AlanBellhttp://alanbell.libertus.co.uk:8000/uds-r/ can you see that?21:03
daker-cloudyes :) i can it21:07
AlanBellnothing interesting in it yet, just a default summit21:10
AlanBellhttp://alanbell.libertus.co.uk:8000/uds-r/meeting/1/happy-hour/ with etherpad lite in it21:11
AlanBellbut no fancy integration yet21:11
* AlanBell reboots the etherpad-lite server, that bit will be broken for a sec21:13
AlanBellprototype for the projector page layout23:30
AlanBelltotal size is 1280x800 which is the projector resolution23:31
AlanBellroom and current meeting name in the banner at the top, along with a clock and countdown to the end of the session23:31
AlanBellin the footer, details of the next sessions23:31
daker-cloudAlanBell: what do you think http://people.ubuntu.com/~daker/demo/test.html ?23:47

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