Guest3447hi :)02:55
zerefhmmm, guys if you write a program for a program for a varsity course, does the varsity own it?11:41
zeref- for a program11:41
charlvnzaref: depends on the varsity11:46
charlvnzeref: you can ask the lecturers to be sure11:46
charlvnafaik if you use varsity equipment/resources, they could attempt to claim ownership11:47
charlvngoogle and yahoo both still pay huge royalties to stanford for example11:48
charlvnbut in most instances, especially in .za, i don't think most care11:48
zerefhmmmm, even if you say you want to make it open sourse11:48
charlvnwell, if you release it as GPL, you can always continue to use it under the terms of the GPL even if you don't have ownershi11:48
superflyI don't think I'd want to even own up to some of the code I wrote at varsity12:23
charlvni don't think i would want to own up to code i wrote 6 months ago12:32
charlvnnever mind at varsity12:32
nuvolari++ on that15:05
nuvolarieverytime I go back to do some maintenance I'm like 'who wrote that', check the annotations and go 'never mind' :P15:06
nuvolaricharlvn: only in ZA it's so dry, you can't see the evaporation, which is much like our upload speeds too15:17
magespawnHowdy all17:40
charlvnmore intellectual conversation i see22:21
charlvnneed to order this one : http://www.cafepress.com/cantbrain.45865399922:23
charlvnKerbero: change directory ?22:23
charlvnok, you lost me22:23
charlvnthis is getting all the more intellectual ;)22:24
charlvnit's anyway a step up from lp, fp and sp22:24
Kerberoi don't think i have enough wood for that bbq22:25
charlvni don't think i have enough dumb for this brain22:25
Kerberook stargate time. welteruste22:25
superflysays the one posting images from imgur22:26
charlvnsuperfly: would you prefer imagebucket?22:27
superflycharlvn: twas simply an observation22:27
charlvnah vaaljapie!22:27
Kerberonee, tassies22:28
charlvnlooks like an expensive vaaljapie22:28
Kerbero2L @ €522:28
charlvnoh no, that definitely qualifies as vaaljapie22:28
Kerberolol ja22:29
Kerberomaar dis ok22:29
charlvni'll stick to this for the moment: http://www.duvel.be/22:29
Kerberowant dit was net die bestanddele vir my glühwein22:29
Kerberoja duvel is een heel goeie bier22:30
charlvnor this: http://www.hertogjan.nl/22:30
Kerberoik verkies corsendonk22:30
charlvni had some of that a month or two ago22:30
charlvntoo strong taste for me and too sweet22:30
charlvnactually no, that was something different22:31
Kerberowell that photo of mine sums up the stellenbosch drinking culture quite nicely22:32
Kerberoexcept for the beers we have here22:32
charlvnvaaljapie with extra desu22:32
charlvnbecause it can never have too much desu22:32
charlvnoh no now i remember, it was amaretto that i was drinking22:33
charlvnonce was enough, not again22:33
charlvnit's not a man's drink, for the girls it is22:33
charlvnoff to bed, ciao all22:43

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