DrecondiusUgh, I have the feeling this is going to be a veeeery long night.00:00
stalkerghydrox24: yep, I hate compiz-config-settings too...00:00
stalkerghydrox24: and gconf00:00
hydrox24stalkerg: I would look into the "workspaces" setting in compix-config-settings-manager00:01
krababbelMatCat: but you could go in in rescue mode, move all files in your home somewhere, copy the user skel files, don't know by heart where they are, and then copy back only the preferences of the applications you need.00:02
Drecondiusstalkerg: ok so now it hangs on the drive detection, should i chance updating my ssd firmware?00:03
Pictolook my fps00:04
PictoRunning synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be00:04
Pictoapproximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.00:04
Picto410 frames in 5.0 seconds = 81.903 FPS00:04
Picto418 frames in 5.0 seconds = 83.409 FPS00:04
FloodBot1Picto: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:04
MatCatkrababbel: I just tested on a second test account, and it didn't work there either00:04
Pictopls look this00:05
Pictois normal?00:05
Picto80 fps00:05
FloodBot1Picto: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:05
wylde!enter | Picto00:05
ubottuPicto: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:05
lauratikawhat Voip would you recomend beisdes skype?00:05
cellardoorI have managed to get a grub terminal, but now how do i boot into ubuntu?00:05
smithwI still can't get my wireless card to work. ndiswrapper seems to accept the drive (it says the driver is installed and the device is present), modprobe loads ndiswrapper normally, but no wlan0 shows up. is there something I'm missing?00:05
Pictosorry, http://paste.ubuntu.com/995142/ is this normal?, i have ati radeon 9200 SE00:05
cellardoorThis is immediately after switch on. I get a GRUB prompt.00:05
stalkerghydrox24: i can not find it00:06
stalkergDrecondius: hmmm00:06
Pictostarlkerg can u help me?00:07
stalkergDrecondius: i have only one problem with ssd00:07
IdleOnePicto: what is the problem?00:07
Pictolook this, http://paste.ubuntu.com/995142/00:07
stalkergDrecondius: i connect to on board RAID SATA and SSD strange work (or not work)00:07
MatCatkrababbel:  The funny thing is it did work for a few days, I had assigned a custom background image, and I remember it went back to the default image on a restart, so I reassigned the image, and again it reset on a restart at some point, and I tried the other day to change it back but now it won't let me00:07
Nogalhey, i'm trying to get an xp box up dual booted with 12.04, I can't find gParted on it -- any ideas?00:07
Picto80 fps, with radeon 9200 SE00:07
IdleOnePicto: I see it, what is the problem?00:07
stalkergPicto: yep, but show me glxinfo00:08
Pictook, wait00:08
Drecondiusstalkerg: so you haven't updated your ssd's firmware since purchase?00:09
MatCatkrababbel: Though I did find a method to change the background on the login screen, but that isn't my desktop background :P00:09
stalkerg9200 it is... r300g? hm... Mark now work on r60000:09
NogalDoes anyone have a minute to help a newbie?00:09
stalkergDrecondius: do not update00:09
caesar_e2b04836: would upgrading to 12.04 fix this or would i be stuck with the same issue?00:09
caesar_i cant find the driver00:09
Drecondiusstalkerg: Are you set up as your ssd being in raid mode?00:10
Pictothis is the glxinfo http://paste.ubuntu.com/995148/00:10
stalkergPicto: normal... sorry it is R200 driver very very old. try buy new card.00:10
Pictoi cant have mor fps?00:11
stalkergDrecondius: no, only single mode.00:11
stalkergPicto: cant... but not need more00:11
Drecondiushmmmmmm, then maybe it's something simple i'm overlooking00:11
Drecondiusbe back shortly00:11
Pictoi try to play starcraft I, but is work low (im spanish, sorry my english), with window XP i play starcraft normaly (just is a example)00:11
stalkergPicto: glxgears it is not benchmark00:11
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pfifoIs there a way to get blender 2.49b on ubuntu 12.04?00:12
Pictostalkerg: and look this http://www.ubuntu-es.org/node/104136 they have ati 9200/9250 and have 800 gps or more00:13
stalkergPicto: Hola! For starcraft1 not need 3d graphics.00:13
Nogalpfifo: blender is available on the software center00:13
Pictobut is work slow D:00:13
meisth0thi am working on an application, which has an indicator. but i am planning to implement tray icon, too, for users on another distributions to be able to use it. is there anyway i can test my tray icon on ubuntu 12.04?00:13
Nogalit's currently version 2.62-1, though you should be able to find an old .deb online if you need the older version.00:14
pfifoNogal, blender 2.62 is available in the software center on 12.04, but that version dosent support the features I need.00:14
JuggaloXXhello, can some one give me a hand with 12.04 and usb 3.0. I can see the hub on lsusb but when i plug in a usb 3.0 hard disk it does not detect and mount.00:14
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escottJuggaloXX, does not detect or does not mount?00:14
stalkerg>_< I love gentoo more and more...00:15
JuggaloXXescott, the same drive works on my 2.0 ports. i see a few people have reported this issue recently but no solutions.00:15
Pictostalkerg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/995155/ this is lshw00:15
pfifoNogal, I was looking for an older deb, but upon trying to install it, There were dependency problems due to several libs being upgraded.00:15
Pictoi dont know why starcraft (and other games and programs) work slow00:16
Nogalah, that's a bit beyond me. I was looking into finding the old .deb00:16
Pictowith windows xp dont work slow00:16
stalkergPicto: you use opensource driver. And for old hardware driver is realy bad (r300g and r600g good)00:16
stalkergPicto: aaaand not have "close" driver for your kernel and hardware.00:17
Pictoso, i cant play normally with ubuntu ¿?¿? (sorry i dont understand)00:17
NogalAnyone have a min to help me with a dual boot issue? I have an xp box which I'm trying to get 12.04 on but it seems that gParted was not included on this liveCD, anyone know how I can get this?00:18
stalkergPicto: need write driver by hand :) Need asm, C, and DRM/DRI/Mesa API00:18
Picto"i have" created a driver?00:18
stalkergPicto: on this hardware - no00:18
stalkergPicto: my telephone more powerfull00:18
stalkergPicto: sorry00:19
stalkerggood bay!  всем пока.00:19
Pictodnd, thx for anwser my questions00:20
Nogalanyone have a minute to help me with gParted?00:22
shapeHello, If I install a different Video Card on my system and change some RAM (i.e. change RAM sticks), will I have to reinstall Ubuntu or will there be no problems at all?00:22
Nogalshape: there shouldn't be any issues with that00:22
shapeNogal: when linux installs on the computer, does it load stuff into the kernel regarding the components that you have, or is it modular?00:24
indianI am getting this error when trying to load vmware00:24
indian Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine",00:24
indianI cannot find any package named murrine00:24
genii-around!info gtk2-engines-murrine00:26
ubottugtk2-engines-murrine (source: gtk2-engines-murrine): cairo-based gtk+-2.0 theme engine. In component main, is optional. Version 0.98.2-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 102 kB, installed size 330 kB00:26
foobArrris the indicator applet an ubuntu-only thing?00:26
Nogalshape: i'm not positive with ubuntu, linux can be compiled both ways. I have not tried to change out my ubuntu machine, but I know other distros can be entirely modular.00:27
shapeNogal, so there is a change I might have to do a fresh install, correct?00:27
courtcommand to download flash player?00:27
lauratikaim looking to buy a netbook what you rekon for ubuntu?00:28
Nogalfor RAM and a videocard i highly doubt it, but I never rule out the unknown00:28
a_pen9uinhow could i update a computer running 11.04 to 12.04 the computer in question has no internet connection i just use it for games could i stick a 12.04 disk in and update like that?00:28
shapeNogal, right. I should be more worried if I had to change the CPU, correct?00:29
JaceAlvejettia_p3rson, should offer to upgrade when it sees the CD00:29
indianOk I got the gtk2-engines-murrine is already the newest version.00:29
fully_humanWhat is dcop? I somehow need it to run mythtv-setup.00:29
indianbut I am still getting the error00:29
Nogalyes, if you were changing the cpu or the motherboard i might think that you may run into an issue, but with your changes i really don't think you'll have any problem00:29
a_pen9uin@JaceAlvejetti thanks for the help will do00:30
Nogaldoes anyone know how to get a 12.04 liveCD with gParted?00:30
lauratikaany advice00:30
shapelauratika, Acer Aspire one seems to be the one that "just works". Ive researched this myself a while back and that;s what I could find.00:30
JaceAlvejettia_p3rson, not a problem00:30
Nogallauratika: system76 makes a line of ubuntu preloaded computers... i'll find the lik00:31
shapeNogal, what do you mean? You want an Ubuntu with gparted on the live cd?00:31
Nogallauratika: it's just www.system76.com00:32
Nogalshape: yeah, i'm trying to get an old xp box repartitioned with linux00:32
L3topHow do I assign my default output to HDMI in gnome3 on 1204? Where/what is the default mixer to change settings?00:32
lauratikahow can i lighten up in yellow the name of users while replying in the chat?00:32
foobArrrshape: I think the default is not a targeted kernel, you should be ok. you can check /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf. if there is a "MODULES=most" in it, there kernel should not be hardware-specific. (please correct me, if I'm wrong)00:32
L3topAudio output that is00:33
DrecondiusPerhaps it should be noted that I'm trying to get 12.04 x64 running00:33
L3topI know in kubuntu it is kmixer00:33
shapeNogal, I just did the same thing, yet I just burned Gparted Live CD on a normal CD and did the partitioning and installed Ubuntu with a differend CD. Wouldn't that work?00:33
L3topwhat irc client are you using lauratika00:34
shapefoobArrr, Thanks! I can't correct you because that's way beyond my knowledge00:34
DrecondiusWould that make a difference as to why it will not boot?00:34
lauratikaopera's client00:34
foobArrrshape: that was addressed to the whole channel :)00:34
Nogalshape: sometimes i look for the hard way... thank you for pointing out my idiocy lmao00:34
L3toplauratika: I am not familiar with operas, but it should be in something like "settings/chat view"00:35
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foobArrrshape: if there is MODULES=dep instead of MODULES=most, you can change it to most and then run update-initramfs -u00:36
foobArrrbut no guarantees00:36
shapeNogal, but what is it that you're trying to do? Shink partitions?00:36
Nogalshape: yeah, just trying to shrink the XP partition down to about half her size and load 12.04 on the newly acquired free space.00:37
Nogalso the gp-liveCD should do the trick, followed by the ubuntu livecd for the actual install?00:37
shapefoobArrr, I will have to try that tomorrow since I don't have the computer right now. and of course Thanks for the info!00:37
gumby_52hello.  I'm wondering if someone could help me with setting up running Ubuntu on my TV.  It works fine on my small monitor but when I put it on my tv the display seems wrong.  I looked at the xorg.0.log and see that it does not like the frequency.00:38
sicklyhey can someone help me with removing unity? i tried sudo apt-get remove unity unity-2d, but its still there. I want it to be the old school way lol00:38
gumby_52looking for some help if someone is able to assist me... it would be apprecieated00:38
shapeNogal, yeah, go to do the Gparted site, download the latest Gparted LiveCD an burn it. Then boot from it, do the shrinking and then reboot with the Ubuntu Live CD.00:38
L3top1204, I can speaker-test -Dplug:hdmi and get audio over hdmi, however I do not believe the mixer is outputting on HDMI natively. What mixer would I set to default to this? I created an /etc/asound.conf, but on reload I still have no audio out unless I do that test.00:38
L3topgumby_52: do you have any adapters or anything in between the card and the tv? How is it connected?00:39
bazhang!notunity | sickly00:39
ubottusickly: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:39
Nogalsickly: i'm pretty sure they just released a gnome classic desktop manager for 12.0400:39
shapeNogal, There might be some Ubuntu distros that come with Gparted but the Gparted Live CD loads very fast, rather than waiting for the whole system to load from the Live CD.00:39
gumby_52I have the hdmi plugged into the tv from the nvidia card00:39
gumby_52just going into it's own input00:39
shapeNogal, if you are really cheap, and don't want to waste a CD, you could boot from the Ubuntu 12.04 live CD and then with an internet connection download Gparted and run it. It will all be done in RAM.00:40
L3topgumby_52: have you installed the proprietary drivers? and if so what options do you have in nvidia-settings?00:40
gumby_52I have installed the drivers00:40
Nogalshape: yeah i remember having an old disk that came with it, cheapness is not an issue lol00:40
gumby_52I ran nvidia settings00:40
_ProtekNickzL3top: try  alsamixer in terminal00:40
_ProtekNickzfor audio00:40
gumby_52can I PM you the error and the settings00:41
gumby_52I don't want to spam the channel00:41
L3top_ProtekNickz: alsamixer shows my digital outs, and IECx are unmuted, which I suppose is why the test works.00:41
L3topsure gumby_5200:41
NogalShape, thank you again for your assistance. I'll probably keep the channel open for a while to see if I can help anyone.00:42
foobArrrshape, you're welcome00:42
NogalI've got to say, I love how the community works.00:43
_ProtekNickzL3top: you tried checking Default Audio setting in System Setting? just asking 0_o00:43
L3topThis is what I was asking about. I am used to Kubuntu sorry _ProtekNickz.00:43
L3topthank you _ProtekNickz00:44
_ProtekNickzL3top: goto 'System Settings' then 'Sound' and see which is Default then change00:44
_ProtekNickzL3top: Click Unity Button and Search System Settings00:45
L3topsorry _ProtekNickz Gnome300:45
shapeNogal, btw, you checked with the Live CD of Ubuntu and gparted wasn't in the applications?00:46
_ProtekNickzL3top: just checking now 4 you00:46
L3top_ProtekNickz: system settings => sound => output and hardware only have "Built-in analog audio" as an option... I suppose I should try and change this in alsamixer f6?00:48
meisth0this there anybody who has experience with ppa, owning some packages?00:48
shapeanyone have a link with the precise package list? I cannot find anything on google00:49
_ProtekNickzL3top: yes see if it's listen their00:49
lorecasteras you wish, L3top00:50
L3toplorecaster: _ProtekNickz is helping you now.00:50
L3topty _ProtekNickz00:50
lorecasterbless you both00:50
L3topso can you select your digital in alsamixer under f6 lorecaster00:51
L3topand see if your options change in system settings lorecaster00:52
lorecasterI tried that, and spit out what I saw. no digital there at all00:52
lorecasterthe only option in ALSA with F6 is 0-HDA NVIDIA00:53
lorecasterno digital00:53
OerHekslorecaster, maybe it is a bios setting ?00:55
isoman2kxhey everyone...00:55
isoman2kxI get this message whne I try to do a DH1080 key exchange00:55
isoman2kxUnable to perform key exchange with CyBeR. Diffie-Hellman key exchange is not supported by your installation of the Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA). You likely need to install an additional provider plugin. Diffie-Hellman key exchange support is usually provided by the qca-ossl plugin.00:55
isoman2kxhow do I get this qca-ossl00:55
FloodBot1isoman2kx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:55
lorecasterhmm... nothing to my memory in bios would provide me with that impression... next reboot i'll check it out. thanks  oerheks!00:55
L3topOerHeks: can test audio from cli and it works00:56
OerHeksisoman2kx, i think you need libqca2-plugin-ossl00:56
L3topOerHeks: speaker-test -Dplug:hdmi sends hdmi audio out00:56
isoman2kxwhere do I go in Ubuntu to get this? this is my first time using Ubuntu in a loong time00:56
OerHeksL3top, ah oke, tried resetting the monitor with its own little buttons?00:57
Nogalisoman2kx: you should be able to get that from the terminal: subo apt-get install libqca2-plugin-ossl00:57
isoman2kxthanks :)00:57
lorecastera hard monitor reset? i can do that too :D00:57
L3topit is lorecaster with the issue, I got it to test lol... thats as far as I could get... maybe an old fashioned reboot is in order00:58
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majusculeHow can I use libnotify from an upstart service01:02
aslkjdlkasdjlakja yo - fuck soak guys01:02
FloodBot1aslkjdlkasdjlakj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:03
* foobArrr loves trolls, but a little more creativity would be nice01:03
foobArrroff-topic, sorry01:04
shapeNogal, what Ubuntu Live CD do you have?01:04
icerootwhy is "sudo cd ~" giving "unkown command cd"? if i am correct "cd" is coming directly from bash and is not an external program which needs to be in PATH01:05
jacekowskiiceroot: sudo is trying to execute binary called cd01:06
jacekowskiiceroot: and as it's internal shell command it can't do that01:07
Nogalshape: i'm working off the iso from ubuntu.com01:07
caesar_can someone help me find and install a graphics driver?01:07
Nogali just loaded into gparted01:07
icerootjacekowski: ah ok and echo is working because its an builtin AND have a binary in PATH01:07
icerootjacekowski: so sudo echo is not using the bash echo01:08
foobArrr"sudo cd" doesn't make much sense at all, does it?01:08
Nogalshape: i just ran into an issue where maybe you can help me; the ntfs system i need to shrink doesn't seem to allow me to, it has a little "!" icon next to it.01:08
icerootfoobArrr: i inital goal was to see if sudo is expaning ~ to /root and so i tried cd01:08
jacekowskiit kinda does if you want to change cwd01:08
jacekowskiiceroot: it's shell expanding it01:09
jacekowskiiceroot: not sudo01:09
icerootjacekowski: but the question is when it is expanding, before sudo or after01:09
icerootjacekowski: sudo echo ~ is giving the userhome and not root01:09
jacekowskiit's not expanding it in this case01:09
icerootso if sudo knows about cd then sudo cd ~ would put me in my homedir and not /root/01:11
icerootbecause bash is expanding ~ before sudo is executed01:11
icerootgood to know01:11
jacekowskisame thing with !01:11
ZaNeIuMwhat does this install? apt-get install me01:11
icerootZaNeIuM: a package called "me"01:12
L3toplorecaster: did you reboot?01:12
ZaNeIuMwhat is the me package somthing standard?01:12
lorecasternot yet.01:12
icerootZaNeIuM: there is no package "me" in the ubuntu-repos01:12
shapeNogal, I wanted to say that I checked the Ubuntu packages website and booted from the 12.04 Live CD and Gparted is there. I just took it for granted when you told me the iso didnt have Gparted. Gparted comes with Precise 12.04. So you don't need to burn the Gparted Live CD and just boot from the Ubuntu Live CD and run Gparted from there.01:12
sicklyNogal, couldnt find anything on that any info on where i can find it?01:13
lorecastergot it working. was a "pavucontrol" issue01:14
shapeNogal, and regarding the exclamation mark, click on the drive info and see what the warning is about.01:14
shapeNogal, right click - Information01:14
Nogalok, i'm not sure what to do with this...01:15
Nogalit has a bit of an output telling me that the cluser acounting fialied, extra cluser in bitmap01:15
jan_aquestion: for 12.04, how do you, "Automatically remember running applications when logging out"?01:16
lorecaster*hugs* L3top01:16
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lorecasterproblem solved. it may have taken 3 hours, but the sound is amazing. much obliged!01:17
shapeNogal, the partition you are trying to resize, is it a boot partition where xp is on?01:17
NogalI believe so; it's sda2 NTFS partition01:18
L3topyay lorecaster!01:18
L3topHave a good night01:18
shapeNogal, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170089101:18
shapeNogal, is this similar to what you are having?01:18
Nogalyes; that's the message.01:19
ejvhow do I remove old kernels/sources from /boot using the command line only? thx01:20
shapeNogal, From reading a bunch of threads with people having the same problem it seems installing ntfsprogs does the trick01:20
ejvmy /boot is full.01:20
Nogalit seems that ntfs-3g has replaced ntfsprogs. ntfs-3g is already installed01:20
c0deMasterhow to use OpenDNS in Ubuntu 12.0401:21
wilee-nileeNogal, what windows release is this?01:22
jiffe1so I'm trying to iscsi boot ubuntu 12.04, my bios supports iscsi so I exported a disk I have ubuntu installed on via iscsi and I see it bot, it gets past grub, I see it load ethernet and usb, but then it says 'Gave up waiting for root device', any idea how I might resolve this?01:22
NogalXP: Home Edition01:22
wilee-nileec0deMaster, I add there addresses in my router myself01:22
wilee-nileeNogal, make sure you use a partitioner to move everything to the front of that partition first gparted does not do this and defragg.01:23
shapeNogal, In Windows did you run chkdsk, then defrag ?01:24
wilee-nileeNogal, and do a chkdsk /r as well really to be safe.01:24
shaperofl, was saying the same thing01:24
Nogalkk, its been a while for windows, how do i get to chkdisk, run cmd01:24
teskewsomeone may be able to help me. i've remapped my keyboard "Menu" key to be the Super_R key, since i don't have a Super_R.  When i press the Menu key now, it doesn't have the same behavior as pressing the Super_L key. the Super_L key works as it's supposed to. (long press brings up key commands window, short press brings up dash)   the Menu button, when short pressed brings up the key commands window and it acts pretty flakey. long press does nothing but01:24
teskewflash the key commands window and dash.01:24
wilee-nileeshape, good for you01:24
krababbelNogal: there is a trial version of perfect disc, which can move everything01:24
teskewthis is Precise01:25
krababbelNogal: chkdsk01:25
Nogalkrababbel: start>run>chkdsk?01:26
jan_aejv: Get the list of kernels installed, dpkg -l 'linux-image*' | grep "^ii"; check which kernel you're running (uname -r); and remove the _other_ kernels, apt-get remove linux-image-<unused_revisions>01:26
shapeNogal, Or if you don't want command line, in Windows, you right click on the drive - Properties -Tools and you have "error-checking" (check disk) there01:26
krababbelNogal: start/run/cmd elevated, hold ctrl,shift01:26
shapeNogal, and the second option is Defragmentation. Also, "Error- Checking" will orccur after you restart, if you have the system on it.01:26
krababbelNogal: in xp just click01:26
teskewdo i need to first unset the Super_R key in xmodmap?01:27
Nogal"chkdsk cannot run becasuse the volume is in use by another process."01:27
shapeNogal: do what I said01:27
Nogalsorry was turned away, i think i figured that part out01:28
shapeNogal, it will prompt you to restart. And then it should run chkdsk before loading windows. You cannot check the disk if the system is loaded from it.01:28
Nogalasked me to schedule chkdsk upon next restart01:28
shapeNogal, yes, that's it.01:28
Nogalsweet ok; running chkdsk /r (after the reboot)01:29
TheAlliedFleetIs there anyway to run photoshop CS6 or CS5 on wine, When I try my installation fails01:29
shapeNogal, And after that, do a Defragmentation, and then run chkdsk again01:29
Nogaljust plain chkdsk or should I append /r?01:30
shapeNogal, run chkdsk /r the first time, then defragment, then just normal chkdsk and see how Gparted sees the partition after. If not run chkdsk /r and try gparted again.01:31
Nogalshape: tyvm. it looks like this is going to take a while; I'm going to step outside for a deathstick real quick.01:33
shapeNogal, chkdsk /r finds bad sectors01:33
shapeNogal so it will take a long time, that's why the second time I said not to run the /r01:33
shapeNogal, because the first run of "chkdsk /r" should find the bad sectors01:34
shapeNogal, I have to go. Good luck!01:34
nmatrix9Hey guys when I was trying to install my new ubuntu setup accidentally wiped out the partition on a external 1 terabyte drive.  Now I've done something similar before a windows machine years ago, and I was able to still retrieve the data from a formatted partition with a propietary windows tool.  Is there something similar on linux or ubuntu?01:35
smithwPlease, can anyone help me with my wifi card? I've tried everything I know, I don't know what else to do...01:41
Sheldon420smithw, What's the problem?01:41
docmurMy scroll wheel on my mouse is inverted inside firefox, however it's not inverted in every other application, has anyone seen then, I'm running 12.0401:42
smithwSheldon420, the system can't recognize it. b43 won't see it, and ndiswrapper with the windows driver reports no error, but also doesn't bring any wlan001:43
smithwI'm probably forgetting something stupid, but I don't know what01:43
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L3topnmatrix9: what was the format prior to formatting01:43
docmurIt's also inverted in Chromium01:44
nmatrix9L3top, it was fat3201:44
escott!undelete | nmatrix901:44
ubottunmatrix9: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel01:44
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:44
L3topnmatrix9: if it was a windows based drive, I would use windows recovery tools01:45
escottnmatrix9, testdisk will certainly be able to find the partition table again, but its a bit confusing to work with01:46
nmatrix9L3top, good point it's a external drive01:46
nmatrix9L3top, don't have windows machine readily available at the moment01:46
Sheldon420smithw, What is the output of sudo lshw -C network01:46
L3topnmatrix9: I would strongy recommend using windows based recovery tools. active partition recovery works well.01:46
bluesnowIs there any way to move the launcher to the bottom of the screen in ubuntu 12.04?01:47
nmatrix9L3top, active partition recovery never heard of that term before01:47
bluesnowI had it set in 11.04 but compizconfig seems to have stopped working01:47
L3topnmatrix9: I would unplug that thing and wait till I did, esp if you cared about it01:47
L3topit is a specific tool nmatrix901:47
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smithwSheldon420, http://pastebin.com/qFcdpCvJ01:48
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nmatrix9L3top, I'm gonna take heed of you advice01:49
Sheldon420smithw, OK.  Can you try following the instructions from this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/internet/C/troubleshooting-wireless.html#troubleshooting-wireless-ndiswrapper01:49
nmatrix9L3top, thanks01:49
smithwSheldon420, I tried installing the windows driver with ndiswrapper from the repositiries (using DKMS), and then built the 1.58rc1 from source. I have not used ndisgtk, I did everything on the cli. I'll try reinstalling the packages and using ndisgtk, then.01:52
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_ProtekNickzSome one explaine this please: if i was to visit some one Friend, Family ect.. and they had a Windows PC and i asked to use it they'd be gladly to accept this request "In general", but if i went to the ie, friends family house they would be going loco if i asked or even breathed on their machine lolz, kinda weird eh!01:56
_ProtekNickzif they had linux that is01:57
Nogal_ProtekNickz i'm usually the one to say "check out my sweet OS -- go play with my computer."01:57
smithwSheldon420, it appears to install the driver fine, it says the driver is installed and the hardware is present, but there is no wlan0 on iwconfig, and I can't create a wireless connection on "Network Connections" (when I click "Add", all the fields are greyed out)01:57
Goonhostd75-152-110-141.abhsia.telus.net) has joined #ubuntu                                                                                                                              . aaas01:58
Goonhost11:51:42              <-- | teskew (~teskew2@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)                                                                                                                    . AaronCampbell01:58
_ProtekNickzNogal: i know me too with restrictions, like Guest or simple user ACC lol01:58
bazhangGoonhost, stop that01:59
GoonhostSorry.. was punching keyboard to exit fullscreen :)02:00
Nogalhey here's a super newbie question, how do I connect to different irc servers using empathy? (example: I want to connect to #jupiterbroadcasting which is on irc.geekshed.net)02:02
_ProtekNickzpunching key-b? you don't need a PC you need a boxing buddy lol02:02
Goonhostlol _ProtekNickz02:02
silverghosthello all02:04
Nogaldisregard my last newbie question, got it.02:04
_ProtekNickzHere's a question, the bckaup tool in ubuntu 12.04, i'm using right now as i speak [type], it's backing up "Home" folder and "/", is this correct? or is their more i need to look into to back up?02:05
escott_ProtekNickz, i would not backup / that seems odd. I would backup /etc and use !clone to copy the package list02:05
_ProtekNickzescott: Cheers for that :D02:06
reisiocan you not search _within_ files (grep) from _Nautilus_?02:08
Goonhost[Paste 5 lines ? [ctrl-Y] Yes [ctrl-N] No]02:09
Nogalgoon.... punching bag, seriously (lol)02:10
_ProtekNickzlol WTF02:11
Lunar_Landersorry got one final question in the system monitor02:11
Lunar_Landerwhen I just killed a process, the designator went from my username to root and then the process disappeared02:11
Lunar_Landeris that normal?02:11
Coded1hello all02:15
bandit5432Lunar_Lander, did you sudo kill it or just right click and kill?02:16
Lunar_Landerright click and "kill process"02:16
TynachHello! Does anybody know the default directories for KVM virtual machines in Ubuntu 11.10?02:17
bandit5432Lunar_Lamp,   yes that is what it does it doesnt default to show user so i never noticed that before02:17
bandit5432good to know02:17
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_ProtekNickzTynach: the /var/lib/libvirt/images/ its self02:18
Tynach_ProtekNickz: I figured that's where the hard drive images are, but what about the configuration per guest machine? RAM/CPU settings, especially?02:18
_ProtekNickzTynach: right.., one sec02:19
bandit5432any one have any ideas how to get gnome-color-manager to actually apply profiles?02:20
TynachI'm currently in the Knoppix LiveCD in order to resize my LVM stuff to free a hard drive for backing up before I move to 12.04 (want to do a fresh install). So I can't just start up KVM and see what the directories are, unfortunately; unless I like, chroot into it or something. Don't really want to go through that.02:20
pfifowhen I try to purge chromium-browser, apt-get marks firefox for install. wat? no thats not acceptable at all02:20
Lunar_Landerbandit5432, ah it did the same thing on your computer too?02:21
_ProtekNickzTynach: you can find an XML configuration file for the VM in /etc/libvirt/qemu/ (=> /etc/libvirt/qemu/vm1.xml02:21
cheese1756 Hi. My sound does not seem to work in winecfg and most Wine applications/games, though it does work while running Minecraft in Wine. Here's a pastebin of testing sound in winecfg: http://pastebin.com/dzxaP7ah. I'm running Linux Mint 12 with Pulseaudio. Does anyone have any ideas?02:21
bandit5432Lunar_Lander, the system manager yes02:21
Tynach_ProtekNickz: thanks!02:21
Lunar_Landerthanks for checking02:21
_ProtekNickzTynach: getback to me if that's not it02:22
bandit5432Lunar_Lamp,  no problem i dont run with it showing user so i never noticed that before02:22
bazhangcheese1756, #winehq for games support mintsupport channels for mint02:22
bazhang!mintsupport | cheese175602:22
ubottucheese1756: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:22
pmp6nlDoes Drupal need a mailserver to send notifications?02:22
Lunar_Landerlet me try too02:22
pmp6nlwrong channel02:22
bazhangLunar_Lander, stop that02:22
Lunar_LanderI just wanted to see what happens02:22
bazhangLunar_Lander, /msg ubottu02:23
bandit5432got to love the bots02:23
_ProtekNickzwell if they stop idiots then yup!02:23
pfifomy cromium-browser is not using pulse audio, how can I get it using pulse instead of alsa directly?02:24
Nogalpfifo: give me a second...02:25
bandit5432pfifo, how do you even know that its using alsa?02:25
pfifobandit5432, well #1 no sound, and #2 the error on the command line, and #3, its not showing up in pavucontrol02:26
bandit5432pfifo, wierd02:26
Nogalpfifo: try pavucontrol02:26
Tynach_ProtekNickz: That appears to be correct. I see the two virtual machines and all their intended settings intact in those XML files. I also see some network and other XML files; I'm going to back up all of this, but use it more as a guideline for recreating things (they may have new defaults, and those new defaults might be better). Thank you!02:26
pfifoNogal, it doesnt show up in the controls02:26
cheese1756How would I port Pulseaudio calls through ALSA? What would I use to do this?02:27
bandit5432pfifo, can you set the cmd line switch -D use_pulseaudio  ??02:27
_ProtekNickzI ran down the street the other day and back to my house, ate some Crisps "Potato chips" and i was asked that why was i so cheerful, i replied to my wife, i freed my pc with "LINUX", she smirked then just slapped me :D lol02:28
pfifoNogal, the terminal keeps printing this, ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1018:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave02:28
McMozartare the us archive mirrors undergoing maintenance ? Getting < 500 B/s trying to DL some packages02:28
Lunar_Landerthanks again bandit5432 and bazhang02:28
Lunar_Landergood night!02:28
pfifobandit5432, can you give me an example02:28
bandit5432Lunar_Lander, night02:28
bandit5432pfifo, chromium --use-pulseaudio from a terminal02:29
Tynach_ProtekNickz: as long as you freed your computer WITH Linux, not freed it OF Linux ;p Otherwise you may be a lot less welcome in here!02:29
bandit5432how ever you spell it02:29
_ProtekNickzTynach: np, yw anytime :)02:29
pfifobandit5432, no audio, still printing that error02:30
bandit5432you on 12.04?02:30
_ProtekNickzTynach: tell me about it, i've used it off and on over the years, but now winblows can go die :)02:30
Tynach_ProtekNickz: I still keep Windows around because Skyrim runs a bit too slugish on WINE right now. But I've not played Skyrim in months.02:31
pfifobandit5432, Nogal, and when i pulseaudio -k, restart chromium, sound works fine (12.04)02:31
lazikDid anyone succeed in upgrading ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 with the package manager? (without drivers and apps going haywire)02:31
saryMcMozart: i'd try switching to another server , probably a faster one would be better .02:31
_ProtekNickzTynach: well, WoW plays fine in wine, but wine a few years back was quite redundant as it was a bugger to work, now it's great :D02:32
_ProtekNickzlazik: most peeps do a system backup, then fresh install, best way to be honst02:33
darwishHi, there used to be a website for tracking kernel patches sent over linux-kernel@vger .. I can't find its URL02:33
Tynach_ProtekNickz: the first person I ever converted over to Linux, told me up front that the only way he would EVER convert is if Warcraft worked under it. I happened to have an Ubuntu CD, and he happened to have his laptop. Long story short, we installed Ubuntu on his laptop (he had nothing important on it), and we installed Warcraft in a few minutes. 'Nuff said.02:33
TynachIn fact, he said it ran faster on Ubuntu than it did on Windows (on that laptop). So I consider that a success story.02:34
Nogali'm converting someone to linux as we speak02:34
_ProtekNickzTynach: "The Smell Of Sweet Success" :D02:35
Nogalspeaking of which, i just finished up gParted, starting the 12.04 install as we speak :D02:36
bandit5432pfifo,  i see exactly what you mean02:36
pfifobandit5432, ahh, --use-pulseaudio did work, I just didnt realize /usr/bin/chromium-browser was a bash script... I should be able to edit the script to --use-pulseaudio02:37
_ProtekNickzTynach: i belive so, on winblows about 55FPS roughly LINUX 70 - 75 FPS - My machine is AMD DualCore 4GIG MEM 720GBHD NVIDIA 9400 1gig mem, so i need to UPGRADE this too :D02:37
pfifobandit5432, thanks02:37
AreckxHow do I list the contents of my mounted /dev/sd devices?02:37
Areckxin terminal02:37
bandit5432pfifo, no problem02:37
Nogalpfifo, sorry i thought i responded that it was out of my league, sorry about leaving you hanging there.02:37
pfifonow if i can just figure out why flash inverst colors in videos02:37
bandit5432pfifo,  lol thats easy02:37
Areckxls /dev/sd7 just prints the /dev/sd702:37
psusiAreckx, you run ls on the directory where you have it mounted02:38
Nogalpfifo try right clicking and disabling hardware acceleration02:38
TynachAreckx: Go to the folder you mounted it to, and type 'ls'.02:38
Areckxmy iphone isn't mounting for some reason02:38
bandit5432pfifo,  i used flash-aid firefox plugin02:38
cheese1756Does anyone know of a package along the lines of pulseaudio-alsa? Something I can use to port alsa calls through pulseaudio?02:38
escottAreckx, "mount" will tell you want the mountpoint is02:38
bandit5432pfifo,  you can also edit a couple of files in /etc/adobe but that fix did not work for me02:38
Sheldon420Areckx, Maybe it's tired.  Try a different position.  I'd recommend the cowgirl.02:39
escottcheese1756, I would imagine that the alsa emulation is included as part of the standard pulseaudio package02:39
cheese1756escott: Hmm. Is there some way to check that it's enabled?02:39
AreckxSheldon420::  lmao wopw02:39
TynachI'm now copying all the home directories. This... Will take a while XD02:40
Sheldon420Areckx, ;-)02:40
pfifobandit5432, chromium not ff02:40
escottcheese1756, I wonder if pulse is not running prior to your starting the browser?02:40
bandit5432pfifo,  i am checking on instructions02:40
cheese1756Starting what browser? It seems to start at login02:40
TynachHey, I've not yet tested it, but on Ubuntu 12.04 with the nouveau driver, do windows using the 'Normal' resize method resize properly (with Compiz)?02:41
TynachThey do resize just fine here in Knoppix using Nouveau, but I thought I remember trying it with 11.10 and it still was buggy.02:41
pfifobandit5432, I cant get a disable HWaccel, atleast not on youtube, google gives a completly different menu02:41
