46
MarkDudeBut is comes down to hey- this crap WONT work on this machine03:46
MarkDudeSo you end up with driver issues03:46
MarkDudeI think folks that are upset with Mint, have become more upset after Unity03:47
philipballewit just depends on the kernel shipped for drivers really though03:47
* MarkDude had someone complaining in Fedora about drivers and how they - well lack in some cases03:48
* MarkDude said - you are a vegan now03:48
MarkDudeUbuntu are vegetarians03:48
MarkDudethey have more choices03:48
philipballewThere upset people switch and find a reason such as the "stealing of money" or the "Antisemitism"03:49
MarkDudeWell maybe vegetarians that also eat fish, but I digress03:49
akkFun analogies.03:49
* MarkDude was not up to date on that, I should read up03:49
MarkDudelol - I think its accurate - to some extent tho :)03:49
philipballewall drivers should be opened03:50
philipballewI dont understand Antisemitism myself so it is hard to relate to being brought up that way03:50
MarkDudeFSF exteme folks  are like raw food eaters. they cant eat it if its been cooked03:50
* MarkDude knows not enough to comment on Mint - its been years since I used it03:51
philipballewI dont know enough to make a stance either03:51
* MarkDude feels another talk coming on 03:52
MarkDudeI dont think my veggie> vegan, raw food talk would play outside of West Coast tho03:52
akkAll I know about Mint is that a lot of people are treating it as "Ubuntu without Unity, with old Gnome 2"03:52
akkand that it seems to have a lot of different versions/offshoots03:52
MarkDudeakk correct again03:52
MarkDudeWell all the names are of women also03:53
akkand it's green instead of aubergine or orange or brown :)03:53
* MarkDude was ok wthh human color of Ubuntu03:54
MarkDudeBut doe snot miss the *what can brown do for you ?* jokes03:54
philipballewif you want gnome 2, why not just run debian squeeze?03:54
akkI was glad to see the brown go away. I wanted some color.03:54
philipballewI like purple myself03:55
akkNot that I actually use the default desktop anyway, it was just the principle.03:55
akkThe purple is better.03:55
philipballewhipper as well03:55
akkThough needing to learn the word "aubergine" to refer to it probably doesn't help newbies.03:55
philipballewTHe brown did set it apart03:56
akkMint's green always makes me think of SuSE -- they were green first.03:57
* MarkDude is most liekly going to be turned down for using Fedora Blue in a logo- by RH legal03:58
MarkDudeSoooooo, he is calling their bluff, and saying he will use aubergine03:59
philipballewSuSE is nice. Its like slackware, without the slackware04:00
MarkDudeAnd without the Zonker anymore04:00
MarkDudeSuse is dead to me after they got rid of Joe Brockmeir04:01
philipballewthe suse guy at scale told me his take on osx04:01
philipballew"Unix for Girls"04:01
philipballewwas not sure what to say back04:01
MarkDudeSounds like sumthin that could be said04:01
MarkDudeby that distro04:02
philipballewfor sure.04:02
MarkDudeactually more likely I would guess Gentoo :D04:02
philipballewi said, "Yeah! I know tons of women that use that system!"04:02
philipballewI hope he took it the way I intended04:02
philipballewI was still able to get a free shirt from them as well04:03
philipballewI always wonder about gentoo.04:04
philipballewIts a nice enough system though04:04
MarkDudenothing wrong with it technically04:05
MarkDudeBut its where many trolls go to complete their schooling04:05
akkA lot of smart techies use gentoo.04:05
philipballewSchooling in what way?04:05
akkBut you can waste a lot of time in the rathole of gentoo re-configuration.04:06
akkI waste enough time on ubuntu and debian configuration, I don't really need to find a distro that eats up even more of that. :)04:06
philipballewif you want to go that route, id say arch04:06
akkAgreed, arch has a lot of the benefits of gentoo (and many of the same problems as well) but is a lot less of a time sink.04:07
akk(for normal operations ... of course any distro becomes a time sink when something breaks)04:07
philipballeweven in ubuntu.04:08
akkdefinitely including ubunt04:08
philipballewI recall back in the brown days spending a solid 15 hours rebuilding my sound just to get it working04:08
akkbut I had more, serious, bustages in arch and gentoo that became showstoppers, whereas with ubuntu I can usually find workarounds04:09
bkerensaakk: scripts are your friend for configuration :)04:09
* MarkDude spent all sorts of time lurning how to work with debconf to help with video04:09
* bkerensa has a script he runs after every fresh install that installs all the packages he uses and configures everything to the letter :)04:09
MarkDudeOnce I felt cool with it, that was removed from Ubuntu04:09
akkbkerensa: Depends on what's broken. Scripts don't help much if udev isn't creating your device, for example.04:09
bkerensayeah true04:10
akk(a common problem I have with ubuntu)04:10
philipballewdebconf is confusing04:10
bkerensaFYI... USB 3.0 is for the win!04:10
bkerensaespecially for Ubuntu installs :)04:10
* bkerensa needs to get a SSD soon 04:10
* akk wants an SSD too04:10
* philipballew still runs pata04:12
akkIt's sad how fast stores stopped selling pata stuff.04:12
philipballewi went to best buy on a papa clearence sale and got a 500 gb04:15
* MarkDude got some usb drives for the party, they were about a dollar a gig04:19
philipballewi got a mysql flash drive at uds, and its bootstraped with mysql documents04:20
philipballewvery unhappy about this04:20
akkYou can't overwrite them?04:20
* akk needs to find a cheap source for 10 4G usb drives, was surprised to find pangolin doesn't really fit in 2g04:22
philipballewnope. mkfs wont do anything. or gparted04:22
akkphilipballew: Weird! Are they read-only or something? What's the error?04:22
philipballewakk, the flash drive boots up as sdb and sdc. sdb is a read only partition showing a bunch of mysql papers that cant be deleted. or mounted as read write.04:23
MarkDudeOffice Depot may still have some on sale04:23

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