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SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!05:50
rmg51Morning JonathanD09:53
JonathanDhi rmg5109:56
InHisNamemorning all11:57
rmg51time to head off to PACS12:16
waltmanoh, it's PACS day?12:16
waltmanThe main item on my to-do list today is to buy a suit.12:16
JonathanDa suit!12:17
waltmanYeah, I want to have a decent suit to wear for my defense.12:17
waltmanIt's been a long time since I've word a suit :)12:19
waltmaner,.bought a suit.12:20
waltmanLike the late 90s.12:23
waltmanThere's a Jos. A. Bank down in Haverford. They've got a sale -- buy 1 get 2 free. But I don't need 3 suits...12:23
InHisNamehalf price sale might be more useful, depending on orig price12:28
InHisNameWillow Grove Mall is short few blocks from PACS meeting place, waltman12:29
InHisNameseveral suit sellers are there12:29
jedijfwaltman: buy the 3, will use now, job hunting, and it's a great suit and a great deal12:44
jedijfthe ad has been driving me crazy, and i have enough suits12:45
waltmanjedijf: yeah, there's that.13:22
waltmanjedijf: I saw an ad for Men's Warehouse last night with a similar sale, but maybe it was only buy 1 get 1 free.13:27
waltmanjedijf: I opted for the 1-suit-at-50%-off option :)19:15
ChinnoDogjedijf: do you have one of these yet? http://getpebble.com/21:19

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