bandit5432pfifo, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/117127/flash-video-appears-blue02:41
NogalTynach: I'm not sure with nouveau but with the proprietary I have no issues.02:42
linuxjoneshow do i get to a log screen where i can see why my installs of 12.04 keep crashing?02:42
escottcheese1756, sorry thought you were the person from earlier who had trouble with chromium. what makes you think the pulse alsa layer is not working02:42
TynachOh, is pfifo getting that darn smurphing?02:42
pfifobandit5432, never mind, I got it with tab key, arrows and the spacebar02:42
_ProtekNickzlinuxjones: What are you doing when it crashes?02:42
TynachNogal: When I say resizing with 'Normal' method, I mean when the window redraws itself as you resize it from a corner. This is not the default behavior on Ubuntu because nVidia proprietary drivers cannot handle it properly. It works TERRIBLY.02:43
pfifoTynach, yeah, but its gone now, thanks again bandit543202:43
Areckxhow do I list all of my mounted devices?02:43
bandit5432pfifo, i can use youtube but other sites crash so its a real pain02:43
* pfifo emails adobe the whitepaper for YUV overlays02:43
_ProtekNickzlinuxjones: also log file at "/var/log/Xorg.0.log"02:44
bandit5432pfifo, but i download the flash file and watch it in mplayer so all is good02:44
cheese1756escott: Winecfg cannot play any sounds, and a user in #winehq suggested that a lack of ALSA compatibility might be the problem.02:44
TynachAreckx: Type 'mount' by itself to list mounted devices.02:44
cheese1756Here's a pastebin: http://pastebin.com/dzxaP7ah02:44
linuxjones_ProtekNickz i boot from the cd, everything goes fine, it spits it out and restarts and crashes on the ubuntu loading screen, mouse still moves but it sits there forever02:44
bandit5432pfifo, the patch for vdpau looks promising http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=2518770#post251877002:44
pfifobandit5432, downloading is alright sometimes, but i have like 300 musicvideos in a playlist on yt, dont really want to download them02:45
_ProtekNickzlinuxjones: so your using LIVE CD?02:45
Tynachbandit5432: the patch for vdpau is like a band-aid on a severed arm.02:45
TynachUltimately, Adobe will have to fix their own crap.02:45
bandit5432Tynach, they want flash to die and this will do it for them02:45
linuxjones_ProtekNickz yes, tried the windows installer and usb install before that02:46
MalsasaHello, how to request feature to Nautilus Developer?02:46
linuxjonessame thing02:46
escottcheese1756, ok im not sure what that guy is suggesting. but if ps aux | grep pulse shows it running I would think the alsa emulation would work02:46
bazhang!brainstorm | Malsasa02:46
ubottuMalsasa: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!02:46
cheese1756escott: Pulse is definitely running, for sure02:47
MalsasaThank you02:47
TynachMalsasa: Nautilus is part of the Gnome desktop environment. If you want to talk to the Nautilus devs, you might want to try the Gnome channel (Don't know what it is off hand).02:47
MalsasaGNOME Channel?02:47
MalsasaWhat is the name?02:47
bazhang!alis | Malsasa02:47
ubottuMalsasa: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:47
TynachProbably #gnome, but I'm in Pidgin (which is a terrible IRC client) and I don't know how to search for channels with it.02:48
_ProtekNickzlinuxjones: ok did you use same IMG.iso you d/l for the CD & USB? if do did you check the IMG.iso chksum, make sure it d/l ok, and when you burned to cd what speed did you burn at, if at max speed then cd may have burned krappy, try burning at 2x or 4x02:48
Malsasaubottu: oh, thanks. It is new for me02:48
bandit5432Malsasa, try #gnome on irc.gimp.net02:49
MalsasaOkay, i found it.02:49
escottcheese1756, maybe it isn't using libalsa-pulse?02:49
santhey, im having trouble booting ubuntu from an external HD using a mac, im wondering if you guys could help me, thx n advance02:49
craigbass1976I see all sorts of sites telling me how to run ubuntu on my android phone.  How do I get android running on my computer?  I really want to play tank hero with a mouse and keyboard...02:49
bazhangcraigbass1976, ask in an android channel02:50
_ProtekNickz_ProtekNickz: try Re-download the ISO and check the chksum, then burn at 2 to 4 X speed02:50
cheese1756escott: I'm thinking it might be something like that02:50
MalsasaOh, people there ask me to go to http://bugzilla.gnome.org02:50
_ProtekNickzlinuxjones: try Re-download the ISO and check the chksum, then burn at 2 to 4 X speed02:50
craigbass1976bazhang, touche02:51
bazhangcraigbass1976, #android02:51
darkmarkiyi akþamlar02:51
santit prints the following error: Not Found returned from legacy loader02:51
darkmarkkolay gelsin herkeze02:51
darkmarkwww.sohbettube.com  keyboard typing test text02:52
Tynach_ProtekNickz: did you just talk to yourself, then talk about the fast fourier transform?02:52
bp0the nvidia driver installed by ubuntu 12.04 causes the entire system to hang right after installation. I have the same problem in windows with the 295 series, bu I can just use an older driver. how can I use an older version of the driver in ubuntu?02:54
_ProtekNickzTynach: i didnt speak to my self yes lil mistake lmao02:54
bandit5432arggg gnome-color-manager does not work :C02:54
_ProtekNickzI use KDE, Much easier to work with :D02:55
psychCan someone lend me a hand with tune2fs? Even after telling it not to reserve blocks it still seems to be doing the same thing. 28 GB used on 2 TB without anything done to it02:55
bandit5432sure it is so is vista :P02:55
_ProtekNickzVista PFFFFFFT!!!!02:55
escottpsych, what command did you use02:55
Tynachbandit5432: KDE has left the 'Vista-ish' years now. 4.8 is quite usable and stable, and only uses 100 MB more RAM than Gnome does for me, on average.02:56
TynachAnd it uses LESS CPU.02:56
escottcheese1756, you could check with ldd, maybe try an ld_preload?02:56
psychescott, I've tried tune2fs -m 0 /dev/sdb1 and tune2fs -r 0 /dev/sdb102:56
bandit5432_ProtekNickz, Tynach, is monitor profiling working on kde for you?02:56
psychBoth report doing what they should have, but when the partition is mounted it still says 28 GB used02:56
cheese1756escott: How would I do that?02:57
Tynach_ProtekNickz: I don't use monitor profiling. However, I once tried it for the sake of trying it, in Unity/Gnome, and it worked just fine. I don't remember what I did to make it work, but there are two types of profiles: Profiles that only work inside graphics applications (like Gimp and Scribus), and profiles that have enough data for use on the entire screen.02:57
_ProtekNickzTynach: well i'm comfotable with KDE quite nice i like it, Gnome to me seemed basic, but i aint used it in a while02:57
TynachEr, that's supposed to go to bandit5432.02:57
TynachSorry _ProtekNickz.02:57
escottpsych and that gives you no errors? but tune2fs -l /dev/sdb1 shows what?02:58
escottcheese1756, start with ldd `which winecfg` | grep alsa02:58
Tynach_ProtekNickz: I use both KDE and Gnome, depending on mood. I prefer KDE overall, but Unity conserves vertical screen space better; so I end up using that most of the time.02:58
psychescott, mind if I link you to the forum thread?02:58
escottpsych thats fine02:58
psychescott, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198263502:59
isoscelesrectangHi. I've got a Magic Trackpad that I want to try multitouch with. I know Magic Trackpad support is officially included in Quetzal, but is there any way to get it working in Pangolin right now?02:59
_ProtekNickzTynach: bandit5432: I'm actually back on linux now, of an on for a few years, why i was bouncing i dunno, Stating with linux now, put it on wifes laptop too, works wounders, even when i was using it back in the 90's :)03:00
escottpsych, so your problem is that the reserved block count is zero, but the free blocks is less than the block count03:00
cheese1756escott: Thanks. I'll look into this more tomorrow. Thank you for your help03:01
Tynachisoscelesrectang: I'm not sure what you mean by Magic Trackpad, but if you mean a laptop mousepad that uses multitouch gestures, yes you can use it in Ubuntu. Go to the mouse settings, there should be a tab for a mouse trackpad or something like that. In it it has options for 'two finger scrolling'. I believe there are options in Compiz for doing gestures with multiple fingers, I don't know though. My laptop trackpad doesn't support it :(03:01
isoscelesrectangTynach: Sorry, I meant an Apple Magic Trackpad.03:01
Tynachisoscelesrectang: I have no idea then. I have never and probably never will buy anything from Apple.03:01
_ProtekNickzApple - lol, NC03:02
psychescott, I'm not sure. It still says 28 GB used in df -h. But yeah, free blocks is less than block counts03:02
isoscelesrectangTynach: Haha understandably so.03:02
psychI just don't want 28 GB used03:02
Tynach_ProtekNickz: My first encounter with Linux was when my mobo went bad, and Windows refused to recognize the new one as the same computer. So I had to install something else, and that was... Debian 4, I believe. Dad gave me a stack of all 13 CDs and told me to have fun.03:03
escottpsych, i wonder what running an fsck would do03:03
_ProtekNickzTynach: LMAO, and some fun you had i bet ;)03:03
bandit5432isoscelesrectang, have you looked at the https://code.google.com/p/touchegg/ project?03:03
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psychescott, I can give it a try I guess03:04
isoscelesrectangbandit5432: Looking, and ah----. It appears that the Great Firewall of China has blocked Google Code...03:04
psychescott, fsco -a alright for this?03:04
Tynach_ProtekNickz: oh you bet! I reinstalled my system about 10 times a day, for weeks! My dad didn't let me have Internet at the time (I was what... 13?), so I had to use only the CDs. But I had an ATi graphics card, and could not get the screen resolution quite right... So I ended up messing with xorg.conf and screwing the system up (I thought no GUI meant the system was corrupt and I had to reinstall).03:05
bandit5432isoscelesrectang, lovely03:05
psychescott, fsck from util-linux 2.20.103:05
psych/dev/sdb1: clean, 11/122101760 files, 7713419/488378368 blocks03:05
bazhang!ot | Tynach _ProtekNickz03:05
ubottuTynach _ProtekNickz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:05
Tynach_ProtekNickz: Eventually I got Windows XP back, and didn't touch Linux again until I was 15/16, at which time I decided to try Ubuntu because it was Debian based (and it was at least somewhat going to be familiar with what I already knew).03:05
isoscelesrectangbandid5432: I take it touchegg is a project similar to uTouch?03:06
escottpsych also what does df say about the filesystem on /dev/sdb103:06
bandit5432isoscelesrectang, i dont have a clue i am just looking up the question03:06
TynachSorry bazhang. I'll quiet down unless answering support questions, or asking my own.03:06
_ProtekNickzTynach: yes i use ubuntu myself, i love it, runs great03:06
psychescott, when unmounted I see this:03:06
psychFilesystem     1K-blocks  Used Available Use% Mounted on03:07
psychudev             1821264     0   1821264   0% /dev03:07
isoscelesrectangbandit5432: haha okay, thank you! :)03:07
psychFilesystem      1K-blocks     Used  Available Use% Mounted on03:07
psych/dev/sdb1      1951642280 28982484 1922659796   2% /mnt/Transfer03:07
escottpsych. df wont tell you anything when it is unmounted03:07
bandit5432isoscelesrectang, see if this site works http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/assign-actions-to-multi-touch-trackpad.html03:07
psychI didn't think so :) just posting to be sure03:07
bandit5432isoscelesrectang, can you get to ppa's look at https://launchpad.net/~utouch-team/+archive/daily for installers03:08
pilotbubwhats the release date for duplicitous dung-beetle03:08
bazhang!ot | pilotbub03:08
ubottupilotbub: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:08
isoscelesrectangbandit5432: It appears touchegg is in the official repositories. Giving that a shot.03:09
bandit5432isoscelesrectang, good find03:10
isoscelesrectangSegmentation fault (core dumped)03:10
isoscelesrectangOh dear.03:10
escottpsych, im not sure. thats very strange.03:11
psychescott, should I perhaps repartition? Do you know if there's a way to select block size reserve space in parted or something03:12
psychI'm doing this headless, unfortunately, so no gui for me03:12
escottpsych, to be honest i would just leave it at 5%. if you actually start using more than 95% of the filesystem thats not good and you need to get more storage03:12
psychAlright, I appreciate it03:13
escottpsych, so in some ways that 5% buffer is only preventing you from doing something you probably wouldn't want to do anyways03:13
psychhaha that's true03:13
psychI guess it's there for a reason, 28 GB just seems like a lot to not be able to have access to03:14
escottpsych, if its really empty you could just rerun mkfs with the correct options03:14
lazikI tried starcraft 2 with wine, it lagged too much. Anyone tried running Win7 in a Vmware workstation to play sc2?03:14
psychescott, that's what I'm looking at doing.03:14
bandit5432you can chenge the percentage03:14
psychI've got nothing to lose.03:14
ZaNeIuManyone have an ion-2 mb with working sound out hdmi that can give me some help03:14
escottpsych, it helps prevent fragmentation. 28Gb may be bigger than necessary, but there is no guarantee that those 28GB will be contiguous so 5% isn't crazy03:15
bandit5432escott, sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/sd** to put the percent to 0 change sd**03:15
escottbandit5432, yeah he did that, but it didnt take effect03:15
bandit5432what fs are you using?03:16
bandit5432let me look03:16
_ProtekNickzhave fun peeps i'm am off :P03:17
xixoryo, just installed 12.04.  In unity, how does one run a terminal?  I want to install and use lubuntu-desktop03:17
escottbandit5432, to be more specific it shows as 0 in tune2fs -l, but the space is reserved in df -h03:17
Nogalxixor: ctrl+alt+t03:17
psychescott, bandit5432 I ran  sudo mkfs.ext4 -m 0 /dev/sdb103:18
psych just to fool around and it shows the same thing03:18
Tynachxixor: you can also just go to the Unity menu and type in 'terminal', and that will bring you to a terminal.03:18
krababbel_lazik: it won't be faster surely03:18
xixorTynach: ah, I see.. the unity menu is "dash home" ?03:18
psych-m is the switch for reserved block percentage in ext403:18
psychwell in mkfs.ext403:18
xixorTynach: what program is used for managing/installing packages now?  is it still synaptic?03:18
bandit5432tune2fs -r 0 /dev/sdxX ??03:18
psychbandit5432, I tried that as well03:19
Tynachxixor: that's the "Ubuntu Software Center". SHould be on the left bar by default.03:19
Tynachxixor: or you can use apt-get to get synaptic, if you don't already have it (I don't know if you did a fresh install, or if you upgraded).03:19
xixorTynach: yeah, fresh install, default ubuntu desktop.  I've never tried unity, so wanted to give it ago, but my computer is pretty underpowered, it is a laptop from 2005 (thinkpad x60), so it is a little sluggish, and I want to give the lbuntu desktop a try03:20
catball32Can't purchase through software center.  Throws 3DSecure error, whatever that is.03:22
Tynachxixor: have you tried Ubuntu 2D? In the login menu, you can choose to do a 2D version of Unity.03:22
psychGood find bandit543203:22
xixorTynach: no, I haven't.  I have it set to auto-login, so I don't see that menu03:22
psychThat might be what I'm running into here.03:23
Tynachxixor: Ah, well, try logging out and then going in from there. I believe that sets the default to 2D as well :)03:23
TynachYou click on the 'gear' icon to choose what desktop environment you go into.03:23
bandit5432psych, and you got me to go look at my own fs as well03:23
TynachInstalling lubuntu-desktop would have the same problem for you; you'd have to log out and back in to the new environment anyway.03:23
xixorTynach: ok, thanks, will give it ago, the installation of lubuntu-desktop is just finished, going to give xmonad a try as well03:24
bandit5432psych, nope just ran it on one of my partitions and it change from 26 to 46 free space03:24
xixorTynach: in terms of performance on a weak system, is there anything that gnome/unity might leave running in the background?  indexing services, things like that, which I might want to turn off?03:24
=== lo is now known as Guest54250
pilotbubdelirious dungbeetle03:25
catball32is this the right spot for software center problems?03:25
celthunderxixor: quite a few things ilkely03:25
pilotbubfirst off its software centre03:26
bandit5432psych, what does sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sd** | grep "Reserved block count" show?03:26
chodestevenshey quick question everyone03:26
psychbandit5432, I was hopeful! I thought I've seen this before though03:26
pilotbubhey chode03:26
chodestevensso it involves03:26
chodestevensi am admittedly a novice ubuntu user03:26
Tynachxixor: probably, I'm afraid. You can go to the System Settings (or whatever they call it, should be in the menu thing in the top right corner of Unity, top option or so), go to Privacy, and turn that off. That turns off logging of different things.03:26
pilotbubh.264 i mean ogg all the way man03:27
psychbandit5432, Reserved block count:     003:27
bandit5432psych, so whats the problem?03:27
celthunderxixor: you really only need dbus and the kernel in the background for x.03:27
chodestevensI am using 11.10 and cannot for the life of me get flash to work03:27
psychbandit5432, df -h is showing 28 GB used03:27
xixorTynach: yeah, but lets say I boot to lubuntu-desktop, are there gnome/unity services that will be running in the background, even if I don't log into that kind of desktop ?03:28
bandit5432psych, how big of a drive is it do you have and thing .trash?03:28
psychbandit5432, I'm trying to figure out why 28 GB are used when the partition is empty and reserved space is set to 003:28
psychbandit5432, 2 TB and no03:28
psychI just finished using mkfs.ext4 on it again03:28
chodestevens I am using 11.10 and cannot for the life of me get flash to work, can anyone help?03:29
bandit5432psych, 28gigs would not be bad for disk usage with 2TB03:29
chodestevensit is very frustrating03:29
bazhangchodestevens, no need to repost so quickly03:29
Tynachxixor: I don't know if Lubuntu (LXDE, I think?) will start Gnome stuff or not. It might.03:29
chodestevenssorry, im used to the mfa irc where things move quickly03:29
NoWayJoseI want to be a super cool computer programmer.  Where to learn? :/03:29
psychbandit5432, I agree it's not much in comparison to 2 TB but when I've set it to 0 it should be 0. I'm using it to store data so it's not absolutely essential it's there.03:30
xixorTynach: ok, well thanks for the help there, I will keep playing with things03:30
bandit5432psych, the formating will take some disk space03:30
bazhang!ot | NoWayJose03:30
ubottuNoWayJose: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:30
celthunderNoWayJose: google the library and maybe college if you want03:30
TynachNoWayJose: This isn't the channel to ask about that. However, I would recommend googling the book "Byte of Python". Python is a great programming language for beginners, and Byte of Python is a free book for learning it.03:30
pilotbubchode try the latest beta03:30
NoWayJosebazhang, Ah, I thought ubuntu would have some progammers in it that would lead me where to learn.03:30
NoWayJoseTynach, Thanks!03:30
TynachNoWayJose: that said, I never really 'Got' programming until I took college classes on the subject. I would highly suggest you do so.03:30
chodestevenspilotbub: how?03:31
celthunderTynach: nothing really to get in programming its just breaking stuff down into small problems and yes no etc03:31
TynachNoWayJose: if you take classes in college, I would recommend taking a class in Java. They focus a lot in object oriented programming and good programming design, so it's a good language to learn if you're serious about being GOOD at it. That said, don't use a lot of Java in the real world; learn C++ after that.03:31
psychbandit5432, I guess it might. I just saw another thread in the server section that specifically mentioned 28 GB on a disk that is 2 TB and that was because of these blocks. Also, how come free space doesn't increase when set to 003:31
bazhangTynach, lets get back on topic please03:32
pilotbubJava is a good way to compromise systems03:32
bandit5432psych, part of that is for your journal03:32
psychAh well03:34
bandit5432psych, its why when you format a drive its always smaller than the purchase price03:34
psychI always thought that was due to the difference between GB and GiB or something03:35
celthunderbandit5432: uhm thats because hw is 1024 sold 1000 bytes03:35
psychDue to how they advertise03:35
krababbel_which is great03:36
lewisWhat's up ubuntu comun. if i may ask a question i probly all ready know the answer to but hoping if this option is logical.--- my f'd my sys prem's up messing with chown ... my typo =>"/." has costed me03:36
psychAnyway, I'm not worried anymore03:36
psychbandit5432, escott I appreciate your help. Seeing as how I can't get this figured out I'll leave it as it is. Like everyones said, 28 GB isn't a lot to lose and it can be beneficial03:36
bandit5432no problem03:36
lewisthe question is if i bkup /home two another drive and reinstall will it work03:36
lewisnot two to :)03:36
celthunderlewis: yes03:37
bandit5432lewis yes i do that all the time03:37
celthunderlewis: assuming its not your home dir that has broken configs etc03:37
bazhang!home | lewis03:37
ubottulewis: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving03:37
bandit5432psych, ie A small percentage of the drive's available space is used to store filesystem-related data and can be considered as overhead.03:37
lewiscool lol i almost went on a drink'n mission for the night lol03:38
bandit5432psych, see http://serverfault.com/questions/282317/disk-space-overhead-in-ext403:38
celthunderlewis: it is friday....03:39
bandit5432psych, With the default options, every 128mb of disk gets 2 mb ( 8192 x 256 bytes each ) of inodes, or 1.6% overhead. so 2tb would = 32 gigs of overhead03:39
psychbandit5432, I saw that just now. I think we're getting a little over my head with talk of inodes and stuff :)03:40
bandit5432psych, its how all formating works linux windows etc03:40
bandit5432psych,  you loose disk space when you format03:41
escottbandit5432, how does that work with extents? shouldn't the inode allocation be deferred until the extents are known?03:41
bandit5432escott, i dont know what that means03:42
psychIt.. appears to be so. If I can trust wikipedia here :P03:43
=== me is now known as Guest23601
bandit5432escott, extents is the default behavior of ext403:44
escottbandit5432, i always thought that inodes were layed out on disk as needed and not preallocated onto the disk. and since ext4 has extents (large contiguous blocks for a file) I would think the layout would have to be deferred until data is ready to be put on the disk03:44
bandit5432that does not change the disk overhead when you mkfs03:44
lewisthanks comun. ... i started with 4 OS's in my system. and now two left Windows crashed and burn horriblely, fedora updated and loop restarts, ubuntu is my only friend til now lol, hackintosh lion is left..... im losing my soldiers03:45
psychlewis, I think it's time for a retreat03:46
bandit5432ok i am out03:48
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest52262
andrewkreidCan someone help me with a problem installing 12.04? It's a fresh install of the 64-bit version. Install appears to have hung. Last log line is "Processing triggers for update-notifier-common"04:05
psychandrewkreid, How long have you been waiting there? I'm not saying it hasn't hung, but I had to sit for about 20 minutes at one step without any notification things were happening.04:06
Qalqiwhere does xrdp store its sessions?04:06
andrewkreidIt's probably been about 30 minutes. I'll keep waiting...04:06
K-Richummmm i have an issue and not sure why.... i seem to be runniny unity 2d :/04:07
K-Richand not 3d04:07
andrewkreidwhaddaya know. It just finished :)04:08
psychGreat stuff!04:08
=== orion is now known as Guest23825
=== tdubella is now known as tdubellz
jiffe1so I'm trying to iscsi boot ubuntu 12.04, my bios supports iscsi so I exported a disk I have ubuntu installed on via iscsi and I see it boot, it gets past grub, I see it load ethernet and usb, but then it says 'Gave up waiting for root device', any idea how I might resolve this?04:11
lewisjiffe1: run the install disk check your dev location and modify your grub menu list settings under gksudo auth04:15
escottjiffe1, you might need to do something to get iscsi supported inside the initrd04:16
escottjiffe1, the bios support for iscsi boot support is stops when grub takes over. it guarantees that grub is started and that grub sees the partitions on that device as the standard ide1 disk, but once the initrd is loaded into memory and the kernel started its up to the kernel to go find that device again04:17
menturiHello. I have been having some driver issues that caused a kernal panic on startup. I physically removed the wireless, and ubuntu started fine. I ran into some forum posts which led me to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43_-_No_Internet_access . I have followed the steps, however once i get to step 4, i dont see anything listed. must the hardware be connected in order to install drivers for it?04:18
lewisjiffe1: escott: know when it's found i believe when grub acknowledges a drive for example /dev/sdb when trans to export that drive=> "sdb" is renamed!04:21
=== brittnee_ is now known as brittnee
lewismenturi: yes04:24
stephenmcdanyone else getting really low bandwidth with apt-get update ?04:26
menturilewis, unfortunately i cannot start ubuntu with the hardware conneted due to the kernel panic.04:26
haylostephenmcd, you might be real far away from your chosen mirror04:26
haylothats what usually makes apt-get get slowly04:26
stephenmcdhaylo: yea I am but it's never been a problem before :\04:26
psychstephenmcd, I think there was someone in here before having an issue with a us mirror04:27
jiffe1escott: that makes sense since I don't see anything under /dev that looks like a disk device04:28
stephenmcdpsych: thanks04:28
lewismenturi: did you remove bcm pakages before steps04:28
dr_willis20 kB per sec on updates04:28
menturii guess not. silly me hehe. let me try to do so, and ill get back to you shortly.04:29
jiffe1escott: so is it possible for me to pull / from iscsi?04:29
escottjiffe1, my guess is that: if there is an iscsi module you need to load then you will want to put that in your /etc/modules and rerun update-initramfs04:30
adv__Help: listen on serial output of any usb device on linux?04:30
tomodoI just upgraded ubuntu, where do people talk about it?04:30
dr_willissupport talk here04:31
tomodonot support04:32
dr_willisthe update servers do seem slow here.. takjeing several min to update the list today04:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:32
dr_willisifits complaints.. well.. take it to the forums. :)04:33
menturilewis, I have a silly question: how do i remove the bcm packages beforehand?04:33
lewisi always used the synatic package manager04:34
stephenmcddr_willis: same here04:37
menturiunfortunately it is not installed by default. the ubuntu software center results in no results under 'Installed', and for 'History', only results in 'libcmis-0.2.0 (0.1.0-1)'04:38
menturiForgot to highlight, lewis04:38
dr_willisi never have figured out what thse translation_en servers are i see when updateing the pacckage listings.04:38
menturi(that is when i searched for 'bcm')04:39
dr_willistranslation-en_US they seem to show up every so often. ;)04:40
tomodowhat library is used to make a GUI program in GNU/Linux?04:40
dr_willistomodo:  theres dozens of gui widgit toolkits you could use.04:41
dr_willisxlib, gtk, qt,04:41
lewismenturi: if you type bcm in quick filter the following is removed and or not installed right b43-fwcutter / broadcom-sta-source / broadcom-sta-common / firmware-b43-installer / and bcmwl-kernel-source right04:41
dr_willisgtk3 is the one used by most new gnome apps these days04:41
ConradzzWhats up?  I'm back!04:42
dr_willisnow if you ment what language is used.. :) theres dozens more of them04:42
ConradzzSo doesn't anyone know how to revert updates when you can't get past the login screen?04:42
dr_willisConradzz:  what oes the login screen do exacctly when you login?04:42
ConradzzFreeze completely, its a hard freeze04:43
dr_williscant ssh in from a remote box  eh:04:43
L3topConradzz: are you sure your updates completed04:43
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest73409
ConradzzYes, they asked me to restart so I did04:43
dr_willisboot to text mode/recovery and try to trouble shoot..04:43
lewisconradzz can you access recovery mode04:43
Conradzzyup I'm in recovery mode right now04:43
Coded1I have an Asus M5A99X AM3+ mother board, AMD FX-6100 proc and Nvidia GT520 GPU.  Both Ubuntu and Lubuntu freeze the system upon bootup on or close to the Nouveau drivers load.  What is the kernel option I need to just use standard VGA?04:44
dr_willisif its just x causeing issues. you could try 'startx' and see if any error messages appear04:44
lewisdid you see what updates you allowed04:44
Conradzznope, there were a few though04:44
dr_willis!nomodeset | Coded104:44
ubottuCoded1: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:44
OptichipCoded1: did you do a nomodeset04:44
ConradzzI logged on and the window came up saying I had updates, so I hit ok04:44
dr_willisConradzz:  so lightdm loads and you can enter name/pass and login but it freexes  as your users desktop is staring? or does lightdm also freeze?04:45
lewissad to say but i had something like this happen to me in ub 904:45
L3topCoded1: assuming nomodeset doesn't work you should be able to force-vesa... but what I expect you really want to do is install the proprietary drivers for that gpu.04:46
Conradzznot sure what you mean by lightdm, but I get to the login screen, and don't even get to type my password04:46
dr_willislogin screen is lightdm04:46
menturilewis: strangely, after searching all of those, nothing came up for any of them. (I apologize for my newbieness; I feel helpless by myself with this problem, and am pretty new to ubuntu & linux in general).04:46
=== hydrox24_ is now known as hydrox24
Conradzzthen yup, I get to lightdm, and it freezes within 2-3 seconds04:46
L3topOptichip: is your name indicative of the optimus gpu?04:46
OptichipL3top: nope, was created in the memory of the OptiChip Chipset.04:47
Optichipor Opti Chipset rather04:47
L3topOptichip: just checking :)04:47
Optichipman it's been a long time :)04:47
Hoythi , is there a server DVD available ?04:47
Hoytubuntu-server dvd04:47
dr_willisConradzz:  id get into text mode. make sure ssh is installed, so you can ssh in from a differnt box. and try 'startx' and  look for errors04:48
dr_willisHoyt:  the dvd dosent really havve much on it thats not on the  cd04:48
dr_willisMore languages i belive.. and perhaps a few other things04:48
Hoytmore packages ?04:48
ConradzzI'm in recovery mode right now, dropped to root04:48
Hoytthat's what I want04:48
dr_willisnot really more packages..04:48
Hoyti see the descrition ,04:49
dr_willisunless you mean language packages04:49
Hoytseems to be a LIVE CD + normal server cd04:49
Hoytnot sure04:49
lewismenturi: lol dont trip you searched "bcm" and the rest should've showed but if they didnt one sec04:49
dr_willisi rarely even try the dvd.  Not much need for it ffor most people04:49
Conradzzdropped into root if I run startx it gives me a fatal server error, do I need to mount the file system first?04:50
dr_willisi recall ages ago a project to make an unofficial 'extra packages' cd for ubuntu with a lot of the extra drivers and so forth on it.04:50
dr_willisConradzz:  this is why i normalluy try 'text' mode first. no need to mount stuff.. its a normal bootup. just no X starting04:51
lewisconradzz: the filesystem should have been mounted on login04:52
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:52
ConradzzI can't login thats the problem04:52
ConradzzI start my computer, select the ubuntu partition04:52
lewisconradzz: what i did in the pass was reinstall ubuntu-desktop04:52
Conradzzand then it freezes04:52
dr_willisthe CONSOLE of the text mode should let you login04:52
dr_willisthers moree then one way to login :)04:52
dr_willisno gui is needed in text mode to login04:52
lewisapt-get install ubuntu-desktop04:53
ConradzzI'm in, I dropped into root, mounted the file system and then it let me run startx without errors04:53
lewisbut first try a package repair04:53
Conradzzya I ran dpkg and it didn't seem like it was doing anything04:53
lewiswell i've did this sorry bandaid aswell lol04:54
Conradzzanyone know any good sites that will help me troubleshoot this?04:55
lewisi remove ubuntu desktop and install kde desktop04:55
Conradzzdon't they both use the x-server thing?04:56
ConradzzI thought I remember seeing somewhere someone said the problem was xorg breaks all the time04:56
saryConradzz: you could try reconfiguring X and lightdm .04:56
lewisxorg does i had a week of nvidia issue and menturi: i didnt forget about you im look for the solution i had notes on everything i've did in the os world(s)04:57
Conradzzya, in the week I've had ubuntu now, this is my second time getting a hard freeze04:58
ConradzzI assumed the first time was because I installed the proprietary drivers, so I didn't this time04:58
lewisthe way I fixed xorg after trying to reconfig i removed ..... one sec04:58
saryConradzz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69076004:59
menturilewis, i appreciate the help. i am understanding there is more than just me here :P04:59
lewisconradzz: it was a .conf file lol i believe it was xorg.cong04:59
saryConradzz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze04:59
saryIT should be sudo service lighdm stop ..05:00
sarythen answer those quesions after running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:00
lewisbut anyway i removed that and once the system came back with flying colors i created a blank in it's place and reconfigured my screens05:01
OptichipThere any good apps for making CF bootable drives from ISOs?05:01
bluesnowHi, is there any way to use the Unity dash after disabling the unity plugin?05:01
bluesnowI'm using a dock, but I'd like to use the dash still05:01
lewismenturi: i'm back one more sec lol sorry05:01
lewismenturi: apt-get remove --force-yes <PACKAGENAME> do this with the following packages i listed above and let me know sudo is required05:03
Conradzzweird, I just used Ctrl alt f1, and my screen faded fuzzy white05:04
Mike9863When I set this image as my wallpaper, it seems to lose saturation. Can anyone help me fix this issue? Here is a picture of what I'm experiencing: http://imgur.com/nA7Eh05:06
menturilewis --  b43-fwcutter:05:06
menturisry bumped entep05:06
lewismenturi: if that doesn't hit the spot try =>      dpkg -P --force-depends <PACKAGENAME> to see ..... b43-fwcutter / broadcom-sta-source / broadcom-sta-common / firmware-b43-installer / and bcmwl-kernel-source05:08
ActionParsnipMike9863: does it happen with all images?05:10
ActionParsnipLewis: you're using force a lot...05:10
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:11
Mike9863ActionParsnip: I don't think so. When I open the image in GIMP it tells me that the image has an embedded color profile "Adoble RGB (1998)". Could this have anything to do with it?05:11
lewisforce? is that a prob or is there another means?05:11
ActionParsniplewis: it shouldnt be needed for normal installations05:12
ConradzzI'm beginning to think linux isn't for me lol05:12
jmkokottit is05:12
krababbelMike9863: where does it have more saturation?05:13
ActionParsnipMike9863: try a PNG, see if its better. Plenty online05:13
Mike9863I changed the color profile and the saturation was restored. Thanks.05:14
Conradzzhow long does it usually take to boot into failsafemode from recovery?05:14
ActionParsnipConradzz: its not always the answer05:14
jmkokottwhat is your problem Conradzz05:15
lewisactionparsnip: lol in linux what is normal05:15
ActionParsnipConradzz: if you use terminal a lot I suggest you install guake05:15
Conradzzfreeze on boot, this time I didn't even get to the login screen05:15
menturilewis --  b43-fwcutter: successfully removed; broadcom-sta-source/common/firmware-b43-installer/bcmwl-kernel-source: unable to locate ---- dpkg says 'there's no installed pachage <PACKAGENAME>' --- i guess i dont have them. is it important to note i currently am running without my wireless physically? (only way to get not get kernel panic)05:15
jmkokottcomputer boot other OS?05:15
ActionParsnipConradzz: what gpu do you use?05:15
Conradzzits an apu, c-60, hd 6x05:16
ActionParsnipmenturi: use the link ubottu gave05:16
Conradzzthe thing is, its been running fine for the past 3 days05:16
lewismenturi: <packagename> is where you put the packages name ;)05:16
jmkokottyou can get to grub right?05:16
Conradzzuntil I updated then restarted05:16
jmkokottor some bootloader05:16
ActionParsnipConradzz: add the boot option: nomodeset05:16
jmkokottboot in single user mode05:16
jmkokottgoogle that05:17
menturilewis, i did put the package name not litterrally what i wrote hehe.05:17
menturiit says that for all 505:17
ActionParsnipConradzz: if you'd stated your issue instead of "Linux isn't for me", we can help.05:17
MAIRutubeYou just need to give Linux a chance :)05:18
ConradzzI had stated it earlier, its a ways up05:18
Coded1thanks the "nomodeset" kernel param got me through setup. Now on reboot grub is complaining that '/boot/grub2/i386-pc/normal.mod' is not found and drops me to a grub rescue shell.  Sounds like a UEFI thing.  Any ideas?05:18
=== FunGoat is now known as Funicular
lewis__aight ubuntu ppl im out #justlewisdotcom me on twitter peace05:18
palaceofhate  ^ÂÊÎÔÛâêîôûĈĉĜĝĤĥĴĵŜŝŴŵŶŷˆ̭̂᷍ḒḓḘḙḼḽṊṋṰṱṶṷẐẑẤấẦầẨẩẪẫẬậẾếỀềỂểỄễỆệỐốỒồỔổỖỗỘộ⨣⨶⩯ꞈ^󠁞05:18
palaceofhate ^ÂÊÎÔÛâêîôûĈĉĜĝĤĥĴĵŜŝŴŵŶŷˆ̭̂᷍ḒḓḘḙḼḽṊṋṰṱṶṷẐẑẤấẦầẨẩẪẫẬậẾếỀềỂểỄễỆệỐốỒồỔổỖỗá»05:18
FloodBot1palaceofhate: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:18
=== Funicular is now known as FunicularGoat
foobArrrmy ubuntu hangs at boot for two minutes with a message "Waiting for network configuration..."05:20
ActionParsnipConradzz: then reask periodically. Emotional"boo hoo" tells new joiners nothing and does05:20
menturiActionParsnip / ubottu -- i tried to do what the link says, however my issue is it is not listed under the drivers (probably because the hardware is not currently connected). if i reconnec the hardware, however, i get a kernel panic, thus unable to as easily fix thu problem.05:21
ConradzzMy bad, I wasn't saying it to get someone to help me, more so to make conversation...05:22
ActionParsnipfoobArrr: how do you connect to the network? Is there a bug reported for your network chip?05:22
ActionParsnipConradzz: this is pure support so the only conversation will be support based05:23
saryConradzz: any progress ..05:23
ConradzzI looked up adding single user mode to grub05:23
menturihm okay ima try to redo everything, but with hardware attached; and with only the main terminal thingy.05:23
ConradzzI guess the tutorial I got was a bit outdated, as I don't have a kernel line, but the one titled linux looks kind of like it05:23
Conradzztried adding an S to it, and it didn't work, so I'll try adding Single05:23
ActionParsnipmenturi: tried a different port (if possible)05:24
menturithats good thinking ill try thy that ActionParsnip05:24
ActionParsnipConradzz: hold SHIFT at boot and press E to (e)dit the boot. Remove: quiet splash    add: nomodeset05:25
vp18has anyone got conky05:26
RupertPupkinI've got cranky, but not conky.05:27
saryI see the chief is here :)05:27
ConradzzWell it started to boot into Single User Mode ActionParsnip, but it froze again05:27
saryConradzz: excuse me buddy , i've lost connection , i have no idea where you left off.05:28
Conradzzwell it started to boot into single user mode, but it froze once the mouse appeared05:28
saryI am lag or what!05:30
jonnyso pidgen crashes05:30
jonnythat kinda sucks05:30
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=== Tik|FriendComput is now known as FriendlyComputer
menturiinteresting... somehow it started without a panic :) now i need to get drivers working using the guide again :P05:34
Bruce_WayneIs there anyway to know which process is using internet data at the point of time? I'm on Ubuntu 10.10 and sometimes, it automatically starts downloading something and uses some of my limited internet data.05:35
indierosshow can i completely remove all shadows in compiz?05:36
RupertPupkinBruce_Wayne, I think you can use Etherape to show that.05:36
ConradzzI'll leave the computer off for the night and see if it still does it tomorrow, night thanks for the help05:37
Bruce_WayneRupertPupkin: Thanks. Let me check that out.05:38
ryan_i may be asking the wrong ppl, but is there a reason Ubuntu can mount "I"phones easily and Kubuntu doesn't see then at all?05:39
=== bruno is now known as Guest29617
TomatoKetchupindieross, probably with CompizConfig Settings Manager05:39
indierossi know that muck05:39
indierossi need to know what to put in shadow windows under windows decoration but i cant find any documentation on it05:40
TomatoKetchupindieross, top post ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/37654/how-can-i-remove-window-shadows-in-unity05:42
indierossno good05:43
indierosssaw that05:43
indierosssup jonny05:44
mitchellis it possible to view dnsmasq's list of cached hosts?05:44
TomatoKetchupindieross, alright well that's all I've got :)  apparently compiz config won't do it because the theme overrides it.   best of luck05:45
=== jonny is now known as jonny__
Hilikusi'm updating my server and i'm beeing asked to choose between a config i modified or a new config from the distribution. how can i merge the new things of the new file without losing my own settings?05:46
Hilikusbasically, how do i merge the files while installing05:46
=== jonny__ is now known as jonny
=== jonny is now known as jmkokott
krababbelHilikus: i'd guess manually05:47
Coded1I'm running Lubuntu 12.04 AMD64, I used the "nomodeset" command on the install and it worked now it must be using the same nouveau driver bringing a black screen and no access to virtual terminals.  Since there is no longer a grub menu how do I edit the kernel command line?05:48
menturibah godda be kidding me still unlisted drivers.. ima take a break; ill return in about 40 min or so.05:49
huppensuhnif i want trim on a luks-encrypted ssd, do I need the discard option only in crypttab or also in fstab?05:49
mitchell_is it possible to view dnsmasq's list of cached hosts?  (I got disc'd so didn't see if my question got answered above)05:49
ActionParsnipCoded1: hold SHIFT at boot05:49
Coded1ActionParsnip: sweet05:49
=== mitchell_ is now known as mitchell
anathema_hi guys i have an error in shutdown screen: could not write bytes broken pipe. and the splash screen of the shutdown procedure is broken (graphics) with false resolution etc05:56
ActionParsnipmitchell: forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=13600.005:59
ActionParsnipanathema_: does the system boot ok afterwards?06:02
anathema_with a delay but boots. its not only the gui problem is the error too ActionParsnip06:02
ActionParsnipanathema_: i wouldnt sweat it then, the system is about to poweroff. Report a bug if you want06:03
huppensuhnwhy does "apt-get install ddrescue" need to rebuild initrd?06:03
anathema_ActionParsnip, thanks. the main problem is that error. Is something important?06:03
linuxjoneshello all, im having trouble installing ubuntu 12.04 on my hp laptop, im installing from a usb drive, and every time i get to the part where i pick where im installing it, i click install inside windows, and it crashes, restarts and runs me through it all again, anyone have any ideas why this is?06:03
mitchellActionParsnip: thank you.  I found that link, but had trouble with it.  my syslog doensn't show hosts with that command.  have you had success with that?06:04
ActionParsnipanathema_: doubt it, system boots ok06:04
anathema_ActionParsnip, thanks!06:04
ActionParsnipmitchell: tried:  dnsmasq -q06:04
`KorvinI have a super janky ubuntu install06:05
`Korvinkde -> unity 11.10 -> 12.0406:05
`Korvinwhat is the best way to reinstall while keeping my settings and files06:05
ActionParsniplinuxjones: if you are installing inside windows using wubi, you can simply mount the MD5 tested ISO with magicdisk or similar. No need for removable storage06:06
ActionParsnip`Korvin: use your backups06:07
mitchellActionParsnip: thanks, you were right, I didn't have the log enabled06:07
`KorvinActionParsnip, I'm currently on the install in question06:08
`Korvinit works fine, just has some odd behaviors06:08
`Korvinwhat backup method do you recommend for this sort of thing06:08
ActionParsnipMitchell:np dude. Dnsmasq makes life a little faster:-)06:08
`KorvinI was under the impression that I could copy /var over and it would copy all my settings06:09
linuxjonesActionParsnip, i tried that eariler today and it would crash on the loading screen, the mouse would move but i could sit there all day and nothing happened06:09
ActionParsnip`Korvin: just backup the hidden folders for the apps you want to retain settings for. They should be backed up just like your user data06:10
mitchellActionParsnip: yep, me too! :)  and I'm really happy to see it's now it Precise! (but w/o caching)06:10
`Korvinyeah I guess06:10
`KorvinI'm pretty bad at foreseeing that sort of thing06:11
ActionParsniplinuxjones: i see. Did you MD5 test the ISO?06:11
linuxjonesActionParsnip, for the windows installer?06:11
Coded1has anyone had a chance to play with a Bulldozer CPU on *buntu ?  Any experiences?06:11
=== manu is now known as Guest10018
mongoCoded1: slow compaired to intel06:12
ActionParsniplinuxjones: oh you just grabbed the wubi executable?06:12
mongoA coworker bought several, they are very/ dense but slow06:12
Coded1my wallet says their great :)06:12
Coded1they're great06:13
linuxjonesActionParsnip, yeah, trying it again now for good measure06:13
dr_willis'a good value'  they mean06:13
mongoCoded1: great for density, but 2 years behind on speed06:13
mongodepends on what you are doing really though06:14
dr_willisdense and slow.. sounds like me somdasys06:14
Coded1I got the FX-6100 and it seems to work pretty nicely, just some VM's and web browsers06:14
ActionParsniplinuxjones: are you wanting to store the wubi file on the USB storage?06:14
polardudemongo: just jumped in… what's the topic?06:14
mongopolardude: bulldozer06:14
aarcaneI heard ubuntu ditched iet for iscsi target mode for 12.04, but I don't remember what the new system is called.  What's the new system called, and/or where is a quick start guide ?06:14
polardudemongo: ah, gotcha06:15
polardudeThe new HUD mode looks pretty neat… how is everyone taking it?06:15
lotuspsychjeis there any package that can encrypt media with password so Any Os can't read media?06:15
dr_willis polardude  handy when i rember its there.06:16
linuxjonesActionParsnip, no, ive tried both ways, with the windows installer, and it crashed on the load screen, and and with the usb drive, and it got to the where to put it and rebooted itself06:16
polardudedr_willis: I would like to try that out when I have time to load it up on my desktop06:16
dr_willispolardude:  now  they  need to redo the apps so they got more mennnu item type settings,not stuff deep under  dialog/tabs06:16
polardudedr_willis: I thought that would exposed automatically06:17
dr_willisfinding a setting thats one out of 30 on a tab somewher.. is still a pain06:17
mitchellis there a way to maintain a file of hosts from dnsmasq's cache?  something that I could drop into /etc/hosts if my dns server dies?06:18
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
huppensuhnif i want trim on a luks-encrypted ssd, do I need the discard option only in crypttab or also in fstab?06:23
bigalHi, when i restart my computer I loose the share settings on the mounted drives. How can I keep the share details afte a restart?06:24
=== hydrox24_ is now known as hydrox24
dr_willismount them via fstab, and set them up in smb.conf would be one way bigal06:25
bigaldr_willis I am a real noob at this and all I have is /etc/fstab.d as a directory which is empty.06:27
dr_willisbigal you are refering to shares your user sets up after they login? andthey have to first access the drive in question?06:27
bigaldr_willis not really when I start up the computer I have to mount the 2 additional drives everytime. I want to be able to just turn it on and the drives will mount up automatically so that they are visible to win706:29
dr_willisbigal by mount you use the mount command? If  so add the proper entries  to  /etc/fstab to mount them where you want at boot time06:29
bigalalso when I set the drives to share this also drops off after every restart06:29
dr_willisthen you can edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf to permentlyy share the mounted filesystems.. all   will nbe ready at boot time. No need for any user to login06:30
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount06:30
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:30
bigaldo I have to create the file fstab?06:31
dr_willislook at /etc/fstab06:31
=== _ is now known as Guest37147
bigaldr_willis I only have fstab.d which is a empty directory06:33
dr_willislook aagain.. every system has a /etc/fstab file06:33
dr_willisit defines where your / and swap and other fs  are at06:33
gliorosI setup cron to run every 30 minutes and it runs every 2-3 hours. any ideas?06:37
methodsis there no system way to make lua5.1 show up as lua ?06:37
gliorosthis is my command 30****/usr/bin/php /var/www/vhosts/site.com/httpdocs/administrator/components/com_feedgator/cron.feedgator.php06:38
methodsi mean via pkg-config06:38
=== robert_ is now known as Guest27152
ServerCrashwhich services will have problem if dbus daemon is stopped06:42
hot_wheeelzcan anyone confirm if this is still the case or if it's been fixed please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184700106:43
windwhinnyhave 12.04 fixed the sleep bug on laptop?06:43
dr_willismost likely it depenmds on the laptop windwhinny06:43
prayingprinceHello! I'm trying to get the wireless working on my newly installed Ubuntu 12.04  I tried driver update and it is not working06:44
windwhinnydr_willis , I'm using eeepc 1215b06:44
dr_williswindwhinny:  check thst exact make/model on the forums and askubuntu.com06:45
wilee-nileeprayingprince, this command identify your wireless. lspci | grep -i wireless06:45
prayingprinceok, but I am no longer near an ethernet cord and am instead in my dorm. I had to load up via my win 7 parition.06:46
prayingprinceafter i do that what do i do?06:46
wilee-nileeprayingprince, really to be helped you have to tell us the card06:47
prayingprinceok i will come back when i can get ethernet again!06:47
wilee-nileeprayingprince, cool06:47
linuxjonesstill freeses up on the loading screen06:47
wilee-nileelinuxjones, you still doing wubi or a install situation, or boot the iso?06:49
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest46740
linuxjoneswilee-nilee, wubi06:50
wilee-nileelinuxjones, so this freeze is after the load in windows then at the reboot?06:51
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
Fudgedoes anyone know how to enable accessibility in xubuntu by command line?06:55
=== FriendlyComputer is now known as Tiktalik
lotuspsychjewhats the best rss feed package for showing several feeds in notification area?07:06
linuxjoneswilee-nilee, it does everything in windows, reboots, and at the ubuntu load screen it stops07:06
cousin_luigigood morning07:08
cousin_luigiKnow of any update-notifier tool to use with gnome-fallback?07:09
wilfredorhi, My usb tv tunner is not working, I have a tvgo genius usb07:10
krababbelwilfredor: welcome to hell07:12
cousin_luigiAnything more reliable than indicator-updatemanager?07:13
ST3ELHi, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. My computer is randomly restarting has anyone else heard of or experienced this problem?07:14
lotuspsychjeST3EL:anything shows up in /var/log?07:15
wilfredorkrababbel: thanks07:16
wilfredorI finded that but i cant understand http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/media/rc/keymaps/rc-genius-tvgo-a11mce.c07:16
krababbelwilfredor: look if there is a linux driver for it07:17
ST3ELlotuspsychje: I'm not exactly sure07:18
wilfredorkrababbel: maybe http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/media/video/saa7134/07:18
wilfredorkrababbel: how compile that and how run this module?07:18
krababbelwilfredor: you probabaly already have it, look at www.linuxtv.org07:19
Orpheoncan someone help me get opengl 32-bit?07:20
Orpheonwine needs it, and can't recognize opengl07:20
wilee-nileelinuxjones, Honestly I'm not real familiar with wubi, you might try the Ubuntu Formus as well, help is just a little sparse in general for a wubi set up.07:20
Orpheoneven though 63-bit opengl works07:20
Kyle6513Howdy guys, anyone willing to help me get a USB scanner and sane working on an ubuntu server?07:21
Kyle6513I'm currently having problems getting the modules at all and I'm not entirely sure how to do it, i'm looking for usbfs and usbdevfs.07:22
virparawhy sudo apt-get install does not ask for password, from which group i should remove member?07:23
icerootvirpara: because sudo is caching the last password for some time07:24
alankilaKyle6513: additional complication: usb devices do not necessarily have kernel modules07:24
alankilasure, there's *something* to expose the device to libusb, but after that it's all userspace07:24
Kyle6513alankila, I'm trying to follow this tutorial, http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Scanner-HOWTO/interfaces.html07:25
Kyle6513I know my scanner is supported by Sane, it has it's own drivers but it's not picking it up, so I'm assuming it's something between the hardware and sane somewhere.07:25
lotuspsychjekyle6513:vuescan has a linux version, it supports many scanner07:26
Kyle6513lotuspsychje, the main thing I want is the backend, I'm trying to setup a networked printer.07:27
alankilaI wrote one userspace usb driver recently, it was an interesting exercise if nothing else07:27
Kyle6513alankila, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the term userspace.07:27
alankilaKyle6513: as opposed to kernel.07:28
arulmozhihow cud I compile a linux device driver module. it seems the older examples won't compile on new kernel...07:28
virparaiceroot >> it does not ask even if i have just restarted07:29
Kyle6513alankila, if there are drivers for sane, that's all I essentially need. It's enabled in sane and yet I can't get it to work, I'm not entirely sure where along the line it's failing.07:29
alankilaanyway my program is a java program that opens the usb device and talks its protocol directly to it. I was able to get it to work simultaneously on linux, os x and windows (although I have not tested it on linux)07:29
icerootvirpara: you edit the sudoers file? with something like NOPASSWORD?07:30
virparaiceroot >> nope07:30
alankilaKyle6513: well what scanner is it07:30
virparaiceroot >>  isn't it because of the group thing07:30
Kyle6513alankila, it's a multi-printer Canon MP150. http://www.sane-project.org/cgi-bin/driver.pl?manu=canon&model=mp150&bus=any&v=&p=07:31
icerootvirpara: normally its the group "admin" but that is still asking for a password07:31
lotuspsychjeKyle6513:did you install sane extras from synaptic?07:31
alankilaKyle6513: so you need pixma backend07:31
icerootvirpara: have a look with "id" about the groups07:31
alankilawell, dunno, some links are ancient, like refer to dates in 200707:31
Kyle6513lotuspsychje, the backends are included in the latest tarball.07:32
Kyle6513lotuspsychje, which I compiled myself first, then attempted to use the ubuntu repository.07:33
exalthello every time i boot from my harddisk is see "bootmanager missing press cntrl alt del to reboot" what is fastest way to fix ?07:33
Kyle6513Like I said earlier, it seems that it requires the two modules usbfs and usbdevfs to communicate with the scanner properly.07:34
virparaiceroot >> to list the groups i am member of?07:34
Kyle6513both of which aren't loaded or in the kernel at all, I've never compiled a kernel before myself and I'm still not entirely sure if I need to include it into the kernel.07:34
virparahow to iceroot07:34
icerootvirpara: id07:35
arulmozhiagain how cud I compile a linux device driver module. it seems the older examples won't compile on new kernel... my kernel version is 3.2 rev 2007:35
alankilaKyle6513: based on this, you shouldn't need to do anything for this to work -- sane-pixma manpage promises that usb devices should be detected automatically.07:35
virparaiceroot >> 100307:35
alankilaKyle6513: I assume if a program such as "lsusb" works, then canon-pixma is also able to see it07:35
alankilatalk about usb filesystems may be dated -- I haven't personally paid attention how this stuff works for a long time07:36
Kyle6513alankila, yeah it's detected in lsusb, I just can't get it to detect, no matter what.07:36
=== Chin is now known as Chin_
Kyle6513it's even listed in the lsusb as a mp150 scanner, not a printer.07:36
alankilaKyle6513: well, I think these usbdevfs and stuff like that is long gone07:36
Kyle6513alankila, one thing I haven't tried is to reset the printer, I'll try that.07:37
Kyle6513alankila, still doesn't connect :/07:38
xiangzhenwho is on?07:39
alankilaKyle6513: a quick scan of the source code indicates that sane-pixma driver is based on libusb07:39
Kyle6513alankila, so, it should work :I07:40
alankilaso I guess you just haven't configured sane correctly or something. Maybe never told sane that you have a pixma-based scanner07:40
alankilaI don't remember how you configure sane07:40
xiangzhenhow can i remove the unity bar?07:40
Kyle6513xiangzhen, in login screen, drop down box > classic ubuntu07:40
alankilasane-find-scanner is supposedly the command, maybe it does something07:40
Kyle6513alankila, yeah that's what I07:41
Kyle6513alankila, have been using, but it returns nothing.07:41
alankilaokay. just tried it against my own scanner and it says: found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0 [HP], product=0x5611 [Photosmart C3100 series]) at libusb:001:00507:42
alankilatried to "sudo" the command yet?07:42
alankilalike maybe it doesn't have the privilege for the userspace access to usb or something.07:42
alankilaapparently the device files are /dev/bus/usb/<digits>/<digits> nowadays07:43
Kyle6513alankila, yeah I tried and still doesn't work07:43
alankilahm. Fair enough. I'm out of ideas, then.07:44
Kyle6513alankila, perhaps it doesn't know about the change of dev locations, I might be able to make a temporary system link to /proc/bus/usb ?07:45
whoamiii got this problem07:45
alankilaKyle6513: nah, that's almost certainly not it07:45
alankilaKyle6513: lsusb uses libusb, sane uses libusb. They know where the files are. Use strace -e open to prove it, if you want07:45
whoamiiwhen i startup my ubuntu the whole windows turn back to those windows95 theme ?07:45
alankilayou should see sane-find-scanner open ton of usb files07:45
boumaim trying to repair grub with a system drive with both ubuntu1204 and win7, after installing win7 it has installed its own bootloader. how can i rebuild the grub menu with the livecd?07:46
Kyle6513actually alankila07:46
Kyle6513alankila, it never opens any usb devices07:46
alankilareally? Well, that's funny.07:47
Kyle6513alankila, nevermind, it does. I missed the one line.07:47
Kyle6513alankila, it looks in /dev/usb though, not /dev/bus/usb07:47
alankilaKyle6513: and ... well, is /dev/usb a valid place to look for them07:47
Kyle6513alankila, uh, well, the only file in /dev/usb/ is a file named 1p0, it's yellow in terminal.07:49
alankilamine never look into /dev/usb07:49
Kyle6513alankila, where does yours look?07:49
alankilano such file or directory07:49
alankilaI guess we aren't on same version of ubuntu server maybe.07:49
Kyle6513alankila, running 10.04.07:49
alankilayeh, 12.0407:50
Kyle6513so I take it I'll have to update?07:50
alankilaanyway it might still be alright -- although now there's the added complexity of discovering if the pixma driver supported your scanner around 201007:50
Kyle6513alankila, it was first supported in 2009.07:51
arulmozhiagain how cud I compile a linux device driver module. it seems the older examples won't compile on new kernel... my kernel version is 3.2 rev 20... how to include and what are  the  headers required07:51
Kyle6513alankila, http://mp610.blogspot.com.au/07:51
alankilaKyle6513: that cuts it uncomfortably close07:51
Kyle6513alankila, actually nevermind, that was the wrong post.07:51
boumawhen i try grub-install /dev/sda i get  error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).07:53
boumaim not sure why07:53
alankilaarulmozhi: typically you have to do the investigative work to port it, or look for a person who already did that work. That's just how it is. If nobody has done it, and the device you need driver for is popular, chances are there's some new solution which everybody else flocked to07:54
Kyle6513bouma, are you running as root?07:54
boumaKyle6513: that is with sudo grub-install /dev/sda, from a livecd07:55
Kyle6513well, I was just throwing that out there, I'm not too knowledgable.07:55
krababbelbouma: tried 'purge and reinstall grub 2' thread in ubuntu forums?07:55
alankilaI once wrote a linux kernel driver for a piece of hardware which I had and I don't think it ever worked across more than 1 or 2 minor revisions without needing patching07:56
alankilathe kernel internals are crazy unstable07:56
boumathere is some issue with the chroot in the livecd, from what i can tell it is an intermitent bug, but it surprising it would exisit with 120407:56
alankilathey move headers, remove arguments, change types, rename defines, barf.07:56
arulmozhialankila: I don get it. I'm designing an instrument and I need to write my own driver for it. I just need the generic structure of driver code i.e a skull that I cud use for my driver that compiles in new linux version. from wat u said how do I port it. I'm just sarting with driver development. I read LDD book. but samples don't compile07:58
boumai dont have a separate boot partition07:58
alankilaarulmozhi: I was fortunate to have someone else's working driver as base when I did it.07:59
boumai almost want to just reinstall over the top of the current install07:59
boumawill this break things?07:59
boumathere isnt much on /home07:59
alankilabouma: your old fs will be formatted over most likely08:00
Kyle6513alankila, http://support-au.canon.com.au/contents/AU/EN/0100303302.html would that be of any help to me?08:00
isabelhi, my internal mic is not working after a  12.04 install, please help :-[08:00
alankilaKyle6513: not a psychic, don't know08:01
alankilaall I see is ton of legalese08:01
arulmozhialankila: any idea how to port it??08:01
Kyle6513alankila, it's basically canon's released source for their scanning drivers08:01
alankilaarulmozhi: not really. I guess you just do it :-p08:01
isabelhi, my internal mic is not working after a  12.04 install, please help :-[08:02
arulmozhialankila: thanx for ur time :)08:03
alankilaKyle6513: I dunno. If it covers the MP 150 you have then maybe there's some use to be had from it. But I don't think manufacturer drivers are any good for long08:03
boumaalankila: thats the idea08:03
alankilalinux just changes too fast for them to work for longer than like half a year08:03
Kyle6513alankila, alright, I'll just try and follow an old guide x.x08:04
Mischinkacommand line, how do i zip multiple files into one zip archive? zip -r zipfile.zip /directory/08:04
boumaalankila: i cant figure out how to just get grub-install /dev/sda to run08:04
alankilabouma: the sda is your harddisk? has filesystems on it? one of them contains /boot?08:04
alankilaanyway I normally mount /dev/sda1 /somewhere, then chroot, then mount /dev, /sys and /proc, then run grub-install /dev/sda, then reverse my steps08:05
krababbelbouma: got the same error once, i think i just reinstalled, but erased all08:05
boumaalankila: there is no boot, just one linux partition sda1, and sd2 is the win7 boot partition, sd3 win7system08:05
alankilabouma: right so /dev/sda1 contains the directory called /boot/grub then.08:06
boumahmm perhaps if i change the active partion to sda1 it will just work08:06
boumaalankila: yes08:06
alankilabouma: so mount it, chroot to it, then mount /sys, /proc and /dev, then try grub-install08:07
boumaalankila: sigh i thought i could just run grub-install /dev/sda from the term on a livecd08:07
alankilabouma: not sure if that should work. It is conceivable it could.08:08
boumaim first trying my changing sda2 active to sda108:08
alankilabut as far as I remember it never has worked.08:08
boumawhich win7 installer seemed to change08:08
alankilaso the problem is you boot directly to windows... grub should have been installed on the mbr, and I imagine win7 overwrote that08:08
boumaalankila: really... im sure ive used it before i thought it just scanned the drive and regenerated a whole boot menu with every detected kernel, rescue modes and entries for all detected operating systems08:09
alankilabouma: that is update-grub08:09
alankilait just generates the grub config08:09
alankilaif you lost capability to boot into grub the first place, then you need to actually reinstall it08:09
boumaalankila: ok, well update-grub /dev/sda doesnt work either it gives, /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).08:10
alankilaI never install two operating systems on the same drive myself08:10
bouma(thats sudo update-grub /dev/sda)08:10
boumawell i only have one ssd08:10
wilee-nilee!bootinfo | bouma08:10
ubottubouma: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).08:10
alankilaI don't think update-grub actually cares for any arguments like /dev/sda08:11
auronandaceit doesn't08:12
danieleciao a tutti08:12
ubottudaniele: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:12
wilee-nileebouma, update-grub on the live cd only works with a chroot if that is where you are running it.08:13
alankilaas I said, mount it, chroot to it, mount the requisite pseudofilesystems, then use grub commands...08:14
boumawilee-nilee: yes i am running it from a livecd. so i have to chroot to the "system itself" .?08:15
ankithelp me on this08:16
wilee-nileebouma, if you want to install grub yeah, here is chroot link if needed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#ChRoot08:17
TomatoKetchupbouma, if you want to reinstall grub, you can use boot-repair08:17
TomatoKetchup(didn't really catch what exactly you were trying to do)08:17
sudiptahow to free the swap space from command line?08:17
ankitany one.. help me.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/139209/my-gnome-session-not-working-properly-see-the-image08:18
alankilasudipta: swapoff?08:18
agnellois there any software where i  create mockups ..08:18
auronandacesudipta: man swapoff08:18
ankitany one08:19
bohemian9485!info swapoff | sudipta08:20
ubottusudipta: Package swapoff does not exist in precise08:20
OfortunaInstall"n 12.04 LTS on a win xp system. I hav burn'd and veri'd the cd. When i boot from the cd install seems to go fine and the wait dots are visible. Then screen goes blank. I am sure that its video related. I am using the onboard video thats a bit older and capable of 1280x1024 however my monitor is a 1680x1050. What can I do during boot up and install to correct? tnx 4 Ur time.08:20
auronandacebohemian9485: its a command, not a package08:20
alankilahmmm... linux huge page support is so disappointing. I left yesterday with 5 GB of memory allocated as huge pages, after backup run it's 72 MB08:21
alankilaa little bit of memory pressure apparently broke it08:21
alankilamaybe I have to just do explicit huge pages and not even try with these transparent ones08:21
OfortunaIf any1 is familiar with my install problem feel free to prvt msg me please and tnx again 4 Ur time.08:21
linuxuz3rankit, i saw it08:21
thomasprDie folgenden Pakete sind zurückgehalten worden:08:21
thomaspr  firefox firefox-globalmenu linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic08:21
thomasprWhy ?08:22
icerootthomaspr: used dist-upgrade instead of upgrade?08:22
thomasprlinux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic is held back ???08:22
ankitso.. how to solve it linuxuz3r08:22
thomasprno, it's apt-get upgrade08:22
icerootthomaspr: use dist-upgrade instead08:23
linuxuz3rankit did you try what suggested on the message board08:23
thomasprDon't want to leave Natty ...08:23
icerootthomaspr: dist-uppgrade does not mean to change ubuntu version08:23
ankityup.. every single instruction linuxuz3r08:23
auronandace!dist-upgrade | thomaspr08:23
ubottuthomaspr: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.08:23
boumaok when i made sda1 active it came up with Os not found.08:24
icerootthomaspr: short explenetation, uograde is only upgrading packages itself, dist-upgrade is also upgrading dependencies or installing new packages which are coming from dependencies08:24
dr_willisi tend to do a upgrade normally then a dist-upgrade onccce a month or so..checking what its going to update08:24
icerootthomaspr: for more details see "man apt-get" but dist-upgrade is exactly what you want08:25
dr_williswhen beta testing the beta. id dist-upgrade every day08:25
thomasprNot sure ...08:25
thomasprThought I did that on another machine08:25
icerootthomaspr: if you dont trust me, why asking in this channel?08:25
icerootvotproductions: no need that here08:25
thomasprand it had a new version of adobe flash installed08:25
icerootthomaspr: use "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -s" it will just simulate the case08:26
thomasprwhich CRASHED with midori !08:26
DarwinSurvivorankit: in the comments for your question, you said you "installed it and re-installed it" which package did you re-install? The "gnome" one or the "gnome shell" one?08:26
thomasprand downgrading to a useable version deinstallled firefox ???08:26
thomasprThat was not, what I wanted !08:27
Intrepdmy windows computer's battery died today and i was stuck with a computer that only had linux and i couldn't even do simple thing like use vncviewer08:27
DarwinSurvivorankit: also, do you want "gnome classic" like in the tutorial, or "gnome-shell" with all the fancy stuff?08:27
DarwinSurvivorIntrepd: do you have a support question?08:28
Ofortunai dooo08:28
OfortunaInstall"n 12.04 LTS on a win xp system. I hav burn'd and veri'd the cd. When i boot from the cd install seems to go fine and the wait dots are visible. Then screen goes blank. I am sure that its video related. I am using the onboard video thats a bit older and capable of 1280x1024 however my monitor is a 1680x1050. What can I do during boot up and install to correct? tnx 4 Ur time.08:29
IntrepdDarwin4Ever why is it so hard to use vncviewer in ubuntu08:29
ankitdarwin.... i have classic perfectly okay working... problem with gnome desktop session08:29
DarwinSurvivorIntrepd: it's no hard, I used to use it all the time, what issue were you having with it (wouldn't open, too complicated, etc)?08:30
Ofortunawhere u ask'n me dr_willis?08:30
Intrepddarwinsurvivor where do i download the vncviewer.exe08:30
votproductionsYou don't...08:30
dr_willis!nomodeset | Ofortuna08:30
ubottuOfortuna: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:30
DarwinSurvivorankit: so you want the fancy shell stuff like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALCUPp-5UwE08:31
dr_willisIntrepd:  most any vnc viewer should work with any vncclient. for windows i tend to use Ultravnc, or tigervnc08:31
dontknowi want to create ubuntu usb stick on arch, in ubuntu i achieved creating arch usb stick with "dd if=archlinux-XXX.iso of=/dev/sdX" , can i create ubuntu usb whit this command in arch?08:31
ankitdarwin in uninstalled and resinstalled the gnome.. and when i got forward to uninstall gnome shell also.. but it was uninstalled already..08:31
dr_willisdontknow:  yes. dd will work the same.08:31
votproductionsdontknow: Yes it will work08:31
Ofortunaya thats what i was gathering in my search also. Just looking to get thru it.08:31
thomasprRemv flashplugin-nonfree []08:31
thomasprRemv flashplugin-installer []08:31
thomasprInst linux-image-2.6.38-15-generic (2.6.38-15.59 Ubuntu:11.04/natty-updates [i386])08:31
dontknowdr_willis, votproductions  thanks08:31
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:31
thomasprInst firefox-globalmenu [11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1] (12.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 Ubuntu:11.04/natty-updates [i386]) []08:31
DarwinSurvivorIntrepd: ubuntu does not use exe installers, please open the "software center" and search for "vncviewer" then click "install"08:31
FloodBot1thomaspr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:31
thomasprInst firefox [11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1] (12.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 Ubuntu:11.04/natty-updates [i386])08:31
thomasprInst firefox-locale-de [11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1] (12.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 Ubuntu:11.04/natty-updates [i386])08:31
DarwinSurvivorankit: you were supposed to uninstall gnome (not really necessary though) and then install gnome shell08:32
Ofortunatnx dr_willis loki at page now08:33
DarwinSurvivorankit: can you use http://paste.ubuntu.com and copy/paste the output of "dpkg -l | grep gnome"?08:33
dr_williswith the newer releases of ubuntu  i dont have to use Nomodeset  any more on my nvidia systems. ;)08:33
Ofortunaya they did a good job on the install files08:34
Ofortunafor it to be able to install on such a wide range of systems is amazing08:35
Ofortunabut since we still build em I guess we end up here lol08:35
ankiti was asked to uninstall gnome and gnome shell..i unstalled gnome desktop environment first,when i got forward to uninstall gnome shell.. it was already uninstalled.. then i restarted my sys.. installed gnome D.E. again.. and faced the same prob08:35
omeI have X11 installed, obviously, but I can't seem to have the Mouse(4) man page.08:35
omewhat package should I install ?08:36
Ofortunawell I bet u are good at writing shell scripts and thats where my learning curve is taking me so as soon as I get by this nomodeset peramiter issue I'll prolly be here alot more.08:37
DarwinSurvivorankit: that's because you are back to where you started. you uninstalled both but were only supposed to uninstall gnome. you were supposed to *install* gnome shell08:38
OfortunaNot good for a recovering IRC addict lol08:38
TaddleI never got the end of my answer yesterday. I can't make mysql work08:38
DarwinSurvivorankit: if you just open software center, find "gnome shell" and install it, it should resolve your problem :)08:38
ankitokay darwin..08:39
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: if you are continuing a previous issue, please re-post the issue as the person that was helping you probably isn't here right now and may have forgotten what the issue was by now anyways08:39
TaddleYeah, I know08:39
ankiti will now uninstall gnome d.e. and install only gnome shell.. thats right naa08:39
dr_willisim lucky to rember an issue posted 5 min ago....08:39
TaddleI was just re-running all the commands he told me yesterday so I can give you the failing output08:39
linuxuz3rhey guys we need 3d acceleration for gnomeshell right?08:40
DarwinSurvivorlinuxuz3r: only if you want it to be fast :P08:42
Taddle(I think) I've fixed it. MySql wasn't starting and couldn't do any testing because of the socket not connecting, but I think I was running the xampp mysql server08:42
votproductionslinuxuz3r: Not for a Pentium 408:42
linuxuz3rankit has p408:42
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: ah, running 2 mysql servers would *definitely* cause issues.08:42
linuxuz3rand his gnome-shell is not working properly08:42
TaddleEspecially as they were running on the same port08:42
Taddleohhh, that's no good08:43
Ofortunathats why we write shell scripts so we don't hav to remember08:43
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: out of curiosity, why are you using xampp? ubuntu has all those packages right in the repos...08:43
TaddleI know, it was quick and easy when my hosting ran out08:43
TaddleI've moved everything other now08:43
TaddleI just need to figure out the mysql mystery and find out how to setup my startssl cert08:44
TaddleSomething in my shell is hanging08:44
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: sounds good. xampp is basically only a good idea on windows where installing everything 1 at a time is a PITA. ubuntu users just run a single apt-get :D08:44
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: what do you mean by "hanging"?08:44
TaddleLemme show you....08:45
TaddleDarwinSurvivor, http://paste.ubuntu.com/995497/08:46
TaddleI haven't had chance to run another command since then...08:46
ikoniaTaddle: why do you even have /opt/lampp08:46
TaddleFrom my xampp server08:46
ikoniaTaddle: why do you have xammp08:47
TaddleI no longer use it though08:47
ikoniaand there is nothing wrong with that shell output08:47
dontknoware you experiencing instantenaous cpu speak when open a software?08:47
ikoniaTaddle: that looks like mysql has started fine08:47
isabelhi, my mic does not work on 12.04 with the sound recorder, please help, when playing back a recording al you hear is static, please hel08:47
ikoniaTaddle: that is also not how you start mysql08:47
isabelhi, my mic does not work on 12.04 with the sound recorder, please help, when playing back a recording al you hear is static, please help08:48
TaddleHow do you start mysql? I've always been a sysadmin on windows servers and cpanel managed server08:48
ikoniaTaddle: you need to hire a linux guy if this is going to be on the public internet08:48
TaddleI no longer have the luxury of cpanel, as I left the company08:48
ikoniaTaddle: https://help.ubuntu.com look in the server section08:48
Taddleikonia, I'm 12?08:48
Shanthone great problem , my screen resolution is gone wrong to 720x400, but my actual resolution is 1024x768..how roll back this change..08:48
Mikey^isabel: choose the mic you want in multimedia selector08:49
TaddleI volunteer for companies to manage their webhosting08:49
omeWhy the X11 mouse(4) man pages isn't shipped even with libx11-dev ? and where can I get it ?08:49
ikoniaTaddle: then you shouldn't be doing that, you are putting the companies at risk08:49
ikoniaTaddle: https://help.ubuntu.com - server section, you'll need to do a lot of reading08:49
Mikey^Shanth: Open the display settings and set your screen resolution and also set it as default08:49
Shanthin display setting my resolution 1024x768 is not displayed08:50
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
isabelMikey^: where would i find the multimedia selector?08:50
TaddleI've never managed an Ubuntu server. The companies are not at risk, I've always worked with an older person (15) who knows everything, I was just a "maintanence admin"08:51
Mikey^isabel: search for multimedia in the search bar08:51
ikoniaTaddle: the companies are at risk08:51
ikoniaTaddle: if you have zero idea how to manage a linux server and you are running a companies web site - that is an unacceptable risk08:51
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: ikonia is right, linux starts and stops services VERY differently than windows, there are also lots of other differences (particularly case-sensitivity and file permission) differences that are VERY important to understand08:51
ikoniaTaddle: read https://help.ubuntu.com08:51
TaddleI do not have 0 knowledge08:51
ikoniaTaddle: you do, as you can't start a basic service08:51
ikoniaTaddle: that is an unacceptable risk08:52
TaddleThat is started with the cpanel on every server I've worked on?08:52
ikoniaTaddle: then you have no knowledge of what cpannel is doing for you08:52
Mikey^Shanth: Is this a laptop or desktop?08:52
ikoniaTaddle: you have just started a service as root on the public interent, that is not good08:52
isabelMikey^: sorry no result for multimedia in the searchbar08:52
Mikey^isabel: display?08:52
ikoniaTaddle: I suggest talking to the older/experienced person in the company and asking him to walk you thorugh it08:52
Mikey^isabel: open the sound mixer then08:53
TaddleI'm sorry, but I thought this was a support channel, not a nag at a 12 year old for learning08:53
ikoniaTaddle: it is a supporting channel08:53
ikoniaTaddle: learning on a busineses website is not something I'd suggest doing08:53
TaddleThis server is my homeserver, the one I use for my game that I'm developing. Not the companies08:53
TaddleI'm not learning on the business website08:53
ikoniaTaddle: you said a minute ago it was for the companies08:53
ikoniaTaddle: ok, so that's less concerning08:53
isabelMikey^: i have gnome-alsamixer installed is that ok?08:54
ikoniaTaddle: again https://help.ubuntu.com - the server section08:54
TaddleThanks, I'll read it08:54
Mikey^isabel: double click on the volume icon in the panel on the top08:54
dr_willisreading is good08:54
Mikey^isabel: and then go to recording08:55
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: as some one who has been in your shoes years ago (came from xampp, went to linux). The best thing you can do is set up an ubuntu-server machine (old PIII or something simple) and forget EVERYTHING you knew about windows servers (PHP is basically the same though).08:55
TaddleAnd for the record, all the business servers I've worked on, have been supported by a bigger company. The companies were not for profits08:55
kris021Hi I would like some help with some password change/recovery type situation please08:55
isabelMikey^: There is only a input tab no recording?08:55
ikoniaTaddle: just because they are non-proffit companies doesn't make it acceptable08:55
Mikey^isabel: yeah, ok08:55
ikoniaTaddle: in some ways it makes it worse as they don't have money to waste08:55
TaddleThey weren't wasting money?08:55
Mikey^isabel: check that its unmuted and volume is up08:56
isabelMikey^: ok, i am there08:56
TaddleEverything was donated to them08:56
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: get that server up and running with a small site using mysql and keep it updating and running for a month solid. at that point, start looking at iptables. once you have that figured out (and get someone on a support channel to look over it with you), then consider forwarding a few ports (http, ssh) from the router08:56
ikoniaTaddle: they are wasting money/time if they have to fix your learning mistakes08:56
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: also, *always* use ssh (ftp is insecure) and *always* use public/private keys. turn off password login completely (help.ubuntu.com will tell you how)08:56
TaddleDarwinSurvivor, thanks. I've been through this before, I was just having problems recently08:57
isabelMikey^: Mic is not muted, for internal mic and normal mic08:57
Taddleikonia, the people who donate fix things for free08:57
ikoniaTaddle: that is still their time/money/effort they are wasting08:57
ikoniaanyway, I digress08:57
Mikey^isabel: you need to choose which mic you want to use08:57
ikoniaTaddle: I've given you the URL to read, good luck with understanding/absorbing it08:57
kris021I couldn't seem to log in to my original Admin account, so I created another under the Guest account, deleted the original and never the new one a password. Now I don't have any type of root access to try again. Is there some type of default password?08:58
Mikey^isabel: do you see a capture tab?08:58
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: I'm not joking about the "forget everything you knew" part. follow *every* step for setting up each service (apach, mysql, ssh, etc) from the guide. if something seems strange, ask a linux admin about it08:58
ikoniakris021: no, nothing default08:58
Taddlewhat was wrong with how I started mysql anyways? It works?08:58
isabelMikey^: no there is no capture tab08:58
kris021So I'm screwed?08:58
ikoniaTaddle: you've launched the daemon directly as root, you've not put any shell job control in (not using an init script)08:59
Mikey^isabel: choose preferences and then select all the checkboxes08:59
TaddleWhat makes that a problem? (This is for my learning btw)08:59
isabelMikey^: just output, input, Sound effects,Applications tabs08:59
ikoniaTaddle: research it08:59
TaddleMeh, or I could ask one my friends at Mozilla IT09:00
ikoniaTaddle: sure, ask them, that's research too09:00
kris021ikonia: So what do you think would be the best course of action?09:00
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: linux is designed to be modularly secure, if 1 piece is attacked/penetrated, the rest should remain secure. by running mysql as root, if someone were to hack the mysql daemon (via sql injection, or what-ever), they could potentially take complete control of the *entire* system09:00
isabelMikey^: sorry, where is the preferences?09:00
ikoniakris021: depends on a lot of things09:00
dr_willisoften 10 min of readinv is worth 10 HRS on irc09:00
ikoniakris021: is there anything of value on this machine currently ?09:00
TaddleThanks, DarwinSurvivor09:01
kris021ikonia: Nah, pretty much clean. Most of my things are online. Clean install then?09:01
Mikey^isabel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AudioCapture09:01
DarwinSurvivorTaddle: come back if you have any questions regarding help.ubuntu.com09:01
ikoniakris021: just re-install then, that's the quicker/easier less hassle approach, make note of the new password and you're fine09:01
isabelMikey^: ok, thanks i will have look, thanks09:02
kris021ikonia: Well it wasn't that I don't know the new password, it's that I never assigned it to the new account before trying to log in to it, only to realize that it doesn't have one09:02
Mikey^kris021: just a sec, If I understand you lost your password?09:02
Mikey^kris021: boot into recovery mode and you will be dropped to a shell. there you can set a passowrd if you know the username09:04
kris021Mikey^: I had some issues logging in to my original account, so under the Guest account I created a new account, deleted the old account, and never assigned the new account a password before trying to log in to it.09:04
hansonforensicsHi All - Can anyone help with an asoundrc file? For Alsa.09:04
kris021Mikey^: I've tried that. It wouldn't allow me. I got an error: Authentication manipulation error09:05
dr_willisi find it oddd thsst the guest account could make a new account...09:05
hansonforensicsOr anyone know the best way to set up a virtual sound card?09:05
Mikey^kris021: doesnt it drop you to a root shell?09:05
kris021Mikey^: Yes09:06
Mikey^kris021: and you did, passwd username09:06
dr_willishansonforensics:  how about you give the channel details of what you are wanting to do09:06
kris021Mikey^: Yes, and I received the error stated above09:06
hansonforensicsAh, yes that would be more helpful, sorry. :)09:06
kris021I believe it may have something to do with the fact that the account has no password at all09:06
dr_willisperhaps make a new user..  and rember to add them to the admin group09:06
Mikey^kris021: how did you make a new user from a guest account?09:07
kris021dr_willis: It is an Admin, with no password09:07
dr_willisso make another one...09:07
hansonforensicsI'm using a DJ program called Mixxx, I need to send my main channel & monitor channel through my headphones which are USB ones. I think the best way to do it is by using asoundrc but can't get it to work.09:07
omeWhat module should I reload for the for the xorg synaptics configuration to get updated ?09:07
kris021Mikey^: You go to the User Account setting and unlock it, using the original root password, and procede from there.09:07
=== Zorro is now known as Guest82432
Mikey^kris021: I know, but you said you had trouble logging in to your orginal account09:08
bohemian9485kris021: you mean the guest account you are using has admin privelege?09:08
=== Lebby1 is now known as LEbby
=== LEbby is now known as Lebby
kris021dr_willis: I can't because the original Admin account was deleted due to inaccessibility and I can't unlock the User Account settings because the new and only Admin user has no password09:08
dr_williskris021 from the recovery/root terminal you can easially add a new user.09:09
kris021Mikey^: Yes, I wasn't logged in, just using its root priveleges09:09
kris021bohemian9485: It doesn't have admin priveleges any more because the only admin account with root access has no password, therefore no way for me to utilize them. Although, the original, which is now gone, did.09:10
kris021dr_willis: I've tried that. Got the error: Authentication manipulation error09:11
dr_willissounds to me like you got deeper issues.09:12
dr_willissanest thing to do is just do a reinstall if this is a new install09:12
kris021dr_willis: Deeper issues like what? And that's probably what I'm going to do. It was just a hassle originally because it was from Wubi, then converted to a legit dual boot09:14
dr_williskris021:  i cant imagine why root cant make a new user.  and i realluy cant understand how the guest user can unlock stuff.09:14
Mikey^I think he is just saying stuff09:14
dr_willisif the guest user can unlock the user tool. try making a new user i guess..09:14
dr_willisbut i wouldent trust the system at all..09:15
bohemian9485i remember when i lost the root password for my backtrack os, and i used ubuntu 11.10 live usb to edit the shadow file and set the password to zero string09:16
dr_willisbohemian9485:  yep. thats doable.. but  the errors mentioned. i wonder if eventhin it would work. hard to tell09:17
Mikey^bohemian9485: but kris021 cant because he doesnt know the password so he cant use sudo09:17
dr_willisif he logs in as root via the recovery console - he is root allready. no sudo needed09:17
kris021dr_willis: I would, but I can09:17
Mikey^dr_willis: yes then he gets some manipulation error09:17
kris021't unlock it because there is no password09:18
dr_williskris021:  unlock? we are not refering to using the GUI tools...09:18
bohemian9485maybe the user account does not have sudo privelege?09:18
dr_willismanipulation error - imples to me thast some of the security files are messed up.09:18
kris021dr_willis: I was referring to your statement directed to me specifically earlier09:19
bohemian9485same conclusion here09:19
dr_willisi could have had the system reinstalled by now... ;)09:19
dr_willisBut the servers seem slow for updates . not sure whats going on09:19
kris021So could I, if I had a boot disk.09:20
Mikey^kris021: you keep coming up with a new problem each time09:20
kris021Mike^: What do you mean?09:21
Mikey^we try to answer your question and then you say something09:21
dr_willisi always keep a live usb tied inside the case of my machines.. for emergancies.  ;)09:21
Mikey^kris021: use wubi and reinstall09:21
Mikey^if  thats what you used before09:21
kris021Mikey^: Like I've said already, seeing as how that's my only real course of action other than constantly using a Guest account, I will. I just said that I didn't want to due to the hassle. Me mentioning the boot disk was in reference to dr_willis' statement about already having it reinstalled.09:23
ome"X11 Y U suck ?!" :|09:24
dr_williswhat for all the wayland  issues comming in the  next year or 2 ;)09:25
omedr_willis: haha, true that. but Its just not good tha when ever I get a new system I shall spend half my time with X11 config files instead of working.09:27
Mikey^!ot TheCoolest09:27
dr_willisome:  with the latest releases ive have  had very few if any X issues.. keeps getting better. dident even need to use nomodeset to install with 12.0409:27
Mikey^!ot | TheCoolest09:27
ubottuTheCoolest: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:27
Mikey^TheCoolest: wrong window? :)09:28
omedr_willis: maybe it's that my machines are 'bit exotic, but it's just a probook.09:29
dr_willisan apple machine? forums and in here are tons of issues with them every week.09:29
nRy_                       ( Ubuntu Rocks!)09:29
nRy_           ~gnuu.    O  ------09:29
nRy_          uGNUGNu   o09:29
nRy_         @g~nu~~gNu09:29
FloodBot1nRy_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:29
nRy_         G/@||@) N|09:29
omedr_willis: no, it's just a HP ProBook, the 4320s.09:32
alankilaWhat a bother it was to enable hugepages for libvirt09:33
alankilaClearly nobody else has recently done this09:33
dr_willisnot even sure what it dioes...09:34
Milad_AShow can i use pm-suspend in cron ?09:36
cristian_cHow can I identify alsa modules?09:36
BoreeasHey, can someone tell me how to restart X? After resuming from suspended state, it suddenly started using 30% of my RAM (~ 1 GB)09:36
alankiladr_willis: hugepages? it just gives some ~10 % performance boost to virtual machines.09:38
icerootBoreeas: sudo service lightdm restart (12.04) sudo service gdm restart (lower then 12.04)09:38
alankilabut to do this, I had to fight broken assumptions made by libvirt about how the pages work -- at least today -- and apparmor. Took a while.09:38
Miscnimorning all09:39
Boreeasiceroot: Ah, thanks09:39
icerootBoreeas: but before09:39
icerootBoreeas: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/09:39
alankilaso I had to mount hugetlbfs on /hugepages/libvirt/qemu then tell qemu that the pages are at /hugepages so that it appends that libvirt/qemu again -- it turns out hugepages don't work if you make further directory structure in the hugepage filesystem, but libvirt insisted on that09:39
alankilaadditionally, the apparmor template had to be adjusted to permit creation (and reading, I suppose) of files under /hugepages/libvirt/qemu/*09:40
=== lubmil is now known as lub`
icerootBoreeas: normally its just a wrong interpretation of the ram-usage09:40
methodsanyone have any idea which package 32bit version of libpng is in ?09:40
alankilaI would have liked to not have to do this, and just use the transparent hugepage support, but if cache pressure breaks the whole thing and nothing reassembles the huge pages after cache pressure is gone, no thanks.09:41
icerootmethods: you mean which version is in the repos of libpng?09:41
methodsI'm on ubuntu64 and need the 32bit version which use to be provided by ia32-libs09:41
nopfhi. dunno where to ask. i open some application menu via 'alt-i'. when mouse has been in that menus area, some unwanted submenu may pop up, so my next key 'h' is badly interpreted. this *does not* happen in ubuntu iirc. somebody tell me how does ubuntu do that, so that i get sane behaviour on all machines?09:42
iceroot!info libpng12-009:42
ubottulibpng12-0 (source: libpng): PNG library - runtime. In component main, is required. Version 1.2.46-3ubuntu4 (precise), package size 131 kB, installed size 308 kB09:42
methodsiceroot:  it's not in there09:42
methodsdpkg -L   https://gist.github.com/eb5b7dfc1946aeb85f4c09:43
icerootmethods: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpng12.so.009:44
icerootmethods: of course there is not the 32bit version when you are using the amd64 package09:44
methodsthat's the 64bit version....09:44
icerootmethods: packages.ubuntu.com download the 32bit version and extract the file if you need the 32bit version09:44
methodslet me try asking again09:45
methodsI'm on ubuntu64 and need the 32bit version which use to be provided by ia32-libs09:45
methodsthis is not complicated there is many many packages that provide 32 bit versions of many things…09:45
methodsfor example:          ia32-libs-multiarch libc6-dev-i386 lib32z1-dev lib32mudflap0 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri ia32-libs lib32z1-dev libopenal-dev libglu1-mesa-dev09:46
methodswould also be nice if there was 32bit lua09:47
=== administrator is now known as RFrith
noob7'SP5100 TCO timer: mmio address 0xyyyyyyy already in use' when i boot, ubuntu 12.04. any workarounds?10:13
ActionParsnipnoob7: have you tested your RAM?10:15
noob7i let memtest run for a 10 mins or so10:15
noob7its fine i guess10:15
noob7and my windows dual boot is working properly10:16
Loshkinoob7: personally, I like to run memtest at least overnight...10:17
ActionParsnipnoob7: http://askubuntu.com/questions/38920/boot-splash-broken-by-sp5100-tco-timer-mmio-address-0xyyyyyyy-already-in-use10:18
noob7Loshki: actually, it was running perfectly until an hou ago...some quick workaround?10:18
noob7ActionParsnip: been there mate, im not able to blacklist it, it says read only file system :(10:18
ActionParsnipnoob7: probably that then, sounds like you need to fsck the partition10:20
noob7noob7: actually makes sense because i was just playing around with pysdm before this happened10:20
noob7lol, ActionParsnip: actually makes sense because i was just playing around with pysdm before this happened10:20
noob7is there like a simple reinstall thing where this problem gets solved, and i dont lose my apps?10:25
ActionParsnipnoob7: could reinstall, then restore data and settings frmo backup...10:25
ActionParsnipnoob7: simple fsck may fix it good, will require liveCD10:25
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot10:25
ActionParsnipnoob7: or use that ^10:26
noob7trying that now10:26
noob7thank you10:26
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
AminosAmigosany one knows a software for designing a T-shirt ?10:30
recon_tva question about live usb, there are the i386 and amd64 bit iso's , is it as simple as all 32 bit systems need i386 and all 64bit systems use amd64?10:30
LebbyAminosAmigos:  GIMP or inkscape10:31
alankilarecon_tv: no, 64-bit systems can also boot 32-bit OSes10:31
iSeeDeadPixelsDesktop > 32bit, Server > 64 bit10:32
HicKeyI`m Using SnOoPy ScRiPt10:32
AminosAmigosOk :D hope i could find a tuto will keep you posted ;)10:32
LebbyAminosAmigos:  explain it better and if i can, i'll give you snippets!10:32
ActionParsniprecon_tv: intel 64bit will be usable with the 64bit ISO10:33
AminosAmigosI am looking for a tutorial about designing a T-shirt with GIMP10:33
gopalmishrai have problem using usb modem in ubuntu 12.04 lts, can any one suggest what to do10:34
recon_tvok, that helps, does it really make sense to install 32bit on 64bit processor?10:34
AminosAmigosDo they have an IRC room ?10:34
ActionParsnipgopalmishra: 3G modem or ADSL modem. 'modem' is a very amiguous term10:34
ActionParsnipAminosAmigos: #gimp10:34
gopalmishraaction parsnip > 3g modem10:34
ActionParsnipgopalmishra: if you run:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; lsusb    can you please PASTEBIN the output10:35
ActionParsnipgopalmishra: if you use TAB to complete nicks, its easier to type and you will highlight whom you are addressing :)10:35
kuttyhow to create new partion ubuntu 12.04 pls any one help?10:35
iSeeDeadPixelsrecon_tv: 32bit if you're using gnome, 64 bit if you're using server10:35
ActionParsnipkutty: use gparted10:35
iSeeDeadPixelskutty, gparted10:35
theadminkutty: GParted. If you need to resize existing partitions, best to use a livecd (you can't change partitions if they're in use)10:36
recon_tviSeeDeadPixels: ok, I'll do it that way, had 64 bit on my laptop, it does have a couple of issues10:36
=== |PuLi| is now known as |PuLi|FIN
snapdataEvery time I try to shut down my computer the window manager closes, nothing else does, and I wind up having to hold the power button. Any ideas?10:40
rax-I'm running ubuntu 12.04 as a xbmc server with an ati card.. problem is the audio over HDMI stops working after the TV has been turned off and back on and doesn't recognise it coming back? Any ideas how I can fix this?10:40
ActionParsnipsnapdata: if you run:  sudo shutdown -h now     does it shutdown ok?10:41
ActionParsniprax-: if you unload then reload your sound module, is it ok?10:41
ActionParsniprax-: actually, just try:  killall pulseaudio10:42
ActionParsniprax-: it should then restart and might be ok10:42
snapdataActionParsnip: lets find out10:42
rax-probably would be but I don't know how to do that. Also I need it to do this without my input because my gf will use it without any terminal access10:42
recon_tvActionParsnip: do you work for ubuntu ? you nearly always here?10:42
alankilaI wrote this about the hugetlbfs thing: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/100158410:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1001584 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "libvirt-bin support for hugepages: apparmor needs a rule for hugetlbfs" [Undecided,New]10:43
ActionParsniprecon_tv: just chillin, making the world a better place. I'm a user just like you but I am an ubuntu member. I don't work for Ubuntu10:43
snapdataActionParsnip: it worked10:43
ActionParsniprax-: not sure how to automate it, you could make her a desktop icon10:44
snapdataActionParsnip: why doesn't the gnome 'shutdown' button use the -h flag by default?10:44
snapdataActionParsnip: and thank you, by the way :)10:44
ActionParsnipsnapdata: not sure, could be a permission thing too10:44
recon_tvActionParsnip: good for you, I sort of got tired of idiots who would not listen to help when offered :)10:44
rax-hmm well it's an xbmc only session, so even that wouldn't work ;\10:44
ActionParsnipsnapdata: s'alreet10:44
snapdataActionParsnip: rgr10:44
rax-at the minute we just restart the host from the reboot option ins xbmc10:44
rax-doesn't take too long at least but it's annoying10:45
ActionParsniprax-: you can add applications in xbmc, just add your script10:45
ActionParsniprax-: does the command even work?10:45
rax-not at home right now to test it, I've written it down and will try tonight10:45
namoamitabuddhaHow to know whether UPnP is OK in aMule?10:45
recon_tvmanaged to fry networking on my 64bit 10.04 lts lastnight installing android development environment, thus the upgrade to xubuntu 12.0410:46
=== lub` is now known as lub
violinapprenrecon_tv:  ADK does not interface with networking10:47
noob7 ActionParsnip: touch forcefsck gives me the same error, readonly. how can i do it with a live cd/usb?10:48
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »10:49
ActionParsnipnoob7: there is a man page for fsck, or you can find guides online10:49
recon_tvviolinappren: tell my computer that, the instructions I followed left me with some UI strangeness and no sign of network manager even though the card was detected, it also managed to leave me with a login loop :)10:49
noob7ActionParsnip: thank you10:50
violinapprenrecon_tv: where is that page? it's as simple as extracting an archive and running some binaries inside to download some tools10:50
recon_tvprobably my mistake :) but system was well messed up. was going to upgrade anyway10:50
=== dr__willis is now known as Dr_Willis
SidewinderMust've finally got his diploma. :)10:56
recon_tvviolinappren: I'll be trying it again on a more uptodate system, if I get the same problems I'll come back and ask10:57
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tabaskois there way toget back to the desktop without f7-f12ä11:00
recon_tvtabasko: reboot?11:01
chatubuntuhi  xubuntu precise users11:03
dpyhi guys11:04
harshadhow to install updates of ubuntu 12.04 offline...11:04
ActionParsnipharshad: you could use the debs from an online system and use aptoncd to install them11:05
harshadActionParsnip:what is aptonncd11:06
sjihsIsn't Monaco font available in ubuntu's repo?11:06
recon_tvharshad: google is you friend :)11:08
Dr_Willistabasko:  restart the lightdm service will kill X/restart it.. and should have it appear.11:09
chatubuntui am running fresh xubuntu-desktop 386 , but no sound, neither on iMac nor DELL nor lenovo R61.  ubuntu without x however sounds well11:09
recon_tvchatubuntu: have you had a look at alsa-mixer and check all volumes ?11:11
pingecwhat would be the easier/lightest way to start a http server that serves a single static response to any http request?11:11
dpyDoes anyone know why wine won't run as non-root on oneiric?  The user is in the following groups: adm tty dialout cdrom audio video plugdev staff netdev lpadmin ssl-cert pulse admin sambashare vboxusers11:12
Lebbypingec:  do u wanna create by c++? or do u wanna a service?11:12
ndlovuI've installed some fonts using font viewer; they show up in openoffice, but not in scribus - any ideas how to fix?11:14
ndlovuah... are fonts installed in user or system space?11:15
recon_tvpingec: easier/lightest was rarely the same, would think the easiest way would be to install a regular web server and tweek it.11:15
chatubunturecon_tv,  i tried it, but no success. also Lautstärkeregler does not help11:15
ndlovuI'm having to run scribus as root or it crashes on 12.04, so that's probably the issue: not finding user-installed fonts11:16
Mikey^ndlovu: try running it from the commandline and see if u spot any errors11:16
pingeceasiest has precedence11:17
greenithi, i have a problem with my firefox.... when i open it (i use it full-screen) it only shows half of the screen... when i click on the upper bar, it shows first 3/4 and after another click it shows in real fullscreen... can you help me plz? i don't like it -.-11:17
ndlovuMikey^, it's this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scribus/+bug/97333211:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 973332 in scribus (Ubuntu) "Scribus crashes when populating an image frame" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:18
pingeci just need a tiny http serv that lets me specify a default response11:18
chris|pingec, try http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/TwistedWeb11:18
mr^swiftis it possible to remove bottom shelf in gnome classic?11:19
Mikey^mr^swift: nope11:19
pingecok i will11:19
mr^swiftfair enough ... .thanks11:19
chatubunturecon_tv,  speaker-test is working.11:19
ActionParsnipmr^swift: i believe it's ALT+Shift+right click -> delete11:20
mr^swiftill try that11:20
recon_tvchatubuntu: would indicate  your sound is working?11:21
greenitthis is how my firefox looks like when i open it: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/ermd.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/210/nearlyfullff.png/   plz help me :(11:22
chatubunturecon_tv, yes i hope.11:22
chatubuntuthanx for help11:22
chaotixhello, i am having an issue that I cant seem to remedy searching the forums and all of google, and would much appreciate some assistance:  When I got this laptop i installed Ubuntu 10.04 on it, wiping my windows partition, and saved the ISO and sometimes use it in Oracle VM VirtualBox, and would now like to burn it back to my hard drive to use for dual boot.  I used gparted to make the necessary NTFS partition, but i cannot s11:27
chaotixeem to make a bootable drive out of the image.  I have made attempts with UNetBootin, TuxBoot, and from the terminal, and my ISO does not show up in the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator tool... I do not know what I am doing wrong.  If someone can try to help me, i will do my best to provide them with every detail they need...  Thanks in advance11:27
=== |PuLi|FIN is now known as FIN|PuLi|
chaotixThe iso is a good image, and works, i can easily use it and get the installer running for a virtual machine...  i am not able to properly write it to a disk11:28
gr33n7007hIs the google-earth in the repos11:29
auronandacegr33n7007h: no11:29
firashow to enable OEM option in ubiquity?11:29
gr33n7007hauronandace, ok thank you11:29
chaotixgoogle earth is showing up in synaptic for me, but it might be that i already have that ppa from somethin else11:30
savrwhen I open gedit it doesn't want to show the icon in the side bar11:30
savrit doesn't appear in alt-tab11:30
savrso once I loose focus of the window11:30
savri've lost it till I kill it and restart11:30
savrstarting from terminal shows the following errors:11:31
=== pumpkin is now known as Guest10801
recon_tvsavr PASTEBIN !!!!11:31
savrrecon_tv, I'm not stupid lol :P11:32
BluesKajActionParsnip, is it true that DNS server entries have to be put in /etc/network/interfaces , in 12.04,  rather than /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head ?11:32
chaotixlol recon_tv11:33
BluesKajActionParsnip, because the latter seems to be working fine here11:33
chaotixthat was cool11:33
firashow to enable OEM option in ubiquity?11:34
chaotixjw, were you guys here when i asked my question?  i dont want to post it too often  :)11:34
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: afaik it's all in /etc/resolv.conf which is populated by network manager11:35
firascan u add an entry to grub2 to get ubiquity in oem mode??11:35
ActionParsnipchaotix: you can run:  apt-cache policy googleearth*    to see where it comes from11:35
BluesKajActionParsnip,, I'm not using NM11:35
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: or wicd11:36
chaotixActionParsnip, my problem is re: making a bootable usb startup disk11:36
JonnoCan anyone help me with an upstart problem. I'm proper stumped.11:36
chaotixi was answering someone else about google earth11:36
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: are you using static IP?11:36
ActionParsnipchaotix: tried unetbootin?11:37
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recon_tvsavr: lsb_release -a11:37
=== a is now known as aasd
recon_tvsavr, just asking for you ubuntu version11:37
savrNo LSB modules are available.11:37
BluesKajActionParsnip, yes , static IP11:37
savrI'm using gedit-gmate11:38
ActionParsnipsavr: then if you set it in /etc/resolv.conf  it will not be touched11:38
ActionParsnip!info gedit-gmate11:38
ubottuPackage gedit-gmate does not exist in precise11:38
firascan u add an entry to grub2 to get ubiquity in oem mode??11:38
BluesKajActionParsnip, on the lan, but not on the internet11:38
savrActionParsnip, me?11:38
savrgmate is just some plugins11:38
savrstill the same gedit binary11:39
ActionParsnipsavr: from here: https://github.com/gmate/gmate11:39
tesmonkeyhi all, anyone having issues adding webmin to apt on 12.04 server ?11:39
savrActionParsnip, yes11:39
ActionParsnipsavr: we cannot support PPAs here11:39
savrit isn't a ppa problem11:39
savrit is a gedit bug11:39
blingblingppa = use at your own risk11:39
ActionParsniptesmonkey: webmin isn't supported here, nor is it advised on Debian / ubuntu11:39
savrand it happened before I installed gmate11:39
AuroSoniQ<Inquisitor/aurora> asd11:39
ActionParsnipsavr: then I suggest you contact the PPA maintainer11:39
tesmonkeyActionParsnip: what other webgui can I use for basic stuff ?11:40
ActionParsnip!ebox | tesmonkey11:40
ubottutesmonkey: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).11:40
dpyjust installed wine1.5 from the ubuntu wine ppa, works!!! and FL 10 also works!11:40
ActionParsnipdpy: sweet, add an entry in the appdb to say it works :)11:40
recon_tvlol, I'm just way to slow11:41
savrActionParsnip, it isn't a PPA bug.11:41
savrgmate is fully working11:41
savrfor some reason gedit is locking it self out of windows management11:41
ActionParsnipsavr: does it happen in Unity2D?11:41
savrdon't know11:42
savrit happens at radon11:42
recon_tvsavr: error indicates a permission problem11:42
ActionParsnipsavr: then.....try it....11:42
asus1025cwhat problem(s) does update  xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.15.901-1ubuntu2.2_i386.deb address?11:42
savrif I reboot it fixes it self11:42
savrfor a while11:42
ActionParsnipsavr: try running Unit2D for a while, see if its ok there11:42
ikoniaActionParsnip: in what respect ?11:42
ikoniaActionParsnip: sorry not you11:43
ikoniaasus1025c: in what respect ?11:43
savrActionParsnip, I rather reboot than downgrade to 2d for bug testing11:43
ActionParsnipikonia: its a different Unity bar app11:43
ikoniaActionParsnip: sorry, wasn't meant for you11:43
ActionParsnipikonia: np :)11:43
ActionParsnipsavr: its only to test.11:43
ActionParsnipsavr: its called 'isolating the issue'11:44
blingblingunity is designed and optimized for netbook and small screen11:44
asus1025cikonia, what problems does xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.15.901-1ubuntu2.2_i386.deb correct?11:44
chaotixActionParsnip, i tried unetbootin, and tuxboot...  its a good iso b/c it works with virtualbox...11:44
savrActionParsnip, but it is random. it may take a few days to happen again11:44
ikoniaasus1025c: what do you mean, what problem ?11:44
blingblingikonia, = acer iconia (spam?)11:44
ikoniablingbling: sorry what?11:44
ActionParsnipblingbling: I'd say Lubuntu worked on netbooks better by being lighter and is great on small screens asthe panel is small11:45
recon_tvsavr: probably not random :)11:45
snapdataIs there any way to back up Ubuntu (12.04) and then restore that backup after reinstalling Ubuntu? I can't install Windows now without uninstalling Ubuntu. I require Windows for my work, unfortunately. :(11:45
ActionParsnipsnapdata: do you have windows installed presently?11:45
savrrecon_tv, I can't debug anything that triggers it11:45
tesmonkeyActionParsnip: zentyal seams to be broken ?11:45
ActionParsnipsnapdata: did you install Ubuntu using wubi?11:45
savrso the tigger is random11:45
LjLsavr: i can't resolve the issue, but just for my information, have you opened a file on a Samba share in the past with gedit?11:45
snapdataActionParsnip: Nope. Ubuntu is the only thing installed.11:45
dr__willis!backup | savr11:45
ubottusavr: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:45
savrLjL, no11:46
dr__willis!backup | snapdata11:46
ubottusnapdata: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:46
dr__williswrong nick. ;) sorry11:46
ActionParsnipsnapdata: then boot to liveCD and resize the Ext4 partition, then install Windows to the free space11:46
LjLsavr: ok. was asking because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/99209511:46
snapdataActionParsnip: The issue is the Windows 7 installer which does not allow you to use custom partitions. (It tries but fails)11:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 992095 in gedit (Ubuntu) "crashes on start, when adding Dashboard plugin, after using a smb/server file to view." [Undecided,New]11:46
ActionParsnipsnapdata: you can then reboot back to the liveCD and reinstate Grub11:46
asus1025cikonia, when an update is released it is because it fixes a problem. My question is very clear, is it not?11:46
snapdatadr__willis: thak you11:46
ActionParsnipsnapdata: it does. I've used it11:46
snapdatadr__willis: thank you*11:46
recon_tvsnapdata, you can save you home folder and use a tool to store all the packages you have added, then you can recreate your ubuntu from scratch11:46
dr__willissnapdata:  best soltion wuld be to get a second hard drive. :)11:46
ActionParsnipsnapdata: if you read the screen, it does11:46
=== dr__willis is now known as Dr_Willis
snapdataActionParsnip: Every time I tried it would give a specific error, after researching the error I found that I have too many partitions for Ubuntu and Windows will not install on top of it.11:47
namoamitabuddhaUPnP failed!11:47
namoamitabuddhaWAN Service not detected11:48
snapdataDr_Willis: I have one but I'm still trying to figure out why my second hard drive has swap and boot partitions11:48
snapdatadr__willis: I have one but I'm still trying to figure out why my second hard drive has swap and boot partitions11:48
Dr_Willissnapdata:  swap is easy to remake.  /boot/ would only get made if you told it to. If your linux install is using  its own /boot/ then id say its a left over from some other install11:49
recon_tvsnapdata, if it's work related you should probably  buy a non-ome license for windows.11:49
asus1025ccan anyone here tell  me what problem(s) does update  xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.15.901-1ubuntu2.2_i386.deb address?11:49
ikoniaasus1025c: it's a software package11:49
savrI can for example log in to the guest account and have no problems with gedit11:49
Dr_Willissnapdata:  you could image your linux install to a file. and use it as a vbox hard drive image ;) so you can still run it.11:50
savrat the same time I have a problem on my account11:50
ikoniaasus1025c: it allows you to use / make the most of the Interl Video card in your machine11:50
savrand loading all the same plugins in the guest account11:50
azertyuiis there any tool to check on command line the disk micro space before deframenting a disk ?11:50
snapdatarecon_tv: I'd prefer to not buy it at all, sorry if you have a moral objection to that. :\11:50
ActionParsnipsnapdata: then backup everything in your user's home folder(s) (which should be backuped up anyway). You can then restore the backup after install11:50
raptorI have got a Inspiron 6000 dell laptop11:50
asus1025cikonia, your answer is not detailed enough . My question is very clear, is it not?11:50
raptorwith 1.6ghz and 2gb11:50
recon_tvsnapdata: it's not moral, it just the easy way.11:51
ikoniaasus1025c: no, hence why I asked you for more detail 3 times11:51
ActionParsnipraptor: ease up on the ENTER key dude11:51
snapdataDr_Willis: that's true.11:51
raptorcan I run the latest ubuntu11:51
raptoroh sorry11:51
Dr_Willisraptor:  ive ran on lesser systems.11:51
azertyuiok patience11:51
snapdataActionParsnip: I think that's what I'm going to do.11:51
raptorwill it be smooth ?11:51
snapdataActionParsnip, Dr_Willis: Thank you very much to the both of you. :) You've been very helpful. We're lucky to have people like you around here. :)11:52
Dr_Willisraptor:  it runs fine on my netbook with less stats.11:52
ActionParsnipsnapdata: we try11:52
raptorit is 7 years old systm11:53
ActionParsnipraptor: I run Ubuntu on much less than that, you'll be fine11:53
raptoralso I will be using it from a USB11:53
firashow to enable oem mode in ubiquity???11:54
ActionParsnipraptor: that's fine :), I suggest you install preload to help speed things up11:54
raptorpreload ?11:54
raptorCurrently I have linx mint 10 or something on usb11:54
ActionParsnipfiras: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity/OEM11:55
ActionParsnipraptor: yes it's a package, install it and it'll help a little11:55
snapdataActionParsnip: So to clarify, I won't have any issues just replacing /usr with my backed up /usr after reinstalling?11:55
ActionParsnipsnapdata: you shouldn't need to backup /usr   you may need to backup /etc but definately backup all of $HOME11:55
snapdataActionParsnip: alrighty, thank you very much!11:55
raptorhow do you install a package in ubuntu ?11:56
LjL!software > raptor11:56
ubotturaptor, please see my private message11:56
chaotixActionParsnip, found a package called usb-imaewriter, i think its stock with 12.04(?), im on lucid, i just started the download of usb-imagewritert so "fingers crossed"11:56
ActionParsnipraptor: mint isn't supported here11:57
firasActionParsnip: this page says nothing about HOWTO11:57
raptoryes I mentioned bcz I'm using it currently and want to swtich back to Ubuntu (did used a earlier version 7 or 8 I don't remember11:58
LjLfiras: there is this, but it seems pretty old :( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview11:59
nydelhow to display only hidden files in terminal?11:59
ActionParsnipraptor: the requirements are pretty similar, you'll be ok11:59
nydells ".*" doesn't work11:59
Dr_Willisnydel:  try the -a option12:00
Mikey^nydel: ls -a12:00
nydelthat shows hidden & non-hidden12:00
firasLjL: Ok , but how to add this grub entry?12:00
nydeli need only hidden12:00
nydelLjL: hi there!12:00
Dr_Willisnydel:  so use -a .* ?12:01
recon_tvnydel , use grep to filter the output12:01
Mikey^nydel: ls -a | grep ^.12:01
LjLfiras: which grub entry?12:01
Shanthhow to keep xrandr resolution changes permanent.. i'm new to ubuntu  plz someone  tell me easy way...12:01
LjLnydel, hi12:01
firasLjL: in the first screenshot12:01
LjLfiras: that's not GRUB, that's the CD bootloader. it should be there by default, if you use the "text install" (which i guess means the Alternate) CD... at least if you use the version the docs mention, which is an older version of Ubuntu.12:01
chaotixcan someone help me to creare a bootable windows usb from ubuntu 10.04?  i have been trying all night, any help would be much appreciado  :)12:02
nydelMikey^: doesn't quite work12:02
Dr_Willischaotix:  #windows may be able to help better with that.12:02
Dr_Willischaotix:  as far as i recall. you can dd the windows 7 iso image to usb and it should work.12:02
nydelMikey^: i get the whoel list, all "." colored & every first letter of a non-hidden colored.12:03
firasLjl: I mean, if u want to make ur own distro, how to add this option to ubiquity? not how to install in oem12:03
ActionParsnipnydel: la | grep '^\.'12:03
hwildehelp with video card EVGA 52012:03
ActionParsnipnydel: you need to escape the .12:03
ActionParsniphwilde: an nvidia?12:03
hwildeboots up says fail, low graphics mode12:04
ActionParsniphwilde: and what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc12:04
Shanthscreen resolution problem .. hlp plz12:04
hwildeif I try to run nvidia-settings it says i'm not using nvidia and to run nvidia-xconfig12:04
nydelActionParsnip: thank you, i feel dumb for not figuring that on my own12:04
hwildeif I run nvidia-xconfig it doesn't seem to do shit12:04
ActionParsnipnydel: it's ok (got LPIA book which  has a bit on regex ;))12:04
LjLfiras: oh, no idea12:04
hwildeActionParsnip, karmic koala12:04
ActionParsniphwilde: karmic is EOL dude12:04
nydelActionParsnip: you rock, i appreciate it.12:04
ActionParsnipnydel: np man12:04
firasLjL: ok, thnx anyway12:04
ActionParsniphwilde: its not supported here or anywhere else12:04
Shanthis it necessary to install nvidia12:06
hwildeok pretend I said some other version12:06
ActionParsniphwilde: its not supported12:06
hwildehow do you figure out which nvidia module to install12:06
hwildenvidia-glx 173, 180, 185, 96...12:06
ActionParsniphwilde: you won't be able to install anything as the repos are all disabled12:06
Shanthhow to reinstall nvidia12:06
Sawhi guys, I have a a question about packages. I can see ubuntu got packages specifically for it. What are these? why should I install them and not the "offical" ones? can I install the offical ones anyway?12:06
hwildeSaw, specifically for what12:07
* blingbling removed the ubuntu software center12:07
hwildehow does one tell which nvidia module is necessary for EVGA 52012:07
Sawhwilde - for ubuntu. for example, g++. ubuntu (lucid) got g++ 4.4.3. at GCC website, you can find 4.7. any reason I should use and not the other?12:07
Dr_WillisSaw:  use whats in the repos.12:07
ActionParsnipSaw: the packages in the repos are the official ones for Ubuntu, you may add 3rd party sources called PPAs and get newer or different software but there are no guaruntees of safety or functionality12:07
Dr_WillisSaw:  unless you have some specific needs for newer versions, then theres Unsupported PPA's out for most things.12:08
hwildehow does one tell which nvidia module is necessary for EVGA 52012:08
ActionParsniphwilde: if you upgrade or clean install to Lucid, you will be supported12:09
Sawwhat is PPA? (i'm assuming something with package, but still)12:09
jondot_in 12.04, how can i set the font size in Terminal to be a fraction? i.e. 10.6 ? it was possible in 11.0412:09
hwildeActionParsnip, dude that is a generic question12:09
hwildewhen I upgrade or install I will have the same question12:09
ActionParsnipSaw: its a 3rd party source, managed by some guy giving an extra source for packages12:09
hwildehow do you tell which nvidia module is necessary for the EVGA 520 graphics card12:09
vitshi guys, i have one question.how to download the deb packages using apt command12:09
SawActionParsnip I ment the initials, I did read what you wrote :} I have to say though it sounds a bit weird. Is there any particular reason g++ (in our example) wouldn't work on ubuntu, but work on other distributions?12:10
ActionParsniphwilde: your chip is newish so you will need the 295 driver, this will not be installable as there are no sources for packages12:10
ActionParsnip!ppa | Saw12:10
ubottuSaw: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:10
hwildevits, --download-only12:10
hwildeActionParsnip, how did u figure out it is the 295 driver12:10
ActionParsnipvits: sudo apt-get --reinstall -d install packagename12:10
ActionParsniphwilde: its a newish chip so the latest will be fine. My 6150LE works with the 295 too12:11
Sawyou're saying if I use packages from ubuntu, and I have a problem with it, I'll get ubuntu support for it?12:11
hwildeno you will be told to upgrade :-D12:11
LjLSaw, it's still all voluntary support so you don't really have a guarantee of any kind unless you actually sign up for paid support from Canonical12:11
ufrgsHello guys!12:12
ActionParsnipSaw: you will get support here for the packages from the official repos12:12
ActionParsnipSaw: as long as your release isn't EOL, you'll get support12:12
ufrgsDoes anybody knows which font does Firefox uses at its source code view pages?12:12
Sawhwilde - why? lucid got LTS, it's still supported, isn't it? :P12:12
hwildedon't mind me i'm just mad at my graphics card.12:13
SawActionParsnip - EOL? and won't I get support from the offical repos if I use PPA as well?12:13
ActionParsnipSaw: indeed. Lucid is EOL in April 201412:13
ActionParsnipSaw: EOL = end of life = not supoprted12:14
SawActionParsnip - 2015 for server :P12:14
ActionParsnipSaw: we cannot support PPAs here but the official packages, we can12:14
Saw(2013 for desktop iric btw)12:14
SawActionParsnip - cool, got it :} thanks!12:14
ActionParsnipSaw: yeah copied the wrong date12:14
gizeroHi. Which printer manufacturer would you recommend for good linux support for colour printers? Preferably multi functional devices.12:16
hwildeour multi kyocera taskalfa works fine12:16
Dr_Willisgizero:  id have to say HP or Brother. but id reserach anything befor you buy.12:17
Dr_Willisgizero:  the more complex the gizmo the more likely some parts of it wont work12:18
m477is it normal that ctrl+r sometimes brakes?12:18
gilmono problems with HP for me12:18
Dr_Willism477:  breaks what?12:18
ufrgsImpressive how good is Ubuntu getting!12:18
m477Dr_Willis: stops working12:18
chaotixhi, i am trying to make a bootable usb drive of a windows ISO and i am in Ubuntu 10.04...  unetbootin, tuxboot, and usb-startupdisk-creator are  no go...  dows anyone know how i can do this?12:18
compdocit is good12:18
m477Dr_Willis: in way that doesnt respond for any key12:18
Dr_Willism477:  what when/where/who breaks?12:18
m477and u have to kill it12:18
m477ctrl+r, I dont know how it is called12:19
ufrgsFor the first time I could really fell why someone would still using Windows question myself.12:19
m477in bash12:19
Dr_Willism477:  you mean the flow control feature? ctrl-q/ctrl-r ?12:19
gilmoufrgs: Diablo 3 :P12:19
m477Dr_Willis: indeed12:19
ufrgsgilmo, lol12:20
TanebIs there a way to hide the unity thing on the left when running a full screen program?12:23
compdocTaneb, there is a setting to have it auto hide12:23
Sidewinderchaotix, I don't have your answer, sorry. Have you asked in #windows?12:23
=== ultrixx_ is now known as ultrixx
Tanebcompdoc, thanks12:23
ActionParsnipchaotix: tried a different USB device? I assume you used the same storage each time...12:23
gilmochaotix have you tried 'dd' ?12:23
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
Sidewinderchaotix, Or, you could always call Microsoft's support phone number. Personally, you paid for a product, I think you're entitled to support.12:24
chaotixgilmo, im not sure if i did it correctly, i have never done itr before...  do you have a link with a 'dd' tutorial?12:25
chaotixSidewinder, i bought the laptop at a pawn shop used...  theyre pricks12:25
chaotixi doubt they will help12:25
chaotixdell miht help though12:25
SidewinderI hope it was cheap. ;-)12:26
chaotixit was $4012:26
chaotixand well worth it12:26
gilmochaotix: ehm, not really. 'man dd' should help you. if= and of= should be the options you are looking for12:26
bertiebHey all, is there an issue with the repos at the moment? ppa.launchpad.net, archive/security.ubuntu.com etc are timing out here across 2 ISPs12:26
chaotixfor the linux use i got out of it it was worth the 4012:26
chaotixthanks ill check it out12:26
chris|chaotix, when installing windows you need to also consider the cost of brain damage12:28
ActionParsnipchaotix: could install using CD12:28
chaotixi guess it could be the usb drive too...  but i duno because i only have one drive that is big enough for winDOWN...  the rest are 2gb12:28
chaotixand i have no cd's12:28
Sidewinderbertieb, I don't know about everyone else but for years now, I have found launchpad pages always seem to take forever to load. You're mileage may vary, though. :)12:28
ActionParsnipchaotix: CDs are cheap dude12:28
chaotixi guess i could try to burn a gparted live usb, since thats kinda fast...  and see if it woorks12:28
bertiebSidewinder: cheers, it's causing apt to fail at an inconvenient time though! (Is there a convenient time for apt-get to fail?)12:29
lordbahI told Ubuntu Software Center to install libapache2-mod-mono and it's hung partway through. dkpg.log last line is "status half-configured mono-apache-server4 2.10-1build1". Suggestions? This is on 12.04.12:29
killerhi guys...how to play cd or dvd in ubuntu12:30
Sidewinderchaotix, I seem to remember that gparted used to provide a "Gparted Boot Disk", but I forget where I found it..12:30
chaotixok so im onna try a few things...  love you all for trying, and for the ideas..  i may be back...  pray that i am not back12:30
ardianhow can I install gnome classic in Xubuntu ?12:31
chaotixSidewinder, i have a gparted live usb12:31
SidewinderGood luck!12:31
chaotixand the iso on my desktop12:31
chaotixfingers crossed that i wont be back12:31
SidewinderWish I had some money on my desktop. :)12:31
Zally666my apt-get update is broken12:32
chaotixi refuse to sleep till i get this done, :) ...  so lets hope it works12:32
lelamal!details | killer12:32
ubottukiller: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:32
chaotixi have 3 things to try12:32
chaotixbye guys12:32
Dr_Willis!dvd | killer12:32
ubottukiller: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:32
Dr_WillisZally666:  the apt servers seem real slow right now - not sure whats going on12:32
tailfso i am about to back up some files using rsync. does anyone recommend any arguments besides -r (recursive, to include everything in a directory)?12:35
compdoctailf, Ive never had to use -r12:37
tailfcompdoc: so you only ever rsync single files?12:38
jmI use -a which includes -r I think12:39
yeatstailf: cp/scp suffice for single files12:39
compdoctailf, not at all - it just copies all files and folders in the path12:39
compdocone of my commands:   rsync -avnX --ignore-existing --progress  --del   source    target12:40
yeatstailf: I tend to do 'rsync -av <source> <dest>'12:40
jmno -z?12:40
nydelActionParsnip: to list all files that are not directories?12:41
nydelanyone, how do i list all files that are not directories12:42
compdocthere is a -r, but Ive never had to use it - strange, huh?12:42
sddsdscanonical fuck12:52
SidewinderThere's so many 'cli fanatics, around here. :)12:54
IdleOne!language | sddsds12:54
ubottusddsds: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:54
recon_tvsddsds: are you sure the servers are down, I'd be surprised, been using them all day12:54
tailfsidewinter: my username works well to disguise the fact i am still a linux amateur :D12:54
bastidrazorSidewinder: reading comprehension makes cli easy. manpages tell all.12:54
icerootsddsds: which ubuntu-version?12:54
sddsdsservers updates precise pangolin goes broken12:54
sddsdsi cannot update12:54
sddsdsfuck canonical12:54
Sidewinderbastidrazor, That presupposes that one can read..12:54
icerootalways to much patient ...12:54
zastaphmy .bash_profile is not executed when I open Terminal in Ubuntu12:54
samba35how to check all installed packages and their time stamp12:54
Shanthhow to fix this in ubuntu software center " Waiting for apt-get to exit "12:54
bastidrazorzastaph: there is no .bash_profile in your home unless you've created it. in that case you need to have it sourced from .bashrc or .profile12:54
zastaphbastidrazor, seems .bashrc is sourced from .profile, but it's not run either12:55
recon_tvsddsds: with an attitude like that and the lack of info I doth anyone will help12:55
bastidrazorzastaph: are you running bash?12:56
zastaphbastidrazor, i don't know, how do I find out?12:57
gilmozastaph, try with 'grep -i YOUR_USERNAME /etc/passwd'13:01
gilmothe end of the line will tell you13:01
sk1special_how come everytime i open the channel list my proccesor usage jumps to 100 percent and cant type anything anymore? the screen does not freeze i can move windows around etc..just no typing/scrolling/clicking menus13:02
=== jon__ is now known as JonEdney
zastaphgilmo, yes it says /bin/bash13:02
ravenid like to do a visualization of an audio file in a video - is there any way to use visualization plugins of audio players non-linear to generate a video containing levels/spectrums?13:03
savrdo women use ubuntu?13:05
sk1special_raven: couldnt you just play the audio file with visualization full screened / using video screen capture and edit that into your video?13:05
ravensk1special_ would be nice to do it non linear because theese audio files are about 2-3 hours13:06
tailfsavr: what exactly are these "women" you speak of?13:08
sk1special_ah..apparently im retarded. what do you mean non linear?13:08
savrwho knows lol13:08
isabelhi, i have trouble connecting Canon LBP 3100 printer to Ubuntu 12.04, can anyone help?13:09
jonasthomas-I'm trying to get chatzilla to beep... so far no joy... just installed beep on 10.03 and it seems I can get that do to anything.... Speakers on my toshiba laptop seem fine.13:09
sk1special_like you dont want it to play the whole file in a row? youd just cut out the times you want then yeah? using a vid editor?13:10
ActionParsnipisabel: did you check the canon uk website for drivers?13:10
isabelActionParsnip: Yes, i downloaded the drivers and installed it, the printer is a usb printer13:11
ActionParsnipisabel: when you power it up, does the system react?13:12
ravenid like to do a visualization of an audio file in a video - is there any way to use visualization plugins of audio players non-linear to generate a video containing levels/spectrums?13:13
isabelActionParsnip: not sure what you mean, but when i turn the printer on nothing happens in ubuntu13:13
IdleOneisabel: Did you add the printer via the Add printer tool in system settings?13:14
isabelIdleOne: Yes13:14
ActionParsnipisabel: ok then in the cog menu, there is a printer app you can use there13:14
isabelActionParsnip: ok13:15
isabelActionParsnip: i deleted the printers i added there, and when turning the printer on it reappears in the Printing app under the cog menu13:17
mafiaboyhi guys.......can a virus affect system if it runs through wine?13:17
ActionParsnipisabel: or you can use the cups web ui (old skool):  http://localhost:63113:17
ActionParsnipmafiaboy: it will affect only the ~/.wine folder13:17
isabelActionParsnip: is that what you mean the system react?13:18
mafiaboyActionParsnip: it means my normal ubuntu apps will  run perfectly13:18
ActionParsnipmafiaboy: yes, windows viruses won't affect Ubuntu13:19
isabelActionParsnip: Looks like it added itself in there, but when printing a test page it just states "Processing - Sending data to printer."13:19
bikegmbHi, I need some help to configure my ubuntu 12.04 to vpntunnel.se13:19
isabelActionParsnip: and nothing is printing, is there something i can check somewhere?13:20
galvaobom dia13:20
ActionParsnipisabel: remove the printer, then add it manually, specifying the driver13:20
zastaphaccording to this http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/32599/auto-running-bash-script-on-login .bashrc isn't run when starting Terminal from Unity .. i think that's my problem, but I'm not sure what the solution is13:21
isabelActionParsnip: ok, but there is only a japanese driver for my model not a uk one? can i use the japenese driver?13:21
galvaoto com um probleminha aqui. Quando coloco no gnome classic aparece junto o unity nao aparece o menu lacarte  e o ubuntu tweek nao edita o unitty. alguem pode me ajudar?13:22
solderblobubuntu repos seem laggy this morning13:22
solderblobuber slow on apt-get update13:23
lelamal!br | galvao13:23
ubottugalvao: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:23
solderblobtaking mings to update repos13:23
ActionParsnipisabel: as long as the driver values are right, sure why not. Have you checked the openprinting database too13:23
ActionParsnipsolderblob: try using apt-fast13:23
isabelActionParsnip: no, where wil i get that?13:24
ActionParsnipisabel: its a website13:24
isabelActionParsnip: ok, i will google it13:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:24
delacwhat parameters does udev rule pass to the (RUN+=) script?13:25
isabelActionParsnip: When selecting the driver it select by default this one "Canon LBP3100/LBP3108/LBP3150 CAPT (UK)" , my printer is a LBP 3100, so this one should work?13:26
IdleOneit should13:26
ravenid like to do a visualization of an audio file in a video - is there any way to use visualization plugins of audio players non-linear to generate a video containing levels/spectrums?13:27
ActionParsnipisabel: makes sense, could try the 3000 driver too13:27
isabelActionParsnip: IdleOne: when printing test page, its states "Processing - Sending data to printer." is there not a problem elsewhere? its connected via usb13:27
solderblobEpson makes a wonderfully compatible printer, HP also ( I know this is not fixing the issue).13:28
ActionParsnipHP make great Linux drivers via the HPLIP project13:29
ActionParsnipisabel: did you check the open printing foundation website?13:29
solderblobstay away from dell, you never know what you are going to get...13:29
solderblob(regarding printers)13:30
ActionParsnipsolderblob: probably a rebadged Canon13:30
isabelYes , in know, never had any problems with HP printers, unfortunately i am stuck with this cheap canon laser printer13:30
solderblobI think mine was a rebadged Lexmark, but yep something like that..13:30
solderblobisabel, totally understand..  Not trying to troll you.  wish I could help13:30
isabelIt just keep on stating "Processing - Sending data to printer."13:31
isabelwith the Canon LBP3000 CAPT ver.1.5 driver too13:31
Crypto_anybody helping here?13:32
ActionParsnipCrypto_: many13:32
isabelwhen changing the driver in the printers properties must a restart something?13:32
Crypto_I accidentally set grub to boot memtest by default13:32
solderblobCanon LBP3000 CAPT is different than Canon LBP3000?13:32
solderblobCrypto_, lulz13:32
ActionParsnipCrypto_: then you will need to hold shift at boot and select the kernel13:32
Crypto_it just boots to memtest even when I try13:32
solderblobbefore boot, esc, no?13:33
ActionParsnipCrypto_: then you will need to chroot using liveCD/USB and change the default there13:33
solderblob^is easy todo and good practice13:33
Crypto_none of the keys to go to the kernel menu work13:33
Crypto_I'll try the live cd13:33
IdleOneisabel: have a look at this page http://www.unixmen.com/installation-canon-lbp2900-on-linux/ not sure if it will help but worth a try13:33
solderblobCrypto_, did you try hitting esc key before it boots to memtest? to get into grub...13:34
Crypto_tried a million times13:34
Crypto_I saw the purple screen flash once a few times, but memtest just ends up booting anyways13:34
solderblobIdleOne, Canon LBP3000 Printer, ubuntu 10.04.. http://ur1.ca/99q57 , she try that?13:35
isabelIdleOne: thanks, i have went through the instructions on this page,but get stuck with same results13:35
IdleOneisabel: sorry, wish i could be more help. I gave up on Canon a couple years back.13:36
solderblobCrypto_, I would do as ActionParsnip said, boot to live cd and chroot the filesystem on the drive, then just edit grub.13:37
Crypto_how do I chroot?13:37
ravenid like to do a visualization of an audio file in a video - is there any way to use visualization plugins of audio players non-linear to generate a video containing levels/spectrums?13:37
solderbloblemme find a howto13:37
isabelActionParsnip: is there not naybe a issue with sub port?13:37
solderblobCrypto_, basic idea http://ur1.ca/99q60 .  Just don't do anything but edit the file and reboot.  no sudo apt-get updates etc...13:39
ravenid like to do a visualization of an audio file in a video - is there any way to use visualization plugins of audio players non-linear to generate a video containing levels/spectrums?13:39
isabelActionParsnip: is there not maybe a issue with usb port?13:39
samba35how to check which packages are recently installed or update ?13:39
solderblobsamba35, sudo apt-get install synaptic , imo13:40
solderblobsudo dpkg -l13:40
solderblobfor a list of packages installed13:40
SolarisBoysamba35: take a look at '/var/log/apt/term.log'13:41
solderblob/var/log/dpkg.log too13:41
solderblobCrypto_, I think you could  just boot to a live cd, mount the drive and find the grub config file, edit that way.  been a while since Ive needed to do that.13:42
boritekhi there. On Precise my camera doesnt work after install (it seemingly worked during install where i can make a user photo!! and some more releases back it worked out of the box). How can I fix it?13:42
Crypto_I had actually already tried that but couldnt run update-grub... chrooting should fix that13:42
solderblobits still cool to chroot, kind of fun, that is how you change the password if you forget it.13:42
samba35ok thanks13:42
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c0deMasterhow to run applications in a sandbox?13:43
ActionParsnipboritek: does it work in cheese?13:44
solderblobc0deMaster, could you be more specific?13:44
solderblobc0deMaster, you mean like http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man8/sandbox.8.html13:45
karol_hello, I've run into a disturbing problem installing ubuntu.13:45
solderblobkarol_, just say it.13:45
raptorhi what is the default username and passoword for ubuntu 12.0413:45
raptorI just installed it on USB and it is asking me for a username and password13:45
karol_The install runs "run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly"13:45
recon_tvraptor, the one you entered :)13:45
karol_and freezes13:45
boritekActionParsnip: no not in Cheese (all button and menu are greyed out) not in vlc, not in skype13:45
solderblobubuntu, no password, no?13:45
raptorI just installed it on USb13:46
karol_i mean it's still responsive, but i'm waiting like half an hour for it to run13:46
recon_tvraptor: then there is no password i think13:46
c0deMastersolderblob, if there is backdoor or malicious code somewhere but I don't know which files so I need to open or execute applications without infecting my system13:46
ActionParsnipboritek: then run:  lsusb   and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides13:46
raptorwhat about the username13:46
jiohdiraptor, you have to supply the user name and password as you install13:46
ActionParsnipboritek: make sure you are fully updated13:46
kimspindelsolderblob: i like your nick :)13:46
raptorI did it with Universal-USB-Installer-
boritekActionParsnip: ok, I have updated today13:46
jiohdiraptor, as part of the install process, you give it the username and password13:47
jiohdiotherwise it does not have one13:47
raptorIt's a live USb13:47
OerHeksraptor, Try 'ubuntu' with an empty password.13:47
recon_tvraptor: no idea,  never needed one on a flash stick13:48
jiohdilive has no password, only once you install13:48
karol_anyone any clue how long can /etc/cron.hourly take to run?13:48
karol_and why even run it during install?13:48
raptorso should I try ubuntu without any password13:48
recon_tvkarol_: I would guess hourly13:48
solderblobraptor, which screen are getting stuck on, here is a screen by screen howto http://ur1.ca/99q7g13:48
raptoris there any irc client for andriod13:48
ActionParsnipraptor: press CTRL+ALT+F1 on the login screen and run:  passwd ubuntu     then set a password and press CTRL+ALT+F7 and log in13:48
jiohdiraptor why do you need a password?13:48
ActionParsnipraptor: I use andchat13:48
solderblobActionParsnip, does andchat work with proxies?13:49
raptorno username is written there13:49
XeliHello, I've just gotten a new soundcard, which outputs sounds just however I cannot adjust the volume anywhere but alsamixer13:49
solderblobraptor, this is the live cd?13:50
Xeliand even there the master volume only adjusts the volume marginally13:50
Xeliany tips?13:50
ActionParsnipsolderblob: no idea, i don't use a proxy13:50
solderblobActionParsnip, thx13:50
karol_i finish all steps of configuration and then i just wait for the system to install13:50
solderblobhow did you make the usb? raptor ?13:50
raptoryes I downloaded this file ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso13:50
karol_after fetching tsome packages from the internet13:50
raptorusing Universal-USB-Installer-
jiohdiraptor, you can install it back onto the usb stick and it will then have an actual password13:51
karol_the installer runs "run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly"13:51
solderblobraptor, you using window$ to make the cd, or linux?13:51
karol_and freezes13:51
raptorwindows 713:51
solderblobtry lili usb creator13:51
solderblobwithout persistence13:52
ActionParsnipraptor: have you used the same USB device each time?13:52
raptorUniversal was mentioned on ubuntu help13:52
solderblobmm, Ive only had luck with lili on windows, just my advice...13:52
raptorI have used universal with ther  distro as well such as fedora, linux mint etx13:53
jiohdiunetbootin works more than 50% of the time13:53
solderblob^I use that on windows13:53
solderblobI mean, I use that on LInux*13:54
ActionParsnipI always use unetbootin, works great13:54
nischayHi ! Guys :)13:54
solderblobso, are the ops in here Canonical or community, just curious...13:55
ActionParsnipsolderblob: there are ops who keep order13:56
chu(There are possibly a few Canonical). This is off-topic though, come join us in #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to talk :)13:56
solderblobcause /topic says Official Support.. made me wonder13:57
nischayI need some help about ics ipmasq in ubuntu 12.04 and making IPMASQ permanent in ubuntu so i can share  my internet connection ppp0 with my eth0 network here is want i done but not successful http://paste.ubuntu.com/995851/13:57
solderblobchu, k13:57
Crypto_im getting dome errors running commands after doing chroot13:57
zastaphis it not possible to have Terminal launched via Unity load .bashrc or .bash_profile or .profile? neither are loaded for me13:57
zastaphbecause my alias isn't loaded13:58
solderblobwhat errors?13:58
anoshow to add a directory shortcut to 12.04 side panel??????????13:58
zykotick9zastaph: if you type "alias" is anything listed?13:58
zastaphzykotick, duh yes.. it seems i have an error in my .bashrc somewhere13:59
solderblobanos, ln -s13:59
recon_tvanos: dragging not work?13:59
nischayPls help me14:01
ActionParsnipanos: the only way I know is to make a .desktop in /usr/share/applications/ to run the nautilus command with what you want. Or you can grab the file from omgubuntu which gives a nice right click menu and add what you desire14:01
ActionParsnipzastaph: if you run: source ~/.bashrc    is it different?14:01
solderblobCrypto_, what about vim? nano?14:02
solderblobsudo nano grub14:02
solderblobnano whatever14:02
recon_tvanos, you could add a custom launcher , nautilus /my/desired/dir14:03
solderblob/etc/default/grub I think, no?14:03
ActionParsnipzastaph: I use this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/995855/14:03
solderblobCrypto_, edit GRUB_DEFAULT=314:04
ActionParsnipzastaph: you can add to the file as you want to add more folders, in Quantal the bookmarks list makes that list up (dead handy)14:04
solderblobor whatever it should be14:04
solderblobCrypto_, then sudo update-grub14:05
solderblobafter you save14:05
Crypto_done, thanks!14:05
zastaphActionParsnip, alias is the same.. but what puzzles me is that my #automatically do an ls after each cd... cd() {} function isn't active before I manually do source .bashrc14:06
zastaphActionParsnip, but my aliases are loaded properly even before i manually source14:06
zastaphyes my .bashrc is loaded14:09
zastaphbut the function has to be sourced for it to be active14:09
ActionParsnipzastaph: do you have a ~/.profile with an if statement in it?14:10
solderblobquiet in here14:10
ActionParsnipzastaph: like this one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/995868/14:11
kayden_krossHi, i am getting lot of gtk errors like this14:12
kayden_kross(gedit:6977): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.32.1/./gobject/gsignal.c:2455: signal `child-removed' is invalid for instance `0xd238d0'14:12
nischaypls help about ICS NAT IPMASQ in ubuntu 12.04 i just want to share my share my internet ppp0 with my eth0 networkhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/995851/14:12
kayden_krossi am using ubuntu with latest update14:12
solderblobI have gnome-panel installed.  To login, I chose Classic at login.  IF I install gnome-shell, will that affect my gnome-panel settings?14:12
zastaphActionParsnip, yes14:12
ActionParsnipkayden_kross: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc; uname -a14:12
solderblobkayden_kross, you get those errors when?14:13
kayden_krosseverytime i run some software14:13
kayden_krosslike gedit14:13
kayden_krossfrom terminal14:13
kayden_krossof software-center14:13
solderblobdoes the program start?14:14
solderblobor fail?14:14
kayden_krossyes it starts but14:14
ActionParsnipkayden_kross: can you run my command, please, what is output?14:14
kayden_krosswith wierd colors14:14
kayden_krossLinux ubuntu 3.0.0-17-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Thu Mar 8 20:45:39 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:14
kayden_krosshere is the output of your command ^^^^14:15
ActionParsnipkayden_kross: if you make a new user and run the same, is it the same?14:15
kayden_krosshow to make a new user14:15
kayden_krossyou mean new account14:15
israel__kayden_kross: useradd14:15
israel__useradd name14:16
solderblobor adduser14:16
solderblobor, there is a gui tool, i would use that14:16
sk1specialhey i just need to know the default number that = clicking the scroll wheel on a mouse. id assume its 3?  ( i know lame q sorry )14:16
kayden_krossi installed gimp14:16
kayden_krossbefore that it was working fine14:16
solderblobkayden_kross, there is a gui tool to add users, Im not sure where it is in 12.0414:16
solderblobyou could use adduser though14:17
szerzeteshi! I have a RTK DVB-T tuner, but i coudn't use :$14:17
solderblobadduser newuser14:17
szerzetescan somebody help me?14:17
solderblobszerzetes, did you install tvtime?14:18
szerzeteswhat is tvtime?14:18
recon_tvszerzetes:  what tuner software are you using14:18
solderblobisrael__, not in 12.0414:18
Un_BagelsHELP! I ran the latest updates, and now my Displays option won't let me set a resolution beyond 102414:18
solderblobszerzetes, a tv player14:18
szerzetesI try to vlc, but i don't find my device14:18
solderblobsudo apt-get install tvtime14:18
ActionParsnipUn_Bagels: what video chip do you use?14:18
Un_BagelsI think it's a GeForce14:19
solderblobor, apt-cache search tvtime14:19
szerzetesI'm try it14:19
Un_BagelsActionParsnip, ^14:19
solderblobszerzetes, do you see it in lspci?14:19
solderblob$ lspci14:19
szerzetesin lsusb14:19
israel__solderblob: ok didn't know14:19
szerzetesit's an usb device14:19
solderblobisrael__, me neither14:19
kayden_krosshow to change user14:20
solderblobszerzetes, will be honest with you, usbtv tuners are a pain on linux.  haz you got it to work before on linux?14:20
solderblobkayden_kross, log out, log back in14:20
solderblobI would I mean14:20
solderblobkayden_kross, but technically, su username14:20
szerzetesdon't know, is an noname tuner, i get a cd, with windows base resording program14:21
alfatauhello, i just installed ubuntu 12.04 on my notebook. Because my name is made of 3 words, it can't be entirely displayed on login screen. is there a way to "enlarge" the user selector width to be able to display my entire name?14:21
solderblobszerzetes, what does lspci say about it?14:21
solderblobcan you paste...14:21
nischaypls help me about IPMASQ and NAT in ubuntu 12.04 just want to share my internet ppp0 with my eth0 network i do my best but find no luck i want a permanent solution that servive after reboot http://paste.ubuntu.com/995851/14:21
Zentaurhi everybody14:21
delacnonblocking way to get state of wwan (3G connection) for use in bash script?14:21
kgenozukeใครเป็นคนไทยบ้าง ?14:22
Zentauri'm installing 12.04 right now in a raid114:22
Un_BagelsActionParsnip, GeForce.  but i would have to open my case, i forget what version no14:22
karthick87I am going to install ubuntu 12.04 in all the new systems in my office. can some suggest me some good partition schema? Its 2GB RAM & 250 GB HDD..14:22
solderblobKarmaon, dualboot?14:22
kayden_krosssoderblob: it says no protocol specified14:22
solderblobkayden_kross, did you logout and login?14:23
Zentaurwhen i get to the partitioning screen in the 12.04 installation i think it's quite strange14:23
szerzeteslspci say lot of things, but tuner not14:23
kayden_krossi used su14:23
solderblobZentaur, dual boot?14:23
Zentaurit recognizes two disks14:23
Zentauryesit's dual boot too14:23
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solderblobkayden_kross, I think you need to logout, I dont think you can launch gui apps when you su, not sure though14:23
nischayhello pls help me :((14:23
szerzetesops.... i installed tvtime, and w_scan can scan chanels14:23
Zentaurcould anybody help me with the installation?14:24
tailfanyone know why a command such as "xrandr --output HDMI3 --primary" would execute in a terminal but not work if run in crontab?14:25
ikoniaZentaur: what's the issue ?14:25
solderblobZentaur, there is a little slider thing that shows you windows on the left and ubuntu on the right, you can adjust that, 250 gb is fine14:25
ikoniatailf: crontab does not have your environment setup14:25
ikoniatailf: eg: when you run it's managing YOUR enviornment, when crontab does it, it's no-ones14:25
solderblobZentaur, you can also do this http://ur1.ca/99qm314:25
solderblobthe slider is easier14:25
tailfikonia: ah, ok. does that mean i should somehow set up an environment with crontab?14:26
Zentaurikonia:  i have two disks as raid114:26
ikoniatailf: not really, why are you trying to run that as cron14:26
karthick87I am going to install ubuntu 12.04 in all the new systems in my office. can some suggest me some good partition schema? Its 2GB RAM & 250 GB HDD..14:26
sasa_vuhas anyone trouble with Synaptic and download speed today? Very very slow...14:26
szerzetessolderblob, which program do you use to watch tuner?14:26
solderblobZentaur, a video howto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek2pdr4nGbc14:26
Un_BagelsHELP! I ran the latest updates, and now my Displays option won't let me set a resolution beyond 102414:26
ikoniaZentaur: so what's the problem14:27
solderblobszerzetes, tvtime, which is why I suggested it14:27
ikoniakarthick87: partition schema is personal to you14:27
tailfikonia: i just want my right monitor to be set as the primary but on reboot my computer always sets the left one. thus i wanted to run that with @reboot in crontab so i could have the right monitor as primary without having to run a command manually each time14:27
solderblobKartagis, the ram is fine14:27
ikoniatailf: can you not hardcode this into the xorg.conf ?14:27
szerzetesI see, thax! :)14:27
Zentaurthe problem is that the partitioning screen shows the partitions twice14:27
=== THE_Dreamer is now known as jiohdi
ikoniaZentaur: what type of raid is it14:27
Zentaurraid 114:28
ikoniasolderblob: can you stop dishing out random advice to people and actually try to listen to the problems14:28
tailfikonia: i guess i could give that a go. i wasn't really sure on the most efficient solution14:28
ikoniaZentaur: is it hardware/software/fakeraid ?14:28
solderblobikonia, piss off, I am listen, thank you14:28
ikoniatailf: if it was my machine, that' show I'd do it, hardcode my displsy settings14:28
solderblobikonia, is right, its a personal choice, chose how much you want for linux and it will do the partition stuff for you with the space you give it.14:28
ikoniasolderblob: drop the language/attitude14:28
Zentaurhardware (as i always made) :)14:28
solderblobikonia, drop the advice than,14:28
paissadhello guys,i would like to know whether or not it is possible to automate the installation of "phpmyadmin" for example by doing something like this   "apt-get install phpmyadmin -y" | cat <<"eof" "yes eof"  something like that14:28
solderblobdishing, psh14:28
ikoniasolderblob: it wasn't advice - I'm telling you to do it14:28
solderblobIm sayin no14:29
ikoniaZentaur: is it hardware on a motherboard, or a seperate command14:29
paissadi have to write the command into a script, so i don't want to do manual stuffs14:29
Dr_Willispaissad:  why do you need the eof stuff?14:29
israel__paissad: you can do it with a script14:29
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karthick87ikonia: For a good working system.. 1GB boot, 2GB Swap & Remaining root / .. is this ok ?14:29
paissadisrael__: ok,  would you like to give me the command if ever you know it, please :14:29
=== matje is now known as valaminicknev
ikoniakarthick87: 1gb boot is waayyy too big,14:29
ikoniakarthick87: I've never run a /boot larger than 200mb14:30
Zentaurit is hardware motherboard14:30
JuggaloXXhello, would any one be able to point me in the right direction to get usb 3.0 working on 12.04 LTS. everything works but my usb 3.0. i can see the hub in lsusb but ti does not detect anything plugged into it.14:30
ikoniaZentaur: ok, so that's most likley not hardware raid but a technology called "fake raid"14:30
Dr_Willisi got a /boot/ thats several gb.. but thats because its holding several ISO files of other disrtos for testing. ;)14:30
zykotick9karthick87: barring RAID or other special filesystem requirements, why have a separate /boot at all?14:30
Dr_WillisJuggaloXX:  for my system - usb3 works fine. ;()14:31
ikoniaZentaur: do you have any other OS on this machine at this time ?14:31
ikoniaZentaur: eg: do you have windows installed using raid114:31
Zentauryes i have dual boot with win14:31
kayden_kross(gedit:2066): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.32.1/./gobject/gsignal.c:2455: signal `child-removed' is invalid for instance `0xf258c0'14:31
ikoniaZentaur: this could be a problem I'm sorry to say14:31
JuggaloXXDr_Willis, i realize they work for some but not others. i have a new Elietebook 8560p here, now reading the reviews usb 3.0 was reported to work fine on 11.10. so i assumed 12.04 LTS would work14:31
ikoniaZentaur: fake raid on Linux is a very poor supported technology14:31
kayden_krossHi i am getting this error14:32
kayden_kross(gedit:2066): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.32.1/./gobject/gsignal.c:2455: signal `child-removed' is invalid for instance `0xf258c0'14:32
ikoniaZentaur: a lot of the fake raid controllers just don't work14:32
ikoniakarthick87: what areyou trying to do ?14:32
Zentaurit was no problem with suse or ubuntu 11.1014:32
ikoniaZentaur: that's interesting, so you've had it working wiht 11.10, that's a good sign14:32
kayden_krossalso this14:32
kayden_kross(gedit:2066): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: nautilus.css:56:22: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.14:32
Un_BagelsHELP is there any way to just roll back my latest update? My NVidia driver broke, and now my monitor is all out of whack, can't change the resolution.  Have Pastebin if you can help14:32
Un_BagelsI have a pastebin14:32
karthick87ikonia: How about swap ?14:32
kayden_krossCan somebody help14:33
ikoniakarthick87: are you planning to hibernate14:33
Un_BagelsActionParsnip, you still there?  I have a pastebin14:34
Zentaurdon't worry i'll reinstall 11.10 just to see how th partitionin screen looked like14:34
JuggaloXXi see that it sees it as a usb 3 device in dmesg. [  512.267575] usb 4-1: new SuperSpeed USB device number 4 using xhci_hcd14:34
karthick87ikonia: no14:34
Dr_WillisJuggaloXX:  there was some big kernel changes between the 2.14:34
JuggaloXXhowever i cannot find it to mount it. the same drive and ports work on windows14:34
ikoniakarthick87: just use the same size as your ram14:34
kayden_kross(gedit:2066): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:1854:24: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.14:35
nischayhelp me pls :(14:35
JuggaloXXDr_Willis, yeah im beginning to think its a kernel issue. ive tried a few upstream ones, they dont seem to help me. but do help others.14:35
Dr_Williskayden_kross:  warnings are normally not fatle.14:35
Dr_Willisfatele.. err.. deadly. ;)14:35
kayden_krossDr_Willis: the colours that i get are wierd14:35
kayden_krosspale yellow on white14:35
Dr_Williskayden_kross:  colors of what?14:36
kayden_krosscolour of gedit font14:36
Dr_WillisHmm. even the ppa's seem slow today.14:36
kayden_krossthere are a lot of errors like this14:36
kayden_krosslet me paste them on pastebin14:36
nyuszika7hHi, I heard the new Xorg breaks audible beep (PC speaker). Is there any way to fix this?14:37
Dr_Williswarnings are not really errors.. but id say make a new user. see if they have the same issue kayden_kross14:37
kayden_krossi made a new user as told by solderblob14:37
kayden_krossbut still i get the same errors14:37
Dr_Willisnyuszika7h:  the system/pcspkr  beeping has been disabled by default i thought in ubuntu and X for several releaes.. - i do recall someone in here the other day fighting to turn OFF the system bell.14:38
kayden_krossplease see this14:39
maxoHi, when I try to ssh to another machine, I get: "Too many identities in authentication reply: 3080"  . I've googled the error but literally can't find anything about it other than references to it in the openssh code. Does anyone know what this error means?14:39
Dr_Willisnyuszika7h:  You may want to check askubuntu.com to see if anyone has some postings on the topic. Personally i always disable that beeping.14:39
kayden_krossDr_Willis : please have a look at this14:39
Dr_Williskayden_kross:  theme parseing errros.. id say try a new theme.14:39
nyuszika7hI found the solution, I think14:40
Dr_Willisselect a differnt theme using myunity or whatever config tools you want.14:40
kayden_krossand thanks for your time Dr_Willis14:40
Dr_Williswowsers - downloading from a ppa at --> 5,303 B/s14:41
nischayDr_Willis pls help me14:42
Dr_Willisnischay:  not noticed you state a problem.. but im also babysitting...14:42
nischayjust trying to find someone to help me it is long wating time here channel is so busy14:43
nyuszika7h`sudo modprobe pcspkr' didn't work14:43
nyuszika7hNor did `xset b on'14:43
Dr_Willisnyuszika7h:  i was thinking ther ewas some differnt *pcspkr* module out there also. it was mentioned yesterday. you could check the logs.14:44
Dr_Willisnyuszika7h:  also test if beeping works from the console - so X is not messing with it.14:44
nischayNeed some help about NAT MASQ implemenatioin in 12.04 so i can share my ppp0 to my eth0 http://paste.ubuntu.com/995890/14:44
Dr_Willisnischay:  last i messed with that was by following the Ip-masquerading howto.. like 7+ yrs ago.14:44
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:45
Dr_Willisis all i know on the topic these days.14:45
Dr_Willisive heard some of the firewalling gui tools can enable it with just a few clicks.14:45
Un_BagelsXRANDR can't find my display.  I have a VGA monitor attached to an NVidia GeForce max output 1600x900.  It worked yesterday, but an update broke it.  PLEASE HELP :(14:45
zykotick9nyuszika7h: verify that Beep isn't mutted or turned down in "alsamixer" as well.14:45
raptor_I tried the LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.12 it only lengthed  the bootup but still I'm stuck at login screen14:47
Dr_Willisraptor_:  it only did what?14:47
raptor_increased the bootup time14:47
raptor_it is asking for a username and passowrd which I haven't set14:48
zykotick9raptor_: if it's livemedia try "ubuntu" with no password.  if it's after an install - username and password is one of the questions.14:49
raptor_I did try that14:49
ZaNeIuMif you have someone use putty to enter your box, is there a way to see what they are doing?14:51
Dr_Willisonly time ive seen the live cd ask for a name/pass - was when it was a bad burn14:51
Dr_WillisZaNeIuM:  they are 'ssh'ing into your box. there are shells out you can use to monitor/share with them in real time.  or they could use screen. if they want you to help14:51
ZaNeIuMDr_Willis: list a first degree14:51
zykotick9Dr_Willis: i've experinced it personally on several occasions (older versions of ubuntu obviously) - it's almost felt random... when it happens i mean.14:52
Un_BagelsXRANDR can't find my display.  I have a VGA monitor attached to an NVidia GeForce max output 1600x900.  It worked yesterday, but an update broke it.  PLEASE HELP :(14:52
gccsterguys i just installed ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop intel i5 with nvidia gforce 540M the problem is that the fan cpu speed is always very high and this is not normal can anybody help?14:53
ZaNeIuMDr_Willis how would it be done, would you mind trying it?14:53
Dr_Willisgccster:  theres some known power saveing issues with some devices/chipsets. Id say check the forums and askubuntu.com for your exact make/model laptop. and they Might have some work arounds and tweaks.14:53
raptor_@<Dr_Willis> can you suggest anything else bcz ubuntu as username is not working14:53
Dr_WillisZaNeIuM:  just a quick google search shows --> http://serverfault.com/questions/12419/monitor-an-incoming-ssh-session-in-real-time14:54
Dr_Willisraptor_:  you sure it booted the live cd and not your normal isntall?14:54
gccsterDr_Willis, this is not a graphics card h/w acceleration problem?14:54
satop1are the apt-get update servers down ?14:54
zykotick9gccster: (not specific to your issue) if you have lm-sensors installed, from a terminal does "sensors" return a value for CPU FAN Speed in RPM?14:54
Dr_Willisgccster:  the last few releases of ubuntu (and the kernels) have had some known power issues with laptops.14:54
Dr_Willissatop1:  theya re real slow here.. not sure what the deal is.14:54
ActionParsnipgccster: does the i5 have the inbuilt intel GPU thing?14:54
AngtagapagligtHey there... just installed Ask Ubuntu Lens. Got Ubuntu 11.10. But it doesn't seem to work... If I type ask ubuntu in my dash search bar there is just nothing :)14:55
gccsterActionParsnip, all i know is that it has nvidia gforce gt 540M14:55
raptor_yes with LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.12 gave me these options 1. Run in persistent mode 2 Live mode 3 Install to disk 4. check ram or something like that etc14:56
Dr_WillisAngtagapagligt:  i click the 'ask ubuntu' button at the bottom of the   dash thing here.14:56
raptor_I selected the peresisent mode14:56
AngtagapagligtDr_Willis: There is none :/14:56
Dr_WillisAngtagapagligt:  no idea then. Im on 12.04  here. the lens works very well14:56
Dr_WillisAngtagapagligt:  you did log out/back in after installing the lense?14:57
AngtagapagligtDr_Willis: Nope14:57
TaddleAnybody know the name of the module for php that allows you to send emails through scripts?14:57
gccsterzykotick9, i installed lm-sensors what do u want me to do14:57
AngtagapagligtDr_Willis: Can't try this yet... :)14:57
raptor_should I try with live mode14:57
AngtagapagligtDr_Willis: Have to copy files^^14:57
zykotick9raptor_: i've never liked persistent usb installs, i've found doing a proper install to the usb (including grub to usb) a lot more useful - then persistant installs.14:57
zykotick9gccster: in a terminal type "sensors"14:57
Dr_WillisAngtagapagligt:  i recall a lot of the unity extra stuff requires you to log out/back in for them to start working14:57
raptor_how do you do a grub to USB ?14:58
gccsterzykotick9, acpitz-virtual-014:58
gccsterAdapter: Virtual device14:58
gccstertemp1:        +63.0°C  (crit = +99.0°C14:58
gccsteri think this is high already14:58
zykotick9!paste | gccster14:58
ubottugccster: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:58
AngtagapagligtDr_Willis: Ah okay... I'll try this in half an hour ... Many thanks!14:58
ActionParsnipgccster: run:  sudo lshw -C display     does it say intel as well as nvidia?14:59
zykotick9ActionParsnip: fyi, i think hybrid can also be revealed using "lspci -v | grep -i vga" (but test first ;)15:00
gccsterActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/hu24JNeG15:00
Un_Bagelsgccster ActionParsnip et al, I think you guys are talking about the same problem I have?15:00
raptor_let me try with live mode15:00
zykotick9ActionParsnip: gccster intel & nvidia ;)15:00
satop1the servers are slow that might be the reason it fails15:01
ActionParsnipthat hybrid junk is always a pain in Linux15:01
zykotick9gccster: could you pastebin "lscpi -v | grep -i vga" for me?15:01
Dead_AssClowni downloaded ubuntu and accidently f***ed it up...how do you re install15:01
nyuszika7hAny further ideas?15:01
Dead_AssClownburn it to a cd?15:01
nyuszika7hI don't see "beep" in alsamixer, only mic and internal mic is muted15:01
Solitary7Hey whats up everybody. Is there a chance someone can help me with this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1982911   ?15:02
nyuszika7hBeep apparently doesn't work in tty1 either15:02
gccsterin wich package i get lspci?15:02
nyuszika7h(tried `beep' and `echo -en '\007'`)15:02
zykotick9gccster: no package required?15:02
nyuszika7hgccster: Tip: sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update && sudo apt-file search 'file'15:03
Dr_Willisnyuszika7h:  theres a way to get GRUB to play a tune also.. :) but even that dosent work on this pc..15:03
zykotick9gccster: if it's too much trouble - don't worry about it!  thanks anyway.15:03
Dr_Willis# Uncomment to get a beep at grub start15:04
Dr_WillisGRUB_INIT_TUNE="1000 334 1 334 1 0 1 334 1 0 1 261 1 334 1 0 1 392 2 0 4 196 2"15:04
Dr_WillisThats the Mario tune. :) but it does not work on my pc either.. I think my pc has no speaker.15:04
* zykotick9 has never gotten grub been to work :( and i have several grub songs around somewhere15:04
nyuszika7hFor me, beep works in Windows and in Arch (some older version)15:05
OerHeksDr_Willis, neither have that tune working, with pc speaker or soundcard15:05
fabi_anat least one of the official hashes here seems wrong: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes15:05
nyuszika7hzykotick9: I said beep, not been15:05
gccsterzykotick9, http://pastebin.com/5W4fwU3i15:05
Shanthhi there15:05
fabi_ani'm so dumb15:06
sharkohello is there a way that i can get php to work15:06
NcA./*.php ?15:06
vg-locguys can u help in getting themes and help install them ??15:07
zykotick9gccster: thanks!  ActionParsnip so lspci with the -v will show both cards - no sudo or lshw required.15:07
sharkohello is there a way that i can get php to work as i downloaded the php softwere and now i cant open it15:07
vg-lochello can any one help me ??15:07
gccsterzykotick9, is there any chance to fix this?15:07
SolarisBoysharko: what do you mean get it to work? how are you trying to make it work? or do you expect it to work?15:08
Dr_Willisvg-loc:  i just use themes from the repos. or the webupd8 sites ppa's15:08
NcAsharko: you need to be a bit more specific15:08
vg-loccan u give me the link15:08
NcAsharko: did you install it via aptitude?15:08
sharkoSolarisBoy i used sudo get-app instail15:08
SolarisBoysharko: ok - and what exactly are you looking to happen now?15:08
Dr_Willisvg-loc:   the sites name is 'webupd8'15:09
Dr_Willisvg-loc:  they got a ppa. with some nice themes in it15:09
SolarisBoysharko: php is a language generally used to produce dynamic web content15:09
zykotick9gccster: get it working you mean?  ya.  (i've never had this h/w so don't really know the specifics) but you need to install bumblebee and or research more on nvidia-optimus support in linux15:09
vg-locand how to install them ??15:09
Dr_Willisvg-loc:  since its a PPA.. you use the normal package manager tools....15:09
SolarisBoysharko: are you running php in some webserver which is configured to execute PHP files and have php files in your web root and are seeing an issue?15:09
gccsterzykotick9, im sure its hardware acceleration problem15:09
SolarisBoysharko: else PHP generally doesn't do anything by itself..15:10
vg-locdo i need a ware to install it or something ?15:10
zykotick9gccster: i think, once you have bumblebee properly working the nvidia driver starts to work properly (ie acceleration)15:10
sharkowell SolarisBoy it to open in terminator and i dont have one as im working on someing for a mates server he just wnats me to code15:10
gccsterzykotick9, where can i find bubmblebe?15:10
Dr_Willisvg-loc:  You may want to spend some time learning some more ubuntu basics. you add the ppa, the items appear in the normal software center/synaptic/apt-get tools.. same as all the other apps do.15:10
Xeliaaaargh pulseaudio ;((15:11
SolarisBoysharko: you dont open the php binary, it interprets php code15:11
zykotick9gccster: no idea ;)15:11
Dr_Willisvg-loc:  the webupd8 pages detail exactly how to install the themes using apt-get15:11
gccsterzykotick9, do u know what is it?15:11
sharkoSolarisBoy ok then how to i get it to run then15:11
SolarisBoysharko: in a browser15:11
SolarisBoysharko: in a webserver rather - and view it in a browser15:11
vg-locDr_willis : thnq for the help15:12
vg-loci'm done with the manual !!!15:12
vg-locwhat else should i learn ?15:12
zykotick9gccster: sorry i've shared all i know about hybrid graphics with you already - so good luck.  someone else who knows more would be able to help you better.15:12
SolarisBoysharko: generally (maybe not so much now) people use apache - as such they enable mod_php15:12
sharkoSolarisBoy so theres no way that i can code with out a server15:12
gccsterzykotick9, ok thanx for anyone needs it i found IT https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee15:12
SolarisBoysharko: you can code all you like15:12
=== coffee_ is now known as kaffe
raptor22I did try in live mode but still it ask for a username and passowrd15:13
Dougie187I tried to installed the binary nvidia drivers to check a performance issue. I cleaned it up and removed them and reinstalled nvidia-current, but now when I log in with unity 32 I don't get an interface. I was curious if anyone had an idea to get around this?15:13
SolarisBoysharko: open an editor and start typing...15:13
exaemsharko: You can install php on your home server if you have linux installed15:13
gccsternvidia-optimus support15:13
SolarisBoyhe has it installed15:13
raptor22I took a few screenshots though15:13
exaemThen why is he complaining?15:13
SolarisBoyi think hes looking for it to do something on its own..15:13
NcAhe doesn't understand what php is.?15:13
sharkoexaem nvm15:13
SolarisBoysharko: if you want to run a php script - without a browser - look at php --help15:13
sharkoNcA i know what it is15:13
SolarisBoyyou can use -f and point to a file15:14
SolarisBoybut thats about it..15:14
sharkoi got it thanks15:14
SolarisBoygenerally people use it for dynamic web content as such they test it in a browser - and code it in w/e they are comfortable in - technically you DONT need it installed to code it15:14
NcA<?php\ echo "hello world"\ ?>15:16
NcAthen execute15:16
trappistI've moved mysql's data files to a new filesystem, updated my.cnf and apparmor... when I restart the server everything becomes root-owned and all my queries say the table doesn't exist.. have I missed something?15:16
ikoniatrappist: change the permisisons on the file system15:16
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest87939
trappistikonia: I just realized chown does nothing... the fs must be something other than I thought15:17
ldz420what do the permissions look like on the files ?15:17
ikoniatrappist: what file system did you (think?) you put on it15:17
trappistI put it on a new ssd drive, and the fs is fuse15:18
trappistguess I'll deal with that15:18
ikoniatrappist: fuse isn't a file system15:18
ikoniatrappist: it's most likley ntfs15:18
ldz420I am trying to activate my nvidia drivers and I am getting an error message about XorgDriverHandler.enable() in the jockey.log file15:18
trappistah right15:18
ikoniatrappist: and you're mounting it through fuse15:18
trappistyeah probably15:19
ikoniatrappist: that would explain the permissions problems you are seein15:19
matelotQ: Does Compiz work under Gnome shell on 12.04 ?15:20
zykotick9matelot: no15:20
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest80915
matelotzykotick9: what about G2 ?15:21
SolarisBoytrappist: did you get help?15:21
zykotick9matelot: gnome2?  of course.?15:21
matelotzykotick9: yes Gnome 2 thx15:22
ikoniamatelot: keep in mind, gnome 2 is dead15:22
zykotick9matelot: RIP Gnome2 - move on ;)15:22
matelotwhat about Cinammon ? does compiz work there ?15:22
ikoniamatelot: you'll need to talk to the mint guys on that15:22
zykotick9matelot: cinammon is ot here (i don't know btw)15:23
ikoniamatelot: they will have a better idea on compatability/stability15:23
=== raptor22 is now known as raptor2
matelotso my only option  - if I must have compiz - is Unity and G2 ?15:23
zykotick9matelot: fyi i think gnome-panel (under gnome3) can do compiz?15:24
ikoniamatelot: well not really gnome 2, as that's not in ubuntu any more15:24
Dr_Willismatelot:  thers emerald. but its a dead project.15:24
Dr_Willismatelot:  the webupd8 site had a guide on seting up custome compiz sessions also.15:24
matelotI can not stanf UNITY ....15:24
Dr_Willismatelot:  i find unity fine.. so whatever.. ;)15:24
zykotick9!notunity | matelot15:24
ubottumatelot: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic15:24
AFDhi guys15:24
satop1$ gnome-media-player ... segmentation fault ?15:25
gccsterzykotick9, well i installed bumblebee is there any test where i can see if h/w acceleration is turned on?15:25
zykotick9satop1: use a better media player15:25
Dr_WillisThe classic-gnome-fallback thing is also a  solution that could go away in the next release.. or may hang on for a few more.15:25
AFDI need to separate my X to have xbmc give me fullscreen correctly on my 2nd monitor from my laptop15:25
AFDcan anyone help a n00b config it?15:25
satop1zykotick or fix it15:25
zykotick9gccster: i have no idea about your hardware - you now know more then me ;)  good luck man.15:25
Dr_WillisAFD:  for my nvidia card/system i can just enable twinview and it fullscreens fine on the 2nd monitor. no need for a seperate X session.15:26
Dr_WillisAFD:  so whats your chipset?15:26
hapsterwhen wayland goes live in ubuntu, will wine gaming still be possible?15:26
abdo906can any1 help me15:26
Dr_Willishapster:  when wayland goes live.. thers going to be so many issues.. it will be scary15:26
gccsterzykotick9, sorry if i am a pain in the ass i didnt asked you about the hardware just any tests to check out the acceleration....15:26
AFDDr_Willis: checking chipset brb15:26
zykotick9Dr_Willis: +1 on you wayland comment15:26
alfatauhello! i just installed the 12.04 ubuntu release. I've a problem with the login screen: my name is made of 3 words, but the user selection box cannot contain my entire name. Is there a way to increase that box width? thank you for your attention15:26
michael_do you really need to use your full name?15:27
=== zhang is now known as Guest48968
abdo906can i find any commands that can read file like PDF15:27
hapsterso will ubuntu wait for at least a stable wayland release (stable in a sense that wine and most common apps will run flawlessly) or will they just go ahead and let developers adjust? haha15:27
michael_there is a doc viewer in ubuntu that reads pdfs15:28
zykotick9gccster: ya, i'm not to sure what test apply for hybrid stuff sorry.  does nvidia-settings work correctly (i have no idea if it should or shouldn't)?15:28
hapsterbecause the way I understand it is ubuntu won't have Xorg out of the box when they shift to wayland.15:28
evilgeeniusDoes the Ubuntu install/live CD have gparted on it?15:28
abdo906yeah i know but i need make search option for pdfs files15:28
abdo906for instance  i want to make database then search in text on these files15:29
trappistok I corrected the original problem... moved my mysql data dirs to an ext4 fs on a new ssd, updated my.cnf and apparmor... the server starts but queries say my tables don't exist15:30
vatueilhey, what's ubuntu's stance on updating to newer firefox versions in 12.04 LTS?15:30
zykotick9hapster: if history tells us anything, ubuntu does not wait for things to be stable - "progress" is driving force (for better or worse)15:30
trappistit's all chown -R'd to mysql:mysql15:30
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest76121
rottik9I am looking for some training in ubuntu, any suggestions?15:31
hapsteroh I see.:( I just hope proprietary drivers can still function (on top of wayland or whatever. no to sure on the technical stuff of graphics drivers in relation to wayland/XOrg) when wayland kicks in. I still want to play blizzard games on wine.XD15:31
AFDDR_Willis: I ran hwinfo and found the chipset (I think)15:31
alfataumichael_: it's simply an appearance issue15:31
abdo906please can any1 help me how can i use man man for my thoughts15:32
AFDDR_Willis: Intel 965GM15:32
pgibAnyone have an idea on what is going on here? http://snag.gy/K2NjE.jpg15:32
AFDDr_Willis: my chipset is Intel 965GM15:33
OerHekspgib nothing going on, you just have a little space free,15:33
pgibDid an lvresize then an fs2resize, the capacity has increased from ~85GB to 115GB.  But it doesn't seem to have it "free"15:34
trappistshow tables shows my tables, but 'select * from table_name' reports the table doesn't exist15:34
OerHekspgib resized, and mounted again shows not the available space you expected?15:35
pgibShows avail as 1.1GB, and used as only 79GB -- this should be closer to 72%15:35
Abhijittrappist, ask in the appropriate database channel15:35
abdo906I'm new ubutnu user can any1 help me15:35
abdo906or show me how can i deal with ubuntu15:36
raptorthis is the screen where I'm struck http://imagebin.org/21302015:36
trappistah, dmesg shows me this: mysql post-start process (11960) terminated with status 115:36
pgibOerHeks, Right, I resized it to 115GB. The gnome applet seems to recognize this on the "Volume" line.  Yet, it says Total capacity: 84.6 GB.  Hmm, perhaps the fs2resize failed somehow?15:37
trappistwhere can I find the post-start script for mysql?15:38
OerHekspgib, i guess so, what fs2resize command did you use?15:39
NcAtrappist: what are you needing a script for exactly?15:40
trappistNcA: the post-start script is failing for mysql, want to see what could be going wrong15:40
trappistso I'm looking for the existing script, not trying to write a new one15:41
kanliot hey i wrote a governance document for lubuntu, can someone please give me some feedback or corrections?15:41
kanliot  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/tempgovernance15:41
AFDcan anyone help with my fullscreen issue on xbmc please?15:41
AFDsplits image over both screens15:42
qawsedrfhow do install an older version of a software from apt-get ?15:42
AFDI have Intel 965GM GPU15:42
mattwj2002wow there are a ton of people in there 1640 of us!15:43
mattwj2002hi all!15:43
mattwj2002I need a good link for usb 3.0 controllers for ubuntu15:44
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:44
dh33p4nhi, I wanna learn about linux commands, can any one point me to some good website..15:45
Adilsomeone can help me to configure my modem OT-X080C on Ubuntu 12.04??15:45
ikoniadh33p4n: tldp.org15:45
dh33p4nikonia, thanks!15:46
invisiblekanyone else having problems with the mirror being really slow? (us)15:46
mattwj2002guys my computer is really slow15:46
Adilsomeone can help me to configure my modem OT-X080C on Ubuntu 12.0415:46
Adilsomeone can help me to configure my modem OT-X080C on Ubuntu 12.0415:46
ikoniaAdil: please stop15:47
ikoniaAdil: spamming will only get you ignored15:47
melkorwow, instaling latex is almost as large as the operating system.15:47
Adilso help me ikonia15:47
ikoniamelkor: it is a big component, sure15:47
OerHeksmattwj2002, see http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/ although any usb3 should be supported fine15:47
mattwj2002thanks OerHeks15:47
bigpapahello all, can someone please help me make my 2 amd hd 6850's play nice and let me have dual monitors?15:48
mattwj2002uploading my music collection to Google Music is killing upload speed! :)15:48
Adilyou don't mind guys?15:48
VirtualBlackness"Help me or I will make it difficult to help other people"   What kind of person thinks this is how life should be handled?15:49
prayingprincehello.  I just installed 12.04 on its own partition.  I used to run 11.10 in VM.  I can not get wireless towork.  when i type "lspci | grep -i wireless" nothing comes up15:49
ikoniaVirtualBlackness: they are the people who won't get help15:49
satop1"Help me or I will make it difficult to help other people"  LOL15:49
tommyfunthere's a great latex plugin for eclipse15:50
Adilsomeone can help me to configure my modem OT-X080C on Ubuntu 12.04 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz15:50
ikoniaAdil: final warning - stop15:50
ikoniaAdil: ask a question, wait for a response15:50
Adilikonia who will help me?15:50
ikoniaAdil: someone who is not annoyed by your spamming and who knows the answer15:51
melkorAdil: you problem sounds pretty specific, you might have to find a forum, post a message and wait.15:51
mattwj2002OerHeks: are you still here?15:51
alankilaAdil: nobody if nobody has any idea about that hardware. We just can't afford to have people constantly spamming the same message every few minutes.15:51
VirtualBlackness!patience | Adil15:52
ubottuAdil: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:52
ActionParsnipAdil: could help if you say how it connects to the system...15:52
abdo906what z man man ?15:52
lundAdil, what type of modem is it, do you need help to configure it at a driver level, or dont know how to configure for your ISP etc15:52
VirtualBlackness!details | Adil15:52
ubottuAdil: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:52
mattwj2002OerHeks: I found that the NEC Corporation uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller is prefect15:52
Adili'm not a spammer, i want just help, i don't have connection on my Ubunto! i write many msg on forums but no one answer!!! a friend requiest me your site and i'm on it now15:53
mattwj2002is that a chipset?15:53
OerHeksmattwj2002, oke, buy one15:53
rlyI need to download 4GB to upgrade Ubuntu; isn't that a bit excessive for an upgrade?15:53
ActionParsnipAdil: still not answered my question....15:53
OerHeksrly depends on all the installed packages. no, it is not excessive.15:54
VirtualBlackness"I'm not abusive, I am just punching you in the face because I need something"   please give details, and be patient.15:54
ikoniarly: no, or you wouldn't need to15:54
Adilmy modem is OT-X080C Ubuntu doesn't detect it, i set configuration to #777 and i gave Name of user and password, but no connexion!!15:54
ZaNeIuMim very new to ubuntu, how do i get this to install ( i've dl it to a folder) "MarballOdyssey-Shareware-1.3.1-Linux-x86-Install"15:54
rlyDoes Ubuntu use binary diffs for real upgrades?15:55
mattwj2002OerHek I figured it out15:55
ikoniarly: no, not for a distro upgrade15:55
mattwj2002thanks ... I owe you a beer!15:55
melkorAdil: when the modem is plugged in does the light flash properly?15:55
prayingprinceI don't want to pull an Adil, but has anyone seen my question?15:55
melkorprayingprince: that is probably worse.15:55
rlyDoes the upgrade work? Or have there been lots of problems?15:56
prayingprinceOk, sorry15:56
ikoniarly: it works15:56
lundprayingprince, missed it15:56
VirtualBlacknessNo prayingprince, please repeat.15:56
benjaimen_im a 36 year old 80s computer nerd with questionable social skills, apple IIe was the first real friend, but my commodore schoolmates had what i wanted, now im using joli os cuz i tried to compress my drive in windows 7... starting to get used to it, i might stick with it, but even though linux is supposed to be so stab;le, i have just as many occasional 'having to just restart' issues15:56
prayingprincehello.  I just installed 12.04 on its own partition.  I used to run 11.10 in VM.  I can not get wireless towork.  when i type "lspci | grep -i wireless" nothing comes up15:56
AdilMelkor, when the modem is plugged  the light flash properly15:56
Shanthhow long will it take for apt-get update15:56
VirtualBlacknessprayingprince: try just looking through all of lspci.15:56
ikoniaprayingprince: the virtual hardware does not have a virtual wireless device15:56
VirtualBlacknessprayingprince: they do not always identify with the word wireless.15:56
ikoniaprayingprince: only the physical hardware will have wireless devices15:57
melkorAdil: can you go to the termin/cmd prompt and type "lsusb | grep 12d1" ?15:57
rlyikonia: did Canonical do anything to improve QA in the past year?15:57
VirtualBlacknessprayingprince: listen to ikonia... I just was commenting on the specific grep15:57
ikoniabenjaimen_: do you have an ubuntu question ?15:57
ikoniarly: no more/less than before15:57
melkorShanth: unless you are on dial-up it should take less than 10 minutes.15:58
prayingprinceDoes this look right the right thing:  0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)15:58
rlyikonia: what kind of infrastructure do they have for QA?15:58
dlentzprayingprince, yes15:58
ikoniarly: no idea15:58
OerHeksrly check askubuntu.com, improved forum15:58
Shanthi'm using DSL and for first time runing apt-get update15:58
AdilMelkor: no i don't try it yet!  just give me the possible solutions, cause i've to restart my computer to enter on Ubunto! Now i'm on windows15:58
=== Nemo7_ is now known as Nemo7
Guest4180hi everyone15:59
melkorShanth: apt-get update doesn't take long it just d/loads package information.15:59
Shanthits seems to be going more than an hour15:59
VirtualBlackness!b43 | yes prayingprince... that is it.15:59
ubottuyes prayingprince... that is it.: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:59
prayingprinceok, thanks!15:59
melkoradil http://theopenhelp.com/2010/10/how-to-setup-tata-photon-plus-on-ubuntu.html15:59
alankilaI have b43 on laptop. The closed driver worked with that one, the open driver never did15:59
TheAlliedFleetDoes anyone else have problems with furius ISO mount?15:59
Guest4180hey this is great am on mirc from my mac yuppyyyyyy15:59
ikoniaTheAlliedFleet: mounting an ISO has no issues16:00
ikoniaTheAlliedFleet: if you have a specific issue, please say16:00
alankilaopen driver crashed the box in about 5 minutes forcing a reboot16:00
ActionParsnipAdil: run:  lsusb    copy the text and make a pastebin so we can read it, also add the output of:  lsb_release -a16:00
AdilMelkor : thank you!16:00
ActionParsnipGuest4180: ok....16:00
satop1adil did you visit the website of your hardware for support16:00
TheAlliedFleetWhen I mount an iso I can't see anything within the mountpoint ikonia16:00
AdilActionParsnip: i will note your msg thank you too16:00
AFDcan anyone tell me how to separate my x sessions when dual screening from a laptop?16:01
Cnythnkhm I never worked with python (it's not for me, just hosting it) but is there anyway you could find out the "service name" for a running python script e.g "example.py"?16:01
ActionParsnipAFD: using what GPU?16:01
ikoniaAFD: define two xsessions in the xorg.conf16:01
bigpapacan anyone help me with getting both of my amd hd 6850s working so i can have dual desktops? it sees the main adapter fine but maybe cause the other is the same it can't?16:01
ikoniaTheAlliedFleet: how are you mounting it ?16:01
AFDActionParsnip: Intel 965GM16:01
melkorShanth: you can cancel an update and try again.16:02
smithwHi, I'm having wi-fi woes. I have 8GB RAM, so I installed 12.04 64-bit. My wireless is not automatically picked by Ubuntu, so on to ndiswrapper. The 64-bit version of my card's window driver makes calls to functions package-ndiswrapper don't have (IoWMI family). So I compiled ndiswrapper from SVN, which has those functions implemented, but now it fails with "ioremap failed", and I don't know where to go now.16:02
melkorShanth: you can see how much it is d/loading, there is not much.16:02
stars69hi, is there away i can set desktop sharing application on auto start when system started?16:02
TheAlliedFleetI choose the disk image within furius and click the mount button. Does (fuse) (loop) (Md5) and (SHA1) have anything to do with it ikonia16:02
melkorsmithw: Who told you to install ndiswrapper?16:02
Shanthhow much  more after Get:2316:03
ActionParsnipstars69: add a startup item to run the command you run16:03
smithwmelkor, I've used it before (on other computers). Also, I don't think there is a native driver for my wireless card (RTL8723AE).16:03
Shanthdo internet connection necessary while installing ubuntu 12.0416:04
melkorsmithw: I don't think you need ndiswrapper.16:04
melkorShanth: no16:04
ActionParsnipShanth: they aren't necessary, no16:05
TheAlliedFleetNevermind ikonia, I tried gmount isntead, it worked16:05
VirtualBlacknessAFD: do you have two specific GPUs?16:05
=== VirtualBlackness is now known as L3top
smithwmelkor, if there is a better solution, I'm all ears. I'd rather have a native driver anyway. However, evidently b43 isn't that driver...16:05
Shanthbut , i think due to that reason apt-get update is taking much time for running first time16:05
stars69ActionParsnip, what is the cmd to add startup item bud?16:06
AFDVirtualBlackness: just 1 I think16:06
AFDIntel 965GM16:06
L3topAFD lspci | grep VGA | wc -l16:06
L3topwhat is the number16:06
melkorsmithw: I think 12.04 comes with a sufficient driver16:06
ikoniaAFD: you just need to setup two seperate X servers in the xorg.conf16:06
AFDikonia: ok I'll try it16:07
aguitelany gui to manage boot order ?16:07
smithwmelkor, nope. 12.04 uses b43 by default, and it does not claim my wireless card, as reported by lshw -C network...16:07
ActionParsnipstars69: use the startup items command in dash16:07
zykotick9L3top: fyi you need "lscpi -v" to see multiple cards if it's hybrid16:08
L3topUnfortunately AFD I only know how to do that identifying and assigning the PCI busses. Nvidia has a twinview setting.16:08
smithwI haven't seem the dmesg with which b43 fail, though.16:08
L3topThat is not my experience zykotick916:08
ActionParsnipaguitel: do you want windows to be default in grub by any chance?16:08
WalterNaguitel: there is, I dont remember what its called though... lemme see if I can find it16:08
L3topSorry zykotick9 I thought you were referring to optimus etc... you are likely correct16:08
aguitelActionParsnip, no i have other linux os16:08
zykotick9L3top: if it's 2 or more inpendent cards the -v isn't required, only for optimus16:08
AFDL3top: Ill look in to it. thanks for the help16:09
L3topOptimus displays two zykotick9.16:09
melkorsmithw: did you check this thread? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160410116:09
L3topintel and nvidia... however there are all sorts of combinations now, intel/ati ati/ati intel/intel... I do not know how they would display, nor a single card with multiple outputs as they are on the same bus it seems.16:10
zykotick9L3top: with lscpi?  if you have the hardware you'd be the one to know!  but when asked to post lspci pastes, i often see only the intel mentioned?!16:10
melkorsmithw: it looks like you can d/load and build the drivers.16:10
L3topzykotick9: I have to write detection routines, so I see them just about every day when someone is complaining my code isn't working... but I have never had an optimus that did not display both.16:11
smithwmelkor, I might be missing something, but that thread is about RTL8188CE, and my wireless card is a RTL8723AE. are they compatible/should I try it anyway?16:11
zykotick9L3top: interesting, thanks.16:11
bigpapais there away to see if ubuntu recognizes both display adapters?16:11
stars69ActionParsnip, thanks16:11
ActionParsnipbigpapa: sudo lshw -C display16:11
spiritechdoes anyone know how to turn off remember window state?16:12
smithwmelkor, also the download page linked doesn't have a driver for 872316:12
zykotick9L3top: prior to bumblebee (or other), does the video get detected differently?16:12
ActionParsnipstars69: what do you use VNC to connect to achieve, often VNC isn't needed and there are more graceful solutions16:12
Kyle__L3top: multiple cards from multiple vendors with multiple heads work in linux.  I've tried it.16:12
Kyle__And can I say multiple one more time.16:12
spiritechi run the --geometry option when openning a app from the terminal and it ignores the argument.16:13
Kyle__L3top: Mind you, it wasn't the prettiest setup, it was awhile ago, and I had to make the xorg.conf by hand :)16:13
ikoniaspiritech: not all apps will use it16:13
AFDsort of cheated and disabled the laptop monitor in the gnome-display-properties16:13
spiritechit says it does in the nautilus -h16:14
satop1mouse curosr themes ... set xfce settings , update-alternatives , gtkrc-2.0 in homedir , .Xdefault in homedir and still my mouse cursor is changing to something else when trying to resize a window ?16:14
bigpapaActionParsnip: Ty it sees both display adapters using that command. now how do i get the other monitor to display please16:14
zykotick9satop1: are you using compiz?16:14
ActionParsnipbigpapa: the only way I can think with Intel is to make an xorg.conf. I've not used dual dispaly outside Nvidia so am not much help.16:14
melkorsmithw: I think if you dload that one, and build the driver and install it you will not have an additional problem. If the driver doesn't work/isn't compatible it won't be used.16:14
satop1is there another place to set mouse cursor theme ?16:15
smithwmelkor, thanks for your help, I'll try it then :)16:15
Kyle__bigpapa: if the unity/gnome panels aren't seeing it, you need to start making a custom xorg.conf, usually starting with X -configure (as root, from the command line).16:15
melkorsmithw: what kernel are you using.16:15
spiritechIkonia: i am trying to use it whit nautilus and search for files.16:15
bigpapaActionParsnip thank you for your help, i should have bought nvidia lol16:15
ikoniaspiritech: I don't know if nautilus will abide by it16:16
bigpapaKyle do you happen to know a good how to on that? i'm a noobie linux user16:16
Kyle__bigpapa: I think if you google for multi head ubuntu X -configure it should bring you to something.16:17
spiritechall in all. i am trying to write a small script that will open two file browsers at the bottom half of the screen, a terminal and a search for files at the top half.16:17
bigpapaok ty good to have the terminalogy16:17
melkorsmithw: also there are a bunch of drivers and such if you look through their page, there is even some firmware.16:18
stars69i want good remote desktop software can someone help plz?16:18
L3topzykotick9: We do not use bumblebee, I dedicate the discrete gpu because we are graphics intensive and need accelleration16:18
Kyle__stars69: To connect to remote desktops or to remote into your own desktop?16:18
L3topKyle__: I know they work, I just haven't figured out how to auto-generate an xorg.conf using them16:18
stars69Kyle__, To connect to remote desktops16:18
spiritechstars69 i always found remmina quiet good16:19
Kyle__stars69: Actually, ubuntu comes with both, so I don't know why I asked.... I think if you click on the unity icon and type remote desktop viewer it should be right there.16:19
Kyle__stars69: Then wen it comes up, there's a drop-down to let you select vnc ssh or rdp.  If rdp doesn't show up you need to download err... holdon..lemmie think of the name.  Something like rdesktop?16:19
stars69Kyle__, those came with ubuntu are sucks ass16:19
spiritechcan anyone help regarding youtube-dl?16:20
ment0sI dont know if you guys can help me.., I have 1TB NTFS Hard drive with movies etc but ubuntu is recognizing it as 3 partitions and i cant acces it. The HDD contains one big partiton NTFS which works no bother windows.. any ideas whats wrong ?16:20
melkorsmithw: I don't know if the 8723 is the device you are looking for, there might be a different number you need.16:20
StumpyI don't have access to a hard-line internet connection, I only have wireless available to me. I want to install Ubuntu 12.04, but need the restricted hardware tool to get wireless set up. How do I get around this?16:21
Kyle__stars69: For several versions the vnc viewer in there was laggy (that was a gnome problem, not ubuntu's), but always worked well enough for me.  If you want something other than that, tigervncvewer is fantastic for vnc, google it, and you can download rdesktop to give it a shot.16:22
smithwmelkor, 8723 is the device according to lspci -nn (03:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device [10ec:8723]), but I know sometimes drivers work with multiple devices16:22
L3topIf ubuntu sees three partitions, it has 3 partitions ment0s... can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l with it attached please?16:22
zionGood afternoon ,my question is what is main difference between Lubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.04 with LXDE regarding performance?16:22
smithwmelkor, also, when I checked Device Manager on the windows that came preinstalled with this machine, that's the model it listed16:22
melkorsmithw: do you know the features of it, ie a/b/g/n single chip ... also is it a new card?16:22
Wiz_KeeDhey guys16:23
Yoshimi-pinkhow can i log into my wifi with command line?16:23
smithwmelkor, I don't know that. What I do know is that it's apparently an hybrid wlan/bluetooth card16:23
Wiz_KeeDcan anyone tell me why in ubuntu 10.04 when i type /sbin/iwconfig i don't see wlan016:23
Wiz_KeeDand i only get eth116:23
Wiz_KeeDeven though i'm connected to a wireless network?16:23
morsnowskiYoshimi-pink, http://linux.icydog.net/wpa.php16:23
bigpapaHi Kyle i googled multi head displays but all i can find is for multi machines... i just have mutli display adapters?16:24
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: the device name doesn't mean much16:24
OerHeksWiz_KeeD, type ifconfig16:24
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: your device name for the wirless card would well be eth116:24
Wiz_KeeDi see16:25
Wiz_KeeDeht0 eth1 and lo16:25
L3top!enter Wiz_KeeD16:25
L3top!enter | Wiz_KeeD16:25
Kyle__bigpapa: there are two types of multi-head adapters/cards whatever you want to call them.16:25
ubottuWiz_KeeD: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:25
lundStumpy, i had same problem, used another machine to download the driver, cant think of any other way16:25
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: there you go16:25
Wiz_KeeDthere i go what?16:25
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: there are your devices,16:25
ikoniaas you can see eth1 is your wireless16:25
Kyle__bigpapa: Some show themselves as one huge combined display (NVidia cards + NVidia's closed source drivers do this IIRC).  Most however, show up as two seperate video cards, one for each head.16:26
smithwmelkor, it's bgn with combo bluetooth, according to some googling16:26
L3topthat is your answer Wiz_KeeD. cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:26
Wiz_KeeDnow what?16:26
Stumpylund thank you16:26
Wiz_KeeDi can see this here: SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="70:1a:04:e1:01:ba", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="wlan*", NAME="wlan0"16:26
StumpyThat's about all I can think of, but I need to find the actual package in question...16:27
ment0sL3top: http://pastebin.com/3nbZ9RaP16:27
Wiz_KeeDbut i can't see it in ifconfig or the other one, what gives?16:27
bigpapaKyle__ when i did the command line it showed both adapters, so it sees them thankfully16:27
Kyle__bigpapa: Ohh, wait, were you seeing a bunch of links for xdmx?  Yea, that's something insanely different.16:27
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: your card is eth1 - don't worry about it16:28
bigpapai was getting lost fast lol16:28
Wiz_KeeDwhy doesn't it have wlan0 ikonia ?16:28
L3topWiz_KeeD: be patient. You do not actually have a problem. I am trying to help people with problems... your not understanding "why" is not indicative of something broken.16:28
ment0sL3top: it looks like partition table failed but under windows  works fine and see only one partition16:28
Wiz_KeeDi am patient it's ok, thanks16:28
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: different card modules will have different names for the devices, some call them out as things like wlan others treat them as a network card so use eth16:28
zionwhat is main difference between Lubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.04 with LXDE regarding performance?16:29
ikoniazion: nothing really16:29
Kyle__bigpapa: This is a really old page, but it may help you for a start: http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxAndDualMonitors.html16:29
bigpapaKyle__ thank you good sir :)16:29
L3topI see ment0s... can you please run chkdsk -f on it from windows?16:29
zionikonia so if I install LXDE on 12.04 ubuntu I can keep Nautilus and 5 year LTS?16:30
=== codingman is now known as TypoPolice
ikoniazion: LXDE is not LTS16:30
ment0salready did, no errors passed and still the same .. even on other distro's16:30
ikoniazion: lubuntu (which is LXDE) is not an LTS release.16:30
=== TypoPolice is now known as codingman
ment0sL3top: my pal told me he made that partition through Acronis Disk Director .. might that be a problem ?16:31
Dr_Willis_zion:  lxde is another desktop you can run alonside uvunru.16:31
L3topYou have acronis installed on the windows machine then?16:31
Kyle__bigpapa: There used to be a really good ubuntu page on it, but it's not quite comming up.. Good luck!16:31
Dr_Willis_zion:  you can run nautilus on top of it.. but it may get a little weird16:31
L3topment0s: ^16:31
ment0snope, I bought this 1tb from my friend its external16:32
zionikonia thanks for clarification,Ill wait to see how will  Mint 13 perform on my old pc. If everything fails ill try Xubuntu. I think it has 5 yr LTS16:32
L3topment0s: it would appear that this is not an ntfs partition, but some sort of proprietary acronis image dumped in a way I am unfamiliar with, and can only be read, most likely, if acronis is installed on the windows machine.16:32
ikoniazion: no, it doesn't16:32
ikoniazion: only Ubuntu is LTS nowe16:32
L3topment0s: give me a minute.16:33
zionikonia: Geez us with old PC dont have any luck with LTS16:33
ikoniazion: that's not what it's there for16:33
melkorsmithw: I think it could be the 8187SE, but there must be somebody who knows.16:33
lundStumpy, still there16:33
ment0sL3top:ok, ill brb also16:34
zionikonia so ill get securtiy updaes for ubuntu but wont get updates for LXDE and XFCE?16:34
ikoniazion: you'll get security updates to the core OS components on any LTS release.16:34
ikoniazion: but the external components such as xfce (for example) are down to the team that maintains it16:34
Stumpylund: thank you16:35
Stumpythat is a useful link16:35
smithwmelkor, I'll try that one, as soon as I figure out how realtek's website work16:35
Gunz4MiPPlewhat is the difference between the keyrings called 'default' and 'login', right now, 'login' is the default... I know that sounds silly16:35
smithwmelkor, thank you for all your help16:36
=== ratdog is now known as Fisher
zionikonia: Well then Lubuntu can get security updates for 5 next years? It just wont get any LXDE updates after 18 months right?16:36
Gunz4MiPPle'login' is default keyring, not 'default'16:36
ikoniazion: at a basic level, sure, that's it16:36
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:36
melkorsmithw: funny but that one is one of the few w/out their unix version.16:36
knutremiHi. I'm using gedit to edit files on a remote FTP server. But some of the files go empty randomly.16:37
zionThanks ikonia If I do remember correctly you helped me in past with ubuntu 10.10. Keep up the good work. Bye16:37
smithwmelkor, that's... reassuring.16:37
ikoniazion: thank you, bye16:37
smithwmelkor, my laptop is built by a local company, but apparently Toshiba's Sattelite Pro C850-10X/N uses the same card as this one.16:38
FisherI usually know how to fix repository errors but this one has got me, can someone take a look. http://paste.ubuntu.com/996072/16:39
=== kayden_kross is now known as kourtney_kane
kourtney_kanehi can you tell me how to change gtk theme?16:40
ment0sL3top: ok im back16:42
Fishersudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf16:43
knutremikourtney_kane: I think you can change it through the Advanced Settings application. It's downloadable from the software center.16:43
melkorsmithw: odd, there aren't many problems with that laptop and ubuntu.16:43
=== heidar is now known as heidaro
lapionI have recently discovered a swap optimised partition profile for people that use a separate home partition16:44
smithwmelkor, I'd be willing to guess the 32-bit version would run everything without a single hitch. But I'm not ready yet to give up half my RAM, at least not until I exhaust every other option16:44
lapionsandwich the swap partition in between the root fs and the home partition16:45
melkorsmithw: you could try d/loading and older kernel from the mainline ppa16:45
knutremikourtney_kane: I checked it now. It's changeable through the Advanced Settings application, yes. Search for "Advanced Settings" in the software center.16:46
ment0ssmithw: 32bit version does support more than 4gb ram ?16:46
kourtney_kaneknutremi: i am getting dependency error16:47
smithwmelkor, which one? some from the 2.x line?16:47
melkorsmithw: I would say 3.016:47
lundment0s, yes with pae16:47
kourtney_kaneThe following packages have unmet dependencies:16:47
kourtney_kanegnome-session: Depends: gnome-session-bin (>= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed16:47
kourtney_kane               Depends: gnome-session-common (= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed16:47
smithwment0s, does it? the only reason I installed the 64-bit version is the fact that this laptop has 8GB ram16:47
smithwment0s, if there is a way to access all my RAM with a 32-bit version, please do tell!16:47
melkorsmithw: ment0s 32bit os's cannot address more than 4 gigs16:48
ment0ssmithw: ^read lund post16:48
kourtney_kanecan you help16:48
lundsmithw, pae, afaik this default on 32 bit in 12.0416:49
knutremikourtney_kane: Are you able to cite some of the information in the dependency error. Or is that all the information you got?16:49
ment0ssmithw: i had server with 6gb ram and pae kernel reads it no bother16:49
kourtney_kanegnome-session: Depends: gnome-session-bin (>= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed16:49
kourtney_kane             Depends: gnome-session-common (= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed16:49
smithwlund, so all I'd have to do is install 12.04 32-bit and my RAM would already be there? (I'd do a clean install, this is a new laptop anyway)16:49
kourtney_kanethese are unmet dependencies16:49
ment0ssmithw: and installer detect ram automaticlly so it chosed kernel itself16:50
ment0ssmithw: just install it as normal and it w16:50
ment0ssmithw: just install it as normal and it will do the rest16:50
smithwso, it seems I have two options now, go for kernel 3.0.0 or 32-bit/PAE version...16:50
smithwment0s, how would I know if PAE is active and all my RAM is being used?16:51
knutremikourtney_kane: I never figured out how to solve those dependency errors. I guess you have another question that needs answering now. ;)16:51
ment0sbootloader shows you version of kernel -pae16:51
melkorthe kernel is easy to install and check. Just d/load, dpkg -i. It might not work.16:51
lundsmithw, type free16:51
arianithisto_, my update manager on 11.10 is messed up. it's not giving me the option to update to 12.04. any idea?16:51
kourtney_kaneyes, i need to change my theme to the default one16:52
kourtney_kanegimp changed my theme to an odd looking one16:52
ment0ssmithw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE16:52
smithwlund, would the livecd enable PAE? so I can try it without installing?16:52
kourtney_kanethe font is pale yellow16:53
smithwmelkor, I think I'll try them both then. one of them should work16:53
kourtney_kanei cannot see it on white background16:53
knutremiWhat happens if you switch between some of the additional themes in the appearance system settings?16:53
smithwthem being both the older kernel and the 32-bit/PAE version16:53
lundsmithw, not sure, why would you not install 64bit?16:53
smithwlund, no driver for my wireless card16:53
arianitmy update manager on 11.10 is messed up. it's not giving me the option to update to 12.04. any idea?16:53
kourtney_kanesame problem remains16:53
morsnowskinow this maybe a stupid question but can i upgrade 12.04/32 to 12.04/64 and if what would be safest way16:53
lundsmithw, which card?16:54
ment0ssmithw: what wifi are you using ?16:54
bastidrazormorsnowski: no you can not. you would need to do a reinstall16:54
kourtney_kaneknutremi: i tried changing the user but still the problem persists16:54
smithwlund, ment0s, RTL8723AE-BT16:55
melkorsmithw: http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-wireless/msg78481.html they mention your card here, you might need the 8192 driver.16:55
knutremiWhich version of Ubuntu are you using, kourtney_kane?16:55
morsnowskibastidrazor, you're off the christmas card list :)16:56
kourtney_kane Linux ubuntu 3.0.0-17-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Thu Mar 8 20:45:39 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:56
smithwmelkor, that would even be a better option!16:56
Kyle__/test/window 616:56
smithwmelkor, ment0s, lund, thank you all so much. I was at a dead end today and now I have three options to try. Thank you guys so much, really.16:57
lundsmithw, and there is 32 bit driver but not 64? seems odd16:57
Lantiziahow can I debug a mount command I've issued that just hangs?16:57
kourtney_kanei used this command lsb_release -sc; uname -a16:58
billyjamAnybody knows how to get a Logitech M187 to work with Ubuntu 12.04? Are there any drivers out there?16:58
=== xubuntu is now known as Connor|
smithwlund, the 64-bit driver doesn't work with ndiswrapper, but I think (and this is a guess) that the default b43 driver would pick it up on 32-bit16:58
=== Connor| is now known as Connor|Work
smithwlund, also there are reports that 64-bit drivers with ndiswrapper tend not to work16:58
ment0ssmithw: just install 32bit kernel16:58
Dead_AssClownim new to ubuntu17:00
smithwment0s, I'm not experienced enough to manage multiple kernels on a single machine, but I can try and learn how to that also17:00
smithw*to do17:00
Dead_AssClownidle can't import Tkinter.  Your Python may not be configured for Tk.17:01
ment0ssmithw: you can also come back to your old kernel anytime, it will be listed on boot menu in grub17:01
knutremikourtney_kane: I'm out of suggestions. You could try installing a theme from http://ubuntu-art.org/index.php?xcontentmode=100 though. So guarantees that it will make things better though.17:01
smithwment0s, but wouldn't that break compatibility with 64-bit drivers/applications?17:02
ment0sapplications could have some problems but new kernel mean new drivers also17:02
melkorsmithw: If this page works for you, the driver seems to have your chipset in it. http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=53&PFid=53&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#RTL8192DE-VC17:03
WalterNalright, who wants to help with a samba problem? (heh)... I have a server with Ubuntu 12.04, I'm sharing /media/pool across the network... when I boot my desktop into windows I can see the storage pool, but when I boot it into ubuntu 12.04 I cant... here is the smb.conf file http://pastebin.com/ZTpM3P5L17:04
knutremiSeems I didn't get an answer to my question though. I guess I'll have to try asking again later.17:04
smithwmelkor, I'll try that in addition to 8192CE also17:04
Dead_AssClownim a newb17:05
Dead_AssClowni use the plasma pistol br17:05
lanceiocan I remove gnome COMPLETELY and put compiz as my default window manager?17:05
smithwhow can I contribute back? I mean, if that works and someone else also has the same problem, where can I leave instruction so that other people can solve it?17:05
melkorsmithw: that one includes the drivers for CE, DE, SE so if you build and install it you should have all three taken care of.17:05
lundsmithw, ubuntuforums, in the tutorial and/or install section17:06
lundor the stackexchange or whatever that thing is called17:06
=== lim is now known as Guest56883
smithwlund, I'll write a post there if it works and I'll make sure to mention you, ment0s and melkor from this channel. Thanks everyone.17:07
melkorgood luck.17:07
=== knytmare is now known as knytm4r3
lundsmithw, askubuntu.com17:07
Dead_AssClownim going to do some python tutorials you newbies17:08
=== kourtney_kane is now known as kallstrom
lundseems like so long ago I had any hardware that didnt work correctly17:08
Zally666like analog tvtuners in vdr17:09
kallstrom what does lund mean?17:09
Zally666who knows analog tvtuners to work with vdr ?17:09
Zally666or compile install vdr or yavdr ?17:10
lundkallstrom, seems like a few people tonight having driver / device issues17:10
Zally666like tvtime with sudo no audio ... and vdr jusr wont start17:11
kallstromno i am asking what is the meaning of your name17:11
Lunar_Landerhello, I just wanted to setup my Thunderbird 12 (ubuntu 12.04) and it says "live. mozillamessaging. com uses an invalid security certificate." does anybody else have the problem too?17:11
Lunar_LanderI just found something about that in the german Thunderbird forums17:11
Lunar_Landerit's Thunderbird 12.0.1 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS17:11
lundkallstrom, seen forbrydelsen?17:12
Zally666vdr on ubuntu 12 ?17:12
=== gustav is now known as beerbro
lundkallstrom, danish cop show, lund is main character17:13
Zally666whooptie whoop17:13
Zally666starships supposed to fly17:13
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: https://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/invalid_certificate-1hnnbd17:13
kallstromoh i c17:13
Zally666lets do this one more time17:13
kallstromlund so you are from denmark17:14
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: check the system date and time17:14
lundno, new zealand17:14
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=922555&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a17:14
kallstromdo new zealanders speak danish?17:14
lundno, but they can read english subtitles, heh17:15
WalterNbeen trying to get this samba config to work like I want since thursday when I installed ubuntu 12.04 on my server. Had 10.04 on it and everything worked fine17:15
Boohbahpoor irccloud...17:16
ActionParsnipWalterN: how are you establishing the shares?17:16
WalterNActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/ZTpM3P5L is that what you mean?17:16
WalterNActionParsnip: at the very bottom is the part I care about... /media/pool17:17
=== kallstrom is now known as nisha
lundWalterN, so what is issue exactly?17:18
nishalund were you born in new zealand17:18
lundyes, why17:19
WalterNI can log in to the account I made with pbedit on windows, but in linux I cant... it does not even show it17:19
nishajust asking... i have a friend named lund17:19
Zally666j #ubuntu-vdr17:19
nishawho is also from new zealand17:19
ActionParsnipWalterN: try:  sudo smbpasswd -a $USER17:20
Zally666howto mobile tv server ?17:20
ActionParsnipWalterN: make a samba password for your user there17:20
Zally666vdr or yavdr17:20
Zally666or any ?17:20
zastaphif I have a .gitconfig inside my git repository, will it be tracked? and what about all files starting with . in general17:20
Zally666myth ?17:20
WalterNpdbedit makes you set a password for an account17:20
Zally666its to late17:20
zastaphoops wrong channel to ask :)17:20
Zally666u got it its out of the Q17:21
Zally666when i look into ur eyes its over17:21
WalterNpdbedit makes you set a password for an account...17:21
qwdI'm trying to watch some images in Firefox on Ubuntu 12.04 but I get "The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint." The images are on amazonaws.com, and I can watch them on my phone, but not on my desktop pc.17:22
TimmmmHey, this is very off-topic (sorry), but does anyone know if you need a passport to book train tickets in Russia?17:22
nishano need17:22
lundWalterN, are you trying to use the linux box as a PDC or just a file server?17:22
DrManhattanno, just to get there17:22
WalterNlund: what is PDC?17:22
lundprimary domain controller17:22
WalterNuh... no17:22
=== nisha is now known as Jai_Bhadrakali
WalterNserver is just a storage pool network wide, it runs other things too but not related... (apache... etc.)17:23
WalterNor rather, thats what I want it to do17:24
david__Hello all can I ask a simple question based on the LuninuxOS disto here?17:25
lundwell pdbedit is for editing users in a sam database17:25
morsnowskidavid__, no17:25
WalterNmorsnowski: lol17:25
Jai_Bhadrakalihi i am getting this error17:25
david__even though it is Ubuntu based?17:25
morsnowskidavid__, sure fire away17:26
Jai_Bhadrakaliwill someone review my error?17:26
david__okay just installed it and clicked on the update manager so that I can update. By default all the checkboxed are checked. Is that okay?17:27
david__check boxes i meant17:27
morsnowskiyes if you don't want to exclude something but if you are new it's probably good to leave them checked17:27
WalterNlund: well... I donno... like I said, I can see the account I made with pdbedit -a -u on windows and log in from there and add files/remove files/whatever from /media/pool17:27
WalterNlund: but when I boot into Ubuntu 12.04 I cant17:28
morsnowskidavid__, next just ask but don't ask to ask :)17:28
Jai_Bhadrakaliwhy is this gtk+ error coming17:28
lundWalterN, from ubuntu can you see the share?17:28
WalterNlund: no, I cant not.17:29
nano_help me17:29
Jai_Bhadrakaliwhen i open gedit17:29
ActionParsnipWalterN: if you run:  smbtree    on the server, do you see the shares17:30
nano_linux for:hdd has a 4 partiton windows for: hdd has a 6 partiton17:30
DJonesnano_: You need to explain your problem in the channel before anybody will be able to help17:31
WalterNActionParsnip: when I run smbtree, all it spits out is "Ignoring unknown parameter 'update encrypted'"17:31
Jai_BhadrakaliDJones please help me17:31
Jai_Bhadrakali* Coolerss (~Coolerss@host236.elmar-dc.pl) has left #ubuntu17:31
Jai_Bhadrakali<DJones> nano_: You need to explain your problem in the channel before anybody will be able to help17:31
DJonesJai_Bhadrakali: I've not done anything with themes so I've not got any idea about that17:32
alfatauhello! i just installed the 12.04 ubuntu release. I've a problem with the login screen: my name is made of 3 words, but the user selection box cannot contain my entire name. Is there a way to increase that box width? thank you for your attention17:32
Jai_BhadrakaliDJones can you tell me how to change themes?17:33
nano_hello ı have got a compaq presario cq61 lettob.İnstall the Ubuntu and 3 partitions are in 1 partiton (sda4\17:33
DJones!themes | Jai_Bhadrakali17:33
ubottuJai_Bhadrakali: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy17:33
DJones!changethemes | Jai_Bhadrakali17:33
ubottuJai_Bhadrakali: To change GNOME themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy. Kubuntu (KDE) themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu (Xfce): !xfce-themes17:33
DJonesJai_Bhadrakali: As I don't change themes, those links are all I can suggest that you look at17:34
lundWalterN, so you have a samba server on ubuntu sharing a folder, users on win can see that share, but users on ubuntu cannot, correct?17:34
openbeessoftware center "install" button not working ?17:34
isotta /load .xchat2/budus.so17:34
Jai_BhadrakaliDJones : thanks maybe these links may help17:34
openbeesubuntu 12.0417:34
nano_hello ı have got a compaq presario cq61 lettob.İnstall the Ubuntu and 3 partitions are in 1 partiton (Recovery,Files,Backup Files in the sda4.Now ı'm a installing windows (necessity) but dont install.17:34
WalterNlund: yes. I also checked on OSX and cant see on there either17:35
ikonianano_: "don't install" - need more info17:35
ActionParsnipopenbees: close it and run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade17:35
lundWalterN, can only certain win users see the share or all?17:35
=== Jai_Bhadrakali is now known as MadarChodBhosdik
=== MadarChodBhosdik is now known as MadarChodBhosDK
nano_windows install see the 6 partitions but linux gparted see the 4 parttitions.Windows is dont install all partitions17:36
WalterNlund: heh, dont know, there are not that many computers in this house... all I can confirm is windows 7 can see/access it17:36
lionofgodhello, I was changing some stuff in ccsm and all of a sudden my mouse became jerky, since then Ive reset all ccsm settings but my mouse is jerky when I move it... Can someone tell me how to reset mouse settings?17:36
lionofgodMy mouse works fine on other compters (windows)17:37
lionofgodis it possible to install mouse drivers or something of the sort?17:37
morsnowskinano whats you native language ?17:37
ActionParsniplionofgod: is it ok in Unity2D session?17:37
morsnowskinano_,  whats you native language ?17:37
nano_ı'm turkish.But dont people here in #ubuntu-tr17:38
billyjamAnybody here who can help me to get a Logitech M187 wireless mouse to work with Ubuntu 12.04?17:38
lionofgodwell ive tried it in gnome classic and unity17:38
lionofgodIl try it in unity 2d brb17:38
morsnowskioh ok17:38
morsnowskinano_, it's far easier to install windows first. can you do that ?17:38
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
nano_windows is dont install:( Windows is speaking THE all partitions:windows can not be installed in this section)17:40
ActionParsnipbillyjam: what is the output of:  uname -a    please17:40
Lunar_LanderActionParsnip, thanks!17:41
Lunar_Landersystem date and time is yea, today I mean17:41
morsnowskinano_, what is it you are trying to achieve ?17:41
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: cool17:41
Lunar_LanderActionParsnip, yea at the german thunderbird forums they discuss that issue too17:42
Lunar_Landerand that the one guy can't connect his thunderbird to his GMail account17:42
Lunar_Landerthat this might be related he thinks17:42
lionofgodNo, my mouse is also jerky in ubuntu 2d17:43
Lunar_LanderActionParsnip, yea, date is May 19th17:43
nano_install the Windows7 after (next)Ubuntu17:44
nano_but windows is don't install17:44
raptorHi hurah Finally after more than 4 hours of nonsense I'm finally posting this from ubuntu 12.0417:44
nano_all partitons eror17:45
WalterNnano_: yeah, windows is really (really) picky like that... it only likes to properly install if there is one hard drive plugged in.17:45
WalterNand nothing on that hard drive17:45
lionofgodActionParsnip: My mouse is also jerky in unity 2d17:45
ActionParsnipnano_: just free up space and you can select to install to that17:46
morsnowskinano_, if you want to get rid of it you could simlpy delete it's partitions and run a grub update17:46
ActionParsniplionofgod: if you reboot and run:  dmesg | less     you can see how it gets picked up, may give clues17:46
lundWalterN, you seem to have a very complex config, to just share some files in your house, all I can suggest is to work through this http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/diagnosis.html17:46
morsnowskii think he want's ti kill windows17:46
lionofgodActionParsnip: how do i run that? At which screen?17:47
wilee-nileeWalterN, that is not true with windows.17:47
ActionParsnipWalterN: here is my smb.conf    http://paste.ubuntu.com/996165/17:47
Poindexter_Hey guys, I am looking for a website interface to have live chats with customers. I have seen some IRC chat interfaces such as "Webmaster" but that is a huge java script. Dalnet has one. There is another one called AJAX. Any suggestions?17:47
Lunar_LanderActionParsnip, the mozillazine forums say something about that this may happen sometimes but is often resolved within a day or so17:47
WalterNwilee-nilee: yeah it is. I was helping my room mate with installing windows 7 with three hard drives plugged in... it would only install properly if the other two drives were unplugged.17:48
ActionParsnipWalterN: the only lines that arent stock are the bottom few, I then run:  sudo smbpasswd -a $USER    and add a samba password, I can then restart the service and samba is ready to rock17:48
WalterNActionParsnip: alright, I'll try that17:48
WalterNhold on17:48
ActionParsnipPoindexter_: could use the freenode webchat portal and join your own channel17:48
wilee-nileenano_, are you using the custom install with windows, and is there a NTFS there already waiting for the install?17:48
nano_we created space, gives the following error: Windows will not load the selected disc17:48
L3top!su | ment0s17:49
ubottument0s: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo17:49
Poindexter_ActionParsnip I have seen the free Mibit as well. I would like to not be associated with any popular IRC server.17:49
ActionParsnipnano_: even if you format it in the installer?17:49
nano_When we make with gparted ntfs, windows says there is no hdd17:49
wilee-nileeWalterN, at the least windows will with a custom install go to a pre-formatted NTFS in the sda drive, even if there are ext tyoe partitions on that HD.17:49
ActionParsnipPoindexter_: could run your own :)17:49
Poindexter_That is the point ActionParsnip. I am going to set up Bahamut server and run something but there must be a private web interface.17:50
nano_if a make ntfs partition with gparted windows says:Unable to install the disk, windows17:50
nano_does not delete any disk is unable to17:51
RyaN-user-520 Sâdece Sus`uyorum...17:51
Poindexter_ActionParsnip    Freenode is running:    version ircd-seven-1.1.317:52
q0kh4nhoþ geLdin kanka17:52
nano_oh türkler geldi17:52
q0kh4nhoþ geLdi17:52
wilee-nileenano_, hmm I always use gparted to make a ntfs for windows17:52
WalterNwilee-nilee: uh, no. the three drives were two 3tb and one 2tb, insall to the 2tb drive and it puts a EFI partition on the three tb drive... wha? then if the two three tb drives were already partitioned/formatted and plugged in, windows would simply refuse to install to the 2tb drive.17:52
RyaN-user-520varmý bi aber17:52
q0kh4nkanka kýz yok17:52
FloodBot1RyaN-user-520: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:52
q0kh4naL bak17:53
nano_There is no disk says windows ntfs with gparted we make17:53
lionofgodAciontParsnip: I did not reboot, but I ran that command and this was output, it mentions the mouse on lines 649, 810-811, 858-85917:53
q0kh4n¢ýk nick deðiþtir kanka17:53
FloodBot1q0kh4n: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:53
q0kh4nkapa ¢eneni17:53
lionofgodNothing seems wrong with it17:53
RyaN-user-520ne iþe yarar bu kanal17:53
FloodBot1RyaN-user-520: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:53
wilee-nileeWalterN, Ahh efi's that is a another thing, and drives that large being read altogether could be a problem I suppose.17:53
peepsaloti just upgraded from an older nvidia card to a newer one.  what do i need to do to get x running again?  just reinstall the drivers or something else?17:53
q0kh4nnoLuy yw17:53
lionofgodActionParsnip: I did not reboot, but I ran that command and this was output, it mentions the mouse on lines 649, 810-811, 858-85917:54
lionofgod(01:53:11 PM) q0kh4n: ??k nick de?i?tir kanka17:54
ActionParsnippeepsalot: i'd uninstall the driver, reboot then reinstall17:54
Kyle__Anyone know how to stop mdadm from rebuilding?17:54
RrR Sâdece Sus`uyorum...17:54
q0kh4n«lionofgod» ?17:54
wilee-nileeWalterN, not everybody is using that partitioning, not many as of now really17:54
WalterNwilee-nilee: is a problem. butt tons of problems. could only get it to work like we wanted after installing in excess of 10 times17:54
T_A_N_Kwould it be wise to use a 4 gb usb as / and the /home on a hard disk?17:54
wilee-nileeunless over 2 tb17:54
lapionKyle__, not a god idea..17:54
nano_ubuntu windows ta 3 tane olan diski birleştirip tek disk gibi görüyor17:54
Kyle__lapion: Probably not.  *sigh*  A typo is causing this system to sync it's raid1 set to /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb3.  Now to wait the damn things out.17:55
WalterNwilee-nilee: linux never has been a problem. just define whatever partitions I want and it does it... no hidden things happen17:56
MadarChodBhosDKgnome-session: Depends: gnome-session-bin (>= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed17:56
MadarChodBhosDK               Depends: gnome-session-common (= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed17:56
RrRKyle__ amin varmý gardaþ?17:56
lapionKyle__, in that case force a halt..17:56
MadarChodBhosDKi am getting dependency error17:56
Kyle__thedancingdeer: Wise?  Never tried it, should work OK.  But why?17:56
nano_kudurdunuz mu abazlar :D17:56
wilee-nileeWalterN, yeah always works for me I hardly use windows I started on open source17:56
Kyle__lapion: I wonder if I can fail it....17:56
lapionKyle__, you might still be able to recover other partitions17:56
RrRHow are you girls?17:57
Kyle__lapion: It was an empty replacement drive for the dead one dell shipped with my server.17:57
Kyle__Damn dell17:57
=== eid is now known as eid_
billyjamAnybody here who can help me to get a Logitech M187 wireless mouse to work with Ubuntu 12.04?17:57
Kyle__So, how come RrR hasn't been kickbanned by now?17:57
lapionKyle__, let it rebuild17:57
Kyle__lapion: Yea, probably right.17:57
L3topDo you have a support question RrR?17:57
lapionuse it as is17:57
RrRKyle__ f*ck off bebegim17:57
wilee-nileeWalterN, efi and gpt partitioning though is trickier it seems17:57
LordOfTime!ops | RrR17:57
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lionofgodbillyjam: I have a feeling that ubuntu doesnt like logitech... my logitech mouse is all jerky >.<17:57
LordOfTimethanks bazhang17:58
WalterNwilee-nilee: also, windows built in software RAID is complete garbage... <3 mdadm17:58
ActionParsnipbillyjam: what is the output of:  uname -a     please17:58
lionofgodCan someone please help me get my mouse fixed... its all jerky!17:58
billyjamlionofgod: So I've understod.. but mine doesn't seem to work at all.... :(17:58
lapionRrR, please no swearing.. Kyle__  you neither.. it's not the word that's a swearin it's the intention behind the word17:58
Kyle__WalterN: And mdadm supports raid6 :) which is fantastic.17:58
lionofgodbillyjam: when you boot?17:58
Kyle__lapion: Sorry.  Is using fsck as a swear word still ok?17:59
wilee-nileeWalterN, would not know I always do a mbr partitioning, since my setup are that way stock, I have not had to deal with any other yet thank goodness.17:59
MadarChodBhosDKwhile installing gnome tweak tool from software center i get this dependency error17:59
MadarChodBhosDKgnome-session: Depends: gnome-session-bin (>= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed17:59
MadarChodBhosDK               Depends: gnome-session-common (= 3.2.1-0ubuntu8) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu8 is to be installed17:59
q0kh4ntürkLer nerde17:59
lionofgodbillyjam: My mouse does not work on first boot, but when I reboot it works17:59
q0kh4nturkLer yazsin17:59
lapionlike I said it's the intention behind the word.. not the word itself17:59
WalterNwilee-nilee: its not a problem... unless its on windows.17:59
L3topMadarChodBhosDK: do you have any PPA's installed?18:00
MadarChodBhosDKIs there any way to solve the dependency error18:00
billyjamActionParsnip: Linux bjam-laptop 3.2.0-24-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 25 08:43:52 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux18:00
ActionParsnipMadarChodBhosDK: can you PASTEBIN the output of:  apt-cache policy gnome-session; apt-cache policy gnome-session-bin18:00
lundlast time i saw someone get told off for swearing they were told there might be priests or small children in the channel, heh18:00
billyjamlionofgod: ok, thank's I'll try that18:00
L3topMadarChodBhosDK: do what ActionParsnip said18:00
=== _dlm_ is now known as dlm
lionofgodActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/Cwp43QSY, heres the log... everything looks fine it mentions mouse on last lines and around line 80918:00
JeffSpicoliDudeHaha.  One is a danger to the other :P18:00
ActionParsnipbillyjam: if you unload then reload the psmouse module, does it help?18:01
lanceioI just deleted unity and all of gnome, how do I get compiz? when I install compiz, it says its alredy the latest version18:01
lionofgodsudo apt-get install ccsm18:01
delacdoes anyone know if the state given by "nmcli nm wwan" is stored somewhere?18:01
MadarChodBhosDKActionParsnip:GNU bash, version 4.2.10(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)18:01
lanceioI did that too, but im on fluxbox now and how do I access compiz using gdm?18:02
L3top!pastebin | MadarChodBhosDK18:02
ubottuMadarChodBhosDK: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:02
ActionParsnipMadarChodBhosDK: run the command then use pastebin to host it18:03
lionofgodAooarebtly compiz does not work on fluxbox...18:03
TynachHas anybody gotten the Alternate Installer for 12.04 to properly install a bootable system while using LVM?18:03
lionofgodActionParsnip: hey, can you please help me fin my mouse : )18:03
ActionParsniplanceio: compiz is a WM, as is fluxbox18:03
Kyle__linagee: I don't beleive fluxbox is a full gnome WM.  I thought you needed a full gnome wm for compiz sutff to work on it.18:04
lanceioActionParsnip, exactly: which is why I wanna go into compiz to remove fluxbox18:04
=== sins-_j is now known as sins-
Kyle__ActionParsnip: It's a full WM, not just a collection of pretties for all gnome vms?18:04
lionofgodlaveio: compiz --replace18:04
ActionParsniplionofgod: then press ALT+F2 and run:  compiz --replace18:04
TynachI've tried everything, and I can't get it to work. I'm using a separate /boot partition, and even when it fails, I try to open a console in recovery mode with my root filesystem and try to reinstall grub and so forth... Nothing works.18:04
=== Chat8197 is now known as iKelvin
lanceiolionofgod, that doesnt work18:04
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth
lanceioit says fluxbox is running18:04
ActionParsnipMadarChodBhosDK: can you PM me and paste the text to me, my workplace blocks pastebin18:05
lionofgodtry metacity --replace18:05
lionofgodand then compiz --replace18:05
lanceioWindow manager warning: Screen 0 on display ":0.0" already has a window manager18:05
Tynachlanceio, if you run "compiz --replace" it should work. Note that is "compiz SPACE DASH DASH replace".18:05
lanceiosame error for both of them18:05
iKelvinHello championship league is going to play in less than an hour18:05
unkn-errorIs there a way to check the reability of an hardisk from linux? Search && fix for physical bad blocks on old laptop ide hdd?18:05
lionofgodActionParsnip: is their any mouse setting that I can reset?18:06
ActionParsniplionofgod: not sure dude, sorry18:06
Kyle__unkn-error: badblocks is the classic one.  Also install smartmontools, it will let you check the smart status and run smart tests.18:06
lionofgodActionparsnip: k w/e18:06
TynachDoes anybody know about my LVM problem? Details of someone else having it here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/100092718:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1000927 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "12.04 new install or update: if LVM + full encrypted disk grub installation fails!" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:06
unkn-errorKyle__: thx18:06
Icehawk78I'm having a weird issue - all of my video playback on my system appears to be running at 2x speed18:07
iKelvinDoes anyone know how to mount iphone4 to ubuntu 12.04?18:07
L3topin what program Icehawk7818:07
DJonesvotproductions: Please don't do that18:07
ikoniavotproductions: unacceptable18:07
ActionParsnipIcehawk78: which apps have you tried?18:07
ikoniavotproductions: if you can't/don't want to help - don't18:07
Kyle__Tynach: Are you installing grub on an LVM /boot partition?18:07
billyjamActionParsnip: It worked after reboot, thank's for your help!18:07
ActionParsnipbillyjam: sweet18:07
Icehawk78ActionParsnip: xbmc, movie player, vlc18:08
ikoniaTynach: I don't believe /boot can be on an lvm partition18:08
WalterNActionParsnip: ahhhh.... woot *squee* thanks... it worked with that.. not sure what was wrong before18:08
Kyle__Tynach: Nevermind, page finally loaded18:08
TynachKyle__, no, I have a separate normal /boot partition, and I'm installing Grub to /dev/sda, not a partition.18:08
lanceiosudo apt-get install compiz-*18:08
lanceiois what I tried now18:08
Tynachikonia, I have a separate non-lvm partition for /boot.18:08
ikoniaTynach: so then the machine should boot fine, at worst complain that it can't see /18:08
ikonia(assuming / is on lvm)18:08
TynachYes, / is on lvm.18:08
ActionParsnipWalterN: no idea, thats all I do on a fresh install of my server. Copy file in, make smbpasswd users, resart smbd service. done18:08
ikoniaTynach: so it should at least start to boot, and at worst compain it can't see /18:09
L3topnp ment0s... have a good one.18:09
Kyle__Tynach: Yea, should be fine.  / on LVM is prefectly fine, I do it routinely.  My guess is the problem is somewhere in the encryption part.18:09
Tynachikonia, Kyle__, I'm not using encryption, unlike this guy. I'm just using LVM. I had the exact same setup for 11.04 and 11.10, but now it's not working in 12.04.18:09
Icehawk78ActionParsnip: It appears to be music, too. I just loaded an mp3 into Banshee and that also had an issue. I'm guessing it's a setting to do with my video card (connected via HDMI) but I'm not really sure.18:09
ikoniaTynach: what error are you actually getting18:10
eldelolibona tarda18:10
Kyle__Tynach: Oooh.  Oh.  It worked on my laptop I think.  I could pull up a VM and give it a shot.18:10
ActionParsnipIcehawk78: try enabling vsync in your playeras18:10
Tynachikonia, Kyle__: error is something like "error: no such device: *insert long hex string*".18:11
WalterNActionParsnip: herm... its showing it as "samba24" when I log in... what is the setting to change that?18:11
TynachAnd then a grub rescue prompt.18:11
Kyle__Tynach: Is this on apple hardware or one of the odd MSI motherboards taht uses EFI?18:11
ikoniaTynach: need to take a note of that error, especially the device it is looking for18:11
TynachKyle__, no, this is on a 1 - 3 year old ASUS motherboard.18:12
Tynachikonia, I'm currently reinstalling Ubuntu (with the exact same setup, but formatting all relevant partitions and redoing the LVM), so if it happens again, I will note the error.18:12
Kyle__Tynach: Hum.  I don't recall hearing about EFI on asuses, but I"m not expert on them either.... This just rings a bell for when I had to install ubuntu-server on a system with EFI.18:12
TynachKyle__, if it were EFI, it wouldn't have worked in 11.10 and 11.04.18:13
Kyle__Tynach: 11 worked with EFI.  It was strange, but it worked.18:14
TynachKyle__, and 12.04 doesn't? Isn't that a regression?18:14
MadarChodBhosDKHow to know if i installed Gnome3 ppa  and how to remove it?18:15
Kyle__Tynach: It may be.  I'm testing really quick on a VM with a standard bios.18:15
dontknowhow can i change selected items orange colour. I did in gconf-editor "gnome => desktop => interface" and added "gtk-color-scheme" and added colr code but it doesn't effect!?18:15
TynachKyle__, alright. I'd do the same, except all my VM testing I do is on my desktop which, well... Can't boot, can't test.18:15
guest_128Someone here?18:16
Tynachdontknow, try installing the "Gnome Tweak Tool". From there you can customize color settings.18:16
=== guest_128 is now known as dayNnight
ikoniaguest_128: 1400+ people are18:16
dayNnightI am using an open proxy right now18:16
Tynachguest_128, there are 1660 people here total.18:16
dontknowTynach, i installed it and i didn't see any color costumising18:16
WalterN1,660 ppl18:16
dayNnightbut for some reason that doesnt work for IcqNet18:16
dayNnightSomeone knows why, or what else to use?18:16
ikoniadayNnight: this channel is for ubuntu technical support only18:17
ikoniadayNnight: please keep to within that topic18:17
dayNnightWell, all other channels/forums are dead18:17
dayNnightI thought one of you might know this18:17
Tynachdontknow, you're right. I just double checked, and it doesn't have it. Lame.18:17
ikoniadayNnight: that doesn't mean here is acceptable18:17
dontknowTynach, where is the color change section in tweak tool18:17
ikoniadayNnight: sorry, we stick within ubuntu technical support in here18:17
dontknowTynach, yes18:17
dayNnightJeez, why so strict18:17
ikoniadayNnight: sorry, those are the rules18:17
MadarChodBhosDKHow to remove Gnome3 ppa18:18
dayNnightI use Ubuntu and Xchat anyways. So no-one knows something to try, except for Tor or Open proxys?18:18
dontknowhow can i change selected items orange colour. I did in gconf-editor "gnome => desktop => interface" and added "gtk-color-scheme" and added colr code but it doesn't effect!? No one knows about this?!!18:18
ikoniadayNnight: sorry, I don't appear to be making myself clear18:18
ikoniadayNnight: this is not an ubuntu issue, so not ontopic for this channel18:19
kelvin911hi how to retrieve my nickname password?18:19
ikoniakelvin911: from where ?18:19
kelvin911from reenode18:19
ikoniakelvin911: ask in #freenode18:19
yeatsMadarChodBhosDK: open the software center, go to Edit -> Software Sources, click  on the Other Software tab and unclick the PPA18:20
dayNnightIgnore me if you please. seriously18:20
bazhangdayNnight, #freenode NOT here18:20
ikoniadayNnight: no, follow the rules18:20
dayNnightthe rules are a bit old then18:20
MadarChodBhosDKyeats:trying that....18:20
guest_128That was unnecessary18:21
L3topMadarChodBhosDK: if not, check the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d   it can probably be deleted from there.18:21
prateekpwhat is the command to remove a directory18:21
Tynachprateekp, rm -r foldername18:21
TynachThe -r is for 'recursive'.18:22
prateekprm -rf i guess u mean18:22
ntypprateekp: it it's empty, `rmdir`. if it's not empty, use `rm -R` or `rm -r` (both works)18:22
ntypfor more details use `man rm` or `man rmdir`18:22
Tynachprateekp, the 'f' part of that will FORCE deleting files that you might want to keep. If you want to be safe, just use rm -r.18:22
ntypi never use rm -f except it is absolutely necessary18:23
TynachBecause rm -r will ask you "Are you sure you want to delete this file (y/n)?"18:23
TynachAnd rm -rf will just say "IMMA DELETE EVERYTHING MUAHAHAHA!!!".18:23
ntyplinux is like a good soldier18:23
=== lubmil is now known as lu`
ntypif tell it to `rm -Rf /`, it says, yes sir18:24
As001Hi my MOSART Semi. USB Composite Device Keyboard does not work while mouse is working can you help me18:24
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!18:24
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!18:24
ikoniabastidrazor: ok ok18:24
bastidrazoroops.. i missed it.18:25
bastidrazorikonia: yeah, i didn't read the scroll.18:25
ikoniantyp: careful, don't post stuff like that incase people try it18:25
ikoniabastidrazor: it's fine18:25
Tynachikonia, Kyle__: I just finished the reinstallation, and it gives the same error.18:25
TynachHere's the full error:18:25
ntypu're right, i should take more care18:25
ikoniaTynach: don't paste it18:25
ikoniaTynach: use a pastebin18:25
ikoniantyp: thanks18:25
rahulwadhi am using windows 8 and now i want to shift to ubuntu 12.04 or linux mint maya i have tried everything but it never boots up\18:25
TynachIt's one line, but ok.18:25
ntypikonia: nothing for, it my fault. thanks for the hint18:25
ikoniaTynach: one line is fine18:25
escottrahulwadh, details18:26
FisherI usually know how to fix repository errors but this one has got me, can someone take a look. http://paste.ubuntu.com/996072/18:26
thebishophi, mounting ntfs with fstab seems broken.  i'm using the entry below, and i get an error on boot to skip mounting: UUID=d1a13949-f2a0-4c73-8177-6ca6da7a5caf /mnt/storage          ntfs-3g auto,users,uid=0,gid=1000,umask=000,rw   0 018:26
As001I can see it in dmesg output but keyboeard does not work at all.18:26
shawerahulwadh, did you get a black screen on boot?18:26
MadarChodBhosDKyeats : there is no such option in that tab,18:26
rahulwadhi tried booting it with cd,dvd,flash drive it says reboot to finish installing but after that it never boots up18:26
rahulwadhyes i got a pure black screen18:26
MadarChodBhosDKmaybe the gnome3 tools is not installed18:27
shawewhat graphic card do you have?18:27
thebishoprahulwadh, is this a laptop?18:27
L3topMadarChodBhosDK: if not, check the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d it can probably be deleted from there.18:27
shawemaybe is a driver problem18:27
omertahi all18:27
Tynacherror: no such device: 3420f7fa-d0a0-4f89-8d65-c40868337d5b.18:27
L3topMadarChodBhosDK: you will need to run update afterwards18:27
thebishoprahulwadh, i have a laptop which boots fine, but the brightness defaults to 0, boost up the brightness and it works18:27
rahulwadhyes it is a laptop and i have ati 512 mb graphics card18:27
ikoniaTynach: ok, look at what that device is18:27
rahulwadhwait a sec m trying18:27
TynachThen the next line has "grub rescue> _" with the _ being a blinking cursor.18:27
escottthebishop, verify the uuid by running sudo blkid18:28
Tynachikonia, I have no idea how to do that. I am not familiar with the grub command line.18:28
omertawhat is the best site for ubuntu newbies??18:28
rahulwadhoh thanks alot i have been trying this since lst 2 days n its only a brightness problem18:28
shawerahulwadh, try pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 when screen goes black, if you can see a terminal, it is working18:28
rahulwadhthanks alot18:28
ikoniaTynach: you'll need to boot into a livecd and look using "blkid"18:28
Node_556alguem me ajuda ??18:28
ikoniaTynach: you may want to consider changing the device path to /dev/sda2 or whatever you want it to be18:28
thebishopescott, oh shit... thanks a lot, the disk isn't ntfs after all18:28
rahulwadhi wish i could do repay u if i can18:28
shaweyou can see on /var/log/Xorg.0.log what is happening18:28
thebishopescott, /me is dumb18:28
Node_556Brazil ??18:28
ikoniaTynach: I suspect your lvm disk isn't starting quick enough to be seen18:28
Node_556Help me18:28
Node_556Help me18:28
FloodBot1Node_556: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:28
ikoniaNode_556: stop18:28
rahulwadhwindows suck\18:29
DJones!br | Node_55618:29
ubottuNode_556: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.18:29
Tynachikonia, because I'm using LVM, I presume I'll need to use a LiveCD that is not Ubuntu? Ubuntu LiveCD doesn't come with LVM.18:29
ikoniarahulwadh: don't need that sort of nonsense here18:29
As001can you tell me configuration file for X so I can try to set it18:29
ikoniaTynach: ahh, I take your point18:29
ikoniaAs001: /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:29
=== kelvin911 is now known as kelvinella
ikoniaTynach: are you using any form of raid by any chance18:29
Fisherlinux mint 13 meya rc in the wild.18:30
Kyle__Tynach: Ubuntu alternate18:30
L3topikonia: couldn't Tynach install LVM from the live disk?18:30
Tynachikonia, not really, but I'm using LVM as a sort of RAID. Here's a description of my setup: https://plus.google.com/u/0/110992079327865803047/posts/eYfhiK4Gecr18:30
shawerahulwadh, its backlight to 0 on start?18:30
TynachKyle__, the alternate installer isn't exactly a LiveCD.18:30
ikoniaL3top: no, not without a signigicant error18:31
ikoniaL3top: significant effort sorrt18:31
Kyle__Tynach: Good point, was thinking installing :)18:31
Node_556thankz DJones18:31
FisherActionParsnip, I usually know how to fix repository errors but this one has got me, can someone take a look. http://paste.ubuntu.com/996072/18:31
Kyle__Tynach: you're using lvm mirroring, but not on /boot, right?  lvm mirroring on boot can cause a system to be non-bootable.18:31
MadarChodBhosDKL3top: Here are the contents of etc/apt/sources.list.d/oneiric.partner.list------> http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise partner #Added by software-center18:31
TynachL3top, I probably could, good point. ikonia, you sure? I thought as long as you had enough RAM (I have 6GB), you could install stuff in the LiveCD session. Kyle__, alternate installer is what I used to install; and just went through the reinstall, with the same issue.18:31
shaweif "problem" persists, you can put on rc.local a command for replace brightness to 100% on boot, isn't the best solution, but you don't need to do it manually anymore18:32
TynachKyle__, no, not mirroring, striping. And /boot is a normal ext4 partition.18:32
DaDaDOSPromptupdate manager moving slowly for anyone else today?18:32
ikoniaTynach: ok, so here are some things to consider18:32
DaDaDOSPromptI pressed check a while ago and it is going nuts on me18:32
DaDaDOSPromptdownloads are quite slow, but nothing else is18:32
L3topMadarChodBhosDK: is there anything else in /etc/apt/sources.list.d other than that?18:32
ikoniaTynach: you have partitions for the the LVM section, are their partition types marked as "LVM"18:33
Tynachikonia, yes. They are.18:33
Kyle__Tynach: OK.  I thought you said that before, just wanted to make sure :)    Never tried lvm striping myself...18:33
MadarChodBhosDKL3top: yes18:33
ikoniaTynach: I'm not being funny - I'm just checking all is well, so "how do you know", or what are you doing to check/confirm that18:33
ikoniaTynach: I'm only asking as a lot of people make this sort of mistake18:33
MadarChodBhosDKoniericpartner-list.distupgrade-------------->deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise partner #Added by software-center18:33
ActionParsnipFisher: run the commands at step 5 here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure18:34
prateekpi was installing eclipse i follwed all the steps given on link http://colinrrobinson.com/technology/install-eclipse-ubuntu/ but at the execution it says an error18:34
L3topI said is there anything ELSE, meaning other than that MadarChodBhosDK. MadarChodBhosDK: if it were me, I would delete everything in the sources.list.d directory and update.18:34
Kyle__ikonia: They actually don't need to be marked LVM.  I do it anyway, but that part isn't necesasary.  Usually.18:34
ikoniaKyle__: it really depends,18:35
prateekpthe error is bash: /opt/eclipse/eclipse: cannot execute binary file18:35
Tynachikonia, I understand, this is all troubleshooting :) And, I simply remember in the Alternate installer, because I redid the LVM. I made sure to only use my two LVM partitions; right now just the 200 GB and the 100GB from the 500GB that partially has Windows on it (if you read my Google+ post that I linked).18:35
Kyle__prateekp: Are you sure you're using the right version?  32bit for 32bit, amd64 for amd64?18:35
ikoniaTynach: how are you confirming the partition type is set to LBM18:36
ActionParsnipprateekp: does the file exist and is it executabl18:36
MadarChodBhosDKL3top: there are two files in that directory each with the same content....I am trying deleting and updating now18:36
prateekpyes it exist and is executable18:36
prateekpbut nothing happens on double clicking it18:36
domino14if theres a program that is doing a very bad job of fragmenting memory, can i see the total memory usage of the process with ps aux?18:36
Tynachikonia, right now I'm still at the grub rescue> prompt. How would you recommend I confirm? Because right now I'm just going off memory, which I understand is insufficient.18:37
Kyle__prateekp: Try running file on it.  file /opt/eclipse/eclipse or whatever it is.18:37
L3topMadarChodBhosDK: also check that cat /etc/apt/sources.list does not contain any PPAs18:37
ikoniaTynach: I'm guessing based on experience (and I should say this is only a guess) the second disk in your LVM config isn't spinning up fast enough for the volume to start at boot time18:37
domino14or is that inaccurate? if free -m shows that theres 2 gb of memory left, but it's super fragmented, do i know this info?18:37
L3topman thats clever ikonia. Wouldn't have occurred to me.18:37
ActionParsnipprateekp: what is the output of: uname -a; file /opt/eclipse/eclipse18:38
Tynachikonia, interesting. It worked for 11.10 though.18:38
ikoniaTynach: you may want to use a livecd, install lvm and manually assemble the volume group, mount the logical volume and verify it's integrity18:38
escottdomino14, you can access the raw memory map in /proc/PID there might be a tool to measure fragmentation of that18:38
ikoniaTynach: also verify the grub config18:38
Tynachikonia, will do. On that note, how do I verify the grub config?18:38
prateekpthe output of 'file /opt/eclipse/eclipse': ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.4.0, not stripped18:38
ActionParsnipdomino14: fragmented memory?18:38
ikoniaTynach: try setting the grub configs root to /dev/vg00/root_lv or what ever it's called18:38
Kyle__ikonia: Box with lots of fast scsi drives starting staggered?18:39
domino14escott: free -m shows theres about 17% of memory usage, but my program is crashing because of "out of memory", which makes no sense, right?18:39
domino14ActionParsnip: i dont know, im out of ideas18:39
ikoniaKyle__: I'm guessing, nothing more, as I have no info to work with18:39
MadarChodBhosDKL3top: no there are only precise universe multiverse links in /etc/apt/sources.list18:39
domino14can ram get really fragmented so an allocator cant find contiguous blocks?18:39
Kyle__ikonia: Ah.  I was wondering where you've experienced that, and that's the only situation I coudl think of.18:39
domino14am i just pulling that out of somewhere?18:39
ActionParsnipprateekp: and: uname -a18:39
Kyle__prateekp: And what does uname -a say?18:39
ikoniaTynach: look at the grub grub.cfg and make sure it's pointing at vaid devices,18:39
prateekpLinux papri 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:50 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux18:40
escottdomino14, it would be almost impossible on 64bit. but on 32bit R would do that all the time because it tried to malloc a contiguous array, but could not because its virtual address space is fragmented. usually programs are better about that and give a more accurate error message18:40
Tynachikonia, I have the volume group named vg_root and the logical volume named lv_root. Booting into the LiveCD right now.18:40
Kyle__prateekp: You've got a 32bit kernel, and installed the 64bit version of ecplise.  Download and install the 32bit version of eclipse.18:40
ActionParsnipdomino14: the memory management in the kernel will prevent that18:40
L3topok MadarChodBhosDK, do whatever it was you were doing that brought you here to begin with after update is finished18:40
ikoniaTynach: yhou may want to consider (just a thought) changing the grub root option to /dev/vg_root/lv_root18:40
ikoniaTynach: that will remove any possability the uuid is wrong18:40
prateekpok so does it mean that 32 bit application runs on my OS18:40
prateekpand one more thing how u get to know that my kernel is 32 bit18:41
Kyle__prateekp: Yes.  It means only 32bit applications can run.18:41
Kyle__prateekp: Because it said i686.18:41
MadarChodBhosDKL3top: ok...18:41
prateekpand what is for 64 bit18:41
ActionParsnipKyle__: thanks, typing on a GT540 is hard with these thumbs18:41
Tynachikonia, when I was trying to reinstall grub manually, I used the alternate installer to get into a root environment using /dev/vg_root/lv_root. Here is the command I used:18:41
Tynachgrub-install --root-directory=/ /dev/sda18:41
Kyle__prateekp: The 64bit 86 kernels all say x86_6418:42
zykotick9prateekp: 64bit is x86_6418:42
Kyle__ActionParsnip: No problem.  I _hate_ complex typing with my thumbs.18:42
ActionParsnipprateekp: x86_6418:42
Kyle__or typing period with them.../18:42
Tynach / at the time was the filesystem in /dev/vg_root/lv_root, and I also had previously mounted /dev/sda5 (the 100 MB /boot partition) to /boot.18:42
* L3top resists temptation 18:42
ikoniaTynach: root isn't /dev/sda18:43
Tynachikonia, read my line again. --root-directory=/18:43
TynachNote the 'slash'.18:43
Tynach/dev/sda was the device I installed grub to.18:43
ActionParsnipKyle__: handy on bus journeys :-)18:43
Kyle__grub supports booting off of an LVM /boot now... will the ubuntu installer let you do it?18:43
ikoniaKyle__: didn't think it did support that18:44
Kyle__ActionParsnip: I hear ya.18:44
TynachKyle__, I kept hearing that from people in #debian, but I'm not going to risk it.18:44
Kyle__ikonia: Grub does, but most distro-installers don't.18:44
Kyle__Tynach: That's how I found out not to LVM mirror /boot18:44
retishi,i was trying from my terminal to install sun-jdk by "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre " ...command but getting this error...http://paste.ubuntu.com/996248/.......need solution please.18:46
Kyle__retis: they no longer carry the sun jdk in the repos.18:47
prateekpwhat does i386 means18:47
L3topopen-jdk or go to oracle to get it18:48
escottprateekp, 32bit18:48
prateekpis it 32 bit18:48
prateekpcan i run 32 bit on 64 bit18:48
escottprateekp, yes18:48
Kyle__retis: You need to download the .bin, install it, then update-alternatives for each part of it.  Not the most fun thing in the world, but it's not too hard.18:48
ment0sprateekp: applications only18:48
prateekpment0s: ?18:49
ment0sprateekp: you can run programs 32bit on 64bit machine but drivers etc have to be 64 bit18:49
prateekpcan u give me example of drivers18:49
Tynachikonia, what packages for lvm support do I need? Just lvm2?18:50
Kyle__prateekp: anything that shows up when you type lsmod as root18:50
ActionParsnipLibs, not drivers18:50
ikoniaTynach: it should pull in all dependencies18:50
ment0sthere are thousand of them :P18:50
Tynachikonia, only dependancy is 'watershed', whatever that is.18:50
ikoniaTynach: I have no idea what that is18:51
TynachWell, it's installing.18:51
ment0slspci shows you your pci devices attached to computer and lsusb shows you usb devices18:51
hdhzerohi everyone. I would like to know if exists a smart cd with an ncurses interface or similar18:51
Kyle__Tynach: I forgot to tell it not to grab updates while installing, so that VM test is still chugging along on the install.18:51
escotthdhzero, smart cd?18:51
Kyle__ment0s: and dmidecode shows everything your bios sees.18:52
Tynachikonia, Kyle__, I successfully mounted the logical volume. It's working fine.18:52
lundretis, i used this method http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html18:52
ikoniaTynach: ok, look at your lvm tab18:52
ikoniaTynach: look at it's uuid18:52
ikoniaverify that against the grub config18:52
hdhzeroJust as nautilus has / > home > user > folder, I was wondering if there is something with a cli interface18:53
Tynachikonia, what tool do I use to do that?18:53
escotthdhzero, midnight commander18:53
ikoniaTynach: blkid18:53
dontknowcould someone have a look at system monitor's process section and tell me if you see "gconfd-2" process?18:53
JD_MLJD_ML is here18:53
escottdontknow, yes18:54
lunddontknow, yes18:54
dontknowescott, thanks18:54
ment0sdontknow: I see18:54
dontknowthanks you all :D18:54
Diddy403sup sup18:56
Tynachikonia, blkid is only showing anything for the root filesystem of the live cd.18:57
Diddy403quick question before I install Ubuntu 12, can I turn off Unity and use Gnome 3 instead?18:57
TynachAh, there we go. Ran it as root.18:57
dontknowanyone here using cinnamon?18:57
gridbagwhat is the name of the apt-get project for "alsa" ?18:57
ikoniadontknow: it's not available on ubuntu18:57
L3top!nounity | Diddy40318:57
ubottuDiddy403: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic18:57
dontknowikonia, i installed and using right now18:58
Diddy403ubottu, I love you18:58
ubottuDiddy403: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:58
ikoniadontknow: what repo did you pull it from18:58
dontknowikonia, wait a sec18:58
Diddy403last time I ran linux was Debian Sarge, has a lot changed since then?18:58
Tynachikonia, I cannot find any partitions or filesystems that match the hex string that grub error'd on.18:59
ikoniaTynach: ok, so that suggests it's looking for a non-existant device18:59
zeidozgridbag: did you use apt-cache to search?  i see a package "alsa-base"18:59
Tynachikonia, is it possible that it's the left-over grub installation from 11.10 that's actually booting up?18:59
TynachAnd it's not even booting my new installation of grub?18:59
ikoniaTynach: it's more likley something in the upgrade/post upgrade has changed the uuid and now it's not valid18:59
ikoniaJD_ML: please stop that19:00
TynachIf so, how would I check for all grub installations on all drives?19:00
L3top!ot | Diddy40319:00
ubottuDiddy403: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:00
JD_MLi'm testing19:00
Tynachikonia, but wouldn't a grub-install blahblah and update-grub fix that?19:00
JD_MLim new here19:00
dontknowikonia, "ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable" this one19:00
ikoniaJD_ML: then please stop19:00
ikoniadontknow: ahh, some random guys PPA, ok, so it's not an ubuntu package19:00
dontknowikonia, no no19:00
JD_MLand i need set my colors19:00
ikoniaJD_ML: ok, well this channel is for ubuntu technical discussion only, so please don't test19:00
dontknowanyone here can activate ALT+F2 on cinnamon?19:01
JD_MLso were can i testing. tell me pls19:01
ikoniaJD_ML: #test19:01
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)19:01
ikoniaTynach: depends on a lot of things, the easy thing to do is update your grub config and see if it makes a difference19:01
xyzzymazeGreetings all .. sorry if it's been asked, but has it been tough to get updates from the repos?  thanks ..19:01
ment0s ok Guys I i'll need a little help with hp all-in-one desktop .. ubuntu 9 runs perfectly on it and no issues noticed but when i upgrade to 12 or 10 version Im getting black screen and its no possible to go terminal by alt+3 etc .., I can only run it with nomodeset option but then I have no acceleration and graphic is so slow. I thought its because of LightDM so I have removed it but still the same on GDM.. also I have insta19:01
Tynachikonia, heh. Alright.19:02
ikoniaTynach: I'm not being lazy, it's just an easier check than working through the whole of the grub setup19:02
JD_MLi changed my color and i need reset it.19:02
L3topJD_ML: /join #myveryowntest19:02
lanceiohow do I add another entry into gdm?19:03
Diddy403Can I use the Wubi installer to do a dual-boot scenario?19:04
Tynachikonia, I understand. I tried a grub-install, by the way, and found this peculiar problem: http://pastebin.com/bAtPDVNj19:04
JD_MLtks everyone19:04
lanceioDiddy403, yes19:04
Diddy403thanks lanceio19:04
JD_MLby. im going to learn more to go back here19:04
lanceiothats what its used for19:04
ikoniaTynach: never seen that before, not sure what the reference to flexnet is about19:05
wilee-nileeDiddy403, it is theoretically a dualboot it may run slower, and will only be a file in windows.19:06
Tynachikonia, I know that Maya (3D program) uses a system called FlexLM for DRM. But that was older versions; newer versions don't use it. Is there a way to override that decision and use 'sector 55' anyway?19:06
ikoniaTynach: flexlm is totally different, don't confuse that19:06
ikoniaTynach: that's a distributed method19:06
escottTynach, you could dd over the mbr including sector 55. that way grub won't find any flexnet data19:06
ikoniaescott: careful this is an lvm locical volume, so don't remove the lvm header19:07
Tynachikonia, I 'man update-grub''d, and according to it it's a stub for grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg. So I tried grub-mkconfig -o /media/biglonghexfolderformountedlv/boot/grub/grub.cfg.19:12
TynachAnd I got this error: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).19:12
escottTynach, you should do that from within a chrot19:13
ActionParsnipTynach: did you chroot?19:13
Tynachescott, ActionParsnip, I've done chroot a few times before, and it's always been a hassle (and following a guide strictly). My understanding is that if I only chroot, it will not bring /dev and so forth with it.19:14
escottTynach, mount --bind /dev /media/chroot/dev19:14
Tynachescott, I presume I'd have to do that BEFORE I chroot, yes?19:14
ActionParsnipTynach: omgubuntu sticking it to grub is a great grub how to19:15
TynachActionParsnip, link?19:15
escottTynach, /media/chroot path wont exist inside the chroot19:15
ActionParsnipTynach: searching for what I said would have found you that.....19:16